bazhangtroll detected01:42
CoreyWow, how'd bazhang know I was back?01:43
bazhangCorey, not you! but welcome back!01:43
bazhangTasmania in #ubuntu-offtopic01:44
Coreybazhang: If I can get debhelper --with python2 to not break in Lucid I'd be even happier.01:44
h00kbazhang: that's the second warning for lenswipe02:04
bazhangh00k, and ten trillionth for Roxy` on both topic and language02:05
h00kI'm going to leave before I throw in a +m or something.02:11
bazhang<Bsims> ActionParsnip: http://lmgtfy.com/ is my new help search engine02:35
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (16))02:55
CoreyNo need for +r, it's not an attack.02:56
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ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (Mavrick95 appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)05:46
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vibhavCan #ubuntu-in be +t'ed?11:24
Tm_Tvibhav: it's not up to us, ask the local ops11:25
vibhavThere are no ops there :(11:25
ikoniathey are there11:25
ikoniajust not active at the moment11:25
vibhavikonia: can you name  a few?11:26
LjLvibhav: /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-in list will list them11:26
ikoniaooh hobbses is no longer in the list11:26
ikoniahe used to be an op11:26
Myrttiand even if there weren't any ops, the issue would be handled in #ubuntu-irc11:27
ikonialooks like it needs a few new ones adding11:27
ikoniaI'll drop the council a note, as there are some good people in that channel11:27
vibhavInsufficient parameters for ACCESS11:27
Myrtti/msg chanserv access #ubuntu-in list11:28
ikoniathere is only the founder11:28
ikoniaoh no11:28
ikoniathey are all there11:28
vibhavwhos the founder?11:28
Tm_Tikonia: I'm confused, are we seeing the same list?11:29
ikoniathere are a few active guys in there11:29
ikoniaTm_T: yes11:29
MyrttiI'm seeing the same list as ikonia11:29
ikoniaHobbes and tuxmaniac are active in that channel11:29
vibhavYes they are11:30
vibhavI might hold a meeting someday for this channel's revival11:30
Tm_Tsounds good11:31
ikoniathe channel is active11:31
Myrttiand he's gone...11:31
ikoniait doesn't need reviving, it's not a massive throughput, but it does have some quality content11:31
elkyiirc tuxmaniac is one of the foss.in people11:32
ikoniayes, he's a good contributor to the channel when he's in11:33
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from ubuntu)18:53
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ubottuurlin2u called the ops in #ubuntu (bastidrazor)23:11
LjLok i warn you, if rainpebble "lol"s one more time, he's getting a kick. maybe i'm just not in a good mood but you don't ridiculize everything people say (or for that matter, that you say) like that23:39
MrChrisDruifYou warn me LjL ? ;-)23:41
LjLjust a general warning, in case someone wanted to be warned23:42

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