Kiloscremora minora05:59
KilosMaaz, coffee on06:01
* Maaz flips the salt-timer06:01
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!06:05
KilosMaaz, thanks man06:05
MaazKilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)06:05
Kilosmorning maiatoday 06:06
maiatodayhi Kilos06:06
Kilosyou well maiatoday 06:07
Kiloswe miss you06:07
maiatodayfine thanks, have hand in thesis mid march, super busy06:07
maiatodaybut I'll be back soon06:07
Kiloswhew 06:07
Kilosoh well i spose we will servive till then06:08
inetpro_superfly: I wonder 06:17
=== inetpro_ is now known as inetpro
inetprogood morning everyone06:22
inetproMaaz: coffee on06:23
* Maaz puts the kettle on06:23
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro!06:27
inetproMaaz: dankie06:27
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend06:27
nuvolario/ mornings06:31
superflyinetpro: about what?06:53
inetpro08/02 00:17:41 <superfly> inetpro: what are you still doing up?!06:53
superflyah, OK06:57
superflymorning morgs, kbmonkey07:36
kbmonkeyhi o/07:36
superflyI wish I could work on OSS full time and get paid for it :-(07:37
superflybut, having said that, I'm enjoying working on embedded stuff :-)07:37
kbmonkeyI hear you superfly :)07:39
kbmonkeyhi Kilos 07:51
Kiloskbmonkey, good morning07:51
Kilosyou see i got the list going07:52
kbmonkeysuperfly I see google sites supports custom domain names, via cname records. 07:52
Kilosmaybe when we through the course my pc will go better07:52
kbmonkeyIf we can get that custom name, za.net for now, it would be helpful :)07:52
kbmonkeythanks Kilos! 07:53
kbmonkey:) :)07:53
Kiloshiya superfly 07:53
kbmonkeyyour pc will be super beast after this Kilos 08:16
Kiloslol if i can find that ioctl goody08:17
Kiloscant enable dma08:18
Kilosmethinks i finding something similar08:21
Kilosaw they dont get to a cure08:29
kbmonkeynot sure what to make of that Kilos 08:34
kbmonkeyneed to get going, be back later08:34
Kilosgo safe08:34
Kilosi got more info08:34
kbmonkeygood. ciao ciao08:34
Kiloswill mail the cure if i find it08:34
kbmonkeysuggest if you stuck to write down findings and propose it as a question at the Q&A08:35
Kilosyip i am saving all of this08:35
kbmonkeygood :)08:36
superflyKilos: did yo usee my  reply to your e-mail?08:40
Kilosaw no superfly will check now ty08:40
Kilossuperfly, i got a ide (pata) drive and i do have /sda08:42
Kilosi get same probs as these guys https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/22830208:45
Kilosworking my way through it08:45
Kilosone guy has a workaround but it changes sda to hda and lotsa other stuff like uuids08:47
Kilosi wont try that08:47
Kilosthese guys found workarounds by fiddling in the kernel and some of their pc's would boot after09:18
Kilosim scared to try that09:19
Kiloscould it be because smart is not active in the bios09:19
Kiloshi zeref 09:24
KilosMaaz, lpi manual09:56
Kiloshow does one know when there is a reply at bugs.launchpad.net?10:00
zeref-Laphi kilos10:02
Kiloshi zeref 10:02
Kilosand zeref-Lap  too10:02
zeref-Lapta tumbleweed for the help last night, got it working10:06
nuvolariMaaz: tell kilos oom, you are too quick. every time I actually get here to talk you left already :P10:32
Maaznuvolari: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode10:32
Kilosha ha ha nuvolari skuus man12:18
Kilossuperfly, in another place i looked it says /sdx drives cant be done you gotta make them /hdx12:22
Kilosso i give up with that now12:22
Kilosnot a good start to lpi course but yeah12:24
* nuvolari sees uncle Kilos is going to beat him at lpi training12:27
Kiloshaha nuvolari you missed the meet last night. I told you12:28
Kilosyou naughty12:28
nuvolariya I know oom :-/ been working on the photography club's website12:38
Kiloslol never mind you are forgiven12:39
Kilosdont miss the next one on the 14th12:39
Kiloshey you clever peeps, i have got stresslinux and dont understand how it can ask for name and password when installing15:36
Kilosits like the ubuntucd asking for name and password before it will install15:37
Kilosas jy kan sukkel, sal jy15:54
Kilosmurphy is strong in the IT field16:01
Kiloshi Mezenir 16:10
Mezenirwhats news16:15
Kilossafe stuff different day16:28
Kiloslo Squirm 16:28
Squirmlo there Kilos 16:28
Kilosyou well laddy?16:29
Kiloshey sakhi 16:30
SquirmI am good thanks :) yourself?16:32
Kilosgood ty. what you doing with yourself16:32
Kilosdid i see somewhere you studying?16:32
superflymaiatoday: ping17:16
kbmonkeyhow is it going Kilos 19:01
Kilosgood ty and you19:02
Kiloswhat you been doing19:02
kbmonkeyreally wanted a koffie. i made tea against my better want19:02
KilosMaaz, coffee on19:03
* Maaz flips the salt-timer19:03
kbmonkeywas out job hunting today. no luck yet. 19:03
kbmonkeygoing through that study stuff now19:03
Kiloshave you tired employment agencies kbmonkey 19:04
Kilosi dunno if they do IT jobs but who knows19:04
kbmonkeyi did before. will try those again but they are pretty bad 19:05
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee 19:05
Maazkbmonkey: *blink*19:05
Kilosare there any chances in sleepy hollow19:05
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee please19:05
Maazkbmonkey: Okay19:05
kbmonkeyno but plenty roadworks going on. maybe i can lay some asphalt 19:06
kbmonkeysudo make road19:06
Kilosyou'll have to add nano as well19:07
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and kbmonkey!19:07
KilosMaaz, thanks man19:07
MaazKilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)19:07
kbmonkeyhow is all doing today?19:22
Kiloswho you talking to kbmonkey 19:22
kbmonkeywhoever :)19:23
Kiloshe isnt here19:23
Kilosbeen a quiet day19:23
maiatoday_toohey Kilos kbmonkey 19:24
maiatoday_tooI am waiting for my cousing to finish watchin video on how to go on irc19:24
Kilosfound bug info saying only way to fix that dma is to change /sda to /hda19:24
Kiloshehe hiya maiatoday_too 19:24
kbmonkeyhiya maiatoday_too 19:25
maiatoday_toohe wants to play starcraft and I said maybe someone in here knows how and is awake19:25
maiatoday_tooI just got him to install ubuntu on his laptop19:25
Kilosthen gotta change uuid's as well and thats too much schlep19:25
kbmonkeystarcraft on nix? yes why not19:25
maiatoday_toohe is young and very keen19:25
maiatoday_toolet's see if he manages to get in here all by himself19:26
kbmonkeyhi magespawn 19:26
magespawnHowdy all19:26
Kiloslet him use xchat maiatoday_too 19:26
Kiloshiya magespawn 19:26
maiatoday_toowell he isn't here I talk to him on the phone briefly19:27
maiatoday_toowe can get him to use xchat, but for now I just suggested empathy, I know it is a dog but he can start with that19:27
Kilosto me you all are young19:27
Kilospidgin is better than empathy19:28
kbmonkeynow now gramps19:28
magespawnYoung for what?19:28
maiatoday_tooyeah I know pidgin is better too but at the moment I don't want to put too many hurdles up for him19:28
maiatoday_tooif likes to irc you guys can all weigh in and tell him what to use19:28
kbmonkeyKilos is our reference guy!19:29
magespawnHe is 13 probable take about that long in.seconds to work it out.19:29
kbmonkeyhe has a little red book with tricks written down19:29
Kilosyeah they quick kids are19:29
kbmonkeyabout the age I started with pc's. didnt have net though19:30
kbmonkeyso what did we do without the net, you ask?19:30
Kilosplayed games19:31
kbmonkeywe played snakes!19:31
kbmonkeyand then made our own. 19:31
* kbmonkey rambling as this green tea is super bitter today19:31
Kiloshee hee green tea19:31
magespawnI had a text dungeon hack and slash19:31
Kilossposed to be healthy19:32
kbmonkeythe Mines of Moria?19:32
kbmonkeyand Angband?19:32
maiatoday_toohi Rooitier 19:33
Kiloshi Rooitier 19:33
magespawnI used to mess around with zx spectrum 28k still have it and it still works19:33
Kilosthat was quick19:33
magespawnHi Rooitier19:33
maiatoday_tooKilos Rooitier is on in xchat he says19:33
kbmonkeyhello Rooitier 19:34
Kilosslim seun19:34
maiatoday_tooguys dows anyone know how to get Rooitier sorted with starcraft on his shiney new ubuntu machine?19:34
Rooitierwow baie op19:34
magespawnRooitier first time in irc?19:34
Rooitierhm yup19:34
kbmonkeysure we can have a look19:34
magespawn1 or 2 ?19:35
KilosRooitier, welcome to ubuntu-za19:36
kbmonkeydo you have experience with ubuntu/linux running windows app Rooitier ?19:36
Rooitiernope im trying to run it through play onlinux19:36
maiatoday_tooyeah I think you have repository version of wine and playonlinux19:36
Rooitierbut apparently when i try to mount it it state that the file is not found19:36
maiatoday_tooRooitier: did the installation work ok?19:36
magespawnCould virtual box a whole xp setup?19:36
maiatoday_toowinehq says it runs gold tho19:37
kbmonkeyokay good, just checking winehq now :)19:37
magespawnStacraft 1 or 2?19:37
kbmonkeyusually they also give install/run instructions there19:37
kbmonkeystarcraft 219:37
magespawnSpecs are quite high on that19:38
kbmonkeywish I can get hold of that ;)19:38
maiatoday_toomaybe Rooitier should go to the ubuntu hour on saturday19:38
maiatoday_toowill you be there kbmonkey 19:38
Rooitiercause first i did via disc but there i could only install on a terminal but if i try to open and mount it shuts down :(19:39
Kilosmaiatoday, superfly pinged you a while ago19:39
maiatoday_tooI should mail him, I have been so snowed under19:39
kbmonkeyno maiatoday_too im back in KZN :(19:39
maiatoday_tooRooitier maybe you need to upgrade your wine version19:39
magespawnWhere kbmonkey?19:39
kbmonkeyin maritzburg for now magespawn 19:40
Kilossleepy hollow magespawn 19:40
maiatoday_toowill you come back to the cape again kbmonkey 19:40
magespawnBit south of me then.19:40
kbmonkeyyes maiatoday_too but I can't say when yet19:40
kbmonkeyokay Rooitier how did you install the game, from which instructions?19:41
Kilosmagespawn, there was someone on here a while back that is in eshowe, do you remember19:41
Rooitierum yes i saw this one review on opening up a terminal and downloading and restarting but i guess its out dated19:41
magespawnYup Kilos19:41
Kiloswho was it?19:41
kbmonkeyif you installed WINE through the software center, you should have the latest repo version19:41
Rooitierok ill quicly check ups19:42
magespawnCannot remember the nick,19:42
kbmonkeylet's not get into compiling wine just yet, that is for much later ;)19:42
maiatoday_tooit looks like the default instal is 1.3.2819:42
maiatoday_tooand winehq says 1.3.17 ran platinum19:42
maiatoday_toooops 1.3.2719:42
Rooitieri got 1.3.2819:42
kbmonkeyRooitier page down and see the section "mounting DVD problems" -- http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=20882&iTestingId=6914419:43
Rooitierok no up dates as yet19:44
Kilosfunny hows peeps pop in then disappear19:44
Kiloslike pietpompies19:44
zeref-Laplike this :)19:44
magespawnGood night all.19:44
kbmonkeygn magespawn 19:44
Kilosnight magew19:44
Kilossleep tight19:45
kbmonkeylol zeref-Lap 19:45
maiatoday_toonight magespawn 19:45
Rooitieropps on web night19:45
Kilos* services. sets mode +f #wine #winehq19:48
Kilos* ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) has joined #wine19:48
Kilos* services. gives channel operator status to ChanServ19:48
Kilos* You have been kicked from #wine by ChanServ (Invite only channel)19:48
Rooitierok kbmonkey19:49
kbmonkeywow it's amazing how many howtos and tutorials are in video format now19:49
kbmonkeyhow did it go Rooitier 19:49
Rooitierit said i must copy it to the hard drive19:50
kbmonkeyI found steps here: http://www.clockworkhare.com/2010/07/penguin-post-how-to-install-starcraft-2-on-linuxwine-if-you-get-weird-permissions-issues.html19:51
Rooitierso now i attempt to download it to my comp19:51
kbmonkeystep 1 you did by mounting19:51
kbmonkeyso do step 2 and 3 in that link19:51
kbmonkeyit copies the installer to your desktop, and runs it19:52
kbmonkeyhope that works! 19:52
kbmonkeyhow far did you get into that manual Kilos ?19:52
Kilosisnt that one of them games that play only when cd is in19:53
Rooitierok im going to attempt it19:53
Rooitierthanks again19:53
maiatoday_toohas anybody played WoW through wine much?19:53
Kilospage 47 0f 101 kbmonkey 19:53
kbmonkeynope, not a WoW'er19:53
maiatoday_toonor I but I suspect that question will come up as well at some point :)19:54
kbmonkeygimme Doom and Quake! (when there's time)19:54
Kilosthat dma messed the whole day up19:54
kbmonkeyKilos don't try fix your pc's dma stuff19:54
Kilosna i gave up19:54
Kilosby then head was thumpin so i had a sleep19:55
maiatoday_toogood luck with your dma stuff Kilos, I'll come back here tomorrow and see if I can catch superfly19:55
maiatoday_tooMaaz tell superfly Kilos said you pinged me, mail me if you like19:55
Maazmaiatoday_too: Okay, I'll tell superfly on freenode19:55
kbmonkeyyour pc is working Kilos. that dma stuff is theory.19:56
Kilosi gave up maiatoday they say to change sda to hda19:56
Kilosty maiatoday sleep tight19:56
maiatoday_toogonna context switch again, good luck Rooitier 19:56
Kilosleave well enough alone19:56
Kilosdont fix it if it aint broke19:56
kbmonkeyunderstand those commands are for certain hardware, that have special functions. 19:57
kbmonkeyyour's doesnt but that is fine, your pc still works :)19:57
Kiloswhat i found after hours is one guys theory is that dma setting only works on ide drives if they are hda19:58
Kilosthere were lotsa peeps complaining19:58
Kilosanyway young peeps. i do doodoo now20:00
Kilossleep tight all, see ya morrow20:00
kbmonkeynite Kilos 20:00
kbmonkeyhave a good nite. hope the head feels better!20:00
Kilosty kbmonkey 20:01
RooitierBye All thnx try again tom20:06

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