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jaddi27sagaci, 'Undo trash' -> should this be 'Undo move to rubbish bin', or 'Undo delete'?10:46
sagaciI'd go undo delete11:10
sagacior the former, both are fine but undo delete is shorter11:10
head_victimsagaci & jaddi27 - what about "restore from rubbish bin"12:01
jaddi27head_victim, That could be alright. It needs to have Undo i think though, as it is a '_Undo ...' string12:01
head_victimAh fair enough12:02
sagacijaddi27: not necessarily, the _ is just an accelerator12:02
sagacia keybind12:02
head_victimsagaci: yeah but don't you have to make sure you don't double up on them?>12:02
sagaciso _Restore12:02
jaddi27yes, i that is what i was worried about12:02
sagacinot always12:02
jaddi27i think nautilus would have a _R already12:02
sagaciI've filed bugs for double accels and it's OK for certain things12:03
sagaciit doesn't have to be on the R12:03
head_victimHmm how about "Restore from Rubbish Bin (_Undo)"12:03
sagacicould be Res_tore12:03
head_victimOr even R_Ubbish Bin ?12:03
jaddi27Would people be expecting _U for undo?12:04
sagaciR_ubbish Bin :)12:04
sagaciundo is usually Ctrl+Z12:04
sagacidepends what context12:05
jaddi27Yes, I am not sure where it is going to be12:05
sagaciif you're in the rubbish bin and you're right clicking items to restore, then restore from rubbish bin sounds right, rather than if it's a menu item from Nautilus Edit, that's a bit different12:05
jaddi27can you see it at all in nautilus in precise?12:06
jaddi27I am not running precise to look for it12:06
sagaciI can check later12:09
jaddi27Ok. I will leave those strings for now until we work out the context12:11

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