TwelfHi guys/girls, I'm confused as to how to restructure my repository to allow better developer visibility into each other's branches. I have set things up like this: http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/SharedRepositoryLayouts#nested-style-project-branch-sub-branch00:38
TwelfIf Alice creates a new feature branch in "project/alice/featureA", how can the other developers know that she created such a branch?00:39
AuroraBorealisi dont think bzr will tell you, just gotta look or something00:40
TwelfHm yeah, this is not what I want then. Can you think of an alternate configuration (or some kind of plugin or web interface) that would make feature creation more visible?00:41
poolieTwelf, how do you want them to be told?00:42
AuroraBorealisso it seems you just write a simple plugin00:42
AuroraBorealisand then do in python however you want them to be notified, email, whatever00:43
Twelfpoolie: well, ideally, just by pulling project/alice00:43
Twelfor some bzr command I'm not aware of00:43
poolieok i thought you meant you wanted them to be mailed or something00:43
AuroraBorealisyou could have it branch to their machine by using python right?00:44
Twelfhm, I'm not sure00:45
TwelfI think I am operating under the mistaken assumption that a shared repo enables this sort of functionality00:46
Twelfmaybe multi-pull in bzrtools would help00:49
poolieyes i think that's what you want00:51
pooliethat will soon be built in00:51
poolieas part of00:51
AuroraBorealiswhat does multi pull do00:51
pooliepulls all the branches from one repository00:52
AuroraBorealiseven if they are nested ?00:52
AuroraBorealislike in that workflow twelf linked, where you have a branch that contains another branch, etc00:53
pooliein a sub directory?00:54
pooliei think it only goes down one level00:54
AuroraBorealisi'm confused on if that workflow ^ means that every folder is its own branch or not, since bzr doesn't support that00:54
AuroraBorealisso i think feature1 and feature2 are just folders?00:54
pooliefeatureA will be a directory containing a .bzr/branch00:55
Twelfyep, that's what it looks like in my test00:55
AuroraBorealisso the top level directory has a 'trunk' folder too (thats not shown)?00:56
AuroraBorealisit says its a shared repo and a branch00:56
TwelfI created a shared repo at "project", and then "project/trunk", "project/alice", "project/bob", "project/bob/featureA", etc.00:57
AuroraBorealisyeah ok.00:58
TwelfI wonder if bzr_access will be compatible with the new colo stuff. I do need to restrict access for some developers to certain branches00:58
AuroraBorealisdocs are slightly confusing in that regard, since it doesn't support nested branches (like svn)00:58
Twelfthanks poolie00:58
vilahi all !07:32
vilamorning mgz !09:13
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hariomHi, it appears that I have hit the bug where pycurl is not verifying the self signed cert. Is there any solution?09:55
mgzwhat version of bzr and what platform?09:57
mgzwhat you probably want is to install the self signed cert into your system's location for certificates09:59
hariommgz:    bzr = 2.4; ubuntu: 10.04 LTS10:01
mgzso, try copying the .pem to /etc/ssl/certs then run update-ca-certificates10:03
* mgz is just googling this10:03
chmacCan I see the history of a file if it was previously deleted, then a new file of the same name created?10:25
mgz...what, you want to know how? :)10:26
fullermdYes, although how is always the opposite of the way I want.10:26
chmacmgz: Yes please :-)10:27
mgzfullermd, please enlighten us.10:28
fullermdA number of commands can take a revision and a filename.  IME, they all lookup the fileid from the filename as of that revision, except for the ones where I want it to lookup the filename as of current and backtrack to that rev.10:28
fullermdAnd I think I meant "except that" there.  Dunno.  Viri stealing my brainz.10:29
mgzbasically `bzr log -r<a revision the file existed> <the filename at that point>` should work10:29
mgzalternatively you can find the fileid, then use that in some places10:30
fullermdProbably have to dig through logs to find the rev where it was deleted, then do something like `log -r0..$THAT $FILE`.10:30
fullermdOr maybe ..before:$THAT, since in $THAT it's deleted.10:30
fullermdI've wished for the ability to explicitly pass fileid's to things like log/diff/etc a number of times in the past   :|10:30
mgzthat might make a few things easier indeed.10:32
chmacmgz: Thanks, I'll look into it now10:33
chmacAwesome, thanks folks, I have my old my.cnf back thanks to etckeeper :-)10:36
mgzgood good :)10:37
mgzhm, dulwich has a copy of the lru_cache module10:37
libertashi, I have a conflict I've not been able to resolve: Path conflict: bin/update_bds.OTHER / <deleted>11:43
libertasthe file is not there, how can I do this?11:43
mgzlibertas: `bzr resolve bin/update_bds.OTHER` probably11:49
mgzthough as it's an OTHER file you may have done something a little wrong during the merge, so I'd double check the diff of changes as well11:49
libertasit resolved now, strange, I guess I was inside bin/ and it wasn't doing it...11:50
libertasmgz thank you!11:50
fullermdThat probably means that you deleted the file in your branch, and the branch you merged made changes to it.11:51
mgzokay, first upgrade pain, consolekit hung itself13:05
fullermdLuckily, that never happens to me.  At least, I don't think it does.  I dunno how I'd know if it did.  Or what it is...13:08
mgzI suspect freebsd saves you from such an 'upgrade'13:11
fullermdWell, as near as I can tell at a glance, it's some internal bit of gnome.  Not messing with such a thing also saves me  :p13:11
crisbcan anyone recommend an approach to me regarding automatically updating a bug tracker when --fixes is specified on commit? ie should this be done at the repository side, if so how to do this from a push request?13:26
crisbi'm thinking it must be the repository side so that a public branch name is available13:27
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LarstiQcrisb: trac-bzr might have some way of doing that?15:39
LarstiQJesdisciple: concerning your commit message, if I understood it correctly: an editor pops up, write your message, and save and quit the editor15:40
LarstiQcrisb: so you can have a hook local when the commit happens, or in some central location that gets pushed to (smart server hook if you use that, or then cron/inotify/something like that)15:41
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iambenhello sirs.  is threads support on python required unconditionally for bzr?17:27
mgzno. but we use the logging module which imports it.17:28
mgzdummythreading should be enough17:29
iambenso this logging module can be disabled? simple "bzr init-repository --no-trees <repo-addr>" errors w/o threads support17:32
mgzpython should work still provided you have the dummy_threading module17:34
mgzwhat's the extact error?17:34
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iambeni know that i can fix it by adding threads support, i just want to make sure my distro has their dep list correct17:35
mgzah, that looks like our fault17:38
mgztry hacking in something like:17:38
mgzimport dummy_thread17:38
fomehi, im trying to branch a package of launchpad and i allways get this error: bzr: ERROR: Revision {package-import@ubuntu.com-20110812122506-zko6c7zfexvyg71q} not present in "Graph(StackedParentsProvider(bzrlib.repository._LazyListJoin(([CachingParentsProvider(None)], []))))".17:38
fomeany idea what that means?17:38
mgzsys.modules['thread'] = dummy_thread17:38
iambenmgz: i'm no python guy but i hacked these 2 lines into /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/bzrlib/bzrdir.py and it works, is that what you were thinking?17:49
mgzanywhere will do, it's a global change17:49
mgzI was thinking of the bzr script, but shows that dummy_thread is enough17:50
mgzgrepping shows we only use thread.get_ident except in the smart server and testing using the smart server17:50
jelmerfome: hi17:51
jelmerfome: I think that can be avoided by disabling the up-to-date-ness check in bzr17:51
iambenmgz: /usr/bin/bzr is some kind of wrapper script on gentoo, i'll just report this and let our bzr and/or python maintainers decide what to do, thanks17:51
fomejelmer: how would i go about that?17:53
iambenmgz: is this dummy_thread module a kind of "safe fallback" that will use threads when available, or do we need to use it conditionally ONLY when threads are not wanted?17:53
mgziamben: I'm not clear from the python documentation on who the onus to do this fallback is,17:54
jelmerfome: set launchpad.packaging_verbosity=False in the configuration17:54
lifelessiamben: I suggest you just require a threaded python17:54
mgzeither every python module that uses either the thread or threading module,17:54
lifelessiamben: pretty much /every/ build of python out there that isn't on tiny embedded systems is threaded.17:55
mgzor the maintainers of python distributions that build without threading enabled17:55
iambeni'll just report with a suggestion to force threading, and mention the possibility of dummy_thread17:55
jelmeriff building without thread support is really something we want, then I'd argue this is a bug in the logging module17:57
mgzwell, I think logging actually uses threading, which *does* fall back to dummy_threading correctly17:58
mgzbut thread does not automatically fall back to dummy_threading17:58
mgzand a few of the smart bits import it just for get_ident (the actual smart server does want to start threads),17:58
mgzbut for some reason we're pulling in enough in bzrdir to import thread in some train from there apparently17:59
jelmerhmm, odd18:01
jelmeranyway, EOD.. time for some lp hacking :)18:01
mgzthat's what I'm guessing from the traceback and grepping around at any rate, I've not actually traced it18:02
mgzI need to finish bending twisted to my will first...18:03
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mgzgah, that was a silly error to waste half an hour on18:44
LarstiQmgz: twisted?19:02
mgzdon't ask >_<19:04
mgzthe best way I found of debugging this test was waiting the 120 seconds for the timeout19:05
mgzthere was a timeout param on an object that din't actually change the duration19:05
LarstiQmgz: d'oh19:23
mgzI think there are probably cleverer ways of doing lots of these things but I've yet to learn them19:27
mgzokay, done19:28
mgztime to head down19:28
wgzhm, now what19:32
LarstiQwgz: should I close a bug as Inv19:38
LarstiQalid if work somewhere else has already taking care of it?19:39
wgzLarstiQ: hm.20:14
wgzin this case that's probably the best option,20:15
* LarstiQ was looking for a "Not For Us" option20:15
wgzas we want a record of the bug, but aren't going to be changing how we use os.listdir for this reason20:15
* LarstiQ nods20:16
bdmurrayI've noticed that the update-manager branch for lucid is out of date20:39
bdmurrayIs there something that can be done to fix this?20:39

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