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knomedpm, hey!19:09
dpmhey knome19:12
knomedpm, i heard i should contact you about translations19:13
knomedpm, later in the cycle, hopefully really soon, we're going to have a new GUI in xubuntu for managing our lightdm stuff19:13
knomedpm, ...and we need translators for that19:13
dpmknome, ah, cool19:13
knomedpm, could you point us to the best way of gathering them?19:13
dpmknome, for a start, I'd recommend a couple of things: 1) set up translations in Launchpad 2) Set permissions to 'Restricted', assigned to ubuntu-translators 3) Announce the project in the ubuntu-translators mailing list, on the Planet, etc. I'll be happy to help promoting it19:15
knomeokay, thanks19:15
dpmknome, let me know how it goes and if you need any help. Or feel free to ask any of the guys in #ubuntu-translators19:21
knomeyeah, will do19:21
knomethanks a lot19:21
dpmno worries :)19:23
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