mikodo Can one use xcalib for inversion of open pages only? Here is the code for the whole desktop:  xcalib -invert -alter   Here is the manual:   http://postimage.org/image/lagaagvhf/00:11
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RadiumCathello, xfce on my laptop does not use 100% CPU power when needed, and that makes the overall performance very sluggish. is there a tool i can use that can help me run the CPU at its optimum speed?03:56
RadiumCatjoin #ubuntu03:57
RadiumCatnot much of a support channel?04:13
RadiumCatup yours.04:13
sinedeviancehi all! i am having a very strange problem where xubuntu does not want to remember my choice of default browser04:25
sinedeviancei have also tried 'sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser' to force it, to no avail04:25
sinedeviancei'm trying to set chromium-browser if that helps04:25
sinedevianceApparently it only works if I set Firefox as default. chromium-browser didn't show up in the list, so i added it manually.04:26
Unit193sinedeviance: Does it help to go to Menu > Settings > Settings manager > Preferred Programs?04:31
sinedevianceUnit193, it wasn't helping but i think i just figured out a workaround04:32
Unit193Reminder there are gnome-www-browser, x-www-browser, and www-browser :P04:32
sinedevianceokay, so if you go into Preferred Apps and manually set 'chromium-browser' to be default, THEN you open Chromium itself and tell it to NOT check if it default again, it seems to 'fix' the problem04:32
sinedevianceso... apparently it's a chromium gnome3 settings issue04:33
sinedeviancewhen chromium asks to be default and you click yes, something gets messed up04:33
sinedeviancei'm gonna try this on my laptop and reboot it real quick. please hold :D04:33
sinedevianceokay, laptop is rebooting. just an FYI, chromium-browser does not appear on the web browser list in Preferred Apps by default. you have to add it manually.04:34
Unit193So Chromium doesn't show by default but.... Lynx does? XD04:35
sinedeviancesetting stuck!04:35
sinedevianceso it worked04:35
sinedeviancei rebooted xubuntu, opened XFCE menu, and clicked the Web Browser link. which then opened chromium as expect.04:36
sinedevianceexpected* even04:36
sinedevianceUnit193, yes, and interestingly enough, Debian Sensible also shows up even though I do not have it installed :D04:36
Unit193Well, that's good that you got it to work though04:37
sinedeviancein any case, if anyone else has this issue with chrome/chromium, just tell them to click 'dont ask again' when chromium starts up, then set it manually in preferred apps04:37
sinedevianceyeah thanks, it's been bugging me for days now D:04:37
sinedevianceotherwise, i'm loving xubuntu 11.10. i think it should be linux of the year 2011.04:38
sinedevianceif xubuntu 12.04 is half as good i'll happily upgrade04:39
Unit193Upgrades don't always go well, but it's looking awesome already04:39
Unit193You can try it now in a VM, but I don't quite recommend it for everyday use04:40
sinedevianceyeah, it's still alpha04:41
sinedevianceby the way, what music player do you use? gmusicbrowser isn't for me because i like syncing devices, but banshee isn't great either04:41
sinedeviancei was thinking clementine, but then there's the whole 'kde libs' problem04:41
Unit193Music *player* is VLC :P04:41
Unit193I know someone that uses and likes that on Xubuntu04:41
sinedevianceeh, vlc is better as a movie player inmo04:44
sinedeviancealso vlc runs on kde libs as well04:44
sinedevianceit uses QT04:44
Unit193Qt, yes04:45
Unit193Plays MP3s fine04:45
sinedevianceyeah but no library :D04:47
sinedeviancealso vlc cant sync devices to my knowledge04:47
Unit193I don't need those ;)  Rhythmbox is what Ubuntu uses04:48
sinedeviancewelp, i'm gonna go eat. thanks for the help :D04:48
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:48
Unit193Sure, have great food04:48
sinedeviancethanks a lot :D04:49
blackarchancan someone help me build an install xfce-settings v4.9 and xfce-panels v4.9?04:59
Unit193Should be a readme in the download package, and I may recommend #xfce05:00
blackarchanUnit193: tnx...i ask here to because im tryng on xubuntu 11.10 and it has a verry nice empty README05:04
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carson_anyone here?07:48
carson_Anyone here?07:50
carson_can deadbeef be installed on xubuntu?07:51
carson_I can't find it in synaptic or terminal07:51
Unit193He likes to wait08:02
cristian_hello people!10:30
zhangsong刚开始 使用xubuntu13:57
zhangsonghow to use xubuntu13:58
xubuntu049linux way magic... while i install xubuntu, i can write here and watch pages in internet .. i like it !15:52
wojtekwojtekhi everyone! I've got a problem with Plymouth? Can anyone help?15:58
holsteinwojtekwojtek: go for it... we are watching sproadically as volunteers, and will answer when/if we can help :)16:01
wojtekwojtekthanks :)16:02
qpnaoscjust wondering if anyone could help me with my dvd drive that I just installed16:38
qpnaoscit was cannibalized from another computer, and now I don't think it's recognized16:38
qpnaoscdo I need a driver?16:39
qpnaoscanyway, um, I think I might have figured something out16:55
artaogood day :D ... I'm working on 'installing' some programs that weren't in Synaptic and don't really have any 'package' per say .. just precompiles binaries and their settings in their own folder structure ... .... is there a "correct" place to put these? Is it 'safe' to just use $HOME/bin ??18:21
Sysiyour home (and folders under it )is safest18:22
artaocool. what i kinda thought18:22
artaothx for confirmation and comforting ;p18:23
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Kingsywhat do you guys use to capture video/audio from a webcam ?19:15
Kingsycheese is DREADFUL.. I am trying to capture a reasonably high resolution19:16
Kingsyand vlc just doesnt work19:16
Kingsywell vlc does work.. but it doesnt capture cam audio19:19
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Kingsyactually scrap that.. I got it working with ffmpeg but it doesnt capture audio either..19:24
likemindeadDid a rm -rf on my wisdom teeth yesterday. :-\20:10
TheSheeplikemindead: tell us more at #xubuntu-offtopic :)20:14
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