broderso, uh, on the crazy ideas front, is it possible to use llvmpipe with the nvidia binary driver? nvidia's libgl is giving me no end of trouble00:05
brycehbroder, I believe llvmpipe is gallium only00:19
brodermeaning it needs a server component?00:20
brycehmeaning it's mesa-only, which rules out nvidia and fglrx00:21
broderand there's no way to turn on mesa with the nvidia ddx? am i just saying things that don't make sense?00:22
brycehright, the -nvidia binary driver just isn't architected to work that way00:23
brycehraof is the gl guru though, he may know tricks00:24
RAOFbroder: You could do that, but you'd need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the mesa libGL.00:25
broderRAOF: right, i tried that but i got an error00:25
broderof course, in the process of trying harder, i've broken my laptop, so i can't tell you what that error was at the moment :)00:25
brodersomething about fbconfig and RGB visuals00:26
RAOFOh, right.00:26
RAOFnvidia *also* replaces the Xserver's GLX with an incompatible version.00:26
RAOFYeah, you're out of lucke.00:26
broderoh, so i should swap that out separately?00:26
brycehbroder, to unbreak, purge nvidia and reinstall00:26
brycehbroder, best case even if it worked with nvidia+llvmpipe you'd be entered into unsupported/untested crazy land :-)00:27
broderbryceh: oh, i'm well aware of that, but if it's unsupported/untested crazy land that *works*, i'll take my chances00:28
broderright now i'm seeing both compiz and mutter crash with a fairly high probability whenever i make a display geometry change with nvcontrol00:29
broderwhich is causing all kinds of unfortunate cascading problems00:29
RAOFbroder: If you're willing to completely break nvidia's GL I *think* you could swap out nvidia's GLX for Xorg's GLX.00:32
RAOFI believe you'd want to divert /usr/lib/nvidia-$DRIVER_VER/xorg/libglx.so to do that, then restart X.00:33
* broder nods00:34
broderright now, i appear to be falling down a http://xkcd.com/349/ shaped rabbit hole00:35
broder(i think i busted my initrd while i was screwing with things)00:35
brycehbroder, time to grow your beard longer00:36
Sarvattbjsnider: woohoo libva01:28
Sarvattso like, mesa 8.0 wont be shipping the default drirc to make unigine games work, hmm01:52
Sarvattwe'll need to add some /etc/drirc handling to mesa01:55
Sarvatt19 files changed, 1146 insertions, 517 deletions in a mesa 8.0.1 stable update single commit..03:11
bjsnideryeah, i saw that they pulled in the libva stuff03:32
bjsniderthey didn't even ask for the pbuilder proof03:33
RAOFWe'll just hunt you down if it fails :)03:43
bjsnideri touched the code so long ago that i don't really remember much about it03:44
bjsnideri spent a lot more time working on the gmtk/gnome-mplayer scripts, so it's nice to see them included03:45
tjaaltonbryceh: yeah to me it sounds like it's been like that all the time :/04:55
tjaaltonbryceh: but as you pointed out, seems to be an issue with a dock and displayport, which only a few arrandale owners seem to have04:56
brycehtjaalton, unfortunately one being our ceo05:19
tjaaltonat least it looks like upstream has a way to reproduce that one05:23
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tseliotbroder: hi, RAOF mentioned the fact that you did some work on hybrid graphics. Maybe some script on boot? Can you tell me more about it, please?09:41
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brycehtseliot, I can forward his script17:02
brycehhmm, getting 403 errors from bugs.freedesktop.org17:09
tseliotbryceh: thanks, I've just seen your email17:11
brycehanyone else getting 403's accessing https://bugs.freedesktop.org/ or is it just me?17:19
tjaaltonworks here17:19
cndbryceh, RAOF, tjaalton, Sarvatt: I would like to push a new xserver (based on 1.11.4 and latest upstream input bits), libxi, evdev, and synaptics tomorrow22:34
cndany issues with that?22:35
RAOFI don't have any problem with that.22:35
Sarvattcnd: not here, there was an issue where you commited a fix when the previous hadn't been released yet but that was totally my fault for marking it precise instead of UNRELEASED thinking i'd find a sponsor fast22:35
brycehcnd, sounds ok to me22:36
cndSarvatt, ahh, was this in xorg-server?22:36
cndSarvatt, did you just squash the changelog into the unreleased one?22:36
Sarvatti still had ubuntu9 checked out locally and tjaalton sponsored a package made from that, worked out ok22:37
Sarvattso 10 wasnt in it22:37
Sarvattwas urgent because of mesa and the archive test rebuilds and wasnt sure if you're was ready22:37
cndok, so everything should be good to go?22:37
Sarvattwas just saying what issues i'd had in xserver in the past week, everythings ok now22:38
cndSarvatt, you should go to the DMB and ask for the creation of an X package set, and for upload rights to it22:38
cndI'd be happy to give a positive assessment for it22:39
Sarvattyeah tell me about it, going to do that "very soon now"22:39
RAOFHave I not already asked for an X package set?22:40
Sarvatthave you?!22:40
Sarvatti thought you short circuited it and got core-dev22:41
RAOFI did, but after that I think I also asked for an X package set.22:42
Sarvattcnd: looking forward to it though, thanks for doing that :)22:43

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