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DeithrianHello :) Is there a way to make Ibus to work with Opera web browser and Kate? If not is there another way to f type in Japanese in Kubuntu? Thanks :)00:10
pangolinCan someone recommend a terminal emulator like guake but for kubuntu?00:29
pangolinI'm tired of all the gnome cruft...00:29
Unit193pangolin: yakuake?00:30
pangolinthat is it! I couldn't remember the name00:30
pangolinthanks Unit193 :)00:30
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hdsfgfhi all!01:27
hdsfgfhelp please!01:27
hdsfgfWho here?01:27
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agb_somebody here?01:48
agb_hi bazhang01:49
almoxarifeso, kde has gone from foster child to ???? orphan? how does that effect the distro for the time being?01:55
bazhangnot at all01:55
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:57
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit02:07
manmani have an ipod 2g, and i want to connect my ipod with amarok, but the ipod shows as zero tracks, and dolphin cannot load up the ipod. i also cant connect to a windows computer, because it will delete everything. any help here please?02:36
manman*ipod touch 2g02:36
DSPhosthi everyone, I have a problem with usb device, my device is a jtag-usb cable which is used for programing external devices. The problem is that when i connect my usb device I can't obtain a ttyUSB* port02:53
DSPhostI have searched on google and I can't resolve this issue02:54
DSPhostthis is the outcome of dsmeg "usb 1-4: new high speed USB device number 2 using ehci_hcd"02:54
DSPhostand that is everything02:54
DSPhostthis is the outcome lsusb "Bus 001 Device 002: ID 03fd:000d Xilinx, Inc."02:54
EvilResistanceis there a way for me to tell networkmanager to not manage a specific interface?02:58
TeslaTonyI'm having a bit of a problem with networking. Every so often, my connection stops transferring data, but disabling networking and reenabling it, then reconnecting, solves the problem for a little bit. Any clues?03:30
emI like Kubuntu03:49
dies_iraekubuntu dead??04:06
daxdies_irae: about as dead as Xubuntu, Lubuntu, and the other community-supported derivatives that don't have Canonical staff being paid to work on them :P04:08
dax(so no)04:08
Daskreechdies_irae: No04:22
Daskreechem: Cool :)04:22
joshwinesem: me too04:27
kklimondahey, any idea where should I put plasma "config" scripts for them to be executed at the first login in 10.04? I've tried /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma-desktop/init/ and /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde4-profile/default/share/apps/plasma-desktop/init but my script doesn't seem to be executed05:01
kklimondaor maybe some pointers how to debug it further?05:02
kklimonda(I can run script in the interactive window and it works there)05:02
BenPAHi all ... I am upset about Canonical dropping Kubuntu05:05
daxBenPA: Kubuntu is still community-supported, just like all the other official derivatives. I don't think it's fair to try to dictate where Canonical spends their money, really.05:17
Daskreechkklimonda: What's a plasma config script?05:21
DaskreechBenPA: Hi. Why?05:21
kklimondaDaskreech: the way to apply system-wide settings to KDE - you put js scripts in the forementioned folders and can modify look&feel of plasma (enabled widgets etc.)05:22
Daskreechkklimonda: Ah don't think I knew of those. Where did you find out about them?05:23
DaskreechYou mean the scripting engine?05:23
kklimondaDaskreech:  kde techbase: http://techbase.kde.org/KDE_System_Administration/PlasmaDesktopScripting05:23
DaskreechAh right never heard them called config scripts before :)05:24
BenPAdax:  I  thank you but I don't think they understand how many people use Kubuntu ... if it works and works well, like it does, they would not hear much05:38
daxBenPA: If it works and works well, it'll react well to not having a paid Canonical developer working on it.05:39
daxNo need to worry, imho :)05:40
BenPADaskreech: I think Kubuntu works and works well and helps those who are trying Linux ... it is closer to their Windows experience05:42
BenPAdax: I understand05:46
BenPAdax: I am not a Gnome person except I use Macbuntu05:46
DaskreechBenPA: I don't see how Canonical support affects that :)05:46
DaskreechBenPA: http://wp.me/pQ8xr-gr05:46
BenPAdax: well, I think many had first used Kubuntu through them and now they are leaving us ... guess it's separation effect ... like a friend leaving05:46
DaskreechBenPA: Why are they leaving?/05:46
BenPADaskreech: thanks it makes me feel a little better but I still think that they should support it lol ... the article makes it a little more clear05:47
BenPADaskreech: I still think that Kubuntu is superior to Gnome05:48
BenPADaskreech: I still think that Kubuntu is superior to Ubuntu05:49
BenPAso do either of you guys think that Kubuntu will be on a tablet soon?05:50
daxPlasma Active is pretty nice, as far as KDE and tablets go.05:52
BenPAdax: not sure what Plasma Active is05:52
BenPAdax: thanks I watched the video ... I know it will be great when completed06:00
DaskreechBenPA: Kubuntu is suerior to Ubuntu. Shhhhh ;-)06:12
Daskreechdax: http://aseigo.blogspot.com/2012/01/reveal.html06:13
daxI read Planet KDE :)06:13
DarkwingInteresting how much buzz this canonical relationship with Kubuntu change is causing.06:14
DaskreechDarkwing: how so?06:14
Darkwinghalf seems to be freaking that there will be massive changes or, that something major has changed06:15
Tm_TDaskreech: hyenas are out there06:15
DarkwingJust seems... interesting.06:15
DarkwingThere wont be that large of a change to be honest.06:16
DaskreechDarkwing: Well not many people understand distros much less the details of Canonical/Ubuntu/Kubuntu06:16
DarkwingTis true.06:16
DaskreechTm_T: This is known :)06:16
DaskreechMost people read that as there will be no more Kubuntu by the end of the year06:17
DarkwingThe biggest change is Jon Riddell wont be working on it full time. We (Community) did the 11.10 release with no paid developer06:17
DarkwingJon Riddell was working on BZR during that release.06:17
DaskreechAgain not many people even know who Riddell is06:17
DarkwingIf anything it gives us more freedom. :)06:18
DarkwingVery true. It's just been interesting.06:18
DarkwingThere will still be a 5 year LTS. :)06:18
Daskreechplus there are a large cacaphony of people who will take anything Canonical or  Ubuntu related and twist it into a platform for them to pronounce doom and woe06:19
DarkwingDamned if we do, damned if we don't?06:19
DarkwingCanonical is evil and at the same time when they turn the project over to the community its doom06:19
DaskreechThis could have been an announcement that Canonical is going to be listed on the LSE and it would drum up the same people writing slightly different worded blogposts06:19
DaskreechThe only people this  really affects is Canonical (who stand almost no chance of getting any more money from Kubuntu) and Riddell not being able to work on his favourite project full time06:21
DarkwingYup. it'll be some adjusted workload but, I'm sure we'll get that figured out.06:22
DaskreechThis I think would be a good time for Kubuntu to rally more active community members and a third party Company to get instant fame and recognition by stepping up to say we will do contract support for Kubuntu06:22
Daskreechbut for the people who love Kubuntu. THey will continue loving it.06:23
DaskreechThe people who make Kubuntu the great community and distro it is. They will continue to do that.06:23
DarkwingWell said. :)06:23
DarkwingI wonder how hard it would be to build a startup for Kubuntu support...06:24
DaskreechThe servers that have not turned off under Kubuntu in 7 years. Hey! Still not turning off (uptime rullezz!)06:24
Darkwing:D Plus, KDE 4.8 in 12.04 is EPIC06:24
BenPAyou guys are amazing and are correct .. most of us do not understand what is happening06:25
DarkwingBenPA: What do you think would be a good way to solve that?06:26
DaskreechBenPA: All that Canonical announced is that they will not accept money from people for Kubuntu anymore and Riddell should work on a new team06:26
pangolinExplain it in more detail.06:26
Daskreechpangolin: Saw apachelogger's post?06:27
pangolinI didn't06:27
DarkwingI'll push an email to the ML with the highlights and a link to apachelogger blog.06:27
BenPADarkwing: it's tough ... I belong to a LUG and we have trouble getting people interested in coming to the meetings.  If there was a way to beat M$ and have Linux put on machines with some type of support it would help.06:28
DaskreechIf Riddell isn't going to do a blog. Then maybe apachelogger's blog can go in the topic here06:28
DarkwingRiddell did do a blog.06:28
DaskreechBenPA: Free pizza! Get's people there every time06:28
DaskreechOh I must have missed that06:29
Daskreechkklimonda: Not sure why your scripts aren't executing. :-/06:29
DaskreechThey work in the interactive debugger?06:29
pangolinseems to me that this is actually a good thing for Kubuntu06:30
kklimondaDaskreech: ah, I think I see the problem - activityForScreen(0) is returning some bogus activity, and not the one that is set up06:30
Darkwingpangolin: Aye, it's going to suck loosing Riddell as a developer but, the community will move forward as always.06:30
BenPADarkwing: lol not always.  Education is one thing but doing that cost money.  I have had a friend on Kubuntu for almost 4 years now.  She would never do her updates so I created a one button updater and most times I don't hear anything from her.06:30
pangolinDarkwing: I doubt he will stop developing for Kubuntu06:31
kklimonda(it took me a while to figure out how to make plasma display what goes to kDebug() )06:31
pangolinhe just won't be doing it full time06:31
Daskreechkklimonda: cool :)06:31
Darkwingpangolin: He will for a while. :/06:31
pangolinyeah, just long enough to adjust to his new work flow.06:31
DaskreechBenPA: Yeah My friend is on LTS and all she does is call me once every two years to ask if she should upgrade06:32
pangolinI don't know him well but you don't give so much to a project and then just stop.06:32
DarkwingI think he will remain working with Qt so, it's not that far off06:32
Darkwingpangolin: There are other factors.06:32
BenPADaskreech: My friend's machine is dual booted but I don't tell her about that06:32
DarkwingI'm kinda excited about the 5 year LTS.06:33
BenPADaskreech: I won't update anyone to a near new upgrade ... I prefer the bugs be worked out first06:33
DaskreechBenPA: yeah :-)06:33
DaskreechShe waited 2 years she can chill for another two months06:34
BenPADaskreech: I would make her wait a few months after that lolol06:34
DaskreechDarkwing: The blog postis a copy of the e-mail though. It's what kicked off the misunderstanding avalance in the first place06:35
DarkwingDaskreech: Yeah.06:35
daxDarkwing: see, I'm at least consistant. I don't like Canonical and think this news is overall a good thing for Kubuntu :P06:36
DarkwingI think I'll make a post to the users ML tonight so that someone from the Council reached out to help smooth things after that long thread06:36
Darkwingdax: XD06:36
BenPADaskreech: do you think that many times the number of installs of Kubuntu and KDE and Linux in general is under counted?06:40
BenPADarkwing: same question ... do you think that many times the number of installs of Kubuntu and KDE and Linux in general is under counted?06:40
DarkwingYes, I believe so.06:41
BenPAI am triple booted with 3 Linux desktops on this machine and I have an old laptop that I experiment with .... recently I got an imac mini to play around with but it's not as much fun as my Linux06:43
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BenPADaskreech: Thanks06:49
BenPADaskreech: another thought about what it would take could be the approach that Google took and not mention the word "Linux"  call it something else for the general public and get programs like CNET TV to include Linux on their programs06:53
Darkwingdamn, 2TB hard drives take a while to fix partitions.07:00
Fudgeanyone know if the kubuntu installer like the ubuntu installer has accessibility enabled by pushing control S when bootling live cd?07:05
Tm_TFudge: don't know about that, but at the boot time, there's the accessibility menu07:05
FudgeTm_T  you mean f5 enter third option enter etc?07:10
Tm_Tpooosssibly, have no idea as haven't been in the installer for a while07:10
Fudgethanx cobber07:16
Fudgeguess i can check it out ina vm07:16
kklimondahmm, any idea how to change the default wallpaper?07:41
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alkisgI have a small screen, 1024x600, and the plasma-netbook session is automatically selected. How can I avoid that? I don't like the netbook session....08:45
hateballalkisg: you should be able to change the setting for the plasma workspace09:20
alkisghateball: from where?09:20
hateballalkisg: alt+f2, "workspace" should bring up the proper menu09:21
alkisgLet me try that, although I think I tried that in the past, unsuccessfully...09:22
e_t_alkisg: Go to System Settings > Workspace Behavior, click on Workspace, and select Desktop from the Workspace Type drop-down box.09:22
hateballThat's the long way to it, yeah ^09:23
alkisghateball, e_t_: yes I had done that in the past and it doesn't work, seems that small screens override that setting09:25
alkisgThe only (wrong) way I've found so far is to delete /usr/share/kubuntu-netbook-default-settings/share/autostart/plasma-netbook.desktop09:26
alkisg(or dpkg-divert it, to prevent it from coming back on upgrades)09:27
alkisgI can't even remove kubuntu-netbook-default-settings, as kubuntu-desktop depends on it09:27
Tm_Talkisg: kubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage09:28
Tm_Tso it can be removed, it doesn't contain anything by itself09:28
alkisgTm_T: if a package that recommends other packages is removed, then on the next apt-get purge --auto-remove, those other packages are removed too09:28
Tm_Talkisg: indeed09:29
alkisgThat's why it's not a good idea to remove metapackages (unless a tasksel is used instead of a metapackage)09:29
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rogeriosomeone brazil????11:01
Tm_T!br | rogerio11:02
ubotturogerio: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.11:02
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VK-2Alguien pe puede ayudar con un problema?11:24
ubuntuHey guys...Someone here speaking german and with knowledge of installing Kubuntu on a SCSI-RAID-System?11:46
lorecasterheil realm. I've got a webcam issue, and have no idea where to go for answers... it's recognized, even took my snap during install, but after updates it won't work for love nor money. Can anyone kick me in the right direction or guide me through any troubleshooting? Been working on this for a week :(11:49
ubuntuAnyone with knowledge of how to install Kubuntu on a SCSI-RAID-System? Tried trice now and everytime I try it can't find the partition after reboot. Been doing the partitions in Live-Mode in Kubuntu, but it doesn't apply the changes, says it can't check the new filesystem...11:52
Mamarokubuntu: well, the live-mode is not the way to partition an installation, for that you need to be in installation mode11:53
Mamaroklorecaster: you mean general configuration or for Skype? If it is for Skype I sadly don't know how, else I suggest you have a look at the systemsettings11:55
lorecasterI've followed every tutorial I can find... it won;t work in cheese OR skype.11:55
MamarokI don't know either one, my built-in camero on the laptop works out of the box and works as well with Google hangouts once the packages for are installed11:56
Mamaroklorecaster: what webcam is it?11:57
bytesofbinaryI am getting authentication not provided error when I try to install or remove software via muon...( Ubuntu 11.10 + kubuntu-desktop). I'11:57
bytesofbinarym on KDE 4.8 and this problem is in other apps too. It doesnt even ask for root access11:57
Mamarokbytesofbinary: try launching it with kdesudo from a konsole11:57
bytesofbinaryI am getting authentication error in muon when I try to install/remove software11:57
bytesofbinarydo I have to do this all the time?11:58
ubuntuThe first three times I did it in installation mode, but after reboot grub couldn't find the partition...11:58
lorecasterBus 001 Device 028: ID 0ac8:3420 Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. Venus USB2.0 Camera11:58
bytesofbinaryand after I upgraded to 4.8, KSecretService is not installed. Any solution?11:58
lorecaster(with lsusb) so I know it;'s recognized11:58
Mamarokubuntu: tried the alternate CD?11:58
ubuntuNo, that I didn't...11:59
Mamarokbytesofbinary: what error message do you get?11:59
Mamaroklorecaster: well you still didn't tell what webcam it is, recognized doesn't mean it works be default12:00
bytesofbinaryMamarok: Muon says this : This operation cannot continue since proper authorization was not provided12:00
Mamarokbytesofbinary: very strange message12:01
Mamarokas I said earlier, please start it from a konsole with 'kdesudo muon'12:01
bytesofbinaryI can understand that this is because of root permissions, but like ubuntu, can't it ask for the superuser password evreytime it wants root access?12:02
bytesofbinaryand how do I install KSecretService?12:02
Mamarokbytesofbinary: it certainly should ask for, but again, please start it from a konsole first so we get propper messages12:02
bytesofbinaryMamarok: kdesudo muon opens muon package manager and not muon software center. What is the command?12:03
lorecasterit's a gearhead venus12:03
Mamarokbytesofbinary: well, muon IS a package manager :)12:04
Mamaroklorecaster: and did it work under Linux before?12:04
lorecaster720p... front-facing lights.  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826623083 that guy12:04
bytesofbinaryMamarok: Lol..I know, but its the same difference that synaptic and ubuntu software center has :P12:04
lorecasterand yeah, strangely enoguh it did. during the install, i used it to take my profile pic12:04
Mamaroklorecaster: then it is the setup for Skype or cheese that is a problem, and that I can't help with, sorry, as I don't use either12:05
lorecasterstrange for both programs to have an identical failure. is there anything else that I can check?12:06
Mamarokbytesofbinary: well, you can use whatever package manager you like, and this is the first time I hear about "muon software center"12:06
MamarokSoftware center is a different package12:06
Mamarokalso, KSecretService is not even in beta yet AFAIK, and it has nothing to do with that, use KWallet which is default in 4.812:07
bytesofbinaryMamarok: okay12:07
Mamarokbytesofbinary: in general, to start GUI applications with admin rights always use kdesudo12:10
Mamaroktoo late :(12:10
Mamaroklorecaster: Skype is known to be tricky, I managed to install a Logitech webcam a few years back, but haven used Skype recently12:11
lorecasterI'm open to trying other programs... anything anyone is familiar with, to determine if it is, in fact, skype12:12
Mamaroklorecaster: have a look at the systemsettings -> Multimedia -> Phonon, there you should be able to test the camera12:13
lorecasteron /dev/video0 and venus usb2.0 camera both give a black screen on test.12:15
yofelMamarok: actually, muon uses policykit, and he probably doesn't have 'polkit-kde-1' installed12:31
yofelbit of a known issue when installing ubuntu first :/12:31
floownI have installed iotop to control why I alway hear my harddrive working on my Oneric Kubuntu. But I have this output : http://pastebin.com/6EiEfm4f12:32
floownwhat it's the problem, please?12:33
floownok, with a sudo it works ^^12:35
ghostcubehi folks, running 11.04 and since update to 4.8.0 kde i noticed that the panel tooltips and the kmenu opening at the top of the desktop. bug, feature, my fault?12:37
Mamarokyofel: that would be a bug then, as it should be part of the base install for kubuntu-desktop12:48
BluesKajHIyas all13:10
kklimondaany idea how can I change the default wallpaper for new users in 10.04 (preferably in a packaging-friendly way)13:36
Daskreechkklimonda: plasma scripting? :)13:41
kklimondaDaskreech: API for that doesn't exist in 4.4 :)13:41
kklimondaunless I can somehow hack around it13:42
Daskreechoh 10.04. umm possibly a deb with wallpapers which has a post install rule to set the wallpaper13:42
kklimondayeah, but I'm not sure what to change13:42
kklimondawhere does KDE store its default wallpaper for new users?13:42
arathiHey i when i tried to install any packages it is showing unmet dependancies and i ran apt-get -f install. But it is not fixing it -> http://pastebin.com/qZh4G9Yq13:48
arathiAny idea about this^^?13:48
Mamarokarathi: why is the xseerver not installed by default for you? Sounds very strange13:49
arathiNo idea i am new to ubuntu :/13:49
Mamarokalso could you specify which Kubuntu this is? Do you have nother PPAs active?13:50
arathiMamarok: I am using ubuntu 11.1013:50
Mamarokarathi: you are in the Kubuntu support channel here13:50
Mamarokare you using KDE?13:50
arathiBut still both are using apt-get :)13:50
Mamarokyes, indeed, but you should not have to install the xserver as this is default, so you must have removed it13:51
Mamarokarathi: anyway, try this: sudo kpg --configure -a13:51
arathiMamarok: Ok13:51
Mamarokoops, typo: sudo dpkg --configure -a13:51
kklimondait actually seems to be upgrading xserve-xorg and failing at prerm script13:51
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Mamarokoops, typo: sudo dpkg --configure -a13:52
Mamarokarathi: dont' leave so fast, there was a typo in my command13:52
arathiYeah i know13:52
kklimonda(the message about installing extra packages isn't the best, but below you can see line "Preparing to replace..." which means that old version is there, and is being replaced by the new one)13:52
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arathiMamarok: Yes..There are errors with man-db xorg xserver-org and x11-common. Should i re-install them?13:54
Mamarokgosh, can't he wait?13:59
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Daskreechkklimonda: You mean .. for new intalls or newly created users?14:29
Daskreechkklimonda: if it's newly created users just drop it in /etc/skel14:29
mr-richJEBUS! ... 271 updades? I'll never go on a honeymoon again ... :(14:30
DaskreechOr you could be replaced with a small cron job14:33
athanorHello world!14:35
athanorI am trying to connect Ubuntu network , how?14:35
mr-richathanor: wired or wireless?14:36
BluesKajathanor,  /join #ubuntu14:36
mr-richathanor: router?14:36
athanorvusing virtual box, Kubuntu14:36
mr-richhost os?14:37
mr-richathanor: host OS?14:37
athanoroh , let me  be more clear, I am using thhis irc,, but how can I go to Ubuntu IRC?14:37
athanorWIn 714:38
Daskreechathanor: type /join #ubuntu14:38
athanorok I will try14:38
BluesKajDaskreech,  :)14:38
mr-richathanor: you need an IRC client for kubuntu ... I recommend KVirc ...14:38
Daskreechmr-rich: he's in an IRC client for Kubuntu :)14:39
Daskreechhe (assuming athanor is a he) is trying to get to an IRC chan for Ubuntu14:39
BluesKajmr-rich,  ric how do you think thei person is connected right now , anjilslaire is using quassel14:39
BluesKajerr athanor is14:40
mr-richDaskreech: I didn't /version him ... I thought he was IRC'ing from Win 7 ...14:40
* BluesKaj shakes the crumbs out of the KB14:40
mr-rich(assuming athanor is a "him")14:40
Daskreechmr-rich: windows 7 with a Vm that has Kubuntu that he's using to ask questions about Ubuntu14:40
* Daskreech waves at athanor14:41
BluesKajmr-rich,  afaik , W7 still needs an irv client14:41
athanorHow can I install KVIrc? I tryed using ark but I do not know14:41
BluesKajathanor,  you are using quassel , it'd exactly what you need to chat i #ubuntu, just type /join #ubuntu14:42
athanorok then14:42
athanori am new here14:42
pvivekmic not working in kubuntu14:45
pviveki would be very glad if someone can suggest me a way to make the mic work in kubuntu and also in skype14:45
Daskreechathanor: you don't need KVirc if all you want to do is IRC :) You have already successfully beat that level14:45
Daskreechpvivek: I would probably suggest changing your soundcard in the Phonon hardware configuration14:46
athanorthanks, this world is very new to me...14:46
Daskreechathanor: Well ask any questions that you like and we will try to assist14:46
athanorthnk you!14:47
athanorbye everybody!14:47
DaskreechFunny chap :)14:47
mr-richI'm guessing english was not his first language ...14:48
kklimondaDaskreech: bah, if I put it in /etc/skel (it would go into plasma-desktop-appletrc) it will most likely disable the init  script I've written (as it runs only if there is no plasma configuration in place from what I can tell). That doesn't seem like a proper solution, if so I can as well ship all KDE config in /etc/skel and then what's the poin of using plasma scripts to configure everything?14:48
Daskreechkklimonda: one is a default and one is a customization?14:49
kklimondaDaskreech: which one is which? :)14:49
Daskreechbut just to be clear you are not asking about a new install but creating a new user?14:49
kklimondaDaskreech: well yeah, that's the case14:51
Daskreechand you would prefer that it's scripted?14:51
Daskreechwell no it's 10.04 so you can't do plasma scripts :)14:52
Daskreechwell what's the objective first of all14:52
kklimondayeah, I know it's not an option so I'm looking for the best solution from the packaging perspective14:52
kklimondawhat I do is customizing Kubuntu to fit our requirements - some new applications, a different plasma widgets etc.14:53
Daskreechkklimonda: Ah then just make a package with a post script14:54
apacheloggerwhat is this about?14:55
anjilslaireactually, I'm running xchat, unless quassel is the underlying engine14:55
DaskreechI wish it would be anjilslaire v_v14:56
BluesKajanjilslaire,  sorry I mistyped , that message was meant for a differnt person14:56
mr-richdownload of 271 items done ... now the disk activity goes nuts ...14:57
anjilslaireDaskreech, BluesKaj, no worries folks :)14:58
anjilslaireI'm running kubuntu 11.10, but just prefer xchat since I'm lazy, and have settings from when my /home lived in gnome back when15:00
Daskreechmr-rich: well ... they were downloaded for a reason. Namely to throw them all over the disk15:00
Daskreechanjilslaire: Long as it works for you15:01
mr-richDaskreech: I know ... just complaining ... :)15:01
mr-richOk ... Apper seems to have gotten stuck at 55% (preparing) ... it's stuck on okular-extra-backends ...15:10
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mr-richcan I safely kill Apper?15:11
mr-richwhat should I do? sighup? sigterm? sigkill?15:14
mr-richno one want's to touch this one?15:16
Daskreechmr-rich: Kill it and run sudo apt-get -f install in the konsole15:17
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mr-richupdate finally worked ... jaming to David Gilmour now ...16:00
mr-richback down to one update ... which will never happen ...16:12
athanorhi, I am having trouble firefox 10.1 :16:25
athanorit does not load16:25
athanordose anyone know how to fix it?16:26
noaXessanybody using latest thunderbird 10 on latest kubuntu? right now i upgraded to tb 10 and cpu usage of tb is about 40-50% also in -safe-mode :(.. any idea?17:07
BluesKajnoaXess . the latest thunderbird is 11.0 , but it could be beta ..it's very stable and lean on 12.04 , kde 4.817:17
dies_iraewill kubuntu survive ?? I mean KDE is huge, is not like fluxbox.17:18
Ddpbfdies_irae: KDE will survive, so as Kubuntu will17:19
DdpbfKubuntu is not only KDE distributions17:20
Ddpbfyou could install it on all distros17:20
dies_iraekubuntu should start its own enterprise, this distrimination is humiliating.17:20
dies_iraelike KDE is not suited for business??17:21
dies_iraeit's come to a time that 'ubuntu' no longer lives up to its high brow ideals.17:22
bakarati'm trying to make the switch from gnome to kde, but i was wondering, nautilus has an awesome "type" functionality where you can just randomly type a name which is searched locally, does dolphin have something equivalent?17:22
Kurdistanbakarat, yes.17:23
bakaratKurdistan: by default, dolphin acts more like windows explorer where it remembers the last few letters, nautilus however shows it in a separate text box and even allows for backspace etc17:24
bakarati'm looking for the latter17:24
bakaratif i can configure this somewhere, would be aweomse17:24
BluesKajdies_irae,  it's not kde that's having it's focus shifted, it"s kubuntu that's losing it's support by canonical17:24
dies_iraeexactly, that's insulting.17:25
dies_iraeit's basically saying that KDE as GUI solution is not good.17:25
Kurdistanbakarat, was long time ago I used nautilus so I do not know what you exactly mean.17:25
bakaratbasically once you start typing, it pops up a floating text box which shows the text you just typed. you can backspace through the text, it also doesn't time out (i think). escape closes the popup text box again17:26
bakaratcurrently the only feature i actually miss in my kde experience so far :P17:26
BluesKajbakarat,  there's an alternative file manager that allows searches called krusader17:26
bakaratBluesKaj: ah, will have a look17:27
bakaratBluesKaj: yup, that seems to do the trick, thanks! :)17:30
BluesKajbakarat,  yw17:31
badola_Hello everyone, I am using Ubuntu 11.10, gnome interface. I am having a problem with quassel. It is not showing the nick list in the side of it. I have checked all the options but still didn't find the answer.17:33
badola_any help or suggeston..??17:33
jessieI'm not really familiar with Quassel.17:33
BluesKajbadola_,  there's a #quassel chat , maybe they can help17:35
badola_BluesKaj: please elaborate..17:35
chrischdiHey guys, im on Kubuntu Oneiric. I'd like to ask if it's possible to get the Daisy plasmoid always on top. I did add it to my activity, activated auto-hide but it stays behind my applications (like firefox).17:36
BluesKajbadola_,  type  /join #quassel17:36
chrischdiDoes somebody know how to fix it?17:36
BluesKajchrischdi,  don't autohide17:36
BluesKajok...stuff to do for a while , BBL17:37
chrischdiis there no way to use this space and hide/show it like a normal panel?17:37
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chrischdiBluesKaj is there no way to use Daisy to act as panel17:42
chrischdiwith autohide17:42
J0linarhi, got a weird problem, suddenly i can`t login in kubuntu, the login screen doesn`t appear and the K Startup Manager reports as fail any idea?18:02
Kurdistantry startx18:05
J0linarthats the thing  can`t even type something18:07
Kurdistantry ctrl+alt then f6 or f7.18:08
J0linaraye thx will do18:08
Kurdistansudo /etc/init.d/kdm start  <<<--- may also work18:08
BluesKajJ0linar,  ctl+alt +f1 , gets to a tty (terminal) then sudo service kdm start , or startx18:10
Kurdistansudo service kdm start <<--- maybe also work.18:10
J0linarty u both, will report if there is something18:11
ckiewietI just installed kubuntu; all the fonts are enormeous18:15
ckiewietthey weren't huge during installation - what did I do wrong18:15
BluesKajckiewiet,  kmenu>computer>system settings>application appearance>fonts18:17
ckiewietit says font size 9 for every font -- so I just decrease that to whatever seems best?18:18
jessieckiewiet: Yep.18:20
ckiewietright thanks18:20
BluesKajhmm, too bad he left , think his resolution setting is wrong18:22
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chrischdiWhich application do you prefer as application dock? With daisy i can't use autohide.18:46
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BluesKajchrischdi,  I just use the plasma panel , and use the "add to panel" option by right clicking on the app in the kmenu18:48
noaXessBluesKaj: on mozilla website tb 10 is stabel.. 11 could be beta... you work on beta's?18:48
noaXessno cpu performance is better.. think tb10 has made some index in beackgroud..18:49
BluesKajnoaXess,  yes , so far so good18:49
noaXessjep.. tb has indexed all messages.. said activity manager ;)18:50
BluesKajnoaXess, x are you sure it's not nepomuk18:50
noaXessBluesKaj: no.. nepomuk is down ;)..18:50
BluesKajwhat about akonadi18:51
noaXessalso dwn ;)18:51
noaXessdown.. ;)18:51
noaXessno it was tb... cause now, it is working normal.. and activity manager said that tb indexed about 30'000+ messages ;).. big tb ;)18:52
BluesKajok, din't realize you saved so many18:53
noaXessin my sent folder i store all outgoing messages since 2003 ;)..18:53
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K350any info on how to migrate from evolution to kmail?19:02
BluesKaj!kmail | K35019:03
BluesKaj!info kmail19:04
ubottukmail (source: kdepim): full featured graphical email client. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.7.4+git111222-0ubuntu0.1 (oneiric), package size 1007 kB, installed size 3868 kB19:04
K350ehm, yes, that's kmail...19:05
RokixznoaXess, please run thunderbird under terminal (konsole) and check what error it gives :)19:34
noaXessRokixz: no prob.. tb runs nor smoothly.. ;)19:34
noaXessit has indexed all messages.. 30'000+ ;)19:35
endless123is anyone here19:36
noaXessno ;) LOL19:36
endless123Hello everyone19:36
endless123I have a question kinda new to using this program, but how does one help in Kubuntu packaging?19:37
chuckfendless123: you'll get your best anser in #kubuntu-devel20:06
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MadjimmsCan someone help me21:09
DaskreechNo idea21:10
MadjimmsHow do I remove the stupid toolbar from Ubuntu 11.10? I already switched to Ubuntu Classic (Unity is horrible) but theres still a bar at the top21:10
DaskreechMadjimms: Ah you may want #ubuntu21:10
MadjimmsI dunno, this is the thing that got me here21:10
Madjimmshow do I connect to ubuntu page?21:11
DaskreechMadjimms:  how did you get here?21:12
DaskreechHmm OK :)21:16
dhqhey peopl e21:17
dhqi have a quick question i installed kubuntu on my pc , my screen is 42 inches and have 180 resolution .21:17
dhqhow do i make things appear bigger with my current resolution21:18
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endless123for the help22:04
ses1984hi, just installed kubuntu and ran a script a used to run all the time before, that rsynced some stuff to a flash drive22:21
ses1984it seems liek kubuntu is deferring the writes to the flash drive because when I rsync to it, the command completes instantly and I get no activity lights on the flash drive, but when i try to unmount it it takes forever22:22
ses1984i dont know why it's doing this but i don't like it...i like to see rsync --progress --human-readable to see how long it's going to take22:22
qubesI'd think this is controlled in /proc/sys/vm/dirty* somewhere and not really kubuntu spacific22:30
qubesit's really that the OS is caching large amounts of data on removable devices which can be worrying22:31
qubesit could also be controled by /proc/sys/kernel/io_delay_type ...22:32
Vakoanyone breathing?23:46
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