IowanFC member (me) has a question about LoCo forum moderator(s).00:17
ubot2The Loco Council is cprofitt, czajkowski, greg-g, itnet7, SergioMeneses and xdatap1 - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com00:20
Iowancprofitt,  now a question for you or another of the loco council...00:26
cprofittIowan: shoot00:30
IowanThanks - I'l probably need to get more data, but here's the short version:00:31
* cprofitt listens (err... reads)00:31
IowanOccasionally, the FC mailing list gets requests to change loco forum moderators00:31
IowanI CAN chane them, but would like the Loco council input00:31
IowanIs there a list of who contacts are - and who can/should be able to request moderators changed?00:32
cprofittI think there are two scenarios for this...00:32
cprofittIf the request comes from a) the team contact(s) as listed on loco.ubuntu.com or launchpad.net00:33
cprofittb) the previous forum area moderator I would approve the switch w/o consultation00:33
cprofittif it does not I would 00:33
cprofitta) try to contact the those people00:33
cprofittif you can not contact the people refer the issue to the LC00:34
cprofittthat is roughly what we do for issues regarding team contacts and mailing lists00:34
cprofittthe only exception to that would be if the request comes from the LC00:34
cprofittwhich means the original request went to the LC and we vetted the request00:34
IowanCurrent request is from Zach Gibbens - re Tennessee Loco forum moderators.00:35
cprofittis he the current forum moderator?00:36
IowanHis email sez he's the tustee00:36
cprofitthe is the listed 'lead' contact for that team per launchpad and loco.ubuntu.com00:37
cprofittso I would say you can make the change00:38
IowanThanks.  I'll probably be requesting more info later. Is there a Loco council mailing list?00:38
cprofittthere is00:38
cprofittlet me get you the addy00:39
cprofittthough you can always look that information up yourself and act on it00:39
IowanI'll try to do that, but the LC is my final authority...00:39
cprofittwe are always willing to help00:40
cprofittand feel free to ask in any case you feel nervous or uneasy about it00:40
cprofittjust don't feel like you have to defer to us if you can verify the person as one of the admins00:41
IowanI appreciate that - and will eventually be in contact to change  Iowa loco team contact (currently me)00:41
IowanIs that the LC list - or CC?00:43
cprofittsorry... wrong list00:46
cprofittthere ya go00:46
cprofittcopied the wrong email from one of mine00:46
cprofittscreaming kids make you inaccurate at times :-)00:47
IowanThanks - when/if I make moderator changes, I might send a quick note for verification00:47
cprofittsounds good.00:47
IowanTat'llo for now - thanks again.00:48
IowanThat'll for now - thanks again.  (darned rubber keyboard!)00:49
IowanThat'll do for now - thanks again.  (darned rubber keyboard!)00:50
ubot2The Loco Council is cprofitt, czajkowski, greg-g, itnet7, SergioMeneses and xdatap1 - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com01:13
tiagoscdgood night! how can i request a mailing list at lists.ubuntu.com to a loco team?01:14
paultagtiagoscd: send mail to rt@ubuntu.com01:16
paultagthat's human digested so just be descriptive01:16
tiagoscdok, tks paultag 01:17
paultagtiagoscd: you got it, champ!01:17
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