abadger1999Does Robert Collins hang out here?00:01
* abadger1999 not sure which time zone he'd be in either.00:01
bob2yes, and gmt+12 or something equally ridiculous00:02
bob2lifeless, ^00:03
lifelessabadger1999: ola00:06
lifelesstoshio ?00:06
abadger1999I'm Toshio00:06
lifelesscool :)00:06
abadger1999Do you release loggerhead with python setup.py sdist?00:07
abadger1999If so, I've got some additions to MANIFEST.in and some questions :-)00:07
lifelessabadger1999: I think I do; sure - shoot00:09
abadger1999lifeless: Cool. Do you want the loggerhead/tests directory in the installed plugin?00:11
lifelessdon't really care00:11
abadger1999lifeless: Okay.00:11
lifelessif it works without it there is no particular reason to include it00:11
lifelessI think the sdist should include it00:11
abadger1999bzr selftests can access it00:11
abadger1999So I wasn't sure whether to install it or not00:11
lifelessI think the sdist needs to include it so that folk doing their own installs can validate etc00:12
lifelessbut for an installed package, that sort of variation is eliminated00:12
lifelessif that makes sense?00:13
abadger1999Yeah.  just a choice of whrether to put it in MANIFEST.in or in setup.py's packages=[]00:13
abadger1999Sounds good.  I'll put it in MANIFEST.in then00:13
abadger1999Other two directories I wasn't sure of were loggerhead/middleware and load_test_scripts00:13
lifelesshmm, lets see00:14
abadger1999middleware has a profile middlewware in it that loggerhead seems to use if a config option is set to do profiling.00:14
lifelessyeah, that should be included00:15
lifelesswe should break that out to a separate package, let other folk reuse it00:15
lifelessand then depend on it, but that is for later00:15
abadger1999The stuff in load_test_scripts not sure if that needs to be included at all?00:18
lifelessleave it out I suspect00:18
lifelessbbs, baby needs me00:18
lifelessactually still here00:19
lifelessbut in 10 I may not be :P00:19
abadger1999Okay :-)00:20
abadger1999I'll push a branch for this and propose for merging.00:20
abadger1999de nada :-)00:20
mgedminoh, cool, a yet another wsgi profiler middleware?00:22
lifelessof course00:23
pooliehi all01:14
jvargaswhen I run a script which perfoms several bzr commands, and then I press ^C, the full script doesn't stop, just the current bzr command being run.02:22
jvargasIs there a way to tell bzr not to handle by itself ^C and let it die? Would that be transaction safe?02:23
=== r0bby is now known as robbyoconnor
abadger1999lifeless: Just letting you know, with the changes in the lp:~toshio/loggerhead/sdist-post-1.8.1 branch, I have a working loggerhead package.  (tested with bzr-2.4.2)02:28
lifelessabadger1999: cool02:28
lifelessabadger1999: I won't get to your branch today, but will soon02:28
lifelessjvargas: 'set -e' in your shell script02:28
lifelessjvargas: its not a bzr issue, its your script02:29
jvargasthank lifeless! just wondered if that behaviour was parametrized.02:30
lifelessjvargas: its totally outside bzr's control02:33
lifelessthe ctrl-c is received by the shell running the script, and passed onto the current subcommand (bzr in this case) and then it decides based on the subcommand exit code, and the setting of -e (or +e which is the default) whether to continue or not02:34
mlh<3 set -e02:46
vilahi all !07:17
pooliehi there vila07:18
malfyzhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbuXK1pWD-M LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL08:37
pooliehi mgz, jelmer09:31
mgzhey poolie09:31
LarstiQmorning mgz, poolie09:31
LarstiQhmm, how do I link an upstream bug again?09:31
mgzLarstiQ: two ways, one do "Also affects project" then do the project name, then add the upstream bug url09:33
pooliehi there larstiq09:34
mgzthat should be what you want for pypy09:34
LarstiQmgz: cheers!09:35
vilaheya mgz09:35
vilahey LarstiQ, it's good to see you around ;)09:35
LarstiQhey vila :)09:35
LarstiQvila: anything to avoid spackling more walls ;)09:36
vilaha ha ha09:36
LarstiQmgz: I must admit that I didn't quite grasp what the problem on win32 was, so haven't filed a bugg about that yet09:39
mgzLarstiQ: the bug you filed sort of covers it anyway, except the implementation in pypy would need to be different09:40
mgzjelmer: just seeing bug mail on a loom change, are there any other plugins I need to double check I have the latest version of when I do the installer?10:43
jelmermgz: I'm not sure10:56
jelmerwe should have a more structural way of testing the plugins10:57
mgzjelmer: that was as in, "ones you remember touching to fix colo things" rather than please give me an exhastive list10:57
jelmermgz: ah10:57
jelmermgz: the foreign ones, but I'd guess you already have those10:57
mgzbut yeah, just running the plugin tests and being confident that means they're okay would be nice10:58
jelmerfor loom at least, the tests broke because of the bzr core change10:58
mgzhave subvertpy 0.8.9; bzr-svn 1.1.2; dulwich 0.8.2; bzr-git 0.6.610:59
mgzmore things are just tip than I remembered, so should generally be fine11:01
ccxCZbzr pull forkbomb! it spawned ~400 children when pulling from svn11:55
jelmerccxCZ: huh? It shouldn't create any child processes at all11:56
jelmerccxCZ: what kind of processes were they?11:56
ccxCZbzr pull ...11:59
ccxCZseemed it just forked zillion times, but not exec'd11:59
jelmeris that actual processes, or could it also be threads?12:02
ccxCZyou can see the PIDs12:02
jelmerccxCZ: sorry, I would have no idea what's going on - we don't fork as far as I know12:03
ccxCZah sorry they *might* be threads12:03
jelmerccxCZ: ah, ok - that could be the case if you have 'use-cache = False' set12:04
ccxCZthey probably are, didn't know threads use up PIDs too12:04
jelmerccxCZ: do you have 'use-cache = False' set?12:06
ccxCZdoesn't seem so12:07
ccxCZload >200 :D12:08
ccxCZno such setting in ~/.bazaar12:09
ccxCZI just grepped12:09
jelmerccxCZ: hmm, that's odd12:52
jelmermgz: are you looking at bug 921484 ?12:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 921484 in Bazaar "bzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'InventoryLink' object has no attribute 'children'" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92148412:52
vilamgz: ping13:22
vilawhat's the status for 2.5b6 windows installers ?13:24
mgzI probably have some time this evening13:26
mgzbut really want to release with some bzr-explorer changes13:26
mgzjelmer: see the update to that bug in my mail now13:28
mgz*I have just seen13:28
vilajelmer: did you upload 2.5b6 to debian ?13:32
jelmervila: yep13:32
jelmernot to precise yet13:32
vilaok, cool, thanks !13:32
jelmervila: ubuntu done too13:38
mgzokay, that bzr bug is a little fun, I'll update so current state is clear13:54
pmezardhello, I have seen people using "init-repo --no-trees" to create repository within existing treeless repositories (see http://paste.pocoo.org/show/547792/ ). Is it legit?14:27
jelmerpmezard: yes, that should be valid14:30
pmezardHow does it compare to regular branching? Do you know documentation about this?14:30
jelmerpmezard: compare in what sense? the innermost repository gets used, the outer one isn't involved at all14:31
pmezardwhat puzzles me is calling .find_branches() on outer seems to return the inner branch as well, while I would have expected it to be ignored somehow14:32
pmezardand calling .get_revision() on outer fails with this revision14:32
pmezardso it is not clear to me how bother repositories/branches(?) interact14:33
jelmerpmezard: find_branches() just recurses to find branches. You have to specify using=True as argument to only get those branches that actually use the repository you call it on.14:33
pmezardoh that's what "using" means14:34
pmezardjelmer: excellent, thank you14:34
jelmernp :)14:37
mgzho hum hum16:22
jelmermr gz, sir!16:24
mgz...that makes me sound a little more noble than I deserve16:25
mgzmumble mumble?16:27
vilamumble gz sir ?16:27
mgzfeel free to jump on as well vila16:29
vilaoooh I thought you mean mumble as in... well, mumbling :)16:34
* vila try to focus again :)16:34
djfroofyhey everyone! fabuluous morning over here and I hope everyone is feeling the same. [rub rub]16:45
djfroofyquick question on bzr and any pointers to docs etc i would appreciate16:46
djfroofyI have a branch which i've been working on and piling on a few changes which have gone beyond the scope of the ticket i was working on16:46
djfroofyi'm coming from a git background ... would usually start a new branch and then cherry pick changes up to a related point etc.16:47
djfroofywhat's the best workflow for this in bzr16:47
LarstiQdjfroofy: have you commited them?16:49
djfroofyLarstiQ: yep17:13
djfroofyall of the changes are in neat (or neat enough) little commits ... so cherry-picking should be a simple task17:14
djfroofyi'm going through the bzr docs right now17:14
LarstiQdjfroofy: mirroring the git workflow, you could use `bzr merge -c <introducing-revision> path/to/original/branch` per revision you want to have17:15
LarstiQperhaps the rewrite plugin has support for it too, but I don't know it well17:16
exarkunWhat does backspace do at the 'bzr shelve' "shelve? [yNfq?]" prompt?17:54
mgznothing currently.17:57
mgza whoopsie go back button would be nice.17:58
LeoNerd+1 to having a "back" button17:58
LeoNerdI hate having to quit and restart because I answered one thing wrong17:58
exarkunI don't think it does nothing17:58
exarkunThe process advances to the next hunk after I hit it17:59
mgzwhat I tend to do most is ynnnnn and hit n one too many times and cancel out at the final "no really?" prompt18:00
mgzexarkun: possibly a bug with the getchar thing on your platform? what's the bzr version and system?18:01
exarkunUbuntu 11.10, bzr 2.4.118:02
exarkunrunning in screen in gnome-terminal18:02
mgzcan you do this in a prompt?18:03
mgz>>> from bzrlib.osutils import getchar18:03
mgz>>> getchar()18:03
mgzthat's hitting backspace after enter on the getchar line18:04
mgzI'll double check 2.4.1 too18:04
exarkunSome experiments suggest it's equivalent to n18:06
mgzah, I got repo18:07
mgzhow did I just do that18:07
mgzwas trying different num/caps lock keys and the nth backspace hit moved me to the next hunk18:08
mgzbut I now can't get it to do that again18:08
mgzmaybe I just hit the wrong key18:09
mgznope, can't get 2.4 to do it for me. best guess is some weirdness with screen or term emu18:15
exarkunHm, can do it in gnome-terminal w/o screen18:17
exarkunAnd in xterm w/o screen18:17
mgzah, I'll try xterm here18:17
exarkunand uxterm18:18
mgzokay, happens in xterm with 2.418:20
mgzbut not on 2.5 so the new shelve ui fixed whatever the issue was18:20
mgzah... er... any char will do?18:23
mgzseems 2.4 defaults to 'n' for any unrecognised imput18:24
mgzand I clearly suck at testing given I must have done something wrong when switching to the older branch first time around18:25
achianghello, i can't figure out how to specify a merge base revision, when there are no common ancestors19:01
achiangstaring at the bzr merge man page doesn't enlighten me, sadly19:01
achiang"If this fails, you may need to give an explicit base."19:03
achiangok, but how?19:03
LeoNerdUmm.. /can/ you merge with no common ancestors?19:04
LarstiQLeoNerd: one can19:04
LeoNerdSounds an unlikely thing to want, or that could possibly work19:04
LeoNerdOh.. hrmm.. OK19:04
LarstiQachiang: can you provide some more context to what you're trying to do?19:04
achiangLarstiQ: i wish i could explain19:07
achiangLarstiQ: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appmenu-gtk/+bug/65524119:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 655241 in AppMenu GTK+ "the pidgin accounts menus are not displayed" [High,Fix released]19:07
achiangLarstiQ: at some point, i branched what i *thought* was  lp:ubuntu/maverick/appmenu-gtk19:07
achiangLarstiQ: i made some changes...19:07
achiangLarstiQ: today, i want to merge lp:~om26er/ubuntu/maverick/appmenu-gtk/appmenu-gtk-fix-65524119:08
achiangbut i guess my original branch came from somewhere else19:08
achiangso looking in my bzr log, i see that, e.g., r56 of my copy == r27 of the source19:08
achiangi don't know how i got in this state19:09
mwhudsonachiang: can you do bzr log -r 1 --show-ids in both branches?19:10
achianganyway, all i really want to do is cherry-pick r28 from source into my dest19:10
mwhudsoni have been known to do (cd ../other-branch ; bzr diff ) | patch -p019:10
LarstiQachiang: when I run missing from your branch wrt the maverick one, you have one extra revision19:10
LarstiQachiang: so it seems they are perfectly related?19:10
achiangLarstiQ: ah, no. i am not ~om26er, my branch isn't pushed anywhere19:11
LarstiQachiang: ah, ok19:11
LarstiQachiang: can you push it somewhere so we can have a look?19:11
achiangone sec, getting info requested by mwhudson19:11
achiangLarstiQ: mwhudson: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/834324/19:13
achiangmwhudson: yeah, i know how to generate a manual patch. i guess i'm yak-shaving to try to learn a bit more about bzr right now. :)19:13
LarstiQachiang: aah19:13
mwhudsonthe first one looks like a native bzr branch, the second is from the ubuntu package importer19:14
achiangso, given that i have confidence the branches are pretty darn close, can i force bzr to merge from the source somehow?19:16
achiang(again, i know how to generate a manual patch ;)19:16
LarstiQachiang: you can with `bzr merge -r 0..-1`19:17
LarstiQachiang: but the result is not something that I personally would submit19:18
achiangwhy not?19:18
mwhudsonthe file ids will be different too won't they?19:18
LarstiQachiang: merging unrelated branches is a hefty thing to do, you have to live with the complete history from both forever on19:18
mwhudsonso i think you'll have a pretty hard time getting bzr to do something useful19:19
LarstiQmwhudson: oh right, conflicts galore19:19
LarstiQachiang: so while it is  possible, it will not be as clean as supplanting your revision on the other branch19:20
achiangwhat does "supplanting your revision" mean?19:20
* LarstiQ wonders if rebase minds that the branches share no history19:20
LarstiQachiang: doing what mwhudson suggested with diff and patch19:21
LarstiQachiang: or rebase, or by hand19:21
LarstiQachiang: I may have abused the meaning of the English word :)19:21
achiangLarstiQ: mwhudson: ok, thanks. i think, since my local branch doesn't really contain useful stuff anyway, i will just adopt the source branch wholesale. this probably means a push with a forced overwrite for where i plan on pushing.19:22
achiangLarstiQ: mwhudson: thanks for the help19:23
* achiang wonders where mwhudson is. isn't it night time in upside-down-landia?19:24
mwhudsonachiang: i'm in the bay area with linaro people19:24
mwhudsonbut it's 8:30 or so at home, so i _could_ be up by now19:24
achiangmwhudson: ah cool! i'll try and say hi tonight. i'm going to crash the computer history museum thingy. :)19:24
achiang(and now i realize that's quite overloading the word 'crash')19:25
LarstiQLeoNerd: so the trick is that secretly all branches are related through the null revision19:27
LarstiQachiang: let's hope you won't get kicked out of the us now for that ;)19:27
achiangLarstiQ: heh. would the us deport its own citizens? i guess i shouldn't speculate. :-/19:29
* fullermd carefully steps away from achiang...19:29
mathrickhiya, just to make sure: the new multibranch format is compatible with bzr-colo, right?19:39
djfroofyLarstiQ: sorry i was away. thanks for the tip using 'bzr merge ...'21:06
djfroofygo back one space?21:14
djfroofywoah ... sorry had my screen way scrolled up ... no context to that comment. nm. move along now.21:15
mathrickhmm, is it safe to install a newer bzr windows standalone on top of an older one?21:22
SamBmathrick: probably not a good plan21:22
mathrickso uninstall, then install the new one?21:23
SamBoh, if it's an actual full installer it's probably fine21:23
SamBthat just sounded suspiciously like "unpack new archive in existing tree" ...21:23
AuroraBorealisdoesn't it upgrade?21:25
AuroraBorealisthe windows installer one21:25
SamBpretty sure it does21:25
AuroraBorealissome installers (like vlc) just remove the old one21:27
AuroraBorealisthen reinstall21:27
djfroofyi'm trying to merge in a branch i made and push to trunk on a project on lp and getting ...22:16
djfroofyTransport operation not possible: readonly transport22:16
djfroofythe command was: bzr push lp:~djfroofy/someproject/trunk22:17
djfroofyany ideas?22:17
djfroofymore specifically ... bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(chroot-76185552:///~djfroofy/someproject/trunk/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport22:18
pooliethis means you don't have write access to that branch22:19
djfroofypoolie: odd ... this is a project i created ... yada yada22:19
poolieif it's your own user id that's a bit strange22:19
poolietry 'bzr launchpad-login djfroofy'22:19
djfroofypoolie: ok just tried that and: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/548011/22:22
pooliedoes that file exist?22:22
djfroofyno it doesn't22:23
djfroofy"Use ssl.cert_reqs=none to disable certificate verification."22:24
djfroofypoolie: do you know if that's something i add to a bzr config file or sth?22:25
poolieor install ca-certs22:25
poolieon ubuntu/debian22:25
poolieor whatever it is on your os22:25
djfroofyon mac os x22:25
djfroofyyeah ...22:25
AuroraBorealisi also do not have that directory22:27
AuroraBorealisbut launchpad-login (username) works fo rme22:29
djfroofygreat ... jinxed22:29
AuroraBorealiswhere is bzr looking for ssl certificates?22:29
AuroraBorealisor python rather22:29
djfroofywhen the singularity comes i'll be the first to be wiped out by evil machines22:30
djfroofyAuroraBorealis: so i don't know where it's looking. i'm new to bzr mostly22:30
LarstiQAuroraBorealis: you're using a slightly older bzr I guess22:30
AuroraBorealisi'm using the latest stable22:30
AuroraBorealisnot that old...22:31
LarstiQdjfroofy: the ssl certificate business here is being hammered out for 2.522:31
djfroofyAuroraBorealis: so the latest stable version is ... ?22:31
AuroraBorealis2.4.2 i think22:31
djfroofyAuroraBorealis: awesome. thx.22:31
LarstiQvila: ^^22:31
djfroofyi should afaik acutally by logged in to lp. been pushing to branches owned by myself, etc22:32
LarstiQdjfroofy: what does `bzr info` or `bzr config` say is the push location?22:33
pooliedjfroofy, you can put 'ssl.cert_reqs=none' into ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf22:34
* LarstiQ has a feeling the ssl certificate warning may be a red herring22:34
pooliei would like to work out if he's connecting by ssh or not22:35
* LarstiQ nods22:36
djfroofythanks poolie. i'm reinstalling stable version (2.4.2) now and will try some other things if that doesn't work.22:36
djfroofyLarstiQ: i'll let you know when i've finished reinstalling22:37
pooliedjfroofy, can you tell me the actual project name, or is it private?22:37
LarstiQdjfroofy: sure thing22:37
LarstiQdjfroofy: I will fall asleep at some point, but I can check the logs tomorrow22:38
lifelessthe .bzr.log may tel you22:40
poolieo/ lifeless22:40
LarstiQlifeless \o/22:40
LarstiQlifeless: re bug 927581, I understand not wanting to change local path handling now, but initially I had expected bzr to be passing bytestrings to begin with22:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 927581 in Bazaar "pypy raises UnicodeDecoderError on os.listdir(unicode) in a C locale" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92758122:42
* LarstiQ was a bit slow in discovering it was a unicode argument22:42
lifelessLarstiQ: :) no worries22:42
LarstiQlifeless: anyway, the point is moot. Pypy has been fixed to behave in the same way, will be in 1.8 which is due out rsn22:42
LarstiQso maybe we'll get to a 0 failure run this month22:43
* LarstiQ babbles22:43
djfroofyLarstiQ: no you're not allowed to fall asleep. you must stay up all night until my problem is resolved.22:44
djfroofyah ... good times: 2.5b622:45
djfroofybzr: WARNING: bzrlib version doesn't match the bzr program.22:46
djfroofyis what i meant to paste22:46
djfroofysorry for the play-by-play ... i'm reinstalling bzrlib now22:46
pooliedjfroofy, i really don't think going back to 2.4 is necessary22:46
poolieyou can just disable ssl validation and you'll get past that warning22:46
djfroofypoolie: yeah ... i'm going to try that ... except now i've already gone back ... sort of. the bzrlib dep mismatch is ugh ... a problem.22:48
lifelessLarstiQ: cool22:51
pooliedjfroofy, how did you install it?22:51
djfroofypoolie: pip install bzr==2.4.223:04
djfroofypoolie: and i'm reinstalling now just the regular ol' way that always works. downloaded the package ...23:06
Jesdisciplewhen I commit, I'm given a commit message to edit...23:12
JesdiscipleBut how do I submit that message?23:13
Jesdisciplethe only way I've found so far is to save a message to disk and specify it with -F / --file=23:13
Jesdiscipleboth the default behavior and -m / --message= leave me hanging and I just end up using Ctrl+C23:14
djfroofypoolie: the project name is bafload btw ... sorry i missed that23:15
AuroraBorealisbzr commit -m "something" should work23:17
poolieJesdisciple, when you interrupt it, there should be a traceback in ~/.bzr.log saying what it was doing23:18
Jesdisciplein which directory?  pwd as of the call to commit?23:20
JesdiscipleI'm not seeing anything unless it's deep within .bzr23:20
Jesdiscipleah woops23:21
Jesdisciplemissed the ~23:21
djfroofypoolie: tried everything ... wuh wuh23:22
djfroofy(bafload)quaternion:trunk dsmathers$ bzr launchpad-login djfroofy23:22
djfroofy(bafload)quaternion:trunk dsmathers$ bzr push23:22
djfroofyUsing saved push location: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~djfroofy/bafload/trunk/23:22
djfroofybzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(chroot-85139408:///~djfroofy/bafload/trunk/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport23:22
djfroofysorry for the spam ...23:23
poolienp, ok23:23
poolieoh ok23:23
poolieit's an import of a bitbucket branch23:23
pooliethat's why you can't push to it23:23
JesdiscipleBzrError: Must end write group before releasing write lock on CHKInventoryRepository('')23:24
Jesdisciple(the single-quotes had a long path)23:24
djfroofypoolie: righto23:24
djfroofythe idea was to ditch the bitbucket one and just start using lp23:24
djfroofysince it related to some other projects on lp, namely txaws23:25
djfroofybig dat red herring23:25
pooliedjfroofy, ok, i see23:26
poolieso then i suggest you rename this branch to, say, 'import'23:26
pooliethen you can push your local copy to that url23:26
poolieand then you'll have made a new writable branch23:26
pooliesorry the error message is so confusing23:26
djfroofypoolie: rename or branch to another branch?23:26
djfroofyit is confusing. life is full of confusing error messages.23:26
pooliei'm suggesting you rename this one, so that the name 'trunk' is freed up23:27
pooliealso, you might like to make a 'bafload' team to own it23:27
poolienot just you23:27
pooliein case you expect more contributors later23:27
pooliethanks for moving it23:27
pooliei'm using txaws a bit myself23:27
djfroofypoolie: yeah, i'll probably make a team later. thanks.23:28
djfroofyi'm more just trying to get versed in lp23:29
pooliehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/543797 :-(23:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 543797 in Launchpad itself "poor "readonly transport" message when trying to write to an import branch" [Low,Triaged]23:31
pooliethat's what bit you23:31
djfroofypoolie: ok, so i renamed to import, made a branch off this named trunk and then push to that ... or sth. https://code.launchpad.net/bafload23:31
poolieyou might like to mark that as the trunk branch in https://launchpad.net/bafload/trunk23:32
djfroofywill that all for "bzr branch lp:bafload" for example?23:33
djfroofypoolie: and ... no idea how to "makr that as the trunk branch" after some clicking around23:35
djfroofyconfigure project branch?23:36
djfroofyyep ... that did the trick23:36
djfroofypoolie: thanks for all your help23:36
poolieno problem, thanks for going through it with us23:37
poolieok i need to reboot to test something, biab (i hope)23:37
djfroofygoing home myself23:39

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