DarwinSurvivorBotenAnna: do you possibly have secure-boot enabled?01:10
BotenAnnaDarwinSurvivor: don't THINK so but it's not impossible. it'd be in the BIOS options, right?01:12
DarwinSurvivorwell, (U)EFI options, but basically the same thing, yes (EFI replaces BIOS on new systems)01:13
DarwinSurvivorso yes, that's where you should look01:14
BotenAnnait does have UEFI/LEgcay Boot "Both" on01:15
DarwinSurvivortry legacy01:16
BotenAnnayeah thats what im trying01:16
BotenAnnaseems like giving up :X01:16
BotenAnnaugh even legacy only mode just goes straight into windows01:18
Ultimoorehello everyone01:20
Ultimooreanyone here?01:21
* DarwinSurvivor is here01:24
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khooverDarwinSurvivor, does remote desktop need a definite IP to connect to, over the net? And if so, any good script-ish things for windows that run silent?12:29
khooverthat'll send IP addresses to a DDNS server*12:30
BluesKajHIyas all13:10
bregmaUbuntu Global Jam: 2nd-4th March14:02
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