bschaeferjaytaoko, hey03:19
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Kaleotsdgeos: morning!08:55
tsdgeosKaleo:  morning08:55
Kaleotsdgeos: 2 MRs for you :)08:56
tsdgeosKaleo: yesterdays? you've comments there already08:56
Kaleotsdgeos: cool08:56
Kaleotsdgeos: are you ok today? :)08:57
tsdgeosKaleo: yep08:58
Kaleotsdgeos: replied to boh08:59
Kaleotsdgeos: replied to both08:59
Kaleotsdgeos: any luck with the spread?09:00
tsdgeosnot really09:02
tsdgeosi can see it deadlocking in the dbus level09:02
tsdgeosnot sure why yet09:02
Kaleotsdgeos: oki09:02
Kaleotsdgeos: if we get that done then the last issue is some RTL issues09:03
Kaleotsdgeos: for the gestures I am a bit blocked since geis is broken in oneiric09:03
Kaleotsdgeos: but I will 'borrow' oSoMoN's laptop :)09:03
Kaleotsdgeos: - RTL when launcher's hide mode is set to 0 is broken09:03
Kaleotsdgeos: I put it in the sketchpad09:03
tsdgeosthere is no test for that09:04
tsdgeoshence i did not fix it :D09:04
Kaleotsdgeos: lol :)09:05
Kaleotsdgeos: nice thought09:05
mhr3greyback, wake up before call! :)09:05
greybackmhr3: I've been awake for hours!09:05
Kaleotsdgeos: we especially care because the hide mode is going to be set by default to 0 in precise09:06
tsdgeosKaleo: https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/unity-2d/fix_dash_width_always_visible_launcher/+merge/91968 <-- new comment09:06
Kaleotsdgeos: you mean in the same qml file?09:07
tsdgeosKaleo: yep09:07
tsdgeoschanging them will probably even fix RTL for you09:07
Kaleotsdgeos: yeah, I know09:07
Kaleotsdgeos: but I wanted to focus on one issue at a time09:07
mhr3greyback, oh, so you just came back from party? ;)09:07
tsdgeosKaleo: ok09:07
Kaleotsdgeos: and you are the expert on RTL now :)09:08
tsdgeosKaleo: can approve it then if you prefer09:08
Kaleotsdgeos: yes09:08
Kaleotsdgeos: one fix at a time :)09:08
tsdgeosKaleo: well, to me the fix would be "don't use wrong availableGeometry" ;-)09:08
tsdgeosbut fair enough09:09
Kaleotsdgeos: I think like a user09:09
Kaleotsdgeos: (trying to anyway)09:09
greybackmhr3: cheeky monkey09:09
Kaleotsdgeos: I'll leave the RTL to you if you don't mind :)09:09
Kaleotsdgeos: also I think updateShellPosition has a bug regarding RTL09:10
Kaleotsdgeos: meaning, it also plays a part09:10
tsdgeosKaleo: why?09:10
Kaleotsdgeos: because in my tests the position of the shell in RTL was incorrect09:10
dyamsJohnLea: ping09:10
tsdgeosKaleo: what you mean by "incorrect"?09:11
Kaleotsdgeos: the launcher was not on the far right09:11
Kaleotsdgeos: but shifted on the left by its size09:11
Kaleotsdgeos: that's actually what the bug I wrote is09:11
tsdgeosKaleo: that's the x: binding in Shell.qml09:11
Kaleotsdgeos: "broken"09:11
tsdgeosfor the launcherloader09:11
Kaleotsdgeos: but you'll see :)09:11
Kaleotsdgeos: finally, I also made the list of files that need reviewing09:12
Kaleotsdgeos: I have a 3000 lines diff to review09:12
Kaleotsdgeos: that is the biggest chunk of work after these fixes09:12
Kaleotsdgeos: I'll get that done this morning09:12
Kaleotsdgeos: so that in the afternoon we are pretty stable09:12
tsdgeosKaleo: great09:12
Kaleotsdgeos: then it's just the last polish..09:13
Kaleotsdgeos: you don't have a multitouch device right? (macbook, etc.)09:13
tsdgeosKaleo: i do have a dell XPS touchpad, supports 2 fingers i think09:14
tsdgeosno idea how to properly tell09:14
Kaleotsdgeos: not enough for me09:14
Kaleotsdgeos: the gestures I'll reimplement are 3 and 4 fingers09:14
Kaleotsdgeos: I'll get somebody to review09:15
tsdgeosKaleo: it is a deadlock for sure see http://paste.kde.org/~tsdgeos/205004/09:28
tsdgeosKaleo: they're both waiting on eachother dbus interfaces to be created09:29
Kaleotsdgeos: oh nasties09:29
tsdgeosto be honest don't know an easy way to fix that09:30
tsdgeosother than what i did yesterday09:30
tsdgeosof not instantiating the dashclient in the spread since we don't really need it09:30
tsdgeosand thus the deadlock is gone09:30
tsdgeosKaleo: ↑ any other idea?09:35
* tsdgeos has one, tries...09:36
Kaleotsdgeos: I'm trying to think09:37
* tsdgeos 's idea fails09:38
tsdgeosof course one solution is moving stuff to a thread09:39
tsdgeosbut that's going to be much more painful than i'd like09:39
Kaleotsdgeos: so, 2 questions09:41
Kaleotsdgeos: why do we block when waiting for the service to come up?09:41
Kaleotsdgeos: why did not we have the same issue before (in trunk)?09:41
tsdgeosKaleo: we don't, Qt does09:41
tsdgeosKaleo: because in trunk there is no SpreadMonitor (that is the other part of the lock)09:42
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Kaleotsdgeos: I'm getting there (thinking about it)09:51
tsdgeosnerochiaro: you added in r790 two FIXMEs to Launcher.qml and LauncherList.qml do you remember what you meant with them? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell/revision/79009:54
nerochiarotsdgeos: lookig09:55
Kaleotsdgeos: ok, I got it10:00
tsdgeosKaleo: nice10:01
tsdgeoswhat's your suggestion?10:01
Kaleotsdgeos: from my thinking, we register the spread dbus service too early10:01
Kaleotsdgeos: we should do that just before starting the main loop10:01
Kaleotsdgeos: once we are done with everything else (especially loading the QML)10:02
Kaleotsdgeos: would that work?10:02
tsdgeosmight work10:02
tsdgeosdelaying one of them10:03
tsdgeosto make sure the other is loaded10:03
tsdgeoscan try10:03
Kaleotsdgeos: it's more like, we don't want to register our dbus service if we are not really ready to answer requests10:03
Kaleotsdgeos: hence registering our dbus service should be done as the last possible thing10:03
Kaleotsdgeos: before starting the Ãmain loop10:03
Kaleotsdgeos: if that makes sense10:04
tsdgeosmakes sense10:04
tsdgeosnot sure's going to help10:04
tsdgeosbut let's give it a try :)10:04
tsdgeosi mean should help in theory10:04
Kaleotsdgeos: let's make it practice :)10:04
tsdgeosi'm on it10:04
Kaleotsdgeos: my looking also uncovered the fact that we are doing IPC with oneself10:04
Kaleotsdgeos: ie. DashClient is instantiated by the shell and connects to the .. shell10:05
tsdgeosi removed all the places one time10:05
tsdgeosnot sure we added some more10:05
tsdgeosKaleo: sure, but we don't use the dashclient ipc calls anywhere (or at some time we didn't)10:05
Kaleotsdgeos: yep10:05
Kaleotsdgeos: that's good :)10:05
Kaleotsdgeos: I guess to be even better we should only connect to the process if it's absolutely required, ie. if one method is called or one property referenced10:06
Kaleotsdgeos: but anyway10:06
Kaleotsdgeos: one thing at a time10:06
nerochiarotsdgeos: i think they are all obsolete. the webfavs work and the shortcuts work fine, so i think they can just be removed10:07
nerochiarotsdgeos: the FIXMEs i mean10:08
tsdgeosKaleo: seems to work, let me try more times10:09
Kaleotsdgeos: great!10:14
tsdgeosKaleo: arg, just realized your strutmanager fix is wrong :-/10:18
tsdgeosunity-2d-shell: [WARNING] QDeclarativeExpression: Expression "(function $width() { return declarativeView.screen.availableGeometry.width + (strutManager.enabled ? strutManager.width : 0) })" depends on non-NOTIFYable properties:10:18
tsdgeosunity-2d-shell: [WARNING]     StrutManager::width10:18
tsdgeoswell not wrong10:18
tsdgeosbut WARNING-10:18
Kaleotsdgeos: yeah, I know10:18
Kaleotsdgeos: not related to the fix10:18
Kaleotsdgeos: it's related to StrutManager being poor10:18
Kaleotsdgeos: it basically handles badly dynamic changes10:18
Kaleotsdgeos: it lacks a few changed property signals10:18
Kaleotsdgeos: and it will only work if the properties are set in a certain order10:19
tsdgeoswe should add a FIXME :D10:20
tsdgeosKaleo: about the dbus "deadlock" i have a fix, it works UNLESS you start both unity-2d-shell and unity-2d-launcher at the same time, then the problem still happens sometimes :-/10:23
Kaleotsdgeos: unity-2d-launcher?10:23
tsdgeosKaleo: spread sorry10:23
tsdgeosif you start shell and spread at the same time, it sometimes still locks10:23
Kaleotsdgeos: the exact same deadlock as before? do you have traces?10:23
tsdgeosnot exact, but similar, let me paste them10:24
Kaleotsdgeos: and if I could see your fix :)10:24
tsdgeosKaleo: basically it's what you said10:25
tsdgeosKaleo: so the new "lock" is here http://paste.kde.org/~tsdgeos/205034/ both QDBusServiceWatcher see eachother and bam!10:25
tsdgeosKaleo: the diff is http://paste.kde.org/~tsdgeos/205040/10:25
Kaleotsdgeos: cheers10:26
Kaleotsdgeos: ah ah10:30
Kaleotsdgeos: the issue is very different now10:30
Kaleotsdgeos: it's quite nice10:30
tsdgeosdifferent, but similar10:30
tsdgeosin which we deadlock on dbus :D10:30
tsdgeossure, you have to be "unlucky" now10:31
tsdgeosin that both services are registerer at the same time10:31
Kaleotsdgeos: btw instatating DashDBus should be done much later too10:31
tsdgeosKaleo: the instantiation by itself does nothing10:31
Kaleotsdgeos: I know10:32
Kaleotsdgeos: but there is no reason to have the instantiation separated away from the connect10:32
Kaleotsdgeos: it's more readable to have them together10:32
tsdgeosreason is minial diff :D10:32
Kaleotsdgeos: the diff is small enough for me :)10:32
tsdgeosbut that's a technicallity10:33
Kaleotsdgeos: I'm still thinking about the solution to that lock btw :)10:33
tsdgeoswon't fix the problem10:33
Kaleotsdgeos: absolutelty10:33
Kaleothere is something fishy10:33
Kaleotsdgeos: if you are out of ideas, I have a couple of things for you while I think about it10:35
Kaleotsdgeos: http://pastebin.com/eMaLs5rH10:35
Kaleotsdgeos: if you could verify these things are done10:35
Kaleotsdgeos: to be able to test you can use the patch you proposed yesterday10:36
Kaleotsdgeos: that avoids the deadlock10:36
tsdgeosKaleo: yeah, just spoke with the QtDBus maintainer and his answer is: "there are two solutions possible then: 1) threads 2) fix QtDBus so it makes asynchronous calls for getting the introspection" :/10:37
* tsdgeos is getting cold, turn on the heater10:38
Kaleotsdgeos: tiago you mean?10:38
tsdgeosKaleo: yep (thiago actually)10:39
Kaleotsdgeos: sorry :)10:39
Kaleotsdgeos: ok10:39
Kaleotsdgeos: it does indeed sound like a generic issues10:39
Kaleotsdgeos: other qt programs may have10:39
Kaleotsdgeos: can we do the following:10:40
Kaleotsdgeos: 1) combine the patch from yesterday where we don't have DashClient in the QML plugin with the patch from today (delaying the registration is sane)10:40
Kaleotsdgeos: 2) add a WARNING/FIXME explaining the situation with potentially a link to some Qt bug (if any)10:41
Kaleotsdgeos: unless of course there is a trivial way to thread that QDBusInterface creation business10:41
tsdgeosi don't think there is10:43
Kaleotsdgeos: ok10:44
tsdgeosKaleo: sure we can do that, where would you write the WARNING, can't think of "the place" it belongs10:44
Kaleotsdgeos: hmmm, in shell.cpp next to instantiating DashClient10:44
Kaleotsdgeos: that way people who wonder why it's not in the plugin will get it10:44
tsdgeosKaleo: ok10:44
tsdgeoslet's go with that for the moment then10:45
Kaleotsdgeos: I'd like to commit these 2 things: http://pastebin.com/bq4tmuCv10:46
Kaleotsdgeos: can I?10:46
sbtehi, when I try building unity I get10:46
sbteCMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindCompiz.cmake:58 (string):10:46
sbte  string sub-command REGEX, mode REPLACE needs at least 6 arguments total to10:46
sbte  command.10:46
sbteCall Stack (most recent call first):10:46
sbte  plugins/unityshell/CMakeLists.txt:1 (find_package)10:46
sbteanyone knows what I'm doing wrong?10:46
tsdgeosKaleo: yes, approved10:47
Kaleotsdgeos: cheers10:48
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Kaleotsdgeos: https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/unity-2d/shell_dead_code/+merge/9200710:56
tsdgeosKaleo: that was inherited from tv?10:59
Kaleotsdgeos: hmmm, I don't know, don't think so11:03
tsdgeosKaleo: ok, anyway, yeah the call is broken11:04
tsdgeosand it works11:04
tsdgeosthus we don't need it :D11:04
Kaleotsdgeos: :)11:05
Kaleotsdgeos: and that method does not exist :)11:05
tsdgeosyeah that's it :D11:05
tsdgeosKaleo: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_dashclient_to_shell/+merge/9201111:11
Kaleotsdgeos: gerat!11:11
tsdgeosKaleo: the issued you mentioned in the pastebin can no longer reproduced here once i  have that patch11:13
Kaleotsdgeos: works great, approved!11:13
Kaleotsdgeos: all of them? :)11:14
Kaleotsdgeos: great!11:14
tsdgeosthough i found a new problem11:14
tsdgeosi can have the dash showing and the launcher hidden when the spread comes into play11:14
tsdgeosdon't have the proper combination to reproduce yet11:14
tsdgeosarrgg, can't repro it anymore11:17
Kaleotsdgeos: erk11:17
tsdgeosgot it11:17
tsdgeosSuper+S, Super, Esc11:18
tsdgeosKaleo: i'm guessing we should make the "Super" in ↑ this sequence do nothing?11:20
Kaleotsdgeos: inhibit super when spread is shown11:20
Kaleotsdgeos: indeed11:20
tsdgeosKaleo: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_ignore_super_on_spread/+merge/92013 read my comment11:34
Kaleotsdgeos: reading11:41
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tsdgeosKaleo: also got https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_rtl_fixed_launcher/+merge/9201511:47
Kaleotsdgeos: nice11:47
Kaleotsdgeos: I guess you saw all the nice items I added to the sketchpad11:47
tsdgeosKaleo: yep, take them in order?11:48
Kaleotsdgeos: yep11:49
Kaleotsdgeos: can we mumble that one?12:09
tsdgeosKaleo: sure12:10
Kaleotsdgeos: darn, mike borked12:11
KaleoI'll reboot12:11
Kaleotsdgeos: good news is that I finished reviewing12:11
Kaleotsdgeos: all the issues are now listed12:12
Kaleotsdgeos: once this is done, we are .. done12:12
Kaleotsdgeos: actually, I'm going to go to the office12:12
Kaleotsdgeos: please move on to other items12:12
tsdgeosKaleo: ok12:12
Kaleotsdgeos: we can discuss the strutmanager later12:13
Kaleotsdgeos: thanks12:13
DaekdroomHm.. is the new default for the launcher to never hide?12:32
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sbtecan anyone help me with building unity?13:20
seb128sbte, hi, http://askubuntu.com/questions/28470/how-do-i-build-unity-from-source/28472#2847213:21
sbteseb128, I did all that but get CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindCompiz.cmake:58 (string):13:21
sbte  string sub-command REGEX, mode REPLACE needs at least 6 arguments total to13:22
sbte  command.13:22
sbteCall Stack (most recent call first):13:22
sbte  plugins/unity-mt-grab-handles/CMakeLists.txt:1 (find_package)13:22
sbteI also enabled the staging ppa13:22
seb128hum, dunno about that one ;-)13:22
didrocksmhall119: hey, are you around?13:50
mhall119didrocks: I sure am13:50
didrocksmhall119: so, I have some time to help you on the singlet and quickly integration13:50
didrocksmhall119: did you get any help already on that? I saw you blog post about it13:51
mhall119didrocks: not with quickly, kenvandine helped me get singlet packaged and ready for Universe though13:51
didrocksis it in?13:51
mhall119source package was uploaded by ken13:51
didrocksok, let me have a look if it has been NEWed13:52
mhall119doesn't appear that the binary packages have made it in yet though13:52
didrocksok, looking13:54
didrocksok, the package name is unity-singlet13:55
mhall119the source package is13:55
mhall119the binary is python-unity-singlet13:56
didrocksmhall119: hum, you don't depend on the unity gir file?13:59
didrocksthe priority is extra and not optional14:00
didrocksthe compat mode is 6, this one is quite depreacated and not advised (should be either 5 or 7, I would suggest 7 as you build-dep on debhelper 7)14:01
Kaleotsdgeos: I must be blind; I cannot figure where the env is set to RTL in launcher/autohide_show_tests_rtl.rb14:01
tsdgeosKaleo: there is not env var14:01
mhall119didrocks: what is the unity gir package name?14:01
tsdgeosKaleo: -reverse switch to the command line14:02
didrocksmhall119: gir1.2-unity-5.014:02
mhall119didrocks: what's the difference between extra and optional?14:03
Kaleotsdgeos: oh, ok14:03
mhall119I honestly don't know what the priority field is used for14:03
Kaleotsdgeos: how do you do it for your tests?14:03
tsdgeosKaleo: same, with -reverse14:03
Kaleotsdgeos: amazing :)14:03
didrocksmhall119: it's bumping the build priority (not very important on launchpad but let's try to have packaging following the debian policy)14:04
tsdgeosKaleo: any Qt app supports -reverse, it's very handy14:04
didrocksalso, some nitpicking: there are 2 spaces in the package description after each .14:04
didrocksand debian/copyright: you need for the new format to copy the licence header14:04
didrocksinstead of refering to "you can find the licence…"14:04
didrocksapart from that, the package looks fine14:05
didrocksmhall119: I'm rejecting the current package for now14:05
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mhall119didrocks: where do I get the 'license header' you want in the copyright file?14:08
tsdgeosKaleo: about "AbstractDBusServiceMonitor should not have an 'enabled' property; instead a 'serviceState' property should be defined", enabled in that class does nto represent the serviceState, you aware of that?14:09
mhall119didrocks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/833922/ does that look right to you?14:10
didrocksmhall119: unity-lens-music has it if you need14:10
* didrocks looks14:10
didrocksmhall119: looks good to me14:11
didrocksmhall119: oh wait14:11
didrocks"You should have received…" stenza14:11
didrocksas it's not the case for a binary package14:11
mhall119I just copied from http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/#examples14:12
didrockshum, that should be reviewed, as this stenza is clearly unecessary and wrong :) (and we remove it from most of our packages)14:13
didrocksmhall119: as long as being nitpicky, you didn't remove the 2 spaces between sentences in the description14:13
didrocks(at least you did it twice)14:13
mhall119I still hold to old-school typing standards14:14
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mhall119and I use the Oxford comma14:14
didrockshum not really relevant to a French guy TBH :)14:15
didrocksbut if it's syntaxically correct, ok :)14:15
mhall119it's the way I was taught to type, on an actual type-writer14:15
mhall119it's ingrained in my psyche now14:16
mhall119didrocks: ok, all your changes are made in my packaging branch14:16
didrocksmhall119: sweet, looking :)14:17
Kaleotsdgeos: yeah I am well aware of that14:20
Kaleotsdgeos: it's really 2 separate tasks14:20
tsdgeosKaleo: so you want it to always be enabled and then to inform of the service state?14:21
Kaleotsdgeos: but to remove the enabled property you will have to think of a proper way14:21
Kaleotsdgeos: that's right14:21
Kaleotsdgeos: unless you see a real use for having it not enabled14:21
Kaleotsdgeos: in which case I don't mind keeping it14:21
tsdgeosKaleo: not really, but it's not me that did that class :D14:21
Kaleotsdgeos: :)14:21
Kaleotsdgeos: I know14:22
Kaleotsdgeos: I am slapping that person right now :)14:22
tsdgeosi mean, the amount of thought i've put there is not the same someone else did so might have more insight14:22
didrocksmhall119: waiting for the scheduler to make the source package appears :)14:22
Kaleotsdgeos: yep, checking with nerochiaro now14:24
tsdgeosKaleo: can i cleanup the "DONE" tasks from the sketchpad?14:25
didrocksmhall119: ok, I sponsored and accepted in universe. Will accept the binary once built.14:26
Kaleotsdgeos: yep14:26
didrocksmhall119: no, time for getting a look at the quickly side?14:26
mhall119didrocks: yes please14:29
Kaleotsdgeos: it's getting smaller :)14:30
didrocksmhall119: ok, I think we should decide first if we generate the .lens (and .scope) file or use static files14:30
Kaleotsdgeos: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_rtl_fixed_launcher/+merge/92015 approve14:30
didrocksmhall119: I have no strong opinion at all, I like the django approach14:30
Kaleotsdgeos: I'm concerned about https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_ignore_super_on_spread/+merge/9201314:30
Kaleotsdgeos: I am looking for having it done only in QML14:31
tsdgeosKaleo: everything?14:31
didrocksmhall119: what's your pick? (knowing that we won't have "quickly run" as there is a need to the service to be installed on the system to be testable, unfortunatly)14:31
didrocksmhall119: singlet built and binNEWed btw :)14:32
tsdgeosKaleo: doing it in QML seems a too big of a chance to do it "at this stage" for not "real gain" i think14:32
mhall119didrocks: thanks!14:34
Kaleotsdgeos: you think too late for now?14:34
mhall119I like generating .lens and .service files, since it means the user only edits the lens source14:34
didrocksyw :)14:34
Kaleotsdgeos: I'll give a bit more thought then14:34
didrocksmhall119: ok, and we really on one source file by default?14:34
mhall119only need one14:35
didrocksok, let's have a look then :)14:35
mhall119but we should be able to handle having more than one14:35
didrocksdo you have a binary file snippet? (the one you removed from singlet)14:35
didrocksand do you have quickly installed? :)14:36
mhall119no, I never ended up making a binary for singlet14:36
tsdgeosKaleo: nerochiaro: so kill the setEnabled in abstractdbusservicemonitor?14:36
mhall119yes I have quickly14:36
Kaleotsdgeos: yep14:36
didrocksmhall119: you had an example lens, isn't it? (we should base on that)14:36
Kaleotsdgeos: nerochiaro just finished thiking about it14:36
Kaleotsdgeos: and says: 'be careful' ):14:37
didrocksand some helper scripts IIRC14:37
mhall119didrocks: I had a test lens14:37
mhall119and a couple that I wrote separate from, but using, singlet14:37
didrocksok, let's start from one14:37
didrocksand try to turn that into a boiler plate14:38
mhall119the helper scripts are what generate the .lens and .service files, and also what run the lens daemon14:38
didrocksyeah, and we will move them as quickly commands14:38
mhall119ok, test/singlescope should do then14:38
didrockslp:singlet ?14:39
didrockshow do you want to tackle it? Do you want to do it and me giving guidance, or do you want that I handle it? :)14:39
mhall119well first I have a question14:40
Kaleotsdgeos: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_inputshaperectangle_improvements/+merge/92031 approved14:40
mhall119developers aren't going to want to make a "singlet project"14:40
mhall119they're going to want to make a "single scope lens" or a "generic lens" or a "scope"14:41
mhall119all of which base off different Singlet classes14:41
didrocksthose will be 3 different Quickly templates14:41
mhall119so would those all be separate templates, or can we do it all in one template?14:41
didrocksthen, we can import commands between templates14:41
didrocksso if we make the commands generic enough, no need for duplication14:41
mhall119then I think if you can make one for the SingleScopeLens (test/singlescope), I can use that to make the other 214:42
Kaleotsdgeos: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_inputshapemask_improvements/+merge/92035 approved14:42
didrocksmhall119: makes totally sense14:42
didrocksmhall119: ok, I'll have a look at that and make some tests how to tackle this in an intelligent way14:42
mhall119didrocks: and will these templates be part of the quickly package, or can we add new templates by installing independent packages?14:42
Kaleotsdgeos: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_windowsintersectmonitor_improvements/+merge/92037 approved14:42
didrocksmhall119: can be independant or part of trunk, as you wish, but it will be a separate binary package anyway14:43
didrocksall what is needed is that files are installed in a particular folder :)14:43
mhall119ok, might be easier to keep it separate, that way I can update it without bothering you14:43
didrockssure, let's do that then :)14:43
mhall119didrocks: the next question14:43
mhall119davidcalle had to do some special packaging to put things in /opt according to the ARB's guidelines14:44
didrocksyeah, "quickly package" will do that14:44
mhall119will quickly's packaging files do that automatically?14:44
didrocksthat's already what I'm doing if you quickly "submitubuntu"14:44
didrocksI added the support to a bunch of files for that14:45
didrocksnot sure how to handle a service with this though, but let's see :)14:45
mhall119and that will also let us put the .lens and .service files into /usr?14:45
didrockswell, the support didn't for automagically packaging, that's one of the thing I have to look at14:46
didrocks(to do it beautifully or more like a hack for now)14:46
didrockswe only target the ARB directories for the lenses/scopes, right?14:47
mhall119for quickly, I would say so14:47
didrocksok :)14:47
mhall119anybody who needs theirs into main or universe will probably be able to do that on their own14:48
didrocksyeah, let's see how it goes :)14:48
mhall119cool, so just ping me if you have questions about how singlet works14:48
mhall119the functions for generating the files are in utils.py14:48
mhall119most of which you can ignore and I will remove later14:49
didrocksI'll have a look :)14:49
mhall119the install and packaging functions will not be needed14:49
mhall119Singlet also generates a setup.py, I'm not sure if that's something that quickly would be better at though14:50
didrocksnot sure about the setup.py, depends on what will be needed I would say14:50
mhall119not much, currently14:50
mhall119I just generated the bare minimum needed to run python-mkdebian14:51
didrocksmaybe I can tweak the opt/ stuff here14:51
didrocksit will be much cleaner than in debian/rules14:51
mhall119well you know what they say14:52
mhall119debian/rules are made to be broken14:52
didrocksI try not to follow this principle though :)14:52
mhall119we all *try*, but it happens anyway14:52
mhall119thanks for your help on this didrocks14:53
mhall119ping me if you have any questions about what singlet is doing14:53
didrocksmhall119: no worry! I'll start on that in half an hour hopefully :)14:54
mhall119which is likely, since it was a one-weekend project14:54
tsdgeosKaleo: nerochiaro: the abstractdbusmonitor changes https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_abstractdbusmonitor_improvements/+merge/9204314:56
Kaleotsdgeos: great14:56
Kaleotsdgeos: looks pretty good15:00
tsdgeosagainst the wrong branch :D15:00
Kaleotsdgeos: it looks that you did not take the comment into account:15:00
Kaleotsdgeos: /* We don't do this in the constructor because if the service is already up we emit the serviceStateChanged() signal during the constructor and we lose it since we can't have any slot connected to it already */15:00
Kaleotsdgeos: meaning that you need to adapt SpreadMonitor15:00
tsdgeosKaleo: sure i did, did you read my other comment?15:01
Kaleotsdgeos: let me relook tehn15:01
Kaleotsdgeos: are you resubmitting?15:01
Kaleotsdgeos: link? :)15:01
tsdgeosKaleo: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_abstractdbusmonitor_improvements/+merge/9204415:01
Kaleotsdgeos: thanks15:01
Kaleo"Tested with the Spread already up and the QueuedConnection does the trick nicely"15:02
tsdgeosKaleo: not that15:03
Kaleotsdgeos: reading15:03
tsdgeosKaleo: this // Use a Qt::QueuedConnection to give people a chance to attach to our serviceStateChanged signal that will be emmited from createInterface15:03
tsdgeoswell yeah15:04
tsdgeosthery're mostly equivalent :D15:04
Kaleotsdgeos: thinking15:04
Kaleotsdgeos: I'm going to be a pain but reading it it looks like serviceState is the wrong name15:07
Kaleotsdgeos: for a bool15:07
tsdgeostotally agreed15:07
tsdgeosit's you that suggested the name ;-)15:07
Kaleotsdgeos: 'available' maybe15:08
Kaleotsdgeos: well, yeah, I did not think just went on from the signal name15:08
tsdgeosKaleo: serviceAvailable ?15:08
Kaleotsdgeos: sure15:09
tsdgeosKaleo: pushed15:12
Kaleotsdgeos: ok, after quick debate here15:13
Kaleotsdgeos: the QueuedConnection is deemed as being a hack15:13
Kaleotsdgeos: fairly unpredictable15:13
tsdgeosit's not unpredictable at all15:13
tsdgeosi'm deeming you as not trusting Qt15:13
Kaleotsdgeos: better to call serviceAvailable() in the SpreadMonitor's constructor15:14
Kaleotsdgeos: so, what I mean by unpredictable is that15:14
Kaleotsdgeos: we have no guarantee the clients (SpreadMonitor) is going to connect to serviceAvailableChanged before it's fired15:15
tsdgeosyou weren't before either15:15
Kaleotsdgeos: correct15:15
tsdgeosyou had to connect before calling setEnabled15:15
Kaleotsdgeos: we were relying on the order of evalution of QML15:15
Kaleotsdgeos: it was _bad_15:15
Kaleotsdgeos: right :)15:16
tsdgeosnow you have to connect before returning to the event loop15:16
tsdgeosbut ok, i'll call serviceAvailable if you prefer that15:16
tsdgeosbut ok, i'll call serviceAvailable if you prefer that15:18
Kaleotsdgeos: yes, I would prefer the more obvious way15:18
kamstrupseb128: did you see RainCTs nautilus patch for zeitgeist integration?15:19
seb128kamstrup, yes, it's on my todolist but low on it, I'm not sure I like adding a non trivial patch which didn't get a least discussed upstream though15:19
seb128kamstrup, RainCT: could you get an upstream bug and suggest it as a build time option?15:20
kamstrupsounds reasonable...15:20
kamstrupcc mhr3 ^^15:20
tsdgeosKaleo: pushed15:21
Kaleotsdgeos: sweet, I'll review it now then we can mumble the strutmanager15:21
seb128kamstrup, btw I got the gtk2 patch in, let me know if firefox and tb behave if you test those15:21
mhr3seb128, i think there was some talk about it, and nautilus was like no way15:22
mhr3so... :/15:22
kamstrupseb128: I tested both. FF works now, but TB mysteriously does not. I asked RainCT to look into it15:22
seb128kamstrup, ok15:22
seb128mhr3, RainCT, kamstrup: if upstream say "no way" that's fine but I want a bugzilla bug discussion for the record and the patch pointing to it15:23
Kaleotsdgeos: it looks great15:23
seb128kamstrup, RainCT, mhr3: I think it's fair to ask 1- to try again to raise the topic 2- to have public record of why we have to carry the patch15:23
Kaleotsdgeos: a detail: reversing the reading of serviceAvailable and the connection to the changed signal would be more multi thread proof15:24
Kaleotsdgeos: in SpreadMonitor15:24
seb128kamstrup, RainCT, mhr3: it will avoid having discussions later on why we don't upstream our work15:24
mhr3seb128, very well, afaik it was only discussed on irc, so sure we can open a bug in nautilus15:24
mhr3RainCT, could you? ^^15:24
tsdgeosKaleo: how?15:25
Kaleotsdgeos: imagine that the value changes after you read it but before you connected to the changed signal15:25
Kaleotsdgeos: functional tests look good too15:25
Kaleotsdgeos: yay15:26
tsdgeosKaleo: the other way around the same will happen15:26
Kaleotsdgeos: really? how?15:26
Kaleotsdgeos: if you are connected to changed signal in the first place, you should be fine no?15:26
tsdgeosyou mean the service becomes available after the if and before the connect?15:27
Kaleotsdgeos: right :)15:27
tsdgeosi don't think that's ever going to happen15:28
tsdgeosbut if it makes you happy i can exchange the order15:28
Kaleotsdgeos: I agree, not going to happen15:29
Kaleotsdgeos: just good practice15:29
Kaleotsdgeos: approved then15:29
tsdgeosKaleo: with this new construct if the service becomes available after the ocnnect and before the if, you end up calling onServiceAvailableChanged(true) twice, you end up with two connect(dbusInterface(), SIGNAL(IsShownChanged(bool)), SIGNAL(shownChanged(bool))); and then everything is weird :D15:30
Kaleotsdgeos: that's not because of the construct per se :)15:31
Kaleotsdgeos: we should either not call onServiceAvailableChanged if it was not actually changed15:32
Kaleotsdgeos: actually, that's the best option15:33
Kaleotsdgeos: 16:32 < Kaleo> tsdgeos: we should either not call onServiceAvailableChanged if it was not actually changed15:33
Kaleotsdgeos: sorry15:33
Kaleotsdgeos: wrong copy paste15:33
Kaleotsdgeos: I mean, the simplest fix for that15:34
tsdgeoswhat is the simplest fix?15:34
Kaleotsdgeos: is to not call onServiceAvailableChanged if it has not actually changed since last time we checked15:34
tsdgeosthat's why we only call it if it is true now15:35
tsdgeoscoding that class for thread awareness is not something i think makes any sense15:35
tsdgeosif we're not planning to do so15:35
tsdgeosyou're going to need to start adding mutexes15:36
Kaleotsdgeos: I do not want to make it thread safe15:39
Kaleotsdgeos: one sec15:39
tsdgeosthen i don't understand what we are discussing about15:40
Kaleotsdgeos: just good practice15:40
tsdgeosthat good practice doesn't make sense15:41
tsdgeosthe other code is as good as this new one15:41
tsdgeosin the scenario we care about15:41
tsdgeoswhich is the non threaded one15:41
Kaleotsdgeos: it's just about reading the value before connecting to the changed signal15:41
Kaleotsdgeos: that I believe is a valid good practice15:41
Kaleonerochiaro: opinion?15:41
Kaleotsdgeos: sorry, I meant the opposite15:42
Kaleotsdgeos: connecting to the changed signal before reading the value15:42
tsdgeosKaleo: i sincerely don't see "improvement" does it give us15:43
Kaleotsdgeos: nothing concretely15:43
Kaleotsdgeos: not in the short term15:43
Kaleotsdgeos: like many other good practices15:43
Kaleotsdgeos: they are often made not to necessarily give you short term improvements15:43
Kaleotsdgeos: but longer term ones15:43
tsdgeossure, i don't see the longer term benefit either15:44
tsdgeosbut let's move on to more important stuff15:44
Kaleotsdgeos: sure15:44
tsdgeosdiscussing this is a nice bar discussion for the next beer ;-)15:44
Kaleotsdgeos: I think in 10 minutes I'll be out of that meeting15:46
Kaleotsdgeos: and we can discuss the StrutManager15:46
Kaleotsdgeos: and then I think we are pretty much done..15:47
tsdgeosKaleo: ok, https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_abstractdbusmonitor_improvements/+merge/92044 still not approved, not happy?15:47
Kaleotsdgeos: just not pressed the button yet :)15:47
Kaleotsdgeos: done15:47
AlanBellis there any documentation on bamf somewhere?15:53
AlanBellhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-11.10/c/bamf/ is useless, and googling just finds stuff about people with bad bottoms and dysfunctional maternal relationships15:54
AlanBellI want to use python to find all the windows of a particular type and their window titles (like all the gnome-terminal windows) and then populate the launcher quicklist with links to the windows15:55
mhall119AlanBell: there's a bug in LP to fix bamf documentation15:58
mhall119it should be auto-generated like the unity API docs, but it's not doing it right15:59
AlanBellnot sure if that is even the right kind of documentation15:59
AlanBellit should be doing something on dbus apparently15:59
mhall119AlanBell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bamf/+bug/92447116:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 924471 in bamf (Ubuntu) "Developer doc is empty in devhelp" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:00
mhall119Trevinho: ^^ are you going to be working on that?16:00
AlanBellI can't find anything anywhere on the internet about it16:00
AlanBellI can probably figure it out from dbus introspection if I can find out the well known name and the object it exports apparently. 'com.canonical.bamf' doesn't appear to be it.16:04
Trevinhomhall119: I'm very busy right now... I've to do stuff before ff...16:05
Kaleotsdgeos: a last thing we should check once we are done is suspicious console outputs16:06
mhall119Trevinho: not rushing you, just wanted to let AlanBell know the status of it16:06
gordAlanBell, org.ayatana.bamf16:06
AlanBellthanks gord, I would not have guessed that one!16:07
TrevinhoAndy80: also... gdbus monitor --session --dest=org.ayatana.bamf to understand what's going on...16:07
tsdgeosKaleo: yep16:08
gordAlanBell, a bit of help, install d-feet from the repos, connect to the session bus, it has a search box then to help finding things easier. can just put "bamf" or whatever in there16:08
AlanBellah, I see16:08
tsdgeosKaleo: dooh, can't call BaseBehaviour Behaviour since QML already has a Behaviour :D16:09
Kaleotsdgeos: right :)16:10
Kaleotsdgeos: even without the u?16:10
Kaleotsdgeos: just kidding16:10
tsdgeosKaleo: actually it's both without the u16:10
Kaleotsdgeos: so, what I wrote in the sketchpad was my first thought16:10
Kaleotsdgeos: there may be better ideas16:10
tsdgeosKaleo: so BaseBehavior? or VisibiltyBehavoir? or AbstractBehavior?16:10
Kaleotsdgeos: would Base.qml be consistent?16:11
AlanBellgord: nice, that is probably enough documentation to get me going :)16:11
tsdgeosKaleo: it'd be consistent, to be honest i like the Behavior at the end, makes it easier to understand16:12
tsdgeosBase {} or IntellHide {}16:12
tsdgeosand not as easy to read as16:12
tsdgeosBaseBehavior{} and IntelliHideBehavior{}16:13
Kaleotsdgeos: right16:13
Kaleotsdgeos: that's fine by me16:13
Kaleotsdgeos: is it still ok to put them in a directory16:13
tsdgeosKaleo: helps with logical grouping16:14
Andy80Trevinho: hi! Sorry I was not following the conversation, how can I help?16:14
Kaleotsdgeos: ok16:14
AlanBellAndy80: I think it was aimed at me16:14
tsdgeosKaleo: on the other hand i'm not really sure the autohide and intellhide will be useful outside the launcher as to put them in common, but it doesn't hurt either16:15
Andy80AlanBell: ah ok, sorry :)16:15
Kaleotsdgeos: right I was going for the it does not hurt16:17
Andy80Kaleo: when you have some spare minutes, I'm still in queue for a reply about unity2d/qt5 :D I wrote a summary of the situation here https://lists.launchpad.net/unity-dev/msg00404.html reporting all the errors and all the tests I did, and there are also some updates I tried after asking help to #qt guys, but I'm still locked with it...16:17
KaleoAndy80: right16:18
KaleoAndy80: I don't think I'll be able to get to it before Feature Freeze16:18
KaleoAndy80: end of next week16:18
KaleoAndy80: sorry16:18
Andy80Kaleo: no problem, I fully understand this is a low-priority task ;) I'll wait and I'll try to dedicate to other stuff in the mean time.16:19
KaleoAndy80: thank you16:19
tsdgeosKaleo: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_behaviours_shuffling/+merge/9206516:20
Kaleotsdgeos: fantastic16:23
Kaleotsdgeos: about https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_ignore_super_on_spread/+merge/92013 ; after carefully checking the code, you are right, it seems like too much of a big endeavour to try to move toggleDash to QML right now16:25
Kaleotsdgeos: so let's just fix the MR for the latest -shell, expose the spreadMonitor to the QML context so that we only have one instance16:25
Kaleotsdgeos: and merge it16:25
Kaleotsdgeos: ok?16:25
tsdgeossure, give me a minute to do it16:26
Kaleotsdgeos: the behaviour stuff looks good16:28
Kaleotsdgeos: just a question in passing16:28
Kaleotsdgeos: you ever used qdoc in qml?16:28
tsdgeosnot really16:29
Kaleotsdgeos: we'll have to start doing that at some point16:30
Kaleotsdgeos: oh oh oh oh16:36
Kaleotsdgeos: I just realised:16:36
Kaleotsdgeos: in ShellDeclarativeView::setDashActive(bool value)16:36
Kaleo            if (isSpreadActive()) {16:36
Kaleotsdgeos: line 20416:36
tsdgeosShellDeclarativeView::isSpreadActive() <-- have a look at that16:37
tsdgeosit's like the SpreadMonitor all in one :D16:37
tsdgeosand probably not working...16:38
tsdgeosah not16:38
tsdgeosthe problem is that we have a bzillion ways of activating the dash :D16:39
Kaleotsdgeos: right16:43
Kaleotsdgeos: we need to fix that stuff16:44
tsdgeosKaleo: want to mumble now about the strutmanager so i can start working on that tomorrow morning?16:46
tsdgeosproblem is that toggleDash name is actually wrong16:48
tsdgeosand should be called toggleDashbutShowingHomeWhenYouShowIt16:48
Kaleotsdgeos: yes, let's do that16:49
Kaleotsdgeos: my mic is still broken16:51
tsdgeosoh :-(16:51
Kaleotsdgeos: let me think16:51
Kaleotsdgeos: I'll connect from my phone16:51
Kaleotsdgeos: one sec16:51
om26erknock knock someone in the report would like to implement bug 874252 in 2D any one care to reply ?17:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 874252 in tomboy (Ubuntu) "With indicators I can't set any note to display always in list" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87425217:15
om26eroops wrong bug17:15
om26erbug 87425417:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 874254 in unity-2d "top bar, integrated menu - when a application is first launched, the integrated menu should be displayed for 2 seconds before fading out of view" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87425417:15
greyback|lunchom26er: am aware of it, but won't get it it until after FF17:34
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
greybackthat was a long lunch17:35
om26ergreyback, alright, thx :)17:35
AlanBellanyone know how to raise a window that has been identified through bamf?17:49
AlanBellI have the XID that bamf reports, but wnck.window_get(xid) does not seem to contain anything17:50
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
AlanBellnever mind, I figured it out, you have to do screen_get_default first18:10
AlanBellin other news, I have working window quicklists \o/18:10
=== s9iper1 is now known as bil21al
mhall119AlanBell: on what launcher?18:23
AlanBellmhall119: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834248/18:23
AlanBellhacky, but it works (does not remove quicklists, or listen to window add/remove signals)18:24
AlanBelljust adds them for every window every second, it is a prototype18:24
mhall119I'm wondering if such a quicklist on the workspace switcher would be useful...18:24
AlanBellit would have too much stuff in it I should think18:25
mhall119then again, I currently have 23 windows open, which is low for me, so maybe a quicklist of windows wouldn't work at all18:25
AlanBellbut this is great, being able to raise one terminal window above a browser without all of them raising18:25
AlanBellone think I can't work out is how to have multiple quicklists of the same name, so if I have several terminal windows with title "alan@alanlaptop:~" I want to see all of them, not just one18:26
mhall119AlanBell: scale + filter plugins perhaps?18:28
mhall119though filter isn't enabled by default18:29
AlanBellwell I kind of want to stick to as standard a configuration as possible18:30
AlanBellif I wanted it to just be useable I would turn off the unity alt-tab switcher and use a normal one18:31
sbteandyrock, may I ask when texture_from_cairo_graphics and when texture_ptr_from_cairo_graphics should be used?18:38
sbtebecause there is at least one more place where this should be fixed18:38
andyrocktexture_from_cairo_graphics? never :)18:39
andyrockntw thumper can give you more info :P18:39
sbteandyrock, it's used a lot it seems18:49
sbtebut it seems that in those cases it's not written to a nux::ObjectPtr<nux::BaseTexture>18:49
andyrockyeah, yeah but it doesn't leak memory all the time18:49
andyrockbtw Trevinho is going to fix it18:49
sbteandyrock, so no need for me to push it?18:49
andyrocksbte, you should talk with Trevinho :)18:50
andyrockif you want you can do it18:50
andyrockthank you btw18:50
sbteandyrock, no problem18:52
sbteTrevinho, do you want to push a fix or should I do it?18:52
sbteandyrock, can you maybe help me with compiling unity?18:53
sbteI can't get it to work18:53
andyrocksbte, of course18:53
andyrockwhere do you get blocked?18:54
sbteandyrock, here18:55
sbteCMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindCompiz.cmake:58 (string):18:55
sbte  string sub-command REGEX, mode REPLACE needs at least 6 arguments total to18:55
sbte  command.18:55
sbteCall Stack (most recent call first):18:55
sbte  plugins/unityshell/CMakeLists.txt:1 (find_package)18:55
sbteI have the staging ppa enabled and all18:55
andyrockfirst of all18:55
andyrocksudo apt-get build-dep unity18:55
sbteandyrock, yep, did that18:56
andyrockare you in the build directory?18:56
andyrocktry to rm it and rebuild it again18:57
sbteI just made a build directory inside my bzr clone18:57
sbteandyrock, did that a few times already18:57
andyrockcan you paste the commands that you use for building unity?18:58
sbteexport SOURCE=/home/sven/Desktop/vm/unity18:59
sbteexport PREFIX=/home/sven/staging18:59
sbteexport PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH"18:59
sbteexport LD_RUN_PATH="$PREFIX/lib:$LD_RUN_PATH"18:59
sbteexport XDG_DATA_DIRS="$PREFIX/share:$XDG_DATA_DIRS"18:59
sbteand then inside unity/build18:59
andyrockdo you have the /home/sven/Desktop/vm/unity directory?19:04
andyrockbtw normally i just did19:04
andyrockbzr branch lp:unity19:04
andyrockcd unity19:04
andyrockmkdir build; cd build19:04
andyrocksudo make install -j419:05
andyrockbut it can break your system19:05
sbteandyrock, that's what I did the first time, but then I started following guides19:05
sbtebecause it didn't work19:05
andyrockdo it again19:06
andyrockplease :)19:06
sbteandyrock, now it works :S19:12
andyrockit will remove your system compiz installation19:13
andyrockbtw it should work :)19:13
sbteandyrock, so the problem is just that it can't find compiz in the right place?19:15
sbteso if I compile compiz too, it will work?19:16
andyrocksbte, don't compile compiz! :)19:16
andyrockyou don't need to build it19:16
thumpersbte: hi19:30
thumpersbte: I have a branch to push that fixes some of these19:30
thumperworked on it last night19:30
thumper(instead of sleeping)19:30
sbtethumper, so I'm a bit too late :P19:31
thumpersbte: just a tad19:32
thumperthe difference between the two methods19:32
sbtethumper, well, I'll try to find some new leaks19:32
thumperis that texture_from_cairo_graphics returns a BasePointer*19:32
sbteyes, I found that19:32
thumperand texture_ptr_from_cairo_graphics returns a nux::ObjectPtr<BasePointer>19:33
thumperthe problem resolves around whether the nux::Object at the bottom of the hierarchy is initially owned or not19:33
thumperfor all views, they aren't owned19:33
thumperso putting them in a smart pointer is normally fine19:33
thumperbut textures are owned19:33
thumperso assigning or constructing a smart poniter with one makes the refcount off by one19:33
thumperdamn confusing19:34
RainCTseb128: the Thunderbird thing is because of the binary being called thunderbird-bin and the .desktop file just having 'thunderbird'19:54
RainCTseb128: the next zeitgeist-datahub release will fix it19:55
seb128RainCT, great, thanks19:55
andyrockthumper, so you need to unreference it two times?20:01
AlanBellhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/834375/ mhall119 updated prototype that runs on unity 5.220:02
=== s9iper1 is now known as bil21al
=== andyrock is now known as andyrock|dinner
* ejat just do and update in precise .. now my launcher does not apper if u turn ON in behaviour20:33
FreddiHi tedg, can you give me advice about the appmenu / Dbusmenu?20:50
FreddiI want to add the appmenu to an application that is not written in one of the supported toolkits. Thus the menu is not automatically extracted from the toolkit.20:50
tedgFreddi, Advice?20:50
FreddiI want to write a python script as a bridge between that application and Dbus. I assume I have to add the menu structure as a Dbusmenu.20:51
tedgFreddi, Ah, okay.  Does the toolkit use glib?20:51
tedgFreddi, Yup, basically.20:51
FreddiIt's actually a Wine application and I want to write a python script as a bridge. I have access to the menu structure20:51
tedgFreddi, Right now you register the menu and XID with the service, but we're moving to having a couple XAtoms on the window.  But that shouldn't be too bad either way.20:51
Freddibut I would need an example how to attach it as a Dbusmenu to the appmenu20:52
tedgFreddi, probably the best is lp:appmenu-gtk  That's basically all it does.20:52
Freddiok thanks!20:53
FreddiI have found an example for creating a Dbusmenu which is then attached as quicklist (very easy). https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/LauncherAPI#Python_Example20:54
FreddiThere is no similar example for the appmenu, I hope I can figure that out20:54
tedgFreddi, Not really, as we don't expect people to really do their own menu export code.  :-)20:56
tedgIt's a special case.20:56
Freddisounds logical. If the toolkit is supported, then that's the proper way ;-)20:58
tedgFreddi, I need to head out, but feel free to drop me a mail if you run into issues.20:58
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thumperandyrock|dinner: kinda21:59
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mfischmhall119: I'm seeing some odd behavior from the unity-sample-lens (unity 4.0).  If I kill the python back-end without clearing the search it won't work.22:17
mfischmhall119: I have to bring the dash up again, go to the lens, type something, hit X, and then restart my script.  Seems very odd22:18
mhall119mfisch: did you mean to ping me?22:20
mfischmhall119: sorry, I thought you wrote that sample lens, I see now that you did not22:21
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