robert_ancelljasoncwarner_, oh is see what you mean about the password entry size - it seems to be happening everywhere though00:32
smspillazrobert_ancell: yo00:32
smspillazrobert_ancell: so those merges for xig -- anything I need to do for them ?00:33
smspillazthe compiz tests fail without them :)00:33
robert_ancellsmspillaz, looking00:34
robert_ancelloh, I didn't see your response00:35
robert_ancellsmspillaz, ah, right.  What you really should do is the server should connected to the destroyed signal for the resources and remove them that way00:37
robert_ancellso you're explicitly destroying the references from both sides, but the server should be implicitly destroying them00:37
robert_ancell(or the other way around).  The patch has both the server and client responsible which is dangerous if one of them gets out of sync00:38
robert_ancellmake sense?00:38
smspillazkind of00:41
smspillazhang on00:41
robert_ancellso there's two ways we can do this - the client destroys itself, and the server detects that and destroys all its resources, or the client destroys all its resources then itself, and the server doesn't care00:46
smspillaz(from the internal POV I assume)00:47
smspillazrobert_ancell: so I think the best way to handle this is to have a XigClientResource which XigSelection and XigDrawable inherit00:47
smspillazand then XigClientResource just has a pointer back to the owner which can be queried by the serer00:48
smspillazso when the client goes away the server can listen and clean up00:48
robert_ancellthe server doesn't really even need that00:48
smspillazI don't really have time to work on that today00:48
smspillaz(just needed a status update)00:48
robert_ancellI'll have a look if I've got time00:48
smspillazscarce resource apparantly00:48
robert_ancellindeed :)00:49
robert_ancellsmspillaz, note you can leave resources behind after quitting, but I'm not 100% how the protocol allows that (e.g. settings a background pixmap then quitting)00:51
smspillazrobert_ancell: as long as the resource is copied into another client ownership then yes00:52
RAOFBah.  The one day I want to do some data manipulation and LibreOffice Calc won't start.03:44
pittiGood morning04:35
TheMusoMorning pitti.04:53
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pittijbicha: did you see the gnome-games FTBFS on arm?05:37
pittiseems the clutter stuff crept back in, was that due to a bad merge, or due to the new upstream versin?05:37
jbichapitti: I saw it but I didn't understand it05:52
didrocksgood morning06:35
pittiit's a Didier! bonjour06:37
didrockspitti: I hope it's the good one! :) How are you pitti?06:37
pittino, it's the awesome one!06:37
pittiI'm quite fine, thanks!06:37
pittiquite funny if your gtimelog says "Total work done: 2 h 6 min" at this hour already06:37
* didrocks hugs pitti. It's half past seven and you are already here for 2 hours?06:40
pittiyeah, got up with Netti this morning (5:30)06:40
pittiyesterday I slept until 8:15 (some backlog from the weekend), I guess that sufficiently refreshed me06:40
* pitti gives back a bunch of powerpc/armel build failures due to arch skew06:42
pittiRAOF: want me to sync colord?06:43
pittiwell, I guess you can sync yourself, too06:44
RAOFYeah.  I was going to let it stew in sid for a while.  There's no urgent reason to sync it, is there?06:44
pittiRAOF: well, you tell me :)06:45
RAOFI don't _think_ there is :)06:45
pittididrocks: hm, was that unity change to keep the launcher visible uploaded?07:22
pittididrocks: I just rebooted, and now it doesn't go away any more07:22
pittiand my windows are under teh launcher07:22
didrockspitti: yeah, the strut is not set only at startup07:23
didrocksthat's why the "my windows are under the launcher"07:23
pittithis is a pretty nasty regression now07:23
didrockswell, it should be fixed in a few :)07:23
pittiok, merci07:23
pittididrocks: so, no need for the big "revert" club?07:23
didrockspitti: I didn't spot it (as I only did change the default value) as nobody reported it before (it should have been there with "always locked launcher") and I had to run unity-2d in the same session to test my settings change07:24
didrocksbut! unity-2d set the strut and didn't unset it07:24
pittiah, I can work around by re-enabling the autohide option07:24
didrocksso then, when I tested unity, I was thinking eveyrthing is fine : )07:24
didrockspitti: yeah, it's only at startup, and no, no need for big revert07:24
didrocksif we need everytime to reboot a session to recheck everything, I'm afraid of the cost of testing07:25
didrocksespecially with 2d/3d, that's why I tried on the same session07:25
didrocksdidn't thought that the struct can be set by one and kept :/07:25
BigWhalekenvandine, Gwibber survived overnight test ...07:26
pittididrocks: btw, when will you upload the next major unity release?07:37
pittididrocks: looking at precise-fixes-report, 41 to go; want to know how much time I have :)07:37
didrockspitti: heh, thursday in a week, for feature freeze :)07:38
pittithat's tough!07:38
didrocksheh :)07:40
didrocksoh, I hope we can have a compiz release first07:40
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pittididrocks: thanks for the unity upload, that was fast07:52
didrockspitti: yw ;)07:53
pittireproduces nicely in a guest session, so easy to test07:53
didrockspitti: well, guest session is taking 4 minutes on my computer to setup07:54
pittihow's that?07:54
didrocksand when I'm back the whole screen is black07:54
pittididrocks: I meant, I'm happy to test it again once it built07:54
didrocks2 Go of RAM07:54
didrocks(so swapping with thunderbird opened and chromium I guess)07:55
pittiis that the guest session specifically, or any extra sessino?07:55
didrocksand when going back, the nvidia blob driver isn't nice07:55
didrockspitti: any extra session, I really think it's a memory issue07:55
didrocksand my disk is slower and slower I guess07:55
didrocks(almost dying :))07:55
didrocksso I get regular X crashes on ETOOMANYWRITES07:55
didrockspitti: this time I disconnected from my session to test it, but more testing is really appreciated :)07:56
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pitticyphermox: do you plan to merge modemmanager with Debian? they have 0.5.1, while we still have a git snapshot08:18
rickspencer3TheMuso, are you still around?08:25
rickspencer3pitti, TheMuso instead of uploading a half-tested ALSA, why not use the community QA team to confirm that it works well before uploading?08:27
pittiyou could put it into the ubuntu-desktop or sound testing PPA08:27
pittibut I figure the user space side should be less harmful than the kernel side of .25, and we already have that anyway08:28
rickspencer3pitti, ok, I replied to TheMuso's email and cc'ed jono asking him to coordinate with the community team08:29
rickspencer3we may as well have some test cases and do some rigorous testing before uploading it for everbody08:29
rickspencer3breaking sound has a significant impact on velocity ;)08:30
* rickspencer3 mulls various jokes using the phrase "sound barrier"08:30
TheMusorickspencer3: Yeah fair call, but having looked at the changelogs, upstream code is fixes for the most part, userspace wise anyway, as pitti says, the kernel side is not aplicable here. I am more concerned about me ahving broken something with packaging, which would be relatively easy to fix anyways.08:31
TheMusoAnd I've been running the 2 core pieces here for a day or so now anyway.08:31
rickspencer3TheMuso, none the less, I think it wuold be good practice to do some formal testing first08:32
rickspencer3people get really upset when we break sound08:32
rickspencer3for instance, I get cranky when I can't watch my Taylor Swift videos08:32
* micahg assumes rickspencer3 isn't maching the process08:32
jasoncwarner_rickspencer3: uhm...que?08:32
rickspencer3hi jasoncwarner_08:33
jasoncwarner_rickspencer3: sorry, my IRC taylor swift alarm went off...08:33
rickspencer3bonjour seb12808:47
seb128rickspencer3, salut, ca va bien ?08:47
rickspencer3oui, je vais bien, et tois?08:47
seb128rickspencer3, j'ai un peu froid mais sinon ca va bien ;-)08:50
seb128waouh, pitti on an updates rampage \o/08:50
pittiseb128: bonjour :)08:50
pittiseb128: wanted to do all the ones you told  me yesterday by the time you woke up :)08:50
seb128hey pitti, wie gehts? thanks a lot for doing those updates08:50
pitti(and I managed)08:50
pittide rien08:50
seb128pitti, I was not looking for third day in a row of doing updates full day so it's really appreciated ;-)08:51
pittiseb128: I also updated g-i and pygobject (unsurprisingly, I guess :) )08:52
seb128hehe, not a surprise indeed ;-)08:53
BigWhaleWhere can I find Ubuntu packaging gurus? I am having trouble with debian/watch file08:54
seb128not sure about gurus but people here or on #ubuntu-devel should be able to help you08:57
BigWhalewell, I was told that I need watch file and now I am trying to convince uscan to find a file that is available in launchpad08:58
BigWhalemore precisely, this one: http://launchpad.net/kazam/unstable/1.0/+download/kazam_1.0.tar.gz08:58
pittiBigWhale: ah, launchpad watch files all look teh same09:05
pittiBigWhale: try this:09:05
pittihttp://launchpad.net/kazam/+download .*/kazam_([0-9.]+)\.tar\.gz09:05
pittiyou can test with "uscan --report --verbose"09:05
pittiseb128: still waiting on ppc to give back the remaining packages; I gave back some this morning, but don't bother about the remaining ones right now, they'll fail again09:06
seb128pitti, yeah, see the version table, it's full of ppc build issues09:06
seb128pitti, I've commented on some of the rickspencer3's reassigned bug as well09:07
BigWhalepitti, thanks.. I'll give it a try09:07
BigWhaleWhen I'm done with all of this, I'll write this monstrous blog post on how to get software to Ubuntu. :>09:14
seb128pitti, seems like we had a similar reply to jasoncwarner_'s email at the same time ;-)09:18
pittiseb128: as for gnome-keyring, my gut feeling is that we should backport some fixes; no strong opinion, though09:21
BigWhaleI have one last question about versioning... :> right now I have kazam (1.0.1-0ubuntu1) precise; ... in version file. if I want to make an oneiric release, I have to change the version string, right? so, I change it to what?09:22
seb128pitti, does it work if I claim you are the maintainer for it and that it's your call? ;-)09:23
pittiseb128: I had that coming, I guess ;)09:23
pittiso, I guess I'll have a look at 3.3.5 and check09:24
seb128pitti, I'm a bit concerned by the work involved by packaging the new sources and by the fact that stef said that the fallback mode was less tested that the new dbus stuff for gnome-shell09:24
pittibut I think cherry-picking some fixes should be safer09:24
pittiwe don't currently have many problems with the keyring stuff09:25
seb128though he's usually a good upstream and if we find bugs in the fallback he will probably fix them09:25
pittiat least that I know of09:25
seb128we got bitten in the past09:25
seb128but doing updates when  not needed which created work09:25
pittiand as long as it doesn't block apps or g-shell from updating, I'd prefer to keep them09:25
didrocksseiflotfy1: hey, the COPYING shipped in activity-log-manager says GPL2 whereas all the headers are LGPL2+09:25
seb128pitti, same here09:26
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:29
pittihey chrisccoulson09:29
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?09:29
pittiquite fine, thanks! how about you?09:30
seb128hey chrisccoulson, how are you?09:30
chrisccoulsonseb128 pitti, tired ;)09:30
chrisccoulsonseb128, you?09:30
didrockshey chrisccoulson09:30
pittichrisccoulson: burning the midnight oil again?09:30
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks09:30
seb128chrisccoulson, still stucked into your "going to be at 3am"?09:31
chrisccoulsonyeah ;)09:31
seb128lu didrocks09:31
didrockssalut seb128 :)09:32
didrocksseb128: hey, it seems you forgot to push gnome-menus to the vcs10:26
seb128didrocks, looking10:26
didrocksso I pushed agateau's branch but got a reject :)10:26
seb128didrocks, sorry :-(10:27
didrocksseb128: no worry! do you still have it?10:27
seb128didrocks, hum, wtf10:28
seb128didrocks, I pushed but the stored push location was ~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-menus/gnome2/, I probably mixed up my vcses between gnome-menus-2 that we kept by compat and trunk, let me fix that10:29
didrocksseb128: oh, make sense, yeah, we should remove the ubuntugtk3 and every branhes like that :)10:29
seb128didrocks, what vcs did you use?10:30
seb128bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-menus/ubuntu/".10:30
seb128I'm getting confused10:30
didrocksare you sure about the adress?10:30
didrocksdidn't you lp:lp:~ubuntu… ?10:31
didrocksseb128: I know twice is better than one, but not everytime ;)10:31
seb128didrocks, hum, so you pushed your revision, should I just merge and push mine?10:33
seb128didrocks, or should I uncommit it, overwrite with mine and let you rebase?10:33
didrocksseb128: as you wish, if we want bzr correctness, you can uncommit10:33
didrocksand I'll rebase10:34
seb128didrocks, doing that10:34
seb128didrocks, ok, done, pull --overwrite please and sorry for the work10:36
seb128didrocks, well, uncommit10:36
seb128pull --overwrite10:36
seb128and you should be go to recommit10:36
seb128with your diff ready to apply or almost10:36
Sweetsharkhi all.10:36
seb128hey Sweetshark10:36
Sweetsharkhttp://nabble.documentfoundation.org/next-BoD-call-on-Wednesday-td3719497.html#a3720191 <- nice vote of confidence by an independant10:37
* Sweetshark dances a bit.10:37
didrocksseb128: no worry :)10:39
rickspencer3pitti, thanks for your help yesterday: http://theravingrick.blogspot.com/2012/02/girrrr-pygame-gtk-in-goi-world.html10:49
pittirickspencer3: btw, a lot of this conversion can be done automatically with pygi-convert.sh10:50
rickspencer3pitti,  I know10:50
rickspencer3but I thought it would be useful to have a small test case10:50
pittinice that it works now!10:51
rickspencer3pitti, well, thanks to your work and blog posts, it was pretty easy ;)10:51
ronocmvo, hey11:30
ronocmvo, how do i tell if updates are installing via that pk interface11:30
* ronoc double checks the pkclient header11:31
manishdidrocks: there?11:39
manishsome imp thing11:40
didrocksmanish: hey hey :)11:40
didrocksmanish: I was looking for you!11:40
didrocksmanish: the COPYRIGHT file is mentionning GPL211:40
didrockswhere the whole project is licenced LGPL2+11:40
didrockscan I get a tarball fixing that? :)11:40
manishwill do in a few hours11:41
manishneed to get back home11:41
manishanother thing is11:41
manishi talked to mhr3 and thansen (a gentoo packager)11:41
manishthat the source package should be named activity-log-manager instead of alm11:41
manishand no 3 letter binaries11:41
manishdidrocks: activity-log-manager binary and libactivity-log-manager.so? Would it be fine?11:42
didrocksmanish: it's already the case btw :)11:42
didrocksmanish: the source package and binary is activity-log-manager11:42
didrocksfor the lib, sure, you can change :)11:42
manishdidrocks: but the tarball was named alm-0.9.0? remember?11:43
manishthat won't matter. I think so11:43
didrocksmanish: I know and I remember to have renamed it :)11:43
manishI made that mistake11:43
manishbah.. too many mistakes11:43
didrocksno worry, it's not the first time our packages don't match the upstream sources :)11:43
didrocksmanish: the COPYING one is an important one11:43
didrocksmanish: I don't push the new version before the new release fixing it is released :)11:44
manishwait for an  hour11:44
manishwill get back home11:44
didrockssure ;)11:44
manishand do you want me to change the tarball name in this one?11:44
manishdidrocks: I will just tell you the changes I am going to make in this patched tarball11:45
didrocksmanish: it's really as you wish, it doesn't really matter for me11:45
manish1) COPYING11:45
manish2) tarball name11:45
manish3) library name change11:45
didrockssounds good! :)11:45
manish4) binary name change11:45
manishnow I hope you can make the necessary changes on your side11:46
didrocksmanish: will do!11:46
didrocksseb128: hum, can you take a screenshot pressing alt?11:47
didrocksseb128: I have the effect, but nothing is happening here11:47
seb128didrocks, yes, they go to your Images dir without displaying a dialog11:47
seb128it's confusing, I need to check upstream if that's wanted11:47
seb128you only get the dialog if you use gnome-screenshot -i11:47
seb128i.e the ui11:47
didrocksseb128: oh waow11:47
seb128otherwise they are autotaken and stored11:47
seb128yeah, confusing, I think we will need to fix that ;-)11:48
didrocksconfusing change when you get used to it, indeed11:48
chrisccoulsonc'mon, build faster!!!!11:51
* chrisccoulson cracks whip at armel porter11:52
seb128poor armel building firefox and then being whiped11:52
chrisccoulsoni'm glad i'm finally getting somewhere with mozilla bug 716036 now11:53
ubot2Mozilla bug 716036 in Layout "css z-ordering renders invisible text on google search page" [Normal,Unconfirmed: ] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71603611:53
chrisccoulsonand it looks like a cairo bug ;)11:53
seb128why I am not surprised ;-)11:55
chrisccoulsonit seems to be drawing transparent glyphs as white on armel for some reason11:56
seb128I blame xorg :p11:56
dpmhi all, since this morning the unity launcher is not doing autohide and stays on top of all my windows. Is this a known problem, or does anyone have a workaround?12:04
dpmoh, it was just the default setting that had been changed, I could restore auto-hide from the control center12:08
ronocmvo, ping12:46
ronocmvo, don't know how to figure out when updates are installing12:47
ronocwill leave it out for now12:47
ronocbut that was part of the spec12:47
ronocit seems much more stable than before using the new pk kit compat layer12:47
ronocgoing to take lunch - let me know what dependencies i should list in my configure.ac12:48
ronocI already have the pkglib-lib12:48
ronocdo i need any others - that python compat pk layer thingie from yesterday12:49
ronocright lunch12:49
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mvoronoc: so if aptdaemon creates events on the PK compat layer, than you can watch for those, but I will have to check with glatzor if that is possible/fits into the scheme of things12:54
ronocmvo, events as in ?12:55
ronocright now i listen for the udpateschanged and reboot_scheduled12:55
didrockssil2100: hey, just answered to your email btw12:55
mvoronoc: creating transactions12:56
mvoronoc: aha, I see12:56
ronocmvo, yeah but surely transactions can be behind anything12:56
ronoci just want to know if there are actual new updates being installed at that moment12:56
sil2100didrocks: thanks12:57
ronocmvo, ill push what i have now12:57
ronocwe can fix that after FF if we can12:57
ronocat least the port has been done :)12:57
* ronoc doesn't want to know anything about transactions ...12:58
ronocif i can help it12:58
mvoronoc: I'm not sure that is possible  with the current interface, it looks like you need to react to TransactionListChanged and check those if they are updates (unless the C api hides that away)13:01
ronocmvo, ok13:02
BigWhaleerr I used dput to upload to a ppa, then I canceled the build request, package still got build, then I deleted the package and now I got rejected for a build because apparently my source already exists. How do I get rid of it? :/13:18
seb128you can't13:19
seb128upload a new revision13:19
seb128you can't get the same version published twice13:20
seb128it would be very confusing for launchpad,users, especially if somebody got the first upload13:21
BigWhaleI agree13:21
BigWhaleI think I secretly hate bzr and launchpad13:36
kenvandinegood morning seb12813:44
kenvandinedid you notice the theme breakages in the latest gtk?13:44
kenvandinegwibber and evolution seem to be the most broken13:45
seb128kenvandine, hey, yes, I warned you yesterday before upload: p13:45
seb128kenvandine, Cimi has a new unico and light-themes13:45
kenvandineoh... i thought you warned about all the deprecations13:45
seb128kenvandine, I was about to look at doing those updates13:45
seb128kenvandine, deprecation and issues ;-)13:45
kenvandineok :)13:45
seb128kenvandine, do you want to do them or do you want to do indicator-session and other stuff? I'm done with GNOME so I've free time13:46
kenvandinei will do the indicators13:46
seb128kenvandine, unico light-themes, I can do them if you want or I can let them to you13:46
kenvandineoh, are they updated?13:46
kenvandinei can do those13:46
seb128kenvandine, Cimi commited fixes an hour ago13:46
seb128kenvandine, as said I was just going to look at them13:47
kenvandineseb128, you can do unico13:47
seb128but I'm happy for you to take them if you are not too busy13:47
kenvandinei'll do light-themes13:47
kenvandine :)13:47
seb128kenvandine, ok, you do light-themes?13:47
seb128on my way ;-)13:47
kenvandineronoc, from now on just give me branches and i'll manually update the patch... merging just refuses to work :/13:48
kenvandineit is easy enough to cherry pick your new revisions and put them in my diff13:48
seb128kenvandine, get the sound stuff in precise!13:48
seb128works great here13:48
kenvandinei plan too :)13:48
kenvandineronoc, is that cool with you? if i upload it today?13:49
didrocksm4n1sh: back home? :)13:49
seb128kenvandine, btw did you notice that they rolled a new empathy tarball yesterday?13:50
m4n1shworking on it13:50
kenvandineseb128, i did13:50
seb128kenvandine, just mentioning it in case you didn't notice13:50
seb128ok, great13:50
kenvandineon my todo list :)13:50
m4n1shdidrocks: this is the license? right? http://git.gnome.org/browse/pygobject/tree/COPYING13:50
jdstrandseb128: hi! is there a bug open on the light-themes issue with the latest gtk? (I couldn't find it). the lack of contrast makes it difficult for me to read email headers in evolution13:51
seb128jdstrand, we have theme updates to match the new gtk on their way, try back in one hour when the fixes are landed please13:51
kenvandineseb128, what is the new unico version?  upping the depends in light-themes13:51
jdstrandseb128: ok, thanks13:51
seb128kenvandine, 1.0.1-0ubuntu213:52
seb128kenvandine, Cimi didn't roll a tarball, I just backport the recent commit13:53
didrocksm4n1sh: no, it's not, you are using LGPL213:53
m4n1shyes +13:53
m4n1shdidrocks: you have the full license text for it?13:54
didrocksm4n1sh: /usr/share/common-licenses/LGPL-213:54
didrockson your ubuntu system13:54
didrocksjust copy it from here13:54
kenvandineseb128, let me know when you push the unico branch, i'll do a local build to test the theme13:56
kenvandineseb128, can you also do the notify-osd update?13:57
seb128kenvandine, ok, 2 minutes13:57
seb128kenvandine, can do yes13:57
m4n1shdidrocks: if bin_PROGRAMS = activity-log-manager13:57
m4n1shthen alm_CFLAGS changes to activity_log_manager_CFLAGS?13:57
m4n1sh- changes to _13:57
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
m4n1shdidrocks: can you check that the packages you built, in those are AUTHROS going in /usr/doc instead of /usr/share/doc ?14:00
ronockenvandine, lets do it !14:01
tjaaltonis anyone interested in indicator-weather anymore?14:01
kenvandineronoc, any changes since yesterday for me to pull in?14:01
tjaaltonit's been crashy since natty14:02
didrocksm4n1sh: I had to move the doc from /usr/doc to /usr/share/doc, indeed14:02
ronockenvandine, nope just that branch from yesterday, there is however an issue with bluetooth devices14:02
ronocthat i was going to look at today14:02
ronockenvandine, do you want to wait until i fix that14:02
kenvandineronoc, eta?14:02
ronockenvandine, hopefully EOB today14:02
kenvandinei have plenty to do, so i can just wait a few hours on g-c-c14:02
ronockenvandine, ok cool - will get back to you in a bit14:03
seb128kenvandine, unico pushed14:05
seb128kenvandine, hum, I might switch it back to source v1 though14:06
kenvandinei just saw, it won't build :)14:06
seb128kenvandine, I will --overwrite the most recent commit to switch to source v1, v3 doesn't deal well with bzr merge backports14:06
kenvandinedo it14:06
seb128kenvandine, well edit debian/source/format and change to 1.014:06
kenvandinedone :)14:06
seb128it build, just bzr-builddeb is being stupid14:06
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
m4n1shdidrocks: if you have time can you look in Makefile.am (folder root)14:07
m4n1shcant make out what is wrong over there, even you told that it tries uninstalling wrong files14:08
didrocksm4n1sh: well, I'm helping on a lot of other stuff, not an issue right now, as I workaround it on the package (and we need the first release ;)) but I'll have a deeper look later14:08
cyphermoxpitti: I do, that's what I'll be doing today (or cutting a new snapshot, there's some fixes for a bug that might be coming in soon if it didn't already land)14:09
cyphermoxpitti: that was re: modemmanager14:09
pitticyphermox: thanks14:09
pitticyphermox: might be a good idea to merge with Debian first14:09
cyphermoxpitti: we share packaging branch with debian, so that's going to be real quick :)14:10
kenvandineseb128, new unico and light-themes fix it for radiance, but not ambiance14:13
* kenvandine looks at theme diff14:13
seb128kenvandine, can you let seem know? well that's the theme I use so it's something :p14:13
seb128kenvandine, you can pull --overwrite unico14:16
kenvandineseb128, oh... it is fixed!14:19
seb128kenvandine, I still get spammed by px warnings14:19
kenvandineweird, switching themes back and forth wasn't enough14:19
seb128gedit background looks wrong14:19
kenvandinei had to exit and restart them14:19
seb128oh, maybe I still have the old engine loaded14:19
kenvandineyeah :)14:19
seb128kenvandine, gedit is broken for me with the light theme14:20
seb128the background of the text editor is grey and not white14:20
* kenvandine tries14:20
seb128still getting the14:20
seb128Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: nautilus.css:58:19: Not using units is deprecated. Assuming 'px'.14:20
seb128the menubar selection color is wrong14:21
seb128ie if you disable appmenu and try to open a bug14:21
kenvandinelooks fine in ambiance14:22
kenvandinenot radiance14:22
pittibooting current precise daily in kvm, and I get unity 3D!?14:23
kenvandinethe background looks light, but not quite white in gedit14:23
seb128kenvandine, it doesn't here14:23
kenvandinepitti, wow14:23
pittiit's slow as hell and has some screen corruptions14:23
pittibut it does kinda work14:23
pittiLLVM FTW?14:23
kenvandinei guess!14:23
seb128pitti, 92685914:23
seb128is a request to not run under llvm14:24
pittiseb128: ah :)14:24
pittistill, quite impressive how well it actually works14:24
pittithis is -vga std14:24
seb128kenvandine, gedit is broken with ambiance for me as well14:24
seb128kenvandine, in a guest session14:24
seb128kenvandine, the background and selection color seem indentic, i.e I can't see what I select14:24
seb128kenvandine, is your gedit customized on the profile to use for colors?14:27
seb128kenvandine, I use "standard" here, it's broken as well in a guest session14:27
=== bcurtis is now known as bcurtiswx
kenvandineseb128, fine for me in a guest session on both of my computers14:28
seb128kenvandine, hum, k, weird14:29
kenvandinethe document background color is more gray though14:29
seb128kenvandine, do you get the nautilus.css warnings?14:29
seb128kenvandine, what is the selection color?14:29
* bcurtiswx waves hi14:30
seb128hey bcurtiswx14:30
Sarvattpitti: yeah it's not *quite* there yet, mesa 8.1 hopefully!14:30
kenvandineno i don't14:30
kenvandineseb128, do you have the updated theme?14:30
Sarvattpitti: vmware 3D passthrough works out of the box now though and unity works perfect under it via vmware player14:31
m4n1shdidrocks: go https://launchpad.net/activity-log-manager/0.9/0.9.014:32
seb128kenvandine, I've r18914:32
didrocksm4n1sh: sweet, taking :)14:32
pittiSarvatt: I tried again with the default -vga, still all stripes14:33
kenvandineseb128, there are more14:33
kenvandiner190 was the latest when i grabbed it14:33
pittiSarvatt: nice to hear! I always wanted to test some 3D stuff under kvm14:33
pittiSarvatt: that might make automatic tests easier, too14:33
kenvandineseb128, which includes menubar changes :)14:33
seb128kenvandine, I pulled like 10 minutes ago14:33
seb128kenvandine, still having the px warning with radiance14:37
seb128and the menubar label issue14:37
seb128and the background one14:37
seb128I don't get the warning about nautilus.css in ambiance though14:37
kenvandineok... i really need to move to having a separate packaging branch for light-themes14:38
seb128I guess the ambiance change to nautilus.css in r189 need to be applied to the other theme14:38
kenvandinesharing trunk with cimi is hard14:38
seb128$ bzr diff -c 189 | diffstat | grep nautilus14:38
seb128 Ambiance/gtk-3.0/apps/nautilus.css      |   10 -14:38
seb128he updated only one of the themes14:38
seb128kenvandine, I'm really puzzled why you don't get the issues...14:40
kenvandineso the menu label problem, you me when you select a menu item you can't see it right?14:40
seb128I mean I unset UBUNTU_MENUPROXY14:40
kenvandinemy package was based on r18914:40
seb128run gedit14:40
seb128and click on file14:40
seb128the label text is white14:41
kenvandinebut he committed to trunk while i was in the middle14:41
slomo_tjaalton: i've uploaded gst-plugins-bad with your changes and a small fix now btw14:41
slomo_tjaalton: might want to look on git.debian.org for the small change in debian/rules that was also necessary14:41
kenvandineok, yeah i see that14:41
kenvandinebut the menu items are fine14:41
seb128great ;-)14:41
seb128yeah, just the menu bar14:41
kenvandineand the background/selection issue14:41
seb128well anyway that's minor14:41
seb128kenvandine, I would welcome you applying the nautilus.css px fixes to the second theme before uploading14:42
seb128kenvandine, and I think we should fix the gedit selection color stuff14:42
seb128it makes gedit almost impossible to use14:42
seb128like I've been dnding text arround trying to select stuff to copy and trying again14:42
pgranerseb128, have you heard about todays update breaking flash's audio14:43
seb128kenvandine, ok, anyway Cimi seems on it14:43
seb128pgraner, no14:43
tjaaltonslomo_: yeah I noticed that, thanks. it complained about not finding the libs on build but didn't bother fixing it :)14:43
seb128pgraner, but I'm not the right guy to ask about audio, try diwic or TheMuso14:43
pgranerseb128, its happend to quite a few of the kernel team14:44
pgranerseb128, cool14:44
seb128pgraner, TheMuso sent an email to the ubuntu-devel list about a new alsa being uploaded earlier today14:44
seb128so it might have to do with that14:44
pgranerseb128, hmmm haven't got to that list yet14:44
slomo_tjaalton: without that fix automatic codec installation will be broken :)14:44
slomo_tjaalton: but other than that everything was fine14:44
tjaaltonslomo_: ahah, ok. well, it was getting late too and needed to push it out :)14:45
didrocksm4n1sh: /usr/share/applications/alm.desktop14:58
didrocksit still executes alm14:59
didrocksI'll still push that version for now14:59
didrocksthis can go with other fixes :)14:59
seb128kenvandine, Laney: btw what happened to the libproxy update? is that still on track for this cycle?15:31
Laneyoh, yeah, it's still a thing15:31
Laneylet me push some stuff15:32
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-lunch
didrocksm4n1sh: still around? :p15:40
kenvandineLaney, last i looked it was fine with me besides a few tweaks to make it build15:41
kenvandineLaney, it would be great to get that uploaded15:41
Laneyyou had a patch, can you send that over?15:41
kenvandinelet me find that15:41
Laneymozjs185 is in debian now thanks to chrisccoulson15:41
kenvandineLaney, ^^15:44
kenvandineoh... indicator-applet source was removed?15:53
* kenvandine was confused by the source going to NEW15:53
seb128kenvandine, yes15:56
seb128kenvandine, it was not building in oneiric...15:56
pittiseb128: do you happen to know which spell checker dictionaries gedit uses these days?15:56
kenvandineseb128, builds now :)15:56
seb128pitti, enchant15:56
pittiseb128: language-selector still installs aspell-XX for it15:56
kenvandineported to the gnome3 panel15:56
m4n1shdidrocks: saw the upload. Great15:56
seb128pitti, which can use whatever is available, ispell, aspell, myspell15:57
pittiDepends: aspell-en | myspell-dictionary | aspell-dictionary | ispell-dictionary | hunspell-dictionary15:57
didrocksm4n1sh: yeah, however, there are quite some stuff to fix for your next upload :)15:57
pittiseb128: we already install hunspell for LibO, so it would be nice to be consistent and use that for gedit, too15:57
pittiseb128: for custom dictionaries, etc.15:57
seb128pitti, I think that works, gedit uses enchant which can use hunspell15:57
pittiseb128: ok, I'll move gedit to hunspell-*, thanks15:57
didrocksm4n1sh: so, the stuff still install in doc/alm and not activity-log…15:57
didrocksm4n1sh: also the desktop files are refering alm15:57
seb128pitti, is getting pulling in dictionnaries?!15:57
m4n1shdidrocks: so doc is still not fixed15:57
m4n1shneed to look at it15:58
pittiseb128: language-selector does15:58
seb128oh ok15:58
didrocksm4n1sh: the desktop files are renamed and pointing the correct namespace?15:58
pittiseb128: i. e. "wa::gedit:aspell-"15:58
seb128pitti, yeah, please use hunspell ;-)15:58
pittiseb128: if you have "gedit" installed (the trigger package), then it installs aspell-$LANG15:58
m4n1shdidrocks: OH NOES15:58
seb128pitti, I though we consolidated that cycles ago15:58
seb128to only use hunspell15:58
pittiseb128: we do that for gedit, abiword, and sylpheed15:59
m4n1shdidrocks: again I missed that. Looks like I need some rest. Too much stress at daywork too15:59
m4n1shdidrocks: you might need to add a small patch then15:59
seb128pitti, I think it's a leftover15:59
didrocksm4n1sh: quite easy to fix, and that can wait on next upload :)15:59
pittiseb128: ah, sylpheed uses gtkspell which uses enchant16:00
pittimoving that, too16:00
m4n1shdidrocks: yes16:00
pittiabiword I'm not sure of16:00
didrocksm4n1sh: I guess you are looking for another release before eow?16:00
m4n1shdidrocks: 2 line patch on each .desktop.in file16:00
didrockswith some of seif fixes16:00
didrocksm4n1sh: and renaming them16:00
seb128pitti, I just checking, gedit uses hunspell-fr just fine here16:00
didrocksm4n1sh: that can wait on next release, no worry16:00
pittiseb128: merci16:00
seb128pitti, I don't have any other *spell-fr*16:00
seb128and correction work, it underlines words etc16:00
seb128pitti, de rien ;-)16:01
m4n1shdidrocks: won't that error in the .desktop.in file break ccpanel integration?16:04
didrocksm4n1sh: surprinsingly not16:04
didrocksm4n1sh: not sure how it get the right name, but it works16:05
kenvandineaquarius is here, everyone hide!16:10
apwso am i reading correctly that we'll only have 'launcher visible' and 'launcher not visible' from now on16:10
apwif we do go that way, i think we will need to consider that i may wish to have different defaults per launcher in a multi-window setup16:11
* aquarius grins16:11
didrocksapw: indeed, that's the new default16:11
aquariuspitti, ping about power stuff: my machine has "Hibernate" disabled in the "When the lid is closed" dropdown in Power Settings. Would you be the person to ask why that is?16:12
didrocksapw: there are still the other options in myunity or ccsm, but design want to remove the code path16:12
pittiaquarius: yes, we disabled it by default16:12
pittiaquarius: see bug 81239416:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 812394 in ayatana-design "Disable hibernate option by default" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81239416:13
aquariusah, thanks; will read that bug once launchpad starts talking to me16:14
dobeypitti: i don't think the detection is working right though16:15
pittidobey: detection of what?16:15
apwdidrocks, so did you say we can have different defaults per screen16:15
dobeypitti: whether a system supports hibernate or not; it should be choosable if the system supports it, no?16:15
pittidobey: there's no UI for turning it back on16:15
didrocksapw: no, I saw you can still have intellihide for now, but it may be removed soon16:15
pittidobey: it's not a matter of detection, that's what we had before (essentially, "do I have enough unencrypted swap space")16:16
didrocksas multiple configuration per screen, you should ask on unity-design ML first16:16
pittidobey: it's just disabled, as it's painfully slow and allegedly rather unreliable16:16
dobeypitti: i thought it queried powerd or something for it?16:16
apwdidrocks, right but one good feature of auto hide, is i can use window placement to show which launchers i can see by default, and i've become used to seeing the left one all the time, and not the rest16:16
apwdidrocks, hmmm talking to designers, not something i have the language for16:16
dobeypitti: what good is a UI that is always disabled? "disabled by default" isn't a description. it's a lie. :)16:17
aquariuspitti, is it permanently disabled? That is: is there a list somewhere with "laptops that support hibernate" in it to which I should request that my laptop is added? (Mine supports hibernate fine with sudo pm-hibernate)16:17
aquariuspitti, if it's honestly not turn-on-able in any way then fine, I'm just curious why it was disabled rather than removed entirely in that case :)16:17
aquariussorry if this is covered in the bug. LP is not talking to me.16:17
pittiaquarius: there is is not really such a thing like a "laptop which supports hibernate"16:17
dobeypitti: it's actually reasonably fast on my machines, and in fact does work reliably, unlike suspend which in fact, never works.16:18
pitti it's a matter of partitioning16:18
apwaquarius, because when we removed support in the kernle for that very reason, there was a riot16:18
pittiaquarius: it was deemed too confusing to have two options, users accidentally clicking the wrong one, and then having to wait several minutes, etc.16:18
apwaquarius, and the decision was to leave the infrastructure in so ubuntu derivatives could use it16:18
pittibut as I said, there's no UI to turn it back on16:19
aquariusapw, pitti, right, that makes sense. So I should think of this as: Ubuntu does not do hibernation at all, yes?16:19
seb128there should be one over time16:19
aquarius(as I say, no problem if that's the decision)16:19
pittiaquarius: from an user's POV, essentially yes16:19
seb128the ui is speced in https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1ILTJDiDCd25Npt2AmgzF8aOnZZECxTfM0hvsbWT2BxA/edit?ndplr=116:19
seb128but we dropped that workitem16:19
* aquarius grins16:19
seb128so not this cycle16:20
dobeyi love UI that makes me think there is just something wrong with my computer :(16:20
aquariusbeing me, I can live with sudo pm-hibernate. I just wanted to check whether it was specific to my laptop or not :)16:20
didrocksapw: heh, I can only say "good luck" :-)16:20
aquariusis it safe to tweak the dconf setting directly? or is that likely to punish me in the future because I've set a setting that the UI specifically prevents me from setting?16:20
dobeyaquarius: no. the UI equally hates everyone :)16:20
pittiaquarius: it's in /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/10-vendor.d/com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla16:21
apwdidrocks, indeed, not worth the pain i suspect, just live with randomly chaning semantic every day16:21
pittiaquarius: arguably it should be in dconf instead of polkit, yes16:21
aquariusah, so the bloke on askubuntu who said I should set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power.lid-close-ac-action to hibernate is full of lies, then :)16:22
aquariusor is the dconf thing actually the setting that says what to do, and the polkit thing is what disables choosing it in the UI?16:23
pittimvo: hm, I'm having a hard time using aptdaemon from language-selector; when you cancel the polkit dialog for installation, the transaction crashes with aptdaemon.errors.NotAuthorizedError, but it doesn't seem to send out any signal16:25
pittimvo: I already tried to print self.apt_dialog._transaction.status in the polling loop, but it doesn't change16:26
pittimvo: is there a method to catch exceptions in the client?16:26
pittimvo: at least it doesn't call the "finished" signal16:28
m4n1shdidrocks: not showing up16:28
didrocksm4n1sh: it does here and it did for seb128 as well16:29
m4n1shtotally confused.. how can it work16:29
didrocksm4n1sh: anyway, better to focus on next release :)16:29
m4n1shfirst some rest16:29
m4n1shand whisky..16:29
didrocksheh, enjoy :)16:30
pittimvo: also tried to set error_handler, but that's not being called either16:32
pittiglatzor: ^ maybe you have an idea how to handle this? (see my ping to mvo 10 lines up)16:32
pittimvo, glatzor: this uses defer=True16:33
glatzorpitti, could you please repost16:35
glatzorI was disconnected16:35
pittiglatzor: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834099/16:37
glatzorpitti, you are already using the pk interface or the normal aptdaemon client?16:38
pittiglatzor: normal aptdaemon16:40
pittiglatzor: that's bug 863875, BTW16:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 863875 in language-selector "Freezes when cancelling authenticate dialog" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86387516:42
pittireproducible with opening language-selector, trying to install packages (initial warning that support is incomplete, or adding a new language), and cancelling the auth dialog16:42
pittiAFAICS the transaction just seems to crash in the background, and the exception is never propagated anywhere16:43
=== Ursinha-lunch is now known as Ursinha
pittianyway, need to run for today, will look into this more tomorrow16:46
pittigood night everyone!16:46
glatzorpitti, night16:47
didrockshave a good night pitti :)16:47
seb128kenvandine, newed indicator-applet btw17:15
kenvandineseb128, thx17:16
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
ronocmvo, ping17:46
ronoci'm going to send a tarball towards kenvandine soon with that port to pk api, just so you know - (remember the libpackagekit pulls in package kit by default)17:47
kenvandineronoc, that is ok, i'll build it in a chroot :)17:47
ronocah cool, thx kenvandine17:48
didrockshave a good night everyone!17:59
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=== s9iper1 is now known as bil21al
jbichais there a tracking bug yet for the gtk text entry padding issue?18:55
jasoncwarner_hey kenvandine , pgraner just pinged me about this bug..is this part of some of the themeing issues we had recently?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-sound/+bug/92626919:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 926269 in indicator-sound "sound indicator has white background on the volume and mic sliders" [Undecided,New]19:03
kenvandinethat is an ido bug19:03
* kenvandine finds the right bug to dupe that19:03
jasoncwarner_kenvandine: when you say ido bug, is that a code bug, a theme bug or something else?19:04
kenvandinewell, theme/gtk changes caused the breakage19:04
kenvandinebut it needs to be fixed in libido19:04
jasoncwarner_kenvandine: and, asking another way *cough*cough*, is there a way to auto test stuff like this?19:04
jasoncwarner_kenvandine: ah, ok19:04
kenvandinewe knew about this19:04
kenvandineit doesn't break usability19:04
kenvandinejust ugly :)19:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 925700 in ido "light-themes draws the background of volume slider as white" [High,Confirmed]19:05
jbichagtk's been doing a lot of theme changes (breakage) this cycle, hopefully they're almost done...19:05
jasoncwarner_kenvandine: dark themes too ;)19:05
kenvandinehey... seb128 assigned that one to me!19:05
kenvandinethe problem is DX doesn't really have anyone maintaining ido19:06
kenvandinecimi was looking for somone to fix it but no takers19:06
kenvandinewe'll get it fixed19:07
kenvandinebut that certainly shouldn't be a high, it doesn't break usability19:07
jbichaok I guess we can use bug 928814 to track it then19:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 928814 in gtk+3.0 "Text input padding too small with GTK 3.3.14" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92881419:11
kenvandinejasoncwarner_, theme related stuff has been kind of a disaster for the past couple weeks19:14
kenvandineeach gtk release has made cimi have to race to play catch up19:14
jbichaand they've done a lot of releases19:19
nessitahello everyone! I'm getting some "new" warnings in my terminal, a few examples are:19:20
nessitaGtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gnome-panel.css:67:25: Not using units is deprecated. Assuming 'px'.19:20
nessitaGtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: nautilus.css:10:20: Not using units is deprecated. Assuming 'px'.19:20
nessitaGtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: unity.css:19:25: Not using units is deprecated. Assuming 'px'.19:20
nessitashall I report that?19:20
kenvandinenessita, have you updated in the past few hours?19:21
dobeygtk on api stability: we won't break api (unless it's api we think people don't really care about)19:21
nessitakenvandine: this morning19:22
kenvandinethe latest gtk3-engines-unico and light-themes should fix those19:22
nessitakenvandine: ack!19:22
kenvandineupdate again :)19:22
* nessita re updates19:22
kenvandinegtk 3.3.14 deprecated stuff19:22
nessitakenvandine: thanks!19:22
kenvandinenessita, np19:23
kenvandinenessita, you should actually have quite a bit of brokeness theme wise if you are seeing that still19:23
kenvandinean upgrade will do you lots of good :)19:23
nessitakenvandine: :-)19:26
cancerhey there19:27
cancerI am a student of B.Tech CSE . My skill sets are C, C++, Java . and I wanna contribute to Ubuntu19:27
cancerwhere should I start from ?19:28
dobeykenvandine: hrmm, so maybe the crashes i'm seeing aren't gnomekeyring19:59
dobeybut not sure what they'd be19:59
dobeyseems to happen mostly when clicking add and then the [-] button under the list19:59
dobeysince i can't actually add any accounts, it's very hard to isolate what exactly the problem is though20:00
kenvandineoh... so maybe it is the loading20:00
dobeybecause apparently keyring won't actually load or add any of the accounts20:00
kenvandinethat is when it would load the gtk module for the service20:00
dobeyyeah, it seems that some list is getting corrupted20:01
dobeyprobably the linked list of children in one of the widgets20:01
kenvandinebut displaying that list of accounts really comes from all GetAccounts in the service20:01
dobeyit also seems that the list of available services, and the path to the UI modules, also comes from the service20:02
kenvandinedobey, your branch also changes the service to use gnomekeyring via GI right?20:02
dobeyi changed all instances of gnomekeyring, yeah20:02
kenvandinethe path is assumed, based on the name20:02
kenvandineok.. maybe try your UI changes against gwibber-service that is installed20:02
kenvandineyou can use d-feet to verify GetAccounts returns a list of accounts, against your modified version20:03
kenvandinesince the accounts UI never loads any of the code the service uses20:04
kenvandinethey can be independent20:04
dobey** Message: console message:  @0: event.layerX and event.layerY are broken and deprecated in WebKit. They will be removed from the engine in the near future.20:04
s9iper1kenvandine: 3.3.5  uploaded ?20:05
kenvandines9iper1, not yet20:05
kenvandinedoing the indicators first20:05
kenvandineit might be tomorrow before i get to it20:05
kenvandinei've got a pile of updates to do20:05
s9iper1hmmm i understand20:06
dobeykenvandine: so looks like it's still not showing the accounts, even when getting them from the installed service20:06
kenvandinestick a print statement after it gets the accounts20:06
kenvandinemake sure you are getting data20:06
dobeyso i guess i broke something20:06
kenvandineyup :)20:06
dobeywhere exactly does it get the accounts in the code for the accounts app?20:07
kenvandine    accounts = json.loads(self.gwibber.GetAccounts())20:08
kenvandineadd a print accounts20:08
dobeyso yeah, it got data20:08
dobeyeven with the gwibber-service from my branch, it shows it getting data20:09
kenvandinecomment out the keyring call in populate_account_tree20:09
dobeyalthough, gwibber-service itself doesn't seem to be polling the account for new posts20:09
=== s9iper1 is now known as bil21al
kenvandinei forgot that was there, it highlights the entry if it can't find the secret20:09
dobeyyep, keyring call is blocking it20:10
kenvandinenarrowing it down :)20:10
kenvandineso that must be it20:10
dobeywell one problem at least :)20:10
dobeyi wish i could figure out the stupid box expansion issues though. the ~32px tall embedded webkit is not very useful :(20:13
kenvandinei would focus on making it function first :)20:14
dobeywell it's easier to test functionality, when the buttons aren't twice as large as the available display area :P20:15
desrtseb128: hey.  want to do a new gmake upload now? :)20:19
seb128desrt, I was just checking the debian version, I somewhat saw that coming :p20:20
* desrt is so predictable20:20
seb128desrt, I wonder why debian put it in experimental for 8 months and didn't move it out of there20:21
desrtseb128: -> #gtk+20:21
seb128desrt, since you make you look at make I will make you look at another nessita's bug :p20:21
nessitaseb128: I can certainly find some :-D20:22
seb128desrt, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+3.0/+bug/92567620:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 925676 in gtk+3.0 "GtkBuilder will not connect properly the activate-link signal to a GtkLinkButton" [Undecided,New]20:22
seb128nessita, oh, I've one on my list ;-)20:22
desrtseb128: i don't like bugs :p20:22
nessitaseb128: right! you always are a step ahead of me20:22
desrtyou're making my day bad!20:22
seb128desrt, I'm just make things even for your pings! ;-)20:23
desrtoh no.  more python bugs20:24
desrtnessita: are you working on a gtk version of the ubuntu one preferences?20:24
nessitadesrt: hem... short answer: no. But I ported the ubuntu gtk SSO dialog to gi20:25
nessitadesrt: that's where all those bugs came from20:25
desrti'd be a lot happier to fix your bugs if i knew it was for a gtk preferences panel for ubuntu one ;)20:25
nessitadesrt: well, ... if the plans turn out like we expect, we're dropping the Gtk controlpanel in favor of the Qt one. Yes, I know. No, I can't change that :-)20:26
desrtnessita: didn't platform team say that they don't want to ship the Qt panel?20:26
nessitadesrt: last info I have, but info flows faster that I can tell, is that we can have the qt control panel. We're now sorting the issue about having the room in the CD for pyqt420:27
kenvandinenessita, i think we have been convinced otherwise20:27
kenvandineassuming the planets align properly20:28
nessitakenvandine: what do you mean exactly?20:28
kenvandinemaking room for pyqt4, etc20:28
nessitakenvandine: perhaps the english is confusing me... are you telling me that you have been convinced to *not* make room in the CD?20:29
nessitaor to do make room?20:29
seb128there is no such thing as room on the CD20:29
seb128whoever told you that: that's a lie! ;-)20:29
kenvandinei think we have been convinced that we can ship the qt4 control panel20:29
kenvandinebut that assumes things like that happen20:30
dobeyit assumes gwibber stops f'n crashing for me ;)20:30
kenvandinei suspect this is part of the driver for dobey hacking on gwibber to drop the webkit-gtk2 dep20:30
kenvandinewhich i appreciate a ton :)20:30
seb128did I say today how much I hate webkit?20:30
seb128hate webkit hate hate hate20:30
desrtseb128: more than i hate our mess of a build system?20:31
kenvandineseb128, add it to your quit message in xchat20:31
seb128desrt, I think at least as much20:31
desrtseb128: that's a lot of hate20:31
nessitakenvandine: yes, we plan on taking ownership of the room that dropping the gtk2 webkit will make20:31
desrtbecause i HATE libtool20:31
seb128you would think "it's ok, it's 8mb source"20:31
desrtand i'm not so crazy about automake either20:31
desrtand now i hate gmake :p20:31
kenvandinesuch a common conversation :)20:32
seb128until you realize the stuff takes 5hours to build on your i5 laptop, take 10G disk space you don't have on your 80G ssd and then run out of memory because ld goes over 3G20:32
desrtkenvandine: arguing about who gets to claim the free space or arguing about which software is more worthy of hate?20:32
* ejat just do and update in precise .. now my launcher does not apper if u turn ON in behaviour20:32
desrtseb128: get a thinkpad :p20:32
kenvandineboth :)20:32
* desrt just built webkit in ~20 minutes20:32
seb128desrt, I opted for "close firefox"20:32
seb128desrt, no way20:32
ejatnormal or bugs?20:33
desrtseb128: it's in jhbuild20:33
desrti just had to build gnome-shell to do a demo20:33
desrtand it has a webkit depend20:33
desrtit sucks, but it's not *that* bad20:33
seb128ejat, try asking on #ubuntu-unity20:33
ejatseb128: ok20:33
seb128desrt, I think you didn't build webkit but only some part of it20:33
dobeydesrt: you are just a long-haired ball of hate wrapped up in a kilt, aren't you?20:33
seb128desrt, it takes over 3hours on my i5, no way it takes less than an hour whatever cpu you got20:34
jbichadesrt: what kind of computer do you have, mine takes hours until it runs out of disk space :(20:34
desrtseb128: i7 here with 8GB of ram and fast new intel SSD20:34
jbichaI need to get a bigger partition20:34
jbichaCore 2 Duo here!20:34
desrtmaybe i don't build the whole thing20:34
dobeyseb128: it's really fast if you build it all on a ramdisk20:34
seb128desrt, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webkit/1.7.4-0ubuntu1/+build/312065420:35
desrt./configure --prefix /home/desrt/jhbuild/install --libdir /home/desrt/jhbuild/install/lib --enable-introspection --disable-static20:35
seb128Finished on 2012-01-26 (took 10 hours, 10 minutes, 58.7 seconds)20:35
seb128on amd64 builders20:35
desrtmaybe --disable-static helps?20:35
desrtare you doing parallel make?20:35
dobey--disable-static definitely helps20:35
seb128no, it's broken in 1.7.420:35
desrtworks for me?20:35
seb128not in 1.7.420:35
desrtmake -j4 here, so using all 4 virtual cores20:35
seb128they might have fixed it in 1.7.520:35
* micahg wonders who seb128 knows with 24GB RAM to build webkit in a ramdisk20:36
desrtya.  i have 1.7.520:36
seb128which breaks on documentation build20:36
seb128when you break out of srcdir20:36
seb128hate webkit ;-)20:36
seb128micahg, yeah, weren't you supposed to maintain webkit? why do I have to deal with those updates? ;-)20:36
dobeywebkit is a pretty good thing to hate though. building it is only one of many reasons :)20:37
micahgwell, I'm supposed to do the stable releases :)20:37
seb128micahg, good, because I'm not going to do those for sure :p I just stepped up for the new serie because nobody was20:37
micahgbut I realized earlier this week, I'm going to need to port glib/gstreamer/cairo code back to make it work20:37
seb128urg, have fun!20:38
seb128desrt, joke aside want to have a quick look to nessita's bug? ;-)20:38
micahgI tried building webkit with -j17 and it overheated my laptop20:38
seb128desrt, if you notice anything stupid in her example20:38
nessitaseb128: thanks?20:39
seb128nessita, yw ;-)20:39
* nessita is not stupid, though she makes some stupid things occasionally20:39
seb128nessita, you can join mvo in the pygobject hater club ;-)20:40
nessitaseb128: I HATE pygobject. I use python because i hate segfaults, and now I'm getting plenty20:40
seb128yeah, same for mvo20:40
seb128no nice error trapping with pygobject20:41
seb128you just get plain C segfaults20:41
dobeyyay introspection!20:41
desrtnessita: please bounce that bug upstream20:42
nessitadesrt: care to help me giving me details how to do that? not sure what that means (can guess opening a new bug report in the pygobject bug tracker)20:43
desrtnessita: this looks like a gtk bug20:43
nessitadesrt: hum, shall we try the same snippet in C before reporting upstream?20:43
seb128nessita, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=gtk%2B20:43
desrtnessita: that would be very helpful, actually20:43
desrtwould prove that the bug is with C20:44
desrtactually, you know, after reading a bit more i am not convinced gtk is to blame anymore20:44
seb128nessita, let me try with C20:44
desrti thought i saw something obviously wrong, but i misunderstood it20:44
nessitaseb128: you read my mind, I may get a stroke if I write C again20:45
m4n1shseb128: can you ask didrocks to upload the patch to privacy tomorrow whenever you find him online?20:47
m4n1shsomeone hit on the issue with the .desktop file20:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 928946 in activity-log-manager "The .desktop.in files don't match with executable file name" [High,Confirmed]20:47
seb128m4n1sh, what patch?20:47
seb128m4n1sh, ok20:47
m4n1shthe first comment on that bug20:47
m4n1shI need to sleep20:47
seb128m4n1sh, ok20:47
m4n1shgood night20:47
dobeykenvandine: hrmm, got a bit further, now seeing this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/834453/20:55
dobeykenvandine: any ideas?20:55
kenvandineok, that is what i got20:56
kenvandinelooks like broken gir20:56
kenvandinethe GnomeKeyringResult type isn't know or something20:56
desrtnessita: found the issue.  pretty sure it's a pygobject thing20:57
nessitadesrt: nice! what was it?20:57
dobeykenvandine: i don't think that's it exactly. Result is an enum in the gir.20:58
desrtthe signal connection function for python's override to GtkBuilder 'connect_signals' function sets the 'after' flag on the signal connection by default20:58
desrtat which point it's too late to cause the default action not to occur20:58
nessitadesrt: I see. Makes sense since the dummy callback was indeed being called, but was not cancelling the call to the default handler20:58
dobeykenvandine: maybe it's something that deals with the return value, and out values, for python? the bit that adjusts it to return a tuple instead of just the one value?20:58
kenvandinedobey, i bet you are right21:00
desrtfound the commit that introduced the issue21:00
dobeykenvandine: ah. looks like perhaps GnomeKeyringfound type isn't bound21:01
kenvandinedobey, the gir says it takes an out21:01
desrtnessita: did you file a bug?21:02
nessitadesrt: upstream? not yet. Want me to?21:02
desrtno.  i can21:02
nessitadesrt: ack, thanks!21:02
dobeykenvandine: hrmm, maybe not21:03
dobeykenvandine: yeah, but the <type> for that out is missing the c:type=21:03
dobeykenvandine: but it doesn't seem to be as simple as adding that21:03
ubot2Gnome bug 669705 in general "GtkBuilder signal connect override is buggy" [Normal,Unconfirmed]21:04
dobeylocale: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.15' not found (required by locale)21:08
dobeylocale: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.15' not found (required by locale)21:08
dobeyalso bad X for screwing up the paste21:08
dobeykenvandine: hrmm, i guess the typelib is a bit busted though21:10
ryelight themes are too light for my taste now - http://ubuntuone.com/0MLW9MY01Qqo80QnWloeY1 :)21:17
ryewhite labels on lightgrey, white text in white textboxes21:18
desrtseb128: may be worth a vendorpatch on this one21:20
desrtnessita: you are on precise?21:20
dobeykenvandine: ah, i see!21:20
jbichahmm, yelp is broken with Ambiance & Radiance now, white text on white background21:20
seb128jbicha, open a bug on light-themes and give us the number21:21
seb128rye, same for you21:21
ryeah, it is not known?21:21
seb128jbicha, rye: in fact I can't confirm any of those, did you install the gtk3-engine-unico and light-themes updates from today?21:22
ryesorry for spamming the channel, i thought I was posting in #u1 one, got tricked because d0bey and ness1ta are here21:22
kenvandinethere has been lots of fallout from recent gtk changes, and we need to make sure the theme keeps up21:22
kenvandineseb128, i confirmed in yelp21:22
dobeykenvandine: i think the find_items_sync needs an (array) annotation for the found parameter maybe?21:22
kenvandinemain page is fine21:22
kenvandinebut if you follow links you'll see it21:22
seb128yeah, and I can confirm in deja-dup there21:22
kenvandinedobey, according to the gir, yes21:23
seb128desrt, thanks for debugging it21:23
jbichaseb128: yes, I have gtk3-engines-unico 1.0.1-0ubuntu2 which is the latest21:23
seb128desrt, nessita: I just wrote a C version and can confirm it works in C, while desrt went directory to find the buggy commit :p21:23
nessitadesrt: yes, update a couple of mins ago21:24
seb128jbicha, open a bug then, I will assign it to Cimi21:24
nessitaseb128: :-)21:24
desrtseb128: i try to convince pbor to do a release21:24
seb128nessita, it remembered me why you hate C :p21:24
seb128desrt, correct21:25
seb128I forgot -Wl,--export-dynamic when building21:25
seb128which is needed for the signal stuff to work21:25
seb128it took me some minutes to figure that out21:25
seb128some days I hate C ;-)21:25
desrtyou're supposed to use pkg-config with gmodule-export21:25
desrtdesrt@moonpix:~$ pkg-config  --cflags --libs gmodule-export-2.021:25
desrt-pthread -I/usr/include/glib-2.0 -I/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/glib-2.0/include  -Wl,--export-dynamic -pthread -lgmodule-2.0 -lrt -lglib-2.021:25
seb128desrt, well I just used pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-3.0 because I was doing a quick testing :p21:26
desrtjust for future reference21:26
seb128desrt, thanks21:26
desrtit sets whatever is the appropriate flags for the platform you are on21:26
seb128desrt, pbor to release what?21:27
desrtseb128: pygobject21:27
desrtwith nessita's two fixes21:27
seb128oh, I didn't know he was a maintainer for it21:27
desrthe's been reviewing my patches...21:27
seb128well we got a tarball on monday21:28
desrthe just pinged me about this latest one too21:28
desrtdamn :p21:28
seb128pitti packaged it today21:28
desrtmaybe vendor-patches then :)21:28
dobeykenvandine: making a patched package to test with :)21:28
kenvandinedobey, woot :)21:28
seb128desrt, if it lands in git we can convince pitti to backport it I'm sure ;-)21:29
seb128desrt, just get it landed in git and that should be enough21:29
jbichaseb128: bug 92912621:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 929126 in light-themes "Help viewer shows white text on white background in precise" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92912621:32
seb128jbicha, thanks21:33
seb128jbicha, knowing Cimi bonus point if you add a screenshot ;-)21:33
jbichaseb128: thanks, I'll add that in a second21:34
desrtseb128: at pbor's typical rate i imagine that will happen some time between 10 and 60 minutes from now21:34
seb128jbicha, thank you, I will ping him tomorrow21:34
seb128desrt, no hurry, pitti is off for the night21:34
desrtoh look.  it's landing right now.21:34
ryebug #92912821:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 929128 in light-themes "deja-dup backup window is white on lightgrey, white text on white background in details" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92912821:35
seb128rye, thanks21:36
seb128nessita, you can thanks desrt again ;-) I will ping pitti tomorrow to get the fix backported so we unblock you21:36
nessitaseb128, desrt: thanks a lot! though I'm not blocked, we have a workaround in place for that21:37
desrtnessita: keep the reports coming :)21:38
* nessita will try21:38
desrtgives me work to do while i wait for DBO to fix bamf :)21:38
seb128desrt, want to debug a gedit,gtk issue in exchange for pbor's review :p https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=66968721:40
ubot2Gnome bug 669687 in gtk "spell checking menu has lot of empty space" [Normal,Unconfirmed]21:40
seb128desrt, I guess geometry stuff are not your stuff though ;-)21:40
seb128I should rather ping cosimoc or Company about this one21:41
desrtseb128: more likely someone like company for that :)21:41
desrtya.  i'm not touching this :)21:41
dobeykenvandine: hrmm, that didn't seem to fix it :(21:44
dobeykenvandine: ah, no. the gir is fine22:01
kenvandinedobey, oh?22:03
dobeywell, it's not converting a python dict to a GArray22:04
dobeybut i am not sure that's a problem with the gir22:04
dobeykenvandine: it appears AttributeList is bound as an alias to GArray, and the utility functions like _append_string() for it, are not bound22:09
kenvandinebut we don't need to use those...22:10
dobeykenvandine: except we do, because how else do you create the list of attributes?22:11
kenvandinefor the out parameter22:11
dobeyno, for the attribute list22:12
dobeynot the out parameter22:12
dobeythe out is actually fine22:12
kenvandineoh... i see22:12
* kenvandine got confused22:12
dobeythe gir is a bit broken though22:12
dobeybecause it thinks gnome_keyring_attribute_list_* are functions of the GnomeKeyringAttribute type22:13
dobeyso yeah, the gir is broken :(22:15
dobeybut not in the way we thought22:15
dobeyand i'm not quite sure how to fix it exactly22:17
dobeyoh ken quit. what a quitter22:20
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