DeithrianIs there a way to make iBus work with Opera and Kate in Kubuntu?00:14
blairon my 11.10 system it looks like all python modules provide 2.6 and 2.7 versions, while 12.04 only provides 2.7?02:21
bazhang!info python02:22
ubottupython (source: python-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.7.2-9ubuntu2 (precise), package size 163 kB, installed size 657 kB02:22
bazhangblair, yes, why do you need something else?02:22
blairyes, i work for sony pictures imageworks and we have ~500 desktops with people doing maya02:23
blaircurrently we're on fedora 13 and i'm pitching to go to 12.0402:23
blairmaya won't be going to python 2.7 for a while and if the distro doesn't provide 2.6 bindings, then that's a lot of work for us to compile modules02:24
blairthis was going to be one of my selling points02:24
blairwho can i email/speak to about getting python modules to build 2.6 also?02:26
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skierpageI upgraded to 12.04 Kubuntu Alpha 2 for amd64, and it installed a bunch of i386 packages, and every day wants to install more.05:58
skierpageI think the only 32-bit program I use is wine1.3, yet it wants to install e.g. bluez-alsa (i386), libgtk3-bin (i386), etc. Is this the new multi-arch approach?06:02
skierpageIs it the case that any time you install any library you install in both /usr/lib/x86_64 and /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ ?07:23
skierpageWhy do I still have /usr/lib32 and /usr/lib/ie86-linux-gnu ?07:29
skierpageWell, thanks for the enlightening explanation.07:37
skierpageI have a /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch file containing "foreign-architecture i386" , if I get rid of it will Ubuntu stop installing the i386 version of every package?08:00
micahgskierpage: multiarch is part of precise, you shouldn't disable it unless you know what you're doing08:06
skierpagemicahg I've read that. I have an amd64 system, the only 64-bit app I know about is Wine1.3, yet during package updates my system installs the i386 versions of almost everything.08:08
skierpagesorry I mean only 32-bit app I have is wine1.3.08:08
micahgright, as wine is not a 64 bit app08:08
micahg*pure 64 bit08:08
skierpagemicahg, right. But why is it offering to install e.g. bluez-alsa (i386), which surely isn't required by my 32-bit apps.08:09
micahgskierpage: see ia32-libs-multiarch08:10
zzecoolyou can have some 32bit app running ona 64bit system if you have installed the 32bit libraries     ia32-libs08:10
zzecoolmicahg: you got me in the corner ;p08:10
micahgit basically pulls in the equivalent of the old ia32-libs package08:10
zzecoolIf the application only needs some 32bit libraries you can run it easy if you install "ia32-libs"08:11
skierpagezzecool, I do have ia32-libs installed. So my system is going to blindly install the 32-bit version of every library for as long as I run Wine1.3? (!)08:11
zzecoolif the application has other 32bit dependencies its a no no08:12
zzecoolskierpage: yes08:12
zzecooland it not a problem its not many after all08:12
skierpagezzecool, time to buy more disk ;-)08:12
zzecoolno no08:12
micahgskierpage: no, not at all, it's because of the dependency on ia32-libs which pulls in ia32-libs-multiarch08:12
zzecoolits not that much08:12
zzecoolIm also running 64bit ubuntu and have the 32bit libraries installed08:13
skierpageI guess you're right, 113M /usr/lib32 and 191M /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu. (I thought one was going to be a symlink to the other?)08:13
zzecoolto be able torun adibe air - Tweetdeck08:13
zzecooladobe air*08:14
skierpageI hope Ubuntu gets a more user-friendly explanation than what Debian offers.update08:15
skierpage What's confusing as hell is the system updaters tells me about all these i386 versions of packages, but I can't run `aptitude why bluez-alsa (i386)` for an explanation.08:16
micahgskierpage: aptitude isn't multiarch aware yet08:17
micahgbut it does work :) aptitude why bluez-alsa:i38608:17
micahgalbeit not as clear08:18
skierpagemicahg alright, the colon! That helps a lot, thanks. Shame the KDE Muon package installer shows " (i386)" instead of "i386".08:19
skierpageI mean ":386".08:20
skierpagemicahg, you should write some Ubuntu wiki page explaining Multiarch in 12.04  that no one will ever find in Google search results.08:21
zzecoolIm so happy with precise it feels HELL ALOT  faster and smoother than oneiric08:22
skierpage% aptitude why bluez-alsa:i38608:22
skierpagei   wine1.3             Depends  ia32-libs (>= 1.6)08:22
skierpagei A ia32-libs           Depends  ia32-libs-multiarch08:22
skierpagei A ia32-libs-multiarch Provides ia32-libs-multiarch08:22
skierpagei A ia32-libs-multiarch Depends  bluez-alsa08:22
psypher246hello all, has anyone else's MSN and GMAIl stopped working in empathy since last update?08:36
psypher246usnig online accounts or manually created accounts in empathy?08:36
zzecoolpsypher246: i wasnt able to see my online status of hotmail - msn friends08:43
zzecoolin empathy08:43
zzecoolbut they were able to msg me08:43
psypher246zzecool: yeah mine won't even sign in08:54
zzecoolill try to find my bug report08:54
zzecoolpsypher246: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/92535308:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 925353 in empathy (Ubuntu) "All my Hotmail contacts appears offline , this was not happening on ubuntu oneiric , it only effects precices." [Low,Incomplete]08:55
zzecoolsome typo though08:55
zzecoolYeah i tried now to open empathy and crashed08:57
zzecooleven worst than my first bug report08:58
zzecoolill do a new one nwo08:58
psypher246cool lemme know the number08:59
zzecoolpsypher246: its a private bug09:06
zzecooli did the full file report09:06
psypher246ok, do you want to keep it private?09:11
zzecoolpsypher246: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/92871409:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 928714 in empathy (Ubuntu) "empathy crashed with SIGABRT in g_assertion_message()" [Medium,New]09:14
zzecoolhere you are09:14
psypher246thanks, not sure though if we have the same issue, my empathy opens, just doesn't log into MSN and gmail09:16
Fudgehi where can i configure how many workspaces i have in unity2d09:17
zzecoolwe dont have the same09:17
zzecoolpsypher246: mine just crashing09:17
zzecoolyou may need an update  to have the full crash  ;p09:18
magn3tsHello. I've come to beg for the 6th release of ubuntu in a row that mouse pointers are fixed.09:19
magn3tscursors rather, but all the same.09:19
ikoniain what way is there a problem ?09:20
magn3tsselect anything other than the default cursor theme in gnome's appearance dialog.09:20
magn3tsand then watch it not appear?09:20
magn3tsalso, for many cursor themes, they simply refuse to show up (at least in gnome2, haven't checked those set of themes in gnome3 yet)09:21
zzecoolFudge: you need the gconf editor09:21
ikoniais there a bug logged for it ?09:21
ikoniasounds like a reasonably high priority bug09:21
zzecooli dont know any other09:21
magn3tsikonia: I don't remember what I found last time I searched Launchpad for it. I'll check09:21
ikoniamagn3ts: if there is a bug, push it with the desktop theme09:21
ikoniamagn3ts: begging in an IRC channel won't get anything fixed,09:22
magn3tsfair enough09:22
ikoniamagn3ts: pushing a well logged bug with the correct team and assisting where possible, will move it forward09:23
zzecoolFudge:  install the gconf editor   -----------> run it ----------> apps ----------> metacity  -------------> general -----------> num_workspaces  change this from "1" to the number of workspaces you wanna have09:23
Fudgezzecool  thanks heaps09:27
zzecooljust use google better next time :P09:27
Fudgei did before asking09:37
Fudgei might have to google for a command to parse though, gnome orca kind of isnt coming to the party for me with gconf editor09:38
Kartagiswhat happens when all the English alphabet letters run out?09:52
pjotterHi everybody! Is something wrong with the APT of precise pangolin? I was testing the alpha-2 version, but I can't download and install any packages.10:26
skierpagezzecool, micahg there seemed to be nothing on the subject so I wrote https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiArch10:49
pjotterHi everybody. I wanted to test the alpha-2 version of Xubuntu. But it doesn't  seem possible to use the software centre? Is that always the case, or is something wrong at the moment?10:57
Kartagiswhat happens when all the English alphabet letters run out?11:14
jpdsKartagis: what?11:17
m4yerhm, i've got skierspages problem vice versa ... it wants to remove all packages with :i386 (from day to day more)11:17
Kartagisjpds: ubuntu versions are based on English letters11:17
jpdsKartagis: Start again from the beginning.11:17
Kartagisthanks jpds11:18
g0twigjust yesterday upgraded to 12.0411:56
g0twigI had problems with lightdm11:56
g0twigany way to reconfigure it?11:56
g0twigwith dpkg-reconfigure lightdm? , I am not at the machine right now11:56
ArnoldThe right click menu not respecting the theme color - is that a regression/bug or a feature?11:59
BluesKajHIyas all13:10
notlisteningHi I have found what i believe to be a bug in 12.04 that i can reproduce what can i get someone to confirm before reporting it13:18
BluesKajnotlistening, check on launchpad13:20
notlisteningchecked there does not seem to be anything like that there13:23
chmacIn Evolution, I search for messages, open one, then ctrl-pgup or pgdn to move messages. I move between all messages in the folder, not the search results. Is this true for everyone else?13:38
notlisteningchmac try holding down pageup or pagedown on your message list, err crash :P13:39
chmacnotlistening: Doesn't crash for me, just holding pageup when viewing the message list?13:40
chmacFeels a bit like when somebody says, put your hand in the fire, it'll hurt like hell!13:40
notlisteningIt used to crash anyways13:41
notlisteningI lie they fixed that :)13:42
notlisteningchmac: it just skips through the results list for me not all my e-mails13:44
chmacnotlistening: Oh outrageous, I've been living with this bug for over a year, figuring it'll eventually get fixed, and it turns out it's something specific to my setup!13:46
* chmac gives himself a gian faceslap13:46
chmacnotlistening: Which evolution version are you running?13:46
notlisteningyeah that is the version i am using13:47
chmacnotlistening: You opening the message in a new window, or using the "preview pane"?13:47
notlisteningoh i was scrolling though the list13:47
notlisteningyour right it does go through all the e-mails when you have the window open13:48
BLZbubbalooks like precise server still loads upstart & plymouth, any chance of fixing that design flaw?  at least the server should default to showing the grub selection and no splash screen at all13:52
BLZbubbai loved 8.04 and hated 10.04, i really want to use ubuntu again with 12.0413:53
BLZbubbabut running upstart on a server is going to be a tough sell13:53
BLZbubbais there a way to log what upstart is doing, and also a verbose boot mode to see where it is failing?13:54
BLZbubbamy first precise install comes up with a blank screen and blinking cursor13:55
BLZbubbaat least i can get to virtual terminals13:55
BLZbubbabig improvement over 10.0413:55
chmacnotlistening: Ok, phew, that makes me feel better (which is silly, because it would have been easier to fix if it was just me!)13:55
BLZbubbaplus it looks like bond0 + 802.3ad is broken13:55
BLZbubbaalso, the rescue ramdisk doesn't have gdisk13:59
BLZbubbaparted is horrible in comparison13:59
BLZbubbaany chance of getting these fixed?14:01
BLZbubbaalso, what is the best way to force ubuntu server to leave the video mode at the default?  should i comment out the insmod gfxterm?14:07
ubottuA schedule of Precise Pangolin (12.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PreciseReleaseSchedule15:19
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moo-i use 12.04 with gnome-session-fallback and worked great, then today i did an update as i do everyday, and now when i login it logins to unity18:42
moo-i hate unity18:42
moo-how do iget gnome classic back?18:42
jtaylorinstall mint18:44
jtaylorgnome classic is gone from everything but that distro to my knowledge, though older still supported ones still have it18:45
PiciI think moo- means the gnome3-classic-mode thing18:45
Picinot gnome218:45
trismgnome classic is still there, gnome-panel was just updated today18:45
moo-yes i want gnome318:46
moo-with gnome-session-classic tha install gnome-panel18:46
moo-but the latest update broke it for me so it logins to unity instead18:46
moo-unity is much better in 12.04 than it was in 11.04, but i still dont like it18:46
trismmoo-: you selected gnome classic in the session selector before logging in?18:47
trismmoo-: can you pastebin /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log ?18:48
trismmoo-: weird, looks correct to me, maybe take a look at ~/.xsession-errors after you log in and see if anything weird is there18:52
moo-doesnt look strange to me18:55
FernandoMiguelyay got a new job :D19:38
trismFernandoMiguel: congrats19:40
FernandoMiguelso for the next few weeks, you guys may not see me around19:41
FernandoMigueltill I get all stuff straight and back home19:41
yofeloh fun, libc6 upgrade20:08
yofelFernandoMiguel: congrats :)20:08
FernandoMiguelthanks yofel20:09
FernandoMiguelohh and fun!!20:09
FernandoMiguellet me check mine20:09
FernandoMiguelThe following packages have been kept back:20:09
FernandoMiguel  libc-bin libc-dev-bin libc6 libc6-dev libc6-i38620:09
cmyrlandHi all.. So I'm installing Ubuntu on my friend's old laptop for him to play with, and everything works fine.. of course.. except, of course, the wlan. The chip is a Broadcom BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN accoding to lshw, and ubuntu installs the b43 driver.. but nothing happens. The wireless is dead. It doesn't even appear in the network indicator when b43 is installed.. The card's product name is BCM94311MCG, and all forum posts I can find are from 200820:29
cmyrlandand they recommend ndiswrapper oO20:29
holsteincmyrland: i would say visit #ubuntu ..this is for the 12.04 release.. although, for me.. sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer usually does the trick20:33
cmyrlandholstein, I'm using 12.04 ;) The problem was the same with 11.10 though20:34
holsteinif you must have ndis, just use the ndisgtk GUI20:34
holsteincmyrland: 12.04 is *not* supported right now20:34
cmyrlandI know, I'm just asking around in case there's soe regression going on or whatever20:35
holsteinthis is what i refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx20:35
cmyrlandbrb, I'll just do a reboot to be sure I've not messed anything up before trying20:37
cmyrlandholstein, firmware was the culprit, all right. But why doesn't the restricted drivers-app install firmware, or at least offer it? I think it used to do that..?20:41
cmyrlandthanks for your help, this laptop is now wireless and smokin'20:42
aBoundHas anybody on Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 2 seen any improvements on battery life while using the newer kernel on a laptop?21:23
yofelwell, it's slightly better than 11.04 here21:29
aBoundUsing 11.10 here.21:37
aBoundBy default I get about 2 and a half hours to 2 hours and 40 minutes.21:38
aBoundFigures, I'd come in here and check to see what somebody else might have on there laptop. Using the newer kernel.21:39
m4yerwell, time is relative ;) got about 12-14 hours here.21:40
aBoundOn your laptop? You're kidding right.21:41
aBoundI know the Macbook is supposed to get around 7hrs but 12-14 hours dang.21:42
m4yerno, thinkpad x220 with 9 cells, but btt, i guess precise brought about 20 minutes to half an hour (if any ;) )21:43
aBoundAhh, no wonder I think I got a 3 to 6 cell battery.21:45
urlin2uManehattan, unetbootin does'nt have a download for 12.04 nor does it check the md5sum.21:46
Manehattanurlin2u: After a reboot, I chose "install without trying" and now it runs through21:47
urlin2uManehattan, cool. :)21:47
Manehattanurlin2u: But unetbootin does have an option "Daily LiveCD" and that one claims to be 12.04 in the installation21:48
aBoundm4yer, Is all of your hardware on your thinkpad supported by Ubuntu?21:48
ManehattanI have to use that one too, since 11.10 and before will install but not boot on this laptop21:48
brodockanyone got 12.04 working on a virtualbox?21:49
ManehattanOh my god YES! It boots! it boots! After only 2 weeks I was able to install an ubuntu on this machine!21:49
m4yeraBound: yes. works everything fine.21:49
urlin2uManehattan, hmm I looked and missed that, personally I always just download the iso then load it.21:49
aBoundHmm, looks like I'll have to grab one of those in a couple of years.21:50
aBoundCause that battery life is insane. :P21:50
m4yerthat was one of the main reasons ;)21:50
Manehattanurlin2u: Seriously, someone should write a findable tutorial for ubuntu with uefi21:52
urlin2uManehattan, you mean like this with ubuntu uefi in the search. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting21:53
urlin2uManehattan, gotta have some google foo chops21:53
Manehattanyeah that one helped me no bit21:54
urlin2uManehattan, was it that you didn't understand it?21:55
Manehattanurlin2u: It was that it semed to be orthogonal to my problem21:55
aBoundWow, read the tech specs on this top of the line Thinkpad and they have a 9-Cell battery plus slice battery up to 21hrs.21:55
Manehattanit should just say "create an extra uefi boot partition like so, then proceed"21:56
urlin2uManehattan, is this your first shot at open source or ubuntu, does not seem so just asking?21:57
ManehattanaBound: I'd be careful... they claimed my new laptop can have up to 9 hours but up to now I got to to live for 321:57
Manehattanurlin2u: I've been an ubuntu user for 4 years, and a computer scientist21:57
aBoundManehattan, I know what you mean they can claim certain things but you don't know for sure. But it does sound amazing 21hrs is almost a whole day.21:58
urlin2uManehattan, cool, personally I learned from the school of hard knock, I have rarely asked for help or used a wiki, just spent a lot of time on the ubuntu forums and the IRC21:58
aBoundIt will be a while before I get a new laptop seeing as this one is still pretty new.21:59
urlin2ubut I'm a amateur as well21:59
Manehattanurlin2u: The more I do these things the more I still see myself as a noob21:59
urlin2ulol I'm with you there.21:59
Manehattanurlin2u: So yes, the adventure began two weeks ago with the purchase of a new laptop22:00
ManehattanInstalled ubuntu, it wouldn't boot22:00
aBoundAlright thanks guys I'm hopping outta here.22:01
Manehattanworked myself through the systems, had a gentoo with grub legacy, that one would boot22:01
Manehattanbuilt it up and it worked22:01
Manehattanthen they brought new pcs into my office at work, I snatched one, installed ubuntu22:02
Manehattanit wouldn't boot22:02
Manehattanlearned about uefi and all that22:02
Manehattanand finally made it22:03
Manehattanso now I am the only one in the offices who can install an ubuntu, go me22:03
urlin2uManehattan, now you can have that distinctive Ubuntu swagger. :)22:05
Manehattanurlin2u: Un-fire-able!22:05
johnjohn101finally got 12.04 working again..  seems to be an issue with vmware.  if you don't enable 3d in vmware 4.01, it still tries to load the 3d software22:23
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FernandoMigueland dns resolver is broken23:43
FernandoMiguel$ dig soa dhcp.ar.kashpureff.org | pastebinit23:44
FernandoMiguel$ dig soa dhcp.ar.kashpureff.org +short @
FernandoMiguelns4.khresear.ch. eugenekay.kashpureff.org. 5134 3600 300 86400 30023:45
FernandoMiguel1st doesn't work23:45

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