cweber10bkerensa: hey how it going00:15
cweber10ack, missed delete and pressed enter on phone :p00:21
bkerensacweber10: Good00:25
bkerensacweber10: Do you think tomorrow evening might work better for our talk?00:25
cweber10bkerensa: afternoo, yes evening will depend on what all happens.00:31
bkerensacweber10: Cool lets aim for tomorrow afternoon00:37
bkerensaWhat time works best for you?00:37
cweber10well we are in lab from1 to 300:39
cweber10later in the day is chaotic00:45
bkerensacweber10: How about 2pm?00:55
cweber10yea 2 is good00:58
bkerensaok see you guys here at 2pm00:58
bkerensaOk well I'm off.... c_smith see you tonight on Google+ and here at 11pm for the Ubuntu Dev News video conference02:21
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bkerensac_smith: ello06:15
bkerensashould be good to go in about 30 minutes06:29
bkerensawhy is my mic playing games06:41
c_smiththat's not fun, spent a bit earlier tweaking the volume control for mine.06:43
bkerensabrb rebooting06:43
bkerensaIm back06:53
c_smithman, I had a question, but I forgot what it was. I know it's one I wanted to ask you.....06:54
c_smithdarn my tiredness.06:54
c_smitharound 5 mins to go.06:56
bkerensac_smith can you join #ubuntu-news06:58
c_smithyou got it.06:58
blkperlwell unity decided to segfault after i rebooted my precise alpha2 installation08:06
blkperlwhy is it that apt-get upgrade can never fix things..08:07
blkperl(aptitude safe-upgrade)++08:08
bkerensaI never use aptitude08:08
bkerensablkperl: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:08
blkperlaptitude always figures out my dependency problems :P08:08
blkperlwhy would i need to dist-upgrade?08:08
bkerensasometimes packages get held and dist-upgrade clears it up for me... I never had to use it in the past but lately its been the key to winning on precise08:09
sbeattiebkerensa: be careful with that on the dev release, if there's archive skew when you do that, you can end up purging a package that you might consider important.08:09
bkerensasbeattie: Ahh k08:09
sbeattiemake sure to read carefully the list of packages apt wants to remove.08:10
bkerensasbeattie: Well sometimes I have held packages and dist-upgrade seems to force them08:10
bkerensakalosaurusrex: I need to interview your team soon08:10
blkperlalso apt-get update seems to be failing on one of the mirrors08:10
bkerensablkperl: which mirror? Quite a few of the mirrors are not up to date for some reason08:11
blkperli don't its in my back scroll :)08:11
blkperlill let you know after updates08:11
bkerensasbeattie: Is there a way to take screenshots of the login screen?08:15
sbeattiebkerensa: hrm, I don't know08:16
sbeattieblkperl: slangasek tells me that aptitude gets dependency resolution wrong in some subtle ways. I tend to trust him on it.08:17
sbeattieOTOH, my sbuild setup has to use aptitude for dependency resolution because the dependency resolution that sbuild does natively is... buggy.08:18
blkperlalright rebooting, if i don't come back send a wake on lan packet instructing my machine to reinstall oneiric :D08:21
sbeattiepxeboot over irc for the win!08:21
sbeattiebkerensa: where's your new place? I keep seeing you hit eastside locations that I wouldn't expect a westsider to go to (e.g. Mall 205)...08:22
blkperlcompiz keeps crashing :S08:24
blkperl"problem cannont be reported, obsolete packages"08:24
* blkperl hits computer with apt-get upgrades08:24
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albrighabkerensa: good morning!15:52
bkerensaalbrigha: Ello... I need to interview your team but right now I'm handling Kubuntu Team :LD15:53
albrighabkerensa: lol okay no worries. we'll talk about it..it might actually be better if you talk to Gema about that15:53
bkerensaalbrigha: Or pgraner?15:53
albrighahm well he's pretty busy. Gema is sort of the lead. so she might be able to help as well15:54
albrighaI mean you can def ask him too.15:54
bkerensais Gema a QA lead or does she help lead Kernel Team?15:54
bkerensaahh I think were focusing on Kernel Team so idk Ill ask dholbach15:55
albrighaokay that's cool :)15:55
albrighaI am not awake yet15:55
bkerensaI worked with dholbach till 2am15:56
bkerensathen woke up at 7am15:56
bkerensaand am now working with him more until he goes to bed15:56
bkerensahe is in Germany so yeah my sleep patterns are bad15:56
albrighaI know exactly how you feel oddly enough. but it's good fun! I realized that rather than having a sleeping problem, my body seems to be set more for europe time!15:57
albrighaGema is in the UK, and one of the other guys is in Germany as well15:57
albrighaI love working with such a diverse group.15:58
bkerensahello cweber1021:09
cweber10bkerensa: Hello how it going21:10
cweber10so what is going to work best for this?21:11
bkerensacweber10: Well we can do it over IRC and just go to #ubuntu-wou21:11
cweber10sounds good.21:12
bkerensacweber10: Do you know if the others will be coming?21:18
cweber10I think they are trying21:18
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c_smithbkerensa, is there any chance you could show me the ropes to the Ubuntu Dev news?22:04
bkerensaHello c_smith yep I can do that give me just a few minutes I'm finishing up a meeting22:06
c_smitheh, just got told I might have to leave in a few...... hate it when that happens.22:06
c_smithcould we postpone this to when I get back?22:06
bkerensaUmm c_smith well I think we got enough done for this issue but22:07
bkerensalets aim for tomorrow?22:07
cweber10bkerensa: Thank you.22:07
bkerensame and dholbach did an unusual amount of work this morning22:07
c_smithno pton22:07
bkerensaso tomorrow afternoon22:07
bkerensacweber10: No problem22:07
c_smithbkerensa, on an unrelated subject, I have a question22:07
c_smithit's about the BNC server.22:08
bkerensacweber10: You can tell Becka if somehow a ride could be arrange to and from WOU I would have no problem doing a presentation for the whole class22:08
bkerensac_smith: Sure whats up?22:08
c_smithok, I'm getting a Desktop this weekend, and intend to use it to see what I can do on SSH and have it as my main IRC PC, if I had said desktop connected the the BNC server, and needed to occasionally connect with my laptop, would that cause problems when the Desktop is already connected?22:09
bkerensac_smith: Nope22:10
c_smithcool, thought I'd read that somewhere, but couldn't find it again.22:10
c_smithanywho, I'd better go, I'll likely hit you up on that tomorrow after I eat lunch (I'll be in school until then)22:10
bkerensaok then22:11
* bkerensa is off to Home Depot and Walmart22:11

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