akkgrub 1 from grub2: quite a bit. Various grub2 versions so far: not all that different.00:00
pleia2Corey: cool :)00:02
emIs sn9 here?03:16
pleia2sf ubuntu hour and debian dinner tonight \o/19:00
greg-gsorry I'll miss it :(19:45
pleia2greg-g: maybe next time :)20:11
greg-gdefinitely. I want to go to one of those debian dinners20:25
jledbetterpleia2: jtatum and I are pondering it. Looking at ye ol' public transportation.21:44
pleia2jledbetter: best way is caltrain and then either walk .8 mile or take MUNI to montgomery station21:45
pleia2MUNI takes longer because it goes the long way, I tend to walk unless it's dark out (don't love walking very far alone at night, even in "safe" areas)21:46
bkerensaI think I have broken my ubuntu install and I dont want to reboot for fear of not being able to boot back in21:47
bkerensaI installed kubuntu-desktop and then purged it but it nuked some gnome and unity stuff21:47
jledbetterpleia2: Yeah it'll be dark. But I can protect James.21:48
akkbkerensa: Maybe reinstall ubuntu-desktop?21:49
bkerensaakk: It is installed but I know there is like ubuntu-desktop-essential?21:49
pleia2jledbetter :)21:50
akkbkerensa: What do you think is broken?21:51
pleia2I'll be down in Mt View next Thursday, but going to BayLISA rather than the ubuntu hour s:(21:51
akkAh, I was wondering if there was a MV UH coming up.21:51
pleia2the chief architect of OpenLDAP is speaking at baylug21:51
pleia2err baylisa21:51
bkerensaakk: Idk somehow removing kde stuffs killed spotify and a few others apps like chromium21:52
jledbetterpleia2: Aw. Well, I understand. :)21:52
pleia2I saw him speak a couple years ago at the UKUUG conference in london21:52
akkDoesn't chromium use qt? so maybe kde took the qt libs with it. (No idea what spotify might use.)21:54
pleia2I am all event planned out, but if someone else wants to coordinate a global jam this time around that'd be lovely :) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam23:45
greg-gpleia2: where are our normal/usual spaces to host a jam?23:59
MarkDudeFor SF, Thirsty Bear23:59

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