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dholbachhi bkerensa06:56
bkerensahi dholbach06:58
dholbachshall we? :)06:58
dholbachhey c_smith06:58
bkerensadholbach: Indeed06:59
dholbachsetting up the hang out07:00
dholbachman, the UI for picking someone to add to your hang out sucks if you have many circles - you can never get to the bottom of them07:00
* dholbach hugs c_smith and bkerensa07:16
dholbachthis is excellent :)07:16
bkerensaoh wow07:16
dholbachc_smith, did you get the trello mail as well?07:16
c_smithlet me look07:16
bkerensaI got it and I remember Trello I think another team uses it somewhere :D07:17
c_smiththere it is. got the Trello email,07:17
bkerensac_smith: If you want just hit me up tomorrow afternoon and I can show you the ropes so to speak07:17
c_smithbkerensa, that should work just fine.07:18
dholbachbkerensa, I think I'll get rid of the planning spreadsheet and we just use trello instead07:18
c_smithand now, I gotta get my sleep, falling asleep at the keyboard as it is.07:18
dholbachc_smith, sleep tight :)07:18
dholbachbkerensa, the ones "in progress" not assigned to me are ones you said you'd do07:19
bkerensadholbach: Sounds good07:19
bkerensadholbach: Yeah I'm following up on all of those tonight07:19
dholbachI just put your avatar on the lot of them :-P07:19
dholbachand I'll pester the folks I'm working with as well again07:20
bkerensadholbach: Matthew Revell is LP Product Manager right?07:21
dholbachI think that's his job title, yes :)07:22
dholbachyes, just checked it07:22
bkerensadholbach: What kinds of questions did we have for the LP team again?07:24
dholbachI don't know - not sure if we have anything prepared for them yet07:25
dholbachbut maybe something like this: How would you describe the main purpose of Launchpad? What do you feel it does exceptionally well? Can you describe  how the team works on putting a release together? What have been the big changes which got introduced in the last 2-3 months? How has Launchpad changed in the last few years? Do you have a funny story about Launchpad and its developers to share? How can people get involved with Launchpad?07:29
bkerensadholbach: Ok our Trello In Progress and Ideas have changed a bit07:41
dholbachWAH! We need more ideas! :-P07:42
bkerensaWe need questions for the Canonical teams07:42
bkerensaI know someone on Pete Graner's team who is QA so getting a interview there would be easy if I had some idea of what might be interesting to ask them :)07:43
dholbachin the "Story Ideas" doc we still have a few other ideas left07:43
bkerensaok cool07:44
dholbachjust go with what you feel is best - maybe an IRC interview works better - you can make it a bit more interactive and follow up on questions07:44
dholbachso if you don't know what the team is doing, you can just start with them at the very very beginning07:44
dholbachbkerensa, I think we should tag-team-interview the kubuntu folks about their plans going forward08:18
dholbachnow is the best time for such an interview08:18
dholbachI'll have a chat with them later today08:20
bkerensado you know the nicks of any of the core people?08:25
dholbachRiddell, ScottK, apachelogger among many others08:27
dholbachI think I'll just hop into #kubuntu-devel later on08:27
dholbachI just need to prepare a list of questions first08:27
dholbachand deal with a few other things first08:27
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