c_smithhmmmm, that would be a problem00:00
GridCube_this one does00:00
GridCube_i mean thunar just does handle samba shares00:00
c_smithis the plugin configurable?00:00
GridCube_i don't know, i never used it00:00
c_smithand I'm not just trying to access them, I need to set one up myself, as I'm the only one in my house who knows what a SMB share is.00:01
GridCube_well, i have to go :) good luck00:01
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:01
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dgtlmooncan i get a copy of someones sources.list from 11.10? i broke mine heh :)01:43
dgtlmoonplease :)01:44
levitskyubottu ?01:53
levitskywhy don't you have ubottu?01:53
_pg_anyone have problems creating truecrypt volumes under xubuntu 11.10?04:35
_pg_or, you know- has anyone successfully done it?04:38
Unit193What is your problem with it?04:39
_pg_it gets to 100% and then freezes the whole box. 3 times in a row04:45
_pg_trying to create a TC container. not hidden. AES and R something 160 for the hash. 100, 80, 60GB all did the same thing. EXT304:46
_pg_im trying another one now, 30gb, ext4.04:46
_pg_tc hangs, or the tc windows go blank, UI elements start to slow down, mouse moves but nothing clicks, and i have to force it down.04:47
_pg_sometimes before the "enter an admin password" prompt. sometimes after04:52
Unit193Try a smaller size....04:52
_pg_oh hey the 30GB one worked.04:52
_pg_here goes 50gbs ext4.04:54
_pg_why is ext3 such a bitch in tc containers? coincidence?05:01
_pg_if im creating tc containers in a encrypted install of xubuntu, the default way, through the installer, is that just too much crypto? is that why it hangs/fails maybe?05:03
_pg_tc and flush-encryptfs are my top 2 in top05:03
Unit193Could be slowing it down a bit, you could always try testing and see ;)05:04
_pg_200+ cpu btw the two of them whn making a tc container05:04
c_smithwhat is the package that installs the Thunar share plugin?05:35
SilentDrgnGood evening folks.06:17
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ktwoHi, default i had rtl8192 in lsmod, but i need to use a custom compiled driver (8192cu). after reboot it will use rtl8192 , and i have to manually  -r07:44
ktwohow can i change this to autoload the 8192cu instead of rtl819207:44
Unit193!blacklist |is this what you are looking for?07:52
ubottuis this what you are looking for?: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »07:52
ktwook thanks07:54
Orbital_sFearanyone have a way to run the LMDE XFCE theme on xubuntu 12.04?08:30
Orbital_sFearI think unity and gnome3 suck, so I need to change, not happy with kde's snail speed, and really don't want to jump ship off debian08:31
Unit193Just find where they host the theme and put it in ~/.theme (or is it ~/.themes? I can never remember)08:32
xuser1how can i change user profile photo in xubuntu?08:44
Unit193What version of Xubuntu?08:45
Unit193Take a jpg, put it in your home dir, and name it ".face" (for older versions, may still apply.)08:45
Orbital_sFeardoes it have to be a jpg? can it be a png?08:48
Orbital_sFearnot to jump in the middle...08:48
Unit193He's gone, feel free to :P08:48
Orbital_sFearcrashed his system08:48
* xubuntu551 is looking for help to inszall Xubuntu on a CF Card on a DELL D420 (slow harddisk)... has anybody ever tried this?10:52
xubuntu551Vielleicht sogar auf deutsch?10:53
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!11:00
xubuntu551Thank you11:07
artaosay. can anyone recommend a GUI monitor calibration utility? i want to adjust gamma and color-cast .. and be able to save my settings on reboot13:56
xubuntu173xubuntu 12.04 install14:32
baizonindeed :)14:36
hobgoblin12.10 is more fun14:37
baizon12.10 ... xfce 4.10, wayland 1.014:38
baizonyes indeed, will be fun14:38
* hobgoblin will only be joining in on one machine - the other's will wait for the next lts ... 14:39
pjotterHi everybody. Is there anybody here who installed Photoshop under wine in Xubuntu? I tried several photoshop and wine versions, but they all seem to crash.15:17
TheSheeppjotter: file a bug report at Adobe ;)15:26
TheSheeppjotter: I think that photoshop does too much custom stuff to run on wine15:26
pjotterI'll first try some things I just found on the web. Has something to do with the DLL's.15:27
pjotterTheSheep: I have always run Photoshop under wine on Ubuntu without any problems.15:27
TheSheeppjotter: there are also some problems with wacom tablets on wine15:27
TheSheeppjotter: wine on ubuntu is exactly the same as on xubuntu15:28
TheSheeppjotter: it's the same package in the same repository15:28
pjotterWell, I just tried. Under Ubuntu 11.10 no problem. Xubuntu 11.10 -> does not work.15:28
TheSheeppjotter: must be difference in configuration15:29
pjotterMaybe it has somethnig to do with the way Xubuntu handles windows?15:29
pjotterWhen I start Photoshop, it seems to hang. When I start clicking on the window and move my mouse a bit, sometimes it wil suddenly start to work. But most of the time, it hangs and I have to kill it.15:30
GridCubepjotter, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1715:32
pjotterOh, wow. I seem to have fixed the problem. Added some DLL's to wine did the trick. It now runs flawlessly. :)15:38
pjotterEven my wacom works. Nice :)15:42
EvilResistancewhats the package name for the desktop environment runtime?  I dont want ot install Xubuntu but i do want to install the XFCE environment.16:05
TheSheepEvilResistance: it's not a signle package16:06
TheSheepEvilResistance: basically do 'apt-cache search xfce'16:06
EvilResistanceTheSheep, if i'm not mistaken, (when I installed KDE to test it), i only needed one of the package names in order to install, and the rest of the depends were included16:07
* EvilResistance points at aptitude16:07
pjotterWell, guys. That's about it, I guess. Testing is complete. I have my videocard, my soundcard, my NAS, e-mail, internet and photoshop, all working now. So, I am ready to make the transition from Ubuntu to Xubuntu now. :D16:10
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c_smithhey, I'm trying to cennect an Acer Iconia Tab a100 to Xubuntu, I plugged it in and nothing popped up, and Gigolo shows nothing.20:07
newbyHello, I have a problem regarding a booting from recovery partition with freedos after xubuntu has been removed20:14
newbyI have a recovery partition from my NTB manufacturer with freedos and reinstalation program20:14
newbybut after unistalling (deleting) xubuntu20:14
newbythe grub bootloader cannot boot from /dev/sda4 because it is looking for xubuntu. Is there any way to let grub know. that he must boot from /dev/sda4, where freedos is installed?20:15
newbyand if that cannot be solved, is there any way I can boot xubuntu with loading everything to rajm, so I can copy the recovery data to my USB stick?20:17
newbythanks in advance20:20
TheSheepnewby: you can boot from the cd or the usb key20:30
newbywas that a question?20:31
TheSheepnewby: no20:32
newbyOK, so you mean that I can boot freedos from the usb key?20:32
TheSheepnewby: it's also possible to tell grub to boot from other partition, but I don't know how to do it with grub220:32
c_smithhey, I'm trying to mount my Acer Iconia Tab A100 in Xubuntu, and the guide they give is of no help. can anyone here help?20:32
TheSheepnewby: you can boot xubuntu from an usb key20:32
newbyI have already done that20:32
newbybut I'm not sure how should 8I proceed from that point20:33
TheSheepnewby: what do you want to do exactly?20:33
newbyI've tried several tutorials for grub20:33
newbyI want to tell the grub to boot from /dev/sda420:33
newbyand this recovery partition is hidden20:34
TheSheepnewby: xubuntu doesn't see it?20:34
newbynope, unless I mount it with the mount command20:34
TheSheepah, then it's not hidden20:34
TheSheepnewby: what do you plan to do once you boot it?20:35
newbywhen I've installed xubuntu, grub had sen this partition20:35
c_smithI'll be waiting patiently for help20:35
newbyrun the recovery program20:35
newbyand install the system that has been there20:35
newbywhen I purchased the notebook20:35
TheSheepnewby: could you boot to that partition when you had xubuntu on it?20:35
newbyyeah, but the recovery program does'n t like the linux partitions20:36
TheSheepc_smith: what are you trying to do exactly and how it is failing?20:36
c_smithTheSheep, simple: mount it so I can put some music on it.20:36
TheSheepc_smith: and how are you trying to do it and what is the error you are getting and at which point?20:37
TheSheepc_smith: is the instruction you are following online somewhere?20:37
TheSheepnewby: by "doesn't like" do you mean that it refuses to run when they are present?20:37
newbyI'm trying to run the recovery program that is on /dev/sda4 and job of this program is to install the OEM windows 7 with drivers20:37
newbyit likes only FAT32,NTFS partitions20:38
c_smithno error, the thing just doesn't mount, follow http://www.acertabletforum.com/forum/acer-iconia-tab-general-discussions/129-connecting-via-usb-linux-ubuntu.html20:38
c_smithooops, wrong site, http://www.acertabletforum.com/forum/acer-iconia-tab-general-discussions/129-connecting-via-usb-linux-ubuntu.html20:39
c_smithTheSheep, http://www.acertabletforum.com/forum/acer-iconia-tab-general-discussions/129-connecting-via-usb-linux-ubuntu.html20:39
TheSheepc_smith: that's the same link :)20:39
TheSheepc_smith: 3 times20:39
c_smithah, my bad, sorry20:39
c_smithlooked different in Firefox, strange20:40
c_smithanywho, I followed that guide to a "T" and it doesn't mount.20:40
TheSheepnewby: if you can boot to freedos somehow, doing 'fdsik /mbr' will remove grub and install windows' bootloader instead20:40
c_smithUSB Debugging and everything.20:40
newbywith it20:41
newbyI can't because grub interfere20:41
TheSheepnewby: you don't have a cd with windows or something like that?20:41
newbyI do20:42
TheSheepnewby: you can boot that?20:42
newbyYes.but this CD is an OEM installer of windows20:42
newbyIt is Acer Recovery DVD20:43
newbyand when I boot that it erases everything20:43
newbyI know20:43
TheSheepnewby: and that's not what you want?20:43
TheSheepnewby: I thought you wanted to reinstall the system?20:43
newbynope, because this DVD is for my desktop computer20:43
newbyYes but I want to run recovery program for my notebook20:44
newbyand the manufacturer of the notebook is different20:44
TheSheepcan you just run the windows console from that cd without running the installer?20:44
TheSheepI remember you could do that back with windows 95 by pressing f8 when it booted20:44
newbyIt is automnatic-one click recovery20:45
TheSheep(sorry, 95 is my last windows)20:45
newbyBut I can try something20:46
TheSheepnewby: I guess you could try learning how to boot that freedos with grub2, I don't really know, but you could also ask in #ubuntu or even in #grub20:46
TheSheepnewby: sorry for not being able to help20:46
newbynot at all20:47
newbyCan't xubuntu be installed on NTFS?20:47
newbyI have never tried that, but20:47
knomeor ##freedos?20:47
newbyIt would help my case20:47
TheSheepnewby: it sort of can, it can create a large file in ntfs partition and create its own filesystem inside that file20:48
TheSheepnewby: but that's probably not what you want20:48
newbythat would help20:48
TheSheepit wouldn't remove grub20:48
newbyI just need an NTFS partition20:48
newbyand the grub can boot /dev/sda4 afterwardsd20:48
TheSheepnewby: can't you just have a small ext4 partiion for xubuntu and the rest of the disk with ntfs partition for windows?20:49
TheSheepnewby: many users do that20:49
TheSheepnewby: you could even remove that ext4 parition later20:50
TheSheepc_smith: so it shows in lsusb?20:51
TheSheepc_smith: sorry for the delay20:51
c_smithTheSheep, yes, it shows in lsusb20:55
TheSheepc_smith: does it say anything in dmesg after your try to mount it?20:56
TheSheepc_smith: wait, you try to make it mount automatically after connecting, yes?20:56
TheSheepc_smith: did you try a manual mount command?20:57
c_smithno, and I don't know how to manually mount.20:57
TheSheepsince the fstab line is: mtpfs     /media/a500     fuse     user,noauto,allow_other      0      020:58
TheSheepthen the mount command would be:20:58
TheSheepmount mtpfs -t fuse -o user,noauto,allow_other /media/a50020:58
TheSheepskip the "-o user,noauto,allow_other"20:59
c_smithoh, hey, the first command seemed to work!21:00
c_smithnow to save the command.21:02
c_smiththanks for your help21:02
c_smithTheSheep, also, is there a way to use this command to automount the tablet?21:04
TheSheepc_smith: it's probably something in thunar's configuration that makes it no show that mount point21:04
c_smithah, ok21:04
TheSheepc_smith: but I could never figure out that part21:05
c_smithok, I'll be content with this.21:05
TheSheepc_smith: btw, once you have it in fstab, just 'mount /media/a500' should work21:05
TheSheepit will take all the other parameters from fstab21:05
c_smithah, ok, and this first time adds it to fstab?21:05
TheSheepyou added it as part of that tutorial21:06
c_smithah, ok21:06
c_smiththanks again for your time and help with this.21:06
c_smithgoing to try mounting the tablet with just the /media/a500 after it finishes copying.21:07
TheSheepoh, and use 'umount' the same wait to unmount it21:08
c_smithyeah, I've used umount before, frankly, I'm more comfortable use CLI :P21:10
c_smiththis tablet just mystified me on what was going on.21:10
c_smithI've used Mount before, mainly to mount easier to use things.21:11
TheSheepc_smith: I think you can tell it to run a certain command when a device is connected21:11
TheSheepc_smith: in thunar's preferences21:11
TheSheepc_smith: under advanced21:11
TheSheepc_smith: except that that "tablet" is for graphic tablets like wacom21:16
c_smithhmmmmm, interesting. not sure if your talking about a tablet used for graphic design and the sort or what.21:17
NewbyTheSheep: I've found a sollution22:00
NewbyI just reformatted the partitions to NTSC using gparted and because the bios has a bootloader built inside himself22:01
Newbythe restoration began22:02
NewbyI had to get to rid of the bootloader though22:02
Newbygrub I mean22:02
NewbyI have wiped mbr22:02
Newbybut thanks for help TheSheep, I really appreciate it22:03
NewbyBut I sill wonder....Is it really possible for the manufacturers of notebooks put a small bootloader inside bios, that checks for specific partition and it boots up only if there isn't any linux bootloader?22:11
TheSheepnewby: everything is possible22:12
NewbyI have never heard of bootloader, that has been built inside bios22:12
TheSheepnewby: where's will there's a way22:12
Newbybut apperaently that is the case, because when the bios starts it says: Press F9 to activate Recovery option, and when that is key pressed, it boots up the RECOVERY partition22:13
TheSheepnewby: heard of coreboot?22:13
TheSheepit's an open source bios with bootloader22:14
TheSheepbut only works on some hardware22:15
NewbyI'm reding it22:15
TheSheepso it's possible, just the manufacturers don't care22:15
Newbydon't care about what?22:16
TheSheepor anything not shipped with their hardware, really22:17
literal_usernameHi all. I'm new here. I know Slackware and Arch pretty well, but the Debian-based world is a bit foreign to me. I'm setting up xubuntu on a netbook, and when I `apt-cache search htop` there are no results. Can anyone point me in the right direction?22:18
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories22:18
literal_usernameTheSheep: Thanks. That makes sense. I figured htop is common enough that it should be in one of the repos available by default, but maybe not. I'll investigate it.22:19
TheSheep!info htop22:19
ubottuhtop (source: htop): interactive processes viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9-4 (oneiric), package size 62 kB, installed size 216 kB22:19
TheSheepit's in universe22:20
NewbyI'm out of luck with coreboot, My MB isn't supported22:24
Newbywhich makes me sad.....but thank you for letting me know22:25
literal_usernameTheSheep: So, I do indeed have the universe repo in use, which seems to be the default. I can successfully find htop using "Ubuntu Software Center". But neither apt-cache nor Synaptics shows any result for it.22:28
literal_usernameTheSheep: Oh, wait, maybe I wasn't using it...22:29
literal_usernameTheSheep: I have no idea. I clicked "Use This Source" in "Ubuntu Software Center" and entered my password. The button then became disabled, and... and... the app might be hung.22:30
* literal_username does not enjoy using graphical user interfaces.22:31
literal_usernameSo I don't trust what the "Software Sources" panel tells me. I want to edit sources.list. Fine. So I type `sudo -e /etc/apt/sources.list` and it launches nano. Is that the default editor? I have too much pride to use it. So I try launching vim. Synaptic says vim's installed, but typing it on the command line gives me instructions on which packages it can be found in. Frustrating! Why is vi not the default $EDITOR anyway?22:40
literal_username`sudo apt-get install vim`: "Package vim is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source. E: Package 'vim' has no installation candidate" WOW. That's shocking stuff for a default Linux install of any flavor.22:45
knomeno, not really.22:46
knomenano works perfectly well for most, and if you really want vim, it's not too hard either.22:46
knome!info vim22:46
ubottuvim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.3.154+hg~74503f6ee649-2ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 944 kB, installed size 1900 kB22:46
knome!info vi22:47
ubottuPackage vi does not exist in oneiric22:47
literal_usernameknome: Yes. It's vim. It should be available in the default install, or readily available to install otherwise. Who uses nano!?22:47
nanotubeliteral_username: you must have something wrong with your sources. both htop and vim show up as available for me22:47
knomemany of our users.22:47
nanotubeand i haven't done anything with my sources.list to make it so...22:47
knomeliteral_username, nano isn't bad, really.22:47
literal_usernameknome: Notepad's pretty good too. You can use it with wine.22:47
knomeliteral_username, please don't troll22:48
literal_usernameknome: Sorry. I'm frustrated.22:48
knomecan you try to apt-get update first and see if you can install vim then?22:48
knomemight be something wrong with the servers, or sth22:49
Unit193It's in natty and oneiric main, easy to install (and for people that use it, should know how to do that)22:49
literal_usernameSorry about my bad mood. I thought the system was up-to-date. That's what Synaptic told me. I did `apt-get update` and it looks like that was all I needed.22:51
literal_usernameknome: Thanks for your patient help.22:51
knomenp :)22:54
knomebrb, cooking requires my attention22:54
nanotubeliteral_username: ah you did say you're not from debian-land... that explains your failure to run an apt-get update. :) well now you know.22:55
literal_usernamenanotube: Indeed. I'm still not sure why that's not build into Synaptic though.22:55
nanotubehm well, some automatic updating of particular sources when user tries to install a package would probably be a good usability improvement. file an upstream bug report! :)22:58
literal_usernamenanotube: Good advice. Will do.22:59
knomei'm sure this is considered, but why not.23:06
DayofswordsI have a question, can the "other..." login option be used to log into a remote computer? I think either ubuntu or kubuntu has a remote computer option23:07
NewbyGoodbye everyone23:24
Newbythank you for your help¨23:24
NewbyIt's nice to see that linux(xubuntu) users are willing to help a newbie like me23:25

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