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trijntjehow is the language for reviews in softwarecentre determined? I see an English review showing up for dutch18:37
trijntjecould it be that the user specified it wrongly?18:37
TiMiDotrijntje, give me the URL18:57
TiMiDoto check it out.18:57
trijntjeTiMiDo: what do you mean? It's inside the software center18:58
TiMiDois it?18:58
trijntjeyeah, these user generated reviews19:02
trijntjeyeah, not quite sure how to find out what went wrong. It could just be that the user tagged it with the wrong language, or it could be that it's a bug19:15
kelemengabortrijntje: maybe the user entered it in English - I see such with Hungarian locale too19:54
trijntjecould be19:55
trijntjemaybe i'll file a bug report about it, it should be pretty easy to sort it out on the server side19:56
trijntjeas far as I know most languages are easily distinguisted by letter frequency19:56
trijntjethe question is if someone wants to put time and energy in implementing something like that, I'm sure they have more pressing issues19:56
kelemengaboryeah, I think so. maybe a simple warning text could do - if your locale is not C, then show something like "Provide your rating on $LANGUAGE"20:01
trijntjeor some kind of warning if every word is spelled wrong for the locale you are trying to submit20:03

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