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pittimicahg: as Daviey said, as soon as we switch to building from -updates, we can unfreeze -proposed04:38
micahgpitti: anything happening around 06:00 UTC or do I have a couple hours leeway or does it not matter, I was hoping to have my 2 security updates in by 06:00 UTC, but I might be slightly delayed and wanted to know if that might impact anything04:40
pittimicahg: today nothing special happens04:41
pittiso a couple of hours back and forth don't matter at all04:41
micahgok, thanks, I"ll get everything in before I go to sleep04:41
pittimicahg: if that's going to land in -updates/-security, it migth actually be good to get it into 10.04.404:42
pittiI mean "land soon"04:42
micahgyes, it's going in the next few hours04:42
micahgpitti: what I was asking about before was the Thunderbird rapid release migration which wouldn't hit -security until March04:42
micahgand I'm not as concerned with that being on the media04:43
micahgthe migration is far simpler I think04:43
pittioh, right; it's only on  xubuntu-desktop04:43
pittiwhich we don't release updated images for04:43
pittiso, go ahead04:43
micahgpitti: oh, we did some point images for Xubuntu before04:43
sbeattiepitti: I have a couple of updates coming to -security soon as well; is there some coordination the security team should be doing here?05:46
pittisbeattie: not this week yet; the images will just pick up whatever is in -security05:46
sbeattiepitti: okay, cool. Please let us know when we need to be more mindful of pushing stuff to lucid-security.05:47
pittisbeattie: as long as it doesn't have regressions, it should be ok at pretty much any time05:48
pittisbeattie: but from February 12 on, 10.04.4 candidates will be more serious, so some care around that time would indeed be appreciatd05:49
micahgpitti: can you please copy from ubuntu-mozilla-security PPA xulrunner-1.9.2 to ubuntu/primary lucid (Security)10:16
* micahg is going to sleep, so, sometime in the next 4 hours or so would be fine10:22
pittimicahg: copied10:22
micahgpitti: ooh, thanks10:22
Laneyis doko away?10:32
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pittiLaney: not on the holiday calendar, at least13:38
stgraberLaney: I believe he's at some Linaro event14:33
Laneyjust wanted to check on the test rebuild since we may be considering *ahem* a ghc upload14:34
stgraberyou really like mass rebuilds don't you?14:36
Laneyno, actually i wish launchpad could do them14:36
skaetLaney,  doko's at Linaro connect  (california time zone) - he's been joining IRC periodically.   Email's probaby the best bet.15:07
Laneyit's OK, not that urgent15:07
Laneybut cheers for the info15:09
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pittiskaet: oh, you moved the 10.04.4 meeting to tomorrow?15:25
pittiskaet: I'm not online tomorrow afternoon, I'm afraid :(15:25
pittiskaet: could we do it 30 or 60 mins earlier tomorrow?15:26
skaetpitti,  let me check Daviey's calendar,  and see if that works for him.   I can probably swap out the one I have.15:26
pittiskaet: thanks, that sounds better (just got the new SMS)15:28
skaetpitti,  60 min before looks ok.   have moved it - will see if it holds.15:28
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Davieyskaet: tomorrow, right?15:37
skaetDaviey,  yup.15:38
Davieythat slot looks great!15:38
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pittiok, lucid debian-installer copied to -updates (that's a somewhat involved proceure)15:51
pittiDaviey: do you think we can postpone the building from -updates a bit?15:51
pittiDaviey: apt needs another day or two to mature, and nobody verified kickseed and partman-iscsi yet15:52
pittiand debian-installer-utils15:52
pittiand those are hard to verify if they aren't on the images15:52
pittiI pinged the bugs again15:54
skaetthanks pitti.   I'll ping around and see if I can find someone to help today too.16:01
Davieypitti: right16:03
Davieypitti: 24 hours, or do we need more - jibel ?16:03
Davieyjibel has bee driving 12.04 SRU validation for this.16:04
pittitwo bugs to go, AFAICS16:04
pittifglrx-installer isn't on the images and thus can be tested later16:05
jibelDaviey, I verified d-i-utils, I'll update the bug report with screenshots as I am not sure to interpret the result correctly.16:39
jibelfor the 2 other bugs there's no kickstart config file nor preseed. without a reply from the OR it will be difficult to verify.16:40
pittijibel: can we test them with some well-known defaults, to at least do some regression testing?16:41
pittijibel: well, I figure the jenkins autotester uses preseeding?16:41
jibelpitti, we know that preseeding works from lucid automated test but none covers iscsi preseeding which is what was fixed.16:43
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