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Guest35101 i am installing using the "radeon.modeset=0" command and asfter the splash screen goes away i am greeted by a blank black screen and a working mouse pointer. At no point was i asked to select install hardrive, setup username, or anything. cant even get through the installation process... running amd64 3500+ using 32-bit kenal. ati 3850 agp video card. when i press enter at this blank02:41
Guest35101screen i get a spinning "thinking" gif and nothing happens. press enter again and same thing happens. as if i cant see a menu02:41
dangertuxGuest35101:  I have the same card,  try with radeon.modeset=1 that's how it worked for me.02:45
Guest35101ok thanks02:53
dangertuxGuest35101: no problem, hopefully it works out for you02:54
dangertuxGuest35101: Alternatively, if you continue having issues on similar systems I've found not setting the option at all works02:54
Guest35101if i dont set the option i get crazy artifacts and then blank screen. the farthest i have gotten is with the command. but i get a blank black screen with a mouse pointer and no menus...02:55
dangertuxGuest35101: Hmm... Yeah I guess try with the modeset=1 you may have to do a text install and install proprietary drivers manually. What version are you using?02:56
Guest35101like just now im at a screen that starts of with a spinning white circle thing and then a white mouse. that moves around. when i touch the edge of the screen it fades as if im in the os.... no menus, nothing more goes on02:57
Guest35101ill try with modeset=1, one sec02:57
dangertuxGuest35101: K let us know :-)02:57
Unit193There should be a text version of jockey (driver installer) if you enter  jockey-text02:58
Guest35101modeset=1 give artifacts02:59
Guest35101ok ill try jockey thanks for your help03:00
Unit193That'd only help after install03:01
Guest35101oh yea i cant get past install03:02
Guest35101btw working on ubuntu 11.1003:02
urlin2uGuest35101, this a install or disc?03:02
Guest35101the farthest i have gotten is with radeon.modeset=003:02
urlin2uGuest35101, you try the nomodeset option03:03
urlin2uGuest35101, you look up the radeon as far as support there are problems with some.03:04
urlin2uGuest35101, use a alternative cd to install then get the drivers.03:04
Guest35101there is no way to get past the install with a generic driver on the cd?03:06
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joey____Hey, ive noticed on the developmeent pages that that there is alot of python programming. However, im not effecient at programming and i am not expirienced in programming, where is it recommended to start in order to learn?04:42
Unit193Python is an easier one to start out with04:43
joey____Okay, so would it be recommended to start in a area such as packaging? im not too good with linux and am fairly new to the file system. So packaging is a iffy thing as well04:44
Unit193joey____: This doesn't help at all? http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/programming-languages/python/04:44
joey____I didnt see that page, Ill read over that . Thanks04:44
Unit193Ah, may be better to get to know the basics first, but I am not a programmer though04:44
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r4yWhen I set the background for Ubuntu's appearance to black and test to white then I set set Firefox to use system colors I don't see certain things. Like for instance advanced search and arrows in hotmail and I am not sure where else but I am wondering how to get what I want so I don't have to change my appearance for people visiting my home.05:55
r4yI am using Ubuntu 10.04 right now and I will switch to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS when it comes out.06:01
r4yI was just reading this:06:01
r4yI thought the Firewall is not up by default, right?, and I didn't know Ubuntu came with Antivirus?, I am guessing they mean installable then, right?06:03
philipballewyou dont need antivirius06:04
r4yI know06:04
r4ybut on the right it says: What's included? Antivirus06:05
r4yI am just making small talk. Do you know who can help me with my appearance problem?06:06
mac_osxIs this where newbies go?08:25
mac_osxCan someone give me a little advice? I've been hacked and don't know what to do.08:26
bioterrorso that topic says08:26
bioterrorhow you can know you've been hacked?08:26
mac_osxWhen I installed 11.10 over 11.04, it showed 2 new users. One Guest, (so I didn't worry) the other USER which requires a password08:27
mac_osxI can see neither in the User Accounts08:27
mac_osxI had 3 User accounts initially08:28
mac_osxAny advice???08:29
bioterroryou have guest and USER?08:29
mac_osxI have 3 accounts: 1 Mac lookalike, 1 Windows Lookalike, and 1 Ubuntu08:30
mac_osxThen, there were 5 accounts User and Guest08:30
mac_osxI only made 308:31
bioterrorremove that user, change passwords for all account and check your ssh configurations08:32
bioterrorprobably purge openssh-server and install it again with proper configurations08:32
mac_osxHow do I remove that user, I can't see him in User Accounts?08:32
mac_osxThanks bioterror, (cool name).08:33
bioterrorsudo userdel username08:34
bioterrorshould do it08:34
bioterrorbut you can also check some configurations08:34
bioterrorlike "chsh user"08:34
bioterrorsudo chsh user08:34
bioterrorif it says that user does not exist, then it does not08:35
bioterroryou can confirm that from the /etc/group08:35
bioterrorevery user must have a groupid08:35
bioterrorusually starts from the 100108:36
mac_osxThank You08:36
bioterroryou can always plug your computer off the network and wear tinfoil hat and pull all your teeth off ;)08:37
bioterrorubuntu is secure if you have a proper password08:37
bioterrorand username that's not just a name08:38
mac_osxMy computer automatically goes into my account, (even though it's password protected). If I Log out, I see 5 accounts available, where I made only 3. The account named "Other" is password protected.08:40
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Sidewinder1s-fox, Good Morn/Aft/Eve.15:36
arno-freenodehi all18:23
JoseeAntonioRarno-freenode Hello!18:34
^zenhooubbyithelllo! :)18:58
^zenhooubbyithow to make hidden folders visible in Unity?18:59
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^zenhooubbyitthanks arno19:18
^zenhooubbyitdo you know how to do it from options/settings?19:19
^zenhooubbyitfolder/look preferences19:20
^zenhooubbyitwhere is it?19:20
arno-freenodeview --> show hidden files19:21
HarmoniumHello, there. Can someone explain how can I open bittorrent ports in Ubuntu? What I've tried didn't work and torrents download very slow. Although they upload just fine.19:41
bioterrorsounds more like NAT problem19:44
bioterrordo you have port forwarding done?19:44
HarmoniumI've read about that while searching, but it mentions tweaking the router... I don't think I have one. Unless a modem does the same. How does one do port forwarding?19:46
bioterrorby reading the manual of the router19:55
HarmoniumWell, then I don't have a router.19:56
bioterrorusually ADSL modems and newer cable modems are routing ones19:57
bioterrorby default19:57
HarmoniumThe thing is, since I installed Ubuntu in 2007 till this day, I couldn't get a torrent to work properly, but the Windows XP (later Win7) install works perfect (in that area).19:57
HarmoniumI see, thanks.19:58
aanderson_09Is there a better solution to online gaming in ubuntu then Wine?22:08
holsteinsure... try some native games.. http://www.desura.com/ try some games from the repos22:10
urlin2ubro your nic has to be completely typed, there are ubuntu games, or ones that run on linux in general.22:10
holsteinhttp://www.playdeb.net/updates/ubuntu/11.10/ for example22:10
urlin2uholstein, hey missed your post while typing, good to see you ion. :)22:10
holsteinurlin2u: \o/22:11
^zenyhooubbyitplease can you explain me how to enlarge a partition with gparted? thanks :)22:41
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, can you take a screenshot of gparted and imagebin it?22:45
ubot2Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.22:45
^zenyhooubbyitok thx22:46
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, is it a wubi install?22:46
urlin2uinstalled from windows is a wubi22:47
^zenyhooubbyithttp://imagebin.org/197990 posted22:48
^zenyhooubbyitno it isn't22:48
urlin2ucool hold on22:48
^zenyhooubbyitnow I am in ubuntu partition22:48
^zenyhooubbyitbut it's dual boot22:48
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, the sda5 right?22:48
^zenyhooubbyitno the sda5 is ntfs22:49
^zenyhooubbyitsda6 is ubuntu22:49
^zenyhooubbyitnow I want to enlarge sda522:49
^zenyhooubbyitwith not-allocated space22:49
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, always turn off the swap for this right click sda7 then swap off. So you want to exspand sda6 from the front og the partition going to your left?22:50
^zenyhooubbyitwhen I will succeed to make live ubuntu usb key, i will try to enlarge sd622:50
^zenyhooubbyityes I want22:51
urlin2ucool can you confirm my question, and that you undestand how to turn off the swap.22:51
^zenyhooubbyitbut explain pls22:51
urlin2uI'm trying stick with me here.22:52
^zenyhooubbyityes I know how to turn off swap22:52
urlin2ucoo and you want to move the front of sda6 to your left?22:52
^zenyhooubbyitbut can I do this now?22:53
^zenyhooubbyitI mean, without using usb-key or cd?22:53
urlin2ucool so doing this will break the boot unless you change the fsatb.22:53
urlin2uyou have to use a live cd or usb.22:53
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, you familiar with fstab?22:54
^zenyhooubbyitno XD22:54
^zenyhooubbyitbut, doesn't matter for now...22:54
^zenyhooubbyitnow I simply want to expand sda522:55
^zenyhooubbyitand, when I succeed to create live-usb, I will expand sda622:55
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, ah but it does if you move that partition you will not be able to boot moving the front breaks the boot you can prempt this by changing fstab.22:55
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, so your sda5 sda6 and sda7 are in a extended partition sda2 to move the sda5 to your left the sda2 will have to be enlarged.22:57
urlin2unot real complex but ut all has to be done correctly, with also knowing if you move the sda6 the ubuntu from the front of it you will loose the boot.22:59
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, this is best done the help that is while your on the live cd to be honest.22:59
^zenyhooubbyitsorry battery descarge...23:00
^zenyhooubbyitbut, I mean, temporary, now I only want to enlarge sda5-ntfs partition, that hasn't any OS installedd, using only the free not-allocated space in grey...23:07
^zenyhooubbyitdon't want to touch ubuntu-sda6 for noe...23:07
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, the 1,69 gig space between sda5 and sda6?23:08
^zenyhooubbyitno, using the 7 gb...23:08
^zenyhooubbyitbetween sda1 and sda523:09
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, you still need a live cd you have to exspand the sda2 first then the sda523:09
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, the sda2 is a extended partition that contains the ntfs ubuntu and swap.23:10
^zenyhooubbyitbut I don't understand a thing...23:10
^zenyhooubbyitso how could I cutted off the 1.69 gb of space from sda5 using gparted with no usb?23:11
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, can you itemize your confusion?23:11
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, you could without the cd exspand the sda5 ntfs up against the sda623:12
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, not alawys though is the space completely filled so that there is no unallocated.23:13
^zenyhooubbyitok thank you very much urlin2 :)23:15
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, that make sense, cool. :)23:15
^zenyhooubbyityes XD it's quick to create live usb ubuntu 10? how to? :)23:16
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, what is the ubuntu release you have in sda6?23:17
urlin2u10.04 or 10.1023:17
urlin2ulucid or maverick23:17
^zenyhooubbyitthe Great Lucid Lynx!23:18
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/23:19
^zenyhooubbyitit brings always Good Luck to ubuntians XD23:19
^zenyhooubbyitthx ^^23:19
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, no problem, enjoy. :)23:19
^zenyhooubbyithow can I know if I had 04.03 version?23:20
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, if you have lucid updated it is that version23:21
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, cat /etc/apt/sources.list   in the terminal will show your repos list for confirming lucid if needed.23:22
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, the .3 means the last build 30 days after realese.23:23
urlin2ulongterm releases have a final build 30 days after release. ^zenyhooubbyit23:24
^zenyhooubbyitso what's the file I need to?23:24
^zenyhooubbyitso do I need to download the normal ubuntu iso image?23:25
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, what is the computer model, and is it a 32 bit or 64 bit install.23:25
^zenyhooubbyitacer aspire notebook23:26
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, standard computer not a mac right?23:26
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, cool I'm typing from my acer d250 as we speak get the i86 live cd23:27
urlin2usorry i386 ^zenyhooubbyit23:27
^zenyhooubbyityes :)23:27
^zenyhooubbyitlive cd?23:28
urlin2uyes the live cd will give you the desktop, gparted is already on the live cd.23:28
^zenyhooubbyitI forgotten to say you...23:29
^zenyhooubbyitI can't use cd reader XD23:29
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, no problem you can put the iso on a usb23:30
urlin2uuse the startup disc creator, I tink the name is slightly differnt in lucid23:30
^zenyhooubbyitok, I'm downloading the first file from the page you linked23:30
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, this one ubuntu-10.04.3-desktop-i386.iso     yes usb creator.23:31
^zenyhooubbyitok, I think I can create it from myself, thx :)23:32
^zenyhooubbyitbut I need a thing...23:32
^zenyhooubbyitto make the pc read usb first23:33
^zenyhooubbyitat startup23:33
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, I noticed the HD was small will it not read a usb to boot?23:33
^zenyhooubbyitI don't know...23:34
^zenyhooubbyitI succeded to set it of reading CD reader first...23:34
^zenyhooubbyitfrom a blue screen...23:35
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, to get a boot from menu power on and immediatly hold down the f12 key, or f2 and in the bios put the usb at the top of the boot there.23:35
^zenyhooubbyitBIOS I think23:35
^zenyhooubbyityes thx :)23:36
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, bios is fine but you can also just hit the f12 at powering and and choose the boot from.23:36
^zenyhooubbyitah, I understand...23:36
^zenyhooubbyitnever tried... I hope will works thx :)23:37
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, the f12 option is a bot from gui outside of the bios, handy if you don't want to change the bios.23:37
^zenyhooubbyitthx :)23:48
urlin2uno problem23:48
^zenyhooubbyithey, I already had usb-creator installed but don't know where it's installed and don't see its shortcurt...23:54
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, should be in preferences or admin, I haven't used that desktop for awhile.23:55
urlin2uit is installed on the stock setup already23:56
urlin2u^zenyhooubbyit, you downloaded this one ubuntu-10.04.3-desktop-i386.iso   for the ubuntu ISO right?23:57

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