sabdflvoip seems to be failing me08:38
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iainfarrellbaa black sheep?12:00
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thorwilsabdfl: that alien headshrinking remark is the first time you really do sound strange ... making it recursive ;p12:55
sabdfllucky i cut out the part about eating babies12:57
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wendarNews for the week.17:01
wendarThe new design.ubuntu.com site was praised highly at FOSDEM last weekend17:01
wendarby designers17:01
wendarparticularly, how open it is for community collaborators17:02
wendarwhile we're working on improving our own collaboration, it's nice to have that external perspective from designers who collaborate with other communities :)17:03
wendarAlso, http://openusability.org/ is looking for some help with the website17:04
wendartheir designer/developer/admin retired last year, so the site has drifted17:06
wendarnot very "usable" at the moment17:06
wendargenerally an interesting group17:06
wendarmostly usability experts who are neither designers or developers17:07
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