MacSlowgreetings everybody09:10
MacSlowI've an odd problem with LP thinking there's a 0-line diff between trunk and a proposed branch, which is certainly wrong when one looks at the two09:11
MacSlownote: I accidentally merged the changes from the proposed branch to trunk first, but reverted them right after that.09:12
MacSlowif someone with good LP-insight could borrow me his/her pair of eyes -> https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/notify-osd/fix.810325-2/+merge/91997 that would be really appreciated!09:13
wgrantMacSlow: A merge proposal's diff is a preview of what would happen if you merged the proposed branch into the target.09:13
wgrantIn the case of a reversion that will be a diff of 0 lines.09:13
wgrantYou'll need to merge trunk into the proposed branch and revert the revert, or a merge will say there's nothing to do.09:13
wgrantYou can try it yourself now -- merging proposed into trunk will do nothing.09:14
wgrantBecause you can revert the *content* of the merge, but you can't revert the inclusion of those revisions into history.09:14
MacSlowwgrant, lifeless also came to the rescue... issue solved... although I don't get why09:29
MacSlowwgrant, thanks nevertheless09:29
mrevellhey davmor2, there are two ways we can do this: if it's urgent, we can do it now or otherwise you can just show me at the Light House tomorrow :)12:07
davmor2mrevell: the script I need to use is on my laptop which is where I need it currently so that is not a huge issue but I can't pull it to my main pc which is where I do the bulk of my testing if you could show me tomorrow that would be ideal thanks12:08
mrevelldavmor2, I'll be very happy to. Also, I'm coming to the LUG tonight so maybe I could show you there :)12:09
davmor2yay! cool12:09
davmor2mrevell: I'm assuming it is me doing something wrong it's the first time I've had cause to use bzr to push to lp I normally only pull/branch code, so it would be good to know what I'm doing wrong :)12:11
mrevelldavmor2, To be honest, this has to be something we can fix now. It's just that I'm solidly tied up in phone calls today.12:11
mrevellCan anyone help davmor2 with his bzr push query?12:12
davmor2mrevell: it's not urgent honestly tonight or tomorrow is fine :)12:12
mrevellok :)12:12
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Wiz_KeeDhello guys!!!12:53
Wiz_KeeDhow is everyone?12:53
Wiz_KeeDif i want to have a personal project available to only a select few to report bugs and such, do i need to create a public project or is there some other way?12:56
Wiz_KeeDno one is active here?13:00
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rick_hWiz_KeeD: we offer commercial subscriptions if you'd like to have a private project13:02
rick_hadeuring: relieved13:03
adeuringrick_h: thanks13:05
Wiz_KeeDhow does that work rick_h ?13:07
rick_hWiz_KeeD: check out the tour here: https://launchpad.net/+tour/join-launchpad#commercial13:09
Wiz_KeeDthanks a lot rick_h13:10
rick_hnp Wiz_KeeD13:10
Wiz_KeeDi can also use bazaar in my project as a subversioning system right?13:11
rick_hWiz_KeeD: yep, it's all bzr based. It's pretty much normal launchpad, but based on a team only access and things like ppas get some extra love13:12
Wiz_KeeDMy goal is to put a subversioning system on my project and allow a few of my buddies to report bugs so i can keep clean track of things and not loose my code13:13
rick_hWiz_KeeD: understand, is it an open source project?13:14
Wiz_KeeDi don't want it to be...at least not for now13:14
rick_hWiz_KeeD: ok, then yea, you'd have to go the commercial route13:15
Wiz_KeeD+ no one will be interested, it's very particular13:15
Wiz_KeeDwhat's the comercial route?13:15
Wiz_KeeD$$? :))13:16
rick_hpaying for a commercial subscription13:16
rick_hlaunchpad projects have to be under an open source license13:16
Wiz_KeeDi didn't know that, well open source it is then, don't think anyone would care13:17
rick_hWiz_KeeD: yea, really if there's not a specific reason to hide it I'd say just register the project under an open source license.13:18
rick_hodds are small you'll run into an issue, but who knows, there might be someone out there that can help as well13:18
Wiz_KeeDnot that private anyway, but m3h13:20
Wiz_KeeDyou're probably right13:20
rick_hWiz_KeeD: trust in open source :) Admittingly I'm a fan of it.13:20
Wiz_KeeDlaunchpad is really cool, and i've barely efect thought about scratching the surface13:22
rick_hWiz_KeeD: heh, I work on it and still find things I didn't know it did13:24
Wiz_KeeDcool :D13:25
Wiz_KeeDwhat about just using bazaar privately, is that possible rick_h ?13:43
rick_hWiz_KeeD: definitely, you can always use bzr on your own13:44
Wiz_KeeDand where will the versions sit?13:49
Wiz_KeeDhope only i can get access to them :)13:49
rick_hWiz_KeeD: so bzr is distributed. So you can create a bzr repo right on your local machine13:50
rick_hyou can also setup a shared repository on another machine and pull/fetch via http and ssh if you setup http auth I believe13:50
rick_hWiz_KeeD: this blog post might be helpful http://dentharg.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/bazaar-ng-private-repositories-on-shared-hosting/ along with the bzr docs13:51
Wiz_KeeDso launchpad doesn't provide a free, private repository13:53
Wiz_KeeDlet me bookmark that13:53
rick_hWiz_KeeD: no, if it's on luaunchpad and it's not a commercial subscription it's public13:53
Wiz_KeeDgot it, even though i've kind of predicted that answer13:53
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deryckrick_h, I've got irc now.16:01
rick_hderyck: ty much16:01
om26erthis person https://launchpad.net/~salemjones6916:35
om26erhe is doing some nasty things to my bug reports16:35
om26er*Unity bug reports16:35
om26erbug 85888416:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 858884 in unity (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in unity::glib::SignalManager::Add()" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85888416:35
om26erbug 85718816:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 857188 in unity (Ubuntu) "compiz assert failure: *** glibc detected *** compiz: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x0a04d410 ***" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85718816:35
om26erhe just created this account to just F around, it was created today16:36
om26erand 84945416:40
rick_hom26er: looking16:41
rick_hom26er: suspended account16:42
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om26errick_h, thank you so much :)16:42
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tos9If there are any staff members around, do you guys happen to allow claiming a username for an account that seems to be dormant / abandoned / never used by any chance :)?18:49
czajkowskitos9: have you tried to contact the person18:54
czajkowskihappened with my nick a long time ago, I contacted them and no reply and was then able to get it18:55
tos9czajkowski: I haven't. I figured it's usually easier for someone to just check the access logs and see if that person has logged in in the past 3-4 years.18:56
tos9I could obviously if that'd be what's necessary18:56
czajkowskitos9: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion I suggest you do both and fill in the q&A18:56
tos9czajkowski: Will do. Thanks :)18:57
czajkowskithey don't have to log into lp, they could be usuing that on the wiki or elsewhere18:57
czajkowskitos9: np18:57
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abentleyderyck: I relieve you.19:24
bjfI/we are seeing some recent breakage of scripts on Precise (scripts run fine on Oneiric). bug_task.date_created is returning 'unicode' objects instead of 'datetime' objects19:24
bjflifeless: ^19:25
lifelessbjf: I don't believe we have updated the launchpadlib stack, so this is going to be something broken in precise.19:28
lifelessbjf: I'd start with ubuntu-bug launchpadlib19:28
lifelessbjf: bjf its not server side (or oneiric too would be bust)19:28
bjflifeless: ack, will file bug19:29
deryckabentley, thanks!19:30
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bjflifeless: bug 92906819:47
ubot5Launchpad bug 929068 in python-launchpadlib (Ubuntu) "[Precise] bug_task.date_created is returning 'unicode' objects instead of 'datetime' objects" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92906819:47
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george_eThe timeline graph is broken.20:27
lifelessthere is a fix about to be deployed20:30
Coreysalt_0.9.6-2ubuntu1.dsc: Version older than that in the archive. 0.9.6-2ubuntu1 <= 0.9.6-lucid120:31
CoreyI've played with the version string for a while, and that error keeps getting kicked back from dput's upload to launchpad.20:31
CoreyAnd it's worth mentioning that the tarball in question is generated by my script that builds the dsc.20:36
cjohnstonI'm trying to figure out what exactly is a project driver? I see the Roles within a prject but it leaves me with a couple questions.. Looks like it would be similar to ~bug-control on ubuntu? do they get emails on bugs or anything like that, or do they have to sign up to get email.. is there anything else I'm missing?20:49
AlanBellhi, sudo apt-add-repository ppa:onboard/snapshot is returning an error to do with json from launchpad https://launchpad.net/~onboard/+archive/snapshots looks fine and other ppas install, reproduced on 11.10 and 12.0421:43
AlanBellhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/834505/ is the output21:43
james_wAlanBell, does "sudo apt-add-repository ppa:onboard/snapshots" work better?21:49
EvilResistanceisnt it add-apt-repository?21:50
AlanBelljames_w: problem exists between keyboard and chair21:50
AlanBellsorry :(21:50
james_wAlanBell, no problem21:50
james_w's a poor failure mode though, so that's worth a bug21:51
AlanBellI copied and pasted and missed a character21:51
james_wadd-apt-repository rather than Launchpad21:51
AlanBellthen copied and pasted my failed copy and paste and reproduced it /o\21:51
ploppyHi there, I wrote a Windows sidebar gadget which is, in fact, a ZIP archive renamed to .gadget22:10
ploppyWhen I try to download a release of this file Firefox interprets it as text file ( http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/6657/unbenanntjda.png ) and Opera wants to save it as .zip ( http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/499395capture1328738652.png ) instead of .gadget22:11
ploppyis there anything I can do about it?22:11
ploppydownloading from the source brwoser works fine22:12
lifelessthe file type may have been misdetected, in which case there isn't (atm) anything you can do.22:13
lifelesswe have a bug open22:13
ploppythank you22:15
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