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hallynjamespage: hey, so I'd like to hook up an automated run of lp:~serge-hallyn/+junk/lxc-test14:48
* jamespage looking14:49
hallynit ain't purty, but catches bugs14:50
jamespagehallyn: so can it run in a KVM instance?14:52
jamespageor does it need to run on bare-metal?14:52
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hallynyup, it can run in kvm instance15:02
jamespagehallyn: sorry thinking about this - its not quite like anything else we already have automated15:17
hallynjamespage: is there a url showing me how to make it more like the tests you have automated?15:18
hallynjamespage: would the libvirt tests in lp:qa-regression-testing fit better?15:19
jamespagehallyn, not sure TBH15:19
jamespagehallyn: so we could make it a set of tests off the end of an install test15:22
jamespagelike we do for lamp15:22
jamespageautomated install of ISO with required packages and then execute your test.15:22
jamespagethey run as root15:24
jamespageso that would be OK15:24
hallynjamespage: that'd be great15:27
jamespagehallyn: OK so can you take a look at     bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-server-iso-testing-dev/+junk/server-tests-precise15:29
jamespagethis is really a new test_case (see subdirectories)15:30
jamespageat the moment the tests that are run in each test case are python unittests15:30
jamespagewhich means we can grab the results and display in jenkins15:31
jamespagethey must all be in a file called 'test' in the test_case directory15:31
jamespageyou can handle some of the package install stuff using the preseed - see one of the other test cases for an example15:31
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jamespagehallyn: do you think that you can refactor what you have into that framework?15:36
jamespagewe can get it up and running for precise hoepfully15:37
hallynabsolutely - well, in time for precise will depend, but it can definately be refactored like that15:38
hallynjamespage: thanks15:38
jamespagehallyn: I say for precise because I know the QA team are going to be working on a new test framework for delivery early next cycle15:39
jibelhallyn, if you can provide a test that is an executable and its output is junit xml then its good.15:43
jibelFor precise we should be able to hack something into the existing tool like we did for software-center.15:43
hallyn(*$&%(*$&% xml *$&%*($&% )15:47
hallynso to be clear, if i refactor it like this now, i'll have to do it again for p+1?15:48
hallynif so, it may be a better use of my time to run the testsuite by hand and refactor for p+115:48
jibelno, you wont because we'll use the same output format for p+115:49
hallynah, ok15:49
hallynthanks guys, made some notes, will looka t this after ff15:50
rbasakhallyn, did you still need me to run the lxc test on arm? I think you asked me to hold on the other day?15:52
hallynrbasak: yeah that'd be great15:59
jibeljamespage, could you help verifying bug 708548 and bug 810068   in lucid ? I've no iscsi setup16:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 708548 in kickseed (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "kickstart not removing logical volume data (affects: 1) (heat: 11)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70854816:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 810068 in partman-iscsi (Ubuntu Natty) (and 7 other projects) "kickstart iscsi option broken (affects: 2) (heat: 16)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81006816:06
jamespagejibel: hmm - I might not have either - had a slight accident - let me see16:11
jamespagejibel: I think I can resurrect it but do we have any example kickstarts for testing this?16:14
jibeljamespage, I thought there was one attached to the report, but apparently not :/16:18
jamespagejibel: may make it a little difficult16:18
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jibeljamespage, and could you test a "default" preseeded iscsi install ? do you have a preseed for that ?16:45
jamespagejibel: I don't have preseeds for any type of iscsi install16:45
jibeljamespage, you should fix that :)16:46
jamespagejibel: sorry - not trying to be difficult16:46
jamespagethats happening all by itself!16:46
jamespagejibel: I can easily setup a rig to let me do manual iscsi installs; still have scripts16:47
balloonsweekly qa meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 10 mins :-)16:51
rbasakhallyn: lxc-test.sh seems to be trying to download armhf oneiric which doesn't exist17:02
rbasakI had another weird error as well, so I'm reinstalling to see if it happens again17:02
jamespagejibel: when do these need to be verified by?17:05
jamespageI know i should know....17:05
jibeljamespage, should have been done already, but no later than tomorrow17:06
jibelif we want them in 10.04.4 images17:06
jamespagejibel: right - I see17:06
jamespagejibel: I can't do it right now but I can take a look first thing tomorrow? would that be OK17:07
jibeljamespage, sure, that would be.17:08
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bdmurrayif somebody could confirm bug 928447 that'd be neat23:17
ubot4Launchpad bug 928447 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "possible to use a number for your computer's name (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92844723:17

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