holsteinis syncing when you plug a cable from the phone to the computer thetinyjesus ? .. i havent had to do that in years.. i wouldnt expect ubuntu to be able to do anything to "fix" iOS00:00
icerootthetinyjesus: because i believe in freedom00:00
lehzenithetinyjesus, have you tried the "gnupd" package?00:00
dragonflyRoxy`, I'll post a couple links I found:00:00
thetinyjesusholstein: i can get the ipod to mount, i can transfer the songs ON the ipod to my computer but if i try to sync a song to the iphone it says it works but doesn't show up on the iphone00:01
icerootthetinyjesus: there are solutions (see ubottu ) but i dont want to spent time to support unfree things (sorry)00:01
holsteinthetinyjesus: it doesnt have to be anything personal... you can use what you like, and should... but dont expect unsupported OS's to be able to support the iOS platform00:01
diverdudecfhowlett, they are homemade...i want standard ubuntu icons00:01
john_doe_jrif I want a script to do several things do I just use the && statement to join all the commands that I would normally type @ the command line?00:01
icerootthetinyjesus: if we support something like apple-stuff there will never be a change with ther evil politic (itunes and so on)00:01
cfhowlettdiverdude: are you trying to install them in a NOT ubuntu OS??00:01
lehzenithetinyjesus, that's because the song has to be added to the daatabase in the iphone. which was one of the things gnupod used to take care of00:01
thetinyjesusiceroot: that wouldn't be for the worse, many people would be happen if they could loosen their grip a little00:02
diverdudecfhowlett, homepage00:02
thetinyjesushappy* sorry im blazed00:02
holsteinthetinyjesus: one of the first LUG presentations i hosted was about how to sync ipods in linux.. the presenter used banshee and several other tools with success00:02
dragonflymaybe one of those will hlep00:02
icerootthetinyjesus: the best would be "noone would use things which take away your freedom00:02
cfhowlettdiverdude: I think this is what you're seeking:  http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/ubuntu-brand-guidelines/00:03
icerootRoxy`: maybe richard stallman is sometimes very strange but he is right about what he is saying00:03
icerootRoxy`: sorry wrong nick00:03
icerootthetinyjesus: ^00:03
cfhowlettdiverdude: http://design.canonical.com/brand/Logos/00:03
thetinyjesusiceroot: i've owned the HTC hero, evo, samsung galaxy S2, and vanilla android with their baby phone and none of them seemed to just work like the iphone00:04
icerootthetinyjesus: as i said, i dont like apple, i will not support there products00:04
cfhowlettthetinyjesus: see @apple "think different"00:04
icerootthetinyjesus: and i will not support apple-stuff here00:04
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cfhowletticeroot: nor should we00:04
icerootthetinyjesus: see what ubottu tells you, the solution is there00:04
icerootthetinyjesus: but see the true, apple is evil because they take away your freedom, you cant use there products with everything and i dont see a reason why we should support it00:05
icerootthetinyjesus: but that is just my opinion and i am speaking not for #ubuntu00:05
lehzenithetinyjesus http://freecode.com/projects/gnupod00:05
grafterr, hate to buzzkill, but shouldn't this be in #ubuntu-offtopic?00:05
don_acehey people :)00:06
cfhowlettdon_ace: greetings00:06
icerootgraft: freedom should be always ontopic :)00:06
thetinyjesusiceroot: i see your point, but i cannot express my feelings when i have a device that crashes or freezes from doing simple tasks00:06
thetinyjesuslehzeni: going to check it out now ty00:06
don_acekann wer deutsch00:06
don_acehallo leute00:06
iceroot!de | don_ace00:07
ubottudon_ace: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!00:07
grafticeroot: mayhap, but channel bandwidth is limited, and this channel does have a purpose00:07
icerootthetinyjesus: you looked the links from ubottu ?00:07
dragonflyiceroot, just to put things in perspective, offering support using apple products with ubuntu here would not necessarily be promoting apple, but rather providing a service to those who wish to migrate towards open solutions (such as android and ubuntu) but currently have apple devices00:07
thetinyjesusiceroot: yeah i've been checking everywhere possible for days00:07
icerootdragonfly: i dont see why people should migrate if we help them to use there unfree stuff00:08
DeithrianIs there a way to make Ibus to work with Opera browser?00:08
don_acecan anyone help me00:08
icerootthetinyjesus: ok00:08
don_aceim searching for a social channel in german00:08
iceroot!ask | don_ace00:08
ubottudon_ace: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:08
iceroot!alis | don_ace00:08
ubottudon_ace: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*00:08
don_aceiceroot ftw! :)00:09
thetinyjesusiceroot:  the problem is as of right now they only know how the library system works in ios 4.3.5 and under they haven't figured out 5.0 yet and of course the iphone 4s will not go back to ios 400:09
don_acethis bot is a god00:09
don_acehou epic is this bot programmed00:09
don_acenever seen before00:09
icerootthetinyjesus: then i guess you cant use your apple-stuff with ubuntu00:09
don_acecan anyone help me ?00:09
icerootdon_ace: read what ubottu told you about "alis"00:10
thetinyjesusiceroot: i figured thats why i partitioned windows with another media partition for music/movies so i can download everything on linux and when needed sync with win700:10
don_acei dont understand00:10
ubottudon_ace: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:10
ubottudon_ace: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:10
thetinyjesusiceroot: i just recently started linux like two weeks ago i'm not that great yet just getting the feel of it but so far i love it, no crashes got all hardware working and enjoying how you can customize literally everything00:11
dragonflyiceroot, I'm referring to if someone has say an iPod touch...perhaps they are interested in switching from windows to ubuntu....if they can still use the device they currently have (iphone, touch, etc) it can put a taste in their mouth for the free stuff and perhaps their next device will be android....but if they can't even do something as simple as use their ipod with ubuntu then why woudl they want to continue using ubuntu because every00:11
dragonflything "just works" with their ipod and windows00:11
riyonukHow would I configure Ubuntu to use a static IP (like or something?00:11
icerootdragonfly: its just my opinion and maybe you are right but i will never support using apple-products (on ubuntu or somewhere else)00:12
holsteinthetinyjesus: maybe you can move this sync up into an account.. you should ask in the apple channels about how that would work... i use google music on my android phone.. everything is synced over the internet00:12
dragonfly.....the issue is not whether ubuntu has an obligation to support apple products, but rather that perhaps the "community" should step-up and fill in a void where apple refuses to cooperate and be of any help whatsoever00:12
thetinyjesusdragonfly: thats why you do what i did and just partition the drive so you save all your media there and dual boot win/linux and both OS can share that partition00:12
thetinyjesusdragonfly: and when needed for the one or two tasks linux cannot work with at the moment, you have a backup plan00:13
dragonflythetinyjesus, i agree and I have used a similar solution myself, but for the less technical user, it would be better if that was unnecessary...imo00:13
thetinyjesusdragonfly: agree im not a computer tech or anything just really a hobby on the side i enjoy00:13
daniel_hi folks00:14
thetinyjesusholstein: hey man can you point me into the right direction which server/channel for that?00:14
dragonflyiceroot, I have a similar philosophy in that I don't necessarily like apple products and wouldn't recommend or promote their use....however, I will "support" their use (to whatever limited extent I can) on Ubuntu simply by way of if someone has an ipod they should still be won over to Ubuntu00:16
ActionParsnipdragonfly: you can access NTFS from Ubuntu so just have your NTFS mount at boot and symlink to the folder00:17
icerootdragonfly: and i thing the only way to stop this products is not to support them and dont help people to use something like that00:17
ActionParsnipdragonfly: I'm the same way about apple + support. I hate apple00:17
icerootdragonfly: but as i said, this is just my opinion and not everyone would like that opinion and of course everyone is free to help others on that topic00:17
thetinyjesusActionParsnip: the problem is apple doesn't just say put the artist in a folder like you would think, the folder name along with song title are all coded in numbers00:18
ActionParsnipthetinyjesus: afaik rhythmnbox does something magical, I believe amarok can manage them too00:18
icerootdragonfly: and the main-reason why i am using GNU/Linux is not because its free (as in free beer) not because its "cool" just because its FREE (as in free speech)00:19
thetinyjesusActionParsnip:  i can view EVERYTHING on my iphone but have no friggin clue what the song is, and yes i can transfer the songs INTO rhythmnbox but i cannot transfer back onto the iphone00:19
ubottufreedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing00:19
lehzenithetinyjesus, if you had a separate ipod (any model) for music, you could convert it to RockBox firmware, which is superior and much easier to use from linux00:19
thetinyjesuslehzeni: i would do it if it wasn't my phone lol i cant risk that00:19
lehzenithetinyjesus, that's why I said a separate ipod00:20
ActionParsnipthetinyjesus: could always run Windows in the closed source virtualbox. If companies don't support Linux I suggest you don't buy their kit00:20
icerootActionParsnip: +100:20
ActionParsnipthetinyjesus: Kodak also refuse to support Linux00:20
ActionParsnipthetinyjesus: as do Logitech00:21
cfhowlettkodak = bankrupt00:21
thetinyjesusActionParsnip: kodak sucks and is about to go under cant see why they wouold00:21
ActionParsnipthetinyjesus: its an example00:21
dies_iraewhat package for flash?00:21
dragonflyi often wonder what companies gain or save by not supporting linux...especially hardware manufacturers00:21
dies_iraeshit be crashing like crazy!!00:22
thetinyjesusActionParsnip: i know but a bad decision haha, btw i never ran virtual box does it work off an existing windows install or is it like booting into a live cd00:22
ubottudies_irae: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash00:22
dies_iraegnash?? lolololol!!00:22
pangolindies_irae: please mind your language00:22
lehzenithetinyjesus, does your iphone allow you to import *free* music without using itunes store?00:22
icerootinstalling nonfree virtualbox with windows (licence needed) to add music to a phone.......00:22
thetinyjesuslehzeni: well i00:23
thetinyjesuslehzeni: you mean like torrented music and putting it on without using itunes?00:23
cfhowlettthetinyjesus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnUrqcD4W_M00:23
lehzenino, I meant legally free music00:23
thetinyjesushmm closest to that was downloaded mixtapes off datpiff.com00:24
ActionParsnipdies_irae: if you run PPC or ARM cpu you will need it (or another alternative)00:24
thetinyjesusthey are legal00:24
dies_iraecfhowlett: that does not tell how to upgrade00:24
dogNeed assistance with a Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit install00:24
ActionParsniplehzeni: http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=legal%20torrents&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CEIQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.legittorrents.info%2F&ei=tsAxT4nDKojDhAeNy7CQBQ&usg=AFQjCNHeJSJlEf-iz3LEnaAONa4LJ_lPlg00:24
icerootActionParsnip: no flash for ppc or arm?00:24
ActionParsnipiceroot: not as far as I knw00:24
lehzeniso the phone itself was able to import the mp3 (or whatever) files?00:24
ryan__How much space does Ubuntu 11.10 take up on a hard drive compared to Windows XP?00:24
cfhowlettdies_irae: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/flash00:25
Roxy`Anyone know any iso to usb software out there?00:25
ActionParsnipryan__: my full unity install is about 3.something Gb00:25
icerootryan__: 4-7GB00:25
ActionParsnipryan__: with all the codecs and office you can want00:25
cfhowlettRoxy`: startup disk creator comes with buntu00:25
urlin2uryan__, ubuntu about 2.7 gigs stock XP as in ##windows00:25
philipballewcan someone tell me if something looks funky http://pastebin.com/bHDQuRnT with my hd's configuration so I can reinstall grub00:25
thetinyjesuscfhowlett: thanks i will check it out when i get back have to leave in a minute00:25
Roxy`cfhowlett: Thats for if I want to put ubuntu on another computer...00:26
thetinyjesuscfhowlett: btw how do i open the link easy? im using weechat00:26
ActionParsnipdog: ask away00:26
Roxy`cfhowlett: I don't want to put ubuntu on another computer, this is for awhole other operating system.00:26
cfhowlettRoxy`: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=unetbootin&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CDMQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Funetbootin.sourceforge.net%2F&ei=RsExT8SPHbL-iQKRwszMCg&usg=AFQjCNFG2iJy14ueI6PKA0HBkn1cP-KoBg&cad=rja00:26
visual1ceevery now and then my mouse doesn't work properly - the cursor moves but I can't click anything. it's a g5 mouse connected to my laptop. also is there any way to disable/reenable touchpad when a mouse is connected/disconnected?00:27
cfhowlettRoxy`: sorry ...unetbootin00:27
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: annoying isn't it00:27
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: duckduckgo doesn't do that :)00:27
Roxy`Unetbootin? Really? It'll burn a windows iso to a usb?00:27
cfhowlettActionParsnip: fatfingerinputerror00:27
dogtried 3 downloads and burned 3 different disks but my quad core, 64-bit Acer gets a little way into the install and quits with a black screen00:27
Roxy`Last I tried it made a linux startup LOL00:27
ActionParsnipRoxy`: it doesn't 'burn' it per se. It just transfers the files and add a boot loader00:27
dies_iraeI do have it in the sources00:27
ActionParsnipdog: what video chip do you use?00:28
Roxy`ActionParsnip: That's the problem. I don't need unetbootin to give the windows iso a LINUX bootloader LOL! It never worked that way00:28
cfhowlettRoxy`: windows has a usb burn tool you know...(forgive Sir Stallman for the heresy I'm about to commit: http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/html/pbPage.Help_Win7_usbdvd_dwnTool)00:28
dogAMD Radeon????00:29
tecnopoly_clhologram android uu00:29
ryan__ActionParsnip: So basically, Oneiric takes up more space than Windows XP?00:29
icerootryan__: no00:29
finish06!next White Collar00:29
ubottufinish06: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:29
Roxy`I can't stand ubuntu anymore... It never has the drivers you need so I am going back to Windows 7 Ultimate XD00:29
icerootryan__: but ubuntu does come with additional software windows does not so you cant comapre00:29
tecnopoly_clhologram android Cool00:30
lehzeniRoxy`, why not try a different distro first, or maybe a even a different nix?00:30
tecnopoly_cl hologram00:30
ryan__iceroot: I just looked up how much space XP takes up online, and it appears XP takes up about 2 gb, while Ubuntu 11.10 takes up 4-7 gb of available hard drive space.00:30
nils_Roxy`: at least the money for the license isn't going to waste then00:30
dogparsnip:  it loaded up 10.04 LTS without problems.  running it now00:30
icerootryan__: and i told you why00:30
stevecamim trying to install zsnes through synaptic but its telling me that it wants to remove other packages like ubuntu-desktop, vlc and devede, why is this happening?00:31
ActionParsnipryan__: a little but if you install office, DVD playback and ALL the other apps in XP you are going to start pushin past the 10Gb mark easilyt00:31
icerootryan__: e.g. ubuntu has a office suite, pdf viewer and so one00:31
ActionParsnipryan__: a stock install is pretty small, only a coule of Gbs00:32
ActionParsnipryan__: so your comparison is flawed00:32
icerootryan__: so you cant compare the 2gb from xp with the 4-7 gb from ubuntu00:32
Stygiananyone here able to help with a booting issue?00:32
Roxy`cfhowlett: You gave a usb/iso piece of software from microsoft and I am stuck in linux LOL! Nice.00:32
ActionParsnipdog: add the boot option:  nomodeset00:32
ryan__Thanks, ActionParsnip and iceroot!00:32
icerootRoxy`: try dd, maybe the ms isos can handle it00:32
Roxy`I just need something that will "burn" the iso to the usb drive00:33
icerootRoxy`: try dd, maybe the ms isos can handle it00:33
lehzeniRoxy`: no dvd drive?00:33
Roxy`lehzeni: On a netbook.00:33
ActionParsnipdog: the video timings have moved inside the kernel in the newer versions and sometimes the option is needed. The newer version with its differing kernel is why you are having the problem.00:33
dogThanks AP.  I'll drop out of here and give it a try.00:34
cfhowlettstevecam: that is very strange and should not be happening00:34
lehzeniRoxy`: do netbooks have usb ports?00:34
Antunesalguem do brasil00:34
tecnopoly_cl hologrmas free at00:34
ubottuantunes: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.00:34
ActionParsnipRoxy`: unetbootin will put the ISO on a USB stick or SD card etc and allow you to then install Ubuntu from it00:34
Roxy`lehzeni: I had windows 7 starter on it at first, and I don't know what made me want to put Ubuntu on it and I have a long history of having hell with linux and drivers. And yes netbooks have usb ports XD00:34
stevecamcfhowlett, is it possible to just prevent this?00:34
lehzeniRoxy`: there are a lot of fine usb dvd drives00:34
ActionParsniplehzeni: ive never seen a netbook without usb ports00:34
Roxy`ActionParsnip: I am trying to get AWAY from ubuntu not put it on there, thats what am stuck with00:34
cfhowlettstevecam: installing via software center???00:35
Canadian1296I know I should ask to ask questions, but aI have a security question for Ubuntu 11.10. Should I ask it here or is there a deticated security channel?00:35
ActionParsnipRoxy`: you could setup a PXE server and install over network. The usb install is a LOT quicker00:35
icerootCanadian1296: you found a security issue?00:35
urlin2uStygian, whats going on?00:35
Canadian1296iceroot: No, i have a question about making my install more secure00:35
ActionParsnipCanadian1296: oneiric is supported here, ask away00:35
icerootCanadian1296: then use this channel00:35
Stygianurlin2u, I just installed 11.10 on my samsung rv520 laptop and when it reboots it won't boot off hard drive I get the bios boot menu00:36
Stygianand when I choose for it to boot off the hdd it just reboots back to the boot menu00:36
stevecamcfhowlett, im using a 64-bit machine if that makes any difference, an i700:36
cfhowlettstevecam: screenshot @ http://imagebin.org/?page=add00:36
urlin2uStygian, you have more then one HD?  Did you install from windows 2 questions here00:36
Stygianno and no00:36
Stygianit's a laptop00:36
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urlin2uStygian, you install using a usb and have you tried to see if it got the grub bootlader rather the laptop?00:37
lehzeniRoxy`: sorry. the idea was you burning it to a usb dvd burner and then booting the microsoft install from the burner00:38
Stygianurlin2u, I installed via dvd/cd00:38
Stygianand what you mean if it got the grub bootloader rather the laptop00:38
urlin2uStygian, easiest way to getto the bottom of this is with a script I will trigger the boot to give you the links00:39
urlin2u!bootscript > Stygian00:39
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto00:39
urlin2uStygian, sorry here it is. http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/00:40
Canadian1296Alright, I'm messing around with installing Ubuntu in virtualbox (Mac OS X Lion host) so I can get comfortable with the process (im installing it on a second computer im getting soon). Just wondering, currently I have a /boot partition, and an encrypted lvm partition (with swap, / (system), and /home virtual partitions on it). How would I put the boot partition on an external source (ex. a usb) so the computer won't boot without 00:40
Canadian1296attached? Yes, the whole setup is paranoid, I'm just trying to learn00:40
leepingHi there, there is something wrong with Evolution, I already tried restarting the computer.  How do I delete the temporary files (excluding the whole mailbox)?00:40
stevecamcfhowlett, http://imagebin.org/19784100:40
h00kleeping: what is the 'something wrong' with evolution you're trying to fix?00:41
h00k!broken | leeping00:41
ubottuleeping: Saying "It says nothing", "It does nothing" is generally not very useful for troubleshooting. Please be as specific as possible: if you see a black screen, say so, if you see a shell prompt, say so, if you see an !error message, say so - Also, most !CLI commands don't print anything when they succeed, but only when they fail.00:41
leepingh00k, when I click on the listing of message titles, the message does not appear in the preview pane.00:41
urlin2uStygian, the bootscript is what you want pastebin the results text made from running it.00:41
ActionParsnipCanadian1296: the default install is pretty well setup. Just stick to using sudo when needed and you'll be ok00:41
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cfhowlettstevecam: what version of ubuntu are you running?00:42
leepingI already asked how to delete the temporary files, that was my proposed fix :)00:42
ActionParsnipCanadian1296: you could use ufw to configure a firewall etc00:42
stevecamcfhowlett, 11.1000:42
Canadian1296ActionParsnip: Okay I'll do both, any other tips? I'm looking for over the top paranoid security here :P00:43
ActionParsnipleeping: bleachbit ran as root and user can clear temp files well, watch settings for apps and avoid options which say they will take a long time00:43
ActionParsnipCanadian1296: could use tor proxy if your tinfoil hat collection is vast00:43
Roxy``dd? whats dd?00:43
lehzenia cli command00:43
cfhowlettstevecam: NO WAY should a game emulator (ZNES) require this kind of configuration.  IDK WHY it's requesting what you see, but something is VERY wrong.  DO NOT proceed.  But if have to have ZNES, install it inside a virtual machine in Virtual box.00:43
Stygianurlin2u ok give me a few minutes00:43
urlin2uStygian, cool. :)00:44
ActionParsnipstevecam: zsnes is on the playonlinux ppa, dead easy to install00:44
leepingActionParsnip, I will try that, thank you :)00:44
Canadian1296ActionParsnip: is there any way to force all outgoing connections through tor, or would I have to manually configure every application?00:44
ActionParsnipleeping: have as many apps CLOSED as you can to unlock files,00:44
Roxy``lehzeni: Is there a gui program I use to burn an iso the usb drive?00:44
stevecamlooks like human error00:44
zykotick9ActionParsnip: assuming you use 32bit, for 64bit zsnes is a big "issue".  I stopped using it.00:44
lehzeniRoxy``: for example "dd if=infile of=/dev/sdx bs=1M count=filesize"00:44
ActionParsnipCanadian1296: there are guides online but you can make it the system wide setting00:44
Canadian1296okay, ill google it00:45
ActionParsnipCanadian1296: why so paranoid?00:45
ActionParsnipzykotick9: its the 'advised' install so I'll take a punt :)00:45
leepingActionParsnip, evolution isn't on here. :)00:45
tecnopoly_cl hologrmas free at00:45
cfhowletttecnopoly_cl: stop00:45
ActionParsnipleeping: dang00:45
lehzeniRoxy``: you don't need a gui program to do it. Don't know if it will boot that way though00:45
kloppyHi, can someone tell me how to increase and decrease luminosity because the "Fn" buttons do not work ?00:45
leepingnever mind, it was automatically hidden00:45
leepinghold on00:45
ActionParsnipleeping: have evolution closed first and READ everything so you can see what you are using00:46
JPetersonI'm getting Waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration every time i boot 11.10 after an upgrade00:46
JPetersonafter that the netowrk wors though00:46
ActionParsnipJPeterson: wired or wireless?00:46
Canadian1296ActionParsnip: Cause I can be :P I'm setting this up in virtualbox, which isnt ideal, but I just want to learn as much about security like this as I can. Better to be too paranoid than not paranoid enough :)00:46
Roxy``lehzeni: Just need a way to burn the iso to the usb drive. The windows 7 ultimate iso. I don't need a bootloader at all. My machine will automatically read it and boot from it.00:46
FloodBot1JPeterson: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:46
joe_____do you have any interfaces configured that timeout?00:46
JPetersonjoe_____: i'll check00:46
ActionParsnipJPeterson: is the cable ok? Have you tried a different port on the router?00:47
stevecamcfhowlett, would it be possible it be the conflicts with the x86 and the 64bit libs? or does it not happen like that00:47
ActionParsnipJPeterson: have you tried setting manual IP on the interface?00:47
JPetersonActionParsnip: i'll try00:47
leepingActionParsnip, the problem appears to be fixed :)00:47
leepingthank you so much.00:47
lehzeniRoxy``: then "dd if=infile of=/dev/sdx bs=1M count=filesize", where sdx is the sd name of the usb drive and filesize is the number of megabytes round up00:47
cfhowlettstevecam: as good as an explanation as any...IDK00:47
ActionParsnipleeping: np man, bleachbit is powerful but it can delete a lot of stuff you want (like firefox configs for example)00:48
ActionParsniplehzeni: will need sudo too ;)00:48
stevecamlol ok i think my safest bet would be like you said, ruin it in an emulator00:48
leepingRight - hopefully it only deletes what it says :)00:48
lehzeniI do important things like that from root :)00:48
Roxy``lehzeni: Linux/Ubuntu is a bitch. XD I'll go with windows any day. LOL!00:48
cfhowlettstevecam: go for it.00:48
zykotick9stevecam: i used to love zsnes, but you should consider it a 32bit only program.  Look for an alternative.00:48
icerootRoxy``: please go to ##windows00:49
ActionParsnipRoxy``: thats fine, we don't need telling00:49
joe_____why zyk? do you really need 64 bits to emulate 16?00:49
gmsRoxy`` u poor misguided mouse clikerer.00:49
lehzeniRoxy``: then just bring up a terminal window and try that dd command (with sudo I guess)00:49
icerootgms: no need that here00:49
stevecamzykotick9, synatpic doesnt come up with anything else when i type in snes00:49
ActionParsnipRoxy``: why you won't use unetbootin is anyones guess, you are making the whole process harder for yourself. Go figure00:50
gmsoh humer is not allowed?00:50
cfhowlettActionParsnip: +100:50
gmsiceroot ???00:50
ActionParsnipgms: humour00:50
Ben64ActionParsnip: humor00:50
zykotick9stevecam: perhaps ubuntu doesn't have another option?  you might want to go beyond the ubuntu walls on this one.00:51
icerootgms: feeding the trolls is not allowed in here00:51
ActionParsnipBen64: its french based, so it has the u in00:51
joe_____SNES9x is aiight00:51
Ben64as an aside, unetbootin never yields positive results for me00:52
joe_____it should be in apt repos00:52
Canadian1296is "sudo aptitude install --without-recommends ubuntu-desktop" the best way to install a gui without all the extras, or is there a better way?00:52
joe_____unetbootin is fine, just build from iso00:52
joe_____the builtin auto stuff is wacky00:52
ActionParsnipCanadian1296: sudo apt-get install lxde lightdm   works here :)00:52
gmsi was trying to be funny. obvously its not allowed here00:52
Ben64joe_____: yeah doesn't work00:52
Canadian1296ActionParsnip: Okay, thanks :)00:53
joe_____i use the server install and then put KDE on it00:53
ActionParsnipjoe_____: why not just install kubuntu?00:53
joe_____too bloated00:53
ActionParsnipjoe_____: the minimal ISO has an option for a minimal kde afaik00:54
EvilResistancejoe_____, um... "bloated" how?00:54
joe_____for me, not that it is bad or anything00:54
Roxy``1.8 MB/sec XD lovely download speed00:54
joe_____lot's of apps i dont need or use00:54
EvilResistancejoe_____, the minimal installation might be better for ya, actually00:54
joe_____the other issue is LVM00:54
EvilResistanceit doesnt come with extra crap00:54
EvilResistances/extra/lots of extra/00:54
lehzeniRoxy``: usb thumbdrives aren't the fastest00:54
joe_____server makes LVM easier00:54
joe_____and i use preseed options00:54
cfhowlettmarabi2: greetings00:54
joe_____im weird...00:55
JPetersonActionParsnip: how do i know what eth# I have?00:55
JPetersonfor "iface eth# inet dhcp"00:55
Roxy``lehzeni: Long as I get windows 7 ultimate back on these laptops thats fine LOL!00:55
joe_____sudo /sbin/ifconfig -a00:55
marabi2hey how are you doing cfhowlett?00:55
icerootis there a way to get the changelog from a package "foo" from another ubuntu-release? e.g. something like "apt-get changelog foo -r natty" something like that i am searching for (without editing my sources.list)00:55
ActionParsnipJPeterson: sudo lshw -C network     will tell you00:56
cfhowlettmarabi2: you have a question for us?00:56
Roxy``lehzeni: I just have to go through the hell of putting everything back on it again00:56
lehzeniJPeterson: type "ifconfig", it will tell you what you've got00:56
ActionParsnipRoxy``: that's all?00:56
JPetersonActionParsnip: thx00:56
marabi2no i don"t00:56
Canadian1296Another question… How do I put the /boot partition on a seperate drive (like removable usb) instead of on the main harddrive? I have no problem with doing a fresh install if necessary.00:56
ubottucanadian1296: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving00:56
Ben64Canadian1296: why would you want to?00:57
zykotick9cfhowlett: /home != /root00:57
joe_____i dont that's a good idea canadian00:57
zykotick9cfhowlett: sorry s/root/boot/00:57
joe_____a partition for boot, yes00:57
icerootCanadian1296: dd /boot to the other drive00:57
cfhowlettzykotick9: you're right.  /retracting highly questionable "advice"00:57
Roxy``ActionParsnip: Yep! I migrated from Windows 7 starter on the netbook to ubuntu and killed 4 hours looking for drivers and stuff I couldn't find.. And when I was in Windows I had no trouble, which I am STILL trying to wonder what made me switch. -_-00:57
=== cnz- is now known as Stygian
Canadian1296Ben64: I'm just experimenting in virtualbox, so it doesnt matter how bad I mess things up. I'm just wondering if its possible.00:58
Ben64moving /boot seems like a great way to break a system00:58
cfhowlettRoxy``: please go to ##windows00:58
Stygianurlin2u I can't download that file00:58
Stygianeverytime I connect the laptop it locks up my router00:58
zykotick9Ben64: agreed00:58
JPetersonActionParsnip: the problem was that my eth2 was renamed eth0 after the upgrade, with /etc/network/interfaces left unchanged00:58
joe_____it is possible, but it will break easily Canadian00:58
joe_____say you loose the usb drive00:58
urlin2uStygian, you need to do it on a live ubuntu cd.00:58
Stygianurlin2u I k now00:58
joe_____you'll have to recreate boot and install grub natively00:59
StygianI am booted into a live ubuntu cd00:59
urlin2uStygian, can you share why.00:59
Stygianand it's locking up my router when it connects to the network00:59
zykotick9JPeterson: was this a VM install at one point?  UDEV will change the /dev/ethX if the MAC address has changed.00:59
ActionParsnipRoxy``: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/downloadspeed.JPG  50Mb link :)00:59
JPetersonzykotick9: it's a vm install now00:59
ActionParsnipRoxy``: 100% of my hardware works out of the box00:59
Canadian1296joe___: Assuming I don't loose the usb drive, how would I go about doing it?00:59
lehzeniStygian: number one cause of locked up routers is duplex-mismatch00:59
ScuniziWhy is it I have issues playing a google voice message and getting an occasional white screen when looking at google maps while using Chrome (daily) and or Chromium? Firefox just keep chugging along with no issues.01:00
zykotick9JPeterson: there is some way to reset the UDEV rule, sorry i haven't had to do it, so don't know the specifics01:00
urlin2uStygian, not sure why iot is justa web link.01:00
ActionParsnipJPeterson: you can edit the system so it gets named to eth001:00
JPetersonzykotick9: thx01:00
JPetersonActionParsnip: ok01:00
joe_____JPeterson, look in /etc/udev/rules.d01:00
Stygianurlin2u, are yuou not reading what I type all the way01:00
JPetersonjoe_____: thx01:00
ActionParsnipJPeterson: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=139334601:00
joe_____you should have something like 70-net-persistent.rules01:00
Stygianthe file cannot be downloaded because I cannot connect the laptop to the internet01:00
Stygianwhen I do it locks up my router01:00
joe_____just delete all lines after the comment block01:01
Stygianlehzeni duplex-mismatch?01:01
urlin2uStygian, yes it helps when you use my nic though.01:01
tylerlMy USB headset (logitech h555) sounds super quiet under Ubuntu. Increasing the volume above 100% just blows it out and it still sounds quiet. Can I change which driver it uses to perhaps a generic one?01:01
Roxy``ActionParsnip: I even had the partition from the HP factory to restore my original os back but ubuntu took that XD01:01
joe_____and reboot01:01
cfhowletttylerl: same model but not the problems...01:01
Scunizitylerl: install pavcontrol and check the levels through that.. it was my answer01:01
lehzeniStygian: duplex is usually caused by the net card set to full-duplex and the router being only half-duplex01:01
ToftorHi all! Help please!01:02
cjaredrunsure thing!01:02
cfhowletttylerl: might have to manually change your sound preferences/hardware/input/output01:02
* cjaredrun gives a serving of help to Toftor 01:02
urlin2uStygian, we are going to have problems working together I can tell so good luck others will help you. :)01:02
Roxy``ActionParsnip: LOL! What kind of connection you have?01:02
ubottutoftor: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:02
joe_____Stygian ethtool should help you diagnose01:02
EvilResistanceToftor, WITH WHAT?01:02
EvilResistanceugh caps01:02
ActionParsnipRoxy``: 50Mb fibre afaik01:02
tylerlScunizi: pavcontrol? is that the package name? It doesn't show up in synaptic01:02
* EvilResistance beats his keyboard01:02
cjaredrunbeat it good01:02
Roxy``ActionParsnip: I am using the university of california's connection lol01:03
cjaredrunyeah... just like that01:03
Scunizitylerl: Pulse Audio Volume control.. might have misstyped the actual package name.01:03
Stygianlehzeni, router is in full duplex01:03
ActionParsnipRoxy``: XP doesn't have much life in it btw, it will be EOL soon01:03
cfhowletttylerl: pavucontrol01:03
Stygianlehzeni and it works just fine when the laptop was in windows01:03
ToftorHow to recover a logical partition ext4?01:03
lehzeniStygian: how about your net card's duplex settings?01:03
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest9708
Stygianjoe_____ it's wifi not eth001:03
ActionParsnipToftor: possibly foremost01:03
Roxy``ActionParsnip: Lol, no I am putting Windows 7 Ultimate on the netbook and also on this laptop as well.01:03
ubottutoftor: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.01:03
joe_____what do you mean logical partition.  do you mean logical volume under LVM?01:03
JPetersonHow do I make regular link? not a symlink? (ctrl + shift makes  asymlink)01:03
Stygianlehzeni full01:03
urlin2uToftor, a extended is only a container for logicals...etc01:03
Roxy``ActionParsnip: Not XP lol01:04
ActionParsnipToftor: please try and wait more that 120 seconds before re asking, it floods the channel. You are asking the same people the same question01:04
Chotazhow do i do a recursive scan on a dir to find a specific file extensioN?01:04
joe_____ln command, jpete01:04
Ben64Chotaz: find <dir> | grep -i .jpg$01:05
ActionParsnipJPeterson: you could make a hard link if you omit the -s option01:05
ToftorHow to recover a logical partition ext4?01:05
ActionParsnipToftor: I already told you01:05
ScuniziChotaz: guessing here.. ls -r (or -R) *.<extension>01:05
ActionParsnipToftor: your backups will be a much better way too01:05
JPetersonActionParsnip: I mean not a hard or sym link, a link that leads to the path01:05
joe_____why do you need a hard link, JPete? ln is for hard ln -s is soft01:05
nils_Toftor: what do you mean by recover?01:05
Toftorhow recover!?!?!?01:05
JPeterson(like a windows .lnk if that helps)01:06
joe_____Toftor, what do you mean by logical partition?  Do you mean LVM LV>?01:06
ToftorHow to recover a logical partition?01:06
Toftorext 4 there are01:06
ActionParsnipJPeterson: what are you trying to achieve? If you link a folder and double click the link (which will appear as a folder) you will then start to navigate down the new path01:06
joe_____what does fsck.ext4 say, Tofter?01:06
ActionParsnipToftor: foremost, it's an app. Use it01:06
Raymond_anybody here have experience setting up phpbb 3.001:06
Toftorwhat are you kidding? :(01:07
ActionParsnipToftor: why are you askimng so much?01:07
ActionParsnipToftor: no, its a data recovery app01:07
ActionParsnipToftor: why do you not have a backup?01:07
JPetersonActionParsnip: I want to jump to a folder in nautilus. if it doesn't work just say it.01:07
johndoe_hi, does anyone know how to restore notify-osd as the default? I installed xubuntu-desktop and know the xfce notifier is used even while on a unity session01:07
ActionParsnipJPeterson: yes, a symlink will do exactly that01:08
joe_____you can create a symlink soft and it will do that JPete01:08
=== Gskellig is now known as gskellig|mobile
ActionParsnipToftor: why do you not have a backup?01:08
zykotick9JPeterson: doesn't nautilus have bookmarks?  And a symlink does sound like what you want.01:08
JPetersonActionParsnip: no it doesn't01:08
=== mike_ is now known as Guest77809
joe_____i still want know what a logical partition is lol...01:09
ActionParsnipJPeterson: run:   ln -s $HOME/Pictures ~/Desktop/Pictures     Then on the desktop double click the Pictures folder01:09
zykotick9joe_____: a partition inside an extended partition01:09
JPetersonzykotick9: how do i place a bookmark on the desktop for example?01:09
_MarcusIs there a command line only version of Linux?01:09
_MarcusNot linux01:09
ActionParsnipToftor: why do you not have a backup?01:09
FloodBot1_Marcus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:09
ruger2824good evening01:09
zykotick9JPeterson: i doubt you can.  Use a symlink.01:09
ubottu_marcus: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server01:09
_MarcusBesides Ubuntu Server01:09
ActionParsnip_Marcus: server or minimal01:09
urlin2ujoe_____, yeah it's a secret not available on the web.01:10
joe_____nothing really logical about that, unless it is LVM01:10
_MarcusI need to compile something, I just dont want GUI01:10
_MarcusAnd I tried server01:10
ubottu_marcus: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:10
_MarcusDoesn't work01:10
ActionParsnip_Marcus: add the boot option: text   and it will not load the desktop01:10
_MarcusHow do I do that?01:10
ActionParsnip_Marcus: you can then remove it and boot the desktop as normal01:10
joe_____i know of LPARs, but that is way different01:10
ActionParsnip_Marcus: add it in /etc/default/grub  in the quotes with:  quiet splash    then run:  sudo update-grub    reboot to test01:11
JPetersonActionParsnip: that brings me to ~/Desktop/Pictures not $HOME/Pictures01:11
tylerlcfhowlett: You said yo uhave the h555 headphones? Do you have the version where you can unplug the headphone/microphone line from the USB box, or do you have the newer one where you can't disconnect it?01:11
joe_____ahh, i get it logical partion is windows terminology...no wonder01:11
cfhowletttylerl: USB plu01:11
ActionParsnipJPeterson: yes, but the data is the same data, the path gets modified due to the link01:12
tylerlcfhowlett: they both have USB plug -- can you unplug your headset FROM the usb box? so the headphones can stand alone?01:12
_MarcusWhere can I get the torrent of Ubuntu?01:12
urlin2uubuntu.com _Marcus01:12
zykotick9joe_____: logical paritions are NOT a windows term01:12
ActionParsnipJPeterson: if you want the true path you can make a launcher to run something like:  nautilus ~/Pictures     and it will work as you expect01:12
cfhowletttylerl: ah.  no01:12
tylerlcfhowlett: the reason why I ask is my older ones work fine, but my newer ones (same model number, different design) are quiet.01:13
cfhowlett_Marcus: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#bt01:13
cfhowletttylerl: is there hardware volume control01:14
tylerlcfhowlett: yes.01:14
tylerlcfhowlett: 100%01:14
ActionParsnip!torrents | _Marcus01:14
ubottu_Marcus: Oneiric can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/desktop/ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/server/ubuntu-11.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/01:14
cfhowletttylerl: sorry, man.  IDK why it's acting like that01:14
=== cnz- is now known as Stygian
Stygianurlin2u http://pastebin.com/dtFZsmqv01:15
Stygianthat's the boot script results01:15
artichokusup ppl01:15
urlin2uStygian, did you make a separate home for ubuntu or install it to one partition01:17
StygianI made three partitions /boot / and /home01:17
Stygianurlin2u, I made three partitions /boot / and /home01:17
urlin2ustygian idea, just reinstall it in one partition is my advice since it is a fresh install. No boot partition is needed, and ubuntu is setup theses days for a single partition install unless you have to have home separate for upgrades or change of releases, but this is just my opinion01:19
=== scarface is now known as Guest4594
lehzeniSo how is the dd going, Roxy`` ?01:20
Stygianurlin2u, I like to have /home on a seperate partion just incase os needs to be installed, I don't have to worry about losing everything in /home or need to do a backup01:20
urlin2uStygian, if you had a windows OS it is missing boot stuff now as well.01:20
=== andrea is now known as Guest81802
JPetersonActionParsnip: ok thx01:20
Stygianyes I had windows on the drive first01:21
urlin2uStygian, never have installed that way so I can't really give advice there.01:21
Stygianbut deleted the partitions then made new ones and formatted them01:21
cordovalwhat is the sudo apt-get install exact command for these requirements? +Dom +exif +ftp +gd2 +hash +iconv +xml +mbstring +mysql +pcre +SimpleXML +sockets +xsl +zlib +mail +mcrypt +pdo +CURL +JSON +gettext ?01:21
TasmaniaThere is like 1,000 people in here.01:21
ActionParsnipStygian: what if the drive motor fails?01:22
urlin2uStygian, sda3 is the windows boot partition I believe01:22
Stygianurlin2u, no that's the system repair01:22
Stygianto restore the laptop to factory01:22
TasmaniaThere's def going to be spam in this room01:22
PoliwagHi, does anyone have time to answer a few questions for a newbie looking to sharpen up his skills?01:22
bazhangTasmania, actual support question?01:22
ActionParsnipTasmania: with spambots and floodbots and ops. I would be suprised01:23
urlin2uStygian, ah I see the recovery, now that will be a challenge to get to work.01:23
lehzeniPoliwag: why not?01:23
bazhangcordoval, tab-complete them01:23
cfhowlettStygian: you do have re-installation media, right??01:23
cordovalbazhang: it is very ambiguous01:23
ruger2824anyone know a commandthat will display the ip address on a remote ssh user?01:23
Stygiancfhowlett, yeah but none of the drivers or the software the pc comes with01:23
rone-hey guys, i'm having some trouble trying to kickstart a box.  i have a preseed.cfg that works fine in lucid, but gets stuck at partman in oneiric01:23
Stygianwhich is not a big deal really01:23
rone-the preseed is at http://ennui.org/preseed.cfg.txt01:23
bazhangcordoval, it's something you can answer, not a single answer applies01:24
cordovallike ~ sudo apt-get install zlib01:24
cordovalzlib1g      zlib1g-dbg  zlib1g-dev  zlib-bin    zlibc       zlib-gst01:24
cfhowlettStygian: you have to request it from the OEM company.  If you're dual booting, I highly recommend it.01:24
ubottucardoval: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:24
PoliwagHow do i got about getting started in joining an open source project?01:24
urlin2uPoliwag, this is support really.01:24
Stygiancfhowlett, I have the recovery disc01:24
Stygianthat they send out01:24
bazhangcordoval, tell the channel exactly what you are trying to achieve first01:24
Stygianand im not going to dual boot01:24
Stygianit's going to be a 100% linux desktop laptop01:24
cfhowlettStygian: not the same thing - but ok01:25
cordovalbazhang: just getting the exact command for ubuntu for fulfilling this requirement here https://docs.phraseanet.com/en/Admin/Prerequisite.html01:25
bazhang!contribute > Poliwag01:25
ubottuPoliwag, please see my private message01:25
=== a is now known as Guest77817
bazhangcordoval, to achieve what exactly01:25
urlin2uStygian, better pray that, that recovery will trigger the recovery on the HD if thats your plan in the end01:25
cordovalto be able to install the software phraseanet01:25
JPetersonvmsync is not running after 11.10 upgrade01:26
Stygianurlin2u, whys that? worse case is like cfhowlett said order the cd from samsung01:26
cfhowlettStygian: I triple boot.  Ordered ALL the install media from Dell and killed the recovery partition.01:26
ActionParsnip!test | Guest7781701:27
ubottuGuest77817: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )01:27
urlin2uStygian, a install disc is what you want a oem without the extra stuff is best.01:27
Chucky_Lucianohi guys..  quick ques:  did they ever finish ubuntu service panel 3?  i have searched everywhere01:27
Stygianurlin2u that's what i already have01:27
StygianI think I will do what cfhowlett suggestioned, order the media disc from samsung and just wipe all partitions01:28
bazhangChucky_Luciano, you mean for 10.04 ?01:28
urlin2uStygian, cool you called it a recovery and uyou have a recovery on the hd do you see the difficulty in interpreting your sistuation or intentions.01:28
TasmaniaThere's def going to be spam01:28
urlin2uin the end Stygian01:28
Canadian1296For anyone who wasn't here before, I'm doing this in virtualbox so I don't have to worry about messing up. I was reading a forum online and someone mentioned dual booting (both linux), with a fully encrypted drive and decryption keys on a different drive. If no key drive is available it boots to one the first os, and the other one isnt available as it is still completely encrypted. If the key drive is plugged in, it decrypts the 01:28
Canadian1296boots to it. (note the plausable deniability)01:28
bazhangTasmania, dont add to it01:28
Canadian1296Any pointers about how to do this?01:28
ActionParsnipCanadian1296: true, you can make a backup of your disk image and restore if things go screwy01:29
Stygianurlin2u, yees because there's a restore partition and also a restore cd01:29
Stygiandunno why they gave me both01:29
Canadian1296ActionParsnip: Exactly. Anyway I want to try that. Any ideas on how?01:29
kah_Hey I'm getting a window - Unlock Private Key -- Enter password to unlock the private key01:29
kah_any ideas?01:30
urlin2uStygian, I just clone stuff a oem dic most likely will overwrite the whole disc a clone will install what you had same size.01:30
ActionParsnipCanadian1296: no idea. I steer clear of encrypted drive nonesense, too many headaches01:30
Chucky_Lucianobazhang, dont matter really...  i am using mint 11 right now which is based on  ubuntu 11.04, and i installed ubuntu system panel 2.01-00, its the latest one i could find...  the mint menu is based on that, but U.S.P. has better customization01:30
cfhowlettkah_: on boot??01:30
Canadian1296ActionParsnip: Okay, thanks anyways01:30
Canadian1296Anyone else?01:30
ActionParsnipChucky_Luciano: mint isn't supported here01:30
bazhangChucky_Luciano, check in mint support01:30
Chucky_Lucianobut no transparency in v2...  screenshots and videos showing usp3 show transparency01:30
kah_cfhowlett: just trying to install github01:30
bazhang!mint > Chucky_Luciano01:30
ubottuChucky_Luciano, please see my private message01:30
ActionParsnip!mint | Chucky_Luciano01:30
ubottuChucky_Luciano: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:30
jsuthocw on01:30
cfhowlettkah_: check the github installation wiki - they require a key01:31
Chucky_LucianoActionParsnip, and bazhang, i wasnty ashink a mint specific question so no need to sick ubottu on me01:31
TasmaniaThere's like 1,400+ people in here.01:31
ActionParsnipChucky_Luciano: you are using Mint, mint isn't supported here01:31
Chucky_Lucianoare you going to ban me?01:31
_MarcusDoesn't Linux Mint use the same packages as Ubuntu?01:31
TasmaniaAlmost 1,50001:31
Chucky_Lucianofine ill leave01:31
OerChucky_Luciano, mint has many differences we dont want to kno01:31
Chucky_Lucianoyes it does marcus01:31
bazhangTasmania, yes thats right. no need to count as they come and go01:31
ActionParsnipTasmania: come here the day after release, thats when it gets really jumping01:31
TasmaniaJust, 1,49601:31
rone-guys, i'm having some trouble trying to kickstart a box.  i have a preseed.cfg that works fine in lucid, but gets stuck at partman in oneiric. the preseed is at http://ennui.org/preseed.cfg.txt01:32
Chucky_Lucianoits not like i was asking a question about mint at all01:32
Chucky_Lucianoi was asking a questrion about ubuntu, and about an ubunt package01:32
bazhangTasmania, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic not here01:32
_MarcusChucky_Luciano: Either way, Mint has an IRC chat01:32
bazhangChucky_Luciano, packages.ubuntu.com and take a look01:32
ubottuchuck_luciano: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:32
Chucky_Lucianoand if i have a question about mint i will ask it in there..  i was asking a question about ubuntu system panel01:33
Roxy``I am about to use wine to get a program called isotousb to burn the iso to the usb will wine have trouble noticing my usb drive?01:33
Chucky_Lucianothanks for the help guys01:33
TasmaniaSorry if I was annoying you guys01:33
ActionParsnipRoxy``: why, unetbootin and usb-creator are available an NATIVE01:33
bazhangRoxy``, no need for that, use the usb creator or unetbootin01:33
TasmaniaI don't know who diconnected my account.01:33
ActionParsnipRoxy``: why use some windows app via wine, makes no sense at all01:33
Canadian1296Is there a channel relating to general linux security?01:34
bazhangTasmania, lets stop it, you haven't stopped yet01:34
Oerrone-, at what part you got stuck ?01:34
Tasmania^ what?01:34
ActionParsnipRoxy``: thats about as smart as downloading firefox and thunderbord from the web and runnning those in wine01:34
Roxy``unetbootin made a linux booter and left the option "Defeult" and I tried to go through to it and it just keeps throwing me back to the same screen for the windows iso01:34
bazhang!ot | Tasmania01:34
ubottuTasmania: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:34
bazhangTasmania, chatter goes there. here is support ONLY01:34
Tasmaniabazhang, What did you mean?01:34
ActionParsnipRoxy``: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?01:34
rone-Oer, it doesn't automatically use the whole disk. it asks me what i want to do instead.01:35
TasmaniaI'm not a troll.01:35
rone-on lucid it just goes.01:35
dsplayer14whats the command used to start ratpoison? Im using ubuntu 11.10 if it matters.01:35
TasmaniaWhere do I go for chatter bazhang?01:35
ActionParsnipTasmania: #ubuntu+101:35
TasmaniaI just want to make sure I'm not annoying you guys.01:35
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic  <----------------- Tasmania01:36
ActionParsnipTasmania: you can chat about anything in there you like :)01:36
bazhangActionParsnip, thats not correct01:36
urlin2uTasmania, sorry to late no soup for you. :)01:36
TasmaniaAlright bye.01:36
ActionParsnipbazhang: its close enough to the truth as is needed ;)01:36
Oerrone-, looks clean and valid to me, so i wonder ..01:36
rone-Oer, me too. it is frustrating01:37
BsimsGrr lost system bell on upgrade01:37
Bsimsthis is starting to piss me off it will work upgrade gone again, then it comes back for no reason01:37
ActionParsnipBsims: which DE?01:38
Roxy``usb-creator won't even notice the windows iso but it sure in hell picks up on the ubuntu iso though.01:39
ActionParsnipRoxy``: great isnt it :)01:39
Roxy``ActionParsnip: Pretty fucked up if you asked me.01:39
zykotick9rosseaux: usb-creator is ubuntu only01:39
urlin2uRoxy``, usb creator is for ubuntu only basically01:39
cordovalhi I am getting a compilation error01:39
cordovalcompiling a php module undefined reference to `mysql_server_init'01:39
ActionParsnipRoxy``: it being for ubuntu only and not windows, makes it cool :)01:39
cordovalanyone has seen that kind of error before?01:40
JPetersonhow do i rebuild /etc/init.d/open-vm-tools?01:40
Roxy``So looks like Ia m getting wine apparantly.01:40
Roxy``and getting that windows app for the usb01:40
ActionParsnipRoxy``: check the appdb, make sure its a compatible app01:40
Oerrone-, maybe the example @ https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/installation-guide/hppa/preseed-using.html is any help01:40
nnatomltopCan some one explain to me why ubuntu went with a program called apt daemon  ... That eats all the cpu and seems to fail at its job half the time.01:40
BsimsActionParsnip: kde01:41
ActionParsnipnnatomltop: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc01:41
ActionParsnipBsims: let me search01:41
BsimsActionParsnip: running urxvt01:41
ActionParsnipBsims: is pcspkr loaded?01:42
Oerrone-, look for the section ### Partitioning01:42
BsimsActionParsnip: was last I knew let me check01:42
ActionParsnipBsims: I suggest you run:   echo "pcspkr" | sudo tee -a /etc/modules     and it will load at start and load the system beep (annoying imho)01:42
Dillman09I have an Lenovo x200s and havent going from ubuntu 10.4 to 11.10 I have a serious decrease in battery life. I've read all about the kernel bug but havent been able to fix it. i hear its going to be patched in 3.2.5, but I'm not sure if its the same bug. Does anyone have experience with this? or at least have an idea when 3.2.5 is going to be released?01:43
nnatomltopActionParsnip, Sadly Apt-Daemon was the last straw for me.  I tried to tolerate ubuntu.  I switched all 4 systems over to Debian. The one last ubuntu system I just kill apt daemon every time it starts up and manually tell apt-get to upgrade.01:43
ActionParsnipnnatomltop: so why are you here? This is a support channel...?01:44
nnatomltopActionParsnip, Because I am hopeing you can give me an idea of how to remove apt-daemon for good from my last remaining system. I don't have time to deal with it.01:44
cfhowlettDillman09: lenovo no longer sells that model, so I'm guessing it's old(er) tech.  Strongly suggest you stick with LTS releases and/or consider switching to x/l/buntu as they support lower spec machines01:44
BsimsActionParsnip: its loaded now and still nothing01:44
OerDillman09, kernel 3.2x is available in the next version 12.04, i would not advise to use it in 11.1001:45
Bsimsjust a second and I'll restart this screen01:45
BsimsActionParsnip: thank you it worked01:45
Canadian1296Booted fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10 (In VirtualBox), decrypted LVM encrypted partition, it said decryption was successful, and now I have (In orange text if it matters) "mountall: Disconnected from Plymouth"01:45
Bsimslol got to restart screen to get it to take but beep works01:46
ActionParsnipBsims: np man, seems weird the module isn't loaded consistantly01:46
Dillman09it runs a core 2 duo l9400 . should i downgrade back to 10.04 or 10.1? or wait till the new 12.04?01:46
Roxy``ActionParsnip: appdb?01:46
beata|lemur*headdesk* I'm not sure where to start. Attempting to get oneiric to run on an Armada E500, possibly the same issues? (I just got in)01:46
ActionParsnip!appdb | Roxy``01:46
ubottuRoxy``: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:46
cfhowlettDillman09: LTS only is a whole LOT less heartbreaking.  go with 10.04 until 12.04 arrive.01:46
Roxy``ActionParsnip: Just found out the hardware that wine can't even detect my usb drive, thats REALLY fucked up01:47
ActionParsnipbeata|lemur: if you tell us your issue instead of that stuff, we can help01:47
Dillman09ok good call i appriciate it01:47
BsimsActionParsnip: the ubuntu devs have a nasty jihad against it, as I understand it the beep needed a complete rewrite, as it conflicted with unicode support for international languages01:47
ActionParsnipRoxy``: please keep the language family friendly01:47
Roxy``ActionParsnip: what other iso to usb program do you know of?01:47
Dillman09in terms of 10.04. do you think there are any security concerns for just using that long term?01:47
BsimsDillman09: actual vs in theory01:48
Dillman09good enough01:48
pangolinHow can i get the internal ip of all the devices on my network?01:48
ActionParsnipRoxy``: 1 2 3 app from pendrivelinux01:48
cfhowlettDillman09: 10.40 is LTS so it's supported for 36 months.  12.04 will get 5 year support...01:48
rone-Oer, thanks, i will check that out, hope it works01:48
ActionParsnippangolin: nmap01:48
javier_Hi! I'm having problems in my laptop (I believe hardware problems) with ubuntu11.10. I runned memtest and reported no errors. If I boot ubuntu or windows7, it takes 30 mins. Now I booted from ubuntu live USB. Someone has an idea what can it mean? Does it tell something about where can be the problem! Appreciate your help!01:48
Roxy``ActionParsnip: I don't want linux bootloaders on my windows iso startup -_-01:48
Dillman09what do you say about an in place upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 when it is released? for whatever reason, i'm always a fan of fresh installs01:49
ActionParsnipRoxy``: its not something ive had to use. the grub and lilo bootloaders can boot windows01:49
nnatomltopActionParsnip, I needed a simple system that my clients can use.  Not one that changes entirely every upgrade.  After ubuntu switched to Unity fully and messed up the updating system.   I had to remove my social and phisical support of the system. I can no longer trust ubuntu.   I seem to still be cleaning up the mess.01:49
bazhangRoxy``, this is not the place for support of that: ##windows01:49
beata|lemurSure! Current issue is 'Failed to load session gnome'01:49
cfhowlettDillman09: clean install is preferred but in place is do-able01:49
Roxy``bazhang: I am STUCK in ubuntu, and need help with it.01:49
ActionParsnipnnatomltop: you don't have to use unity01:49
Roxy``bazhang: I am sure ##windows wouldn't be able to help me with a ubuntu **** up XD01:50
Oerpangolin, nmap -sP >> That will ping every address between and and list those it finds01:50
bazhangRoxy``, you are trying to create a windows iso start up. there are no ubuntu tools for that01:50
bazhangRoxy``, last warning on the foul language01:50
ActionParsnipnnatomltop: I use LXDE and there is no Unity there. Also if you use xfce or KDE or ANY other DE, you will not get Unity by default01:50
Dillman09ok, i'll make sure to test 12.04 on a new disk to ensure that the power issue is resolved before rebuilding. really appreciate the help01:50
pangolinActionParsnip Oer thank you01:50
Roxy``bazhang: What other software is there to burn an iso to the usb.01:51
cfhowlettDillman09: good luck  - don't forget to look at x/l/buntu01:51
BsimsRoxy``: try Linuxlive usb creator or unetbootin and feed it your windows iso01:51
Dillman09which would you recommend?01:51
Bsimsunetbootin runs in linux01:51
Dillman09im open to any sugguestions01:51
cfhowlettDillman09: install virtual box and try them both!  Win!01:51
bazhangRoxy``, you are asking about burning a windows iso to usb, this is the wrong place for it. ##windows is the correct place01:51
Roxy``Bsims: Unetbootin and windows aren't actually FRIENDS.01:51
BsimsRoxy``: ya asked for ideas01:51
Dillman09i spend most of my day using virtual box. so i'm ultimately looking for a stable vbox platform01:52
ActionParsnipRoxy``: you could get another windows user near t you to make you a bootable windows USB, probably easier01:52
ActionParsnipDillman09: virtualbox, qemu and vmware are options01:52
Roxy``bazhang: Like ##windows would know the proper software to use IN ubuntu01:52
cfhowlettDillman09: I'd tend to favor xubuntu as hosts then01:52
nnatomltopActionParsnip, Alright I will have to figure that out later.   Still I preferred ubuntu when it was simple and sleak, close to Debian.  ....   Do I just use apt-get install gnome to get back to the base system ?01:53
Dillman09and any particular release of xubuntu? i think i'd have to find one with an older kernel  or the new 3.2.501:53
ActionParsnipnnatomltop: Unity is a shell for Gnome, you already have gnome installed if you are using Unity01:53
cfhowlettDillman09: 10.04 should run on your specs01:54
beata|lemurI would like to get the system to a reasonably stable state where I can work on dock/hotswap/ACPI support.01:54
Dillman09ok cool. going to download an .iso now01:54
cfhowlettDillman09: good luck.01:54
ActionParsnipnnatomltop: I suggest you run:  sudo apt-get install xfce4    and install xfce, use the xfce session and it will feel like Gnome201:54
Bsimsnnatomltop: xfce is good01:55
Bsimsthough I would give my eyeteeth to see kde have icon support like wmaker01:55
nnatomltopActionParsnip, How do I switch shells?  and remove apt-daemon .....  742MB ram for the base system is unacceptable I feel like I am using windows.    One last question How does unity interact with the system and is it disabled by default?01:56
* Bsims grins different functions based on middle click vs left click01:56
Roxy``ActionParsnip: Thats what am about to do, I am not about to be stuck awhole night in ubuntu's crap01:56
lenswipehey guys01:56
ActionParsnipRoxy``: find a local buddy01:56
beata|lemurYe gods.01:56
lenswipeis there a way i can do an ubuntu install in OEM mode?01:56
lenswipei have ubuntu on a penstick for a netbook01:56
BsimsRoxy``: what did ya do to mess up your bootloader?01:56
Bsimslets start at the begining, feel free to PM01:57
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:57
lenswipeso i can just set all the techie stuff up and have it ask the user all the .....holy fuck01:57
ActionParsnipnnatomltop: if you install gnome-shell you can press ALT+F2 and run:  gnome-shell --repace   and use that01:57
lenswipeall the user related non techy questions later01:57
lenswipeis that possible>01:57
Roxy``Bsims: I didn't do anything I used unetbootin to burn the windows 7 iso onto the usb drive and it screwed it all up.01:57
ActionParsnipnnatomltop: if you wnat to switch desktop (not shell) then you need to log off and select it at login01:57
JPetersonopen-vm-tools clipboard doesn't work01:57
Bsimslenswipe: easiest way is to copy a good set of dot files into the users home dir01:57
h00k!language | lenswipe01:58
ubottulenswipe: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:58
dRounseRoxy``: im pretty sure you need a disk for win701:58
Bsimsthat will copy all the configs01:58
lenswipeBsims, what?01:58
beata|lemurThis *is* old hardware, admittedly, P2/P3 era, so I don't expect it to be fast.01:58
Ben64Roxy``: this is an ubuntu support channel, for windows, join ##windows01:58
Roxy``dRounse: Not by far, you don't. I've installed it using a usb drive before.01:58
lenswipeBsims, no, im doing an install for someone and i wont be around when they set the password and stuff up01:58
Bsimslenswipe: on every unix like OS ah01:58
ActionParsnipbeata|lemur: if you use lubuntu or xubuntu it will be a bit faster01:58
lenswipeBsims, i need them to choose this stuff after ive long gone01:58
lenswipeBsims, i should mention this is a netbook01:59
Bsimslenswipe: Hrm have them email it to ya and ssh to it to set it?01:59
Roxy``Ben64: my issue is with ubuntu, only thing is I am stuck with the piece of crap trying to transfer an windows iso from it01:59
Oerlenswipe, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_OEM_Installer_Overview  ( i think you need the dvd iso for that )01:59
mhazKubuntu not supported. Unity pushed. Why stay with Ubuntu?01:59
lenswipeOer, will that fit on a penstick?01:59
dRounsei have a question regarding converting music files01:59
lenswipeBsims, i would prefer this way01:59
nnatomltopActionParsnip, Thanks.    Do you know what apt-daemon was supposed to accomplish.  It really confuses me.  Its like a big fancy annoying thing for what should be a simple user initiated simple public task.01:59
ActionParsniplenswipe: install openssh-server and port forward port 22/TCP on their router, you can now remote access to fix some things01:59
bazhangmhaz, thats not a support question01:59
lenswipeActionParsnip, No.01:59
Ben64Roxy``: if you have a problem with ubuntu, ask a question. we're not here to help you install windows01:59
cfhowlettdRounse: ask01:59
ActionParsnipnnatomltop: not sure, is it ran as root or as user?01:59
mhazSorry. Thought discussion forum.02:00
Bsimslenswipe: can't think of anything of the top of my head other than set it up with an account named setup and have them add the new user from that then remove the user02:00
Roxy``Ben64: I don't need help installing Windows, Windows is way more simple. The problem is getting it burned on a usb stick from its iso format02:00
bazhangmhaz, there is one : #ubuntu-offtopic02:00
JPetersonopen-vm-tools clipboard doesn't work02:00
ActionParsnipnnatomltop: could try marking it as not executable and reboot, see if it helps :) You can always boot to liveCD and tweak it back if it causes issues02:00
lenswipeBsims, ill just set it for them to automatically login i guess02:00
ActionParsnipJPeterson: any details.....02:00
nnatomltopActionParsnip, It seems to be run as root.  Does not seem to talk to the update manager well.  Eats a lot of cpu and dosn't show what its doing.  I have a habit of killing things that I don't know what they are doing.02:00
BsimsRoxy``: and for the 11,482nd time in the wrong room02:00
mhazdRounse: winff02:01
Oerlenswipe, 4 gb yes ( iso is 1.5 gb )02:01
Roxy``Bsims: Don't talk if you can't read. XD02:01
dRounsecfhowlett: i converted my music using sound converter, to 128 kbps and on the file when i look it says 48 kbps but the quality is not of 48 kbps is that normal?02:01
cfhowlettRoxy``: go to a friend.  borrow his windows machine.  create your media.  live long and prosper02:01
beata|lemurI can go give that a try, sure.02:01
JPetersonActionParsnip: I did apt-get --purge remove open-vm-tools, then sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools02:01
JPetersonthat's it02:01
JPetersonlsmod show all modules02:01
cfhowlettdRounse: "quality is no 48" means what??02:01
bazhangRoxy``, you're offtopic here, please take it to ##windows02:01
ActionParsnipnnatomltop: https://launchpad.net/aptdaemon shows what it does02:01
Bsimslenswipe: i'd strongly advise setting up something like dyndns for it, my clients think I am a god for fixing it remotely via ssh02:02
ActionParsnipJPeterson: did it work before the removal?02:02
JPetersonActionParsnip: nope02:02
JPetersonlsmod show vmblock, vmsync, vmhgfs, vmci02:02
ActionParsnipnnatomltop: you can also see the bugs reported for the package02:02
dRounsecfhowlett: well the higher bitrate the better quality, but the quality of the songs i converted is definetly not 48 kbps.... is that normal for my computer to say 48 kbps02:02
Bsimslenswipe: and lets face it jim.bob.dyndns.org is easier than 123.456.789 if ya got to remember it02:02
lenswipeBsims, i cant, its at my place02:02
lenswipeBsims, theres a whole host of reasons why i can02:03
* Bsims understands02:03
lenswipei assume normal-buntu is kosha on a netbook?02:03
ActionParsniplenswipe: define 'kosha'02:03
Ben64dRounse: it could be variable bitrate, so it could be 48kbit in some spots02:03
lenswipei just find netbook remix repulsive02:03
bazhang!une | lenswipe02:03
ubottulenswipe: Starting with Ubuntu 11.04, the Ubuntu Netbook Edition is no longer being offered as a separate install as Unity is now standard for all Ubuntu desktop installs.02:03
lenswipeActionParsnip, it doesnt shit brix02:03
Bsimsleave them a file with instructions on how to change the password02:03
JPetersonActionParsnip: problem was vmware-user-suid-wrapper wasn't run02:04
ActionParsniplenswipe: netbook remix hasn't been developed for years now02:04
bazhanglenswipe, stop with the cursing02:04
cfhowlettdRounse: bring this question to #ubuntustudio02:04
lenswipebazhang, im on 10.04 - can i just do dist-upgrade02:04
JPetersonActionParsnip: where is it supposed to run from?02:04
BsimsI've done that for windows with screenshots and everything02:04
lenswipebazhang, apologies02:04
ActionParsnipJPeterson: its not something I use dude02:04
JPetersonsomeone else02:04
dRounseBen64: so is that good or bad? i just want good quality but i dont want it taking up my whole hard drive02:04
ActionParsniplenswipe: which release are you using?02:04
JPetersonwhere is ivmware-user-suid-wrapper supposed to run from?02:04
bazhanglenswipe, upgrade, dist-upgrade is something else02:04
dRounseBen64: it doesnt seem different tho02:04
Ben64dRounse: for good quality, you'd probably want more than 128kbit to be honest02:04
lenswipebazhang, upgrade just upgrades the packages02:04
Bsimslenswipe: wanting to upgrade via cli?02:04
lenswipebazhang, i want to take 10.04 to whatever the latest stable version of ubuntu is02:05
nnatomltopActionParsnip, Frankly that discription scares me, As a sys admin I don't want things out of my control.  I like to know EXACTLY what my computer is doing and why and who did it.  Aptdaemon almost is like saying, Users we now allow you to be stupid and install anything you like, Including viruses.02:05
Ben64lenswipe: 10.04 is the latest stable LTS version02:05
lenswipeActionParsnip, 10.04(for now)02:05
dRounseBen64: well i really dont notice much of a difference with lower bitrate02:05
lenswipeBen64, can i upgrade to 11.10 using dist-upgrade?02:05
bazhanglenswipe, you can go to 11.10 now, or wait a couple of months and go directly to 12.04 in one step02:05
lenswipeid prefer to go to 11.10 now because 10.04 doesnt have unity so when that suddenly appears this girl might freak02:06
lenswipeid rather things were just different from the beginning02:06
ActionParsniplenswipe: thats why. You could hang til April then install Precise (12.04) as an LTS to LTS upgrade02:07
JPetersonthe /etc/xdg/autostart/vmware-user.desktop is there as it sohuld be, but it's not launched02:07
ActionParsniplenswipe: you don't have to use Unity02:07
Bsimslenswipe: "sudo apt-get install update-manager-core" edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and set Prompt=normal then do "sudo do-release-upgrade"02:07
ActionParsniplenswipe: if you install xfce4 in Oneiric you will not get the unity shell by default02:07
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit02:07
Bsimslenswipe: I've been running ubuntu for about a decade now, and the gui tool has never once worked, this always has02:07
cordovalwhere does mysql gets installed /var/lib/mysql? or /usr/lib/mysql?02:08
cordovalcan someone please hint me?02:08
ActionParsnipcordoval: how is that done?02:08
lenswipeBsims, what has?02:09
cordovalsudo apt-get install02:09
Bsimslenswipe: the server upgrade method I posted02:10
Bsimslenswipe: its two commands02:10
Bsimswell three02:10
lenswipeBsims, i never saw them02:10
Bsimslenswipe: "sudo apt-get install update-manager-core" edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and set Prompt=normal then do "sudo do-release-upgrade"02:10
javier_Hi, my laptop (ubuntu 11.10) is making problems: booting windows 7 or ubuntu takes 20-30 minutes and it's slow and unstable when working. Now I booted from ubuntu live USB, and it works well. Does it tell someone something about where can be the problem. I think is hardware problem, but don't know where... any ideas?02:10
cordovalActionParsnip: ? sudo apt-get install way02:10
fean0rcodoval: try whereis mysql02:10
lenswipethx man02:10
Bsimsand you only have to edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades once02:11
Bsimsand its there forever02:11
cordovalthanks fean0r02:11
Ben64javier_: i'd guess hard drive, pastebin the result of this - "sudo fdisk -l"02:11
cordoval~ whereis mysql02:11
cordovalmysql: /usr/bin/mysql /etc/mysql /usr/lib/mysql /usr/include/mysql /usr/share/mysql /usr/share/man/man1/mysql.1.gz02:11
cordovalwhy then am i getting the rror02:11
cordovalwhen compiling?02:11
lenswipeBsims, thx man02:11
Bsimscordoval: install mysql-lib02:11
Bsimsthe lib packages are needed to compile not to run it02:12
=== f0urtyfive is now known as fourtyfive
Bsimsso its split off02:12
=== fourtyfive is now known as 77CAAA4TL
cordovalBsims: hmm sudo apt-get install mysql-lib fails02:12
=== 77CAAA4TL is now known as f0urtyfive
Ben64javier_: if you pasted anything, i didn't see it02:13
Bsimscordoval: heh what version of mysql ya running, I'll give you the proper name02:13
javier_Ben64, http://pastebin.com/Gse2FhKe I'm afraid it's in spanish... don't know if you will guess what means, but I can tell you if you ask. Thanks02:13
cordovalBsims: mysql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.19, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 6.202:13
javier_Ben64, or, how to get it in spanish02:14
Ben64javier_: what is the 16GB drive?02:15
Bsimscordoval: install libmysqlclient-dev02:16
Ben64javier_: now pastebin this - "sudo hdparm -tT /dev/sdb"02:16
javier_Ben64, ah... I see. I'm in ubuntu live cd, and that's my usb information. So, it's not useful for us02:16
cordovalBsims: i think i already have that02:16
Bsimscordoval also install synaptic its a good gui for package management02:16
javier_Ben64, I mean, ubuntu live usb+02:16
cordovalBsims: libmysqlclient-dev is already the newest version.02:16
Ben64javier_: it will be useful02:17
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=== JoeGazz84 is now known as jg84
cordovalBsims: there is a lot of network splits02:17
The_Weather_GuyWhat the fudge?02:17
Bsimscordoval: try installing libmysqld-dev02:17
cordovalI did02:18
cordovaloh d02:18
javier_Ben64, but, as I said, here on ubuntu live usb it works well, but if I boot from my hard drive ubuntu or windows, is when I find the problem. So, we would need to test hard drive to detect the prblem02:18
pangolin!netsplit | These are planned splits folks and should be over soon.02:18
cordovallibmysqld-dev is already the newest version.02:18
The_Weather_GuyToo many netsplits02:18
ubottuThese are planned splits folks and should be over soon.: netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit02:18
cordovalBsims: libmysqld-dev is already the newest version.02:19
MrKeunerany fail2ban users out there? I am looking for nice fail2ban jail.configuration02:19
Ben64javier_: but if you pastebin this - "sudo hdparm -tT /dev/sdb" it will show the hard drive speed, which i'm thinking the problem is02:19
szalpangolin: network admins could've issued a note at least ;)02:19
pangolinszal: they did02:19
* Bsims doesn't know then cordoval what is the exact error02:19
pangolinszal: /umode +w02:19
Dr_willisMrKeuner:  cant say i ever used that feature of fail2ban02:19
Bsimscordoval: install synaptic and start browsing the -dev packages for sql02:19
szalpangolin: they usually give out one public message for all02:19
MrKeunerDr_willis, you can enable new rules. such as rules for w00t w00t maniac02:19
cordovalBsims: https://gist.github.com/176456502:19
pangolinszal: tomaw/Wallops- Okay, sorry for that noise; we're done now!02:20
TasmaniaGuys how can you download your wiki domain into mediawiki?02:20
Dr_willisMrKeuner:  not sure why i would need to. :) i just ban based on how many ssh attempts.02:20
JPetersonwhere is vmware-user-suid-wrapper autostarted from? /etc/xdg/autostart/vmware-user.desktop is there as it sohuld be, but it's not launched.02:20
MrKeunerDr_willis, so your fail2ban is not monitoring anything else than sshd02:20
MrKeunerI use it for monitoring other logs as well02:21
Dr_willisMrKeuner:  ssh is basically the only public service i got going on my server. so yes.02:21
Bsimscordoval: hit this bug? http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=3800902:21
Dr_willisMrKeuner:  ssh and znc is all  have  going.02:21
javier_Ben64, http://pastebin.com/Zk63SrqP02:21
The_Weather_GuyYay! I finally finished setting up ubuntu02:21
makei need use Skybe for ubuntu 64bit .how to???02:21
cordovalBsims: that seems unrelated02:22
Ben64javier_: yep, you need a new hard drive02:22
Dr_willis!skype | make02:22
ubottumake: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga02:22
cordovalBsims: I am just trying to install the indexer here https://docs.phraseanet.com/en/Admin/Prerequisite.html02:22
MrKeunerDr_willis, you can monitor any log with fail2ban, including znv, or vnc?02:22
cfhowlettjane-doe_: greetings02:22
Bsimscordoval: I know less than nothing about sql on ubuntu sorry but assuming ya got all the dev libs, gonna assume bad code02:22
javier_Ben64, Ops... where do you see it?02:22
cordovalBsims: https://gist.github.com/176459502:22
Dr_willisMrKeuner:  never really needed to.  I have  only the 2 exposed services forwarded through my router.  I cant say i ever noticed many znc attempts. Just ssh.02:23
Dr_willisMrKeuner:  not even running those at this time.02:23
MrKeunerchange your ssh port and you won't even see those ones02:23
Dr_willisMrKeuner:  i have changed my port. i still get ssh break in attempts.02:23
Bsimscordoval: that looks reasonable sorry man I dunno02:23
MrKeunerDr_willis, really? didn't know that02:24
Ben64javier_: compare your speed to mine, http://pastebin.com/QBRAc0ZA02:24
MrKeunerDr_willis, I recenlt enabled a jail configuration for fail2ban.log itself02:24
Bsimscordoval: is the call hardcoded in the script?02:24
Dr_willisMrKeuner:  just random scans. - I also have ssh set up where it onlyu works with key based auth. so no password attempts will work.   and the fail2ban (i think) is set where they get like 3 tries and they are banned.02:24
MrKeunerif someone gets banned three times for 300 sec, they get banned for 10 days for instance02:24
cordovalBsims: you mean configure script?02:25
Dr_willisMrKeuner:  if they get banned here.. they are banned. :)02:25
Bsimscordoval: yeah seen that with newbie code02:25
MrKeunerDr_willis, that's another way :)02:25
Dr_willisI only rarely ssh in from my phone lately. or machines on localhost.02:25
TasmaniaHow can you install a wiki domain into your mediawiki server?02:25
cordovalBsims: https://github.com/alchemy-fr/Phraseanet-Indexer/blob/master/configure.ac02:26
javier_Ben64, yes, I see. But I repeated the command in terminal and it changes all the time the speed. For example, now it reported: http://pastebin.com/cQz89gHw02:26
cordovalAC_PATH_PROG([MYSQL_CONFIG], [mysql_config], , $PATH/usr/bin:/usr/local/mysql/bin)02:26
beata|lemurDownloading ...02:26
MrKeunerDr_willis, i could write jail configuration for any log file, If I had understood regexp02:27
cordovalBsims: https://github.com/alchemy-fr/Phraseanet-Indexer/blob/master/configure.ac#L2802:27
Ben64javier_: it should be consistent. that first time with the KB/s speed is very bad. hard drive needs to be replaced02:27
Bsimsall looks reasonable but I don't know if the fixed locations in the file match where ubutnu sticks things02:27
cordovalthey work in mac02:27
cordovalwonder where do they deploy to though02:28
javier_Ben64, ok. Actually, I believe that is the problem. With that speed it will be a hard work to save all the data I have there...02:28
Bsimscordoval: do a locate mysql|grep bin02:28
FloodBot1Roxy``: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:29
cordovalBsims: https://gist.github.com/176468002:29
Roxy``making a bootable from ubuntu02:29
=== svensk_a1 is now known as Dubaco
ActionParsnipRoxy``: yep, use unetbootin, which we told you...02:30
cfhowlettActionParsnip: again and again...02:30
Bsimscordoval: look to see where mysql-lib sticks things02:31
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: maybe its a windows user thing02:31
Bsimscordoval: got the idea?02:31
Ben64ActionParsnip: i was thinking the same thing, didn't want to say it02:31
cordovalBsims: no, those look like binaries02:31
Dr_williswork time for me.. bbl.02:31
BsimsActionParsnip: http://lmgtfy.com/ is my new help search engine02:32
=== fizzixnerd is now known as FizzixNerd
ActionParsnipBsims: haha, I use: www.duckduckgo.com  usually. The bang syntax is aweomse02:32
* cordoval has prying eyes for a good solution to his problem compiling phrasea simple app on ubuntu02:33
JPetersonwhere is vmware-user-suid-wrapper autostarted from? /etc/xdg/autostart/vmware-user.desktop is there as it sohuld be, but it's not launched.02:33
Bsimshrm then right click on the lib in synaptic and look for installed files02:33
Bsimscordoval: then right click on the lib in synaptic and look for installed files02:34
BsimsActionParsnip: yes but my way is more insulting <g>02:34
bazhangBsims, dont use that here, ever.02:34
cordovalBsims: https://gist.github.com/176470602:35
cordovalBsims: sounds like /usr/include/mysql02:37
cordovalis the place02:37
cordovalnow should i tell ./configure --libdir=/usr/include/mysql? or what02:37
Bsimscordoval: so point the part that is looking for libs to /usr/include/mysql to be honest its past my paygrade02:37
Bsimscordoval: the script is assuming its built from scratch02:38
nnatomltopanyone know what Distribution of Linux, Google uses?02:38
JPetersonhow do i change encoding ansi utf-8?02:38
cordovalhmm Bsims from scratch?02:38
Bsimscordoval: yeah I am fond of checkinstall for making quick and dirty packages02:38
Bsimsshove it in /usr/local as an install location and bob's your uncle02:39
cordovalBsims:  sorry you slang is getting me lost already02:39
cordovalwhat should I try in specific02:40
cordovalso change this line ? AC_PATH_PROG([MYSQL_CONFIG], [mysql_config], , $PATH/usr/bin:/usr/local/mysql/bin)02:40
Bsimscordoval: checkinstall will make a quick and dirty package, that is handled like anything else... or see if that package has a ubuntu flavor02:40
Bsimscordoval: the install script is assuming installed from scratch to /usr/local/mysql02:42
cordovaloh hmm02:42
cordovalso but how to correct it I am wondering02:42
Bsimscordoval: In actual fact I'd fire someone for writing it02:42
cordovalI can make a PR correcting it02:42
cordovalbut need to understand it first02:42
cordovalthis is on github sothey will surely take PRs https://github.com/alchemy-fr/Phraseanet-Indexer/blob/master/configure.ac#L2802:43
cordovalhelp me firing them02:43
adam123Hi guys, I just upgraded to 11.10 was running 10.10 for a while, although now I keep on getting a message saying 'panic occurred, switching back to text console' never had this problem before, any ideas? Thanks in advanced.02:43
Bsimseasiest way is to patch the install script, or install it by hand I'd see if the addon is already packaged first02:43
Bsimscordoval: my only sql experence is with sql/400 on a IBM I series02:44
cordovalI think you want me to run sudo checkinstall02:44
TasmaniaHow can you download mediawiki into your server?02:45
Bsimsnot a bad idea makes it easier to uninstall02:45
* Bsims goes off insearch of food02:45
cordovalbut Bsims the thing fails on make02:45
cordovalnot make install02:45
cfhowlettadam123: hardware??02:49
lenswipehey guys02:50
lenswipei cant install openssh-server02:50
lenswipeit says the package has no installation candidate and that its referred to by another package or something02:50
Raymond_anybody familiar with phpBB302:50
bazhanglenswipe, whats the error, pastebin it02:50
lenswipeif i search for it in synaptic i only get openssh client02:50
lenswipebazhang, it was a GTK error box02:50
lenswipedo i need to enable any extra repos?02:50
bazhangRaymond_, do you have a question related to that, if so please ask the channel02:51
adam123cfhowlett, hmmm... I think it may be an issue with my chipsets, I find it doesn't happen if I run in Ubuntu 2D? Just wasn't happening with the older version I was using / Linix Mint I had a while back. :)02:51
cfhowlettadam123: that's why I asked about hardware - I'd suspect your GPU.  Try 2d...02:51
bazhangadam123, unity-2d you mean?02:51
trismlenswipe: did you run: sudo apt-get update; yet?02:52
adam123Yeah unity-2d, really new to this. Its pretty awesome. Is this a new thing in 11.10?02:52
bazhangadam123, since 11.04 iirc02:52
lenswipetrism, no, that fixed it - thanks :D02:52
bazhangadam123, whats the video card ?02:53
adam123Oh call me old fashioned but I've been running 10.10 for a good while now. I hate change, but was thinking it was about time. 11.10 is pretty. <302:53
ActionParsnipbazhang: yep, Natty 11.0402:53
gislihi guys, after using Arch for the last months I've forgotten how to start openssh and apache at startup? How is it done again?02:54
ActionParsnipadam123: Maverick is EOL in April this year so may want to upgrade soon. If you install Xubuntu it will look and feel like Maverick02:54
h4ppy-b0t testing02:54
h4ppy-b0t testing02:54
h4ppy-b0t testing02:54
h4ppy-b0t testing02:54
h4ppy-b0t testing02:54
FloodBot1h4ppy-b0t: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:54
ActionParsnipgisli: Arch isn't supported here02:54
W4rl0ckhello happy02:54
adam123ActionParsnip, thanks for the advice!02:54
ActionParsnipadam123: np :)02:55
W4rl0ckthat is my man happy!02:55
Raymond_host gator installed phpbb3 and i am having trouble finding the forum on the web to setup the admin. i assume i need to change some permissions, any ideas02:55
christophequelqun parle francais ?02:55
h4ppy-b0t8,1 Help :02:55
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:55
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gisliActionParsnip: read what I wrote a little better, I'm on the Ubuntu channel after all...02:55
bazhangW4rl0ck, remove the bot please02:55
ActionParsnipgisli: your question doesn't mention Ubuntu, only arch. What else am I to think...02:55
ActionParsnipgisli: in ubuntu the services once installed will be started and added to the startup sequence of the OS02:56
adam123Dumb question, but what is the command to find out the name of my video card? $ lspci doesn't seem to be working for me.02:56
ActionParsnipadam123: sudo lshw -C display02:56
zykotick9adam123: you might try "lspci | grep -i vga"02:57
ActionParsnipadam123: only the chip is important ;)02:57
adam123Thanks, means alot!02:57
gisliActionParsnip: I mention I've forgotten how to start openssh and apache at startup because I've been using Arch for the last few months. And I'm in the ubuntu channel so I thought it was obvious I was asking about ubuntu ;)02:57
ActionParsnipadam123: thanks for the gratitude :)02:57
gisliActionParsnip: but thanks ;)02:57
ActionParsnipgisli: np :)02:57
adam123VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS482 [Radeon Xpress 200]02:57
adam123I don't really see it as an issue anymore, everything seems to be working fine in Unity 2D. Yay :)02:59
adam123I love you guys!02:59
Roge152Does anyone know why/how ubuntu would throttle an internet connection to 100kbps02:59
Roge152On the same machine, windows and other linux distros give me my full speed, but for some reason in ubuntu, both live CD and full install throttles my connection.03:00
ActionParsnipRoge152: disable ipv6 with the boot option: ipv6.disabl=1   if you don't use it, also try adding this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/sysctl  to /etc/sysctl.conf03:01
ActionParsnipRoge152: run:  sudo sysctl -p   to apply03:01
adam123another question for you guys, I'm donating this computer at the end of this month, and just looking to wipe data of my HD. Been looking at using Dban is this the best soultion for the job?03:02
ActionParsnipadam123: there isn't really a best for anything03:03
ActionParsnipadam123: bleachbit can do it too03:03
Ben64adam123: just use dd and fill the drive with zeros03:03
=== gskellig|mobile is now known as Gskellig
Ben64adam123: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd<x>03:03
adam123Hmmm thanks! Just have a lot of personal work stuff I don't want ending up in the wrong hands. Thanks for your advice everyone!03:03
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:05
adam123Anyways I'm off to bed now. Thanks for all your help everyone. G'night much love!03:06
Raymond_i am having trouble accessing phpbb3 forum admin to set it up03:09
=== Gskellig is now known as [deleted]
=== [deleted] is now known as Gskellig
JPetersonwhere is vmware-user-suid-wrapper autostarted from? /etc/xdg/autostart/vmware-user.desktop is there as it sohuld be, but it's not launched.03:16
vindavhi there...Help please...to discover a full proof way to remove any evidence of Firefox 11 and the use of it in my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS desktop as the browser constantly crashes.03:24
KDotHQAnyone around?03:25
daswortmaybe :P03:26
ActionParsnipvindav: you may need to rename ~/.mozilla/firefox   the new configs may crash the older version03:28
vindavActionParsnip:  Where do I do that on my system ?03:29
ActionParsnipvindav: you can do it in a terminal or in nautilus as 2 suggesions03:29
cfhowlettvindav: sudo apt-get purge firefox then go to /home and delete .mozilla03:30
vindavActionParsnip:  What is the terminal command, or can I do it from Gnome where I can find the file  .mozilla   by doing a Ctrl-H in the home folder, then alter ?03:30
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: what isf the user uses thunderbird!?03:30
vindavActionParsnip:  Ok, I'll try that now.03:30
ActionParsnipvindav: mv ~/.mozilla/firefox ~/.mozilla/firefox_old03:30
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: the thunderbird config AND EMAILS are stored in ~/.mozilla too...03:31
cfhowlettvindav: DO NOT delete .mozilla DON"T DO IT!03:31
* ActionParsnip sighs03:31
cfhowlettActionParsnip: once again, brain in neutral, fingers typing.  thanks for the reminder03:31
vindavcfhowlett:  Why ?03:31
Tunix2Okay I installed ndiswrapper, use it to install my wireless driver, did modprobe ndiswrapper and ndiswrapper -m and rebooted when I run 'ndiswrapper -l' DRIVER: XXX DEVICE PRESENT so why cant I see the wlan0 when i run ifconfig or iwconfig?03:31
cfhowlettvindav: as AP rightly pointed out, your thunderbird files are ALSO in .mozilla - you'd lose all your email configurations and probably your emails themselves03:32
ActionParsnipvindav: if you use thunderbird then your emails are also in ~/.mozilla so you should rename ~/.mozilla/firefox which will not touch your thunderbird config (if it is used)03:32
Tunix2Anyone proficient with getting wireless drivers to work with ubuntu?03:33
vindavActionParsnip:  Yes, I also use Thunderbird as my e-mail prgm.  So far, I have purged Firefox from the terminal prgm.  So, how do you suggest I rename the file to ?03:33
ActionParsnipvindav: I gave you the command....technically just something differnet and you are fie03:34
vindavActionParsnip:   I also have a file separate from Firefox and it's called   .mozilla-thunderbird   Is that file still associated with Firefox somehow ?03:35
ActionParsnipvindav: thats your emails03:35
Tunix2Anyone know how to work a little ndiswrapper magic?03:36
vindavACtionParsnip:  If I do not delete or rename   .mozilla-thunderbird, I can keep all the e-mail stuff, right ?  And if I delete   .mozilla  which is a completely separate file, will that effect   .mozilla-thunderbird ?03:37
JPetersonwhere is vmware-user-suid-wrapper autostarted from? /etc/xdg/autostart/vmware-user.desktop is there, unchaged, but it's not launched apparently.03:37
Tunix2if not can someone send me an invite to the #linux channel?03:37
JPetersonanswer: the problem was old files in /etc/vmware-tools/ that wasn't removed by --purge remove, probably because they are not used by thw new version03:37
vindavActionParsnip: If I do not delete or rename   .mozilla-thunderbird, I can keep all the e-mail stuff, right ?  And if I delete   .mozilla  which is a completely separate file, will that effect   .mozilla-thunderbird ?03:38
JPetersonso the solution is to --purge remove and delete /etc/vmware-tools/03:38
vindavvindav:  testing03:38
ActionParsnipvindav: if you don't touch the folder it won't touch the config. Why would it be any other way?03:41
ActionParsnipvindav: all you need to do is rename ~/.mozilla/firefox03:41
=== FreeNET is now known as Inkscape
ActionParsnipvindav: I even gave you an example command...03:42
AlenHelp me Please!03:43
AlenHow to recover a deleted logical drive?03:44
morrigandsmithI am looking for instructions on how to increase the memory limit of my clipboard (using 11.04 32 bit PAE)03:45
AlenHELP ME PLEASE!!!03:45
morrigandsmithgoogle was less than useless03:45
AlenHow to recover a deleted logical drive?03:45
AlenHow to recover a deleted logical drive ext4?03:45
morrigandsmithAlen did you reformat it?03:45
=== michao is now known as m9527
escottAlen, if you know the partition layout you can just restore it with fdisk. if not use testdisk03:45
Alenjust delite03:46
vindavActionParsnip:   Ok, I've renamed it.  Is it also ok to rename  .mozilla/extensions which is in the same folder as .mozilla/firefox  ?03:46
Alenin gparted03:46
zykotick9Alen: you might want to check out testdisk03:46
jayaris it hard to setup x11 forwarding? for PuTTY?03:46
morrigandsmithalen did you finalise the changes?03:46
beata|lemurlxde: Ewww; xfce: Looks promising but I'd like to find a gnome-like disk mounter applet.03:46
m9527how to get into another channel?03:46
Alentestdisk work with ext4?03:46
Alenyes sure03:47
zykotick9jayar: you'd need an Xorg server for windows... non-trivial i imagine (but i've never done it)03:47
Alenfdisk how?03:47
AlenHow recover with fdisk please03:47
morrigandsmithyou will need the utility dd rescue and the man page for it03:48
escottAlen, testdisk may not be able to recognize the ext4 structure. so it may not help. All you have to do is figure out what block the partition started on and what block it ended on and go create a new partition (but dont format) of the correct type that starts and stops on the correct blocks03:48
=== Inkscape is now known as FreeNET
escottAlen, you should take a dd backup of the entire disk before proceeding03:49
morrigandsmithty escott03:49
Aleni nt have free space03:50
Tunix2Anyone here have experience with ndiswrapper?03:50
morrigandsmithalen you need to get an external drive03:50
AlenHow just recover logical delited partition?03:50
Aleni not have03:50
morrigandsmithalen there is no "simple" way03:50
morrigandsmithyou will have to go through a lot of steps and have hours of patients03:51
AlenI wished I had switched to linux :(03:51
escottAlen, check if gparted logs its operations. it might tell you what the partition layout was prior to your modification03:51
Alenon windows very many work and good programs for recover date03:51
Alenand here no :(03:51
vindavActionParsnip:  So, if I want Firefox to be re-installed, I just do:  sudo apt-get install firefox, or shall I just download the new version from Mozilla and install it through terminal ?03:52
Alenescott, no he start but crashed03:52
Alengparted programm crash03:52
Alennot work function of "gpart"03:53
morrigandsmithvindav if you want a fully fresh install of firefox you will also need to delete the home/.mozilla dir03:53
Alengpart how use it?03:53
Alenconsole util03:53
Alengparted use gpart for recover03:53
Alenhelp please03:54
morrigandsmithvindav you will want to uninstall and reinstall firefox through synaptic manager03:54
AlenI have little understanding linux :(03:54
escottAlen, please stop sending so many messages. we've given you the outline of what you need to do. you'll need to do some work to figure out the details.03:54
vindavmorrigandsmith:  how do I do that if the file you suggest doesn't exist ?03:54
escottAlen, if you cannot take a backup (which is highly recommended)03:54
Alenhow just recover partition in linux?03:55
html_5how do i use more swap ,hoping that the ram will free up a bit03:55
Alenhow do it?03:55
morrigandsmithvindav have you looked with nautilus in your home folder, showing hidden?03:55
Alenhow to restore it to its place?03:56
ActionParsnipvindav: reinstall whatever version you want, you will get default configs03:56
Alenhelp me plz03:56
ActionParsnipvindav: I suggest you install it via the repos03:56
escottAlen, your next step would be to identify where the deleted partition would start and end. if you don't know what those block positions are, you could guess based on the other partitions in the drive. In other words assume that the deleted partition starts at the beginning of free space and extends to the end of the free space. under that assumption you can create a new partition of the correct type (BUT DO NOT FORMAT the new partition)03:56
escottand if you are correct you have restored. if you are wrong you probably trashed the data03:56
morrigandsmithActionParsnip, if the .mozilla folder is still in place it will override default install settings03:56
vindavmorrigandsmith:  I have used the Ctrl-H function to reveal any hidden folders that may be in  .mozilla/03:57
ActionParsnipvindav: you just need to rename ~/.mozilla/firefox   that's all.03:57
ActionParsnipmorrigandsmith: no as the firefox folder inside is none existant as it is renamed03:57
morrigandsmithActionParsnip, agreed, if you rename it will ignore03:57
RadiumCathello, xfce on my laptop does not use 100% CPU power when needed, and that makes the overall performance very sluggish. is there a tool i can use that can help me run the CPU at its optimum speed?03:58
ActionParsnipmorrigandsmith: I told the user to do this some time ago..03:58
vindavActionParsnip:  What is the repos for Firefox 11 ?03:58
Alenme just add new partition?03:58
morrigandsmithActionParsnip, ok ty for the heads up I didnt realize that you were already helping03:58
sodaclanGood night, I apologize for my English and I use the google translator, I need help with my Ubuntu 11.10, I bought a new monitor and when I want the drivers comfiguracion uarden the screen at a resolution not achieving adequate03:59
Alenhelp please!03:59
ActionParsnipvindav: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc03:59
wchan_on osx... i can do something like .. open myfile.pdf or open xyz.txt ... and it would oopen the  file with the default viewer03:59
wchan_i know you can use gnome-open ... however im on xubuntu04:00
wchan_is there something simliar?04:00
ActionParsnipmorrigandsmith: just had to fight a citrix box so wa sin and out04:00
Aleni cry :(04:00
vindavActionParsnip:   lucid04:00
Nach0zwchan_: you can still use gnome-open if I'm not mistaken, you just gotta install it first04:00
ActionParsnipRadiumCat: https://launchpad.net/~artfwo/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=oneiric   may help. Details here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/12/indicator-cpufreq-cpu-frequency-scaling-indicator-applet/04:00
escottAlen, it would be a new partition table entry, but not a new formated partition. this is why you may want to use fdisk instead of gparted. gparted tries to be helpful by formatting the partition which would destroy your data04:00
zykotick9wchan_: try "xdg-open"04:00
ActionParsnip!info firefox lucid | vindav04:00
ubottuvindav: firefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 10.0+build1-0ubuntu0.10.04.2 (lucid), package size 17002 kB, installed size 32336 kB (Only available for any all)04:00
wchan_sudo apt-get install gnome-open?04:00
ActionParsnipvindav: ver 10 in the lucid main repo..04:00
morrigandsmithActionParsnip, have you ever edited the clipboard memory limits? I cant find a good anything with google04:01
bobenhauswho uses xbuntu04:01
wchan_bobenhaus: ppl that dont like the horrible new gnome3?04:01
Nach0zwchan_: sounds about right. but try xdg-open, zykotick9 mighta found your alternative04:01
ActionParsnipbobenhaus: many do, its great04:01
vindavActionParsnip:  !info firefox lucid | vindav04:01
wchan_xykotick9: thansk04:01
ActionParsnipmorrigandsmith: not sure. I use parcellite so not sure of the memory uses there04:01
bobenhausis there a way to remove the unity and just keep xbuntu as the default?04:01
escottAlen, if you want to use fdisk its just: "sudo fdisk /dev/sda" "m" for the menu "p" to print the current table "n" to create a new entry04:01
Nach0zwchan_: if either one works for you, you can edit your .bashrc and insert an alias for open='gnome-open' or something04:01
Alenescott, if i just add new partition. On it partition will be my files?04:01
ActionParsnipwchan_: you probably dislike unity, not gnome304:02
escottAlen, if you guess correctly yes. if you guess wrong no.04:02
wchan_ActionParsnip: i dislike both04:02
wchan_gnome-panel is boke . totally not same as gnome204:02
Nach0zbobenhaus: xubuntu is just a name. XFCE4 is the window manager. you can apt-get install xubuntu-desktop, or XFCE4, and just select xfce4 or xubuntu when you're at the login screen04:02
morrigandsmithActionParsnip, can percellite copy 500 pages from a pdf to a text file? I need to change a book format to mobi04:03
ActionParsnipmorrigandsmith: worth a try, it is free ;)04:03
aBoundIs it possible to upgrade Ubuntu's 10.04.3 LTS kernel to version 3.0?04:03
ActionParsnipaBound: yes but its not supported here04:03
bobenhausis xbuntu a OS or window manager?04:03
ActionParsnipbobenhaus: its an ubuntu variant using xfce by default as well as light applications04:04
Alenescott, If I do not guess the size, then what?04:04
Nach0zbobenhaus: xubuntu is a bunch of packages that are personalized to be "xubuntu". it's 'kind of' a distro. xfce4 is the specific window manager.04:04
Astral119I know this is probably a very noobish question, but how do i change the background image @ Kvirc? is it possible04:04
bobenhaushmm ok thanks04:04
ActionParsnipxfce4 isnt a wm04:04
Alenescott, If I do not guess the size, then what?04:05
Nach0z.... ActionParsnip, ?04:05
escottAlen, i don't know, but it certainly wouldn't work. it might destroy the data04:05
aBoundWM stands for Window Manager.04:05
Alenescott, forever?04:06
Nach0zyeah, I know that part, I just hadn't heard it referred to as anything BUT a window manager04:06
zykotick9Nach0z: DE Desktop Environment (it translates to Bloated WM)04:07
aBoundNach0z, From what I know XFCE is a GUI.04:07
Nach0zalrighty then.04:07
Nach0zsoooo it's a window manager with a taskbar, start menu, and applets preconfigured04:07
ActionParsnipxfce4 is the desktop xfwm4 is the WM04:07
Alenescott, if I make a partition on the entire (full) disk, then the data will be lost?04:07
Alenescott, help please04:08
ActionParsnipalthough you can easily use compiz etc with xfce404:08
Alenescott, very important data for me04:08
vindavActionParsnip:  Do you have a hyperlink where I can download the version of Firefox that you posted please ?04:09
Alenescott, ?04:09
AlenHelp Please My Bad!04:10
ActionParsnipvindav: its in the official repositories. If you added a PPA then remove it but the default version for firefox ix 1004:10
ActionParsnipvindav: there is no 'link' just install it like any other app04:10
AlenHow recover logical delited partition in Linux?04:10
escottAlen, you clearly dont understand how partitions and filesystems work. the filesystem puts a superblock which indicates where the rest of the data can be found at a fixed position from the start of the partition. the partition table is stored in a different part of the disk and does not affect the data stored on the disk. so your task is to get that partition start in exactly the correct place so the superblock is exactly where it needs04:10
escottto be so you can get a readable filesystem04:10
wchan_zykotick9: xdg-open works :) ... yah!04:11
vindavActionParnip:   Are you saying I can just install it now from Ubuntu Software Centre ?04:11
escottAlen, a partition of the entire disk is just going to make your problem worse. you need to figure out where the deleted partition began and ended04:11
Sir_BurpalotGreetings, chaps.04:12
Alenescott, promt me please testdisk for ext404:12
LahLahMake sure to categorize the small disc space in the left port so you don't get an overdriven file source.04:12
Alenescott, prompt me please testdisk for ext404:12
JPetersonwhy do i get04:13
JPetersonSetting up flashplugin-downloader ( ...04:13
JPeterson--2012-02-07 23:09:44--  http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_11.0.1.152.orig.tar.gz04:13
FloodBot1JPeterson: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:13
LahLahI know what I'm talking about.04:13
escottAlen, i dont know of one04:13
ActionParsnipvindav: yes and it will be v.10   if you run:  apt-cache policy firefox   you will see which will be installed (the latest version will be used)04:13
Alenescott, Advice please me please testdisk for ext404:13
Sir_BurpalotWhy use ext4?04:13
Sir_BurpalotXFS is a hell of a lot better...04:13
Alenescott, just normal analog for ext404:13
Alenescott, i cant blindfold do it04:14
ActionParsnipSir_Burpalot: each file system has its advantages04:15
AlenSomebody HELP!04:15
ActionParsnipSir_Burpalot: no file system is outright better or no other file system would be used04:15
vindavActionParsnip:   Ok...it seems terminal ran back with a response that I do have the PPA for the most recent version of Firefox should it be installed.  Does that make sense ?04:15
AlenAnlog For Testdisk For EXT4.04:15
ritzubottu, !ask|Alen04:15
ubottuAlen: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:15
ActionParsnipvindav: then remove the ppa04:16
ritzAlen,  testdisk should work on ext404:16
Alenubottu plz help04:16
Aleni know04:16
ritzAlen,  but dont expect much .04:16
Aleni tested it04:16
JPetersoncan someone explain this http://pastebin.com/uR49Hmhs apt-get install flashplugin-installer04:16
ActionParsnipSir_Burpalot: XFS cannot be shrunk and its metadata operations make it slower than many other file systems04:17
Sir_BurpalotAttention, everyone. LahLah is my girlfriend.04:17
AlenAnd what me do?04:17
AlenI cant recover data?04:17
ActionParsnipAlen: use your backups04:17
Aleni not have it04:17
ActionParsnipAlen: why not?04:18
Alenbut data on disk , just partitions delited , how recover data?04:18
Aleni not have empty disk04:18
ActionParsnipAlen: you may find success with foremost. I suggest you get a backup. You have learned the value of backup the HARDEST way possible04:18
ritzAlen, testdisk04:19
ritzAlen,  it can detect and read files04:19
ritzor if you have a backup of the disk/or partition table04:19
ActionParsnip!info foremost04:19
ritzrecreate it04:20
ubottuforemost (source: foremost): Forensics application to recover data. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.7-1 (oneiric), package size 41 kB, installed size 140 kB04:20
AlenI can make a backup of the one partition of the disk?04:20
LahLahHi beautifuls.04:20
LahLahI really, really need some techy support.04:20
ritzAlen of the parition table on the disk04:20
Alenritz, no04:20
bobenhauswhat would be the apt-get command to get all of Xfce?04:20
Alenritz, no work with ext404:20
ritzAlex test disk, and patience , and plenty of hope mixed in then04:20
ActionParsnipAlen: once you restore what data you can, you can back it up. The idea of a backup is you make it when the data is healthy so when catastrophe happens you can simply restore the data04:21
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels04:21
JPetersoncan someone explain this http://pastebin.com/uR49Hmhs apt-get install flashplugin-installer04:21
ActionParsnipbobenhaus: you already have apps, so you can just run:  sudo apt-get install xfce404:21
bobenhausanctionparsnip: thanks04:21
vindavActionParsnip:  how do I add or install http://ppa.launchpad.net/mozillateam/firefox-next/ubuntu/  to software resources when it doesn't allow me to ?04:21
AlenHelp ME Please!04:21
AlenAnalog "Testdisk" with support ext4!??!?!04:22
ActionParsnipJPeterson: try:  sudo apt-get -f install04:22
bobenhauscan I logoff of my desktop and still be connected to irc, apps etc...?04:22
bobenhausdoubt it:(04:23
zykotick9bobenhaus: if you use terminal applications and use screen - sure.  GUI, no.04:23
ActionParsnipvindav: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install firefox04:23
Alenit's just idiotic why no one has written such a program?04:23
bobenhausahh I remember screen from back in the day04:23
ActionParsnipvindav: you will then get firefox 1104:23
ActionParsnipvindav: it was compiled 4 days ago04:24
JPetersonActionParsnip: no difference http://pastebin.com/diff.php?i=UG1QcLvk04:24
Alenthx all! bb i go do suicide (((04:25
ActionParsnipAlen: if you'd had a backup, you'd be fine..04:25
ActionParsnipJPeterson: HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found   looks like the server is having issues04:26
JPetersonActionParsnip: nope, no problem with server04:26
JPetersonhttp://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/ works04:26
ActionParsnipJPeterson: what is the output of: uname -m04:26
AlenI have depressed, and now also date delited (((04:26
uRockafter hitting ctrl+alt+F1 to drop to CLI from the login screen how do I get out of the CLI?04:26
JPetersonActionParsnip: i68604:27
EvilResistanceuRock:  ctrl+alt+f7 ?04:27
ActionParsnipJPeterson: sweet, give me a sec04:27
ActionParsnipJPeterson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/833516/04:29
JPetersonActionParsnip: thx. but i want to know why it akss for archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_11.0.1.152.orig.tar.gz04:29
uRockI just upgraded via clean install from 10.04 to 11.10 without formatting /home. I entered the same username and such, but the install did not give me ownership of my files. What should I do to get permissions set where they belong for the account?04:30
ActionParsnipJPeterson: it needs that to get the plugin file which it then copies around the place04:30
ActionParsnipJPeterson: my 3 commands do it the old school way04:30
vindavActionParsnip:  Ok, Firefox 11 is on-board now thanks to you.  By the way (BTW), what terminal command can I use to upload all the Firefox plugin and things that I had in before ?04:30
Alenbb all ((( bb world (((04:31
ActionParsnipvindav: you'll need to reinstate them, if the new version uses bookmarks.htm then you can simply copy the file from the old profile04:32
ActionParsnipvindav: I don't use firefox so I cannoty help much more.04:33
escottuRock, were the users created in the same order on the old and new system?04:33
uRockescott. yes04:33
vindavActionParsnip:  Ok...since I have done the procedures to getting Firefox to work again, is Firefox 11 stable to work in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS or should I somehow wipe away the O/S and put in Ubuntu 11.10 and start over ?04:34
JPetersonActionParsnip: I mean why it asks for a file that doesn't exist04:34
ActionParsnipvindav: its the beta release, so officially no. but as I said. I DON'T use Firefox04:35
ActionParsnipJPeterson: why what asks for a file?04:35
ActionParsnipJPeterson: maybe the installer needs updating if the zrchive has been updated04:35
escottuRock, ok. i was going to suggest that the uids may not match (the username is not stored in the filesystem only the uid). you can see what your id is with "id" and what the ids associated to the folders are with "stat filename" if those dont match you need to use chown to fix it04:35
ActionParsnipJPeterson: could report a bug04:35
JPetersonActionParsnip: ok04:36
IanWizard-CloudI installed E17, and connman, and now the regular network applet doesn't start in Unity04:36
JPetersonstrange that nobody has noticed that such a package doesn't install04:36
JPetersonhow many users are there if I was the first one that tried to install flash-downloader04:36
uRockescott, I'll check it out, thanx04:36
ActionParsnipJPeterson: maybe they have but didn't say or worked around04:36
JPetersonActionParsnip: I guess04:37
ActionParsnipJPeterson: maybe the error has just this second appeared and you got hit by it04:37
JPetersonActionParsnip: could be04:37
ActionParsnipJPeterson: not so strange ;)04:37
superdave321Does anyone have suggestions for a light weight browser that would do good on x11 over ssh?04:38
Nach0zif you like having pictures, chrome. if you don't need pictures or anything but text...04:38
Nach0zjust use links204:38
Nach0zand skip the x11 part04:39
vindavActionParsnip:  Gotta new question for you...how does one remove the current Ubuntu version off my dual boot system which has Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS resident ?  I have GRUB.04:39
superdave321Nach0z: Cool. Thanks.04:39
ActionParsnipvindav: how did you install it?04:40
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: arora or midori are light and awesome04:40
vindavActionParsnip:  I installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS after installing Windows 7 using a CD.04:40
superdave321ActionParsnip: sweet, thanks!04:41
patrick_im thinking something along the lines of start from win repair cd, and fixmbr  fixboot  might do wha you want if jsut nuking the nix install is the goal.04:42
=== kcbnac is now known as Q_Continuum
Nach0zvindav: you could go into windows and set your win7 SYSTEM partition as the active partition :|04:42
ActionParsnipvindav: boot to the windows OS and delete the Ubuntu partitions. If you are not reinstating another OS you WILL need to reinstate the Windows bootloader04:43
ActionParsnipvindav: obviously deleting the partition destroys the data so ensure your important data is backed up first04:43
Q_ContinuumUbuntu 11.10 64-bit Desktop, Intel Atom/NM10 Chipset w/Intel GMA 3150.  System not detecting GPU, what driver do I need to install to get more than 1024x768 out of this thing? (Nettop barebones)04:43
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JPetersonActionParsnip: question was asked yesterday http://askubuntu.com/questions/102000/apt-get-always-fails-with-error-404-not-found-over-a-package-flashplugin-dow , problem is that my mirror was not updated, this worked http://askubuntu.com/questions/37753/how-can-i-get-apt-to-use-a-mirror-close-to-me04:44
ActionParsnipQ_Continuum: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1693384   xorg edgers ppa is mentioned here, may help but its quite experimental04:45
=== nils- is now known as nils_
vindavActionParsnip:  All data is backed up on my NAS.  Pardon me for asking since I never performed this procedure, how does one just go into Window 7 and set my SYSTEM partition as the active partition ? Do I put in the Window 7 disk to do this ?  How do I delete the Ubuntu partitions ? How do I reinstate the Windows bootloader ?04:46
ActionParsnipQ_Continuum: less hardcore is add the boot option: acpi_osi=Linux    may help04:46
ActionParsnipvindav: the active partition will more than likely already be the windows one, the windows bootloader has been overwritten by grub04:47
ActionParsnipvindav: when you delete ubuntu you delete the config for grub, and your system won't boot04:47
patrick_I would install the win recovery console personally, do this from within windows, if you have the windows disk, it provides many tools to maintain win.    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/21641704:47
ActionParsnipvindav: you willl need your win7 disk to reinstate the botloader04:47
mdelwhere can I find the default config files for an installed package?04:48
vindavActionParsnip;  So, when I put in the Window 7 disk, how do I reinstate the bootloader ?04:48
bobenhausdunno if I like Xbuntu or not.04:49
patrick_http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927392    might be of use04:49
unimaxlinHi all04:49
patrick_ /waves04:50
cfhowlettunimaxlin: greetings04:50
unimaxlinI am need a help to with easy dns resolution04:50
cfhowlettunimaxlin: I always love it when I see in the first line that the investigation is COMPLETELY over my head...:)04:51
unimaxlinwe have a lot of machine in my work evironment like p1.data.kk.ss.unimaxlin.com  p2.data.kk.ss.unimaxlin.com  i want to ssh the server by simply typying ssh p1 how can i configure it please help04:52
unimaxlin#ssh p104:52
unimaxlinany ideas..04:52
ubottuunimaxlin: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server04:53
ActionParsnipvindav: ask in ##windows for that04:53
ActionParsnipunimaxlin: add an entry in /etc/hosts for the ip and the short name04:53
unimaxlinwe have a 10000 server not possible to add the ips04:54
Guest7716unimaxlin perhaps an alias?04:54
vindavActionParsnip:  Thank you for all your help and advice tonight.  I really appreciate you and your effort, patience, and volunteer time.  Have a great night !! :D04:54
unimaxlinis there any shortcuts04:54
=== AnthonyS is now known as thatguy
unimaxlinhow to add alias04:54
patrick_yw vindav, take care04:54
unimaxlinplease give me a sample04:54
=== thatguy is now known as theguyoverthere
uRockTrying the chown my /home. I tried [code]sudo chown -R user:user *.*[/code] but that did nothing, what should I try next?04:54
EvilResistanceuRock:  why do you want to chown /home ?04:55
andrew_auHi, I was wanting some help with setting up a VPN server and capturing traffic from a client using wireshark. Can anyone help out?04:55
EvilResistanceuRock:  i think /home/ itself needs to be owned by root...04:55
Guest7716unimaxlin: in debian in .bashrc04:55
uRockEvilResistance, because it says I do not own anything04:55
unimaxlincan you give a sample04:56
uRockEvilResistance, just trying to chown the user's home04:56
EvilResistanceuRock:  sudo chown --recursive youruser:youruser /home/youruser/04:56
unimaxlinfor  p1.data.kk.ss.unimaxlin.com04:56
uRockthanx EvilResistance04:56
EvilResistanceuRock:  remember to replace 'youruser' with the username of your user04:56
EvilResistanceuRock:  but under no circumstances should you chown just /home04:57
EvilResistancebecause if im' not mistaken that should be owned by root...04:57
uRockEvilResistance, understood, thanx04:57
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escottunimaxlin, http://collectiveidea.com/blog/archives/2011/02/04/how-to-ssh-aliases/04:58
unimaxlin@escott thanks a lot04:59
Guest7716unimaxlin:  add line: "sshOwn() { ssh $1.data.kk.ss.unimaxlin.com }"04:59
uglyoldbobhow would i determine if a certain compiler, say "i586-mingw32msvc-g++" was installed with a shell script?05:00
ActionParsnipuglyoldbob: ask in #bash too :)05:01
escottuglyoldbob, why not try and execute it and check $?05:02
escottuglyoldbob, stackoverflow says to use hash05:03
escottuglyoldbob, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/592620/check-if-a-program-exists-from-a-bash-script05:03
=== brittnee_ is now known as brittnee
Guest7716unimaxlin: I've checked it now. The folowing line in ~/bashrc will work:05:09
Guest7716sshO () { ssh "$*.data.kk.ss.unimaxlin.com"; }05:10
raddy_Hello Everybody05:12
raddy_I installed postgresql 8.4 in ubuntu 10.04 server05:13
=== _Selac is now known as Selac
raddy_But, /etc/postgresql/8.4/ folder not created05:14
raddy_Only /etc/postgresql-common/ present.05:14
=== pothos_ is now known as pothos
raddy_Can anybody suggest what could the problem05:16
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:19
dr--williswow its quiet...05:24
ActionParsnipdr--willis: too quiet05:25
andrew_au*I know :P05:25
=== blackshirt is now known as 18VAAO8J9
aBoundYou made it quiet. :P05:26
bobenhaushello. does anyone know how to I remove xfce4 from my system?05:26
andrew_ausorry to repost this but I came on to get some help with setting up a VPN server and capturing traffic from a client using wireshark. Can anyone help out?05:27
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bobenhaus!xfce4 remove05:27
bazhangbobenhaus, and leave what?05:27
bobenhausI just want the option to be removed as an option from the login screen?05:27
dr--willisjust the login screen?05:27
dr--willisor you want it actually removed05:28
DesignerGuyis there any command where I can tell if that my server is listening on an IP?05:28
Q_ContinuumActionParsnip: both the ppa and the boot option acpi_osi=linux didn't help with the Intel GMA 3150 on 11.10 x64 :-/05:28
Q_ContinuumHere I thought Intel GPUs "just worked" and it was the AMD/nVidia ones that required effort to make function :-(05:28
bazhangbobenhaus, yes, and remaining will be what? gnome kde4 or what05:28
bobenhausI would like to remove if possible05:28
bobenhausThe default 11.1005:28
bazhang!puregnome | bobenhaus05:28
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
ubottubobenhaus: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome05:28
dr--willislighdm gets its list of sessions from  some foo.desktop files if you JUST want to remove the entry from the login scrfeen find the xfce.desktop file in one of the sesssions directories05:28
dr--willisand remove it.05:28
LirthDoes anyone know how to force the computer clock to display decimal time?05:29
bobenhausok thanks05:29
dr--willisotherwise fire up the package manager and remove whatever xfce rel;ated packages you fild. and perhaps reinstall ubuntu-desktop to be sure to pull in any gnome packages that you might accidnetly remove05:29
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:29
dr--willisunless you are real tight on space. i dont see much harm in leaveing xfce installed05:30
bobenhausok thanks05:31
zykotick9Lirth: decimal time?  do you mean "unix" (aka epoch) time?  that is "date +%s"05:32
Lirthzykotick9: I'm not sure what unix/epoch time is. Wikipedia has a good description of it, but basically there are 10 hours a day and 100 minutes an hour.05:33
dr--willisand you need to use this for?05:34
zykotick9Lirth: "metric" comes to time, never heard of it - doubt gnu/linux can do it, maybe.05:34
Q_ContinuumSo this Intel GMA 3150 under 11.10 x64 won't be detected, and I'm limited to 800x600 and 1024x768.  Any ideas on a fix?05:35
dr--willison ly seen metric time basicvally as a footnote/system variant in some magazines/artacles on metric systems05:35
Lirthzykotick9: I tried looking up metric time, that isn't what I'm going for. That has 100 hours a day.05:35
zykotick9Lirth: i was actually just trying to make fun of what you wanted (calling it metric time), i certainly didn't know there was a real metric time as well...05:36
Lirthzykotick9: yeah... I'm trying to write sci-fi and this is how I get into it. Futuristic time methods...05:36
=== slikts1 is now known as slikts
zykotick9Lirth: well, check out Unix time, it's pretty useless/futuristic ;)05:37
dr--willisPi Time.. :)05:38
=== WillB is now known as Will|
matheusrn89someone can help me?05:40
DogearsHi everyone,05:42
Mavrick95hello everyone!05:46
Lirthmatheusrn89: Try asking your question first and then we'll know.05:46
scottjhey, how do I check if there are any ssh connections into my computer? I Just had a couple xterms appear on my screen, wondering if I've been hacked05:46
dr--williswhat was in the xterms>? Normally theres x security features that keep a ssh sessiomn from running gui apps  if a differnt user is logged in. (or even the same user)05:46
Mavrick95i am experiencing the "black screen at boot" issue, i blame the "amd 64 alternate" driver i downloaded right before this mess started. How do i get to solve this issue? Can Anyone hlp?05:46
dr--williswhat amd-64-alternate driver?05:46
Mavrick95it is one that was/is availabe through synaptic05:46
zykotick9!nomodeset | Mavrick9505:46
ubottuMavrick95: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:46
dr--willisyou can alwyas remove the driver via the jockey-text tool from the console ibelive05:46
Mavrick95yes, the thing is that "nomodeset" doesn't work, it stills goes to black screen after ubuntu image05:46
dr--willisI seem to recall there being a ati driver, and some ati-post-release diver05:46
DogearsCan you use Remmina to RDP to a windows server and view the actual current session desktop of the server not a new session?05:46
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode05:46
Mavrick95<dr--willis> i cant get to remove anything because i can not get to the desktop, so i can run the terminal05:46
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dr--willisMavrick95:  use the console/text/recovery mode05:46
matheusrn89My english skill is low, so sorry for the mistakes, but so. My question is the i need to turn off my notebook screen's, but when i press the button with this function in the keyboard nothing happens (it only works at Windows, and i'm no longer using it). There is any way to turn it off?05:49
scottjare there any keybindings in X11 to open an xterm that work regardless of window manager? (trying to figure out why a couple windows would have popped open on my screen)05:49
dr--willisscottj:  not that i know of. such things would be window manager, or file manager specific05:49
zykotick9scottj: keybinding for terminal are often DE/WM specific05:50
Lirthmatheusrn89: Are you using a second monitor?05:50
Mavrick95pardon my ignorance, but selecting recovery mode start on GRUB menu only gets me to another menu05:50
matheusrn89Lirth: no, the one i want to turn off is the monitor of the notebook it self05:51
Lirthmatheusrn89: Try using the "Displays" option. It allows you to turn on and off monitors and should let you disable the notebook's monitor.05:52
dr--willisMavrick95:  and one of those should get you to a console. or try the 'text' option the bot mention ed earlier.05:52
Echointhewini have i hope to be a simple quesion, How do i add my user name to another group?05:53
graftso, i can show certain unicode characters in my console just fine, but they won't show up with less, i think because it has encoding issues05:54
grafthow do i get less to show what my console does?05:54
graftEchointhewin: you can do adduser <user> <group>05:54
Echointhewinok i will try that now05:55
matheusrn89Lirth: My GPU is a Nvidia, so i think it's complicated to do it by the "Displays" Option05:55
urlin2uMavrick95, so what is your goal here?05:55
zykotick9matheusrn89: nvidia-settings should have what you're looking for then05:55
Mavrick95dr--willis: the recovery mode menu (says "limited read-only") shows only these option: resume (which boots also to black screen), fsck, remount, and root. i am new to ubuntu, still learning the terminology...05:56
matheusrn89I think in trouble to explain what i want to do05:56
matheusrn89let me try again05:56
Mavrick95urlin2u: i would like additional support for the black screen at boot issue because none of the solution availaber on the surface web satisfied me.05:57
urlin2uMavrick95, it looks like dr--willis is directing you this is a great helper I hate to get in the middle of help your already getting.05:59
matheusrn89i want to turn screen off temporarily, like to save energy05:59
Echointhewinty again graft later all05:59
dr--willisim also at work.. at my real job.. so mayhave to leave at any time.05:59
Mavrick95urlin2u: thanks anyway! :-)05:59
dr--willisI think the remount, then root, items get you to a working root shell]05:59
dr--willisI alwyas just use the 'text' option by hand/05:59
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode06:00
dr--willisfollowing the nomodset guide. use 'nomodeset text' instead of just nomodeset :) gets me to a text login06:00
dr--willisi rarely if ever use the actual recovery options06:01
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Mavrick95dr--willis: ok, i tried remount, and it was successful. it returned me to recovery menu, now i have new options: clean, dpkg (which, i think by what i could learn, can purge the faulty driver and heal everything), grub, and netroot. what can i do now?06:04
VectorXhi, where would the line mentioned here go http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?s=fa94d8d425a1be15ca820c6a1395674c&p=7321672&postcount=9 ?06:04
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dr--willisI think the remount, then root, items get you to a working root shell06:07
dr--willisthen you can use the jockey-text or apt-get remove commands06:07
dr--willisto try ti get back to the old driver.06:07
=== Barbara_Gnome is now known as Barbara_gnome
GskelligI want to reverse the contents of a file, that is; line 1 goes from the top to the bottom and visa versa06:08
Gskelligpreferably in a script, as it is being written06:09
Gskelligbasically want to force a file to prepend instead of append06:09
dr--willisGskellig:  there used tobe a 'tac' command that was a reverse cat06:09
zykotick9dr--willis: Gskellig s/used tobe(sic)/is/06:10
Gskelligwait what06:10
zykotick9Gskellig: there is a command called tac06:10
dr--willisor check out the fifo filo (i think) pipes06:10
dr--willisbeen ages since ive used  the fifo stuff.06:11
Mavrick95dr--willis: thanks, this way i could invoke the apt-get command. and as a first try, i entered "remove fglrx" (which is a proprietary driver behind ALL graphics issues lol)06:11
dr--willisive frogotten 4x what i know...06:11
zykotick9dr--willis: i have the same issue ;)  taking notes help06:11
dr--willisMavrick95:  jockey-text has a list and remove feature. iuts a text interface to the gui of addational drivers. If you know the fglrx pacakge name you can apt-get remove IT. be sure to rename/deletes  your existing /etc/X11/xorg.conf also06:12
dr--williszykotick9:  half of what i rember is from my college days of using SUN systems. :) years ago06:13
* dr--willis will take obscure Unix commands for $400 alex...06:13
zykotick9dr--willis: daily-double ;)06:14
urlin2u!gold star06:15
Mavrick95dr--willis: when i use the "jockey-text" command instead of removing the fglrx (i did not remove it yet), i get the "fail to connect to D-BuS"06:15
urlin2ualmost as good as a cookie06:15
Gskelligbash scripting is way over my head06:16
dr--willisno idea on that Mavrick95  you could just remove the fglrx package, and remove the x11 config file and reboot and see.. at least now ya know how to get to the console to try to fix things06:16
GVolkmannGreetings all.  Can anyone suggest a chromium release intended for public kiosks?  I need to lock these down quite a bit.06:17
dr--willisGVolkmann:  ive seen several koisk disrtos at the disrtowatch page listings.06:17
ActionParsnipGVolkmann: how do you mean chromium release?06:18
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Mavrick95dr--willis: yeah, i know how to remove the fglrx, but about this x11 file i do not know, can you tell me how?06:21
dr--willisbbl. work time06:21
Mavrick95urlin2u: hi, dr--willis had to quit, probably because of work. can you help me?06:27
=== Dora[TDO] is now known as idrum4316
urlin2uMavrick95, not an area I know a lot about I wish I could. :)06:28
Mavrick95urlin2u: if you could tell me the commands to use to rename x11 conf file, i would be much appreciated.06:28
Mavrick95urlin2u: ok06:29
urlin2uMavrick95, out of knowledge area really.06:29
Kayetanahi all. I'm new to irc and also linux, so I apologize in advance if I ask any dumb questions. I am fairly tech savvy, though06:30
eldubiousmungWhen doing a wubi migration, do I list the partition NAME or LABEL?06:30
Mavrick95urlin2u: its ok, its all right. :-)06:30
Mavrick95urlin2u: i just wish i can heal my computer after this06:30
KayetanaI have a new laptop with Windows 7 and I'd like to try out ubuntu on an external hard drive so I downloaded the iso and burned it to a disk but when I reboot, I get the initial install screen and then the whole screen goes completely black06:31
Kayetanaany ideas?06:31
urlin2uMavrick95, if you come on to the channel during the day US time it is really busy, and you will probably get quick help then.06:31
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bazhang!nomodeset | Kayetana try this06:32
ubottuKayetana try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:32
KayetanaI'll try that - thanks!06:32
khajahussain@eldubi crete a partion from window's manage, but dont format it. put your cd and restart is. It will pick  the free partion.06:33
eldubiousmungI'm doing an automatic migration from within ubuntu using "sudo bash wubi-move-2.1.sh (partition) (swap)"06:35
pnormanI've got a LSI2008 controller in my ubuntu box and it correctly sees the drives connected with the mpt2sas module, but I'd like to be able to create a raid array using it. Does anyone know how I'd go about doing so?06:35
eldubiousmungI have the partitions made, just mounted them, now I gotta see if it worked, brb06:35
ronin___hi, when i use "tar zxvf filename.tar.gz "06:38
eldubiousmungeach time I do the sudo bash wubi-move-2.1.sh (partition) it says it can't find such file or directory :(06:39
ronin___I've got error This doesn't look like a tar archive06:39
ronin___any suggestion06:39
ActionParsnipronin___: try extracting it with unp06:40
khajahussain@eldubiousmung .... do you have windows installed on your system?06:40
ActionParsnipronin___: ronin___ or the file may be corrupted, is there an MD5sum you can use to check it06:40
ronin___ActionParsnip: I need tar command06:40
ronin___ActionParsnip: could you help about MD5sum06:41
ActionParsnipronin___: install unp then use:  unp filename    unp will look at the file and extract it accordingly06:41
ronin___ActionParsnip: could you help about MD5sum, please?06:41
ActionParsnipronin___: is there an MD5SUM file for the archive which you can compare?06:41
ActionParsnipronin___: i'd try unp first tbh06:42
khajahussaineldubiousmung ... i got to go. connect with any one else.06:42
ronin___ActionParsnip: I use md5sum command I've got two reply 1.f696daa812cbb348ef4d5f26a28e57f9 and 2.filename.tar.gz06:43
ActionParsnipronin___: ok, is there a hash of the file you can compare to online for the file?06:45
Mavrick95does anyone know how to rename/delete the /etc/x11/xorg.conf file while in console?06:45
ronin___ActionParsnip: I download file from openhatch.org website06:46
ActionParsnipMavrick95: sudo mv /etc/x11/xorg.conf /etc/x11/xorg.conf_old06:46
assainsздравствуйте господа06:46
KronsbyHell yeah06:47
Kronsbyjust got irssi set up06:47
ActionParsnipronin___: source is irrelevant, is there an MD5 sum for the file06:47
Kronsbyand mpd06:47
=== kcm1700_ is now known as kcm1700
ActionParsnipronin___: if there is and the hash matches then the file is healthy06:47
ActionParsnipKronsby: wtg06:47
shrysUsing Ubuntu 10.10. Headphones's aren't working after an update. Googling didn't help. alsamixer looks fine. Any ideas please?06:47
ActionParsnipKronsby: did you not play secret of mana on snes?06:47
Kronsbyno :(06:48
ronin___ActionParsnip: thx06:48
KronsbyI wish I had06:48
ActionParsnipKronsby: wtg == way to go == well done06:48
Kronsbyoh thank you06:48
ActionParsnipKronsby: you should, its a sweeeet game06:48
Kronsbyhow is everyone doing?06:48
ActionParsnipKronsby: tired but home time soon :)06:48
Kronsbyi have an snes emulator on my kindle fire06:48
Kronsbyand thats awesome06:48
ActionParsnipronin___: install unp and try extracting it with that06:48
KronsbyIt is late where I am ActionParsnip06:48
ActionParsnipKronsby: 6:48am here06:49
ronin___ActionParsnip: I did, thx06:49
Kronsbyoh man06:49
Kronsbynight shift?06:49
ActionParsnipKronsby: 12 hour shift06:49
Kronsbydayum 7-7?06:49
ActionParsnip4 on - 4 off06:49
KronsbyI just got a tech support job06:49
Kronsbypretty happy bout it06:49
ActionParsnipKronsby: nice :)06:49
ActionParsnipKronsby: wtg ;)06:50
Kronsbywhat do you do?06:50
ActionParsnipKronsby: noc engineer06:50
Kronsbysounds intimidating06:50
ActionParsnipKronsby: just make sure everything stays up and connected as much as possible :)06:50
ActionParsnipKronsby: you?06:50
KronsbyIT. Fixing computers at my university06:51
ActionParsnipKronsby: fun fun fun06:52
Kronsbymy ncmp++ would do random songs one time and now it decided not to06:52
Kronsbyanyone else use it here?06:52
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
erushWhy I get discounted from Wifi when I connect my LAN ? I am using ath9k for wifi.06:55
ActionParsniperush: its the default behaviour in network manager06:56
ActionParsniperush: if you define the wired connection in /etc/network/interfaces   network manager will ignore the interface and you'll be ok06:57
erushActionParsnip: What should I do to have multiple networks togather ?06:57
ActionParsniperush: ^06:57
ActionParsniperush: if you connect the ethernet to the same subnet as the wireless connection you will cause issues06:58
erushThen How would I manage to bridge them togather ? bridg-utils ?06:59
ActionParsniperush: so connect to 2 routers using 2 internet connections to use both as 1 link?06:59
erushNo, use wifi to get connect to internet and make connect the LAN to internet (a router.)07:00
erushthat sentance didn't make sense.07:00
ActionParsniperush: so share the wireless connection like a wireless router07:01
isaac_Hi, I'd be glad if someone could help me. My problem is wubi broke, and since I can't figure out how to fix it I figure I'll just reformat and install it correctly. Is it possible to copy all of the files to an external, and then replace the ones on the fresh install and it would be just like before? Thanks in advance07:01
ActionParsnipisaac_: why do you not have the data backed up?07:02
ActionParsnipisaac_: as in, already backed up?07:02
isaac_No, not already backed up. I would plan on booting from a live cd and transfering to an external drive07:03
erushActionParsnip: Yup, exactly.07:03
ActionParsnip!ICS | erush07:03
ubottuerush: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing07:03
ActionParsnipisaac_: But why is it not already backed up now?07:03
isaac_I didn't know I was supposed to back it up regularly.07:03
isaac_Nor did I know how.07:04
ActionParsnipisaac_: if your drive motor fails and the drive doesn't spin up, where is your data?07:04
ActionParsnipisaac_: if you can copy data to a USB drive, you can backup07:04
isaac_Well it doesn't have anything that important, I just don't want to have to setup apache and etc again.07:04
ActionParsnipisaac_: you can mount the wubi image from the ubuntu live CD.07:04
isaac_So, just going in and copying it all and then pasting on a fresh install will restore everything?07:05
ActionParsnipisaac_: I suggest you REGULARLY backup your data, then you wouldn't have this situation.07:05
isaac_But I can back it up now, can't I? I just need to know if it works to copy over a fresh install with the old one07:05
Kronsbywhat network is this on?07:05
zykotick9Kronsby: freenode07:06
isaac_So just copying everything from the old install to a fresh one will have all the settings and programs the same, ActionParsnip ?07:07
eldubiousmungAlright, I migrated ubuntu to a partition. Should I go into windows and uninstall ubuntu there?07:08
ActionParsnipisaac_: yes, you can mount the wubi disk image in liveCD, like I said..07:10
isaac_But copying it over to a fresh install doesn't break anything?07:10
isaac_This wouldn't work in windows, so I don't know if it would work in linux.07:10
=== Chewtoy_ is now known as Chewtoy
urlin2ueldubiousmung, the migration scripts I have seen moves it are you sure it is still there, this is with wubi installs.07:12
ActionParsnipisaac_: it should work if you copy over the configs07:12
isaac_Ok, thank you very much :)07:12
ActionParsnipisaac_: you can always backup the default files and you can roll back07:12
eldubiousmungI haven't checked yet, I just wanted to make sure before I went into windows and messed anything up07:12
eldubiousmungbut knowing that, I'll go check07:13
urlin2ueldubiousmung, was this a wubi, and did you use a script from the ubuntu forums to move it?07:13
eldubiousmungyes and yes07:13
urlin2ueldubiousmung, the thread tells you what happened.07:14
eldubiousmungDoh! In other words....RTFM -_-07:14
urlin2ueldubiousmung, lol :)07:14
=== root is now known as Guest77854
m4kWhich packages are needed to connecting phone via bluetooth07:26
m4kWhich packages are needed to connecting phone via bluetooth07:28
m4kWhich packages are needed to connecting phone via bluetooth07:31
urlin2uI repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress07:43
carson_can Deadbeef be installed on ubuntu?07:43
carson_I can't seem to find it07:43
=== KenWill is now known as www123
somsipcarson: PPA only07:56
=== seshagiri is now known as arathi
=== sorin is now known as Guest13096
sorin_hi,i have an workstation ThinkCentre A52,md.8297 and i want to know how much memory-ram- can put on my machine08:01
mac_osxAnyone know of a newbie chat room for Ubuntu?08:01
kholerabbi_hi is ubuntu suitable for an atom netbook, or is there a more lightweight disro I should be using?08:01
urlin2ukholerabbi_, I have a acer d250 with an atom 1.6, 2 gigs ram ubunt runs great.08:03
auronandace!lubuntu | kholerabbi_08:03
ubottukholerabbi_: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.08:03
_monk_hello friends08:05
_monk_gnome 3 is very stable now08:06
_monk_its almost complete now, no?08:06
_monk_networkmanager has some dumb bugs08:07
_monk_with 3g dongles08:07
_monk_this worries me08:07
_monk_its a confussion bug08:07
_monk_it should be resolved together08:08
_monk_it works on gentoo08:08
_monk_that may be gnome 308:08
_monk_ubuuntu is perfect08:09
zykotick9!enter | _monk_08:09
ubottu_monk_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:09
dsdsdsfdsdseHello, is anyone available to answer a few (hopefully quick) questions?08:09
zykotick9!ask | dsdsdsfdsdse08:09
ubottudsdsdsfdsdse: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:09
AmdpcHello World..!08:10
dsdsdsfdsdseSorry about that, ubottu. Thank you! I'm trying to figure out how to disable all external media (USB mounting and any CD drives) for a specific user.08:10
_monk_hello Amdpc08:11
zykotick9dsdsdsfdsdse: removing the user from the plugdev group "might" do that?08:11
_monk_permissions my friend08:11
_monk_remove from group08:11
damo22if 2 text files differ only by extra lines, can i use rsync to add the extra lines over the network?08:12
zykotick9damo22: i'm under the impression, rsync will pick the newer of the 2 versions...08:12
dsdsdsfdsdseThank you, zykotick9 and _monk_. Oddly, the account isn't currently a member of the plugdev group. I disabled everything under "Advanced Settings" in Users Settings, but the user can still automount USB drives.08:13
damo22thats lame, what about if you have a 100mb log file on one machine and you want to sync the last meg over the network without copyin the whole file08:13
ubuntukurwa mac08:13
zykotick9dsdsdsfdsdse: if fstab does the drive in question have the user permission?08:13
dsdsdsfdsdsezykotick9: Can you ask the question in another way? I'm not sure what fstab is, I'm sorry08:14
zykotick9dsdsdsfdsdse: that's not the issue then.  sorry i don't have any other suggestions.  good luck.08:15
dsdsdsfdsdsezykotick9: Thank you for your help, all the same.08:15
zykotick9ubuntu: please stop08:16
FloodBot1ubuntu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:16
jimmy_birerSON OF A BITCH UBUNTU USER08:16
mac_osxI have been hacked. WHen I installed 11.10 over 11.04, another user + guest was discovered, but in the User profile it doesn't show them. It requires a password. What should I do?08:16
jimmy_birerFEDORA IS BETTER08:16
FloodBot1jimmy_birer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:16
jimmy_birerYOU WANT UNITY?08:17
ubuntu                          08:17
FloodBot1ubuntu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:17
FloodBot1jimmy_birer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:17
mac_osxCould someone offer a little advice please?08:19
lapsusbrutusI installed bat and bacula. is there a bug with the package?  it refuses to listen to port 9101.. netstat -lntp shows this, but listens to 9102 and ..308:23
Jordan_Umac_osx: If you have an Ubuntu related support question just ask.08:23
lapsusbrutusdid a test install on debian too, and there it worked.08:24
lapsusbrutusbat crashes on startup.. needs 9101 to function08:24
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
zzecoolmac_osx: just ask08:26
zzecoollapsusbrutus:  are you sure that uuntu use the same version as debian ?08:28
lapsusbrutuszzecool: probably not08:28
zzecoolthen how do you compare08:29
HueiGood morning, anyone here know if a bash script fired off using udev has some sort of maximum execution time ?08:29
zzecoolprobably the ubuntu verison has a abug08:29
lapsusbrutuszzecool: I diffed the configfiles,.  no serious differences08:29
zzecooltry to find a "ppa" that has a more updated version or the latest08:29
zzecooland install form there08:29
WaltherFIDoes Ubuntu support USB DAC's and can it output bit-perfect 24bit/96kHz audio to it?08:29
Angablade[MESSAGE TO ALL CHATTERS] If you have a question reguarding ubuntu, or software used within it, please feel free to just ask. Our crack team of volunteers will be more than happy to help. Just remember to highlight when speaking with someone.08:30
AngabladeThat should help a little.08:30
zzecoolAngablade: Is ubuntu gonna rule the world ?08:30
waynhallI've been using Empathy with SIP. Does it support call transfers?08:31
lapsusbrutusAngablade: It is ruling the world already :)  together with its fellow distros08:31
AngabladeIt is not. Simple fact that it's just not the norm for usage. Otherwise people wouldn't have so many support questions on there try.08:32
zzecoolhoho True story08:32
AngabladeBut yes, overall. Linux can rule the world.08:32
_monk_is there any networkmanager coders in here?08:32
_monk_why dont it work with 3g dongles automaticly on gnome308:32
AngabladeThere are no drivers installed on stock releases. Stuff like that needs to be installed by hand. Not everyone needs it, so it's not shipped with it.08:33
_monk_it works but the timeout in connection attempt is the problem I think+08:33
vincentngi accidently delete my home folder08:33
vincentnghow to restore my thunderbird emails in it?08:33
Angabladevincentng, open thunderbird and resync08:34
zykotick9vincentng: i hope you have a backup, good luck.08:34
vincentngi lost everything in my harddisk08:34
ubuntupozdrowienia z Polski:)08:34
vincentngim thinking of recovery harddisk with testdisk08:34
vincentngbut i dunno which files to look for08:34
Angablade_monk_, which 3G dongle do you have?08:35
zzecoolvincentng: look for folders not files08:35
vincentngwhich folders08:35
zzecoolthe home probably...08:35
_monk_I use my iphone for now08:35
AngabladeIs it a phone, or an actual dongle. Alot of people confuse these08:35
_monk_its more satysfying08:35
_monk_a dongle08:35
vincentnghow do i do that?08:35
_monk_I know the problem08:36
AngabladeWhich model?08:36
_monk_so I use my phone08:36
zzecoolvincentng: using the recovery software you said before08:36
_monk_doesnt matter08:36
_monk_its a universal problem08:36
_monk_with networkmanager and 3g dongles08:36
zykotick9vincentng: i don't think testdisk/photorec can restore folders, but files only (as folders aren't "real")08:36
_monk_people who have cheap computers need 3g dongles08:37
WaltherFIAny audiophiles around? I wonder if Ubuntu supports USB DAC's and can output bit-perfect 24bit/96kHz08:37
vincentngany other solutions?08:37
_monk_it must me resolved imiedatly08:37
Angablade_monk_, Which version of ubuntu do you have?08:37
_monk_Im on  fedora08:37
=== iqpi_ is now known as iqpi
_monk_its gnome 3 networkmanager08:38
Angablade_monk_, http://min.bz/PYRUL08:38
AngabladeGo there08:38
zzecoolvincentng: oyu need to use a recovery software that can search and pull the file - folder structure not only files...08:38
_monk_gnome 3 is not complete08:38
vincentngzzecool: could u recommend me 1?08:38
_monk_ubuntu luckily ships with unity08:38
Angabladeunity sucks tho.08:38
lethal_lion_Hi, is it possible to make a connection between two network cards connected to the same computer, to the same subnet? I need to make hw test but don't have a router to make them communicate on different subnets.08:39
_monk_but it should ship with xfce08:39
_monk_or old gnome08:39
Angablade_monk_, yes.08:39
_monk_that is a universal consensus08:39
Hueilethal use a crosscable ?08:39
_monk_unity dont suck08:40
Angabladelethal_lion_, yes it should be08:40
_monk_its more then usable08:40
zykotick9lethal_lion_: static IPs and a crossover cable and i'd imagine it would work08:40
lethal_lion_I'm trying for two whole days, but with no result08:40
zzecoolvincentng: http://www.easeus-linuxrecovery.com/08:41
lethal_lion_when I connect like zykotick9 says, ARP replies from one if  are gone...08:41
zzecoolry this08:41
zzecoolit makes miracles on windows ut i never tried at linux08:41
vincentngzzecool which one should i buy for my case08:43
vincentngto recover my whole home folder08:43
vincentngspecifically .thuderbird08:43
HueiAnyone here use udev to start scripts ? I'm using it to initiate an rsync script which transfers a data repo to usb drive, however the bash script execution stops halfway when I let it run from udev. if I execute it manually it works just fine.08:43
zykotick9vincentng: was thunderbird setup with a POP account, or IMAP?  I'd be VERY hesitant to purchase any software to try undeleting on EXT3/4, cause it's probably a waste of money.08:44
zzecoolvincentng:  the proper way is to take your HDD out attach it on a pc running windows with the recovery program installed and try to recover form there08:44
vincentngim im on another disk08:44
vincentngim mount it on an external drive08:44
vincentngim ready to do the recovery08:45
vincentngim thinking for which tool should i use08:45
vincentngshould i get the pay one or the free version?08:45
zzecooltry the free first08:45
zzecoolits a try and error08:45
zzecoolwe are not in your eyes08:46
zzecoolyou have to do this08:46
vincentngother than testdrive easeus08:46
vincentngany other i shud try?08:46
_monk_you can alwayd download systemrescuecd if your systembrakes down08:46
_monk_dont buy windows08:46
_monk_it comes with gentoo08:46
_monk_at root prompt type startx08:47
_monk_you have a computer again08:47
_monk_download at a friends house08:47
WaltherFI_monk_: that doesn't sound like a "recovery"08:47
zzecool_monk_: his problem is not a non booting system because of crash ......  He  deleted the home folder and needs a recover.08:48
_monk_download same distro08:48
_monk_and fix it from there08:48
zzecool_monk_: you are confused08:48
_monk_yes, so are you08:48
WaltherFI_monk_: we're talking about deleted data recovery08:48
_monk_I see08:48
_monk_im sorry for my confusion08:49
_monk_I be quiet08:49
zzecool_monk_:  the recovery programs running on windows are way better than anything with linux support08:49
zzecoolso he is doomed to use windows for better results08:49
_monk_thats true, but dont buy windows08:49
_monk_pirate it08:49
WaltherFIzzecool: is the home folder on fat / ntfs then?08:49
zykotick9!wares | _monk_08:50
WaltherFIzzecool: iirc, the tools can't recover data from ext partitions on windowews08:50
zykotick9!warez | _monk_08:50
ubottu_monk_: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o08:50
_monk_I appologise again08:50
vincentngim now running in windows 708:51
vincentngshud i run my recover from ubuntu better?08:51
zzecoolvincentng:  http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizard/recover-ext2-ext3-drive.htm08:51
zzecoolWaltherFI: http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizard/recover-ext2-ext3-drive.htm08:51
FloodBot1zzecool: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:51
zzecoolim afk for now08:51
vincentngthanks zzecool08:52
reapingwildoatshey all, anyone have any experience messing around with seagate goflex drives???09:00
scarleovincentng, have you read this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery09:01
Hueireaping : i am staring at one right now09:02
Hueiu mean the usb3 drives right ?09:02
reapingwildoatsyup. any luck formating it to ext 3?09:02
reapingwildoatserrr ext409:02
Hueiye I have them formatted ext409:02
reapingwildoatsI just bought a 3tb one but it keeps getting errors09:03
Hueireaping : I have the 1.5TB ones, didn't give me any grief09:03
Hueiwhat errors are u getting09:03
reapingwildoatsI have the error log saved, just a moment please09:04
reapingwildoatsshit forgot I had to shut it down... be a minute :)09:04
Hueidon't rush, I have problems of my own to sort out too09:06
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:18
Yozapwhat is a good C compiler here in ubuntu09:18
ikoniaYozap: gcc is the standard on most gnu platforms09:19
magn3tsclang ;)09:19
magn3tsbetter yet, ditch C and learn Go.09:19
=== Feigr2 is now known as Feigr
damo22learn haskell09:19
ikoniaok, that wasn't the question09:19
reapingwildoatsHeui, you still here?09:19
reapingwildoatshere is my syslog after trying to write some files to the newly reformated ext4 goflex09:20
Hueigive me a few minutes09:20
Hueigot an issue here at work09:20
reapingwildoatsno prob09:20
damo22reapingwildoats: is it mounted?09:21
YozapSorry, for a noob question but, where is a good site to upload stuff ive created?09:21
ikoniaYozap: not an ubuntu question09:21
reapingwildoatsyup and I have ownership09:21
=== bjensen_ is now known as bjensen
damo22reapingwildoats: what happens when you unmount and run fsck.ext4 on the partition09:22
YozapAh, i mean programs for ubuntu/linux users. Like games09:22
ikoniaYozap: what are you talking about ?09:22
Yozapopen-source games. sry my english is very bad09:23
reapingwildoatsat this point the drive becomes unresponsive09:23
ikoniaYozap: no problem with your English09:23
ikoniaYozap: concerntrate on making the games first, then hosting09:23
damo22reapingwildoats: try breaking out of it09:23
reapingwildoatsI cant unmount because nautilus is still using it, cant cancel the file transfer etc09:23
reapingwildoatsI am unfamiliar with that command09:23
damo22reapingwildoats: ok09:23
reapingwildoatsanother entry for my notes!09:23
damo22reapingwildoats: i have a feeling your drive is dead09:24
reapingwildoatsit says healthy!09:24
jonas_joinf #mano09:25
jonas_join #mano09:25
damo22reapingwildoats: can you go to a terminal and type sudo fdisk -l09:25
reapingwildoatsdisk utility did report a high temperature09:25
zzecooljonas_:   use the  /  before the commands09:25
reapingwildoatswith the external plugged in? just a moment then09:25
damo22reapingwildoats: is this an external drive that is having issues?09:26
reapingwildoatsits a 3tb seagate goflex desk09:26
reapingwildoatswith 3.0 usb09:26
damo22i dont know what it will do if you unplug while its still mounted, probably something bad09:27
ikoniaahhh shoddy usb3 support09:27
reapingwildoatsI have been hard rebooting to escape the unresponsive disk :/09:27
damo22reapingwildoats: well thats bad09:28
Hueireaping u cant umount  ?09:28
zzecoolbad for data not to kill the hardware09:28
damo22reapingwildoats: can you plug it in but dont transfer anything09:28
reapingwildoatsand then sudo fdisk -l?09:28
ictxiangxinsomebody can crack mirc?09:29
ikoniaictxiangxin: not in this channel, please don't ask again09:29
zzecoolictxiangxin: buy a nutcracker and try your self09:29
Xaratashi, i have a little problem with the do-release-upgrade from a karmic ubuntu, could someone assist me? the log states only one error which says "E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."09:29
ikoniazzecool: oh don't make silly suggestions to inappropriate questions09:30
ikoniaXaratas: do you have any 3rd party or external repos enabled ?09:30
dr_willisshould i pointout that xchat has windows ports then? :)09:30
zzecoolikonia: troll mode got me thats true09:30
ikoniazzecool: no idea what you've just said09:31
Xaratasin /etc/apt/sources.list are only the "normal" entrys, i changed them to old-releases.ubuntu.com as the current archive has no karmic packages anymore09:31
zzecoolikonia: forget about it09:31
ikoniaXaratas: what package is the error complaining about ?09:32
Xaratasthats where the problem beginns, the apt.log of do-release-upgrade states "Done" as last line09:32
ikoniaXaratas: can you please pastebin your sources.list file09:33
Xaratasand the main.log does not say any other text besides this line09:33
reapingwildoatssorry my htpc is having trouble connecting to the network :(09:33
=== VoX is now known as vox
Hueioh this is just cute. I've run a test where a script that starts counting with an interval of 10seconds in a loop when fired using udev rules it stops after about 50 seconds?!09:34
kholerabbi_I'm trying to run a liveusb of 11.10 on a netbook, but it's just sitting at 'checking battery state'. Anything I can do about this?09:35
hydrox24H guys, I need help with where to start in getting my laptops inbuilt tuner up and running, it's a toshiba satellite a660-07t and the tv tuner doesn09:35
Xaratasikonia: http://pastebin.com/CzsCF5EW09:35
reapingwildoatsuploading a pic now :D09:36
hydrox24*doesn't come up in lspci or lshw as far as i can tell, any pointers?*09:36
damo22hydrox24: inbuilt tuner? ummm possibly doesnt have support but you can check in lspci -nnvv09:37
hydrox24damo22: thanks, will do09:37
hydrox24damo22: any tips on what to "grep" for? kinda don't wanna sort through it all...09:38
reapingwildoatsthat is the result of fdisk -l09:38
damo22reapingwildoats: ok now type sudo umount /dev/sdb109:39
hydrox24damo22: nothing, about to reboot though so will BRB09:40
reapingwildoatscursor is blinking bottem left corner... I think its thinking?09:41
damo22ohhh i was talking to different people lol09:41
damo22man in need sleep09:41
reapingwildoatsI think it froze :/09:42
lanoxxis it somehow possible to make a screenshot while having a menu open? for some reason when i click on a menu in then as long as i have the menu open, pressing the print screen button on my keyboard does not have any effect09:42
damo22reapingwildoats: open a different terminal and do dmesg |tail09:42
ictxiangxinplease give me a channel about python09:42
ikoniaXaratas: looks pretty solid09:42
damo22ictxiangxin: /join #python09:42
ikoniaXaratas: in the machines current state, what happens if you do "sudo apt-get update"?09:42
ictxiangxinreturn "not connected to server"09:43
Xaratasikonia: noting to be done, all packages up to date09:43
linuxuz3rwhen is the next version of ubuntu going to be released09:43
ictxiangxinI am very new in irc09:43
damo22ictxiangxin: type it in here09:43
reapingwildoatsI think it is froze?09:43
ictxiangxingood thanks09:44
ikoniaXaratas: what version are you trying to upgrade to ?09:44
damo22reapingwildoats: dmesg|tail in a second terminal09:44
Xaratasikonia: from karmic to lucid09:45
SHOVELLhey is there a way to write a script to start two terminal windows that are different users and have them run sh scripts?09:45
Hueireaping: are u using the original cable that came with the drive ? no usb extension cables etc ?09:45
ikoniaSHOVELL: sure, su -c for example09:45
ikoniaSHOVELL: there is also a sudo option (not away of the flag, look it up)09:46
damo22SHOVELL: in console or X?09:46
ikoniaXaratas: that shouldn't be a problem09:46
ksinkaris there any wiki or tutorial or howto for installing ubuntu without the graphical installer09:46
reapingwildoatsI/O error in dev sdb09:46
ikoniaXaratas: normally when packages fail as you say, it offers up the package name that's failing09:46
ikonia!install ksinkar09:46
ikoniaksinkar: the alternative CD doesn't use the gui, it's menu driven and is quite straight foward09:46
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate09:46
reapingwildoatsHuei: do you need to see the whole thing?  Last entry is an I/O error in dev sdb09:47
damo22reapingwildoats: i think your external drive is dead09:47
SHOVELLdamo22,  i would like it to be x i think09:47
reapingwildoatsHuei: my ubuntu is offline at the moment, but I can take pictures of the screen and upload to imgur if need be09:47
damo22reapingwildoats: but we can try one more thing09:47
SHOVELLdamo22,  x= gui?09:47
Hueireapingwildoats: no, All i know is that the usb3 seagate drives that I own will give similar problems if i attempt to use ANY other cable than the one that came with it09:48
Xaratasikonia: http://pastebin.com/LhZRxg1g i have tried these commados, but no one do anything as there are no broken packages before the upgrade09:48
SHOVELLdamo22,  i need the console to run yes but i want to make it so i can click on a icon and they run09:49
reapingwildoatsI am using the cable that came with it09:49
ikoniaXaratas: is this a server install or desktop ?09:49
Xaratasikonia: it is a server install, besides base packages it has a bacula server process running09:49
KartagisI understand ubuntu versions are named according to alphabet. what will happen when all the letters are used?09:50
ikoniaXaratas: not currently running an X11 desktop by any chance /09:50
ikoniaKartagis: who cares, it doesn't matter, this is a support chanel09:50
Hueikartagis: I think the plan is to switch over to simplified chinese character set and carry on from there09:50
reghinaI have  PINK colour where WHITE shoud be..what is wrong?09:50
reapingwildoatsdamo22, huei: you have any other suggestions?09:51
SHOVELLreghina, your monitor is broken09:51
damo22reapingwildoats: yes, create a blacklist rule that prevents automounting of /dev/sdb109:51
SHOVELLreghina, or the cable is loose09:51
Xaratasikonia: no, there is no X1109:51
reapingwildoatswhere is the blacklist?09:52
damo22reapingwildoats: or boot up into single user mode and select root shell09:52
ikoniaXaratas: darn, I was curious to see if update-manager complained09:52
Hueireapingwildoats: have u made sure the drive works on a different system ?09:52
ikoniaXaratas: without more information I can't see how we can work out the problem package and fix it09:52
reghinaHi Shovel...what cable?09:52
SHOVELLreghina, have you checked the cable?09:52
damo22reapingwildoats: we can try to work on this from a root shell with no gui it will be easier09:53
reghinawhat cable?09:53
reapingwildoatsit appears in disk manager on windows 7 but I could not mount it as I dont have the ext4fd or whatever exe09:53
Xaratasikonia: i will pastebin the logs09:53
SHOVELLreghina, the one that goes from the monitoe to the computer09:53
reapingwildoatsand it appears healthy09:53
ikoniaXaratas: just having a think of how to get better info, but please pastebin anything of use09:53
reghinait's a lap top09:53
damo22reapingwildoats: do you have any data on it you want to keep?09:53
damo22reapingwildoats: or can we format it09:53
reapingwildoatsnope everything is backed up09:54
SHOVELLreghina, hmm when you wiggle the lid does the color work ?09:54
reapingwildoatsyeah ill format it09:54
reapingwildoatsIve been using gparted09:54
damo22reapingwildoats: in that case reboot into single user mode09:54
reghina I dont know what wiggle the lid means09:54
reapingwildoatsI think I am? only one user account and I deleted guest as well09:54
reghinaSorry my english is not perfect  :(09:54
muni've just run smartctl on my drive and i get a 'read failure' with 90% of the test remaining. can it be fixed?09:55
reapingwildoatsshould I reformat again?09:55
damo22reapingwildoats: no you need to hold left shift when you boot and select failsafe from grub09:55
SHOVELLreghina, open and close in a small movements09:55
reapingwildoatsI need to take my dog for a walk soon so good timing09:55
reapingwildoatsk brb09:55
reghinanothing changes this way09:55
SHOVELLreghina, how old is the laptop?09:56
reghinaabout 4 years09:56
reghinait's a Dell XPS M133009:56
SHOVELLdo you have a desktop monitor output on it for a second monitor?09:56
reapingwildoatsleft shift didnt start grub?09:57
reghinaSorry have not understand the question09:57
reapingwildoatsany other button?09:57
reghinaIf I have to monitors at the same time?09:57
SHOVELLreghina,  on of these sorry about the website i got it from http://media.wiley.com/Lux/27/80327.image0.jpg09:58
* SHOVELL *****one not on09:59
Mandanhey guys I installed lamp on my ubuntu 11.10 and I copied one downloaded php webspage in /var/www/test/index.php and when i open it in firefox localhost/test/index.php it is shows 'could not connect to mysql'  how to open the php page?09:59
ikoniaMandan: is mysql server running ?09:59
reapingwildoatsdamo22: esc didnt trigger it either what the hell09:59
damo22reapingwildoats: im pretty sure you have to hold left shift for ages during the bootsequence10:00
SHOVELLreghina,  i think iw would be blue10:00
reapingwildoatsI press it during post and hold it till I am at the user select screen10:00
reapingwildoatsgotta walk the dog ill be back in 2010:00
Mandanikonia, I started mysql as service mysql start10:00
damo22reapingwildoats: hold it earleir10:01
reghinaShovell, what would be blue?10:01
ikoniaMandan: ok, can you connect to it ?10:01
SHOVELLreghina,  did you look at the link i sent you?10:01
reghinaok ..one minute10:01
Xaratasikonia: apt.log: http://pastebin.com/ZaSazUaS ; main.log: http://pastebin.com/Wc7RBXg210:02
reghinaShovel..non I do not have any plug like this in my laptop10:02
ikoniaXaratas: let me have a read10:02
Mandanikonia, i just started learing these this but i dont no so much about mysql server10:02
ikoniaMandan: ok - well, you need to setup mysql and the database10:03
WaltherFIMouse / trackpad not working. Ubuntu 11.1010:03
ikoniaMandan: an application needs a database, a username and a password to be able to use it10:03
ikoniaMandan: the web applications web page should explain how to set that up10:03
ikoniaXaratas: Hmmm mountall, is a broken package according to that log10:04
joriswWhat's the safest way to install a newer PHP than 5.3.6 in Ubuntu LTS 10.04 ?10:04
Xaratasmountall depends on plymouth since lucid10:04
ikoniaXaratas: that whole dependency tree looks messed up10:04
WaltherFIMouse / trackpad not working on Ubuntu 11.10. Used to work, just stopped working (perhaps after some updates). Up to date, just did -update and - upgrade.10:05
SHOVELLreghina, i think you have a broken wire inside your laptop and it is not giving the screen  the color green i think is there a warranty still on it10:05
Mandanikonia, i try to create database as sudo mysqladmin create MySqldatabase but it shows mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed10:05
Mandanerror: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'10:05
Xaratasikonia: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+bug/556372 i think its to see together with this bug10:05
WaltherFILogging out and back in doesn't help, nor does compiz --replace10:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 556372 in mountall (Ubuntu) "Please remove the plymouth dependency from mountall / cryptsetup" [Undecided,Won't fix]10:05
ikoniaMandan: you need to specify the password with -p option10:05
SHOVELLwell that sucked10:06
ikoniaXaratas: intersting10:06
SilentDrgnI was hoping I could get some help with a very annoying issue I am having with my Asus laptop and Ubuntu.10:08
Mandanikonia, I created database , how can I know that it is created and where still I cant open the index.php10:08
damo22ikonia: if you havent set a password before for root mysql user you should use mysqladmin to do this10:08
ikoniadamo22: I know how to do this thanks,10:08
ikoniaMandan: what application are you trying to use10:08
SilentDrgnEverytime I close the lid at the login screen I get a black screen when I open it back up. I then have to do a hard restart.10:08
ikoniaMandan: as in what php application10:08
Xaratasikonia: o, i removed the preferences files for apt and now it looks like apt found a solution10:09
ikoniareally ?10:09
ikoniaI've surprised by that10:09
Xaratasikonia: 3 Pakete werden entfernt. 39 neue Pakete werden installiert. 315  Pakete werden aktualisiert.10:09
WaltherFIMouse / trackpad not working on Ubuntu 11.10. Used to work, just stopped working (perhaps after some updates). Up to date, just did -update and - upgrade.10:10
Mandanikonia, I downloaded a community webpage source file10:10
ikoniaMandan: that won't work then10:10
SHOVELLWaltherFI, what kind of laptop10:10
Xaratasikonia: Package: * ; Pin: release a=lucid ; Pin-Priority: 4010:10
ikoniaMandan: you need a database with the right structure and that application needs to be told how to use that database, you can't just download an index.php10:10
WaltherFISHOVELL: Samsung N51010:10
Xarataspreferences previously contained these lines10:10
Jordan_UXaratas: If you run "lang=C some_command" it will make that command run in English.10:11
WaltherFISHOVELL: probably not related, as it has worked and works on my other install (12.04 alpha)10:11
mufflonhello all, im looking for a way to activate the window-decoration again, when its deactivated by rightclick in titlebar, in lxde/openbox...thank you for help10:11
XaratasJordan_U: nice to know10:11
=== zay is now known as zay-bot
SHOVELLWaltherFI, is it not working at all?10:11
=== zay-bot is now known as zabot
SHOVELLWaltherFI,  or not the way it is supposed to10:12
WaltherFISHOVELL: pointer not moving, clicks not taken10:12
SHOVELLWaltherFI, and it worked in 10.04?10:13
WaltherFISHOVELL: (and it is not softkilled)10:13
WaltherFISHOVELL: has worked on 11.10 too10:13
WaltherFIbroke after some update i think10:13
SHOVELLWaltherFI,  there was a kernel update recently was it after that?10:14
SilentDrgnAwesome. Thanks for the help.10:14
WaltherFISHOVELL: possible10:14
SHOVELLWaltherFI,  did you have to install your own driver to make it wwork before?10:15
SHOVELLWaltherFI,  cause the kernel update killed all my drivers10:15
WaltherFISHOVELL: no, just an ordinary trackpad :D10:15
WaltherFIno drivers installed10:16
Mandanikonia, when i create a file in php firefox is downloading the page not displaying the page i created this http://paste.ubuntu.com/833720/10:16
WaltherFIMandan: php server is then not running10:16
SHOVELLWaltherFI, hmm i am sorry i dont think i can help you i have not encountered that issue10:16
SHOVELLWaltherFI, the other guys here probably could10:17
studenteWHERE IS YOUR GOD???10:17
studenteWHERE IS YOUR GOD???10:17
studenteWHERE IS YOUR GOD???10:18
studenteWHERE IS YOUR GOD???10:18
studenteWHERE IS YOUR GOD???10:18
FloodBot1studente: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:18
SHOVELLstudente, you want to meet my god?10:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:18
WaltherFISHOVELL: don't feed the troll10:18
SHOVELLben64 sorry10:18
MandanWaltherFI, when I open the localhost/info it is showing the php info10:18
carli2where did the gnome-window-properties move to? I want to enable floating focus.10:19
reapingwildoatsim back sorry about that10:19
WaltherFIMandan: are you sure it is running in the directory your file is in?10:19
damo22reapingwildoats: ok10:19
SHOVELLhave a good one everyone!!!!!!!10:19
damo22reapingwildoats: so hold left shift for longer before it starts10:19
WaltherFIMandan: also, check the permissions of the php files10:19
reapingwildoatsI still cant seem to get grub to boot10:20
MandanWaltherFI, How to give permissions for php file like chmod 777 <phpfile> ?10:20
Ben64reapingwildoats: what are you trying to do?10:20
WaltherFIMandan: don't give 777, just to the user it is necessary10:21
cristian_hello people!10:21
reapingwildoatsI have a seagate goflex desk 3tb usb 3.0 external that is not formatting correctly or something10:21
reapingwildoatsI get I/O errors from it but it seems to be healthy10:21
Ben64reapingwildoats: IO errors aren't healthy : /10:21
cristian_reapingwildoats, Have you got problem with the grub??10:22
MandanWaltherFI, the permissions are fine for user10:22
cockethedrinkcan i upgrade to the latest version without burning a disk, i am using 9.1010:22
reapingwildoatsI cant seem to boot into grub holding left shift10:22
WaltherFIMandan: the php server user10:22
cristian_You have Super grub disc???10:22
cristian_sorry, have you got super grub disc reapingwildoats?10:23
Ben64cockethedrink: yes, you'd have to go to 10.04 then 10.10 then 11.04 then 11.10 though10:23
reapingwildoatsI dont think so10:23
Ben64reapingwildoats: what does grub have to do with your external drive?10:23
WaltherFIBen64: is it really so?10:23
reapingwildoatsI have a bootable flash drive with hiren's tools 15.110:23
reapingwildoatsis it on there?10:23
cristian_ah so...10:23
MandanWaltherFI, how can I find that which user have permissions for php ?10:24
cristian_reapingwildoats, When you use a flash drive is very different10:24
WaltherFIMandan: I don't know, never managed a php server, I just know something about the mechanics behind10:24
reapingwildoatsthat might help10:24
WaltherFIi.e. the files have to be executable, the server needs to be running, etc10:24
pjotterHi everybody! Is something wrong with the APT of precise pangolin? I was testing the alpha-2 version, but I can't download and install any packages.10:25
WaltherFIcristian_: flashdrive should work in a similar fashion as a cd, no difference10:25
MandanWaltherFI, Did u got any tutorial page links for understanding these stuffz ?10:25
Ben64pjotter: 12.04 support is in #ubuntu+110:25
WaltherFIpjotter: #ubuntu+110:25
pjotterWhat does that mean?10:25
pjotterO, sorry. I get it :)10:26
cristian_WaltherFI, yes...but10:26
Xaratasikonia: it could be easy, but it is not: the update fails at all points it needs to change grub settings "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot (is /dev mounted?)."10:26
MandanWaltherFI, Thanks for u r time man !!10:26
WaltherFIMandan: google is your friend, iirc there is a simple tutorial on how to set up php on ubuntu10:26
WaltherFIMandan: probably in the official tutorials even10:27
WaltherFI!php |mandan10:27
cristian_saint google jaja10:27
ubottumandan: PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. A command-line only version can be installed in Ubuntu with the "php5-cli" package. See also !lamp for integrated server PHP. The Ubuntu server PHP5 guide is found at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/php5.html10:27
MandanWaltherFI, ok10:27
sacbackcan any one tell where the store software store in ubuntu10:28
sacbackcan any one tell where the installed  software store in ubuntu10:28
reapingwildoatsmy GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT = 0 what should it be?10:28
cristian_you can use the ubuntu guide web page for any problem10:28
Ben64reapingwildoats: anything you want, its how long grub will sit before booting10:28
WaltherFIsacback: what are you looking for? the installs go into various places - excecutalbes go to one place, libraries go to another, etc10:29
WaltherFIsacback: i.e. you can't install anything "to a directory"10:29
WaltherFIsacback: you install something, stuff goes to their appropriate places10:29
WaltherFIsacback: So, what are you trying to do?10:29
reapingwildoatsstill no grub, what the hell10:32
Ben64reapingwildoats: so what does grub have to do with your external drive with IO problems10:34
reapingwildoatsim going to start in failsafe and reformat10:35
Ben64grub doesn't format drives...10:35
SlartibartThe mime type for .mwb(mysql workbench) files is application/zip. How should I config things so that mysql workbench doesn't open all zip files, but only ones with filename suffix mwb?10:36
WaltherFISlartibart: Doesn't the right click - open with - always types like this work?10:36
Ben64Slartibart: change the mime type?10:37
reapingwildoatsfrom grub I can boot into the fail safe though I think10:37
SlartibartWaltherFI: Mysql workbench isn't listed there =[10:37
SlartibartBen64: How do I do that?10:38
Ben64reapingwildoats: you still haven't explained what you're doing with grub and an external drive, it makes no sense10:38
Ben64Slartibart: would have to do it on the server10:38
WaltherFISlartibart: yeah, but if you rightclick one of those files10:38
WaltherFISlartibart: save one of those files on your disk, right click, open with10:38
reapingwildoatsdamo22 wants me to start grub, boot into a single user or fail safe, and reformat the drive10:39
kubancis the usermod -G group-name user-name command OK to add user to group10:40
reapingwildoatsI think to fix ownership?10:40
Ben64reapingwildoats: but you can format from normal ubuntu10:40
SlartibartWaltherFI: Right click->Properties->.. or Right click->Open with both lead to the same list of programs I think? And for some reason it's not listed there =[. I get archive handlers and stuff.10:40
damo22Ben64: no he cant becuase it automounts the drive with errors10:40
Ben64then unmount it..10:40
reapingwildoatsit freezes10:40
damo22Ben64: it hangs10:40
SlartibartBen64: But there's no server involved, mysql workbench is installed locally on my laptop.10:40
Ben64then turn off automount10:41
WaltherFISlartibart: open with, select manually or whatever it is10:41
damo22Ben64: its easier to boot single mode, or do you know how to disable automount?10:41
WaltherFIwhat was the directory with all the excecutables again?10:41
WaltherFI/usr/bin perhaps?10:41
reapingwildoatswill that do it?10:41
Ben64thats one way10:42
Ben64another - http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/09/disableenable-auto-mount-ubuntu-10-0410-10-maverick-meerkat/10:42
damo22reapingwildoats: you should try bens way10:43
damo22reapingwildoats: then plug in the usb drive and we can run a console10:43
reapingwildoatsafter I disable then plug in drive and use gparted?10:43
reapingwildoatsoh alright10:43
=== stewarf is now known as Guest36660
reapingwildoatsI cant seem to run gconf-editor as a command10:47
muni'm copying files from one SATA drive to another and i'm getting about 7mb/s: is it atypically slow?10:48
SlartibartWaltherFI: I get Mysql workbench as an option when I rightclick and enter the Open with.. submenu. The thing I want to accomplish is to not have to do that each time I open an .mwb file, but simply doubleclick(currently open an archive handler). But Mysql workbench is not listed in any program lists. and if I click "search the net for programs" I only get archive handlers, which I guess is because10:48
Slartibart..the mime type is application/zip10:48
=== Guest36660 is now known as stewardf
reapingwildoatsI turned it off through system settings > removable media10:48
reapingwildoatsplug in the external?10:49
damo22reapingwildoats: thats not enouhg10:49
reapingwildoatshow do I use gconf-editor?10:49
reapingwildoatsI cant run it as a command10:49
WaltherFIMouse / trackpad not working, Ubuntu 11.10, has worked before, system up to date10:50
damo22reapingwildoats: told you it would be easier to reboot into grub and select failsafe10:51
reapingwildoatsyeah but that wasnt working either10:51
reapingwildoatsleft shift did nothing, changed GRUB_TIMEOUT and still nothing10:51
reapingwildoatsran sudo grub-update and still nothing10:52
damo22reapingwildoats: that wasnt necessar10:52
=== basti2 is now known as basti
reapingwildoatsit said somewhere to run the update after making changes to /etc/default/grub10:53
damo22oho k10:53
=== sins_d is now known as sins-
damo22gconf-editor should work10:54
reapingwildoatsi push alt-f2, type it in, hit enter and nothing10:55
Ben64try it from command line10:55
BarryBanyone know which ubuntu i shoudl get as i heard the latest UI is dreaful to use???10:55
ikoniaBarryB: try it10:55
reapingwildoatsjust sudo gconf-editor or...?10:56
ikoniaBarryB: see if you like it rather than what people have told you10:56
damo22reapingwildoats: you can edit gconf from nano ~/.gconf/...10:56
Ben64reapingwildoats: no sudo10:56
BarryBikonia: i heard it doesnt have the bar, ii loved the bar!!!10:56
BarryBit helped10:56
ikoniaBarryB: try it, see if you like it rather than what you've heard10:56
BarryBikonia: do you like it?10:56
ikoniaBarryB: not really no10:56
BarryBmaybe guru like it but not bnoobs10:56
ikoniaBarryB: but that doesn't matter, see if you like it10:56
ikoniaBarryB: if you don't like it, change desktops, it's that simple10:57
krambiorixhi guys, i made a little webapplication with webdav support to edit files. Now i want to trigger a function when a file gets locked. What i can do is reading the access_log every minute to check for LOCKS but i wonder if there would be another way??10:59
reapingwildoatsrebooting router brb11:01
ryanyeahdoes anyone know how to undo changes in a git repo that haven't been staged or committed yet? without having to commit it then revert it11:02
BarryBcan i get peoples argument for Ubuntu over Fudora???11:04
enchiladoryanyeah: $ git reset ?11:05
bazhang!ot | BarryB11:06
ubottuBarryB: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:06
enchiladoryanyeah: I think $ git reset --hard HEAD - I haven't used git in a while though11:06
enchilado(and I was never very good with it)11:06
c31r2ghow to install wireless modem on ubuntu(reliance)?11:08
=== skynet is now known as Guest87908
reapingwildoatsin gconf-editor I have an option for media_autorun_never but niether of the other two11:10
reapingwildoatsmedia_automount, media_automount_open11:10
reapingwildoatsshould I make them?11:10
reapingwildoatsBen64 any ideas?11:11
Ben64what version of ubuntu11:11
=== _ruben_ is now known as _ruben
c31r2gare there any lectures going11:11
JadedJacobJust installed ubuntu and my 160GB drive is reporting 136  bad sectors.11:11
Ben64reapingwildoats: shouldn't need to create them11:12
Ben64JadedJacob: should probably get a new hard drive soon11:13
WaltherFIDoes Ubuntu support 24bit/96kHz audio through USB DAC?11:13
reapingwildoatsshould I use dconf-editor?11:13
norbert79JadedJacob: It would be also worth checking the S.M.A.R.T data too...11:13
Ben64reapingwildoats: couldn't hurt11:13
Ben64reapingwildoats: i don't have an 11.10 system here though11:14
iusIs anyone running Xfce + VLC? Could you try opening a video file, maximizing(!) it, and then go fullscreen?11:14
Ben64!anyone | ius11:14
ubottuius: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:14
lmaowafflehi folks. would asking about zfs (from native-zfs ppa) be inappropriate? If so, where should I direct these questions? I'm using zfs on ubuntu oneiric11:15
iusBen64: It was a relevant first question though, imposing some contraints ;)11:15
norbert79lmaowaffle: Depends... But give it a try, yet I wouldn't suggest too many would use ZFS here11:15
Ben64ius: eh, probably not very relevant11:16
lmaowafflenorbert79, ok, will do :)11:16
norbert79ius: Just for additional info, you might want to share the version number of both applications and the problem you were experiencing.11:16
JadedJacobThe system is so old.11:16
iusYes it is, trying to hunt down a bug, afaik only the specific combo of Xfce and VLC is affected11:16
WaltherFIUbuntu and USB DAC for bit-perfect audio? http://www.thomann.de/gb/esi_dr_dac_nano.htm11:16
JadedJacobI think I'll just replace it with a 4GB flash drive :)11:17
iusAnd I should elaborate on that - I don't run Ubuntu, but am experiencing this on another distro, was wondering if Ubuntu was affected too (might help narrow down some version numbers)11:17
lmaowafflehi folks. I'm rather new to zfs.. but testing it as a nas for home network. Firstly, please excuse my ignorance if these questions can be directed elsewhere (channel)I have it setup perfectly with samba shares in freebsd 8.2. As I dualboot said freebsd and ubuntu oneiric, I need to be able to access the zpool from both. The problem is that freebsd was installed first, ubuntu second (on separate disk) and I have to go into BIOS to change the11:17
lmaowaffle boot order of disks to boot into either. This creates a problem for me as the device enumeration will be different (from google hits - could be wrong). How do I specify the devices in /dev/disk/by-id in ubuntu that comprise the zpool?zpool import in ubuntu shows the zpool state: UNAVAIL, missing device. The command lists 2 of the 3 disks that comprise the pool as ONLINE - and no mention of the remaining disk11:17
reapingwildoatsautomount and automount_open are off now haha finally!!11:17
lmaowaffleoh lord, wrong paste11:18
reapingwildoatsrestart needed? Or can I plug it in now?11:18
iusThe actual issue is the xfce4-panel remaining visibile while VLC is supposed to be in fullscreen. Happens only with VLC, only in Xfce. Nasty.11:18
WaltherFIlmaowaffle: ...pastebin?11:18
Ben64reapingwildoats: not sure, i never turned it off before :)11:18
c31r2gBen64 can  u read me11:18
reapingwildoatsdamo22, I got automount off using dconf-editor.  Time to proceed to the next step?11:18
reapingwildoatsor should I restart?11:18
damo22reapingwildoats: is it mounted/11:19
Ben64c31r2g: yes?11:19
WaltherFIUbuntu and USB DAC for bit-perfect audio? http://www.thomann.de/gb/esi_dr_dac_nano.htm11:19
damo22reapingwildoats: type mount11:19
reapingwildoatsits not plugged in atm11:19
damo22reapingwildoats: plug it in11:19
reapingwildoatsand type mount in terminal?11:19
c31r2gthanks im new to irc chats11:19
damo22reapingwildoats: yes11:19
norbert79lmaowaffle: Wow... Well, even before answering: I think it's related to the filesystem handling, since FreeBSD supports ZFS from kernel, while Linux is supporting it not from default. I mean this is some very delicate question and hard to answer right now... I think some people having more ZFS experience might be able to help11:19
norbert79lmaowaffle: Why don1t you try #zfs?11:20
lmaowafflenorbert79, heh11:20
reapingwildoatsyeah it mounted >:/11:21
damo22reapingwildoats: that sucks11:21
reapingwildoatswhat does that mean?11:21
Ben64reapingwildoats: can't you just unmount it11:21
damo22reapingwildoats: try unmounting11:21
Ben64umount -f /dev/blah11:21
damo22reapingwildoats: sudo umount -f /dev/sdb111:21
reapingwildoats-f is lazy ?11:21
Ben64-f is force11:22
lmaowafflenorbert79, yep. I asked the question there already. The #ubuntu-destined question was actually if it were possible to allocate specific device nodes/names to harddisk partitions that would override the automatically generated ones at boot in Ubuntu for the purposes of zfs device recognition11:22
bananenkampf-dehey guys, you know a good music download platform? it mustn't be free - i would pay for it - but i need a flatrate and a big repository of artists :-)11:22
reapingwildoatsokay it unmounted11:23
bazhang!ot | bananenkampf-de11:23
ubottubananenkampf-de: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:23
damo22reapingwildoats: sudo fsck.ext4 /dev/sdb111:24
reapingwildoatsit says clean11:25
damo22reapingwildoats: sudo fsck.ext4 -f /dev/sdb111:25
reapingwildoatsextended attribute in inode xxxxx has value 0, should I clear?11:27
HaloWorlder^Zaz, halo, are u a Ukrainian?11:27
HaloWorlderArchangelSe7en, ;)11:27
HaloWorlderit's me11:27
reapingwildoatsdamo22: should I clear the invalid values?11:27
damo22reapingwildoats: yes11:28
HaloWorlderArchangelSe7en, Dmitry :D11:28
ArchangelSe7enguessed so11:28
damo22reapingwildoats: if theres a lot of them you can cancel and force it with -y -f options11:28
reapingwildoatsnah just a handful11:29
reapingwildoatsit says file system was modified and its all done now11:29
damo22reapingwildoats: ok unplug it and replug it11:29
damo22reapingwildoats: it should mount11:29
knobydobswhen I boot into ubuntu 11.10 I get a blank blue screen with just the mouse11:30
justinfront_hi I am trying to setup a VPS that has mint installed, but not sure how to adjust apache I believe I need to edit a config file but not sure what I need to change in it11:30
reapingwildoatsok mounted11:31
damo22reapingwildoats: copy a file to it then dmesg |tail11:31
=== Telugodu is now known as Pythoner
WaltherFIDoes Ubuntu support 24bit/96kHz output through USB DAC?11:33
justinfront_apache is saying it can't workout the server address11:33
damo22justinfront_: you need to add an entry to your /etc/hosts file11:34
zykotick9!mint | justinfront_ damo2211:34
ubottujustinfront_ damo22: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:34
reapingwildoatsdamo22: I have a bunch of advanced high speed usb device reset by ehci_hcd11:35
reapingwildoatsand other than some hanging (stuck on 4.2 gigs for 10 seconds but then proceeds) it seems to be transfering11:35
justinfront_ok I am not very good with vim I might try using cyberduck to transfer a file, but I am unsure what I need in it.  I choose mint because I want to VNC into it I am not so good on command line but chicken of the VNC is not connecting11:35
damo22reapingwildoats: sorry im out of ideas for usb311:36
reapingwildoatsim fine with not having usb3, it still transfering @ 40 mb/s11:36
damo22reapingwildoats: but dont unplug it before unmounting it11:36
reapingwildoatsim just glad the drive isnt dead11:36
reapingwildoatswhat do I do if it hangs again?11:37
reapingwildoatsumount -f?11:37
damo22yes try that11:37
knobydobsis configuring apt supposed to take ages during an install?11:38
reapingwildoatswas the hard reset while hung what gave the errors?11:38
justinfront_I don't think the flavor of linux is that relevant to my questions ubottu, maybe it's not your prefered version but it seems a popular beginners linux. I think my questions are fairly basic ones for you guys, I aim to try and get mod_neko running but first I need just to be able to see a webserver.11:39
zykotick9justinfront_: it is relevant, if you want support in #ubuntu - use Ubuntu.  As you are using Mint (which isn't supported here) seek support in Mint's channel.11:39
crizzy_^ word11:40
zykotick9justinfront_: ubottu is a bot (robot) BTW11:40
knobydobsabout to say that11:40
justinfront_there is no one on the irc channel the robot suggested so not much chance of help there.11:41
zykotick9justinfront_: in your choice of distro, you should consider the support you get...11:41
zykotick9justinfront_: did you notice that mint's channel is on a different (non-freenode) network11:42
munis there a way to check the model of my motherboard, or just to see if it supports SATA1 or SATA2?11:42
Xaratasthe upgrade, the upgrade, working to 86%… arg http://pastebin.com/VFUDZbeE11:44
reapingwildoatscan I back up my system with tar while transfering a large amount of files to an external or is that too intensive?11:44
skilzHow do I install a login theme?11:44
Xaratascould someone help me with this? this server has a software raid 5 and grub does not find its place11:45
skilzHow do I install a GDM theme?11:45
zykotick9skilz: the newest GDM doesn't support the old themes.  It's very difficult to install themes now, there are a few tools that allow a handful of themes to be installed, ubuntu-tweak (unsupported) does i believe11:46
skilzHow can I install an old gdm version?11:47
skilzOr can I just use sdm?11:47
zykotick9skilz: by sdm do you mean slim?  you could try...11:48
zykotick9skilz: re:old GDM, forget about it - it's long gone (it was pre 10.04LTS)11:49
skilzLet me try to explain something11:49
reapingwildoatsanyone know if tar is really system intensive?  Can I be running other things while reliably using tar?11:49
skilzThe current theme/look as a OS X Leopardish looking background image, how can I just change the image?11:50
skilzits like a pinkish blackish picture11:50
=== skilz is now known as skilz-a
zykotick9skilz: changing the background image is possible even with the new GDM (that's not really a theme)11:50
=== skilz-a is now known as skilz
=== tightwork_ is now known as tightwork
zykotick9reapingwildoats: tar isn't very intensive (gz is)11:51
reapingwildoatswhat about tar.bz211:54
zykotick9reapingwildoats: intensive whenever there is compression.  But you can still do other things on your system!  I frequently get my box up to a load of 20 (encoding my TV recording) and multi-task at the same time.11:55
zykotick9reapingwildoats: this isn't windows ;)11:55
blueseait's my first time to use irc, is it free?11:56
zykotick9bluesea: yes :)11:56
reapingwildoatshaha alright ill try it out11:56
rick_how do i overclock with ubuntu 11.1011:56
=== sorin is now known as Guest11877
Xaratasbluesea: on the gamesurge network are regulary classes for new people who want to understand the features of irc better, mabye attend one11:58
zykotick9rick_: 1) overclocking is silly 2) it's not OS dependent, so try ##hardware11:58
rick_cant get no anser on hardwarre11:58
reapingwildoatsI found ubuntu to be easier to run benchmarks though11:58
sorin_my thinkcentre a 52,is suitable for ubuntu 10.10?11:59
rick_but hardware is correct place to talk overclocking???11:59
rick_yes i run ubuntu 11.10 on my r5211:59
rick_works awsome11:59
zykotick9rick_: well, it's OT here (i don't hang in ##hardware, so not really what they support)12:00
zykotick9s/really what/really sure what/12:00
sorin_ThinkCentre A52,md.8297,type 7Ag12:00
rick_i beleave if r53 works ok then a 52 should be fine12:00
rick_i mean r5212:01
sorin_i hope so12:01
=== iknow is now known as Guest57578
rick_get the 32 bit12:01
zykotick9!pm | bluesea12:01
ubottubluesea: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:01
zykotick9bluesea: if your IRC software costs money - you're using the wrong software!12:01
blueseasorry, i'm new about this rule. I will correct it next time12:02
fidelbluesea: in case you are new to irc - some users might find the following guide helpful: http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html12:04
fidelits a long read - but might be worth the time as it points out some relevant topics on how to get better help in irc ;)12:04
rick_Sorin i take that back you would be ok with 64 bit12:06
reapingwildoatshey damo22 im getting I/O errors in tail -f think its a bad drive?12:06
damo22reapingwildoats: more likely usb3 bus error12:06
zykotick9reapingwildoats: i vote for failing drive myself12:07
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XReaperI love nfs. its started to make the whole system 'pause' whenever i start the client :P12:15
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
=== solexious_ is now known as solexious
mufflonhello all, im looking for a way to activate the window-decoration again, when its deactivated by rightclick in titlebar, in lxde/openbox...thank you for help12:20
norbert79mufflon: Did you try to use the Windows button and "t"?12:22
mufflonnorbert79, not yet but ill try it12:23
jacobianAny suggestions on simple web-enabled bug trackers for teams of around 5-10 people?12:23
mufflonnorbert79: windows-button and t doesnt help12:24
norbert79mufflon: Hmm, weird, it is supposed to be the shortcut for Openbox on Window decoration12:25
norbert79mufflon: http://openbox.org/wiki/Help:FAQ#How_do_I_remove_the_decorations_from_all_my_windows.3F - I think undoing this might help12:26
norbert79mufflon: Alt-Shift-s might be also one option... Anyway: http://openbox.org/wiki/Help:Actions#ToggleDecorations12:27
mufflonnorbert79, thank you ill read it12:27
superdave321How do I keep transmission from taking too much memory and causing all programs including itself from being killed?12:28
scotty^Does anyone know if the kernel in the Oneiric repositories will be rebased to 3.0.20 to fix the ASPM power consumption regression?12:31
mufflonnorbert79: thx it helpt. perhaps you have an answer: is there a way to remove the context-menu-entry "decorate/remove decoration"12:32
norbert79mufflon: Not really sorry, I am also have just browsed through the Wiki too... I am using Gnome 212:32
mufflonnorbert79, thank you. i want to set up a desktop office with lxde for testing in daily use by my office ladys and this option costs me an hour experimenting12:33
=== larles is now known as larle
=== larle is now known as larles
norbert79mufflon: I understand that, unfortunately I can't help you further. Why don't you leave the decorations, it would make it look nicer12:34
mufflonnorbert79, yes thats right, but when im working without decoration, the users cant move the windows in there used way12:35
norbert79mufflon: Oh, I see12:36
mufflonnorbert79, todaay they are used to work at gnome 2 on debian squeeze12:36
norbert79mufflon: Since your questions are all around OpenBox only I think more experienced users of OpenBox might be able to help further12:36
hariomLooking for some one you can assist in configuring virtual server (port forwarding from router to a pc)12:37
mufflonnorbert79, you may right, ill take a look to openbox12:37
andrew123I was getting an errot on startup "could not update ICEauthority /var/gdm/.ICEauthority" I remove /var/gdm/.ICEauthority and /home/user/.ICEauthority12:37
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flintwingelhariom: i've stumbled through port forwarding in the past... I'll help if I can. What are you trying to acheive?12:40
hariomflintwingel: I am trying to access my test site running on Django development server to be able to access from the outside (internet)12:46
flintwingelhariom: so you've got a router handling your internet connection..? and you've forwarded port 80 to your test veirtual server ?12:47
princesswhat is the topic?12:47
patrunjelHi. I have Ubuntu installed on my laptop, and I want to resize my root partition so I can get some unpartitioned space, so I could tinker with some other Linux distros. I went through gparted's man page, but there was close to nothing there. Can someone please help me?12:48
norbert79princess: Ehm, I think you are confusing the channel with a regular discussion channel. For regular discussions please go to #ubuntu-offtopic12:48
hariomflintwingel: I have a modem that gets the internet line, and this modem is connected to my router. In the router I have setup Virtual Server port forwarding to my internal ip (where the dev test site is running) and the port but some how I am not able to reach to it.12:49
celltechI have a 'slave' drive/media drive. and it likes to hibernate. How can I make it never hibernate?12:49
bubu13Windows is awesome bitches.12:50
bubu13iPhone is the best12:50
renemoraeshello everyone... my ubuntu 11.10 is closing session automaticaly... and i dont know what is going on12:50
renemoraescan anyone help me?12:50
flintwingelhariom: and you can get to your dev site ok from your ocal network OK?12:51
bubu13cd home bitches12:52
DJonesbubu13: Please don't troll, this is a support channel12:52
hariomflintwingel: yes. I tried from other PC within the network and I am able to access12:52
bubu13ok i'm sorry12:52
flintwingelhariom: so the issue seems to be with the router... what is it?12:52
renemoraeswhere can i find the log of my session?12:53
hariomI am not sure whether it is with the router or it is with the modem.             ISP -> Modem -> Routers -> (Computers).12:53
norbert79renemoraes: While I never do regular partitioning but prefer LVM, here is a forum post which might give you an advise: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1590522 - They state, that the sresize should work without any issues12:53
hariomHow do I test if it is reaching to the router or not?12:53
hariomflintwingel:How do I test if it is reaching to the router or not?12:53
norbert79renemoraes: But before you do anything, make a backup all of your sensitive data first12:54
flintwingelharoim: if it is genuinely just a modem then is should pass all traffic through both wways with interfering12:54
celltechNo way to stop a slave drive from going into hybernation mode?12:54
flintwingelwhat make&model are the modem & router?12:54
renemoraesnorbert79: i guess u are answearing to the wrong person12:55
hariomrouter: belkin; modem: Beetel12:55
norbert79renemoraes: That's probable, sorry :)12:55
scotty^Does anyone know if the kernel in the Oneiric repositories will be rebased to 3.0.20 to fix the ASPM power consumption regression?12:55
renemoraesnorbert79: no problem :)12:55
norbert79patrunjel: While I never do regular partitioning but prefer LVM, here is a forum post which might give you an advise: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1590522 - They state, that the sresize should work without any issues12:55
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ictxiangxinwhy my unity always crash?12:56
hariomflintwingel:router: belkin; modem: Beetel12:56
ictxiangxinI don't know how to treat it...12:57
=== das is now known as Guest24364
flintwingelhariom: canyou give me model names or numbers as well so I can look them up12:58
rick_what is system3 program for ubuntu 11.1013:00
draganchoHello, can anybody please expain me how to make particion on Ubuntu for Windows 7?13:00
hariomflintwingel: Belkin G Router and Beetel: 110TC113:00
rick_dragancho: a partition?13:00
draganchorick_ yes13:00
norbert79rick_: Did you try to look for the application within the Application manager? One other method would be using apt-cache search system313:01
ikoniadragancho: best not to, let ubuntu installer do it with your guidence13:01
draganchoikonia: I`m using ubuntu on 2 partitions like a half year13:01
draganchobut now i MUST install windows 713:01
chrisplunswhats the command that will update the library search path (might be asking the question wrong)13:01
rick_dragancho: gust make ubuntu cd and put it in optical drive and it will give option for partition just follow instructions13:01
draganchoto do something13:01
draganchoBut if I do that13:02
draganchoUbuntu will format13:02
draganchothe partition i'll edit13:02
rick_norbert79: yes ive got it so tell me what does it do13:02
=== administrator is now known as Guest84619
draganchoI got two partitions on my Ubuntu one is 50Gb mount: /      other is 200gb mount: Home13:02
draganchoboth of them are for linux13:03
draganchonot NFSJ13:03
norbert79rick_: I don't know, but use apt-cache show cl-asdf to have detailed info on that. I don't have it installed; maybe one of your applications installed it as dependency13:03
ADDYhello could any body please tell me how to install vlc in ubuntu 1113:03
draganchoADDY just run Ubuntu Software Center13:04
ADDYi already download it as offline13:04
draganchoand type VLC13:04
rick_im trying to figure out how to use terminal to view system info13:04
draganchothen right click on it propertis13:04
draganchoand allow execute13:04
norbert79rick_: System info?13:04
ADDYdragancho; i try it want internet connection13:04
norbert79rick_: Define "System info"13:04
draganchoHow do you chat with us13:05
draganchoif you dont have connection ?13:05
ADDYdragancho;i already download it but not abel to install it13:05
rick_like what you get when you type it into windows cmd exe13:05
ADDYdragancho;i use xp in my office from where i chat and ubuntu is in my home in my laptop13:05
ADDYdragancho;so what to do13:05
norbert79rick_: If you refer to a 'terminal' use the small Ubuntu logo at top left, or use Alt+F2 and type terminal there, or gnome-terminal13:05
LjLADDY: you can just double click on the .deb package to install it. if it's not a .deb package, then get a .deb package.13:06
ADDYi try ones time internet on it and it start down load and fail at last with some erroe13:06
scunizirick_: you can also ctrl+alt+t to get to a terminal13:06
rick_yes im in termanal how do i view system info13:06
ADDYljl:how to get deb13:06
draganchoADDY: did you downloaded the version for linux ?13:06
Picirick_: what sort of system info? be more specific.13:06
draganchoor the version from windows13:06
norbert79dragancho: I think you should start with the basics on ADDY...13:06
draganchofrom your office computer13:06
ADDYfrom internet13:06
LjLADDY: it probably needs dependencies. you need to have internet connection to get those.13:07
LjL!offline | ADDY13:07
ubottuADDY: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD13:07
norbert79rick_: Again, what do you mean by 'system info'? What exactly would you like to see?13:07
scunizirick_: sudo lshw > ~/Desktop/HardwareInfo.txt13:07
scunizirick_: that will create a text file of your system information13:07
ADDYhey tell me one more thing how to run administraor,synaptic packet manager in ubuntu 1113:10
rick_scunizi: no such file or directory13:10
scunizirick_: capital letters make a difference..13:11
ADDYi m new in ubuntu and not familier with linux tell me where i can learn it13:11
=== max1982 is now known as Maxy1982
scunizirick_: the " ~ " is a "tilde" located typically as a shift option on the key below ESC13:12
rick_it says nothing13:13
rick_is thier a step after that13:13
Picirick_: look in the file13:13
scunizirick_: right.. it did it's thing and created a file on your desktop called HardwareInfo.txt..13:14
ADDYis internet connection is necessery for run vlc or movies in avi format13:14
ADDYscunizi: so tell me how can i play avi fomat movie in ubuntu 1113:15
andrew123is it possible to reinstall iceauthority13:16
ikonia!codecs | andrew12313:16
ubottuandrew123: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:16
scuniziADDY: vlc will play most everything without an issue.. you might be suffering from a "region" problem.. although I didn't think avi files suffered that problem.. sorry I don't have a direct answer.13:16
rick_what ok got it thanks13:17
ADDYscunizi: ok thanks for u r support could u pleae give me 1 more favour by tell me how can i learn ubuntu13:18
ikoniaADDY: https://help.ubuntu.com13:18
ikoniaADDY: that guide will give you a good introduction on how to use ubuntu13:18
andrew123im not having problems with playing videos, Im having problems with /var/lib/gdm/.Xauthority13:18
ADDYikonia:thanks a lot for u r help13:18
flintwingelhariom: the beetel is not just a modem, from what I can tell it's a full blown router in it's own right whih means you'll need to port forward through it & the belkin (http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Beetel/110TC1/110TC1index.htm)13:19
muhammedhow can i change login window image???13:19
flintwingelhariom: try taking the belkin out of the way and just go the the beetel for testing13:19
blawizis it possible to get gnome-terminal to open files with xdg-open? (when using mouse to open file:///whatever.png)13:22
scotty^Does anyone know if the kernel in the Oneiric repositories will be rebased to 3.0.20 to fix the ASPM power consumption regression?13:25
sidney_Is there a system audit program for Linux the likes of  Everest, Belarc Sissoft Sandra, Speccy13:25
scotty^sidney_: If you it is system benchmarking that you want, there is the Phoronix Test Suite (PTS).  It's in the Ubuntu repositories.13:27
=== Pratik is now known as Pratik_away
scotty^whois sidney_13:29
scunizisidney_: Speccy = sudo lshw for the most part /13:29
scotty^woops! even13:29
sidney_scotty^, for instance Belarc in windows will tell me the make motherboard s/n etc the make of memory size and so on\13:32
scunizisidney_: sudo lshw will do that13:32
sidney_scunizi, I tried that but no Mother board info13:33
flintwingelsidney: have you looked at "System Profiler & Benchmark"?13:34
flintwingelsidney: dmidecode will also give you useful info13:34
sidney_flintwingel, I havent but will give it a try the only thing I've founs so far is sys info13:35
scunizisidney_: when I run it the first item listed is the motherboard13:35
sidney_scunizi,  my mistake sudo lshw worked it just scrolled of the screen13:38
=== dhruvasagar_ is now known as dhruvasagar
scunizisidney_: you could sudo lshw > ~/Desktop/<filename> and look at it with an editor.13:38
Picisidney_: or pipe it into less13:38
loganrunthere is a very annoying feature, when I maximize a window that is partly off the screen it ends up on a different workspace. is there anyway to disable this odd behavior13:39
loganrunwhere do I get a bundle ID13:44
melvincvHi all, how do I change the 'default formatting' to another formatting in Calc?13:47
loganrunin the .plist file I see something like com.company.$(PRODUCT_NAME:rfc1234identifier)13:47
loganrunis there a way to see what this resolves to13:47
scarleomelvincv, right click a cell and choose format cell13:47
arathiHey i when i tried to install any packages it is showing unmet dependancies and i ran apt-get -f install. But it is not fixing it -> http://pastebin.com/qZh4G9Yq13:47
norbert79loganrun: Why don't you check out RFC 1234? I mean it must mean something13:47
loganrunnorbert79, how can I tell what it means13:48
norbert79loganrun: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1234 - Maybe it's related to this13:48
andrew123How would I have ubuntu automatically mount a ssh folder on boot?13:48
ikoniaandrew123: ssh is userspace, it's not something you'll do at a global "boot" level13:49
rumpe1andrew123, google for sshfs and fstab13:49
norbert79andrew123: I think you are thinking on the SSHFS..13:49
norbert79rumpe1: Ha :)13:49
andrew123im talking about sshfs13:50
andrew123I use nautilus13:50
norbert79andrew123: Then it's /etc/fstab you would like to take a look at13:50
loganrunnorbert79, I don't think rfc1234identifier has anything to do with that web site, I am guessing it is something arbitrary but I which I could find out how to st the Bundle identifier and determine what it resolves it. It is apparently something every single person who publishes an app must do13:50
scarleoandrew123, it's explained here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS13:50
norbert79loganrun: Oh, I thought it's related to some network-application13:51
norbert79loganrun: Well, a bit details on the application where you see this would help13:51
loganrunnorbert79, .plist13:51
norbert79that's a file...13:51
loganrun"When developing your app, you need a development provisioning profile with an app ID that is compatible with the app’s bundle ID"13:53
norbert79loganrun: But what application does this file provide for you?13:53
loganrunnorbert79, it is the info.plist file for the app, yes13:53
Amozis anybody here ?13:53
loganrunnorbert79, there statement in the docs makes it sound like it is not entirely arbitrary13:54
norbert79loganrun: No, but what are you trying to use? I mean DEB packages never need any .plist files...13:54
norbert79loganrun: But which docs? Where?13:54
AmozI need your help13:54
AmozDo you know how can I find13:55
loganrunnorbert79, ahh too much multitasking sorry wrong channel13:55
Amoza chat room13:55
Amozfor english or american people13:55
andrew123what would happen if I had an error in /etc/fstab?13:55
norbert79Amoz: This is Ubuntu technical support channel. For regular talk visit #ubuntu-offtopic13:55
ikoniaandrew123: depends on the error13:56
ikoniaandrew123: eg: if it's on the / file system, the machine won't boot13:56
ikoniaif it's on /data, then you'll get a warning13:56
andrew123time for me to go13:57
melvincvI mean changing the 'default formatting' option - got by right clicking on the spreadsheet to a formatting of my choice.13:58
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* melvincv is trying some new functions of IRC14:01
* ikonia requests melvincv try then in a ##test channel not #ubuntu14:01
melvincvikonia, is there any other test channel with ops?14:03
melvincvikonia, or how do you become one?14:04
melvincvI'm not sure I know what I'm doing.14:05
MarudHey guys14:05
Maruda little off topic14:05
Picimelvincv: Try #freenode for irc help.14:06
Marudanybody with knodledge about 4G and 3G?14:06
norbert79I guess my answer is not anymore needed then :)14:06
trever420anyone here use WiFiDOG on Ubuntu?14:11
MrKeunerI did sudo apt-get --purge remove puppet-common stil see puppet-common as status 'rc' in dpkg -l14:12
MrKeunerwhy is that?14:12
dak0anybody got two minutes to join me on teamviewer, i have problem with my GPartition14:16
dak0hello guys please anybody?14:17
_monk_google is friendly14:17
dak0Not enough14:17
andrew_auhi dak0, wish I could help but I wouldn't want to muck it up more :P14:17
dak0Lets try a?14:18
=== gustav is now known as beerbro
=== iqpi is now known as iqpi|afk
fyksenhave a ubuntu server with transmission set up. I download most of my movies and series in .rar format. I have to unrar the movie and then look at it. Do anyone know about a movie player who can play .rar files? I know xbmc can, but xbmc is pretty resource heavy.14:30
norbert79fyksen: Let's assume we didn't see sentence 114:30
fyksenI didnt say that the movies was open source. sry14:31
_monk_I see no crime or admission of crime14:31
norbert79_monk_: Still a touchy part14:31
andrew_aufyksen, just unrar the files...14:31
norbert79fyksen: For RAR I think you could try VLC experimental, since it will support it14:31
norbert79fyksen: but yes, plain unrar is easier14:31
fyksenYeah, i know i can unrar the files.. The problem is that it's a hassel to unrar on the server.. 1st. world problem i guess..14:32
Davespicehi guys o/14:32
fyksenI wil try vlc experimental14:32
andrew_aufyksen: for a dollar a day you can give ssh to a 3rd world child14:32
norbert79fyksen: I think the newest VLC will support RAR14:32
norbert79fyksen: Would be worth giving that a try14:33
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
pros977Good morning ubuntu.14:33
fyksenyeah, ty guys14:33
Davespicequestion about Ubuntu One, Windows Client, I have lost the system tray Icon, it doesn't dock anymore after Quitting the Ubuntu One control panel and then running it again. Any ideas appreciated.  Thanks.14:33
_monk_good morning pros97714:34
Davespiceah I've worked it out :)14:34
DJonesdavidcalle: You may get a better response to that in #ubuntuone which is the official support channel for ubuntuone14:34
Davespiceit needs the --minimized command line parameter14:35
DJonesdavidcalle: Sorry that was for Davespice14:35
Davespiceoh right thanks14:35
DavespiceI've sorted it now anyway! all the best! ;)14:35
Daskreechathanor: Welcome :)14:38
athanorHello wolrd!!14:38
athanormy first time using IRC14:39
Syd23#join tldp14:39
pros977Can irssi filter out the 'has joined' lines?14:39
ikoniapros977: sure can,14:40
Pici!quietirssi | pros97714:40
ubottupros977: To ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS14:40
Daskreechathanor: Welcome again as stated :)14:40
norbert79athanor: Welcome!14:40
=== astrostl is now known as honold
norbert79athanor: Be reminded, that the #ubuntu channel is mainly for technical support only. Regular chat is at #ubuntu-offtopic14:40
pros977ty everyone. I'm dedicating my day to learning irssi forwards and backwards. thanks14:41
Picipros977: Check out #irssi too14:41
PhoebusFollowing a guide to make the 'cloud' gaming service onlive.com work on Linux. I will at some point need help and ask a question. But in case you were bored and curious: http://goo.gl/KyFYU - or if you've done this before and feeling generous PM me! :)14:42
athanorHI, How can I install VIrc?14:43
pros977will do. It's been a while since I've been on irc. What's the protocol for responding directly to a user. Just type the name first?14:44
=== honold is now known as astrostl
rick_type the first couple lletters than hit tab14:45
rick_of the name14:45
xslis there a file that i can setup to perform locale set per user14:45
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
xslI want my server to be LC_ALL=EN but i want that user X and user Y to have LC_ALL=PT14:46
=== saftsack__ is now known as saftsack
pros977rick_: brilliant. thank you14:47
rick_just passing on what has been passed on to me14:48
Picixsl: Then place that in those user's .profile14:49
rick_anyone know how to use terminal in ubuntu 11.10 to check for open ports14:49
Sicp`I have UBuntu 10.10, and I have a printer Brother DCP-165, I got the driver for it installed and I have the cups service running14:49
Picirick_: sudo netstat -tanp14:49
llutzrick_: "netstat -tulpen"14:49
Sicp`I print to it and I see "receiving data" on the printer, but nothing comes out14:50
Sicp`and I then see the job is completed (in the cups web interface)14:50
Sicp`there is sufficient ink and I can print from the printer itself, but not send jobs from the computer to it14:50
c31r2ghere friends i'm  a newbie to linux and irc my 1st day can anyone help me in this14:52
ikoniac31r2g: what's the problem ?14:52
fidelc31r2g: start with a question or problem description14:52
Sicp`also, the man responsible for this page is an idiot, http://cjjav.blogspot.com/2010/06/installing-brother-dcp-165c-on-ubuntu.html14:52
c31r2gikonia,fidel right now i'm using mint14:53
c31r2gi tried to install ubuntu 12.04 on celeron m processor but it doesnt show anything14:54
fidelc31r2g: 12.04 isnt stable yet14:54
fidelare you aware of that?14:54
ikoniac31r2g: it's still in beta and not released, it is not intended for "new linux users"14:54
fidelin case you just want to test it- consider using a virtual-machine or similar - as it should save you some time in case you are willing to experiment/test etc14:55
c31r2gbut while loading it on i3 on my friends but it did,i'm sorry it said oneric dont remember the version14:55
fidelc31r2g: versions are relevant ;)14:56
boobearhello all please i need help and dunno the right place to go or ask from i have a sony xperia mini e10i and i still run the android 1.6 i need to update but dunno how to can someone direct me where to get info or help thanks in advace14:56
ikoniac31r2g: you need to make sure you are telling us the right version14:56
haakonIs it possible to completely disable the rate limiting feature in UFW?14:56
c31r2gfidel,ikonia im a newbie to linux itself my 1st day on irc and linux14:56
fidelc31r2g: you told us that already?14:57
fidelstill you should know what image you downloaded14:57
ikoniac31r2g: you've already said that14:57
pros977rick_: nmap to check for open ports14:57
ikoniac31r2g: you still need to give us the correct information to help you14:57
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
c31r2gwell its oneric 11.10 and .iso file i had downloaded and burnt on the dvd14:58
c31r2ganyways what is this open source and open projects,does it mean anyone can contribute or something14:59
lapsusbrutuspros977: netstat -lntp for checking own ports ;)14:59
fidelc31r2g: wiki can explain the idea of open source way better then we can14:59
ikoniac31r2g: correct, I'd suggest reading up on "FOSS" and "Gnu" for general information15:00
ictxiangxinhow to replace empathy?15:00
ikoniaictxiangxin: remove it and install what you want15:00
c31r2gikonia thanks15:01
ictxiangxinI want to use pidgin15:01
rick_ok how the heck do you use nmap15:01
Scarra3My desktop has an integrated VIDIA GeForce 9100 and I want to start running ubuntu so how do I disable the integrated one because I have one in my PCI slot its an ATI Radeon HD 5770 and ubuntu doesn't boot if I have both activated and there is no way to disable it in my bios15:01
c31r2gthere are way too many people friend15:01
pros977rick_: apt-get install nmap15:01
propokrGood Morning.15:01
pros977rick_: then nmap ip_address15:01
ictxiangxinI kown, thank you15:02
szalScarra3: in the BIOS, most likely15:02
pros977rick_: simplest use15:02
pros977rick_: will display all common open ports15:02
c31r2gfidel:how can i save these texts say logs for reference15:02
rick_it worked im trying to figure out witch command to give15:02
Scarra3_My desktop has an integrated VIDIA GeForce 9100 and I want to start running ubuntu so how do I disable the integrated one because I have one in my PCI slot its an ATI Radeon HD 5770 and ubuntu doesn't boot if I have both activated and there is no way to disable it in my bios15:02
pros977rick_: check nmap.org there is a bunch of reference. It is really powerful15:03
c31r2gikonia:can u help me out with irc15:03
propokrI Wanna make that empathy sounds.. I mean, if a MSG is coming in.. at leats a bip or somethings. Where can I do that?15:03
ikoniac31r2g: in what respect15:04
pros977rick_: for example you can scan enitre subnets and see which computers have port 80 open.. as an example15:04
c31r2gikonia:i want to know the basics like finding  a person say  u on network then how can i invite u15:04
ikoniac31r2g: join the channel #freenode (/join #freenode) and people in there can help you and give you links15:05
c31r2gikonia:do u know how to save these logs on XChat15:05
norbert79c31r2g: Settings/Settings15:06
norbert79Left side Chat/logging15:06
c31r2gnorbert79 thanks15:06
norbert79select "enable logging of conversation to disk"15:06
ikoniac31r2g: join #xchat for xchat application help15:06
c31r2gikonia:thanks for info15:07
propokrI Wanna make that empathy sounds.. I mean, if a MSG is coming in.. at leats a bip or somethings. Where can I do that?15:08
ikoniapropokr: message from what ? what application are you using15:08
silv3r_m00ni need the contents of netinet/tcp.h , i am not on ubuntu right now15:08
Yoshi765Text Me! 916-399-3768    It's a USA phone number.15:09
ikoniaYoshi765: please don't spam here15:09
c31r2gikonia:no ones responding15:09
propokrGoogle Talk15:09
propokron empathy15:09
Yoshi765It's not spam15:10
Yoshi765It's awesomeness15:10
komaHello from Ukraine!15:10
rcmaehl_Can I get a quick favor?15:11
rcmaehl_~I need to get the size in length and width in characters of TTY terminals since it would take around an hour for me to set every size and then count all by myself?15:13
c31r2gfidel:how to install and use reliance brodband wireless on ubuntu 11.04 or lower versions15:13
rcmaehl_Can anyone help15:13
rcmaehl_:| failed grammar there15:13
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:14
rcmaehl_I already know a 1024x600 tty is 126x3615:14
dimagohello all15:15
rcmaehl_dimago: hello15:15
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dimagoanyone has exchange server and use an email client like evolution to manage the messages?15:16
EbubekirKhi all15:16
Fodi69hi, I've made some chromium application shortcuts to my desktop, and they are launching under the same Chromium icon in the launcher! How can I prevent it, how can they be displayed as a separate application from chromium????15:17
rumpe1Fodi69, try using "chromium --user-data-dir=/some/other/dir". That should start a separate instance.15:20
overcluckerrcmaehl_fallback: echo "${COLUMNS}x${LINES}" do it for you?15:21
rcmaehloverclucker: home pc :\15:22
vindavWhat is the terminal command to install firefox-10.0.tar.bz2 that I have in 'Downloads' file ?15:22
vlyalcinhii to all, how can I convert "cv.Capture" format  to "Cv.Mat" in OpenCv?15:22
rcmaehloverclucker: thanks15:22
ikoniavindav: you shouldn't do that15:22
ikoniavindav: you should use the firefox versions that are in the ubuntu software repositories15:22
vindavikonia:   How do I do that when the system wants to load Firefox 11 which crashes even if I load it up ?15:23
ikoniavindav: what version of ubuntu are you using ?15:23
mint1brasero, k3b, gnomebaker-all spoil my dvds. Can anyone tell why this is happening? I have new pc and new ubuntu11.10. I also have tried mint and same problems there also. thanx in advance15:23
vindavikonia: I am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS15:24
_monk_maybe your cd room is defective15:24
ikonia!info firefox lucid15:24
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 10.0+build1-0ubuntu0.10.04.2 (lucid), package size 17002 kB, installed size 32336 kB (Only available for any all)15:24
ikoniavindav: buntu 10.04 uses firefox 1015:24
ikoniavindav: ubuntu15:25
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mint1but it works perfectly under windows and imgburn under wine also burn well.15:25
vindavikonia:  how do I install Firefox 10 ?15:25
ikoniavindav: you are already using firefox 1015:25
_monk_evertyhing works under windows minus windows itself15:25
earspliTi kinda suggest chromium15:25
earspliTmore stable15:25
degnchromium ftw15:26
norbert79vindav: Canonical has a Mozilla Firefox team in PPA... You want to use that15:26
kate_привет! есть кто с россии15:26
_monk_I agree15:26
vindavikonia:  I've uninstalled it, and renamed the ~.mozilla/firefox to something else.15:26
ikonianorbert79:no he doesn't15:26
ikoniavindav: why did you do that ?15:26
vindavnorbert79:  how do I get that ?15:26
ikoniavindav: you don't want to use a PPA - answer my questions15:26
ikoniavindav: why did you remove firefox ?15:26
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DJones!ru | kate_15:27
ubottukate_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:27
vindavikonia:  I removed Firefox 11 in my system because it was crashing, and I am hoping to get Friefox 10 to be used.15:27
ikoniavindav: your system wasn't using firefox 1115:27
ikoniavindav: ubuntu 10.04 uses firefox 1015:27
vindavikonia:  when I went to the help menu and selected 'about' it Firefox responded with version 11.15:28
ikoniavindav: then it wasn't installed as part of ubuntu15:28
vindavikonia:  Originally Ubuntu 10.04 LTS comes with Firefox 1015:28
NimanickaDid you known usa do have over 800 death camps ready To work ? With gas chambers train railroads15:28
NimanickaDid you known usa do have over 800 death camps ready To work ? With gas chambers train railroads15:28
ikoniavindav: it still does come with firefox 1015:28
NimanickaPlastick coffins and ultra hight security15:29
ikoniavindav: if you open the package manager (synaptic) search for firefox and click "install" it will install it for you15:29
NimanickaPlastick coffins and ultra hight security15:29
DevilSolutionhi guys how do i fix broken a broken package? ive tried sudo dkpg --configure -a, sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -f15:29
ikoniaNimanicka: ?15:29
norbert79vindav: Original came with 3.6.3, then got updated to 9.0.1...15:29
NimanickaWake up15:29
norbert79vindav: That came with ubuntu-updates15:29
ikoniaNimanicka: do you need support with the ubuntu linux distribution ?15:29
DJonesNimanicka: That has nothing to do with the support in this channel15:29
vindavikonia:  ok, let me do that instruction you gave using synaptic package manager.15:30
NimanickaSorry ikonia15:30
MeirDHey! How can I know the WWPN of a target HCTL on my machine?15:30
ikoniaNimanicka: no problem15:30
MeirDHCT actually15:30
MeirDWhere is that mapping saved15:30
vindavikonia: My synaptic package manager show Firefox 11 as the latest version only.  Version 10 is not there at all.15:31
ikoniavindav: please take a screen shot and show me15:31
vindavikonia:  how do I give you the screen shot ?15:32
zykotick9!paste | vindav15:32
ikoniavindav: from the applications menu there is a screen shot application, upload that to somewhere like imageshack15:32
ubottuvindav: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:32
DevilSolutionwhat does it mean when it says "some of your packages have unmet dependencies"15:34
vindavikonia:  http://imagebin.org/19791415:35
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degnDevilSolution: What package is it? try apt-get install -f or try in recovery mode and fix broken packages15:36
ikoniavindav: have you got backports or the "proposed" repo enabled ?15:36
stealzHi guys. I have some weird problem: In Ubuntu 10.04 / Firefox the videos on youtube have weird colours, almost like inverted. I tried removing the cookies, reinstalling flash, nothing helped. This only happens with youtube videos on the youtube site, if they are embedded on another site it works fine. other video sites work fine, too15:36
vindavikonia:  I'll check right now'15:36
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zykotick9ikonia: "apt-cache policy firefox" output might be interesting.  vindav15:37
fred-frifriend says his ssds toc is corrupt, can he recover files using livestick?15:37
ikoniavery true15:37
ikoniagot a quick phone conference, be interesting on seeing the detail on this when I come back15:37
DevilSolutionlibre office packages and the force option seems to flag the same thing15:37
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:37
degnDevilSolution: Have you tried to install using software center?15:38
vindavikonia:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/834018/15:38
DevilSolutionyup it just says the package needs to be repaired15:38
DevilSolutionconflicting packages - not installing libreoffice-core15:38
DevilSolutionPreparing to replace eclipse-pde 3.5.2-8ubuntu3 (using .../eclipse-pde_3.7.0-0ubuntu1_i386.deb) ...15:38
DevilSolutionUnpacking replacement eclipse-pde ...15:38
DevilSolutiondpkg-deb (subprocess): data: internal gzip read error: '<fd:0>: data error'15:38
FloodBot1DevilSolution: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:39
DevilSolutionsorry for flooding15:39
zykotick9vindav: you have the mozilla PPA installed, thus the version 11 you are getting.  PPAs are NOT part of Ubuntu, they're unsupported 3rd party.15:39
DJonesvindav: Looking at that last paste, you've got firefox installed from the mozillateam ppa15:39
vindavikonia:  http://imagebin.org/19791515:40
degnDevilSolution: I get alot of hits on "one of your packages have unmet dependencies libreoffice" on google! Try it15:40
DJonesvindav: Can you upload a screenshot of the Other software tab15:40
vindavzykotick9:  how do I get rid of the mozilla PPA installed so that I can revert back to getting Firefox 10 ?15:41
zykotick9vindav: there is some ppa-purge package out there.  I don't know the specifics.15:41
vindavDjones:  http://imagebin.org/19791615:42
vindavikonia:  http://imagebin.org/19791615:42
norbert79vindav: apt-get install firefox=9.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 , and remove the PPA then... You need to 'downgrade'. In case of Firefox I don't see any FF10 coming from official Lucid-updates15:43
norbert79vindav: You had the firefox-next PPA set... That's for preview versions15:43
DJonesvindav: That does confirm it, you've got the mozillateam ppa for firefox-next in your sources list15:43
norbert79vindav: firefox-stable is the one providing the current stable15:43
vindavDjones:  so what do I do ?15:44
norbert79vindav: in PPA15:44
JragonHow do I move un allocated space from my extanded partition9/dev/sda2 to unallocated space out side of /dev/sda2?15:44
vindavnorbert79:  so what do I do ?15:44
norbert79vindav: check personal message15:44
renemoraesi'm with a problem with some flashs in my screen and i was looking to my xorg.0.log but i dont know how can i understand it, can anyone help me?15:44
DevilSolutiondegn, yeh it seems so, would purging or deleting libre office work?15:45
DJonesvindav: Just hold on until ikonia comes back to make sure, I would uninstall firefox, then remove the ppa, then update my package list and then reinstall firefox which should get you back to the default version, but as you're on lucid, I'm not sure whether that has been updated15:45
JragonI'm using the gparted live cd...15:46
JragonWhat should I do?15:46
degnDevilSolution: Just try to delete it15:46
vindavDjones:  can you find out please ?15:46
Scarra3_is there anyone who can help me?15:47
holsteinJragon: sometimes you just cant (not easliy anyways)... you can take a screenie if you want of the gparted window15:47
degnDevilSolution: Let me now if you get stuck again or if you solved it15:47
mgallowaydoes anyone know iptable commands?15:47
theadminScarra3_: You need to ask the question first15:47
holsteinmgalloway: i use ufw15:47
Scarra3_theadmin: I have asked it many times for the past 3 days lol15:47
Scarra3_My desktop has an integrated VIDIA GeForce 9100 and I want to start running ubuntu so how do I disable the integrated one because I have one in my PCI slot its an ATI Radeon HD 5770 and ubuntu doesn't boot if I have both activated and there is no way to disable it in my bios15:47
degnmgalloway: like holstein says, ufw is easy! google it15:48
mgallowaywell I need to update a dd-wrt router, ufw is a gui15:48
DevilSolutionokie dokie, opening synaptic package manager now15:48
theadminScarra3_: Just load the driver for the ATI in the xorg.conf, I suppose that shall make it ignore the nvidia15:48
flintwingeliptables does more than just basic firewall15:48
holsteinmgalloway: nah... its CLI... sudo ufw enable for example15:48
Oerdegn "google it" is not helpfull15:48
andrew_auI've setup a VPN server with two network interfaces, can I route traffic from one to another interface?15:48
Scarra3_theadmin: the problem is that ubuntu will not boot with 2 video cards15:49
flintwingelmgalloway: what are you trying to do?15:49
mgallowayI have 2 dd-wrt wrt54gl routers, one with 192.168.1.x address and the other with 192.168.2.x address. I need to update the iptables to forward packets from/to each router through their WAN ports.15:49
theadminScarra3_: That's not really a problem. Append "text" to the kernel line and boot into text mode, after which do what I said15:49
degnOer: You are right, my bad :)15:49
mgallowayI need all traffic from the 1.x LAN to be forwarded to the 2.x router's WAN address.15:49
Oermgalloway, did you look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo15:49
Scarra3_theadmin: plus I don't know how to install the drivers theres always somthing about turning off xserver15:50
holsteinScarra3_: i have not encoutered that... i believe its due to the type of cards and drivers... i would try some live CD's and see if you can get to a desktop.. even using a knoppix live CD could be helpful... you can "borrow" the xorg.conf from there if it works15:50
andrew_auOer: will this help me as well :P15:50
Jragonholstein: It wont work :(15:50
flintwingelmgalloway: sounds like routing rather than port manipulation... or am i missing the point15:50
JragonI'm on the Gparted live cd15:50
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holsteinJragon: ?... the screen shot?...15:50
mgallowayit's not port manipulation.  It is routing all traffic15:50
Jragonyeah, it doesn't take a proper screene15:50
theadminScarra3_: Meh. sudo apt-get install fglrx # For ATI drivers15:51
flintwingelmgalloway: if there's no NAT involved then all you should need is a static route15:51
Jragonholstein: Well, third time luck, postimage.org/image/hsc08ddap/15:51
holsteinJragon: well... you can take a picture with a cell phone.. you can start describing the layout... you can run fdisk -l and go from there15:51
dimagoanyone use evolution with Exchange server?15:51
mgallowayok, how would I set a static route for both tcp/udp traffic?15:51
mgallowayit is a static route, I just dont know the iptable commands to do it.15:52
holsteinmgalloway: a static IP? you can do that in the gui.. i have never needed to do that to maintain my ddwrt routers though15:52
flintwingelmgalloway: you wouldn't use iptables to setup a static route. There is an Advanced Routing tab under the Setup tab of DD-WRT15:53
mgallowayfor example I want machines behind one ddrwt router on the 192.168.1.x address to be able to ping machines behind another ddwrt router with machines having 192.168.2.x addresses15:53
damo22mgalloway: it depends on the network topology15:54
Jragonholstein: I want ot move the unallocated in sda2 to the unallocated out side of it, so I can have a new os install15:54
freemindsI am trying to mount my SSD, but ubuntu doesn't detect it. Kernel: 2.6.32-38-generic | fdisk -l doesn't show SSD | dmesg doesn't show my SATA 3 Ports15:54
mgallowayI see the advanced routing tab.  Why would it depend on the topology?15:54
damo22mgalloway: because it depends if the 192.168.2.x machines are on the same wire as the 192.168.1.x machines15:55
holsteinfreeminds: i would probable try live CD's till i see it, then make a note of the kernel version, and make sure the hardware is functioning15:55
flintwingelmgalloway: the network topology will tell you how to setup the routes15:55
freemindsholstein, the bios detects the SSD15:55
freemindsso I guess ubuntu should show me at least anything15:56
freemindsbut I will try the live-cd option15:56
holsteinfreeminds: correct.. but in this case, i would not need to "guess"15:56
mgallowaywould I not just use the advanced routing tab, set destination lan net to the public IP of the other router?15:56
Jragonholstein: Can I do that with GParted?15:57
holsteinfreeminds: its likely just a compatibility issue like you are assuming though... you could poke around for a bug report15:57
damo22mgalloway: i dont know how your network is connected15:57
freemindsholstein, ok thanks.15:57
mgallowayI have 2 routers connected by a switch15:57
flintwingelmgalloway: you need to set the routes on both routers at the same time so the "response" packets know how to get back15:57
mgallowayboth routers have a public WAN IP address though.15:57
holsteinJragon: you cant just install to that empty space?15:58
JragonI don't think so, it's a windows os15:58
compdocmgalloway, two different wan ip addresses?15:58
JragonIf i can I cetainly will...15:58
holsteinJragon: you can load up the installation CD and remove all doubt15:58
flintwingelmgalloway: ... so you got two separate LANs with two separate internet connections and you want them to talk to each other ...?15:59
mgalloway2 ddwrt routers, both with unique public IP addresses15:59
andrew_aumgalloway: do you just need a small amount of hosts pingable?15:59
flintwingelmgalloway: sounds more like you want VPNs15:59
holsteinyup.. a VPN tunnel is appropriate for that setup15:59
mgallowayI'd rather just update the iptables and not use VPN15:59
damo22cant you just hook a wire from the lan side to the lan side of each16:00
holsteinmgalloway: AFAIK, that wont work16:00
andrew_auyou could always use 10.10.x.x instead if they are at the same site16:00
Scarra3_theadmin: Shouldn't I go with the drivers from ATI's website?16:00
damo22and use the same subnet16:00
theadminScarra3_: No. Don't unless you're sure you need them... Repositories make more sense16:00
Scarra3_theadmin: But arn't the drivers from ATI's website made specificly for my card16:01
flintwingelmgalloway: iptables would probably be able to do what you want by NAT'ing and MASQUERADING the packets but it will be **horribly** complicated. IIRC even the basic versions of DD-WRT have PPTP built in. Try that16:01
mgallowaythe two routers are in the same room.  But I want it to work if I get a 3rd router and have a site somewhere else.16:01
damo22i dont know enough about vpn to help you16:02
DevilSolutiondegn, sorted, i removed libre office and replaced it with emacs and used sudo apt-get clean and sudo apt-get install -f to clean and re-downlaod the eclipse tar file that i guess was corrupted :)16:02
mgallowayI only know enough to know what I need, I just dont know the best way to go about it16:03
theadminScarra3_: No, lol, you think you're special? There's pretty much a single driver for most ATI cards nowadays16:03
theadminScarra3_: fglrx, that is16:03
mgallowayI think the advanced routing tab in ddwrt is what I need16:03
damo22mgalloway: cant you just hook a wire from the LAN side to the LAn side of each router and add a static route to the routing table of each router16:03
Scarra3_theadmin: So the fglrx drivers are better and the ATI ones?16:03
theadminScarra3_: Err... They ARE the ATI drivers16:04
mgallowayyes, but I need this to work across the internet too16:04
flintwingelmgalloway: no, your traiic will get lost. The 192.168.x.x address space is pfor private LANs only.  Your ISP will not route16:04
andrew_aumgalloway: I would recommend a vpn then16:04
Scarra3_theadmin: I thought they were ones created by other individuals not by ati16:04
toniociao a tutti16:04
trever420anyone here use WiFiDog on Ubuntu Server?16:04
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dleonarditonio: try english or #ubuntu.it16:05
mgallowayI know the 192 addresses are private, but the routers have public WAN addresses, cant i set a static route to their public addresses?16:05
damo22you will get packets going in a circle16:06
mgallowaywhy's that?16:06
flintwingelmgalloway: it might work... i'm trying to work out just what will happen. This is such a "natural" situation for a VPN that I've never encountered such a setup16:07
compdocwhen you set a route, you provide the ip address and the gateway the packets are sent to, but where would you set the ip address of the remote router?16:08
Scarra3_theadmin: are the fglrx drivers automatically in ubuntu 11.10 or do I need to install them seperatly16:08
mgallowayexample would be machine (1.113) pings machine (2.100)  I set a static route from 1.113's router to 2.100's router.  assuming I allow incoming communication on both routers, shouldnt this work?16:08
theadminScarra3_: They're propertiary so we don't include them on the CD. You need to do "sudo apt-get install fglrx"16:08
flintwingelmgalloway: no I don't think routing will work. Even theough the packets from the source LAN will have ther private address rewritten by NAT on the first router the target address will still be the private LAN of the second network so your ISP will blackhole the packets16:09
trever420mgalloway.. sorry i'm entering this late... for clarification what is your router?16:09
trever420did you say DDWRT?16:09
mgallowayI know this is common for VPN, but if a simple static route will work, I'd rather do that16:09
mgallowaywrt54gl, dd-wrt vpn version16:09
trever420i see16:09
trever420i wouldnt do a static route16:10
flintwingelmgalloway: do you also use a spanner to drive home nails?16:10
trever420mainly for what flintwingel said16:10
trever420but in theory it could work16:10
Scarra3_the admin: Thanks for the help I have been trying to solve this problem for a while now I just need to find out if my other hardware is supported I know my web cam is but im not sure about my wireless16:10
trever420not if they are both connected to the wan port tho16:10
theadminScarra3_: "iwlist wlan0 scan" returns anything?16:10
theadminScarra3_: If it does, your wireless likely works :D16:11
trever420to be honest your best bet is vpn between the two routers16:11
trever420i know thats not the solution you are looking for16:11
ikoniavindav: I'm back, did you resolve the issue ?16:11
flintwingeltrever420: AFAIK its two router with two separate internet connections that just happen to be in the same room at the moment16:11
Scarra3_I'm not in ubuntu right now lol its a netgear N60016:12
damo22mgalloway: another way is to set the subnets to be the same 192.168.1.x and switch off dhcp on one of the routers16:12
vindavikonia:   norbert79 help me through everything step by step for a complete solution.   :D16:12
ikoniavindav: great, so your sorted.16:12
mgallowayright but that limits the number of machines I can have16:12
damo22mgalloway: you need more than 255 machines?16:12
mgallowayI'm connecting clouds, so lots of vm's16:13
Scarra3_Only things I am worried about not working is my wireless, keyboard & mouse, and web camera btw how does skype on ubuntu compare to skype on windows and should I go with x64 or the x86 version of ubuntu I have an AMD Athlon x4 2.6 GHz and 6 GB of Ram16:13
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Dr_willis1Scarra3_:  use 64bit if your cpu supports it.16:13
=== MetalHelp is now known as Slor
Scarra3_Dr_willis1: thanks16:13
theadminScarra3_: If you have more than 3 GB of RAM you *really* should use the 64-bit version, otherwise you'll be wasting system resources16:13
damo22mgalloway: i find it difficult to believe you require more than 255 machines as a home user16:14
mgallowayIt's not for home use.  It's a cloud environment16:14
bananenkampf-dehey there, i'm running windows xp in a virtualbox on oneiric. i want to install the guest additions but virtualbox promted that it was unable to download the guest additions from oracle server. what can i do?16:14
Scarra3_Ya I used ubuntu before but that was a long time about I am trying to make the perminent switch to linux since I really don't like windows and don't use it for anything more than web surfing16:14
trever420mgalloway what's wrong with using a VPN if you dont mind my asking?16:15
mgallowayI have 15 machines behind 1 router, and about 10 behind the other, both routers having vpn interfaces for users, and hosting 60-70 virtual machines16:15
trever420i mean u have DDWRT VPN which allows that i'm sure16:15
mbeierl mgalloway: if you use 192.x and you're trying to ge that to route between the two routers over the public internet, you should realize that means anyone can get into your subnets.  If you do manage to get them to talk to each other with static routes, nothing will prevent rouge traffic from also entering your networks, and all traffic between them will be visible over the public internet.16:15
Dr_willis1Scarra3_:  you do know that MS bought skype? :)16:15
mgallowayI know16:15
trever420i second what mbeier1 says16:16
Scarra3_Dr_willis1: sadly they did16:16
mgallowayyes, i have the vpn version of ddwrt, I was only trying not to use the option for creating a vpn tunnel between the routers16:16
mbeierlScarra3_, with 6gb of ram, I'd vote for 64 bit.16:16
Scarra3_Dr_willis1: but I live in Okinawa so its the only way I can talk to friends and family in america16:16
Dr_willis1Scarra3_:  google has extended their phone thing free for another year.  Not sure how well it works on ubuntu however. I rarely use VOIP stuff16:16
LucidGuyQuestion:  What is the point of a listserv? Mailman seems to be a popular option?16:16
Dr_willis1Scarra3_:  I belive theres other chat tools. but it depends on what they use also.16:17
Linthow is called the thing that mounts disks in /media?16:17
Scarra3_Dr_willis1: They use skype16:17
theadminLint: Most automatic mounting is handled by GVFS16:18
Dr_willis1Educate them in others :)16:18
mbeierlScarra3_, btw, I use skype on 64b Linux and it works well for me.  Not sure about the latest (v5?) with three-way calling, though16:18
mgallowaythanks guys for all of your help.  I will look into this more, and see if I have any other questions!16:18
Linti mean specifically hd partition mounting16:18
Scarra3_mbeierl: Do I download skype from their website or the repos16:19
bananenkampf-deskype in the repos is good! use it since yesterday16:19
theadminLint: I beleive that's done via fstab. At least the most sane way to d othat would be that.16:19
qo_opHi, some one know why i cant see bootslash(bootscreen) before login screen, its only black until bootscreen..16:19
Lintnot fs tab, the automatic mounting of partitions in gnome xfce kade other des, how is it make with what software?16:20
EtgarDizzhi all, I'm having trouble changing login window theme... the "login window" option doesn't exist in my "administration" menu, just "login screen"...16:20
theadminLint: Gnome? GVFS. KDE has it's own libs too, and I beleive XFCE uses the same way as gnome does16:21
damo22mgalloway: you could use 10.x.x.x addresses and not be restricted by 255 machines on the one subnet16:21
Dr_willis1qo_op:  the plymouth stuff has issues with some video card drivers.    theres some work arounds. but i just disable the pointless plymouth eyecandy16:21
Lintare you trying to troll me or what?16:21
theadminLint: lolwut? No. I'm just saying exactly how it is.16:21
Dr_willis1EtgarDizz:  what ubuntu version are you using?16:21
theadminLint: Don't want my help? Fine, I'll stop talking. Not that I care.16:22
EtgarDizzDr_willis1: 11.04 with gnome classic theme16:22
Lintif they all are mounted in /media in same way in all des it must be same software, don;t feed me disinformation16:22
GTRsdkWhat's the package name for the Printing settings in the System Settings?16:22
_MarcusHello, ActionParsnip yesterday told me to edit /etc/default/grub and add something to it to run command line(not load GUI), Seeing how ActionParsnip isn't here, what do I add there?16:22
zykotick9Lint: look into fuse (possibly udev as well)16:23
qo_opDr_willis1, kk, i just see a black screen, no text on booting :/16:23
compdocLint, you mean automatic mounting of external drives and cds?16:23
Dr_willis1EtgarDizz:  if its using the gdm3 - i dont think its very themeable at all.  you can do some minor changes - wallpaper and a few otehr things.16:23
_MarcusSo what do I add to /etc/default/grub to make it run command line instead of GUI?16:23
Dr_willis1EtgarDizz:  i recall some tricks to run   the gnome settings tools as the gdm user, that let you change the fonts and colors and a few other things.16:23
theadminLint: They're mounted in /media just because it's the standard place for this stuff. Look at FHS.16:24
Dr_willis1EtgarDizz:  but its a bit of a hassle16:24
zykotick9!text | _Marcus16:24
ubottu_Marcus: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode16:24
Linti have no qualification required to look into anything, but I need to know how the mount options for hard drive partitions are defined16:24
_Marcuszykotick9: Thank you16:24
imbezolLint: harddrive partitions are generally not mounted in /media16:24
imbezolLint: options are specified in /etc/fstab16:24
Lintof course they are16:25
xxxxxxi had the same problem with a black splash screen. To fix it i used the grub boot repair disc16:25
imbezol/media is usually removable devices16:25
EtgarDizzDr_willis1: so what needs to be different in my installation in order to see the login window options?16:25
Dr_willis1auto mounting is a differnt aspect then system partitions.16:25
qo_opwhat does this meens *** Notice -- TS for #ubuntu.no changed from 1328717042 to 1264836165 ?16:26
xxxxxxwith the repair disc there is an option to show splash screen without the need to re-install grub or mess about with any settings16:26
Dr_willis1EtgarDizz:  Not sure. I recall running the gnome settings as the gdm user and changeing the colors. and tweaking the default wallpaper.  I think theres some info on doing it on the webupd8 blog site and most likely on the askubuntu.com site. I use 11.10 now. so dont recall much about gdm3 tweaking.16:26
LukeNukemyo guys16:26
damo22qo_op: it means the timestamp on the channel join was updated16:26
LukeNukemim having an argument friend of mine Windows vs Linux..what are some of the points i can use?16:26
qo_opdamo22, well when i connect its noe one ther :S16:27
xxxxxxwindows sucks16:27
Dr_willis1LukeNukem:  its a pointless argument. Use what tools you need to do the job you want to do.16:27
LintLukeNukem, price is the only Linux advantage16:27
qo_opxxxxxx, then try out ubuntu :)16:27
qo_opdamo22, * ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) has joined #ubuntu.no16:27
qo_op* services. gives channel operator status to ChanServ16:27
qo_op* ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) has left #ubuntu.no16:27
ikoniaLukeNukem: this isn't an ubuntu question16:27
Dr_willis1Its not the only advantage.. but this is better discussed in the OT channel.16:27
damo22Lint: bs, there are loads of advantages16:28
xxxxxxlinux mint all the way16:28
imbezoldamo22: don't feed the troll16:28
ikoniaLukeNukem: I'd suggest trying ##linux16:28
_MarcusDo I remove "splash" to git rid of that GUI when it's loading16:28
quiescensqo_op: it sounds like there's just noone else there16:28
* Lint remembers kernel.org incident16:28
_MarcusI'd like to see the command line printing when Ubuntu is loading16:28
ikoniaxxxxxx: please keep the pointless comments out16:28
Dr_willis1_Marcus:  try 'nosplash noquiet'16:28
GreyDarkplease trooling and flood16:28
EtgarDizzDr_willis1: are you saying that 11.10 reverted back to the "login window" settings option under "administration"?16:28
qo_opquiescens, thats wird, wass the Norwegian #ubuntu chan S:16:28
Lintstill where are options for automatically mounted partitions coming from?16:28
quiescensqo_op: maybe bad time of day there or something, i am not sure16:29
ikoniaLint: the options are determained between udev and (used to be hal) depenidng on things such as file system type16:29
Dr_willis1EtgarDizz:  11.10 switched to lightdm - which is not very themeable at all either.  So i suggest not worrying about trying to theme the login screen, other then perhaps to change the wallpaper.16:29
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Dr_willis1EtgarDizz:  thats one reason i dont re,mer how to tweak gdm3 :)16:29
john_doe_jrI'm in a vmware virtual machine...if I leave my machine on htop shows that I gradually keep using more and more swp memory...this is over hours and hours...does anyone have any idea why this is happening?16:29
ikonianow I believe hal is totally defunct in this process16:29
Lintikonia, are they hardcoded or in config file somewhere?16:29
EtgarDizzgot it, thanks:)16:30
_MarcusWhat, I just added "text", did "sudo update-grub", and restarted the Ubuntu machine, and it still went to GUI16:30
Dr_willis1I thought it was udev rules...16:30
ikoniaLint: I believe part hard coded part dyanmic depending on the option, eg: the mount point is taken from the device label (therefore dyanamic)16:30
ikoniaDr_willis1: don't think the udev rules set the mount options, it used to be done through hal16:30
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quiescensqo_op: i believe its actually #ubuntu-no16:31
qo_opquiescens, LOL! eppic fail!16:31
EtgarDizzDr_willis1: btw - how was the upgrade to 11.10? buggy? thinking about doing it but worried about it breaking all kinds of java/sdk/juniper/printer/sane/sensors/ati/..... stuff16:32
Lintwhat is apt-get command for release upgrade?16:32
bananenkampf-deapt-get -d or?16:33
ikoniaLint: that isn't how you upgrade16:33
ikonia!upgrade >lin16:33
ikonia!upgrade >lint16:33
ubottulint, please see my private message16:33
bananenkampf-de!upgrade > bananenkampf-de16:33
ubottubananenkampf-de, please see my private message16:33
yezariaelyHow can I install the gspca driver on my ubuntu?16:33
codeperlhello there.16:34
codeperli am i a big problem i think16:34
tonio !list16:34
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:34
codeperlplease help16:34
Lintwill it reinstall all terrible c..p buntu comes woth by default?16:34
deadsingular!upgrade > deadsingular16:34
ubottudeadsingular, please see my private message16:34
ikoniaLint: is there really a need for the way you talk16:34
codeperli changed my /etc/fstab for mount point. there i unfortunately rewrite root mount.16:35
ikoniaLint: if you don't want ubuntu stuff - use a different distro16:35
codeperlnow, when i tried to boot it says it can mount the root16:35
ikoniaLint: just talk to people normally, and people will respond better16:35
codeperlplease help16:35
bananenkampf-decodepearl: start from the live cd and edit your fstab?16:35
Linti want just packages that are installed now on my machine, can it be done?16:35
ikoniaLint: if you upgrade it will upgrade what you have16:36
codeperli've no live cd16:36
ikoniacodeperl: you need to get one16:36
codeperlcd/dvd rom drive even16:36
bananenkampf-dedownload the iso and create a bootable usb stick?16:36
bananenkampf-deit's quiet simple16:36
no_gravityGood Evening from Germany! Today I booted into my ubuntu partition and Ubuntu updated Grub. Now when I boot, my encrypted Debian partition is gone. Well, its still there, but when I boot it, it doesnt ask for a password to decrypt the encrypted partition but instead initialises the debian on the boot partition itself. Did I describe that in an understandable way? I wonder how to get back my encrypted debian system now.16:36
codeperli ve a pen drive but i can not use that16:36
ikoniacodeperl: you need to make a usb boot device then16:36
EtgarDizzDr_willis1: answer buggy as well ? :)16:36
ikoniacodeperl: then you need to buy a CDrom16:37
angelete2hi again16:37
Linti read the bot link but it's for gui16:37
codeperlis there any other way?16:37
ikoniaLint: read the server lines then16:37
quiescensyou might be able to mess with grub as it boots and specify a root=somethingorather? i forget16:37
bananenkampf-deno_gravity, du kanst nicht auf die partition zugreifen oder nicht das OS davon booten?16:37
ikonia!de > bananenkampf-de16:37
codeperli am getting a message. root password for maintainence16:37
ubottubananenkampf-de, please see my private message16:37
Lint!upgrade > lint16:37
ubottuLint, please see my private message16:37
john_doe_jrI'm in a vmware virtual machine...if I leave my machine on htop shows that I gradually keep using more and more swp memory...this is over hours and hours...does anyone have any idea why this is happening?  VM has 2048 MB while host machine has 10 GB of RAM, htop shows 'Tasks: 521 total, 1 running, Load average: 0.51 3.03 3.59 , Mem 1312/2009 MB , Swp 831/894 MB16:37
ikoniacodeperl: are you using ubuntu  ?16:37
Jon--My wireless is disconnecting intermediately. I haven't had an issue with this in the past. I am running Ubuntu 11.04. lspci - 08:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 0116:38
ikoniacodeperl: have you set a root password ?16:38
Dr_willis1EtgarDizz:  I always do clean installs. Ive had no issues with 11.1016:38
ikoniacodeperl: then there is something very wrong with your install - more than fstab16:38
ikoniacodeperl: can you boot into the recovery shell from grub16:38
angelete2i have a ubuntu virtualized in my windows box16:38
codeperlhow to do that?16:38
no_gravitybananenkampf-de: well, obviously on the partition that my encrypted debian partition uses as /boot there also is a whole debian installation. And that one boots now.16:39
EtgarDizzDr_willis1: well that means you configure all your hardware from the start? not sure I'm up for that yet...16:39
ikoniacodeperl: select "recovery mode" from the grub menu16:39
blitzEvery time I use apt-get to install something winbind fails16:39
ikoniacodeperl: you should get a command prompt and you can fix your OS16:39
Dr_willis1EtgarDizz:  whats to configure?  I install my video card drivers.. and thats it..16:39
codeperllet me try16:39
Dr_willis1EtgarDizz:  from a empty hd to a working system.. perhaps 30 min tops..16:39
codeperli am comming back16:39
bananenkampf-deno_gravity, okay sorry i cant help you there :D i have not so much experience with encrypted devices...16:40
codeperland inform you16:40
codeperlthank you for your information16:40
ikoniacodeperl: don't need informing16:40
angelete2both my ubuntu and windows have 2 network adapters, one cable (network .0.0) and wireless(.1.0), virtualized adapters are attached to real devices so they have .1.12 and .0.143 addresses16:40
Jon--My wireless is disconnecting intermediately. I haven't had an issue with this in the past. I am running Ubuntu 11.04. lspci - 08:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)16:40
_MarcusGah, I can't get it into text mode!16:40
_MarcusI've deleted the grub default thing(commented it out) and put text into the other one and it STILL goes to GUI16:41
angelete2my wireless adapter is connected to an access point without internet access, so i reach internet using .0.0 network16:41
MartoUbuntu Desktop Edition 8.10 ISO downloads link pls16:41
ikoniaMarto: ubuntu.com16:41
ikoniaMarto: 8.10 is a dead release16:41
Jon--Oh man am I tired, I just realized I was using intermediately -_-'16:41
Jon--My wireless is disconnecting intermittently. I haven't had an issue with this in the past. I am running Ubuntu 11.04. lspci - 08:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)16:41
angelete2i've connected my ipod to wireless (ip .1.10) and i can ping or tracert .1.12, and have .1.12 as default gateway, but i cannot access internet16:42
angelete2can anyone help me?16:42
EtgarDizzDr_willis1: yes, the system boots fast alright, but I've had a lot of trouble cos I had to have both open&closed java, configuring printer properly, sensors for m/b, apache hosts... lots of stuff unfortunately. I'm pretty sure that backuping my home folder is not gonna be enough16:42
kapzhi! how can I change the background colour of Nautilus 3.2 in ubuntu 11.10?16:42
ikoniaangelete2: what is doing the internet connection sharing16:42
Marto<ikonia> pls downloads link16:42
quiescens_Marcus: you commented out what and put text where?16:42
ikoniaMarto: ubuntu.com16:42
* Lint remembers 8.04 as only ubuntu distro that had 3d video working16:43
ikoniaMarto: you understand the OS 8.10 is dead16:43
angelete2ikonia: my windows host has the real devices, and i use .0.1 gateway (cable connection)16:43
Trasientcan any one help to display battery meter...16:43
i_is_brokeMarto, dead as no new updates or support.16:43
ikoniaangelete2: what is doing the sharing of the internet ?16:43
kapzhi! how can I change the background colour of Nautilus 3.2 in ubuntu 11.10? Whit irritates me!16:43
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angelete2ikonia: i think i don't understand what do you mean16:44
Dr_willis1Trasient:  the askubuntu.com site had a list of indicator-applets for unity - i recall them having some diffnert battery meters there16:44
Trasientcan any one help to display battery meter...16:44
ikoniaangelete2: what device is connected to the internet ?16:44
_Marcusquiescens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834111/16:44
Dr_willis1Trasient:  or are you saying your battery is not detected at all?16:44
angelete2my real host, is connected to another router from my ISP16:44
_Marcusquiescens: I've also tried this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834114/16:45
ikoniaangelete2: so what's the problem16:45
cryptodirawhat is the method for changing permissions via the gui?16:45
quiescens_Marcus: text, not test16:45
ikoniacryptodira: right clicking on things16:45
CP3088i have a question16:45
quiescens_Marcus: additionally, after changing /etc/default/grub you always have to do sudo update-grub16:46
_Marcusquiescens: Sorry, I can't copy paste from Virtual Box, it says "text" in Ubuntu but I typed "test" when trying to type what was in the VM16:46
Jon--ubottu, !ask | CP308816:46
ubottuCP3088: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:46
_MarcusAnd yes, I was doing that16:46
Jon--My wireless is disconnecting intermittently. I haven't had an issue with this in the past. I am running Ubuntu 11.04. lspci - 08:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)16:46
Lintwell the update process is going to install gnome-games and nautilus16:46
angelete2ikonia: i want my virtualized linux to use as a router, but my wireless devices cannot reach internet16:46
Linti don't want that16:46
ikoniaangelete2: sorry, that makes no sense16:47
ikoniaLint: it won't if you don't have that installed16:47
ikoniaLint: it only upgrades whats there16:47
cryptodiraikona, this would be for changing permissions that root owns.....16:47
angelete2ikonia: this is an schema http://tinypic.com/?t=postupload16:47
Lintikonia, wrong, it has about hundred of new packages to install and 12 packages to delete16:48
kapzhi! how can I change the background colour of Nautilus 3.2 in ubuntu 11.10? White irritates me!16:48
ikoniaLint: no, it will only upgrade what you have, there maybe dependencies that bring in more packages, but if you can remove any packages that have dependencies you don't want16:48
Lintok I will reform my question16:48
angelete2ikonia: i want to virtualize an access point in order to make some tests16:49
ikoniaangelete2: that's going to be quite complex16:49
angelete2i think so :D,16:49
Lintany way to go to next ubuntu release without installing default packages like unity/gnome3 etc if they are not installed in previous release?16:49
kapzhelp please16:49
ikoniaLint: it won't install anything that's not on your system or doesn't get pulled in by a dependencies16:50
angelete2ikonia: but do you mean what i want? (i want to know if i explained myself right)16:50
quiescens_Marcus: what release are you on?16:50
imbezolLint: if you like gnome 2 then don't upgrade16:50
_Marcusquiescens: Ubuntu 11.0416:50
_MarcusOr, 11.10, idk16:51
_MarcusSome 11 one16:51
zykotick9Lint: your issue is with the *-desktop meta packages, they pull in a lot of stuff, and are required in ubuntu for upgrades.  If you install from the mini CD you can install only what you want, but upgrades would still probably be an issue.16:51
_MarcusNewest one of 11 I'm guessing, just got it yesterday16:51
quiescens_Marcus: there is a bug in the lightdm which prevents the text option from working properly so you might be able to fix it by updating16:51
_Marcusquiescens: What ever happened to Gnome Desktop on Ubuntu?16:51
cryptodiraikonia, got it... gksudo nautilus does what i need.16:52
Dr_willis1be carefull with 'gksudo nautilus'16:53
danikhello ive installed vsftp server when i want to go to config that in /etc/vsftpfd.conf i see the example file anybody knows how i can see the original config file ?16:53
Jon--My wireless is disconnecting intermittently. I haven't had an issue with this in the past. I am running Ubuntu 11.04. lspci - 08:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)16:53
Dr_willis1close out that nautilus window when you are done doing rooty tasks. :)  seen systems get trashed by accident befor16:53
angelete2ikonia: is it possible to do what i want?16:54
Linton unrelated note: is -generic kernel flavour in ubuntu a desktop kernel or not?16:54
ikoniaangelete2: rather complex but yes16:54
ikoniaLint: used to be16:54
ikonianot sure if it's still valid16:54
ikoniaprobably, yes16:54
ikonia!info linux-image-generic16:54
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)16:55
ikoniaLint: yes, it's still valid16:55
angelete2i've enabled ip forwarding in ubunto, but i think i need to specify some routes, but don't know what16:55
ikoniaangelete2: it's not that simple16:55
ikoniaangelete2: you are going to need bridged networks, routing, ip forwarding, you're going to need something to address your IP allocation,16:55
Jon--My wireless is disconnecting intermittently. I haven't had an issue with this in the past. I am running Ubuntu 11.04. lspci - 08:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)16:57
pittstainsI have a question about the $PATH variable... when I echo $PATH, /usr/local/bin is not in the output; however, it *is* in PATH in my /etc/environment file16:57
ikoniapittstains: /etc/environment is not used16:58
pittstainsikonia: where is the default $PATH set, then?16:59
MartoLooking for Linux to run perfectly at 400 mhz 128 ram16:59
zykotick9pittstains: use ~/.profile to set your PATH16:59
ikoniapittstains: in your home directory16:59
MartoLooking for Linux to run perfectly at 400 mhz 128 ram pls17:00
LintMarto, intel/ppc?17:00
pittstainszykotick9, ikonia: I don't want to do that for every user on the system; do you know where the default path is set?17:00
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pittstainsit's strange, /usr/local/bin *used* to be in my path, and then i logged in and it wasn't... i'm not sure what changed...17:01
Dr_willis1Marto:  perhaps tiny core linux, or some puppy linux variant.17:01
Dr_willis1Marto:  id say check  out puppy first.17:01
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Marto<Lint> AMD Sempron17:02
=== Guest76406 is now known as jason__
quiescenswell, /etc/environment technically is used, but you could potentially have some .profile or other script changing the path at a later point17:02
LintI wouldn't recommend puppy linux as most software will not run on it properly17:03
pittstainsquiescens: yeah, the doc here (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#System-wide_environment_variables) suggests that /etc/environment indeed *should* be used17:03
quiescensanything that just sets PATH rather than appending could end up ignoring any other changes you make17:03
ikoniathis is all nothing to do with ubuntu17:03
ikoniatry ##linux for generic linux help17:03
gartralgood afternoon all, I upgraded too 11.10 last night (yea yea.. late too the party..) and all is going well except for one thing: firefox refuses too start. an'd i'm not getting any useful output from the terminal17:03
Dr_willis1getting anything else running well on a 400mhz machine with 128 ram. will be a bigger issue17:03
Dr_willis1Lubuntu Might work 'ok' but even then. more ram would definatly help.17:04
zykotick9pittstains: you could edit /etc/skel/.profile and new users would get you defined PATH17:04
cryptodirais there a general consensus for a preferred backup/restore program for 10.10 64 bit...... or, perhaps a similar choice for ones to avoid?17:04
kyron_ahoy, poping in here as I am looking for someone with in-depth experience with sudoers :D17:06
ikoniakyron_: just ask the question17:06
kyron_anyone here familiar with using Defaults:%group env_keep+="ENV1 ENV2 " syntax?17:06
zykotick9cryptodira: there isn't a "general consensus" for anything in gnu/linux :p  (for example, i don't think backup/restore needs a program, it needs organization and cp/rsync IMO)17:06
kyron_ikonia: yes yes, I don't ask to ask usually, a minimal intro usually ;)17:07
* Lint wonders who is paying for mirrors hosting worldwide17:07
pittstainsquiescens: any thoughts on where $PATH might be getting overwritten?  there's nothing about it my .bashrc and .profile has this: PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH" (appending rather than overwriting)17:07
ikoniakyron_: if used the syntax for a specific root enviornment17:08
kyron_my problem is that I have an entry such as: Defaults:%group_of_users env_keep+="BINDIR LIBPATH" and sudo complains17:08
gartralnevermind.. It crashed during the ypgrade and the ./.mozilla/firefox/lastcrash never got deleted17:08
ikoniakyron_: is this an ubuntu machine ?17:08
kyron_ikonia: nope17:08
AhoaltonI am curious as to how to dual-boot windows 7 and ubuntuwhile still maintaining the windows MBR17:08
ikoniakyron_: ok - so why are you asking in #ubuntu17:08
ikoniakyron_: this is for Ubuntu support,17:08
kyron_cause I know you guys _really_ love sudo :P17:08
quiescenspittstains: maybe /etc/profile17:08
ikoniakyron_: please don't ask in here17:08
zk_hello. can someone explain how to edit the xorg.conf file for good usage of an ati radeon 9550 card? here's my xorg.conf http://pastebin.com/k0NHAKAx . Using Ubuntu 10.0417:08
qo_opwhat is the comand for listing all HW ?17:08
kyron_ikonia: aye! suggestions (I don't expect a sudo channel to exist ;)17:09
ikoniakyron_: I think there is a sudo channel17:09
cryptodirazykotick9,  cp/rsync it is!   Thank You.17:09
LintAhoalton, I doubt modern grub can do it. I remember in 2001 it was possible17:09
zykotick9qo_op: perhaps installing lshw would meet your needs?  there isn't a default place to list all hardware.17:10
pittstainsquiescens: /etc/profile does not contain references to PATH, and /etc/profile.d is empty... any other ideas?17:10
ikoniaAhoalton: you can tell the windows boot loader to boot grub, or you can tell ubuntu to boot the windows boot loader,17:10
quiescenspittstains: there are quite a few possibilities and i don't know which, depends on your shell if applicable, desktop environment, other thingies17:10
quiescenspittstains: go to ctrl-alt-f1 and log into the console and check your path there too17:10
kyron_ikonia: I<ll check it out, cheers!17:10
Ahoaltonhow do I tell ubuntu to boot the windows boot loader, most of the time i istall ubuntu it auto over writes the win mbr17:11
bluenemocan somebody please pastebin me a plain default fresh installation /etc/group? i just used usermod -G (without the --append M)17:11
pittstainsquiescens: no desktop environment, server only -- does that make things simpler?17:11
zykotick9Ahoalton: using MS's bootloader is going to be a big pain, with NO benefit.17:11
Dr_willis1Yep. Grub/grub2 is much handier.17:11
quiescenspittstains: bash profile, bash rc, etc17:12
Dr_willis1grep the files in /etc/ for mention of PATH  I think its set in differnt places17:12
quiescenspittstains: pam, sshd17:12
pittstainsquiescens: hadn't thought of those!  checking them out...17:13
flintwingelahoalton: during the install, if you go for the custom disk layout you can tell the installer to load onto whichever partition ubuntu is installed on (e.g. /dev/sda2) instead of /dev/sda17:13
Snyperx|workHello all.  I am hoping someone can help me or at least provide some information.  Is it possible to setup Ubuntu with 5 monitors?17:14
Snyperx|workMy workstation uses 5 monitors and it would be fantastic to get off of Windows 7 and move to Ubuntu.17:14
Dr_willis1Snyperx|work:  should be possible. if you got the video cards with the outputs. but ive had issues when using 3+17:14
flintwingeleasybcd will then help you configure the windows boot loader to handle multiple OSs17:14
zykotick9pittstains: sollowing Dr_willis1's grep suggestion, /etc/login.defs looks interesting17:14
Dr_willis1Snyperx|work:  my issue was differnt video cards were needing didffernt drivers. with    identical cards. it should be easier.17:15
Snyperx|workI am using two ATI cars17:15
Ahoaltonback, got disconnected17:15
Ahoaltonany ideas zykotick917:15
Dr_willis1I try to avoid ati. :)17:15
bluenemocant somebody just put his /etc/group on pastebin.com please?17:15
zykotick9Ahoalton: using MS's bootloader is going to be a big pain, with NO benefit. (it is possible, but i certainly wouldn't know how)17:15
Linti cannot find my bootloader, where is it on ubuntu?17:16
Ahoaltonthe security features17:16
sedekiwhy am i denied to /opt/test ? i am in the same group, and this dir has mod: 77517:16
flintwingelahoalton: during the install, if you go for the custom disk layout you can tell the installer to load onto whichever partition ubuntu is installed on (e.g. /dev/sda2) instead of /dev/sda17:16
flintwingeleasybcd will then help you configure the windows boot loader to handle multiple OSs17:16
Ahoaltonwhad does that mean sda, sda217:16
xslguys .. if i want to mount /var with noexec what mountpoint does apt-get use that needs exec? /var/run  ?17:17
Linti have /boot/grub/menu.lst but it contains some junk17:17
flintwingel/dev/sda is a reference to the entire first hard disk, /dev/sda2 is the second partition on that disk.17:17
bananenkampf-dehey, i want to sync files between two folders. i tried rsync, but it only sync in one direction... any idea?17:18
zykotick9bananenkampf-de: use rsync and swap the source destination... easy17:18
flintwingelbananenkampf: try unison17:18
bananenkampf-dezykotick9, i don't understand... sorry - can you explain17:19
bananenkampf-deflintwingel, isn't uniscon deprecated?17:19
zykotick9bananenkampf-de: "rsync ... a b" then "rsync .. b a"17:19
smjmsso I have an encryptfs home directory on another partition17:20
bakarati'm trying to make the switch from gnome to kde, but i was wondering, nautilus has an awesome "type" functionality where you can just randomly type a name which is searched locally, does dolphin have something equivalent?17:20
blitzhow do I access my ubuntu machine from windows using vino17:20
smjmshow do I open it if the installation is broken?17:20
smjmsI'm currently using another installation on the same PC17:20
sedekianyone? i have: groupadd grp; adduser sedeki grp; chgrp /opt/dir grp; chmod 775 /opt/dir;17:21
flintwingelbananenkampf-de: don't know... I've been using it for years and still do17:21
sedekiand $ >/opt/dir/test gives permission denied17:21
Dr_willis1blitz with any vncviewer program on windows17:21
flintwingelzykotick9: 2 runs of rsync won't necessarily catch clashes where the same file has changed on both systems17:21
=== Karmak23 is now known as Karmak233
quiescenssedeki: groups are fiddly and will require a new login to update17:22
sedekithe owner is root -- does that change anything?17:22
blitzDr_willis1, what's a good free one?17:22
zykotick9flintwingel: that's true, and i've run into that :(17:22
cordovalI am told "You have to setup a mount point for thumbnails in your web server configuration."17:22
Dr_willis1blitz i dont know of any you pay for. Theres dozens of them out there.17:22
sedekithank you17:22
sedekiquiescens, what do you mean, restart?17:22
cordoval"You have to setup a mount point for thumbnails in your web server configuration." i have setup an alias on apache2 configuration but i think i need to _mount_ the folder, how to do that?17:22
bananenkampf-dewhat does unison do when the files are changed in both folders?17:23
quiescenssedeki: log out and back in, or restart if you choose to17:23
quiescensbananenkampf-de: i would expect it asks you which you want to keep17:23
Snyperx|workCan anyone tell me if Ubunut will eventually support more than 2 monitors?17:23
=== Karmak233 is now known as karmak23
Snyperx|workCurrently using a Windows 7 5 monitor setup and would like to go to a 5 monitor Ubunut setup.17:24
flintwingelbananenkampf-de: it will flag a clash and ask you if you want to overwrite one the the other, or leave both alone17:24
zykotick9Snyperx|work: it does now, and has for a long time (i'm not sure if Unity supports more then 2 monitors)17:24
trismSnyperx|work: they are working on it: http://design.canonical.com/2012/01/multi-monitor-update-and-greeter-prototype/ (I think a previous blog post showed a test system with 6 monitors)17:24
webPragmatisthttp://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=ttf2pt1 << has this been replaced with something else?17:24
sedekiquiescens, works. thanks a million. is there an alternative way than to logout?17:25
Dr_willis1i cant even imagine using 5 monitors.. id need a bigger desk17:25
Snyperx|workMy desk is plenty big17:25
bananenkampf-deflintwingel, okay thank you... is it neccessary to create a profile or can i easily execute something like... "unison folder1 folder2?"17:25
Dr_willis1Unity in 11.10 does have issues with multi monitors.. i hear in 12.x its getting much improved17:25
Snyperx|workI have 3 24" monitors and 2 27" monitors17:26
Dr_willis1theres always other window managers.17:26
smjms"Enter the mount passphrase you recorded when you setup the mount--this passphrase is different from your login passphrase." you have to be fucking kidding me17:26
quiescenssedeki: not really, permissions are inherited from the login process, after that, your processes are running as your user, and the user doesn't have permission to increase/change its privelidges17:26
=== Snyperx|work is now known as Snyperx|lunch
Tm_Tsmjms: language17:26
smjmsin some cases it's justified17:27
flintwingelbananenkampf-de:you will need a profile - if you use the graphical version (unison-gtk) it will walk you through creating a profile. It will help if you have ssh set up between the machines17:27
Ahoaltonzykotick9 is it better to create a blank partition myself and let ubuntu occupy it or is it better to let ubuntu make the partion it will reside in?17:27
zykotick9Ahoalton: i see no difference17:27
bananenkampf-deokay flintwingel, i found a nice blog entry about unison... a good entry to the usage of the software. thank you!17:28
iterI prefer to make my own partitions and mount /tmp noexec17:28
iterwhich the installer does not do17:28
Tm_Tsmjms: it's not here (and further discussion about our channel policies happens on #ubuntu-ops or in PM)17:28
mufflonhello all, i want to show in a small square on the desktop a picture from www, which is reloaded once or twice a day. is there someone out there giving me a hint? on lxde17:29
sedekimufflon, what do you mean on the desktop? merged into the desktop image?17:30
qo_opHey how can i use the "loacte" command in ubunt? i have tryed to run "sudo updatedb  and then locate file.name" but nothing happens17:31
mufflonsedeki: yes, like a kind of dock/app17:31
=== Mud is now known as Guest94768
Tm_Tqo_op: if it returns nothing, nothing is found17:31
smjmsTm_T: do you have a encrypted home directory?17:32
Lintiter, ?17:32
qo_opTm_T, i dosent return nothing even files i know i got17:32
Tm_Tqo_op: interesting17:32
Tm_Tsmjms: not currently, but have tested it, why asking?17:32
qo_opTm_T, see pm17:33
andrew_auhi, is pptpd superseded?17:33
quiescensqo_op: lots of things aren't included, encrypted homes, tmpfs, proc, and so on17:33
iterLint: ga17:33
bananenkampf-dedoes unison open a network-port?17:33
qo_opquiescens, see pm it shud locate this17:34
quiescensmm lunch17:35
smjmsis there no way to recover files from an encrypted home directory? is it that safe?17:35
y2E0mathematical: no.17:36
smjmsbut practically17:36
iktanyone seeding the ubuntu iso?17:37
sedekihow can i remove the menubar from gnome-terminal as default?17:37
mbeierlsmjms, if you don't know the password, then no, there is no way to get to the contents.  And that is on purpose...17:37
Lintsedeki, via profile options17:37
smjmsI have my login password but the documentation says it's not the same17:38
andreas83ikt i thing there are enough ;)17:38
iktseeding the iso?17:38
andreas83of cause..17:38
mbeierlsmjms, when the encryption was set up, it would have asked you for a password.17:38
Lintikt, which one iso exactly?17:38
iktoh yeah, my problem is that it frequently says Tracker: [Couldn't resolve host name]17:39
iktit's only on ubuntu and elementary os, all other torrents seem to be ok17:39
smjmsI don't remember having to type a password twice during the installation17:39
=== mang0 is now known as Seryth
sedekiLint, gnome-terminal (gnome3) shows it anyway ..17:40
Lintthere's no recovery agents in linux disc encription? that's a fail17:41
iktthat doesn't make any sense?17:41
quiescensusually the actual encryption doesn't use the passwords as typed, the passwords are used to decrypt a key which is what the encryption uses, the point of doing it that was is so that people can change their passwords without having to reencrypt everything17:42
smjmsso can I use my login password to decrypt that key?17:43
andreas83ikt, which tracker is not reachable ? http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/announce ?17:43
quiescensi guess, if the key is still intact17:43
Lintikt, http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/announce is up17:44
loganrunanybody use gtk-vnc17:44
smjmswhere do I find it? also that instruction should be put here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Recovering_Your_Data_Manually17:44
somnambulantI have 2 profiles when I start my terminal.. however when I change to the one I want to use, it changes for that terminal session.. but when I close and open a new one it goes back to the orginal profile... how do I make it stick?17:45
trismsedeki: I believe this is a bug with gnome-terminal and appmenu conflicting, if you remove the appmenu packages (indicator-appmenu, appmenu-gtk) it should work successfully17:45
sedekiwhat does appmenu do otherwise?17:46
iktLint: heh, turns out I had the ipv6 and regular trackers listed but with a blank line in the middle -_-17:46
trismsedeki: it shows the menu in the panel in unity or gnome fallback if you have indicator-applet17:46
iktwow and changing the tracker list just wiped out my ratio17:46
quiescenssmjms: probably in /home/.ecryptfs/ somewhere, but the file locations have changed a lot so it probably depends on which release, and when the user was created, etc, etc17:47
=== Pratik_away is now known as Pratik
cordovalcan someone tell me how to simply mount  a folder into another folder?17:47
Dr_willis1someone was asking about syncing 2 folders.. just saw this posting on webupd8 --> FreeFileSync is a muti-platform folder comparison and synchronization tool17:47
iktcordoval: mkdir other_folder sudo mount /dev/sdx /other_folder17:47
Dr_willis1http://sourceforge.net/projects/freefilesync/   Looks nifty17:48
ratcheersomnambulant: Do you want two profiles, or just one?17:48
cordovalikt: why  /dev/sdx though17:48
subichanmy keyboard types an infinite number of h chars after a window with a form gets the focus17:48
Dr_willis1cordoval:  mounting a folder dosent really make sence.. you mean mount a device to 2 differnt locations?17:48
subichanwhat should I do?17:48
subichanIf i tap the h button once it stops17:48
cordovalDr_willis1: ikt: I am told  You have to setup a mount point for thumbnails in your web server configuration.17:48
cordovali already did the alias on apache217:49
cordoval  Alias /mountpoint  /path/to/thumbnail/folder17:49
cordovalhwoever not sure how to do the mounting on the filesystem17:49
Dr_willis1cordoval:  you can mount  whever you want.. mount /dev/sdz1  /pick/some/folder/webstuff/whatever17:49
Dr_willis1but the whole mount point for thumbnails.. seems  weird.17:49
Lintdpkg is retarded17:49
Dr_willis1Unless they are uing the term mount in some other way  then what we are thinking of.17:50
rylcdnhello everyone17:50
cordovalDr_willis1: ikt http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/ji4qrh0y/Selection_178.png17:50
enigma_hello mate17:51
rylcdni am in need of some help as i am a newb.   Trying to install ubuntu on to my mac os x.   fucked around with partitioning earlier, couldnt get it to install.  Ended up just installing it alongside my mac os x.  Almost finished installing at now im getting bootloader install fail17:51
rylcdnand i dont know what to do17:51
rylcdnkeep trying various /dev/sda  but it doesnt like em. just continue without a bootloader?17:52
iktrylcdn: i combination of error messages and google17:52
rylcdnive googled the ubuntu site for answers17:52
trismsedeki: this is the bug, although it gets a bit offtopic, and seems to be fixed in 12.04: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appmenu-gtk/+bug/78746517:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 787465 in gnome-terminal (Ubuntu) "View->Show MenuBar isn't working in 11.04 and later in gnome-terminal" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:52
rylcdnbut nothing is very straightforward, or seemingly working17:52
iktrylcdn: what error message is coming up specifically?17:53
somnambulantratcheer: really just want the one17:53
rylcdnExecuting 'rub-install/dev/sda' failed  This is a fatal error17:53
rylcdnunable to install GRUB in /dev/sda17:54
ratcheersomnambulant: Ok, then write into file .bashrc in your home directory. Save the old one, first, so you don't mess something up that you can't fix.17:54
Nach0zhey guys, got some questions I need answered...17:55
somnambulantratcheer: ok will try thx17:55
rylcdnit was easy to install on my pc, but my mac is being a fucker17:55
Seryth!language | rylcdn17:55
ubotturylcdn: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:55
* Seryth dances17:55
iktrylcdn: http://askubuntu.com/questions/75606/executing-grub-install-dev-sda5-failed-this-is-a-fatal-error17:55
SerythI got an oppotunity to use the bot \o/17:55
Nach0zwhen I try to start the X server I get this message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834210/17:56
iktjust need to find the root partition and tell grub where it is17:56
ratcheerSeryth: +1.17:56
rylcdnthanks ikt17:56
Seryth!yay ratcheer17:56
john_doe_jrdoes anyone know how to use arecord to record sound from an alsa device?17:56
y2E0if my family would be knocking around in a linux channel I would be worried bout their mental health17:56
y2E0and less care bout the language :)17:56
vlyalcinhow does ubuntu save user profil image informations?17:56
ikty2E0: this isn't linux, this is spar... ubuntu17:57
SerythHey all. I'm tryint to install Midori browser, but I get this error:  midori : Depends: libjavascriptcoregtk-1.0-0 (>= 1.5.1) but it is not installable E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. How can I get round this?17:57
Dr_willis1vlyalcin:  you mean the image shown at the login screen?17:57
fabio_does anyone have experience with zend framework?17:57
LintSeryth, try update cache17:57
iktSeryth: synaptic > edit > fix broken packages17:58
vlyalcinyes De_willis117:58
ikti'm sure there's a dpkg command for it17:58
zykotick9Seryth: i'd start with "sudo apt-get -f install" myself17:58
Dr_willis1vlyalcin:  i recall it being some .somthing file  in your home.17:58
SerythLint, ikt Thanks :)17:58
Serythzykotick9: Okay, what does that do?17:58
fabio_im acessing my project public but gives all blank17:58
fabio_*bank page17:58
vlyalcinDr_willis1: ok let me check17:58
zykotick9Seryth: general fix, for broken packages basically17:58
Dr_willis1vlyalcin:  have the gnome file manager show hidden files. you should see a thumbnail of it.17:59
Serythzykotick9: It didn't do anything, 0 upgrades, 0 removed, etc17:59
Ahoaltonhow come when  Itry to download the 64 bit version it says AMD, I want intel 64 bit17:59
dleonardiy2E0: lets put it this way. when ppl approach me and are like "i want to learn linux" i usually respond "then you must learn how to articulate cursewords properly". cursing + linux = symbiosis IMO17:59
LintSeryth, had you tried17:59
zykotick9Seryth: then i question the "you have held broken packages" error output?17:59
Lint'apt-get update'?17:59
Nach0zAhoalton: :| amd64 is just the general 64-bit package. it works on Intel 64-bit processors.17:59
SerythLint: Yes, I always do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install program"17:59
Ahoaltonyo Nach0z i haven't seen you in a while17:59
y2E0dleonardi: I like your attitude :) same way I handle errors in my programs: freaking and and insulting the user and/or his family. :)18:00
Ahoaltonso Nach0z if my system is 64 bit, there is no reason I should not get it, right?18:00
dleonardiyou forgot his ancestors :)18:00
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:00
dleonardiLint: are you feeding the trolls with bot messages?18:01
=== andrew_wmf_ is now known as andrew_wmf
dleonardianyhow </ot>18:02
Serythhttp://mang0.zapto.org/Terminal%20-%20seryth@ubuntujacob:%20~_001.png zykotick9 That's the error I'm seeing.18:02
McSaltydoes anyone has a fully working sandy bridge i7 (with hybrid graphics, onboard graphics+dedicated)? i'm also having problem with the power consumption. my dedicated graphics card is an nvidia 550m18:03
SerythLint: -------^18:03
Serythikt: Your fix didn't work :/18:03
loganrunI am trying to find a better vnc client, gtkvncviewer kind of stucks, doesn't have screen scaleing and doesn't work very well connecting to mac18:04
nyc-h0st_hi all, i have kerberos set-up on ubuntu 11.10, i have added a user but when i try to kinit using that user, or any user for that matter i get client not found in kerberos database, any ideas?18:04
Lintit that mint?18:04
loganruntried vinagre but seems like it only supports a very short password or something no clue18:04
loganrunvery odd program18:05
iktSeryth: what happens when you do fix broken packages?18:05
loganrunseems like there is virtually no other option for Ubuntu18:05
zykotick9Seryth: what is output of "apt-cache policy midori"18:05
Serythhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/834227/ zykotick918:06
Serythikt: It says it's fixed them succesfully18:06
zykotick9Seryth: you're using a PPA, i can't help18:06
loganrunbesides there there isn't even a manual for gtkvnc, go figure18:06
Serythzykotick9: Lemme remove the PPA and try again18:06
iktloganrun: yeah vnc in ubuntu been kinda buggered for a while18:07
iktwas looking into logmeinrescue and other remote desktop stuff18:07
Serythikt: SSH and Screen?18:07
ThinkT510loganrun: teamviewer is pretty good18:07
Dr_willis1teamviewer works well here also. but it deopends on your needs.18:07
iktyeah teamviewer is good18:08
SerythThinkT510, loganrun: Yes, TeamViewer, is good, but only it uses a fair amount of bandwidth.18:08
iktSeryth: yeah ssh is my remote desktop of choice18:08
Dr_willis1I  tend to just need to ssh in and run a vnserver. I dont need the 'current visible desktop'18:08
loganrunThinkT510, do you have to add a special repository for that, it doesn't come up on the software center18:08
MonkeyDustguys & dolls, i'm unable to connect to freenode port 6667 using the irssi client - hints & tips or the right channel pls?18:08
webPragmatisthttp://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/t/ttf2pt1/ << this doesn't seem to be a package in apt18:09
webPragmatistis there a reason why/18:09
ThinkT510loganrun: i don'trun it in ubuntu, you'll likely need to get it from their website18:09
loganrunThinkT510, is if open source?18:09
iktMonkeyDust: any errors?18:09
ThinkT510loganrun: no18:09
ikti'm using irssi and yeah connected to freenode via 666718:09
ThinkT510loganrun:i wish it was18:09
MonkeyDustikt: no, but my thunderbird mail client wont connect, either18:10
vlyalcinDr_willis1: also possible to see with "ls -a" ?18:10
iktSeryth: Seen this? http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/midori-gets-faster-startup-gtk3-improvements-in-lastest-release/18:11
iktyou've got both midori and webkit ppa's added?18:11
Dr_willis1vlyalcin:  see what?18:11
vlyalcinhidden files18:11
Dr_willis1vlyalcin:  thats what -a does :)18:11
ckiewiethi, I just installed kubuntu and all the fonts are huge18:11
=== Snyperx|lunch is now known as Snyperx|work
ckiewietwhat do?18:12
Serythikt: Lemme double check webkit18:12
vlyalcinDr_willis1: can you gime some more tips about where it can be exactly?18:12
vlyalcinDr_willis1: *give18:12
Dr_willis1vlyalcin:  refresh the channels memory with what we are doing again....18:12
* Dr_willis1 barely rembers his own name today18:12
* Lint wonders if #kubuntu channel will close after its discontinuement18:14
Dr_willis1Kubuntu is not being discontined18:14
Serythikonia: Yay! it's working :)18:14
DeadManu007hallo buntu18:14
Serythikt: Yay, it's working!18:14
vlyalcinDr_willis1 actually I am looking for where gnome keeps information about which user profile at where18:14
ikt:D gj!18:14
ro_70sHow do I set up my system to show vietnamese properly?18:15
ro_70sFor example Thế Nghĩa the e's diacritics are there but they are not aligned properly18:15
Dr_willis1vlyalcin:  i was thinking it was  a png image file in the home dir. but i dont have a ubuntu box handy to check.  the exact name.18:15
Dr_willis1use the settings to change your image, then look perhaps?18:16
Dr_willis1but thats just the image. :)18:16
ro_70sGoogle chrome does get the settings right18:16
Lintro_70s, there could be an 'additional fonts' checkbox in 'language support' panel applet18:16
DeadManu007have i small problems any one nows about  ios 5 ipad 2 sync music ?18:16
ro_70sLint what applet? Im sorry, Im not sure what that is18:17
Lintro_70s, somewhere in system settings18:17
Dr_willis1Night all....18:18
ro_70sLint: that says for menus and windows but it is greyed out .. wouldn't I also need to set the general font somewhere?18:18
ro_70sLint thanks, btw18:18
Lintro_70s, there must be 'add/remove languages' button18:19
azrielim trying to run a java class file on my computer with java (filename) but its saying the class isnt found18:19
ro_70sLint: install/remove languages -- yes but it is greyed out.. probably because I dont have rights to install packages here18:19
freshnickhey everyone18:19
coder2azriel: try saving file name by class name itself,for a small code18:19
ro_70sLint: Im not trying to change the whole system to give me vietnamese menus .. I just want a font that works :)18:20
freshnickim running a red alert 2 yuri with WINE , and im trying to play on LAN using hamachi with my brother and we both have joined the hamachi VPN server and we trying to play and we cant18:20
ro_70sI dont think I should have to install anything, since chrome does it the fonts must alreeady be on the system18:21
meerkatsi dont have sound, sound is gone after trying to enable em for kega fusion. my lspci -v | grep -A7 -i "audio"18:21
meerkats shows a missing line: Kernel driver in use: HDA Intel18:21
meerkatswhere do I activate sound drivers?18:21
ThinkT510!appdb | freshnick18:21
ubottufreshnick: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help18:21
freshnickThinkT510: the game works fine and i was able to play on hamachi with my friend over the internet , but with my brother it just doesnt work18:22
craigbass1976I just set up a dhcp server, but can't figure out where it's logging.  Anyone know off the top of their head?18:23
ThinkT510freshnick: #winehq18:23
Zsolcraigbass1976, need more details18:23
Zsolcheck /var/log/syslog18:23
ro_70scraigbass1976: var/log/syslog18:24
craigbass1976Aha.  THanks18:24
craigbass1976Zsol, ro_70s You both are entitled to give me One Free Dopeslap if ever we meet18:25
Zsolyou're on18:26
john_doe_jrI'm using ubuntu...any ideas how I can capture audio?18:29
meerkatsmy machine doesnt detect any sound software, yesterday it played sounds, what is goin on?18:29
audin17_anyone know a good tutorial to configure bridge networking on ubuntu 11.10 running kvm18:30
=== Knorre is now known as Knorre`BNC
crizzy_audin17_: help.ubuntu.com > server documentation18:30
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audin17_ok thanks, I'll check it out18:31
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john_doe_jrdoes anyone know how to determine what sound card is playing sound?  I'm in ubuntu using vmware?18:32
trismDeadManu007: if you go into nautilus and try to mount the device and get an error, may be: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libplist/+bug/877440 (the workaround is to install libimobiledevice-utils and: idevicepair unpair && idevicepair pair;)18:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 877440 in upower (Ubuntu) "[iOS 5] Unhandled Lockdown error (-15)" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:32
no_gravityHelp! Help! Ubuntu killed my Debian installation. I have a debian base installation at sda7 that i use as /boot for an encrypted debian installation at in an lvm in sda8. Today i booted into my ubuntu partition and it updated grub. Now when I boot into sda7, i dont get asked for the password for sda8 anymore. Instead the debian base system at sda7 is booted. What can I do to get back my main debian installation?18:34
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit18:35
SJrUbuntu 11.10, I can't seem to get my second monitor to work. It's an nvidia card18:36
SJrI just get Unable to load X Server Display Configuration page: Failed to query NoScanout for screen 018:36
audin17_sir - had same issue at home, had to set it up using unity 2d18:36
trismjohn_doe_jr: pavucontrol has quite a bit of information about where sound is coming from and going18:36
damo22no_gravity: is sda8 /home for the debian?18:37
john_doe_jrtrism, thanks...I'll take a look18:37
no_gravitydamo22: sda8 is / for debian18:37
nytfoxI forgot the name of that side bar thing which shows machine temp , infomration . internet up and down , those stuff18:37
SJrbye bye unity18:38
lekremyelsewnytfox, "conky" might be what your lookng for18:38
damo22no_gravity: you need to edit grub and tell it to mount sda8 as root with an encrypted fs18:38
nytfoxlekremyelsew: yes thats it :) thaNKS18:38
no_gravitydamo22: grub can mount encrypted partitions?18:38
cabihi there18:38
damo22no_gravity: sounds like a pain in the ass to have encrypted volumes18:38
merk5Anybody here familiar with Webistrano?18:39
no_gravitydamo22: it was fine until i booted into ubuntu. looks like it changed the grub settings.18:39
damo22no_gravity: is /dev/sda7 /boot for debian?18:39
SJrHow do I restart the login manager now18:39
merk5Anybody here familiar with Webistrano?18:39
SJrit's no longer gdm18:39
no_gravitydamo22: yes18:39
john_doe_jrtrism, it says "alsa plug-in [chrome]: ALSA Playback....what does that mean?18:39
no_gravitydamo22: for the encrypted debian.18:39
john_doe_jrtrism, how can I record sounds from the alsa plug-in [chrome]?18:40
ThinkT510SJr: in 11.10 it is lightdm