brouschthey say you were too old?00:10
tjagodaThe reasoning was that they had applicants with higher levels of direct launchpad experience00:12
tjagodaWhich obviously translates to: Contribute the SHIT out of Launchpad00:12
rick_htjagoda: sorry man00:15
tjagodarick_h: Just make tons of bugs so that they have to hire MORE support people00:16
snap-lI have been cut01:04
snap-lhair cut, that is01:04
greg-grick_h: have you ordered any replacement thinkpad nipples?04:57
greg-grick_h: on amazon they are $0.63 but with $5 shipping (ugh)04:57
greg-grick_h: should I just bit the bullet and do it?04:57
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snap-lgreg-g: r get prime shipping05:47
WolfgerJust had a fellow SCA member share a picture of his shield with me. Thought some of you modern-day geeks might get a kick out of it too: http://i.imgur.com/Lt9kN.jpg11:03
rick_hgreg-g: yes, I've bought them a few time, and yea, I just look at it like "would I spend $5 ina store for them...yep"11:30
rick_hand morning11:37
snap-lGood morning12:20
snap-lSomething tells me QR codes aren't canonical for SCA. ;)12:21
snap-l"I am Sir. Twaddleputt. I have come to avenge my ancestors. Learn more at http://ur1.ca/twaddleputt"12:23
Wolfgergood morning12:36
Wolfger(now that I'm at work, it's officially morning)12:36
WolfgerUh-oh. rick_h might become a SOPA supporter now....12:43
WolfgerSOPA is “like dealing with a lion which escaped from the zoo by blasting some kittens with a flamethrower”. http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/opinion/piracy-and-the-value-of-freedom/12:43
rick_hmissing the connection12:47
Wolfgeryour distaste of all things cat12:48
Wolfgernevermind. It was weak humor at best12:48
rick_hsorry, too early for it12:51
snap-lGood morning from the other screen13:08
snap-lNot sure how this works, though; does the person who made the shot get the drink, or does the opponent take the shot?13:26
rick_hI think it's when you guess a hit, you take that shot13:29
rick_hso if you lose, you're wasted13:29
rick_ha couple of games of that and you're in for a rough night13:29
snap-lYeah, they mention it's shots of beer13:30
rick_hah, ok, well that's not quite century club level then13:30
snap-lhard liquor, and you'd be toast after finding the carrier13:30
snap-lHell, I'd be toast after finding the sub. ;)13:31
rick_hlol, all depends on what's in the shots I guess13:31
snap-l151, of course. Gotta have the flames of victory13:32
snap-land belches you can ignite.13:32
Wolfgersounds like a good Penguicon game13:35
Wolfgershots of 151, when your opponent scores a hit on you, light the shot and shoot it13:35
Wolfgerand keep the fire extinguishers handy!13:36
WolfgerMan, I've been getting tons of +'s on my comments on jcastro's post about Episode I. :-)14:00
rick_hok, funny https://twitter.com/#!/FOSSNewsChannel/status/16485235376010035314:00
jcastroI <3 that account14:00
Wolfgerhuh. link gives me blank twitter page14:01
Wolfgerwhat's most surprising is that Twitter isn't blocked completely14:01
rick_hjcastro: heh, just saw it because it was RT. Looks funny14:02
rick_hkrondor: CHC tonight just a reminder/heads up14:14
snap-lFOSS News = followed14:20
krondorrick_h: thanks for the reminder, hoping to make it.14:23
krondorlack of a work proxy and moved to rbenv and I have a working ruby env14:28
Wolfgersnap-l, jcastro, and all other metal heads: Groupon for Megadeth, etc at the Palace http://goo.gl/nrkly14:28
jcastroIF ONLY I LIVED HERE14:28
krondormy spouse grabbed a bunch of vouchers for that when she was at MSU credit union.  $10 lower bowl or soemthing.14:29
snap-lOh, nice!14:30
jcastroI've never seen Lacuna Coil live14:30
snap-lWonder if it's not selling well14:30
snap-lfirst time I've ever seen a groupon for a concert14:30
jcastrome too14:31
jcastromegadeth sold out by themselves last time14:31
snap-lThough you have to get it at the palace box office14:31
jcastrobut then again that was 20th ann. of Rust in Peace14:31
snap-lSomething tells me that'll be a clusterfuck14:31
jcastroI hate long concerts now14:32
jcastroI am too old to sit through 4 bands14:32
Wolfgersnap-l: I've done a groupon through the Palace box office, no issues at all14:32
WolfgerOne of the local MMA promotions started doing Groupons for their Palace shows. It was pretty cool. Just walked up to the window with groupon and ID and they handed me my tickets.14:34
snap-lThere's a big difference between MMA and Megadeth14:35
WolfgerI would imagine so14:44
brouschi seem to be a decent logo maker, but i sure can't design a pretty web site14:44
WolfgerMore people waiting in that line14:44
Wolfgerbrousch: just make your website consist of a giant logo and nothing else? ;-)14:46
brouschthat might work14:46
brouschah, ok, found a blue theme that is much nicer15:04
rick_hheh, wasn't that the about.me theory15:04
rick_hyour design is one large photo15:04
snap-lPenguicon registration page is up15:05
WolfgerSo, here's today's CNN poll: "Should welfare recipients be banned from spending federal aid in strip clubs and casinos?"15:12
Wolfger93% say yes, which tells me that a whole lot of people really haven't thought this thing through.15:13
snap-lHah, apparently gpodder is brain-dead15:18
snap-lone of my listeners complained that he got a .zip file of ogg files for Episode 4015:18
snap-lapparently gpodder doesn't adhere to the enclosure tag, and just downloads extensions it recognizes15:19
snap-lwhich would happen to be this link: http://www.archive.org/download/Metal-libreAlbums/Raze-ManVsMachineogg.zip15:19
brouschok, i need to scrape this web page and extract the information from each meeting into a CSV or something. is beautifulsoup still the best thing? http://www.grpug.org/meetings/15:38
brouschi cannot pull directly from the database because it is GAE. i need to upload something to that, but the old GAE django patches are so broken i cannot upload anything15:40
rick_hbrousch: yea, BS or you can always go node.js and parse with a JS library :P15:42
brouschwhy would i do that?15:43
rick_hbrousch: because you can treat it like a web page with js selectors15:44
rick_hdoing things like $('.class').each() .... or Y.all('.class')...15:45
brouschmaybe, but my javascript skills are about 10% of my python skills15:45
jrwrenstep up your js skills.15:46
snap-lMan, Windows is definitely not Linux15:49
snap-lespecially when it comes to Python15:49
jrwrenbut what specifically?15:50
snap-lYAML and Crypto libraries that require compliation. :)15:50
brouschthis web page parsing is fun16:46
rick_hbrousch: you serious or sarcastic16:47
rick_hI think most of us would assume the latter having done screen scraping in the past16:47
brouschno, it is fun when it goes well16:47
brouschi have hit a wall though. the meeting abstracts have no unique div and have 0-4 <p>s16:47
brouschi will just manually hack something in16:48
mydogsnameisrudyjoin #kubuntu-offtopic17:03
greg-gno thanks17:07
rick_hgreg-g: did you order your replacement nipple covers?17:10
mydogsnameisrudyhmmm strange asking about nipple covers17:11
rick_honly on Tues, it's Wed17:12
mydogsnameisrudyday dont matter its still strange17:12
greg-grick_h: not yet :)17:16
greg-gthe amazon tabs are still open17:16
rick_hgreg-g: I got these last time: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005ZYXBEI/ref=wms_ohs_product17:16
rick_hnot sure which cover is your usual17:16
rick_halso gotten the official lenovo box, but I don't care for half of the types17:17
greg-grick_h: I'm a soft cap, apparently17:20
greg-gthough, haven't tried the others, but I like the cat-tounge feel17:21
rick_hyea, that's my fav17:22
rick_hsnap-l: for you https://twitter.com/#!/buckleysangel/status/16717356262346752017:26
snap-lhttp://magnatune.com/artists/albums/llatb-punkinst/ <- Album I'm going to pillage like a mofo for Lococast interstitials17:41
snap-lrick_h: Yes, yes, yes!17:42
Wolfgermydogsnameisrudy must not be familiar with Penguicon if he thinks that's strange...17:50
WolfgerYou coming back to MI for pcon, greg-g?17:53
greg-gI wish17:53
WolfgerMaybe after the baby's a bit older (e.g. no longer a baby)...17:56
greg-gor when I have enough of a reason to get PC or work to pay for it :)17:57
snap-lgreg-g: WE'll get you on as a GoH18:00
greg-gplz do!18:00
snap-l"greg-g makes Creative Commons tick, sing, and dance"18:00
rick_h"especially dance!"18:01
WolfgerSpeaking of Penguicon, next Friday night is their "bring a friend" party at the new con hotel. Grab somebody you think might like p-con, and drag 'em to the party.18:01
snap-lI so want to write this guy a solution that shells out through bash, python, and perl18:02
snap-lif for nothing else than for putting his code in an image file18:02
snap-lMy Answer: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/MdotgxtgvmsLS6WNr2YL/18:21
snap-lEven better, it doesn't actually work18:21
brouschwhoa, cool https://www.browserstack.com/features18:31
snap-lCoffeeScript also includes a Ruby idiom of allowing suffixed if statements:20:25
snap-lalert "It's cold!" if heat < 520:25
snap-lRuby idiom? RUBY IDIOM?20:25
snap-lPerl was suffixing when suffixing wasn't cool.20:25
snap-lPerl suffixes better than any other language I know20:26
snap-lsuffix this!20:26
brouschlooks annoying20:27
snap-lTrust me, it's handy20:28
snap-lGood for those single-line if statements20:29
snap-ldie "Bizarro world" if 1==220:29
brouschfun times when that 1 liner becomes 220:30
snap-lNah, it's simple:20:31
snap-la = 5 if b == 220:31
snap-lflag = true if b == 220:31
snap-lif flag:20:31
snap-l  a = 520:31
snap-l  c = 320:31
* snap-l is a smart-ass today.20:31
jrwrensnap-l: its amazing how many rubyists never did perl.20:43
jrwrenthey think its new.20:43
jrwrenthey don't realize its just a copy of perl only prettier.20:43
jrwrendo { line1;line2; } if 1==220:44
jrwrensnap-l: but if that is from coffeescript docs, keep in mind coffeescript was initially written in ruby.20:44
snap-ljrwren: Yeah, I know21:04
snap-lJust sets my teeth on edge when I hear something like that.21:04
jrwreni'm with ya.21:05
jrwrensame with node.21:05
jrwreni talk to these people who are gaga about node.21:05
jrwrenand I say "so its twisted or POE"21:05
jrwrenand they give me this blank look.21:05
jrwrenand I roll my eyes21:05
snap-lNo, Node is the first async21:05
snap-lNode created async. :)21:05
jrwrennow... they actually DO have a point, that by not having any sync IO calls, they cna do it better.21:06
jrwrene.g. POE and twisted still use blocking file operations that are ultimately open/read/write(2)21:07
snap-lBut just because you do it better doesn't mean you invented it21:07
snap-lFord applied the assembly line successfully to the automobile, but didn't invent either21:08
jrwrenand really? is disk IO with node that great? I know net is, because of they way they use socket and their libev equivalent21:09
jrwrenbut disk?21:09
jrwrendo they open with O_ASYNC and their loop checks for SIGIO ?21:10
jrwrenor do they have a SIGIO handler?21:10
* jrwren goes and looks21:10
jrwrenoh... node IS on libev. fuk i had no idea.21:12
jrwreni thought they had their own event loop.21:12
jrwrenfuk the node fans harder. i'm less impressed21:12
jrwrenand libev has async file io.21:13
jrwrenwow, awesome.21:13
jrwrenand... a perlmod.  ev.pod21:13
jrwrengiven this new information, i shall now call node a port of ev.pod to v8/js :)21:14
jrwrenLUST!!!! https://github.com/kersny/libuv-csharp21:14
snap-ljrwren: You're mean. :)21:16
jrwreni tweeted a summary of our conversation21:16
jrwreni'm mean.21:16
snap-lGah, I'm irritated21:21
snap-lhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinball_Hall_of_Fame:_The_Williams_Collection <- Wii version gets Jive Time and Sorceror, PS3 and XBox versions get Arabian NIghts, Medieval Madness and No Good Gofers21:22
snap-lTwo tables that I love (MM and NGG) aren't on the Wii version21:22

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