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* smb wonders what a "strut" is...08:16
Kanohi apw 08:19
Kanoapw: would you update aufs when you get simply instructions to do so? already verified with an iso image using aufs3?08:20
Kanoapw: also ndiswrapper 1.57 compiles with 3.2 kernel, why dont intergrate that?08:21
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* ppisati -> reboot11:39
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snadgewho looks after the 3.3 shit? :p12:21
snadgeooo theres an rc2 now ;)12:22
snadgerc1 wasnt booting on an amd zacate system of mine12:25
snadgebut it does on bulldozer 815012:25
reiseiHi, all. I'm using ubuntu-oneiric kernel on the ARM device. There is a problem: when I halt the system it have a segfault after unmounting file system... please, advice, how can I fix it?13:49
tgardnerppisati, ^^13:49
ppisatireisei: kernel version?13:50
reiseippisati: 3.0.1313:50
ppisatireisei: i'm checking, hold on13:51
ppisatireisei: uname -a13:52
reiseippisati: 13:53
reiseiLinux omap4430-panda 3.0.13 #0 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jan 25 13:16:31 MSK 2012 armv7l GNU/Linux13:54
ppisatireisei: did you build it by yourself?13:58
reiseippisati: yep13:59
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ppisatireisei: then it's unsupported14:00
ppisatireisei: btw, do you have musb enabled?14:00
reiseippisati: :-( Even, you can't suggest what's wrong?14:01
reiseippisati: yes.14:01
ppisatireisei: ok, disable it, it causes panic at shutdown14:01
ppisatireisei: i swa some fixes for it upstream, but never ehcked if they hit -stable14:01
reiseippisati: thanks! I'll try it.14:02
reiseippisati: yes, it works.14:11
ppisatireisei: ok then, either you update to a more recent -stable version of you r kernel14:12
ppisatireisei: or you could look for "musb shutdown fixes" on the arm lkml ml14:12
apwtgardner, did ogasawara confirm it was the procps patches that were her boot problem do you know ?14:13
ogasawaraapw: I did14:13
ogasawaraapw: I yanked em14:13
tgardnerapw, no, I do not know for sure14:13
tgardnerah, nm14:13
apwogasawara, oh heh hi14:13
apw it early there isn't it ?14:13
reiseippisati: ok. Thanks a lot... Can't solve that problem for a week.14:14
ogasawaraapw: it is, but it's my normal start time anyways14:14
ogasawaraapw: I try to squeeze in as much time while the nugget is asleep14:14
ogasawaraapw: I tested on i386.  it would appear to boot properly, but then hang and vomit an oops for a null pointer dereference14:15
apwogasawara, not good.  will have a play with it and try and figure that one out14:16
ogasawaraapw: I can try booting it again here and get more detailed info14:16
ogasawaraapw: hrm, except I didn't save the bad build nor the patches.  you have them somewhere so I can re-create?14:17
apwogasawara, i have em, but don't worry i'll play with em14:17
apwcommit 633b45454503489209b0d9a45f9e3cd1b852c61414:18
apwAuthor: Eric Paris <eparis@redhat.com>14:18
apwDate:   Tue Jan 3 14:23:08 2012 -050014:18
apw    audit: only allow tasks to set their loginuid if it is -114:18
apwogasawara, i'll let you investigate that one, which is a new tunable for systemd systems whcih we may need to be aware of14:18
ogasawaraapw: ack14:18
ppisatiok, configuring /etc/asound.conf to use pulse made audio in flash video work again14:29
brendandmy flash sound is coming out the internal speaker instead of the usb headset, even though any other sound is coming out the headset14:32
ppisatibrendand: out of curiosity, what's thje content of /etc/asound.conf for you?14:34
brendandppisati, eh - it doesn't exist? any other place it could be?14:34
ppisaticat ~/.asoundrc14:35
brendandppisati, nor that14:36
ppisatibrendand: than i don't know, i had to do all this crap to make it work14:39
brendandppisati, not sure why i don't have those files14:40
ppisatibrendand: what i read around is that if you don't get any noise out of flash is beacuse the audio is nit routed through pulse-audio14:40
ppisatibrendand: in fact, without it, i don't see any flash-stuff in the consumer list of pulseaudio (Sound Settings -> Applications)14:41
brendandppisati, i think i have a different problem. i'll need to find exactly what's going on when i get a chance. probably a reboot will fix it though14:42
* ppisati -> coffee, brb14:55
* cking -> pick up kid from school, back in 25 mins or so14:56
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apwogasawara, am i correct in thinking you are using master-next in ubuntu-q ?15:35
tgardnerapw, I created master-next in that repo15:35
ogasawaraapw: I am15:35
ogasawaraapw: I need to sync it up again with the latest precise master-next though15:35
apwogasawara, yeah am starting to wonder if i should be building against it15:36
apwogasawara, actually that came up recently, should we be uploading that regularly, like we do the pre-proposed heads ?15:36
ogasawaraapw: for q?  I don't think it's necessary at this point in time15:37
ogasawaraapw: for precise master-next maybe15:37
apwogasawara, yeah we cirtainly can add precise to the mix there, if it is helpful.  there is no obvious reason not to15:39
apwnow that PPAs work15:39
ogasawaraapw: yah, that seems reasonable.  I think maybe once we hit kernel freeze for precise, then q would be reasonable to start building etc.15:39
* ogasawara back in 2015:41
ckingtgardner, is that AMD laptop en-route to me now?15:43
apwogasawara, ok, done, precisise should now be pushed from tommorrow15:44
tgardnercking, yep, went out yesterday afternoon15:46
ckingtgardner, thanks!15:46
ogasawaraapw: ack, thanks!16:01
ogasawaraapw: so for this systemd loginuid patch, did you just see this in passing or is there another source which triggered this investigation, ie a LP bug?16:23
apwogasawara, i was looking through the patches against fs/proc to see why the poo i pushed yesterday was exploding on you, and that one jumped out at me16:24
apwogasawara, so no, nothing other than randomly bumping into it, no idea what we even have that set to16:25
apwogasawara, i assume its an 'affecting Q' think now I think about it16:25
ogasawaraapw: I assume it is something we'd want to toggle on, I'd have to double check Q to make sure we did.16:25
ogasawaraapw: I'm actually running the Q kernel on my of my machines here16:26
apwogasawara, actually i have no idea what way it needs to be, upstart (i assume) may be compatible with it being systemds way or not16:26
apwogasawara, so i don't even know it is exposed hrrmmm ... perhaps we should be referring it to jhunt16:27
ogasawaraapw: from reading the commit message and Kconfig details, it does say that it should be toggled on for systems which use systemd or similar central process services which I would interpret to be upstart16:28
apwogasawara, so probabally we just should tell jhunt about it, and possibly security as it only affects what i think of as a security id for yourself16:29
ogasawaraapw: yep16:29
apwjjohansen, ^ one for your endless todo list ... this option may affect us in Q16:30
brendandok, i definitely have a new bug in precise. no matter what i do audio from the browser always comes out of the external speaker. it's verrrry annoying16:31
brendandpacmd list-sink-inputs doesn't list anything when browser audio is playing16:34
brendandhmmm. wonder if it's just chrome16:34
brendandppisati, does this sound more like what you were seeing?16:35
ckingogasawara, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/fwts/s3 and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/fwts/s416:37
ogasawaracking: awesome, thank you!16:38
ckingand fwts is in universe, so it's all ready to go.16:38
ogasawaracking: sweet16:38
ppisatibrendand: nope, for me it was just flash-audio not working16:39
brendandppisati, sure just flash? i thought it was as well, but noticed while in a g+ hangout that the voice audio was coming through the headset fine (because it's coming from the gtalk plugin) whereas the audio effects in the hangout were coming out of internal16:40
ppisatibrendand: yep, it was just flash16:41
ppisatitgardner: you din't get this one - http://static.1wt.eu/img/articles/guruplug-slow-heater/guruplug.jpg - right?16:44
smbjsalisbury_, Maybe that might be interesting de47a4176c532ef5961b8a46a2d541a3517412d316:44
tgardnerppisati, nope. gimme a sec16:45
tgardnerppisati, http://www.globalscaletechnologies.com/t-dreamplugdetails.aspx16:45
ppisatitgardner: http://www.globalscaletechnologies.com/t-dreamplugdetails.aspx?16:45
apwppisati, which is better :)16:45
ppisatiwell, the one i posted is a fire hazard16:46
ppisatithat's why i asked for the fan16:46
tgardnerppisati, one interesting feature of the dreamplug is that it also has wifi built into it and comes up as an AP by default16:49
ppisatitgardner: ah, nice, but for my LAN i opted for this one: http://pcengines.ch/alix2d13.htm16:49
brendandraised: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/92898016:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 928980 in pulseaudio "Browser generated audio comes out the wrong sink" [Undecided,New]16:50
tgardnerppisati, yeah, I've used a lot of PC Engines boards in another life.16:50
brendanddiwic - any idea why this could be happening?16:50
brendanddiwic - seems like pulseaudio won't manage the browser audio16:51
diwicbrendand, yes.16:51
diwicbrendand, if TheMuso does not fix it tonight I'll fix it tomorrow, since it seems to hit a lot of people16:52
diwicbrendand, I think the same as pgraner, that it was related to ALSA 1.0.2516:53
ppisatidiwic: does it apply tp flash stuff too?16:53
ppisatiah k, you just answered16:53
diwicppisati, it applies to anything using the alsa-plugin bridge to pulseaudio16:53
diwicppisati, which Flash does. As for other apps, it differs.16:53
brendanddiwic - i'm guessing it's a duplicated then. do you have a master bug number?16:54
diwicbrendand, no, just saw it on the mailinglist.16:54
brendanddiwic, ok. thanks!16:55
diwic(and can replicate here, I believe)16:55
ohsixcking: i happened to be running inotifywait -m -r / for something last night and noticed ibus opens and reads an svg every time the focus changes, lots of icons are read all the time and .cache/indicator-applet*.log is written to pretty often, if you're still looking for things that wake up the disk there might be something to see17:17
jjohansenapw: hrm thanks17:28
ckingohsix, can you file a bug and add "Also affects project" to ubuntu-power-consumption - that way it will get some love and attention17:31
ohsixhm maybe, i'm on natty though; don't know how easily i can test the latest versions of things, just thought it was worth mentioning as a source of more data to look at17:32
ohsixplus the .svg reads even if they're redundant should hit the disk cache, unless you're already under memory pressure then it just makes the situation a tinytinytiny bit worse :p17:33
ckingohsix, thanks, lemme put that down on a list of things to eyeball next17:38
ohsixbefore latencytop got a fancy ui it'd pretty readily tell you about file access17:39
bdmurrayapw: what is the status of bug 882147?17:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 882147 in linux "overlayfs does not implement inotify interfaces correctly" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88214717:39
ckingyep, some tools just overstep themselves17:39
apwbdmurray, in progress, its not entirly obvious we can fix it at the moment17:40
apwbdmurray, i've tried telling userspace that inotify doesn't work on that filesystem and that just makes it puke errors violently17:40
bdmurrayapw: so inotify might not be available then?17:40
ohsixit still says "press F to" check out the file in latencytop (paraphrasing) but it doesn't do anything; they just didn't change the string :P17:40
apwbdmurray, i just don't know at the moment, its much harder than i had hoped thats for sure17:41
apwi am about to start an upstream converation on what the heck we can do17:41
bdmurrayapw: okay, I'm really interested in seeing that work17:41
apwbdmurray, yep, and its not clear that the current structure lets that work17:42
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apwogasawara, ok i've managed to reproduce some kind of panic with the procps changes, though not until i tried to change the options ... it booted just fine for me ...18:03
apwthough of course it may depend what you have installed on the system in question18:04
ogasawaraapw: I'd tested with the latest precise and what was on master-next18:04
apwogasawara, yeah, there is definatly somethign screwey, just it didn't reproduce instantly for me, but i am looking at this problem and that may be what you hit18:05
ogasawaraapw: ack.  let me know if you want me to help test anything.18:05
apwogasawara, so once i've fixed it i'll get you to retest :)18:05
* ogasawara nods18:05
* ogasawara back in 1018:06
apwogasawara, ahh this is completley broken, and only luck lets me boot if anyone looks in /proc/mounts18:07
apwogasawara, ok sorted i think, i've now pushed out some replacement patches fixing the issue i think you were seeing18:32
ogasawaraapw: cool, I'll pull and test18:32
apwogasawara, basically any boot was a random tossup, so your positive testing was just as much luck as mine18:32
apwogasawara, a change of parameters to the show_options superblock options18:33
* tgardner -> lunch18:34
* cking -> EOD19:12
* tgardner relocates19:16
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bjfbdmurray: you see any recent breakage wi LP api? on Precise, task.date_created seems to be returning 'unicode' object instead of 'datetime' object19:17
bjfbdmurray: doesn't have to be LP api. there are several places it could be broken19:17
bdmurraybjf: haven't noticed19:18
bjfbdmurray: i don't run LP scripts on precise very often so I'd not seen it19:18
bdmurraybjf: just tested and yeah it looks like unicode19:19
* bdmurray cries a little19:19
ogasawaraapw:  test machine boots fine with the latest set of patches (have done 3 reboots so far, all successful)19:20
apwogasawara, sounds good, it was an obvious flaw when i found it19:21
ogasawaraapw: how urgently do we need these to go up, do we need an upload today or can I wait till tomorrow/fri?19:22
apwogasawara, no urgency really, we need them so security can test whether they are enough of a fix, but they arn't going to get to that in short order, and if they do, well they can make their own19:23
apwogasawara, just wanted them on their way19:24
ogasawaraapw: ack19:24
apwtgardner-afk, just found a new shortcut in unity launcher (not listed on the help) super-tab, does alt-style round your launchapplication19:25
apwbjf, jsalisbury, i note that the meeting summary that got sent out this time is missing the links i put in ... am i doing them in the wrong format ?19:29
jsalisburyapw, hmm.  Let me take a look.19:30
jsalisburyapw, your format during the meeting is ok.  I must have improperly formatted the moin file.19:32
apwjsalisbury, well i'd not sweat about sending out another version or anyting, just see if we can figure out what occurs for next time19:43
jsalisburyapw, sure thing.  I'll be sure it's fixed for next meeting.  The script to generate the moin file stripped the links, but I'll fix it.19:44
* apw calls it a day ... have fun19:59
scientesmake-kpkg broken?20:23
vanhoofapw: super + ` was a cool find for me :)20:23
scientesor does it not work with mainline sources?20:23
vanhoofapw: same w/ apt + `20:23
vanhoofer alt20:23
scientesthis is holding up my work, can someone look at how make-kpkg is not working?20:25
scienteshmm, this time it seemed to work, i guess nvm20:32
apwvanhoof, what does super+` do for you, doesn't seem to be a key binding here ?23:31

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