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SpamapSHrm.. jenkins forks and exits when you send it HUP18:09
SpamapSmeaning the job appears to die, and upstart loses track of the pid18:09
SpamapSMay have to drop pid tracking for it then. Bummer.18:10
marruslwhat's a good late-in-boot-as-possible event normally?  runlevel 2?22:56
marruslSpamapS, ^22:56
SpamapSHeh, we just had a big discussion about this yesterday22:56
SpamapSthere isn't a good one22:57
SpamapSthe best you have is 'stopped rc RUNLEVEL=[2345]'22:57
SpamapSWhich is when tty1 pops up22:57
marruslSpamapS, brings to mind the famous question...  what's your sleep(1) number?22:58
SpamapSmarrusl: we need an intermediate job for mid-boot things that you want to track the state of. this goes back to the 'network-services' job.22:58
SpamapSmarrusl: what class of things do you want to be after?22:58
SpamapSIf its "everything" .. we're probably going to transition nearly everything that is 'start on runlevel [2345]' to be 'start on starting network-services'22:59
SpamapSand then if you want to be "after that stuff" you will be 'start on started network-services'22:59
marruslSpamapS, in this case networking indeed.22:59
marrusland it's on lucid.  :-/22:59
SpamapSmarrusl: for networking, runlevel 2 is good 11.10 and later22:59
SpamapSmarrusl: for lucid, your best bet is to delay runlevel 2 for all of the network devices23:00
SpamapSI wonder..23:00
SpamapSperhaps we should backport the static-network-up event23:00
SpamapSnot the change to /etc/init/rc.conf23:00
marruslSpamapS, basically so far your idea to use "start on started udev" seems ok, but since the problem condition is so rare (~3-5% of boots) we have to script checking for the problem conditions...23:01
marrusland if none, reboot.23:01
marruslbut when I had an invalid upstart job starting infiniband (well failing to start)23:02
marruslthe script didn't catch the error condition and kept rebooting. 23:03
SpamapSmarrusl: burn-in test :)23:04
marruslSpamapS, haha.  basically yup.23:04

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