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Laneyhello there22:58
Laneysomeone told me you run the ubuntulog bot22:59
Laneycould you please get it to log #ubuntu-arb? :-)22:59
AlanBellhi Laney, it is an RT request I am afraid, but the last one did take less than 24 hours to process23:18
pangolinWe really need a factoid with the email address23:20
ubottuThe RT kernel is the Ubuntu kernel with a realtime preemption patch applied. It is included in Ubuntu Studio by default. For more information please see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RealTime/23:20
Laneyit is in whois to be fair23:20
AlanBellLaney: also the channel isn't registered at the moment23:20
Laneywho is responsible for that?23:20
AlanBellstaff can I have ops in #ubuntu-arb to register it please23:20
AlanBellLaney: can you join it :)23:21
pangolinheh, look at that, it is.23:22
Laneythen ajmitch will know that I'm stalking him :P23:22
nikodone, AlanBell23:24
AlanBellthanks niko23:24

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