ScottLhello everyone00:50
knomehey ScottL 00:51
ScottLhi knome , sorry i haven't been actively lately00:52
micahghi ScottL00:52
ScottLhi micahg 00:52
knomeScottL, np, i understand00:52
TheMusoScottL: I will make a point of reviewing the low latency kernel by no later than this weekend, maybe one night this week if I get a chance, but the weekend for sure.01:25
TheMusoI haven't forgotten, just swamped with other work and life stuff.01:26
ScottLTheMuso, oh, that is capital news :)01:26
ScottLreviewing the kernel, not that you are swamped :P01:26
ScottLTheMuso, any suggestions on who might be the other person to review the kernel?01:27
ScottLi doubt i'll get much response from #ubuntu-motu, but i think it's either them or someone from UKT01:27
ScottLi'll probably form a squad of us to start pestering a group of MOTU and UKT until someone breaks and does it :P01:28
ScottLhas anyone kept up with the new version of mudita24?  did it make it into our repos yet?  does it fix the missing .desktop file?01:31
knomeScottL, hurrah! (in the voice of stephen fry) -> http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-flavor-xubuntu.html01:32
ScottLknome, wow, congrats!  that is outstanding01:47
ScottLi am a little afraid to look at ours now :/01:47
knomeit looks relatively good too :)01:47
knomestill below the mainline01:48
micahgScottL: kernel team will help for functional review, but not uploading01:51
knomei'm off to bed01:54
Len-1204ScottL: todays iso has something funny with the themes. Both ubiquity and the PA volume control are black on black01:55
Len-1204Black text and black background01:55
ScottLmicahg, that is good information01:56
ScottLmicahg, i presume that means they cannot "approve" the package as a 2nd MOTU?01:56
micahgScottL: if you find a UKT member who's a MOTU, sure :)01:57
ScottLi might presume too much, but i would expect TheMuso would help with the direct uploading01:57
micahgScottL: a new package needs and ACK from 2 MOTUs or core-devs01:57
ScottLoh, crap, i was going to say something to len :(01:57
kubotumicahg meant: "ScottL: a new package needs an ACK from 2 MOTUs or core-devs"01:57
ScottLmicahg, i believe TheMuso is a core-dev and he has committed to reviewing the package01:58
micahgScottL: right, so, you need 1 more :)01:59
ScottLgiven the nature of the package (i.e. a kernel package), i'm just worried about finding the other required person01:59
ScottLLen-1204, ack'd about the colors, it's probably something i did and need to fix :/01:59
* micahg took a cursory look and it needed lintian fixes02:01
Len-1204Ok. Seems to affect very few apps. Just the two so far.02:02
ScottLmicahg, i am aware of the lintian issues, some i can readily fix, others that i'm not sure if i need to or not02:04
ScottLmicahg, e.g. the mismatch in section and missing .tar (or similar)02:04
ScottLi'll look again so i can be specific02:04
micahgwell, don't prepend universe to the section02:06
* micahg would have to look again to do a better review02:07
micahgScottL: just ask if there's something you're not sure how to fix02:08
ScottLmicahg, i will, thank you :)02:12
ScottLit probably won't be until this weekend before i can look at it again though02:12
ScottLmicahg, should i increment the version number or use 'dput -f' when i update it?02:13
micahgScottL: dput -f works for REVU02:20
ScottLmicahg, can i download the source from REVU?02:20
micahgI think you can dget it from there02:21
ScottLokay, i'll see about that later in the week then02:21
Len-liveInteresting.. pulse seems to work differently in a live dvd session than after installed.22:09
Len-liveIt seems that starting jack in a live session makes PA crash. But not after install.22:10
Len-liveSo far this has not mattered as PA needs to be restarted to work anyway.22:11
Len-liveIs Pure Data all there? are we missing the docs or data part?22:21
Len-livecouldn't open "/usr/lib/puredata/doc/1.manual/1.introduction.txt": no such file or directory22:23
ScottLquadrispro, how can i manage to get better jack settings by default in a ubuntu studio install?23:31
ScottLquadrispro, i mean when it is installed?23:31
ScottLLen-live, i can't answer about pure data, as i know very little about it23:31
ScottLLen-live, but i want to to do some testing on the live dvd this week, especially about the jack-pulse integration23:32
quadrisproScottL, which settings in particular do you want to tune?23:32
ScottLquadrispro, the frames per second, something else that i have written down but can't remember currently23:32
ScottLholstein, do you remember the settings?  i'll look at the blueprint23:32
ScottLopen question to the channel:  are there structural changes you would like to see in the current menu?23:33
ScottLfalktx__, do you remember the jack settings we discussed previously?23:35
Len-liveScottL: I know very little about PD too, that was why I was trying the docs ..23:35
quadrisproScottL, usually these settings get passed to jack by the program (user interface, cli wrapper, whatever) you use to run jackd23:35
ScottLquadrispro, my understanding is that jack will create the .jackrc file in the home directory23:35
ScottLquadrispro, we can create that file during installation of the OS23:36
quadrisproScottL, yes, .jackdrc23:36
ScottLquadrispro, my concern is that i would want to limit this in case a user installed the package AFTER the OS installation and it overwrites the existing .jackrc file23:36
ScottLi am trying to avoid from messing around with a user's existing /home directory and settings they would want (in case they erroneously installed this package)23:37
quadrisproeither way, per-user .jackdrc file usually overrides system-wide config23:37
quadrisprohowever, let me have a look23:38
ScottLquadrispro,  hmmm, i didn't know there was two files23:38
Len-liveThat file is just a jackd command line. The one I see in the live dvd is 23:38
Len-live/usr/bin/jackd -dalsa -dhw:0 -r44100 -p1024 -n223:38
ScottLLen-live, good point, i am actually talking about what settings qjackctl will use23:39
ScottLquadrispro, ^^^^23:39
Len-liveI am not sure if it was there or got put there by jackd or qjackctl23:39
falktx__ScottL: 44100 sample rate, 512 buffer size, 2 nperiods23:39
ScottLquadrispro, ^^^ those are the settings23:39
ScottLfalktx__, thank you again :)23:39
Len-liveI am using PA->jackd right now to listen to music. It works, but jackd needs to be running before PA starts or PA needs to have alsa shut off.23:41
Len-liveI found the stock PA level out seems quite high. The Jack meter bridge pins with PA input.23:42
Len-liveI think qjackctl will read ~/.jackdrc and write it when setup is oked.23:45
Len-liveOr maybe just before it starts jackd.23:46
quadrisproyes, those settings23:48
quadrisproScottL, I should find some time to investigate further23:48
quadrisproI have several bugs now to fix23:48
ScottLquadrispro, it's not a rush, i was hoping to get this done in the next month or two, if that is acceptable to your schedule23:49
ScottLLen-live, are you using qjackctl to start jack or command line?23:51
ScottLqjackctl will most likely invovle pasuspender first23:51
Len-liveI use qjackctl. It does not seem to suspend PA.23:54
Len-liveScottL  ^^^ (keep forgetting)23:54
ScottLLen-live, it's the menu entry (from the .desktop file i believe) that first calls pasuspender and then qjackctl23:56
ScottLat least it used to, david h. might have changed that alrzdy23:56
quadrisproScottL, weh, ok, please don't forget to ping later23:56
ScottLsure :)23:58

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