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hazmat niemeyer pong00:30
niemeyerhazmat: Heya00:30
niemeyerhazmat: Was just wondering about the boolean stuff, but Clint already mentioned it's still on going00:30
hazmathmm. wasn't appearing in the kanban view the other branch masked it00:32
niemeyerhazmat: Most of the remaining issues seem related to it00:34
niemeyerhazmat: Also a couple of new cases related to symlinks00:34
SpamapSniemeyer: I've only seen basic symlinks in charms.. the kind where they link  foo -> ./common.sh00:47
niemeyerSpamapS: Yeah, these are still fine00:47
niemeyerSpamapS: We'll prevent only the symlinks pointing out of the charm00:48
niemeyerSpamapS: The are only two occurrences in the entire repo00:48
niemeyerThere are00:48
SpamapSI'd bet those are not in the reviewed charms00:49
niemeyerSpamapS: I've sent the output of the import round to the list00:49
niemeyerSpamapS: It's00:49
niemeyer----- lp:~yellow/charms/oneiric/buildbot-slave/trunk00:49
niemeyer----- lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing/charms/precise/nova-cloud-controller/trunk00:50
niemeyerIt's really unfortunate that we didn't start revisions on 1'01:21
jimbakerfinally, reproduced bug 912812 in a simple test01:41
_mup_Bug #912812: Error condition on relation hooks locks events processing <juju:In Progress by jimbaker> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/912812 >01:41
jimbaker(about time ;) )01:41
_mup_juju/purge-queued-hooks r454 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com01:44
_mup_Added test to verify queued hooks are purged after error01:44
niemeyerjimbaker: What was it about?01:50
jimbakerniemeyer, per the above bug, there may be queued hooks (say -changed after a -joined) that are waiting to run. but what if -joined exits with an error? the workflow (and its underlying state machine) at this point is in an error and it cannot run any such hooks01:53
niemeyerjimbaker: Hmm, right.. but isn't that expected?01:55
jimbakerniemeyer, sure. hence the bug01:56
niemeyerjimbaker: Sorry, I mean.. isn't the fact that it stops event processing expected?01:56
niemeyerjimbaker: What's the bug?01:56
* niemeyer reads01:56
jimbakerniemeyer, the state machine freezes01:56
jimbakerand the unit is consequently dead01:56
niemeyerjimbaker: Ah, ok.. the problem isn't that it stops processing events, but that it stops processing *EVERYTHING* ;-)01:57
jimbakerniemeyer, correct01:57
_mup_juju/purge-queued-hooks r455 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com02:24
_mup_Ensure accompanying -changed hook does not execute if -joined fails02:24
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jorgecould anyone help me with a juju test to deploy hadoop-master charm? the detailed scenario is pasted here http://pastebin.com/CrBab8RY ... Thanks! :)14:19
m_3jorge: hi, I'll give it a try on my end... it looks like it can't see the ppa15:13
jcastronew question if someone has time to check it out15:30
jorgem_3: hum... but, when I run the same install script manually, from the same instance, it works. the instance has the proxy env variables set up (http_proxy no_proxy ....). so, i would like to understand how juju run the script. maybe this is the problem.15:43
m_3jorge: yeah, I just got it to 'started' state15:47
m_3and the tests have been passing for hadoop-master15:48
m_3try it again if you would... destroy-service, then terminate-machine, then deploy it again15:48
m_3trying to determine if it was just spurious dns fail or something else15:49
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jcastroniemeyer: heya, I'm not clear about something when you do these imports.18:20
jcastrodo we need to have those 22 bugs fixed before the store can go live?18:20
jcastrobasically, should I be making an effort to find people willing to help fix those?18:21
m_3jcastro: I think it's more a warning that these won't be visible to the charm-store18:21
jcastrook, so they're not like "we need to fix these now or we are doomed"18:22
m_3jcastro: I'm watching the official "~charmers" ones closely... the rest shouldn't matter, they're just personal branches18:22
jcastrook, that clears it up for me, thanks18:22
m_3I think the boolean may've landed recently... I'll verify, but once it does the remaining `~charmers` branches can be fixed18:24
jcastrowe have a guy setting up juju with orchestra if someone wants to answer these: http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/juju?sort=unanswered&pagesize=5018:28
SpamapSniemeyer: will there be somewhere that people can go to see the reason their charm failed to import?18:30
m_3SpamapS: good question... rather than waiting for reports thru email18:33
SpamapSeven email is dicey IMO.. we don't have a contact field yet18:33
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hazmatSpamapS, we do indirectly19:37
hazmatif its from a ppa, the owner is known19:37
hazmatand if its in charmers, the responsible group is known19:38
SpamapShazmat: true. I think I'm just anti-email because I have 400 unread19:40
niemeyerSpamapS: Yo20:03
niemeyerSpamapS: Sorry, was off for a while20:03
niemeyerSpamapS: Absolutely.. the only reason I've been sending those reports to the list is because I've been working on the importer and the store itself20:04
niemeyerSpamapS: Tailoring restrictions and fixing bugs as I go20:04
niemeyerSpamapS: So it feels like a good idea to share the whole-repo intermediate results so that the repository may be improved while we don't have the final thing20:04
niemeyerSpamapS: In the future, juju publish will give immediate feedback20:05
m_3jcastro: post sounds good.. ship it20:06
jcastro<3 thanks20:06
m_3I think it's asking for help in exactly the right way... getting peeps to think about what sort of customizations they might already do20:06
m_3... and sharing them20:07
jcastroso if like everyone is saying "everyone knows you use nginx with wordpress"20:07
jcastrothen we should ship that!20:07
jcastroof course people will argue about the nitnoid details, but even if you follow most of the things people agree on it's still better than what we have now20:07
m_3and other choices that people like can just be config options20:07
m_3or fork20:08
jcastroI should flesh out that detail better.20:08
m_3that's another post :)20:08
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