dRounseim having trouble with bitrate02:05
cfhowlettdRounse: restate completely02:05
dRounsei converted my songs from 320 kbps to 128 kbps and now they say its 48 kbps is that a mistake02:06
cfhowlettdRounse: most music is set at 41k but 48k should be playable...02:07
dRounsecfhowlett: so what does that mean? does that mean the quality is bad?02:08
cfhowlettdRounse: no - how does it sound??02:08
dRounsecfhowlett: it sounds like it normally does02:09
cfhowlettdRounse: test it in your .mp3 player.  If it sounds right, you're good.02:09
dRounseok so it will it sound dif on the computer?02:10
cfhowlettdRounse: depends on the codecs you've got.  Test it out so you know what you're getting.02:11
dRounsecfhowlett: sounds no different really02:12
cfhowlettdRounse: http://imagebin.org/19626902:13
knobydobs_Every time I try to install Ubuntu Studio the computer freezed at configuring apt11:33
artaosay! I was wondering while waking ... if I were to run Reason under WINE, would it be JACK compatible i.e. low-latency and useable via MIDI ???13:53
artaoor would it be sluggish and crappy?13:53
artaofeeling fairly alliterative already today14:15
astraljavaartao: Sorry, I have no experience on such matters. Just here to remind you that some people might know what you're talking about over at #opensourcemusicians, if you won't find help in here.14:16
artaoof course. thx14:37
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james_jsyhi, has anyone used the Tascam us122-l?16:50
james_jsyI am having problems with it connecting erratically in oneiric.  I have checked and the kernel config has ehci_hcd selected for usb2 support but the module is missing16:52
james_jsysyslog keeps reporting that there is a 'set sample error'16:53
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cfhowlettWelcome vindav21:16
vindavcfhowlett:  ok, I'm here...21:16
cfhowlettvindav: keep us in channel for now21:17
cfhowlettvindav: I see you want to video edit - any other creative type things you plan to do with *buntu21:17
vindavcfhowlett:  I am in private chat with you now.21:18
textchimpis UbuntuStudio using the linux kernel 3.x yet?21:43
holsteintextchimp: we have the same kernel as main ubuntu21:43
textchimpholstein, but wth -rt ?21:44
holsteintextchimp: no yet21:45
holsteinwe will have *-lowlatency in the 12.04 release21:45
holsteintextchimp: the *-generic is more and more capable21:45
textchimpso the -rt is becoming less necessary?21:46
holsteintextchimp: correct21:46
textchimpuname -a tells me i have the kernel '2.6.31-11-rt'21:46
textchimphow do i get the source for that exact kernel?21:46
holsteintextchimp: thats 10.04?21:46
textchimpholstein, yes21:46
holsteinright.. so thats the RT kernel from 9.1021:46
holsteinyou can just apt-get hte source AFAIK21:47
holsteini wouldnt worry with it though21:47
holsteinso much is and has changed21:47
holsteinis changing and has changed*21:47
textchimpbut if i do apt-get to get the kernel source, will it know to get the -rt variant that i'm actually using right now?21:47
holsteintextchimp: if you apt-get the source for the RT one21:48
textchimpok great21:48
holsteinagain... its not that important21:48
holsteinthats an old kernel21:48
textchimpwhich is the main ubuntu currently using?21:49
holsteintextchimp: you mean 11.10?21:50
holsteinUbuntu 11.10 includes the 3.0.0-12.2021:50
textchimpholstein, that being the case, should UbuntStudio try to install a 3.x kernel for me the next time i run Update Manager?21:51
holsteintextchimp: ?... if you are on ubuntustudio 10.04, and you have both kernels, it will install a newer *-generic one21:51
holsteinone of the first things i do is un-hide GRUB in ubuntustudio21:52
holsteini typically boot the kernel i need for the job21:52
textchimpi see. but if i haven't manually switched to kernel 3.0 myself, it won't push it on me or suggest it?21:53
holsteintextchimp: if you are on 10.04, you will *never* get a newer kernel.. unless you add a PPA21:53
holsteinyou will get the security updates only for the current versions of *everything*21:53
holsteinincluding the kernel21:53
holsteinnot that anyone is maintaining that RT kernel21:53
textchimpbut 'current' here means what i already have installed21:54
holsteintextchimp: ?21:54
holsteincurrrent means currrent21:54
holsteinlike what came with the OS21:54
holsteinwhat you currently have or got21:55
holsteinlike.. firefox for example21:55
holsteinit was 2.something21:55
holsteiniirc... and that will just be the way it is21:55
holsteinmaybe it was 3.x21:55
holsteinmaybe thats when they went with a beta 3 version so that it *would* have 3 instead of locked at a 2.x21:56
textchimpok got it21:56
textchimpholstein, thanks for clarifying21:56
holsteintextchimp: sometimes i have to talk it out to figure it out21:57
holsteintextchimp: are you trying 12.04?21:58
textchimpholstein, no, i just was wondering about the 3.0 kernel because of some new peripherals it supports through modules22:00
holsteintextchimp: abogani has one AFAIK22:00
holsteintextchimp: i ran a 3.x mainline kernel in 10.04 without any issues22:01
textchimpholstein, i was also wondering if the 3,x kernel supported more than 3Gb of RAM22:02
holsteintextchimp: the PAE one will, if you have hardware support for that, and you likely do22:03
holsteintextchimp: its the 32bit vs 64bit that does that22:03
textchimpholstein, i think i tried the PAE one and a lot of my executables stopped from working22:03
holsteintextchimp: i would troubleshoot that22:03
holsteinthat makes no sense22:04
holsteinit literally should just add access to that extra ram22:04
textchimpi know. god, is it possible i installed the 64bit by accident? would it boot at all?22:04
holsteinnot sure...22:05
holsteini would think it would be a mess22:05
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