bkerensajcastro: You seen this: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-dex0VXK2RrA/TvHTcuOLSyI/AAAAAAAAA3k/T47A1vkX_VA/jwCampaign.png00:45
bkerensawe should remix it :P00:45
nigelbejat: ping. See PM.04:43
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ejat!pong nigelb05:24
ubot2Factoid 'pong nigelb' not found05:24
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dholbachhey jono, hey czajkowski07:34
jonohey dholbach07:34
bkerensahello jono, hi czajkowski07:42
* czajkowski waggles her finger at jono 07:42
jonohey czajkowski :-)07:44
jonohey bkerensa07:44
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jonodholbach, I created info about adding accomplishments btw at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Creating08:57
jonoI still need to go through and double-check all the installation instructions work fine08:57
jonochecking now08:57
dholbachI have a bunch on my TODO for today - I hope to get to contributing a few small things08:58
bkerensajono: What are these accomplishments? Is this like Foursquare Badges meets Ubuntu? :)08:58
dholbachbkerensa, yes08:58
jonobkerensa, http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/01/29/more-ubuntu-accomplishments-hacking/08:58
bkerensaBut the badges are only seen by the user or are they tracked on some website?08:58
jonobkerensa, they are on your system08:58
jonoand they will synced across U1 machines08:59
jonoI am still putting it all together but I have the core of it working08:59
bkerensaInteresting stuff08:59
jonoyeah it is pretty awesome :-)09:00
bkerensadholbach: I'm in the kubuntu chan so when you ping later I will just review scrollback and tag team as needed... Now I think my bed summons09:01
bkerensaGood Night!09:01
* dholbach takes the dog for a walk09:01
dholbachthanks a bunch bkerensa09:01
jonook, bed for me09:04
jononight all!09:04
dholbachdpm, mhall119, balloons, jcastro: where did we decide we'd put tasks for UGJ participants to work on?12:46
dholbachis it the UGJ wiki page?12:46
dholbachif so I'll add something to it12:46
dholbachand invite developers to add some stuff for contributors who feel comfortable working on it12:46
dpmdholbach, yeah, the front page in the wiki12:47
dholbachdpm, how does https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam look for a start?12:50
mhall119dholbach: jono wanted it on loco.u.c/globaljam12:50
mhall119which is what I've been working on12:50
mhall119but that only editable by loco-council and ltp admins12:51
czajkowskimhall119: are all global events going to go on the ltp ?12:51
dholbachmhall119, ok until then I'll ask everyone to update the wiki and we make sure we get the content on the LTP as soon as it's all up and running - sounds good?12:51
mhall119czajkowski: since the jams are specifically in-person events, it makes sense for them to be on LTP12:51
dholbachunless you prefer everyone to mail the LC / LTP admins?12:51
mhall119dholbach: building it on the wiki is a good idea, I think12:52
dholbachok cool12:52
mhall119czajkowski: but I don't think all global community events will make sense to have on LTP12:52
czajkowskimhall119: well thats what I was kinda wondering why some content will go on there and not all, and whos call it is ?12:53
mhall119czajkowski: we already have global jams on LTP13:00
czajkowskiyup but not the info, as just wonder why13:00
czajkowskino biggie13:00
mhall119you mean the list of stuff that dholbach was asking about?13:01
bkerensahi dholbach :D15:19
dholbachhey bkerensa :)15:19
bkerensaThis morning is glorious15:20
mhall119bkerensa: nice15:31
bkerensadholbach: They are quite silent :)15:43
dholbachthey probably first have to find their way into it - it was a hard question to start with15:43
* balloons has spent all morning wondering what LTP might mean.. LTP = loco team portal :-) Yay for being awake!16:00
jonodholbach, jcastro, dpm, balloons, mhall119 all set for our hangout?16:01
mhall119dang keyboard :(16:01
dpmall set here16:01
balloonsargh this needs to get on my calendar.. i knew it was this mornig16:03
jonoballoons, are you with us?16:10
balloonslaptop didn't like trying to do video and audio.. bang crash :-) moved to desktop16:10
bkerensajono: When you going to get G+ Hangout Live? :)16:19
jonobkerensa, no idea16:21
cprofittdholbach: great work on the wiki page17:02
cprofittI will begin pushing that out in NA tonight17:02
dholbachbkerensa, ok, call is over - I'll start writing a few bits about the interview17:05
dholbachbut probably not finish today, but tomorrow my morning17:05
bkerensadholbach: Ok then... I'm likely going to go nap... I didn't intend to be up so early :)17:06
* dholbach hugs bkerensa17:07
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balloonsjcastro, dpm, mhall119, dholbach, jono can someone send me the invite for the 11 am meeting?17:12
* balloons REALLY enjoyed spamming everyone's pc with a notification17:12
jonoballoons, you should have an invite17:13
dpmjono, just a sec, switching to ethernet and reconnecting17:13
jonodpm, np17:14
balloonsjono, thanks :-)17:14
dholbachI call it a day - see you all tomorrow! :)17:48
* balloons waves17:53
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bkerensasad =/ while doing a interview of a new contributor their response to one question was "I still do not know how to get involved with Ubuntu but I am a maintainer with Debian"21:30
bkerensahmm I will have to send him some links21:30
jonobkerensa, that reminds me, I need to re-connect with the web team about our ubuntu.com/participate do-over21:30
jonomhall119, any idea who maintains the p.u.c codebase?21:33
Picip = planet? packages? pici?21:56
mhall119jono: no idea22:07
jonoPici, planet22:07
jonomhall119, could be fun to add a small Twitter feed there as well as a small feed for voices.canonical.com so people can click those links if they want22:08
bkerensasheesh :P a venue wanted to charge me $75 a hour for our global jam22:09
* AlanBell sees in an email that the ARB team is a volunteer thing?22:12
cjohnstonWho maintains the Pici codebase is a good question22:31
jonoAlanBell, yup22:31
* balloons just discovered new appearance applet.. auto-hide with high sensitivity ftw!22:32
czajkowskijono: are there 2 of you on G+ now ?22:43
jonoczajkowski, yup - home and canonical22:43
czajkowskiahh ok22:43
czajkowskijono: when you add a picture can you make it different22:44
jonoczajkowski,  I wish it only showed my home one22:44
czajkowskiseeing a lot of people have 2 acs now but with the same pics and doesnt click which one is which22:44
pleia2jono: going to announce the global jam on loco-contacts? (that's where I usually forward from for my team, I could just email your blog post though)23:32
jonopleia2, if you could post, that would be great23:37
pleia2sure thing23:37

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