toscalixRiddell: I'm sure you are. I am and did almost nothing ;-)00:09
Darkwingnixternal: I liked the post. Thank yee00:43
* ScottK waves to nixternal.03:14
* Daskreech sines to nixternal03:33
DaskreechKDE Distro funding businesses exist04:55
nixternalman, i had to take a nap. my head has been killing me all day05:04
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ScottKProbably caused by incipient lack of commercial support from Canonical.05:23
DaskreechI know. 05:23
DaskreechI'm all torn up in my head about it too05:23
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DaskreechScottK: Did you know that Mint KDE edition was sponsored?05:24
DaskreechYeah me either. 05:24
ScottKBut unless someone is willing to sponsor a full time body, I'm not sure how much it helps.05:24
ScottKThat's the main thing we've lost.05:25
Daskreechapachelogger's blog did bring up that people could get support contracts from community members directly 05:25
Daskreechbut it would probably be better for there to be a company that can take those kind of contracts and then pay either full time or for projects 05:26
Darkwingafiestas: Thank you for introducing me to Big Bang Theory. :)05:32
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Tm_Tuh oh07:13
apacheloggerDaskreech: with a large/critical enough delpoyment I do not see why full time employment for work on Kubuntu is not a possibility07:26
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nigelblololol https://twitter.com/#!/FOSSNewsChannel/status/16702539747571712009:44
nigelbI have to say that's hit the nail on the head :)09:44
nigelbwait, what does that mean/09:46
Riddell"goodness me"09:48
yofelhehe, retweeted ^^12:17
Riddelllet's just hope twitter users are clever enough to understand it!12:17
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apacheloggerRiddell: 8ball says the outlook is not so good :P12:52
BluesKajHIyas all13:10
MamarokDaskreech: I wonder why he wants to change that for new users, sounds like a strange request from a user13:48
DaskreechMamarok: not convinced he's a user. More like a network admin rolling out Kubuntu14:18
Daskreechagain I think it's amusing that I've seen more people coming in with queries about getting paid Kubuntu support than I have in maybe 3 years and suddenly Canonical no longer wants anyone to give them money for Kubuntu14:19
Daskreechwould be a good spot for someone to take up14:19
Daskreechapachelogger: I know. but an alternative could be a company willing to take lots of smaller contracts and pay someone fulltime to make Kubuntu rock and do customization14:21
Daskreechapachelogger: one aspect could be having a "real" working KIOSK 14:22
MamarokDaskreech: sounds like a good idea for a Kubuntu company made of the devs?14:22
DaskreechHi BluesKaj14:22
Mamarokwhere did apachelogger say something?14:22
DaskreechMamarok: his blog14:22
Mamarokah, you addressed him as if he were talking here :)14:23
DaskreechWhich I think should be in /topic 14:23
DaskreechMamarok: Oh he did I commented on his blog and he responded that There is no reason why if there was a large enough deployment of Kubuntu that it would employ someone fulltime to work on Kubuntu14:23
BluesKajhey Daskreech14:24
Mamarokyou mean like the educational board of Brazil?14:24
agateauanyone heard from netrunner? would be interesting to know their position now14:24
Daskreechso that was my thoughts on the matter14:24
Mamarokthey have a deployment of 500.000 PCs with a distro based on Kubuntu14:24
DaskreechMamarok: netrunner was brought up when I was musing on another channel. I had never heard of it before but they are very well setup for that space14:25
DaskreechMamarok: They pay to sponsor Mint KDE as I understand it. 14:25
DaskreechIt would be an easy PR at least for them to say we will accept any support requests for Kubuntu :)14:26
Daskreechas they seem more tuned to KDE it's also likely they would be more inclined to highlight contracts they got based on Mint KDE and Kubuntu just to encourage people to break out of the "But NOBODY corporate uses KDE!" murmurs 14:27
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agateauafaik netrunner hired aleix pol recently14:31
Daskreechagateau: blog post?14:37
apacheloggerDaskreech: what is wrong with the kiosk :P14:40
apacheloggerDaskreech: so put the blog post in the topic :P14:41
apacheloggerit aint locked you know14:41
RiddellDaskreech: who's this? "not convinced he's a user. More like a network admin rolling out Kubuntu"14:41
Daskreechapachelogger: Permission granted! :)14:41
DaskreechRiddell: kkklimonda14:41
DaskreechWait one too many k14:42
apacheloggerhow rude14:42
Daskreechalso tbruff13 is switching a school district from Ubuntu to Kubuntu when 12.04 comes out 14:42
RiddellDaskreech: where is he commenting?14:42
Daskreechapachelogger: I didn't want to put it up as a topic without notification14:42
DaskreechRiddell: kklimonda? Was doing some plasma scripting earlier but Mamarok was commenting on the query in #kubuntu about changing wallpapers for a new user14:43
shadeslayer_Quintasan: presence applet up for review https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/nightly/+files/ktp-presence-applet_0.3.0-0ubuntu1~ppa1.dsc14:43
=== Daskreech changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | http://www.kubuntu.org/news/precise-alpha | http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-flavor-kubuntu.html TODOs! | Kubuntu is alive and weller than before!! Read:http://wp.me/pQ8xr-gr
* apachelogger finds the ppa revu policy rather annoying14:45
shadeslayer_apachelogger: I do it to annoy you :{14:46
Daskreechshadeslayer_: you could have done s/{/{p to add the evil moutstache 14:47
shadeslayer_haha :{P 14:47
shadeslayer_Daskreech: that doesn't look too god14:48
apacheloggerstop it!14:50
apacheloggerthis is silly!14:50
Riddellapachelogger: what ppa revu policy?14:50
apacheloggerone does not use revu anymore14:50
apacheloggerbut upload to ppas14:50
apacheloggerwhich is quite the regression on multiple ends14:51
shadeslayer_rekonq 0.8.75 tagged14:51
DaskreechRiddell: kklimonda is active again if you want to lurk in #kubuntu14:51
shadeslayer_someone want to package it?14:51
apacheloggershadeslayer_: you just voluntered, no?14:53
MamarokI suspect him to be a packager for some spin-off14:53
shadeslayer_I'm doing telepathy14:53
shadeslayer_and then I have to merge bluez14:53
Mamarokkklimonda that is14:53
kklimondaMamarok: yeah14:53
Daskreechkklimonda: for 10.04?14:53
Mamarokkklimonda: why using such an old version then?14:53
Riddellthanks shadeslayer_ 14:54
Riddellshadeslayer_: yes I think we want rekonq 0.9 in but haven't checked the expected release schedule yet14:54
Riddellshadeslayer_: ping !ninjas for volunteers :)14:54
shadeslayer_Riddell: I think final release should be within 3 weeks or such14:55
ubottuNinja Time! apachelogger, bulldog98, debfx, JontheEchidna, Lex79, maco, neversfelde, nhandler, Quintasan, rgreening, Riddell, ScottK, stalcup, txwikinger, yofel14:55
shadeslayer_rekonq needs packaging :)14:55
kklimondaDaskreech: it's a project based on Kubuntu - we've choosen 10.04 a year ago as a stable base and are sticking with it for a time being. Then we just hacked it around as there was no time to do it properly, but now I have more time so I want to do this right.14:55
Daskreechkklimonda: fair enough. 14:56
Riddellkklimonda: an exciting project that's too secret to tell us?14:56
shadeslayer_I'm going to finish off telepathy today14:56
Riddellshadeslayer_: thems dangerous words to say in software land! it's so common to get blocked or find something takes longer than expected14:57
apacheloggerDaskreech: why you talk on two channels at the same time :P14:57
apacheloggerstop confusing me14:57
kklimondaRiddell: not really, just too small and too mundane to discuss - basically the local equivalent of FSF is preparing a Kubuntu based distribution for schools as a part of a bigger project14:57
* apachelogger needs moar coffee14:57
Riddellkklimonda: nice14:58
Daskreechapachelogger: one I see as the method to get a particular problem solved and one as a larger reasoning and possible area of collaboration. 14:58
kklimondaRiddell: distribution is just a small part of it, and our changes are really small (mostly adding some additional apps like Lazarus and Arduino) so I haven't really thought of showing it off :)14:58
apacheloggersomeone should brief apachelogger on what we are talking about14:58
DaskreechEach is going on the respective channel for that kind of discussion14:58
kklimondaalso it was a terrible mess from the development side so far - using remastersys and shipping everything in /etc/skel.. ugh..14:58
shadeslayer_oh my oh my14:59
shadeslayer_Riddell: I'll keep that in mind next time ;)14:59
Riddellkklimonda: here is a good place to try asking if you get stuck on how to do things14:59
kklimondaapachelogger: ok, I want to change the wallpaper for new users in 10.04 - I can't use plasma scripts and looking for a better alternative than shipping change in /etc/skel - I can't figure out where is the default kubuntu wallpaper setting stored14:59
kklimonda(I can't use plasma init script as the wallpaper API has been introduced in 4.5)14:59
apacheloggerkklimonda: why can't you use plasma scripts?14:59
apacheloggerthat should not be a problem15:00
apacheloggeryou should be able to write the appropriate config entries manually15:00
apacheloggervia read/writeConfig() 15:00
apacheloggerand configGroup() or whatever it is called15:00
kklimondaapachelogger: great - how would that work? I can't use activity.writeConfig() as it's been introduced in 4.5 too15:01
apacheloggerwhat version of kde does 10.04 have?15:02
shadeslayer_heh good question15:02
MamarokI am not sure basing on 10.04 is still appropriate15:02
kklimonda(that's the version of kdeplasma-addons)15:03
Mamarok4.4-x was so buggy... compared to what we have now :)15:03
kklimondayeah, I've had to patch rssnow so it would change its configuration on the fly.. I know it's an ancient version15:04
kklimondawe'll discuss changing to 12.04 after this release15:04
Daskreechkklimonda: any reason it wasn't discussed befre? Just time constraints?15:05
BluesKajshadeslayer_,  speaking of rekonq , it needs a bookmarks toolbar that can be placed horizontally in the Titlebar , sidebars are oldschool IMO 15:05
shadeslayer_BluesKaj: #rekonq or bugs.kde.org :P15:05
kklimondawe've actually started the project based on GNOME which was fine in 10.04, and the switch to KDE came later, too late for us to change to the newer release and test everything15:06
Riddellkklimonda: use config settings15:06
Daskreechkklimonda: ah well since it's now that you have time maybe some elbow grease on a 12.04 mockup would be a nice investment. 15:07
DaskreechWould be sad if the discussion started and when it was resolved that 12.04 is appropriate (which I honestly can't think why it wouldn't be) no one has time to do the work and you have to wait way into the cycle again15:07
Riddellkklimonda: kde4-config --path config  is where it looks15:07
Riddellset up plasma as you want, copy relevant settings out of ~/.kde/share/config/plasma*rc into a file in /etc/kde415:08
kklimondaDaskreech: we really have like a week to prepare the iso - I've just left kde tweaking for last :)15:13
Daskreechcause it's the easiest? :)15:13
BluesKajshadeslayer_, FYI the bookmarks toolbar is finally fixed in rekonq 15:15
apacheloggerRiddell: I really wonder where plasma gets the default wallpape rfrom though15:15
Daskreechapachelogger: Kfairies 15:17
apacheloggeroh, perhaps plasma theme15:17
DaskreechOr that15:18
* Daskreech whispers "it's Bronies K ?" to shadeslayer_15:19
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shadeslayerRiddell: you were right15:19
shadeslayer/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lQt4::QtWebKit15:19
shadeslayerstupid linker15:20
apacheloggerso, I think the wallpaper is set in the theme very much15:20
apacheloggershadeslayer: why blame the linker?15:21
apacheloggerthat input is certainly not valid15:21
shadeslayerofcourse, but the linker should be smarter :P15:21
apacheloggershadeslayer: eh?15:21
apacheloggernot even I could make sense out of what that -lQt4::QtWebkit is supposed to do15:21
bkerensaapachelogger: So how will the Kubuntu team be moving forward after the recent news? Will this be a major change?15:22
Daskreechbkerensa: Topic 15:22
bkerensaDaskreech: I'm asking on behalf of Ubuntu Dev News :P15:22
Daskreechwhonwhat now?15:23
bkerensaHmm? 15:24
apacheloggerbkerensa: business as usual, though we *might* take this development as an opportunity to discuss more in-depth how we want to handle various things in the future15:24
apacheloggerbut that is really random guessing here15:25
DaskreechI never heard of Ubuntu Dev news. Is that from the Fridge?15:25
apacheloggeras there is for quite some time the talk of making some of our processes more efficient15:25
dholbachwe post a weekly update about ubuntu development to fridge and omg and it gets reposted in other places15:26
dholbachwe often place an interview in there or a spotlight on something which is interesting15:26
DaskreechAh right ok :)15:26
apacheloggere.g. release packaging needs more automation as KDE is splitting their software into more tars and holds monthly release days with a great deal of software being released15:26
bkerensaDaskreech: We publish on Fridge and OMG yeah15:26
apacheloggerthat is about as much as can be said ... so really, business as usual for now (also see blog post from topic ;))15:26
Daskreechok cools :)15:27
schnelle_apachelogger: on your blog on question :"So no more LTS releases of Kubuntu?" you answered "Yes"15:27
schnelle_is this correct?15:27
apacheloggerno, pitti already commented15:27
dholbachshall we maybe move with a few folks into #kubuntu-interview and discuss things there to not disrupt the discussions in here? it'd be nice if a few people joined us, so we could try to explain as best we can to the casual reader what's going on and how they might help out in the future15:27
dholbachwhat do you think?15:27
schnelle_xubuntu will be lts for examle 15:27
apacheloggerapparenlty LTS morphed into general Ubuntu label :P15:27
schnelle_and it is community driven15:28
apacheloggerso any flavour can apply for LTS and the TB decides whether that is granted15:28
apacheloggerof course that makes me wonder who is going to implement the LTS then15:28
apacheloggerdholbach: I think that I am at work and could not possible give an interview :P15:28
dholbachapachelogger, not a video interview :)15:29
dholbachbut more like bkerensa and I ask a few questions and a few Kubuntu developers answer the questions15:29
dholbachin the end we'd all stitch it together nicely and post it tomorrow15:30
apacheloggerdholbach: we should schedule that :P15:30
dholbachI think it'd be a good opportunity to say what kind of great stuff you are working on15:30
dholbachand how new contributors can help out15:30
dholbachschedule how? I don't think it'd take lots of time :)15:30
apacheloggerI am not getting payed to give interviews :P15:31
* dholbach shrugs15:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: it was a cache issue15:35
apacheloggershadeslayer: give an interview to bkerensa and dholbach in #kubuntu-interview :P15:36
dholbachScottK, Riddell, shadeslayer, Quintasan: bkerensa and I wanted to do a quick interview about Kubuntu and what's currently happening for the weekly development update - would you be able to join #kubuntu-interview?15:36
shadeslayerI can help15:36
Riddellkklimonda: you can see `dpkg -L kubuntu-default-settings` for how and what we tweak15:36
dholbachI mentioned it earlier already: it might be a good opportunity to get some more folks involved and interested in what's cooking :)15:36
* apachelogger still has pending invasive changes for that15:37
dholbachanyone else we should drag in? :)15:37
kklimondaRiddell: ah, thanks - copying plasma rc files into /etc/kde4/ worked indeed15:41
Riddellkklimonda: if you're doing it properly you should be careful not to include keys for settings you don't want in there, problems can be caused later15:42
kklimonda(I think it made the entire plasma scripting exercise pointless, but the result is what's important and I can try it again when we move to 12.04)15:42
Daskreechkklimonda: more knowledge helps15:44
apacheloggerkklimonda: there are many advantages of scripting over the config file15:46
apacheloggerlatter is fine for simple things though :)15:46
kklimondaapachelogger: yes I know - that's why I've tried to figure out how to use it15:46
apacheloggerQuintasan: go join #kubuntu-interview15:46
kklimondaRiddell: keys like for example desktop geometry?16:02
kklimonda(stuff that will vary from one machine to another)16:03
Riddellkklimonda: right16:03
kklimondaRiddell: if I remove those keys KDE will just use defaults (or recalculate them), right?16:04
kklimondamakes sense - thanks16:04
Riddellkklimonda: right16:06
Riddellto test it make a new user rm their ~/.kde dir and kmenu->leave->switch users16:07
Riddellor use xnest16:07
MamarokRiddell: how much did you really relax today? Go out while there is light :)16:21
Tm_TMamarok: what light?16:24
Riddelllovely and sunny this morning in scotland, if icey16:25
Daskreechwhat's sunny?16:26
* Daskreech goes to see if he can get a linux Deployment Project \o/16:27
shadeslayerDaskreech: where do you work? :D16:27
Riddellto work on professionally or out of the goodness of your heart?16:27
shadeslayerlast package uploaded16:28
shadeslayernow only the meta package is left16:28
DaskreechRiddell: Both16:30
Daskreechshadeslayer: A FOSS consultancy but they allow me to do work outside of the company that they don't want to touch16:31
shadeslayeroh cool16:31
RiddellDaskreech: desktop or server?16:31
DaskreechThe ODPEM (Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management) is looking for a managment ... thing they don't really know what.16:31
DaskreechAnd I was looking at http://sahanafoundation.org/ from GCI16:32
Riddellpresumably something that can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes!16:32
DaskreechI indepenedently went and spoke with them about it and they jumped up and down for joy16:32
Riddellopenstreetmap is something they should know about but maybe that's for a different day16:33
DaskreechRiddell: likely server but I'm looking for where else I can push desktop. THey have a school outreach program so I can probably link with another program that's doing FOSS for School and use this to strenghen that16:33
Riddellthey'll need servers locally and remote to get maximum resiliance16:34
DaskreechRight which is what I'm looking at as well16:34
Riddellthis talk should interest them http://www.slideshare.net/sabman/haiti-quake-public-key16:35
DaskreechBut I have a windows machine to exorcise in 20 minutes then a meeting with them so hopefully that goes well16:36
Daskreech150+ slides? that sounds like a lot of talking :)16:37
shadeslayerOh I have a couple of friends who work on Sahana16:38
shadeslayerawesome guys16:38
Kurdistanhi every one. plasma-widget-smooth-tasks can not be installed.16:44
Kurdistansame for other or only effecting me?16:44
shadeslayerKurdistan: could you pastebin the error?16:45
Kurdistanshadeslayer, will do.16:46
Kurdistanshadeslayer, http://paste.ubuntu.com/834122/16:48
yofel*sigh*, probably needs a rebuild against 4.816:48
Kurdistanmaybe because I use kde 4.8.0 and it is not updated?16:49
yofelI'll do that16:49
shadeslayeryofel: plz2fix16:49
shadeslayerKurdistan: yes16:49
yofelour deps are too tight there so the abi manager is useless -.-16:49
Kurdistanyofel, :) okey then I am right track16:49
yofelKurdistan: uploaded to backports, will take a while to build16:51
Kurdistanyofel, thx. np.16:51
Kurdistanhttp://i.imgur.com/2u5qd.jpg yofel do you think this bug can be driver (graphical) or kdm?16:55
Kurdistanif I should write to upstream channel or not.16:55
apacheloggerwhat would kdm have to do with it?16:55
yofeloh fooey - reply on bug 92800916:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 928009 in kdebase-runtime (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu missing someKDE API 4.6 include files" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92800916:56
yofelshould I add kde-runtime-dev :/?16:56
Kurdistanapachelogger, this bug only accures if a user is login out/in serveral times. and login manager in kubuntu is kdm. is it not?16:56
apacheloggercould still be both16:57
apacheloggeri.e. it could be kdm not correctly resetting X16:57
apacheloggeror driver problem16:57
apacheloggerlatter is more likely though16:57
apacheloggerif it were kdm the issue would appear at the second login already16:58
Kurdistanapachelogger, I think also it is driver, becuase if I restart x server when I log out the problem is temporaly solved when I log back16:58
Kurdistansorry my english spelling is not the best :)16:58
debfxyofel: it will probably ftbfs against kde 4.8: bug #90845916:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 908459 in plasma-widget-smooth-tasks (Ubuntu Precise) "FTBFS: error: 'TaskPtr' in namespace 'TaskManager' does not name a type" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90845916:59
yofelah, so that's why it isn't in precise, thanks16:59
yofelKurdistan: ^16:59
yofelalternative would be the icon only taks manager that's now in kde17:00
Kurdistanyofel, I am using 11.10. 17:00
yofeldoesn't matter, this is about KDE 4.817:00
KurdistanI am okey with the task-manager kubuntu comes with, but wanted to test that.17:00
yofelwell, from my past experience the icon only task manager comes close17:01
yofel(to stasks)17:01
shadeslayeryofel: for meta packages, does one just tar up the debian folder and upload?17:01
* yofel wonders if he filed a bug about the transparency effect17:01
apacheloggerKurdistan: well, that is what I am saying :)17:01
yofelshadeslayer: sure, native package17:01
apacheloggerkdm only *resets* X17:01
apacheloggerand clearly things get messed up by that17:02
yofelshadeslayer: tar up == debuild -S17:02
apacheloggerconsequentially a *restart* of X would fix it17:02
Kurdistanapachelogger, so you also think it is graphical driver related?17:02
shadeslayeroh cool17:02
apacheloggerKurdistan: I believe graphics driver is more likely17:02
apacheloggerbut from the things we know it is impossible to tell for sure17:02
Kurdistanapachelogger, thx, then I gave same information like you did to one user in swedish loco.17:02
Kurdistanwe 2 have the same problem17:03
apacheloggerit would be interesting to know what driver/graphics chip they use17:03
Kurdistanapachelogger, np, I am writing also in nvidia channel, I hope they will answer. they are not active like here. :)17:03
debfxI really like that new kde icon tasks manager, might as well just switch to unity :P17:04
apacheloggeryofel: about the bug ... sure install the headers17:06
Kurdistanthere is also one bug with kde-config-touchpad that effects some user in swedish loco and also myself. I solved it by removing the package, but thats not really solving the problem :).17:06
* yofel gets to work17:06
apacheloggerwhat's the bug?17:06
Kurdistanwhen login it say can not find the touchpad17:07
Kurdistaneven if a user have or not17:07
apacheloggerscreenshot please17:08
Kurdistanapachelogger, http://www.ubuntu-se.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=206&t=55832&view=previous17:09
Kurdistanyou can use google translate from swedish to english17:09
=== koolhead17 is now known as koolhead17|zzZZ
apacheloggeris it a notification?17:11
Kurdistanapachelogger, exactly17:11
apacheloggerand kde-config-touchpad is causing it? :O17:12
Kurdistanapachelogger, I think so, because after removing the problem was solved for me and the user that started the topic in our loco.17:12
apacheloggeryou are autostarting the tray application apparently17:14
Kurdistanapachelogger, do not know. 17:17
apacheloggerwell, I do, I looked at the code :P17:17
Kurdistanor I do not understand you to be honest17:17
apacheloggeronly the tray application uses notifications17:17
shadeslayer*sigh* https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/nightly/+builds?build_state=pending17:17
apacheloggerand the tray applicatoin only autostarts if you tell it to do so17:17
apacheloggerso that is not actually a bug :P17:17
Kurdistanapachelogger, okey, so the bug is what?17:17
apacheloggerwell, I guess the bug is that it tells you there is no touchpad even if you have one?17:18
Kurdistanapachelogger, exactly. so how can I and other solve it without removing the package17:18
Kurdistannot everyone will think about it17:18
apacheloggershadeslayer: you know, you can totally testbuild stuff locally :P17:19
apacheloggerKurdistan: the way you turned it on17:19
Kurdistanapachelogger, :) I did not turn it on.17:19
apacheloggeryes you did, the code tells me so17:19
apacheloggerrm ~/.kde/share/config/synaptiksrc17:19
shadeslayerapachelogger: I know, I need to test all of it together now17:19
apacheloggerthen see if the thing still comes up17:19
Kurdistanapachelogger, hehe, okey. thx.17:20
apacheloggershadeslayer: you can totally do that locally :P17:20
Kurdistanapachelogger, I will tell the user that he can also do the way you write by command line.17:22
Kurdistanthen no need to remove the package.17:22
Kurdistanapachelogger, thx.17:25
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shadeslayeryofel: you'll be free after the 16th?17:32
yofelif I get oxygen done by then, yeah, I'll be on vacation in the week of 20-24th17:33
yofelI'll see how much time I'll have there17:34
shadeslayeryofel: okay, I just wanted to draw up a spec of the automation script that I'm planning to write17:34
yofelcount me in17:34
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
shadeslayerawesome, I have exams in the last week of feb myself, so won't be available themn17:35
yofeloh come on... considering they're shipping headers the nepomuk folks sure haven't learned a thing about library management...17:35
Kurdistanyofel, haha +117:36
shadeslayerActually, I think they've been forced to do that17:36
shadeslayersince kdelibs only has those headers in KDE Frameworks17:36
yofelwell, "class NEPOMUK_DATA_MANAGEMENT_EXPORT SimpleResource" and where do I find the symbols?17:36
Kurdistanshadeslayer, same time i have exame. I have two. :)17:36
shadeslayeryofel: vHanda on #nepomuk-kde could probably help with issues17:37
shadeslayerKurdistan: I have 4 :P17:37
yofelwell, this is really more about: ship headers or don't ship them17:38
yofeland this is making me feel rather bad...17:38
Kurdistanshadeslayer, ok, you win. :P17:38
yofelalthough the abi manager could be a workaround - but do symbol files work without an SONAME?17:38
shadeslayerI used to have 6, but then I came into the 8th semester17:39
yofelScottK: your opinion about this? 17:40
* yofel is for leaving it and trolling nepomuk folks -.-17:41
shadeslayerOkay, I'm going to take a break for a hour or so17:41
Kurdistanshadeslayer, I wish us both luck then :). 17:43
Riddellyofel: if it's in /usr/lib it should be versioned17:44
yofelwell, yeah, it *should* - and isn't17:44
yofelguess I can file a bug17:44
Riddellyes, especially if they ship headers17:45
Kurdistanother then does thing I have mentiod kde 4.8.0 have been rock solid so far17:54
Kurdistanwhich kde 4.8.* will be default for kubuntu 12.04 and will kubuntu 12.04 user during this 3 years only use kde 4.8.0 or will it upgrade to newer kde release?17:55
Kurdistanif I am off-topic, then I will write in the right channel.17:55
Riddellusually we ship with the .2 I think17:56
Riddellcheck the release schedules17:56
yofelprobably .2, we'll update up to 4.8.4, 4.9 will be in backports until 12.10 is out - same as before18:03
Kurdistanyofel, ubuntu have backport enabled by default18:04
Kurdistanwill kubuntu also have that?18:05
Kurdistanmean for 12.0418:05
yofelI have no idea how they do the pinning, jontheechidna might know more18:05
Kurdistanyofel, oki.18:07
Riddellhi apol 18:11
Riddellapol here works on one of our derivatives18:11
yofelhi apol18:11
=== koolhead17|zzZZ is now known as koolhead17
shadeslayeryofel: https://launchpad.net/~hrvojes/+archive/kde4.818:33
shadeslayeralso https://launchpad.net/~hrvojes/+archive/qt18:34
yofelI think I've stumbled over that in the past18:34
shadeslayerWatching launchpad.net/builders is quite informative18:35
Riddellwho's looked into the oxygen-gtk3 packaging?  it might be something apol needs too18:36
shadeslayeryofel ^18:36
yofelit's in precise/universe18:36
yofelhaven't filed the MIR yet18:36
apolwhat's a MIR? :)18:36
Tm_Tapol: welcome18:36
shadeslayerbut then, do we *need* to? :)18:36
Riddellyofel: have you more fiddling to do for the config?18:36
yofelnothing that you'll need18:37
Riddellshadeslayer: we do for this cycle at least18:37
shadeslayertrue that18:37
shadeslayerI wonder how long it'll be before people start kicking our packages out of main18:37
yofelRiddell: yes, I was looking at xsettings, but got distracted the last 2 days..18:37
yofelshadeslayer: end of april? ^^18:38
apolshadeslayer: kde applications will still be available for ubuntu developers no?18:38
apolubuntu users18:38
yofelapol: sure, just a component switch18:38
yofel(archive layout related)18:38
Tm_Tapol: from users POV, "nothing" has changed18:39
shadeslayeryofel: *if* they notice :P18:39
yofelyeah, as long as they have universe on (which should be true of pretty much everyone) they won't notice a thing18:39
shadeslayeror rather, if someone starts reviewing stuff18:39
* shadeslayer ponders if someone in canonical actually reviews the entire main every cycle18:40
apolyofel: so what's the plan for gtk3 integration?18:40
Tm_Tapol: you just wont be able to buy canonical support for Kubuntu soon18:40
apolyes, it's what i guessed18:40
shadeslayerTm_T: you just gave me a idea18:40
Tm_Tshadeslayer: again?18:40
yofelapol: probably using xsettings-kde (except that this needs a MIR too..)18:41
yofelapol: this is informative: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-01-17/kde-sig.2012-01-17-15.06.log.html18:41
shadeslayerSince Kubuntu is going to be community supported, can't we form a foundation which can fund any expenses that Kubuntu Developers might incur when contributing to Kubuntu?18:41
yofelif not xsettings we would need to set an inifile from kubuntu-default-settings and kcm-gtk18:42
shadeslayerand the funds come for Companies who can buy support from the foundation just like they did from Canonical18:42
yofelshadeslayer: sounds very much like what apachelogger was saying18:42
shadeslayerdid he suggest that already?18:42
apacheloggershadeslayer: what expenses?18:43
apacheloggershadeslayer: also no18:43
Riddellshadeslayer: that's a fair amount of work for unknown need18:43
apacheloggerthe kubuntu trademark rights are with canonical18:43
Riddellcanonical will still pay for UDS and all the server18:43
Riddellapachelogger: good point18:43
shadeslayerah indeed18:43
Tm_Tyofel: eh, hardcoded paths?18:43
Riddelland KDE e.v. has suggested a sprint at akademy18:43
shadeslayerbuy trademark ? :P ( just kidding of course )18:43
yofelTm_T: if you mean the inifile, it would be $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gtk-3.0/settings.ini18:44
yofelsomeone *could* put up a donation button though somewhere ^^18:44
Riddellit's not as simple as that18:45
Riddellit needs somewhere to donate to18:45
Riddelland then an organisation to dish out the money18:45
shadeslayerTrue, and that means taxes and stuff18:45
Riddella lot of projects have trouble withit18:45
Riddellwith that sort of thing18:45
apolmaybe the donations can go to the kde ev? 8-)18:45
Riddelland as I say, we probably don't need money18:45
Riddellapol: it needs an organisation with a treasurer at least!18:46
apacheloggeryes we are solving problems that don't exist here :P18:46
Tm_TRiddell: like ubuntu-fi having a slight problem with price money...18:46
apacheloggerRiddell: I lol'd18:46
apolRiddell: usually the eV has a treasurer XDDD18:46
* apachelogger heads home as he is starving :O18:46
Tm_Tapachelogger: do you tail to work?18:47
yofelthe eV does, but they already have jointhegame for donations18:47
* yofel isn't broke, so just leaves the matter be18:47
jussicanonical doesnt have the infra to deal with it?? 18:48
Tm_Tjussi: deal with what?18:49
Tm_Tjussi: I'm unsure if they would be interested on involving that18:50
jussifa out, wine and cheese == <318:50
jussiTm_T: why ever not? 18:50
Tm_Tbut ye, would be neat if they would worry it for us18:50
Tm_Tjussi: maybe we should convince them for that18:50
Riddellmore useful would be finding a company to sponsor and support it18:51
Tm_Tbut again, for what that money would be18:51
Riddellbut maybe kubuntu doesn't want that18:51
jussiI mean the infra already pretty much exists... just put items in the store which = donations - ie, you buy a 50€ donation. Canonical already dish out random stuff to the community18:51
Riddelljussi: they won't earmark funds.  I doubt e.v. are interested because it's not distro neutral. and it's solving a problem we don't have18:51
Tm_Twe would need money when we begin hiring people, or such18:52
Tm_Tas long as canonical is funding events (UDS) and the jazz18:52
Tm_Twhere's the UDS now anyway?18:53
jussiTm_T: next one in California iirc18:54
shadeslayerOakland, yes18:54
Tm_Thmmmh, that could be out of my reach /:18:54
shadeslayerIt's a freaking 23 Hour flight from here18:54
shadeslayerthere's a 40 hour flight as well :P18:54
Tm_Tdepending on the situation home, ofcourse18:54
Tm_Tand I have never been outside Finland (I still claim Haparanda isn't being outside of Finland, just like being in Kuopio isn't)18:55
BluesKajheh, even i was in Kuopio for a whiie , when i was 3 yrs old :) ...before we left for Canada18:57
Tm_Thmmmm  http://www.nixternal.com/kubuntu-is-not-dead/#comment-43285339718:58
Tm_Tpeople keep asking commercial support18:58
Tm_T...but there were no customers on that front?18:58
Riddellthere were19:00
Riddellbut not many19:00
Tm_Tand none big enough, apparently (:19:05
shadeslayerScottK: looks like someone fixed kdevelop : structurestoolfactory-disable-big-endia.diff19:07
BluesKajhmm, not big enough , just not charitable or perhaps a generous fund for outside interests19:08
BluesKajok , time to check my postbox/mail...bbiab19:10
yofelcould someone on precise install gtk3-engines-oxygen and see if the color scheme is right for him? I can't *gnome* apps to look any other than oxygen default19:20
yofelto use it, for now put http://paste.kde.org/205328/ into ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini19:21
shadeslayerI'll give it a try19:23
yofel*I can't get19:23
shadeslayeralthough ... which app would be gtk3 ? :P19:23
yofelevince has rather light deps19:23
shadeslayer".config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini" E212: Can't open file for writing19:30
shadeslayerfooey, dir doesn't exist19:31
shadeslayerbrb switching to stable19:31
shadeslayeryofel: looks good to me19:35
BluesKajwow , google loves to give opposite suggestions when it can't find the correct answer , like moving from evolution to kmail , gives the opposite output19:35
yofelshadeslayer: what color scheme?19:35
shadeslayeryofel: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/08/plasma-desktops15081.png19:35
yofelhm, yeah, *that* works19:35
shadeslayerI'll try a different theme one sec19:36
yofelbut if you use anything else it doesn't change19:36
shadeslayerstill uses oxygen19:37
yofelodd is that the oxygen-gtk3-demo works fine19:40
shadeslayerI'm off to sleep, nighters20:13
J0linarhi all, after i got some sort of problem with gettin the login screen in kubuntu to display, now resolved it gives me a error message when i try to login  -login session fail "ubuntu"- any idea how to resolve that? plz20:19
afiestas_apachelogger: any chance I can rebuild the appmenu package whenever I want?20:33
yofelshadeslayer: found the reason for the theme not changing:20:54
yofel[181183.288277] type=1400 audit(1328734451.246:2051): apparmor="DENIED" operation="exec" parent=28057 profile="/usr/bin/evince" name="/usr/bin/kde4-config" pid=28059 comm="evince" requested_mask="x" denied_mask="x" fsuid=1000 ouid=020:54
yofelonce you *teardown* apparmor it work20:54
* yofel needs to clean hi 's' button20:55
yofelI'll file a bug about that then, gnome-terminal seems to work fine21:04
yofelyeah, brasero and nautilus work too21:06
yofelI sure have luck when choosing a test app -.-21:06
apacheloggerafiestas_: you need to talk to yofel or shadeslayer or Quintasan21:16
apacheloggerI am about to play swtor21:16
yofelafiestas_: rebuild where? and when?21:16
apacheloggerhe wants a recipe build21:18
Tm_Tapachelogger: swtor, but not on linux?21:26
yofelafiestas_: poke me with what you have in mind21:27
* yofel managed to get xsettings-kde to crash21:27
afiestas_yofel: ping21:53
yofelafiestas_: 21:58
afiestas_yofel: so, apachelogger was kind enough (as always :p) to create a package for  a runner I'm working on21:59
afiestas_and I'd like to have some kind of nightly build of it so I don't have to bother you saying "update, update, update"22:00
yofelfor that we'll need a) a target PPA b) the packaging in a bzr branch somewhere c) me setting up a recipe for it22:02
yofelor telling you how to do that22:02
afiestas_yofel: I don't know even how to change my email ddress in launchpad... so I hope you will take it slow with :p22:16
yofelcan we do that tomorrow then? I'm dead tired right now and off to bed in a few minutes22:17
afiestas_actually I did change my email address but my login is still something old :p22:17
yofelshadeslayer and Quintasan both know how to set up daily builds too, so maybe they can help until I'm online again22:18
afiestas_apachelogger did this: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/plasma-runner-appmenu22:21
afiestas_how can I copy that to something I can build when I want? that would work too22:21
yofelwell, if you want to build it yourself, make sure the source is in a folder called plasma-runner-appmenu-$VERSION, copy the debian folder from the branch in there, and then you can use dpkg-buildpackage to get a binary package from it, or use dch -i to add a new changelog entry and debuild -S to create a source package to upload22:25
yofellatter only makes sense once you have a PPA22:25
yofelmore info on that on https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA22:26
afiestas_yofel: thanks !22:45
* yofel needs sleep, gives up on xsettings for today and goes to bed - good night22:46
apacheloggerTm_T: I am not using linux for months :P22:57
apacheloggeryofel: why is nepomuk horrible at lib management?23:15
apacheloggercomes as a big surprise23:16

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