rick_hlifeless: looks like it is my work. will fix that up00:15
StevenKrick_h: So, Sidnei explained himself, and I've rejected my convoy MP.00:16
StevenKrick_h: So I'll be sorting out combo-url today, after I fix a critical regression. That I caused. :-(00:16
rick_hStevenK: yea, saw that. Does his stuff work then?00:16
rick_hStevenK: ouch, gotcha00:17
StevenKSeems to, yes.00:17
rick_hStevenK: cool, very nice then00:17
lifelessStevenK: for my edification, whats the MP url ?00:17
StevenKlifeless: Which MP?00:18
lifelessthe convey one00:18
lifelessI'd like to see what sidnei has proposed00:18
rick_hlifeless: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/convoy/exportable-app00:18
rick_hhe's right, I should have seen it, but got hung up on the wsgi callable args00:19
StevenK    root = environ.get('CONVOY_ROOT', '/srv/launchpad.dev/convoy')00:19
rick_hSorry I led you around the fence there StevenK00:19
StevenK    app = combo_app(root)00:19
StevenK    return app(environ, start_response)00:19
StevenKThat ^ works00:19
StevenKrick_h: I'll be splitting the setup.py changes into a seperate MP, but they are only a would be nice.00:21
wallyworldsinzui: i'm having trouble reproducing the badge issue on lp.dev. i created a private bug, linked to a branch, assigned bug to foo, in a separate browser logged in as foo, went to code page, and badges were visible. i restarted lp and badges were still visible00:22
wgrantwallyworld: foo being name16, the admin?00:22
wallyworldno, name1200:22
wgrantWhat about no-priv?00:22
wallyworldlet me try00:22
wgrantname12 does have some privs.00:23
wgrantowns some projects, IIRC00:23
wgrantMay even be in ubuntu-team00:23
rick_hStevenK: cool00:23
wallyworldwgrant: sinzui: assigning to no-priv seems to reproduce it00:24
wallyworldwgrant: btw, what happened to the password when logging in on lp.dev?00:24
wgrantwallyworld: I deleted passwords00:26
wgrantLP doesn't know about passwords any more.00:26
wgrantSo I removed the field.00:26
StevenKAnd deleted the code. \o/00:27
wgrantAnd DB tables.00:27
wallyworldok. so sso is the service that prompts for pw?00:27
StevenKOn prod? Yes00:27
wgrantLP's AccountPassword table has been sitting around with old data since April 2010.00:28
wgrantBasic auth even still worked with the old passwords :)00:28
wallyworldsinzui: found the issue. added comment on the bug00:50
sinzuiwallyworld, great news. Thank you for taking a look into the issue.01:36
wallyworldsinzui: np. it's all a mess - there's duplicated code that "does the same thing" from 2007 and 200901:36
sinzuiYou get to delete lines. We should get karma for deleting lines of code instead of adding features01:37
wallyworldsinzui: i have a fix and test i could land but i think i'll delete the dup code. i'm worries about the sql though since one codebase uses permissions and the other direct queries. i'll look into it01:37
* wallyworld has just got a call from the mechanic - have to pop out to get car looked at 01:40
StevenKwgrant: Hai. I *think* I have it working. Would you mind eyeballing my diff?02:34
StevenKHow does this even work? The mutator method isn't on the model.02:37
wgrantStevenK: The mutator method is on the model...02:37
StevenKI've declared it on the interface, with the decrations.02:38
wgrantYou declare it there, but the method itself is on the model.02:38
StevenKRight. What I'm saying is my test passes, but I haven't even written the method yet.02:39
lifelessStevenK: I think wgrant is trying to say 'interface methods never ever ever actually get called'02:39
StevenKPerhaps the set_attributes="visibility" is wrong wrong wrong.02:39
wgrantStevenK: The mutator is to prevent unauthorized transitions.02:40
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/833450/02:40
wgrantStevenK: Right. I would add visibility to IPersonEditRestricted.02:41
wgrantStevenK: And add a test to confirm that a mortal without commercial subs can't set the visibility through the API.02:42
wgrantErm, no, not that interface02:43
wgrantDo it however the rest of the launchpad.Edit-write-restricted attributes are done.02:43
StevenKI thought that was IPersonEditRestricted02:46
wgrantMaybe it is.02:46
StevenKfrom lp.services.verification.model.logintoken import LoginToken02:55
* StevenK glares at his mouse02:55
* wgrant banishes bug search to a separate module.03:26
StevenKCould you perhaps banish it to something outside of the code base?03:28
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/833507/ is what I have so far, but it doesn't allow anyone to check visibility04:09
wgrantStevenK: Looks like a good start04:21
wgrantAh, Launchpad.04:21
wgrantIBugTask has three methods which do similar but not quite the same thing for different targets: getStatusCountsForProductSeries getBugCountsForPackages getOpenBugTasksPerProduct04:21
james_whttp://lpqateam.canonical.com/qa-reports/deployment-stable.html looks rather odd, are parts not updating>?04:34
wgrantjames_w: What's odd?04:35
james_wit's saying that a revision can be deployed that already has04:36
james_wand that an undeployable revision has been deployed?04:36
wgrantRight, that's the last revision that can be deployed.04:36
wgrantDeployed to qastaging, yes.04:36
james_wor is qastaging not the target?04:36
wgrantThat page shows things that are on qastaging but not on production.04:36
james_wah, ok04:36
wgrantqastaging automatically updates about 40 minutes after buildbot blesses a devel revision.04:37
james_w"Revision 14747 can be deployed to production." is what started my confusion04:37
james_wit looks like 14747 is *already* deployed to production?04:37
wgrantBut it also can be deployed :)04:38
james_wok :-)04:38
james_wdo you know where the code for this lives?04:39
wallyworldlifeless: would you be adverse to me adding a permission "launchpad.CommercialSubscriber"?05:28
wgrantwallyworld: That's not needed here.05:32
wgrantwallyworld: Since you have project scope to work with.05:32
wgrantlaunchpad.Edit with a mutator checking that there is a commercial subscription is fine.05:33
wallyworldwgrant: we currently have a declarative permission check on that field for launchpad.Moderate. seems like a good  practice05:33
wgrantIt also doesn't really scale, as we see here.05:34
wallyworlddeclarative security = good05:34
wallyworldi'm sure we can find other usages for the new permission05:34
wgrantYes, declarative security is good.05:35
wallyworldinstead of hard coding rules everywhere05:35
wgrantBut not in the current style we have.05:35
wallyworldnot sure i understand your objection?05:35
wgrantHaving to define new global permissions is a bit icky.05:36
wgrantBecause we end up with stuff with three subtly conflicting meanings, like launchpad.Moderate.05:36
wallyworldthe meaning is pretty well documented in permissions.zcml05:37
wallyworldmy view at the moment is that we have too many permission checking bits of code scattered everywhere05:38
wallyworldand i don't want to add another05:38
wallyworldthe bug i fixed this morning was due to this sort of thing05:39
wallyworldso if i have to add something, i wanted it to be done using our current security framework05:39
wgrantWe don't have a security framework..05:39
wallyworldwe do - it's provided by zope05:39
wgrantThe one we inherit from Zope is not suitable for our purposes.05:39
wallyworldseems to be doing ok for now - it functions, no? may not be perfect but it's what we have05:42
wallyworldso i'd rather stick to that than adding new stuff05:46
wgrantWe work around it in tonnes of places.05:46
wgrantFor this sort of thing.05:46
lifelesswallyworld: bug this morning ?05:46
lifelesswallyworld: the merge proposal one ?05:46
wallyworldlifeless: the bug badges one05:46
lifelesswallyworld: bug # ?05:46
* wallyworld looks05:46
wallyworldbug 74123405:46
_mup_Bug #741234: product:+code-index merge proposal queries do not show private bugs visible by assignment <disclosure> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by wallyworld> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/741234 >05:46
lifelessso that has nothing to do with declaritive security05:46
lifelessand everything to do with querying too restrictively - duplication of code yes05:46
wallyworldi meant that it had to do with bits of security code scattered everyehrre05:46
wallyworldand delarative security helps avoid that05:46
wgrantIt can't avoid that.05:46
lifelessso there is a layering confusion in this discussion05:46
wgrantThis is exactly the sort of thing that cannot be done with anything like the Zope security framework that we inherit.05:46
lifelessthe DB layer, unless we model *everything* [and thus don't need any zope security framework stuff] cannot implement all business rules.05:46
lifelessThe app server layer, unless the DB returns *only* the right stuff, cannot validate and serve content quickly, unless they hold all objects in memory all the time [more-or-less, and close enough for the purpose of this discussion]05:46
lifelesstoday, we neither model everything (e.g. the appservers do not impersonate the user who made the request - the DB does not know about users and cannot enforce update business logic like 'bug supervisors can set this enum')05:46
lifelessnor can we hold everything in memory in every appserver process05:46
wallyworldagree with all that05:46
wallyworldthe issue at hand - we have a field protected in zcml by a declarative permission. i want to change that to a new one05:46
lifeless-> we have two entirely different layers, which need entirely different implementations even though there are many rules which will occur at both levels05:46
lifelesswallyworld: ok, well I went on this tangent when you used the bug this morning as a symptom of what you're dealing with this afternoon :P You can understand my confusion?05:46
lifelesswallyworld: what are you working on this afternoon ?05:47
wallyworldlifeless: sure, sorry. i was merely trying to illustrate a point05:47
wallyworldbug 88550305:47
_mup_Bug #885503: Its not obvious on the UI how to choose to have all bugs reported against your project marked private by default. <bugtracker> <disclosure> <documentation> <privacy> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by wallyworld> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/885503 >05:47
wallyworldthe private_bugs field is protected by launchpad.Moderate05:47
lifelesswallyworld: I'm horribly detail orientated - sorry!05:47
wallyworldi was thinking about using a new permission launchpad.CommercialSubscriber05:48
wallyworldsince that's what defines the editablity of that field once the bug is fixed05:48
wallyworldor i could use a mutator like wgrant suggested but i didn;t want to do that05:48
lifelessso, your logic here is 'add a new rule saying 'members of commercialsubscribers get commercialsubscriber on the product configuration'05:48
wgrantThe editability of the field is defined by (user holds launchpad.Edit on project + project has commercial subscription)05:49
lifelesss/logic/proposed solution/05:49
wallyworldi was also thinking we could use the permission elsewhere05:49
wallyworldnot sure where right now... but05:49
lifelessso, AIUI the zope way of doing this is to only grante Moderate to the field for the right folk05:50
lifelesse.g. its just granted too leniently atm05:50
wallyworldor too restrictive05:50
lifelessand probably you'd end up factoring out a separate object so that the granularity of the permission system would allow custom rules for that field(s)05:50
wallyworldsince we want to allow folks other than registry and admin05:50
lifelessspecifically, permissions *should not* reflect 'combination of rules' - they should reflect 'allowed to do X'05:51
lifelessso yes, I object.05:51
lifelessit doesn't fit with the zope security model05:51
wallyworldnp, thanks for the input05:51
wallyworldgotta fly out and get the kid from school - it's just started to piss down rain here05:52
wgrantwallyworld: I complete share your concerns about security code being everywhere.05:52
lifelessthe /adapters/ that grant moderate for objects of IFoo - thats where there rules, and combinations of rules, are meant to live05:52
wgrantBut I don't think we should shoehorn everything into the Zope model.05:52
wgrantBecause we've seen it simply doesn't work.05:52
lifelessso I'd rephrase the problem as 'why isn't lp.Moderate being granted to $user on $field' and chain back.05:52
lifelesswe may find the zope model isn't granular enough, and we can look at how to deal with that05:53
lifelesswallyworld: ciao, chat later05:53
wallyworldlifeless: i haven't looked where else moderate is used, don't think chaining will necessarily work perhaps05:53
wallyworldtalk later05:54
wgrantlifeless: Max heat demolition has landed.05:56
wgrantlifeless: I'll land the aging removal tomorrow once these get through to db-stable.05:56
stubAnyone know if there is a workaround to this ec2 land error? https://pastebin.canonical.com/59669/06:09
stubThink it is because the branch is owned by a team, not a person06:12
wgrantstub: You'll have to either hack it or ec2 test and lp-land manually.06:13
stubYer, looks like a trivial fix. Just one more thing to sort before actually landing what I wanted to land :)06:14
stubBut of course, I only need the fix locally to use it and can land later.06:18
lifelesswgrant: cool07:36
lifelesswgrant: btw what was the change from max heat to bug count - I saw a reference fly by but didn't look into it07:37
wgrantlifeless: The ordering on DistroSeries:+needs-packaging07:43
wgrantie. nobodycares07:44
wgrantSort of like hardware bug searches.07:44
wgrantTag sorting.07:44
wgrantBlueprint sorting.07:44
wgrantExcept those three are a little harder to remove without people noticing.07:45
stubIs it my imagination, or are ec2 errors 'psycopg2.OperationalError: FATAL:  could not open relation mapping file "global/pg_filenode.map": No such file or directory' rather common?07:49
wgrantI've had approximately two of them ever.07:49
stubdb setup must be failing, or ram disk being full or something?07:49
stuboh... think it is picking up my PG9.1 image rather than the 8.4 image08:13
* stub gets explicit08:14
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lifelesswgrant: e.g. sortbypopcon would be win08:54
adeuringgood morning08:55
wgrantlifeless: If we had it :)08:55
wgrantBut LP doesn't really consume.08:55
wgrantIt subsumes :(08:55
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StevenKgmb: Bwahahaha at your Churchill comment on FB.10:08
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StevenKadeuring: If you QA r14748 and r14755 we can probably deploy11:18
adeuringStevenK: ah,. ok, let me look...11:19
rick_hmorning party people11:33
adeuringStevenK: done11:44
rick_hadeuring: can you do me a fav and peek at this really quick? https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/launchpad/graph_lpjs_928500/+merge/9202413:31
adeuringrick_h: sure13:31
rick_hty, very small but want to get it going13:31
adeuringrick_h: looks good. thanks for this fast fix!13:34
rick_hadeuring: ty13:35
rick_hbah, anyone seen broken ec2 land in get_stakeholder_emails in autoload.py?13:39
rick_hnvm, found it, bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/928853 in case anyone hits it13:49
_mup_Bug #928853: ec2 land fails if there is no None value in the stakeholder email set <ec2> <land> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/928853 >13:49
rick_hadeuring: another one please if you have a sec, sorry https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/launchpad/ec2_land_928853/+merge/9203314:03
adeuringrick_h: sure, np14:03
adeuringrick_h: r=me.14:04
rick_hadeuring: ty14:04
wallyworld_jcsackett: hi, there's only one way to figure out what badges to show - i removed the duplicate code14:05
jcsackettwallyworld_: i only see you removing the bug badge code; BranchBadges still exists, as does HasBadges &c.14:06
jcsackettwallyworld_: i was referring to the problem that over all of LP we now have multiple ways of doing things--which isn't a problem you introduced, it clearly already existed.14:06
wallyworld_from memory HasBadges is a base class/interface and the code in branchlisting uses BranchBadges/HasBadges to do it's work, but now there's only the one way of doing it14:07
wallyworld_it's a bit convoluted, but there is only the one code path14:08
jcsackettwallyworld_: ok.14:08
wallyworld_it's a bit hard to explain on irc - i'll fill you in on the standup14:08
jcsackettwallyworld_: i won't be at tonight's standup. we'll have to discuss at the next one. but please do fill me in. :-)14:08
jcsackettthanks again for solving that bug. good to know that i was just looking in an entirely the wrong place. :-)14:09
wallyworld_will do. i'm fairly sure i'm correct in my assertion but still i may have made a mistake. it was a lot clearer in my mind several hours ago when i did it14:09
wallyworld_np. i can see where the confusion crept in - there we 2 methods to determine whether to show bug badges14:10
wallyworld_and one was never called by the view code14:10
wallyworld_hence your test passed but it still failed in practice14:10
wallyworld_there pseudo dup code was done in 2007 and in 200914:11
wallyworld_so i deleted the 2nd way (which was inferior anyway since it made one sql per linked bug)14:11
wallyworld_and now there's a single method that is invoked when the branch listing renders and i reimplemented it to re-used the bug privacy filter stuff instead of doing it's own thing14:12
wallyworld_which was the real root cause here14:13
wallyworld_ie duplicated (but not) bug visibility code14:13
deryckadeuring, abentley -- reminder that standup is G+.  I sent invites.14:32
deryckabentley, adeuring, rick_h -- ah, one more thing, I will take lunch offline so I can get back into my gym routine and relocate to Wendy's shop.14:46
rick_hderyck: good stuff, go kill the treadmill14:46
deryckrick_h, it usually is the one doing the killing.14:49
abentleysinzui: I have pocketlint 0.5.27-0gdp410~oneiric1 installed, and it's broken with doctests.  Known issue?15:09
sinzuiabentley, no. please report a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/pocket-lint so that I can get a fix in today15:10
abentleysinzui: bug #92890315:13
_mup_Bug #928903: Pocketlint is broken with doctests <pocket-lint:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/928903 >15:13
sinzuiabentley, I might have this fixed in the hour. I need to save my blog post first15:14
abentleyadeuring: Could you do a review for me?  It's a one-liner.  https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/launchpad/stable-test-failures2/+merge/9204715:25
adeuringabentley: sure15:27
abentleyadeuring: thanks.15:27
adeuringabentley: r=me15:28
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abentleyrick_h: know anything about jsbuild failures?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/834010/15:35
rick_habentley: looking15:36
rick_habentley: is this off devel? /me looks if the combo stuff from SteveK landed15:36
abentleyrick_h: This is off stable.15:37
abentleyrick_h: r1475915:37
rick_habentley: make clean? I'm not seeing that locally15:38
abentleyrick_h: That works, but if I delete build/js/yui/yui-3.3.0/yui/yui.js it breaks again.15:40
rick_habentley: ok, SteveK has a branch that redoes how that build stuff works that should be coming really soon15:40
rick_hit's been reviewed15:41
abentleyrick_h: cool.15:41
rick_habentley: so if it's ok, we'll just think to test it once it lands15:41
abentleyrick_h: Sure.15:42
sinzuiabentley, pocket-lint is fixed, you will get the package in about 4 hours16:20
abentleysinzui: Thanks!16:21
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salgadolifeless, do you want to talk about our plans for work-items in LP or are you happy with what we described on the mailing list?19:07
sinzuisalgado, I believe lifeless is dismantling a droid to get a message to General Poster about the plan for the death star19:11
=== abentley changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: abentley | Firefighting: - | Critical bugtasks: 4*10^2
lifelesssalgado: I would enjoy chatting about it, but you shouldn't block on us talking; I've got no timeslots today but perhaps tomorrow (you can check my google calendar)19:27
lifelessrick_h: btw19:31
lifelessrick_h: talking of template engines, handlebarsjs.com is horribly misleading vs the actual handlebars.js git repo. (e.g. examples that don't work ...)19:31
rick_hlifeless: :( sucky.19:32
lifelessmeh, its advertising site19:33
lifelessI tried an experiment, and found errors on the site, so went 'wtf'?!?!?!19:33
lifeless(also note the total lack of contact details >< hard to file a bug...19:33
rick_hyea, that's beyond annoying when the main examples don't work19:33
lifelessrick_h: the example 'Handlebars HTML-escapes values returned by a {{expression}}. If you don't want' ... is the first (perhaps only) one that was wonky19:34
lifelessa vs A19:34
lifelesssmall thing, but quite disappointing19:34
* rick_h is now curious how different Y.Handlebars might be from the git repo19:34
rick_hI've not tracked how the pulling in has gone from the YUI side19:34
lifelessI'd be interested to know, it has some bearing on my experiment19:35
lifelessas does the breadth of features yui itself uses from within handlebars19:35
rick_hlifeless: right, I'll check that out. I'm curious now. The framework isn't using much, but my understanding is that they're using for internal/public apps that should be working it a bit19:37
rick_hbut not sure which apps have it so I'll ask/check19:37
rick_hlifeless: https://pastebin.canonical.com/59772/19:39
rick_hlifeless: basically any file in that dir yui- is yui customizations, some api docs, tweaks19:39
lifelesswhat channel is that ?19:40
rockstarrick_h, handlebars and Y.Handlebars are not different19:45
rockstarrick_h, are you using 3.5pr2 currently?19:45
rick_hrockstar: on an outside app yea. I'm trying to talk lifeless into handlebars for our stuff19:45
* rick_h hates mustache with the heat of many pizza ovens19:46
rick_hrockstar: you guys playing with it?19:46
rockstarrick_h, we've been using Y.substitute still19:46
rick_hah ok19:46
rockstarrick_h, your loader code that you stole from us won't run in its current form on 3.519:46
rick_hrockstar: I'm not using most of it19:46
rick_honly stole some basics on generating the module config19:47
rockstarWhy do you need handlebars currently?19:47
rick_hwe've got mustache and not happy with it19:47
rockstarWhat are you not happy with?19:47
rick_hbut it has a python version which is why it won19:47
rick_hreally poor performance, lack of building decent helpers/modules19:47
rick_hand very buggy from python -> js versions19:47
rockstarOh, so apparently you're doing templating somewhere other than the browser as well?19:47
rick_hrockstar: yea, the new buglisting is mustache on server/client19:48
rick_hthe first load is server generated and the subsequent are client19:48
rick_hright, so the dicussion is can we implement a python version of handlebars and use it client side and solve a lot of issues19:49
rick_hor does fixing mustache make sense19:49
rick_hor something else entirely19:49
rick_hbut LP is getting waaaay to many ways to build a tpl19:49
rockstarYeah, I bet.19:49
rick_hthe fact that we're YUI and YUI is bringing in handlebars is a BIG plus imo19:50
lifelessrockstar: we still have use cases around filing bugs etc from stone age (text) browsers19:50
rockstarlifeless, yeah, and U1 doesn't worry about those browsers.19:50
lifelessrockstar: which is a bit sad; also for google juice you still need server rendered content19:51
rockstarBut we also aren't TOO concerned about duplicating templates slightly.19:51
beunolifeless, not for private content you don't  :)19:51
rick_hI still think there's a way around that using normal "google, don't index this...but go look here" for that19:51
lifelessbeuno: actually you do19:51
lifelessbeuno: search appliance19:51
beunolifeless, we don't do search appliance, but yes, that would be a use case19:52
lifelessrick_h: there is, the way it works is you point google at server rendered pages using a site map19:52
rockstarrick_h, yeah, google has a hashbang protocol19:52
lifelessbeuno: canonical has one internally19:52
rockstarBut javascript only is not great for accessibility19:52
rick_hyea, that's very true19:52
rockstarOr, rather, it misses a11y in many core cases19:52
lifelessso, long story short, I don't think we can justify client only rendering yet, all things considered.19:52
lifelessbut we don't want to pay through the nose for doing both, nor do we want to only do client in a few cases19:53
rockstarI don't think you *should* justify client only rendering19:53
lifelessrockstar: my personal jury is still out on that; call me on the fence with a lean towards server-side-needed-indefinitely19:53
lifelessI do think we should separate the layers19:54
lifelessdata layer <-> template layer <-> HTTP HERE19:54
rockstarlifeless, yeah, I'd be happy to chat about that sometime and kick you off the fence.19:54
lifelessand client rendering can possibly suck straight from the data layer19:54
lifelessrockstar: which side do you want me to land on ?19:54
rockstarlifeless, server-side-needed-indefinitely19:54
lifeless:) so as I say I'm bent that way as it stands19:55
lifelessbut its worth reevaluating regularly19:55
beunodon't ruin the surprise!19:55
rockstarScreen readers force us into perpetual IE6 support. :)19:55
rick_hyou guys are sending the end of my day into depression19:56
mwhudsonit's just a trick to make you stay working later19:56
lifelessrockstar: we just blew IE6 away19:56
lifelessrockstar: so gnar gnar gnar :P19:56
rockstarYeah, we did that too (and IE7 as well), but if you care about a11y, you still have to *kinda* support it.19:56
rockstarScreen readers don't care about bleeding edge.19:56
lifelessWe can ship out cd's more cheaply.19:57
rick_hwhat are our stats on that stuff? Is that out there to see?19:57
rick_hnot to minimize the issue at all, just curious19:57
lifelesswe have *200* data types in LP, supporting something awkward across the board is very expensive19:57
lifelessrick_h: stats on which stuff?19:57
rick_hbrowser/screen reader/etc19:58
rockstarrick_h, how do you get stats on browser plugins?19:58
rick_hI'd assumed that the screen readers would alter UA?19:58
rick_hI guess I've never actually used/seen used one19:58
lifelessrick_h: chat to TheMuso19:58
lifelessrick_h: he's one of our blind staff19:59
rockstarrick_h, go make a blind friend.  That's what I did.19:59
rockstarI mean, chat with TheMuso as well, but have someone you can meet for lunch.19:59
lifelesshe'll be in #canonical in a couple hours19:59
rick_hI'll put out a personal ad in the area :)19:59
rockstarSeeing the crap impaired sight people deal with makes my heart hurt.19:59
rick_hlifeless: so this guys in #yui gave me this for some handlebar exapmles: http://beta.tdp.me/static/scripts/bundle.js http://beta.tdp.me20:00
rick_hlifeless: says he's using some self build block helpers and such20:00
rick_hto give you stuff to poke at20:01
rick_hlifeless: so do you have stuff with the server side making api calls to services so it can server side process it?20:01
rick_hsorry, meant rockstar ^20:01
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brycehsounds like it's affecting a few people - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-launchpadlib/+bug/92906820:07
_mup_Bug #929068: [Precise] bug_task.date_created is returning 'unicode' objects instead of 'datetime' objects <amd64> <apport-bug> <precise> <running-unity> <python-launchpadlib (Ubuntu):New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/929068 >20:07
abentleylifeless: After updating sourcedeps.conf, update-sourcecode will update sourcedeps.cache for you.  Please commit that.20:12
lifelessabentley: it still works if it is stale, right ?20:17
abentleylifeless: Yes, it's just slower.20:17
lifelessabentley: I did that particular change in an environment where update-sourcecode won't work [long story], which is why I didn't have the cache updated20:18
abentleylifeless: Ah.20:18
james_wbryceh, bug 924240 looks to be the same20:19
_mup_Bug #924240: datetime interpretation changed <wadllib:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/924240 >20:19
lifelessstatik: can we move our 1:1 up (to ~now ?)20:23
bryceh<bryceh> well, wadllib could do something like that20:24
bryceh<bryceh> try downgrading it?20:24
bryceh<Sarvatt> hah20:24
bryceh<Sarvatt> python-wadllib_1.2.0+ds-2build1_all.deb20:24
bryceh<Sarvatt> indeed it works20:24
statiklifeless: yes! better for my schedule also20:25
lifelessskype? g+? pots? pigeons?20:25
statiklifeless: g+? https://plus.google.com/hangouts/extras/canonical.com/statik-hangout20:26
lifelessI'll start one - that wants me to activate my canonical address as a profile20:28
lifelessinvites sent20:29
rockstarrick_h, I make a <script type="text/x-template"> with my template code inside, and then do Y.one().getContent() to get the template.20:39
deryckabentley, r=me for your upgrade branch.21:46
abentleyderyck: thanks.21:47
lifelesswgrant: bug tag portlet is bugsummary based now right ?21:59
wgrantlifeless: I think so, but don't quote me on that.21:59
deryckLater on, everyone.22:08
lifelessrick_h: btw, I've replied to the MP - but -- pydoc set.discard :)22:12
rick_hlifeless: what MP is this?22:18
lifelessrick_h: the ec2 land notification error one22:19
lifelessmaybe it wasn't yours22:19
rick_hlifeless: ah yea. I didn't see a comment in my email, /me goes to look again22:19
rick_hoh bah, completely missed that. What I get for trying to rush a quick fix through22:20
lifelesswhat you did works, but its not exactly idiomatic :)22:23
rick_hlifeless: yea, gotcha. Missed discard when I hit the docs on remove() today.22:23
StevenKwallyworld_, sinzui, wgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/834556/22:41
sinzuiwgrant, wallyworld_: These are the projects that violate the commercial subscription for commercial features policy http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/834571/22:43
sinzuiI will deal with these tomorrow22:43
wgrantomg qastaging bug updates so fast22:47
lifelesswgrant: \o/22:51
cody-somervillesinzui, how do you intend to deal with them?22:56
sinzuicody-somerville, Not sure yet. I could land a branch to let me give the projects a commercial subscription, or I get a webops to add the proprietary checkbox to them so that I can apply the subscription with the current rules22:57
cody-somervilleSome of those projects are PES projects.22:58
sinzuiThey were not setup correctly. I think all are probably valid uses. I just need to get the power to complete their setup23:00
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/834599/23:13

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