pukekohi there.. i have a Gbit rated lan, and am getting speed readings of approx 260mbits from XP clients when connecting to a local samba server ( at non peak time ) is this too low ?00:15
qman___pukeko, bitrate and throughput are two very different things00:19
qman___mediocre desktop computers can only transfer files in the 35-50MB/s range, older poorer performing ones lower00:20
qman___in ideal conditions, a windows vista/7 computer with a multi disk raid 0 can achieve 80MB/s from a linux samba server00:20
qman___the server must also have a multi disk raid to keep up with those numbers00:21
hallynutlemming: smoser: stgraber: I may push http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc.debdiff  tonight.00:23
pukekoif i perform the same test (iperf) from another linux box im getting approx 700mbits -- am wondering if its the SMB 1.0 overhead ..00:24
hallyn(leaving tests running as i get some dinner)00:25
stgraberhallyn: "++    echo "Please login as Ubuntu." => shouldn't it be "ubuntu"?00:27
hallynstgraber: I figured utlemming meant user Ubuntu00:27
pukekoshould i set the Tcp Window to the same on the XP and the Linux ..?00:27
hallyni.e., username00:27
hallyni'll change it.  should i list the pwd too?00:27
utlemminghallyn: yup00:28
stgraberprobably a good idea yeah00:28
pukekoif i do that i get around 700mbits also00:28
stgraberhallyn: I'm guessing this won't work until we have the new upstart though right?00:28
hallynworks fine :)00:28
hallynthe cloud images have lxcguest built in00:28
stgraberah ok, so we'll break them when we remove lxcguest, good to know ;)00:29
hallynin fact we'll have to think whether new upstart will cause it problems00:29
hallyni dno't know if automated cloud image generation will break, or just say "<shrug> no lxcguest, s'coo"00:30
hallynutlemming: ^00:30
utlemminghallyn: I'm not sure I follow the concern00:31
hallynutlemming: pretty soon lxcguest will be removed from precise00:31
stgraberutlemming: the lxcguest package won't exist anymore next week (hopefully)00:31
utlemmingah....that's not a problem00:32
utlemmingthe package is being installed via the server^ pattern00:32
utlemmingwe are not explicitly installing it00:32
hallyni don't know what that is00:32
utlemmingapt package group00:32
hallynok, sweet.  thx.00:33
stgraberoh, which means that lxc will be automatically moved back to universe once lxcguest is dropped00:33
stgraberbecause currently the source and lxcguest are in main as lxcguest is in a server seed00:33
stgraberwhen that's no longer the case, it'll be fully moved back to universe and so anyone who's MOTU will have upload rights again00:34
hallynare we ok with that, or do we beg for MIR for lxc?00:34
stgraberI think it'd make sense to have lxc at least be in the supported seed but that'll require an MIR00:36
stgraberI mean, we kind of hope people are going to use it in 12.04 otherwise we wouldn't put that much effort into it, so then I think it makes sense to have it as part of the LTS00:37
hallynout for dinner, bbl00:39
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hallynstgraber: tests all pass.  did you ahve any more comments, or shoudl i push?01:26
stgraberhallyn: nope, that was the only thing I noticed01:26
hallynok thx01:26
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EvilResistanceanyone able to guide me through this?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/102381/configuring-ubuntu-server-to-act-as-a-gateway-similar-to-a-router01:36
qman___EvilResistance, assuming you have both interfaces configured already, eth0 is internet, eth1 is LAN, `echo 1 > sudo tee /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward; sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE; sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT; sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i eth1 -o eth0 -j ACCEPT`01:41
EvilResistanceqman___, the configuration of eth1 is the main issue i'm having, it doesnt want to work :P01:42
qman___that is doing it live, to have said configuration automatic at boot requires a few config file changes01:42
qman___you'll have to be more specific01:43
qman___"it doesn't work" isn't enough to go on01:43
EvilResistanceqman___, system isnt detecting the second networking card :P01:43
EvilResistanceat least...01:43
qman___well, that's a hardware problem then01:43
EvilResistancenot within networking... lspci has it, but its not being confiugred as an interface01:43
* EvilResistance agrees01:43
EvilResistanceqman___, alternatively, other question I had is related:01:43
EvilResistancehow can i set up just the LAN part01:43
mgwany cobbler experts know what causes this on a cobbler replicate: Exception value: 'cobbler trigger failed: cobbler.modules.sync_post_restart_services'01:43
EvilResistanceqman___, that is to say, configure the box as a LAN controller, without having external gateway access01:44
EvilResistanceand also, to provide IPs to each machine (also unconfigured on this box)01:44
qman___there's nothing to control01:44
qman___give it an IP01:44
qman___oh, you want to provide DHCP, you need a dhcp server01:44
EvilResistanceconsider this is going to work with 45 systems, i dont want to be setting 45 IPs by hand :p01:45
qman___apt-get install dhcp3-server, or apt-get install dnsmasq01:46
qman___dnsmasq has the main benefit of also including DNS caching and automatic local DNS01:46
qman___for future reference, if you know what you need, but not which package to install, you can use 'apt-cache search x' to try and find it01:49
qman___among a larger list of things, 'apt-cache search dhcp server' returned both of the above results01:49
EvilResistancei see01:49
Patrickdkapt-cache search what I need01:49
EvilResistanceqman___, last question, assigning an IP to the box itself for the LAN.  Can either dhcp3-server or dnsmasq do this automatically and give it, say,  or does that get set up statically separate from the configuration of dnsmasq01:50
qman___your dhcp server must have a statically configured interface01:51
qman___actually that's not strictly true, in some rare instances01:53
qman___but for your purposes, and most all purposes, the DHCP server needs to already have a statically configured LAN interface in /etc/network/interfaces01:53
qman___the default gateway must always have a static IP01:54
EvilResistanceindeed.  i assume i can configure the thing to hand out IPs from the range, rather than
qman___yes, you can use any range you want, though you should pick ranges in the designated private address spaces01:57
EvilResistance10.0.0.0/8 is defined in the RFCs to be private-use if i'm not mistaken...01:58
qman___yes, it is01:58
twb192.168/16, 10/8 and 172.16/1202:00
twbAlso 169.something is reserved for the .local mDNS/DNSSD pseudodomain02:00
qman___for APIPA02:01
twbavahi and all its friends need to FOAD tho02:02
EvilResistancealrighty, i'm going to go take a stab at this, i shall return and let you know of the results02:19
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EvilResistanceqman___:  i've installed dnsmasq, and it is running.  I've followed (as far as I can tell) the correct configuration modification to enable the integrated DHCP server, and assign from a range of 45 IPs in the area, with a 12 hour lease: dhcp-range=,,12h.  I hook up one of the machines that i'm trying to get to work on this, and it doesnt receive an IP at all02:57
qman___EvilResistance, requisites: the server's interface must be up and configured, dnsmasq must have been restarted since the configuration change02:59
EvilResistanceone second, *fixes something unrelated*02:59
Resistanceokay, so now my system died >.> figures.03:05
ResistanceANYWAYS i've put this into /etc/network/interfaces, i'm not even sure this is correct for what needs to be configured: http://pastebin.com/BS7umd1q03:06
qman___that is not correct03:08
qman___gateway cannot be itself03:08
qman___you can omit a gateway if there is none03:08
Resistancethat's what i wasnt sure about :P03:09
Resistanceand still nothing :/03:10
Resistanceof course, network manager on the system connecting to the DHCP thing doesnt give me detailed information at *all*03:12
qman___well, the mere presence of network manager can break everything03:14
qman___I assumed you were using a server03:14
qman___to eliminate network manager as the problem, 'sudo service network-manager stop'03:14
qman___other thing to check is the logs03:14
Resistancei am03:15
Resistancethe server doesnt have network manager03:15
qman___and restart dnsmasq after you bring up your interface03:15
Resistancethe client system *connecting* to the server is03:15
qman___ah, ok03:15
qman___well, you can still stop network manager and use dhclient -v instead03:15
qman___that'll show you what's going on on the line03:15
Resistancebut because network manager is a piece of [REDACTED], it doesnt give useful error messages03:15
Resistance... only problem is that the system i'm trying to connect to the server is the system i'm talking from...03:16
Resistanceand thats running off of a local wifi i have access to...03:16
Resistanceif i stop network manager on here, the connection will die :/03:16
qman___unfortunately, yes03:16
qman___but network manager is pretty persistent03:17
qman___can't reliably dhclient with it running03:17
qman___can try though03:17
Resistancemeh lemme load up colloquy off my iphone so i can continue to communicate here03:17
Resistancenote my response speed will be far slower03:18
=== Resistance is now known as Resist|WEB
Resist|WEBokay, lemme bring down network-manager here...03:19
Resistanceseems to be trying to broadcast to, but nothing seems to be responding...03:22
twbgateway line looks wrong03:22
Resistancethere is no more gateway line.03:23
qman___ok, if nothing's coming back, then next step to try is to make sure you can communicate at all03:24
twbhttp://paste.debian.net/155527/ is how I'd do it03:24
qman___manually set an address with ifconfig or ip, and try to ping the server03:24
twbBut you want a 0/0 route *somewhere*, it just makes no sense to have it routed to yourself03:24
qman___there's no internet in his scenario yet, because his second NIC doesn't work03:25
qman___but yeah, normally you'd set one03:25
Resistance qman___ no respons... oh for the love of god...03:29
* Resistance face desks03:29
twbResistance: purge NM entirely03:29
ResistanceI forgot to edit the firewall03:29
qman___that'll do it03:30
qman___stopping/starting network-manager works pretty reliably for my laptop03:30
qman___I often have to set it up as a router/gateway or bridge to troubleshoot stuff on the job, but also need network manager for wifi03:30
qman___and VPN03:30
qman___I know I don't NEED it for those functions, but it does them well and is way easier than doing it by hand03:31
hallynzul: could you please syncpackage -d unstable numactl ?03:33
arrrghhhis there a way to find out what is the physical location of an image file ?  all i see is /dev/loop0 on /media/xda when i run 'mount'.  lsof didn't seem to find it either..03:34
Resistancebleh, still not working03:34
ResistanceI'll fix it later, I have other stuff to do :/03:34
twbarrrghhh: losetup03:35
twbarrrghhh: /proc/mounts MAY tell you, I think that's new in 3.203:35
arrrghhhah, excellent03:35
arrrghhh2.6.32 here lol03:35
arrrghhhsudo losetup -a did it.03:36
twbmount -o loop uses losetup internally, you see03:36
arrrghhhthe rabbit hole goes deep usually on linux.  especially ubuntu03:37
hallynnot to use arrrghhh's name in vain, but I just realized I lost an hour of last night's work by accidentally terminating an instance :(03:43
uvirtbotNew bug: #928608 in bind9 (main) "package bind9 1:9.7.3.dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: subproses skrip post-installation terpasang menghasilkan kesalahan status keluaran: 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92860803:45
arrrghhhhallyn, i've been used for worse.03:47
hallyneven with wrath-of-khan-level gesturing?  good, cause it was painstaking ugly-patch-porting work...03:50
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cloneMXhey all, someone alive?04:19
cloneMXsomeone not-bot alive?04:20
arrrghhhhe's not a bot.04:20
cloneMXlooks like04:21
cloneMXsimple and clear04:21
cloneMXjust a Not04:21
arrrghhhbut he usually has a pretty good catalog of knowledge, he's answered more than a handful of questions i've had.04:21
arrrghhhi guess i'm assuming he.04:21
kantlivelonganyone here using apcupsd with a RFC1628 SNMP card?04:22
arrrghhhanyhoo, you got a question?04:22
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:22
arrrghhhkantlivelong, i'm using apcupsd... but i don't think with that card.  sorry.04:22
cloneMXwell cause polite first04:22
kantlivelongarrrghhh: its an ethernet based card :P04:22
arrrghhhi have a USB connection from the ups to the PC04:22
kantlivelongive tried NUT and it seems good except one goof that it doesnt shutdown based on batt percent..04:23
arrrghhhit's an APC?04:23
cloneMXwell mi problem is with some services at ubuntu 11.1004:23
kantlivelongRFC1628 compliant snmp web card04:23
cloneMXjust stop sending bytes after a request04:23
cloneMXssh and apache04:23
kantlivelongarrrghhh: which apcupsd says it supports04:23
cloneMXbut the things is not with all host04:24
cloneMXjust with some of it04:24
kantlivelongi hope its just my OS giving me the segfault for apcupsd:P04:24
kantlivelong(not ubuntu for the host node)04:24
cloneMXwell think 2 problmems at the same time are not posible04:25
kantlivelongi hope this works :)04:27
kantlivelongAPCUPSD > NUT04:27
cloneMXguys you know if Ubuntu 11.10 got some kind of intruders network detector04:29
twbIs apcupsd APC-specific?04:29
twbI'm mainly usint nut because I don't know any better04:29
twbcloneMX: not out of the box.  Here is the one I use: http://cyber.com.au/~twb/doc/iptab.ips04:29
twbcloneMX: I also recommend running regular pentests from outside the network, e.g. openvas04:30
cloneMXwell I was asking cause I dont know why the server is closing my network service conections like apache2 and ssh04:31
cloneMXbut not from all Hots04:31
cloneMX: D04:31
arrrghhhhave you checked the logs?04:31
twbcloneMX: probably because your switch is fucked or your NATing router is fucked, or you have a bad cable or similar.04:32
arrrghhhi would think all connections would drop if it was on the host side.04:32
cloneMXwell im  using a brand new adsl modem04:32
twbcloneMX: do the normal fault isolation things, such as checking the logs (as arrrghhh suggests), turning other services off, turning debugging on/up, swapping out components04:32
cloneMXover a pppoe04:32
cloneMXno logs04:32
cloneMXno firewall04:32
twbtesting components in isolation, e.g. connecting locally before connecting over the network04:33
cloneMXno info04:33
arrrghhhno logs?04:33
arrrghhhthere's logs.04:33
arrrghhhapache logs, ssh logs04:33
cloneMXno information over the logs04:33
cloneMXit just work from some hots04:33
cloneMXand not from others04:33
cloneMXfor example04:33
cloneMXnow I can see the host from home04:34
cloneMXmy adsl04:34
twbcloneMX: there is a limit to how much we can babysit you04:34
cloneMXty anyway04:34
arrrghhhcloneMX, first, quit using the enter key as  punctuation.  ask your question all in one line.04:34
twbcloneMX: it sounds like you're inexperienced enough that you really need someone on the ground who can isolate the fault.04:35
twbcloneMX: find your local linux user group (LUG) and ask them to recommend someone04:35
cloneMXletme explain it04:35
twbYou've been explaining the symptoms for 48 hours without getting anywhere.  Repeating yourself is not going to help.04:36
cloneMXim just did what you said04:36
arrrghhhoh i haven't been here to see it, sorry.04:36
qman___from what you've said, it sounds like a generic network fault, which could be your NIC, or a piece of hardware somewhere between the endpoints, or just the internet being the internet04:36
cloneMXfrom basics04:36
arrrghhhcloneMX, WAN residential connections are best effort.04:36
arrrghhhthey have pretty much no QoS.  certainly they won't take anything that is passed thru your LAN04:37
qman___home connections in general, and DSL in particular, are fairly unreliable04:38
arrrghhhyea... DSL suxxxxxors.04:38
arrrghhhi'm so very glad i vowed to never use it again :D04:38
qman___and if you're running on the ISP provided equipment, it's just as likely the box they gave you is crap04:38
qman___they do it all the time04:38
arrrghhhsee the previous on dsl sucking ^^04:38
arrrghhhcloneMX, you want a reliable host?  VPS.04:39
twbarrrghhh: what are you using instead, satellite down, PSTN up?04:39
twbThat's the only alternative to DSL in .au04:39
twbFSVO alternative = can't get DSL04:39
arrrghhhcable.. tis the best my area has to offer at the time being04:39
arrrghhhi forget about regional issues04:40
arrrghhhsome areas have fiber04:40
arrrghhhsome have... no choice04:40
qman___yeah, in the US cable is the best trade off04:40
qman___FIOS is a better line, obviously, but is only available in select areas04:40
arrrghhhcomcrast has run some fiber, and their connections are the fastest.04:40
qman___cable is widely available and fairly reliable as long as you have good equipment04:40
arrrghhhyup, no FiOS here.04:40
EvilResistanceqman___:  i beg to differ on the FiOS thing04:40
arrrghhhqman___, always purchase my own.04:40
arrrghhhi wish that community internet would take hold04:41
EvilResistanceqman___:  identical allowable internet bandwidth in the same location, homes literally next to each other, comcast has more net reliability than FiOS04:41
arrrghhhlook up 'greenlight cable'04:41
EvilResistanceat least out at my home04:41
arrrghhhi installed that head-end.  10mb up AND down for $40/mo04:41
EvilResistanceout here where I am now, though, Comcast has the domination04:41
arrrghhh100/100 for... i want to say $99/mo04:41
qman___comcast also has a 250GB/month cap04:42
qman___FIOS does not04:42
cloneMXok guys ty04:42
arrrghhhi know.  dicks.04:42
DarkwingI like my Cox cable... No cap, static IP address04:42
Darkwing25up 10down04:42
arrrghhhwait, what?04:42
twbDarkwing: ah, but is it a static IPv6 addrses04:42
arrrghhhother way around i assume04:42
qman___for home lines anyway, business class comcast is better04:42
arrrghhh25up lol04:42
EvilResistanceqman___:  if available ;P04:42
DarkwingIPv4, but it works for a small home server :D04:42
EvilResistancebusiness class isnt available out here04:42
qman___most of the customers I work with have comcast business lines, but at my house there is only charter communications04:44
qman___it's charter, dialup, satellite, or T104:44
qman___no other options are available04:44
twbWhat's charter, a guy on a horse with a bag of USB keys?04:45
qman___cable, just a lesser known provider04:45
qman___costs more than comcast with less speed, but no usage cap04:45
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raddy_Hello Everybody05:16
raddy_I installed postgresql 8.4 in ubuntu 10.04.05:16
raddy_But, /etc/postgresql/8.4/ folder not created05:17
raddy_Can anybody suggest what could the problem05:17
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lapsusbrutusbat crashes on startup.. needs 9101 to function but fails to listen to this port. installed bacula also.  did same thing on a debian computer and no problem at all.08:26
journeemanConnection problems :/08:49
journeemanSorry for flooding but, I'll repost the question - I recently installed Oneiric Server-amd64 on a Dell Poweredge 2950 which has an embedded ATI ES1000 card. I need to use virt-manager to manage a few VMs (having trouble with virsh) so, I installed xubuntu-desktop. On reboot, the screen just keeps flickering for a while before blanking out. The radeon driver is installed. There is no xorg.conf file08:56
journeeman to edit in /etc/X11.08:56
journeemanPlease help :)08:57
henkjanjourneeman: you can connect with virt-manager on your workstation to libvirt on the server09:07
henkjanjourneeman: or ssh -X to your server09:07
henkjaninstalling a graphical environment on your server to run virt-manager is not wat you should do imho09:08
journeemanOh ok09:09
journeemanWill try them out. Thank you henkjan :)09:10
chelzjourneeman: pretty sure you can use virt-manager to remotely connect to machines09:13
chelzFile -> Add Connection -> Connection: [dropdown menu]09:13
chelzin that dropdown you can select various kinds of remote access09:13
chelzjourneeman: so you really don't need to install something as heavy as a full DE09:14
chelzand even then, lxde is better than xfce, or dwn, ion, ratpoison, etc09:14
greppy( as a screen and tmux user, /me <3 ratpoison )09:15
jkylehwo would I laod hte megaraid_sas driver in a preseed.cfg? my hands off install is not detecting the raid card correctly09:57
RoyKjibel: afaik that should happen automatically if the PCI ID of the board is known to the driver10:05
Ruetobasanyone using orchestra? just installed on an vm instance and the distro list is empty...10:11
jkyleRoyK: the driver is a megaraid_sas, it says it can't detect the drives. I load teh driver, and the install proceeds10:46
jkyleso, need to automate that selection10:46
yahoo123Good day to you all!10:46
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jkyletried: disk-detect/module_select select megaraid_sas10:48
jkyleactually, I think I got it...nice10:57
Vivekkirkland, roaksoax, SpamapS, Daviey : Anyone around ?11:08
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Vivekroaksoax: The /etc/rsyslog.d/99-orchestra.conf is pasted here http://paste.debian.net/155555/11:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #928769 in nova (main) "nova-compute fails due to absence of policy.json" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92876911:21
Davieyuksysadmin: Can you raise a bug please?11:46
uksysadminyeah will do11:46
DavieyTrying to work out why others haven't spotted this as yet.11:47
Davieyincluding our CI11:47
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sorenDaviey: What's this+11:53
VivekDaviey: hI11:54
Davieysoren: bleed over from #openstack11:54
Davieyhey Vivek11:54
VivekDaviey: I am still working on the DHCP issue from yesterday.11:54
DavieyVivek: happy times!11:55
Vivekroaksoax has asked me for my 99-orchestra.conf file which was pasted earlier.11:55
sorenDaviey: Ah, there. Awesome.11:55
VivekMy query was regarding creation of directories in the /var/log/orchestra/rsyslog directory corresponding to machines in the eth0 interface.11:58
VivekIn dnsmasq.conf also I have set up the interface eth0 to not give out any dhcp requests via eth0.11:58
Viveketh0 is in bridged mode and the provisioning server runs inside a virtualbox . eth1 is the internal network range.11:59
VivekThe internal network range is something like 192.168.1.x11:59
Viveketh1 is in internal networking mode.11:59
VivekI would like to know why those directories named after 10.x.x.x I.P Addresses are created inside /var/log/orchestra/rsyslog.12:00
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DavieyVivek: i suspect they are created when the installer starts sending stuff back to the rsyslog server12:19
VivekI understand that.12:23
VivekDaviey: Can you point me to exact source code that causes this to happen ?12:23
VivekDaviey: I would also like to know why there is dhcp and dhcp3 directories in /etc12:27
VivekWhich one does orchestra use ?12:27
DavieyVivek: i think that is how rsyslog works.. you'd need to grep the rsyslog souce code for that.12:31
journeemanchelz, henkjan Thank you :)12:40
VivekDaviey: There are no machines installed in the 10.x.x.x series12:52
Vivekvia eth012:52
VivekAll machines are commissioned via the eth1 interface with I.P Address 192.168.1.x series12:53
DavieyVivek: i suspect it's something to do with your enviroment, virtualbox bridge?12:57
Viveketh0 is in virtualbox bridge12:58
Viveketh1 is in internal network mode.12:58
Viveketh0 has the 10.x.x.x series I.P Address assigned to it12:58
Vivekand eth1 has the 192.168.1.x series I.P Address.12:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #928834 in nova (main) "nova-compute depends on qemu-kvm, even if kvm is not used" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92883413:30
zulgood morning13:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #928848 in nova (main) "nova-common installation triggers nova-manage db sync on compute node" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92884813:58
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Davieyzul: does bug 892754 impact us?14:01
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 892754 in glance "test suite doesn't work with sqlalchemy v7" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89275414:01
zulDaviey: possibly14:02
zulDaviey: i think we should be fine14:04
Davieyzul: oh?14:05
zulwe are already running 0.7.3 on precise14:05
Davieyzul: Precise has v7 of sqlalchemy, no?14:05
Daviey"test suite doesn't work with sqlalchemy v7"14:06
zulDaviey: right but according to the pip-requires you need >= 0.6.314:06
Davieyzul: Are you following what i am saying?14:08
zulDaviey: i might be missing14:08
Davieyprecise has 0.7 (aka v7) right?14:08
Daviey"test suite doesn't work with sqlalchemy v7"14:08
zuloh suck i totally missed that :(14:10
zulyeah we need that patch14:10
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jjohansenhallyn: so I have a bug or two that have slowed me down and I am to tired/stupid to see it atm.  I need to get a few hours sleep and then I get back to finding the problem and getting the ppa together for you.14:30
hallynjjohansen: thanks14:39
jcastrojamespage: excellent blog post, I've totally ripped it off and resyndicated it everywhere14:45
jamespagejcastro: so I noticed - thanks!14:45
hallynkirkland: byobu-tmux problem15:10
hallynkirkland: log in as user1, run byobu-tmux.  life is good.15:10
hallynkirland: log in as user2 in another window.  run byobu-tmux.  frowny face.15:10
hallynkirland: 5929  mkdir("/tmp//tmux-1001", 0700)    = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)15:11
=== shadeslayer_ is now known as shadeslayer
tgardnerchanging the orchestra.preseed to 'd-i  user-setup/encrypt-home boolean true' causes the installer to stop and complain that empty passwords are not allowed. Anyone seen this before ?15:23
kirklandhallyn: how odd15:24
kirklandhallyn: what's the uid of user1 and user2?  1000 and 1001?15:24
kirklandhallyn: did user1 DoS user2 by mkdir'ing /tmp/tmux-1001?15:25
kirklandhallyn: you can change the tmux socket path with the -S option (see tmux.1)15:25
hallynkirkland: just reporting what i've found so far.  i'll test a fresh install later.  didn't explictly do any DoSing.  seems like byobu-tmux should pick a socket it can use automatically :)15:29
hallynif i can reproduce on clean install i'll file a bug15:29
kirklandhallyn: yeah, I've talked to the upstream about this, it is actually pretty easy to annoy another user, though not completely DoS them15:29
Vivekkirkland: Hi15:30
kirklandVivek: hi15:32
VivekI am still trying to figure out the reason for those directories in /var/log/orchestra/rsyslog.15:33
Vivekkirkland: Does canonical have any case studies of Orchestra implementations ?15:33
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=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-lunch
tgardnerjamespage, have you been testing orchestra preseeds with encrypted home directories? I'm finding that it stops the automated install.15:38
kirklandVivek: not that I know of, though as I mentioned last week, I no longer work for Canonical, sorry15:39
kirklandVivek: the /var/log/orchestra/rsyslog directories are the remote logging information from deployed clients15:39
kirklandVivek: including the installation logs15:39
VivekIn my case I have used your installation instructions.15:40
Vivek1) Set up a virtual machine in Virtualbox15:40
Vivek2) eth0 is bridged to the external world and has an I.P Address in 10.x.x.x range.15:41
Vivek2) eth1 has an internal network set up in the 192.168.1.x range.15:41
VivekNodes are getting commissioned without any issues.15:41
VivekSo far so good.15:41
VivekNow in /var/log/orchestra/rsyslog/ I am getting directories of the form 10.x.x.x which should not happen as Orchestera is only supposed to commission nodes in the 192.168.1.x series.15:42
VivekIn dnsmasq I have used the interface=eth1 option so no dhcp requests should go via eth015:43
=== jodh is now known as jhunt_
kirklandVivek: hmm, well, something's wrong then...  as that means that rsyslog is picking up remote system logging from 10.x addresses15:43
VivekWhich according to me is a bug.15:43
kirklandVivek: i really need to pass you over to Daviey and/or roaksoax for help on this15:43
Vivekok np, I've had my conversations with them earlier today.15:44
VivekDaviey, roaksoax : Are you folks around ?15:44
DavieyVivek: I don't know what else i can add. Something is clearly posting logs back to the rsyslog, if we saw them, it would help.15:44
VivekI can pastebin the logs np15:45
VivekWhich logs do you need ?15:45
VivekLet me pastebin those logs.15:46
VivekDaviey: http://paste.debian.net/155584/15:49
VivekThat is what is done.15:49
Vivekhappening rather...15:49
DavieyVivek: Golly.15:50
Vivekroot@orchestra:/var/log/orchestra/rsyslog/2012/02/08/orchestra# ping
VivekPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.15:50
Vivek64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=128 time=0.987 ms15:50
Vivek64 bytes from icmp_req=2 ttl=128 time=0.922 ms15:50
DavieyVivek: So, orchestra is the hostname it came from.15:50
Davieyi'm going to guess that is localhost of the rsyslog server15:50
DavieyTherefore, orchestra has done nothing incorrect.15:50
Vivek10.130.55.205 is not the localhost of the rsyslog server15:51
DavieyVivek: you aren't listening. :)15:51
VivekThe I.P Address is 10.130.55.x but not 205.15:51
Davieyoh wait15:51
DavieyVivek: what is
Daviey ?15:51
VivekIt is a machine on my corporate network trying to contact the orchestra server for some reason.15:52
DavieySo what is the problem?15:52
VivekIt is not  a node commissioned by orchestra15:52
DavieyVivek: ignore orchestra.. this is rsyslog15:52
DavieySomeone sat in a desk next to you tried to ssh to your orchestra server, right?15:53
VivekWhy are remote servers trying to log to the orchestra syslog ?15:53
VivekI don't think so15:53
DavieyThey are not..15:53
VivekUnless the IT department is spying :)15:53
DavieyThe log originated FROM localhost.15:53
VivekI don't think any attempt was made to ssh to 20515:54
VivekMy concern is dnsmasq broadcasting still on eth0, a tcmpdump says no....15:54
DavieyVivek: You have it the wrong way around...15:54
Daviey.205 was trying to ssh into your orchestra server.15:54
VivekYes, I got it. That is how remote clients provide the logs to rsyslog.15:55
VivekWhy is .205 trying to ssh into the orchestra server ?15:55
DavieyVivek: I can book a flight, and conduct a survey around your office if you want?15:55
DavieyVivek: find out who has .205, and ask them?15:56
Cariboujdstrand: ping ?15:56
VivekYes have 6000 staff so that would not be feasible :)15:56
VivekAnyways, thanks.15:56
VivekLet me phrase the question in another way, when a new node comes up, is it possible to view that log some where on orchestra, rsyslog ?15:59
VivekAs far as I know it can be viewed in /var/log/orchestra/rsyslog/ but there I find those 10.x.x.x directories also.16:00
VivekIf i write to parse those logs and automate some action based on those logs which logs should I refer to ensure that a new node has come up ?16:01
Vivekwrite a script16:01
VivekOr even pointing me to section of code that creates those logs would be appreciated...16:02
kpettitAnybody know of a good opensource drop box type of tool?  I need a way to let users upload large files and share them via link.  But we want it on our own systems16:02
jdstrandCaribou: hi16:02
Cariboujdstrand: morning16:02
Cariboujdstrand: I have a question for you that should be easy16:03
Cariboujdstrand: when doing NAT through iptables, what is needed to have tftpd packets accepted from the NATted network ?16:04
CaribouI read that nf_nat_ftp & nf_conntrack_ftp modules were needed16:04
Cariboujdstrand: right now, the tftpd daemon gets the request but refuses connection from the NAT address16:06
smoserrbasak, so for your private cloud issue, lynxman wants there to be an entry for `hostname` in /etc/hosts.16:06
smoserbut we've had repeated issues with doing that.16:06
jdstrandCaribou: so nat clients are trying to connect to an un-natted tftpd?16:06
smoserone way it pisses off some thing, one way  it pisses off another.16:06
Cariboujdstrand: what do you mean by "un-natted tftpd" ?16:07
lynxmansmoser: it's just so we're in line with the experience we deliver with the server install16:07
rbasaksmoser: how about doing it if a hostname is explicitly specified in user-data, but not otherwise?16:08
rbasakOtherwise specifying a hostname with cloud-init is broken16:08
lynxmansmoser: I recall we had a talk about this at the rally16:08
smoserrbasak, then just set 'manage_etc_hosts: localhost'16:08
smoserand you'll be happy16:08
smoseror even 'template' i think16:08
Cariboujdstrand: the tftp requests (actually PXE boot requesting pxelinux.0) coming from a 2nd NIC in a NATted subnet16:09
jdstrandCaribou: is the tftpd daemon on the same nat network as the clients?16:09
Cariboujdstrand: no, that's the issue16:10
rbasakAha, I didn't know about this setting. Thanks!16:10
jdstrandCaribou: ok, so you see the nat address of the client in the tftpd logs, not the address of the router doing the nating?16:10
koolhead17hi all16:16
Vivekkoolhead17: Hi16:22
koolhead17hi Vivek16:22
DavieyVivek: I said, those locations get created by rsyslog itself.16:24
VivekDaviey: I am trying to identify what those machines are by nmap16:25
VivekThose machines that are trying to ssh16:25
DavieyVivek: honestly, if you have 6000 staff - and have no way of tracking internal IP addresses back to an owner, you have MUCH bigger problems16:25
VivekDaviey: Tracking them would involve coordinating with the Internal IT which is again going to be a PITA.16:26
VivekDaviey: Let me do my homework first :)16:26
koolhead17so what are you tracking Vivek?16:31
VivekLooks like IT monitoring me :)16:31
VivekNeed to figure that out mate.16:31
VivekHad a talk with out manager.16:31
koolhead17are you downloding porn at work?16:32
VivekNo :)16:32
Tixoscan someone tell me if this is a 'default' ubuntu user on a new server16:32
Tixoscitadel:x:103:112:Citadel system user,,,:/var/lib/citadel:/bin/false16:32
Tixosgoogled the name, and it comes up with some admin panel ?16:33
koolhead17Tixos: where did you got the image? did you check MD5 checksum16:33
Tixosits a dedi, the provider installed it16:33
Tixosand trust me they are useless16:33
koolhead17Vivek: better work then downloading poer16:33
VivekI got the nmap output, the OS is Microsoft Windows. with the open ports they are running.16:33
rbasaksmoser: I've tried manage_etc_hosts: template and manage_etc_hosts: localhost but neither seem to have any effect. Is there something I'm missing?16:33
koolhead17Tixos: your at wrong place then16:34
Tixosnot really16:34
Tixoslook at my questions, its perfectly valid here16:34
Tixosalso, citadel is in the repos, so if you dont want to help, thats fine16:34
koolhead17Tixos: the provider can remaster and upload the image. :)16:34
koolhead17afaik during deployment one has to create a user16:35
Tixosyou havent even answered my question, im only assuming from your replies that its not default16:35
koolhead17Tixos: yes16:35
Tixosthere is no home dir for that user16:35
Tixosno home DIR at all infact16:36
Tixosfor a user that is...16:36
koolhead17Tixos: its a application16:37
Vivekkoolhead17: The downloads I do are perfectly legal and done after managements approval. I don't know if using tor is the reason.16:37
Tixosits not installed though >    p   citadel-client                                            - complete and feature-rich groupware server (command line client)16:37
koolhead17no security threat. :) install server like mysql on the host and check /etc/passwd you will see16:37
VivekIn that case I am stopping that too now that IRC SSL ports are open.16:38
koolhead17Vivek: will talk tomorrow in office16:38
Tixoswhich is the correct way to create a user again, useradd or adduser :P16:39
Tixosive been told off for this before16:39
smbzul, smoser So I finally figured out why there is bug 922486. I hope to have spelled out all my findings along with one proposal how to fix it. Based on testing it seems to work well but I guess someone with libvirt experience may want to make sure this is not too much of a hack.16:39
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 922486 in libvirt "libvirt boot race on xen hypervisor" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92248616:39
Vivekkoolhead17: Yes, in that case IT will have to answer for disrupting my work :)16:41
Vivekkoolhead17: Anyways tommorow.16:41
TixosFetched 15.4MB in 0s (21.2MB/s)  yum16:42
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zulhallyn: ^^^16:49
zulsmb: it looks fine to me, but i want hallyn's oppinon as well16:50
Tixosadduser or useradd?16:51
smbzul, Ah, ok. Sure. Sorry, forgot him as libvirt stuff reviewer16:51
hallynsmb: looking16:52
hallyn<shrug>  seems to make sense, not knowing any of that code.  if it fixes it, go for it :)16:55
hallynzul: let's hope we don't forget that fix if we go with 0.9.916:55
smbTried to be careful and have it in the ubuntu patches section with that debdiff. Cannot upload it though. :)16:56
hallynsmb: no it's just that i already cut a 0.9.9 candidate, just have to not forget about your patch :)16:57
hallynsmb: you don't have upload rights?16:57
smbhallyn, nope. not beyond kernel (so only harmless things)16:58
hallynsmb: so that debdiff has been tested, and should be pushed?16:58
smbhallyn, Hm, I tested the version with a lot more debugging in it. Give me a sec, I have not yet tested the compile of the debdiff16:59
hallynok.  your comment in #6 also seems sensible, just based on a glance16:59
smbhallyn, Only that change I did never make to test it. Just looked a bit odd, and I was wondering why there was no real error message in the logs17:01
smbhallyn, Hm, think I need a bit more testing. Noticed some error messages when booting and am not sure they are because of my change...17:06
=== koolhead17 is now known as koolhead17|zzZZ
smbhallyn, Ok, seems the "ERROR:  Can't find hypervisor information in sysfs!" when booting in non-xen mode is independent to my change in libvirt. So it looks ok to upload it17:16
hallynsmb: the exact debdiff in comment 5, no changes?17:18
hallyni'll toss in the new 'start on' at the same time then17:19
smbhallyn, yes exactly that17:19
hallynok, will push, thanks17:20
smbhallyn, thanks for uploading. I'll pick up the results tomorrow17:20
hallynpushed - gnight17:27
SpamapSjamespage: here?17:51
hallynsave the earth!18:02
hallynoops, wrong chan :)18:02
hallyni need to better control my windows! :)18:02
hallyn(you know, to reduce wasted packets, which waste energy)18:03
acidflashis anyone familiar with bcache?18:04
webPragmatisti'm trying to figure out how to install http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/t/ttf2pt1/18:08
webPragmatistit doesn't seem to be a part of a package in apt18:08
hallynzul: have you had a chance to test libvirt 0.9.9?18:10
hallyni'm going to fire off a qa-regression-test against it i guess18:11
zulhallyn: yeah i tested it a little last night, ill do some more tonight18:15
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utlemminghallyn: it looks like you can't SSH into the cloud images when run under LXC18:36
utlemminghallyn: I'm looking now. The root cause is that SSH keys are not being generated on boot within LXC18:37
hallynutlemming: it *might* be due to a missing upstart event bc of something that doesn't happen in containers (yet).18:37
utlemminghallyn: it looks like sense cloud-init is not seeing a data-source, it does not generate the SSH Keys18:49
adam_gutlemming: what does cloud-init use as a data-source when booting in a container?18:51
adam_g(ive got no idea, just curious)18:51
utlemmingadam_g: it looks for the 169.???.???.??? address18:52
adam_gutlemming: thats the ec2 metadata service18:52
adam_gutlemming: when we boot cloud-init on hardware in teh CI lab, we're injecting metadata and userdata into /var/lib/cloud/seed/nocloud-net/ after installation, which gets picked up on first boot by cloud-init18:53
adam_gutlemming: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834299/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/834302/18:55
* utlemming looks18:56
utlemminghallyn: I'll have to revist that script later, but I think we'll end up with ubucloud and ubucloud-local, where the ubucloud-local unclouds the image.18:59
hallynutlemming: you mean the templates?  If so, we can just add '--local' to the template-specific flags19:02
hallynthough i'd rather to '--ec2', and have local be the default19:02
hallynso, 'lxc-create -t ubuntu-cloud -n cloud1 -- --ec2'19:03
utlemminghallyn: yes...and I like that19:03
hallynif no ec2, then always create the ssh keys, and don't waste my time looking for 169.*19:03
utlemminghallyn: although, I would have a generic label like "--no-cloud"19:05
utlemminger, "--cloud"19:05
zulhallyn: new libvirt looks ok so far19:05
hallynutlemming: that's good.  how involved is the mangling we have to do in the rootfs?19:08
hallynzul: qrt tests going ok so far.  though ih ad to edit the qatest/qatest.xml to not specify /usr/bin/qemu as the emulator19:09
utlemminghallyn: it should be easy19:09
utlemminghallyn: and less mangling than you'd think19:09
zulhallyn: ah cool19:09
utlemminghallyn: let me test my fix19:10
=== tgardner is now known as tgardner-afk
hallynzul: actually, virsh appears to be hung doing an attach-interface (as part of the qrt)19:36
zulhallyn: thats not good19:36
krauti'm using a nfs-export from my ubuntu server on my dvb reciever for timeshift. it happens sporadic that the video freezes and i see at that moment a high usage of kworker19:37
krautis this an issue in anyway?19:37
stgraberhallyn: ETA for upstart upload is 5pm eastern (so I believe 4pm for you)19:43
hallynstgraber: exciting!19:45
stgraberhallyn: do you already have a lxcguest-less LXC source package?19:47
hallynstgraber: should we create an empty lxcguest package for it?  Or just yank it out of the source pkg?  or have lxc now conflict with old lxcguest?19:49
stgraberhallyn: well, upstart will conflict with lxcguest, so there's no way anyone could install the package ;)19:50
stgraberhallyn: I guess we should just drop it entirely from the source and update the template to only install it pre-precise19:50
stgraberthen file a binary removal bug to get lxcguest out of the archive to avoid having it included in the cloud images19:50
stgraberthat should take care of all the use cases I can think of19:52
smoserhallyn, did you hvae a questionon generation of ssh keys in cloud images ?19:57
smosercloud-images don't have ssh keys generated, and don't generate them unless there is a instance-id found.19:59
smoserwe maybe should fix that so that they generate the keys anywhay.19:59
utlemmingsmoser: I did...I'm patching the lxc-ubuntu-cloud to take care of that19:59
smoserno, lets do it right.20:00
smosercloud-init should do that as leaving no ssh keys is quite generally useless.20:01
smoserwhat did you to disable cloud-init?20:01
utlemmingsmoser: I'm preseeding some meta-data20:01
utlemmingsmoser: and allowing users to define host name, instance-id and user-data20:02
utlemmingsmoser: which I think is valuable to the end user20:02
smoseryeah, that makes sense. but keys should get generated anyway.20:03
hallynstgraber: were you queueing up any lxc changes right now?20:04
stgraberhallyn: nope20:05
utlemminghallyn: here's my patch for lxc-ubuntu-cloud, http://paste.ubuntu.com/834391/20:07
hallynutlemming: ok, thanks20:09
hallynsmoser: ^ that fits in with what you want (always generating keys) too?20:09
smoserhallyn, but wait.20:10
smoserhostname ?20:10
smoserisnt that non-sensical?20:10
smoseror conflicting with an lxxc container setting ?20:11
danpyo! I'm wondering if the scripts used to build HVM AMI ami-976da7fe (099720109477/ubuntu/images-sandbox/hvm/ubuntu-lucid-daily-amd64-server-20110930-backport-kernel-oneiric) are available somewhere. I can't seem to find anything for that in the ec2-publishing-scripts or automated-ec2-builds repos /cc smoser20:11
utlemmingafaik, it doesn't20:12
smoserdanp, they are there.20:12
utlemmingdanp: the EC2 registration tools are NDA for HVM though20:12
smoserthats the only difference between the hvm and the instance-store.20:12
smoserer.. i  meant to say hvm and ebs.20:12
smoserbut, also, what utlemming said.20:13
smoserbut more than the NDA bit is your account wont have credentials to say --virtualization-type=hvm20:13
danpyou mean the ability to directly register images as HVM?20:13
smoseron a register.20:13
smoserif you want to try to be tricky..20:13
danpI don't believe I need that if I do some hackery and run CreateImage against a running/stopped instance20:13
hallynsmoser: utlemming: no, --hostname/-H doesn't conflict with an arg, but it does conflict with an option you can specify inthe config file20:13
smoser(i've wanted someone to do this, and only tried once or twice because failures cost $2.8 or whatever it is).20:14
smoserdanp, i recently did that on HP public cloud, which basically replaced a running oneiric instance with a precise instance.20:15
smoseryou could follow that and get into a root fs from an ephemeral disk and populate the clean root ebs.20:16
smoserbut the times i've tried, there was mysterious failure20:16
smoserhallyn, right. which doesn't make much sense. and cloud-init will read `hostname` fine. so i dont think you nee dthat20:17
smoserutlemming, you have funny indentation in that20:17
danpsmoser: my plan has been to run a cc1.4xl using the AWS AMI, stop it, detach the root EBS, attach a prepped EBS at /dev/sda1 (can't attach to just /dev/sda), then run CreateImage against it20:17
hallynsmoser: keep the rest?20:17
smoserdanp, yeah, that did not work for me.20:18
smoserit does seem like it should20:18
smoserand i'm interested in knowing if it does for you.20:18
danpcould probably ask AWS for the ability to register HVM directly as well. but it would be nice to not need that20:18
smoserhallyn, well, do you pick up a dependency on 'bc' for that ?20:18
smoserdanp, i honestly do not know anything about this, but i suspected when my start/stop/detach/attach/register failed, that the failure was intentional20:19
hallynstgraber: note that we have things like net-device-added lo which still could stand to have lxcguest20:19
stgraberhallyn: not in precise though20:20
smoserhallyn, other comments on that patch there are to not use full paths to files20:20
danpsmoser: yeah, my guess would be not being able to attach the partitioned EBS to /dev/sda. it shows up in the AWS AMI DescribeImage block device mapping as /dev/sda1 though. not sure20:20
smosertrust PATH20:21
hallynsmoser: utlemming: anything wrong with just uuidgen | cut -c -8 ?20:22
danpsmoser: please forgive my bzr ignorance, I've run `bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-on-ec2/ubuntu-on-ec2/ec2-publishing-scripts` and `bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-on-ec2/vmbuilder/automated-ec2-builds` and I don't see hvmify in either of those20:22
hallynstgraber: not for runlevel 2, but ther emight be something out there waiting for lo?  or not?20:22
smoserdanp, its part of ec2-image2ebs20:23
danpgot it. thanks!20:23
stgraberhallyn: all initscripts I saw so far are explicitly ignoring lo for net-device-up20:23
stgraberhallyn: I'd really like to see lxcguest go away completely, if that becomes a problem, I'd rather have the hack part of ifupdown/upstart than in lxcguest20:24
hallynthen away it goes20:24
hallyncan anyone explain why i can read paste.ubuntu.com jsut fine, but when i hit 'downlaod as text' i have to go through auth?20:24
stgraberIIRC it's to avoid using paste.ubuntu.com for file storage20:26
stgraberby making it difficult to retrieve the raw data20:26
danpsmoser: I see now. I was hoping to find a script that installed the backported kernel and all that as well. would that have been done with the way these tools were run to create that image?20:30
hallynis uuid-runtime always present?20:32
smoserdanp, well we dont install a backported kernel.20:33
smoserbut just mount the image chroot (modify /etc/resolv.conf) and apt-get install stuff20:33
danpsmoser: oh, but it looks like this is lucid with a kernel PPA added and linux-image-3.0.0-12-virtual installed from there. was wondering exactly how that was done so I could replicate it as closely as possible20:45
smoserah. you booted the lucid sandbox one i uploaded once.20:48
smoseri created that like this:20:49
smoser http://paste.ubuntu.com/834442/20:49
danpsmoser: yeah. that's the only lucid HVM AMI available, right?20:49
danpoutstanding! thank you very much20:49
smoseryes, but note the 'sandbox' in its name20:49
adam_ganyone happen to know the significance of the difference in the return code of the same 'ip addr add' command (2 vs 254) on two different systems: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834454/20:55
adam_gglancing thru the iproute source, i was only to find this :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/834456/20:56
utlemminghallyn: regarding uudigen....I really don't have much preference, just generating a random id21:02
hallynutlemming: cool, will do the shorter thing then21:03
hallynwaiting to test (libc6 upgrade is slowing me down)21:03
stgraberhallyn: lxcguest-free world -15min ;)21:45
stgraberhallyn: it's upstart o'clock ;) uploading now22:02
stgraberhallyn: uploaded22:05
axisyshow do I remove md3 and add the slices to md2 to increase the raid10?22:10
axisysmd2 : active raid10 sdg1[4] sdc1[0] sdd1[1] sdh1[5] sdf1[3] sde1[2]22:10
axisysmd3 : active raid10 sdh2[3] sdf2[1] sdg2[2] sde2[0]22:10
hallynstgraber: sorry, how does http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc.debdiff look?22:21
hallynzul: hm, that test also fails with 0.9.822:23
hallynzul: so, if libvirt is treating you all right today and tomorrow... maybe we should push 0.9.9.  <cringe>22:23
zuli havent had any problems with lxc i havent tried with kvm yet22:24
hallynutlemming: /etc/apt/sources.list has http://ubuntu-mirror.localdomain/ubuntu .  that's kinda useless in no-cloud situation22:25
utlemminghallyn: yes it does22:25
hallynwhat's the easiest way to have it use deafult mirror there you think?22:26
hallyn /etc/cloud/templates/sources.list.tmpl22:26
utlemminghallyn: well, cloud-init is the one doing it, so I think a cloud-config line22:26
hallynthat would look like what?22:27
utlemminghallyn: one minute...22:27
utlemminghallyn: right under my "#cloud-config:" line, you want to add, "apt_mirror: <URL>"22:28
utlemminghallyn: methinks that reading the host machines /etc/apt/sources.lists and fetching the URL out of there would be the most prudent course of action22:28
hallynutlemming: that seems a bit fragile (who knows which line to use).  There is a MIRROR option in /etc/default/lxc.  Use that if set, else use archive.ubuntu.com?22:33
utlemminghallyn: I like that idea.22:34
CharlieSuHi all.  I'm using a preseed file to automate my Ubuntu installation for a bunch of computers.  Everything works wonderfully, but I'm looking for a strategy to give each computer a unique hostname automatically.  Anyone do something like this ever?  Possibly based off of the MAC address?22:34
hallynutlemming: testing, will show you debdiff before i push22:35
utlemminghallyn: sounds good22:35
hayerHow can I set up shared directories in pure-ftpd-mysql?22:36
stgraberhallyn: sorry for the delay, was dealing with upstart FTBFS because of the new libc ;)22:44
stgraberhallyn: looking now22:44
hallynstgraber: fwiw i'm stil making changes to the lxc-ubuntu-cloud template, but not touch lxcguest22:47
stgraberhallyn: ok. The diff looks good, I'll just check with the actual code next to it though ;)22:49
hallynstgraber: ?22:51
stgraberhallyn: right, looks good (wanted to check what else was in that else/elsif and make sure it was indeed only the code installing lxcguest)22:51
hallynah ok22:57
stgraberhallyn: new libnih was uploaded which once build will fix upstart's own build, so in an hour or so everything should be built23:08
stgraberhallyn: upstart built fine on i386 though, so you can use that for testing (once it's published)23:08
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
hallynutlemming: http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc.debdiff   works for me (tm)23:38
=== sixstringsg|away is now known as sixstringsg
utlemminghallyn: looks good to me23:40
hallynstgraber: so I'm pushing lxc?23:41
stgraberhallyn: yep, I expect upstart amd64 to start building in the next 10min or so23:42
hallynlxc is away23:45
stgraberhallyn: cool!23:53
hallynstgraber: bug 929086 has me confused23:58
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 929086 in lxc "Missing depends: dnsmasq" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92908623:58
hallyn(it *is* listed in Depends)23:59
stgraberhallyn: yeah, doesn't make any sense :)23:59

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