kc4zvwNot ever receiving e-mail to validate Openpgp key02:14
wedtmHow would I got about adding this repo to my 10.04 system?04:02
EvilResistancewedtm, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nginx/stable04:09
wedtmOh man, that's what I was missing.04:09
wedtmOkay, thanks!04:09
EvilResistancewedtm, also, #nginx :P04:09
wedtmI know nginx fairly well, I just wanted to use a ppa in one of my scripts.04:10
wedtmIs there a prefered PHP one?04:10
EvilResistancethe version of PHP in the repositories should be sufficient, i can try and see if there's a backport anywhere though04:23
wedtmOh, I'm looking for one that's at least 5.3.304:25
wedtmone that has PHP-FPM built in.04:25
EvilResistancewedtm, what version of php is installed on your system?04:41
EvilResistanceor available i should say04:41
* EvilResistance isnt using lucid anymore04:42
wedtmEvilResistance: I was mistaken, I'm on 11.10 now, and the version in aptitude is just fine :)04:42
wedtmI appreciate your help greatly though!04:42
EvilResistanceyeah thats what i thought, 10.04 is pretty old :P04:42
EvilResistanceyeah 11.10 has a more recent php :P04:42
wedtmYeah, I like to stick with LTS's though.04:43
EvilResistancemeh, for my servers i agree.  for my other systems...04:46
EvilResistance:P *04:46
mptOhhh, nice09:40
mptClicking "Next" at the bottom of a bug listing scrolls you back up exactly to the top of the next batch09:40
mptWell done to whoever implemented that :-)09:40
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tsdgeoshi there10:11
tsdgeossince this morning i'm experiencing and issue with launchpad10:11
tsdgeosthat when doing a Merge Request10:12
tsdgeosit actually does not redirect me to the URL of the new Merge Request10:12
tsdgeosand stays at something like a request-merge or something10:13
tsdgeosdon't have the exact url at hand now10:13
tsdgeosdid you guys update the launchpad version today?10:13
wgranttsdgeos: Can you file a bug at https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug, with your browser version?10:13
wgrantWe release a new Launchpad version about once a day :)10:13
tsdgeoswgrant: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/92942210:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 929422 in Launchpad itself "Fails to refresh the URL when making a merge request" [Undecided,New]10:17
wgranttsdgeos: Thanks.10:19
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kaihi folks13:12
kaiI'm trying to copy packages from natty to oneric for a ppa, but launchpad keeps running into timeouts. is this a known issue?13:12
rick_hkai: you shold get an oops link, can you post it please I can take a peek13:13
=== rick_h changed the topic of #launchpad to: https://launchpad.net/ | Help contact: rick_h | Launchpad is an open source project: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | This channel is logged: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | User Guide: https://help.launchpad.net/ | Support: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad | For packaging help: join #ubuntu-packaging
kaiOOPS-3e494204aa925c4a5b346226b81f77ea is the latest13:14
bigjoolskai: copy fewer at once, it's a known issue13:14
rick_hthanks bigjools13:14
kaibigjools: ok, fair enough :)13:14
bigjoolswe're replacing the synchronous copying with an async backend at some point13:14
kaiif I had more time to purse this, I'd do nicer packages that had a chance of getting into debian, but getting packages into debian is a bit more time-intensive than I can afford13:18
kaibigjools, rick_h: thanks a lot for the quick help :)13:23
bigjoolskai: my pleasure13:23
edakiriDoes someone have NoScript XSS settings for LaunchPad handy and wish to share?13:37
zookoFolks: I'm struggling to make a builder recipe. Here's what I have now, along with the error message that I get when I run "bzr dailydeb" on it:http://codepad.org/Qblm8QCC15:29
jelmerzooko: does lp:pycryptopp have a debian/changelog file?15:30
zookojelmer: no: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~tahoe-lafs/pycryptopp/master/files15:38
zookoBut the docs say that it is the *final* version of the tree, i.e. after the nest merge is applied, that it uses, right?15:38
jelmerzooko: that's an error - where does it say that?15:38
zooko"Replaced by the upstream portion of the version number taken from debian/changelog in the final tree."15:39
jelmerzooko: that's debupstream (and is only true for 0.3 of recipes)15:40
jelmerzooko: you probably want {debversion:packaging}15:40
zookojelmer: thanks! but now it says: bzr: ERROR: No such tag: upstream-0.5.2915:45
zooko 15:45
zookoThat's with # bzr-builder format 0.4 deb-version {debversion:packaging}+{revno}+{revno:packaging}+{git-commit}15:45
zooko 15:45
jelmerzooko: build with --allow-fallback-to-native15:48
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zookoI'm back.16:31
lifelessdah dah dah daaaaah16:37
zookoSigh. http://codepad.org/V8DPftTJ16:40
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zookoFolks: can anyone tell me what is wrong with this dailydeb recipe?16:42
zookoCan I ask bzr or python to tell me the version number of the bzr builder plugin?16:47
jelmerzooko: 'bzr plugins -v'16:52
jelmerzooko: you're building a non-native package, but there is no .tar.gz file16:53
jelmerzooko: you probably want to change it to a 3.0-native source format16:53
zookojelmer: thanks--I'll try that.16:54
zookoIt doesn't give a version number for "builder".16:55
jelmerzooko: you're running a fairly old version of bzr-builder in that case, pre 0.7.1 I think16:56
jelmerzooko: if you've installed it from a package, you can find the version in the output of 'dpkg -l'16:56
deryckoh, rick_h sorry man.  You could have pinged.  Completely missed that it was my time for IRC.16:58
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rick_hderyck: np, just was heading afk for a sec17:02
dpb_Hi -- I'm getting an error uploading a python package to a PPA: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/835445/.  When I try this build locally (dpkg-buildpackage), it works just fine, I get debian packages, when installed, the packages go into the dist-packages directory (which should be site-packages).  I'm mainly wondering why the error is not reproducable locally?17:12
jelmerdpb_: are you running the same ubuntu version?17:16
dpb_jelmer: sorry, critical piece of info.  precise build, precise on my local workstation17:17
Ampelbeindpb_: That check is done by pkgbinarymangler, most likely you don't have it install locally.17:18
Ampelbeindpb_: (pkgbinarymangler performs additional tasks like stripping changelogs and general sanity checks)17:18
dpb_Ampelbein: trying again now with that installed.17:19
dpb_Ampelbein: excellent, same error now on my workstation. thanks.17:20
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zookojelmer: the format is stored in this file in the debian repo: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/debian/sid/pycryptopp/sid/view/head:/debian/source/format17:23
zookoShould I override that file in my fork and change it from quilt to native? Here's my branch so far:17:23
jelmerzooko: yes17:23
zookoWell... how come it successfully built and was included in oneiric then?17:23
jelmerzooko: because there the .orig.tar.gz was included17:24
jelmerzooko: you should either set a tag for the matching upstream version ('upstream-$VERSION') or change the package so it is native, and doesn't require an upstream tarball17:25
zookoOkay, I'll change it to "native". I want it to build current trunk nightly.17:26
zooko(daily, whateveR)17:26
zookojelmer: any other changes I should make besides s/quilt/native/?17:27
alexsimon877hi i uploaded my ssh key to the launchpad but when I attempt to check out a package it says "Permission denied (publickey)."17:30
alexsimon877deryck, I am trying to setup my bzr client to allow me to connect to the ubuntu servers so I can checkout source code.  It is not letting me though and it gives me the error (Permission denied (publickey).)  i already created an ssh key and I imported it into launchpad.  I don't know what to do though to get this to work...17:39
alexsimon877if someone else knows anything since deryck i guess is at lunch, any help is appreciated17:40
zookojelmer: hm, now it says: bzr: ERROR: Unable to find the upstream source. Import it as tag upstream-0.5.29 or build with --allow-fallback-to-native.17:41
zooko 17:41
zookoWhy did it think... /me greps for "0.5.29"...17:41
zookoHm, I don't get it.17:41
zookoHow do I tell it --allow-fallback-to-native?17:42
jelmerzooko: launchpad always builds with --allow-fallback-to-native17:42
jelmerzooko: it gives that error because you have a version number that suggests you have a non-native package17:42
zookojelmer: I do?17:42
zookojelmer: sorry, I'm pretty confused by all this. :-(17:42
zookoI understand that the debian/ directory that I started with was designed to use a release tarball (.orig.tar),17:43
zookoand I want to change it to use current revision control version.17:43
zookoBut I don't know what things I would have to change to make it do that.17:43
jelmerzooko: change the source format to '3.0 (native)' and make sure the version string doesn't contain any dashes17:45
zookoOkay, thanks.17:46
zookoHm, but I've already done that. At least, there are no dashes in this template: # bzr-builder format 0.4 deb-version {debversion:packaging}+{revno}+{revno:packaging}+{git-commit}17:47
zooko 17:47
zookoMaybe one of the things that it expands into has a dash?17:47
jelmerzooko: debversion contains a dash, probably17:47
zookoI guess I'll start by setting the version to "99".17:47
zookoAnd see if that builds.17:48
zookoOh, I have to run. thanks for your help! bbiab.17:48
alexsimon877zooko or jelmer, can you help me out please?17:53
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zookojelmer: it worked! with version=99.18:24
zookojelmer (and anyone) -- can you recommend a version template for my recipe that will contain as much meaningful information as it can without any dashes? Oh, I'll bet {debupstream:packaging} is what I want...18:25
* zooko tries that.18:26
zookoYay, it works!18:53
zookojelmer: thanks!18:54
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abentleyderyck: I relieve you.18:59
deryckabentley, thanks!19:01
l1ckr_I need some help19:08
deryck!ask | l1ckr_19:12
ubot5l1ckr_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:12
l1ckr_I recieve this error when I do a sudo apt-get update  Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates/ubuntu/dists/dists/oneiric/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found19:13
l1ckr_W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates/dists/oneiric/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found19:13
l1ckr_How do I fix that?19:13
ubot5Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:13
deryckl1ckr_, what version of Ubuntu are you running?19:16
l1ckr_I'm runing Ubuntu 11.1019:17
dobeyanyone know how i can figure out why a couple builds are "cancelled" in a PPA? there's no build log or anything useful to me that i can see19:17
deryckl1ckr_, you behind a proxy maybe?  I don't recall what causes that off the top of my head, but remember seeing it.19:19
jelmerthat URL doesn't actually seem to exist19:19
l1ckr_that was the first thing that I checked and I'm a bit of a ubuntu newbie that I don't know which files to go edit to remove those sources19:20
l1ckr_No, am not behind a proxy that I know of19:21
l1ckr_I'm connected via wirless but the router i don't think is set up to be a proxy19:21
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zookohuh, except the build failed with "AttributeError: 'cStringIO.StringI' object has no attribute 'split'"19:27
zookoLooks a bit like a bug in bzr from the stack trace.19:28
ubot5The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines19:29
jelmerzooko: that's a known bug in Launchpad, caused by the fact its builders are still running an old version of the python-debian package20:03
zookojelmer: is there a workaround for this bzr bug that I'm hitting on the launchpad autobuilder?20:19
jelmerzooko: use recipe version 0.320:24
zookojelmer: thanks.20:27
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zookojelmer: does v0.3 not support {debupstream:packaging}? It told me that it did in my local experiments, but: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/92446576/buildlog.txt.gz21:11
zookoThat says that it doesn't.21:11
jelmerzooko: no, you have to use {debupstream} in that case21:14
zookojelmer: thanks.21:15
zookojelmer: it works for real this time! Thanks!21:27
jelmerzooko: great :)21:29
thumperhi people21:47
thumperI have an annoying recipe ppa question21:47
thumperwe had a fubar with a branch21:47
thumperthat changed the history21:47
dobeyhey thumper21:47
thumperwhich has since been changed back21:47
jelmerhello o thumper21:47
thumperbut a recipe build kicked off with r300x21:48
thumperand now trunk is back at r299x21:48
thumperso build failed to upload21:48
thumperhow can we fix this?21:48
thumperhi dobey, jelmer21:48
dobeycommit two things to trunk21:48
thumperdobey: not entirely helpful21:48
thumpernot my project21:48
thumperwell, kinda21:48
jelmerthumper: wait for trunk to go past the problematic revision, indeed21:49
thumperI'm responsible, but not coding21:49
maxbor change the recipe expression to r3009really{revno} until it does21:49
jelmerthumper: alternatively, you can add an epoch to the package versioning.. but you'd have to live with that epoch forever21:49
jelmeror what maxb says21:49
thumperis the revision number string compare?21:49
thumperI'm happy to change the recipe express21:50
jelmerthumper: how do you mean?21:50
thumperjelmer: r30092994 < r3010 ?21:50
jelmerthumper: it uses the debian version comparison rules; r30092994 > r3010 AFAIK21:51
thumperwhat about r3009really{revno} ?21:51
thumperor r3009.{revno} ?21:51
maxbUsing "really" is a semi-standard convention when versions in Ubuntu need to be made to go backwards21:52
elmojames@ornery:~$ dpkg --compare-versions 3009really2994 \<\< 3010 && echo true21:52
* thumper updated recipe21:54
dobeyyeah don't do an epoch. you will be hated, and hate doing it :)21:54
maxbAside from a few interesting special cases, Debian versions are easy to compare mentally - just know that consecutive strings of digits compare as a single numeric quantity21:56
marnoldHello, I keep getting stale request errors when attempting to login22:13
marnoldbrowser is firefox 922:13
marnoldusername mattarnold522:13
marnoldi did a full wipe of the data22:14
marnoldin firefox22:14
marnoldand it still didn't work22:14
wgrantmarnold: What's the URL that gives the error, and what's the full text of the error message?22:15
marnoldYour page was stale.22:16
marnoldApologies, the page you came from was a little old. Perhaps you navigated here from a browser window other than the one you used to login. If so, try using the other browser window. Or, try your action again, starting from our home page.22:16
marnoldGo to our home page22:16
wgrantThat sounds like it's on login.launchpad.net?22:17
wgrantDo you have any plugins that might be blocking form tokens or cookies? I just logged in fine.22:17
wgrantWith Firefox 1022:17
marnoldonly google opt out stuff22:19
marnoldother then that just nosquint22:20
marnoldand unmht22:20
marnoldand noscript which i've already disabled22:21
marnoldwgrant, i tried with all extentions dissabled22:26
marnolddidn't work22:26
wgrantmarnold: You'll find a support link at the bottom of that page. Can you file a request there?22:27
marnoldContact SSO Support  << that it22:28
marnoldforgive me with nosquint dissabled i can't actually see22:28
marnoldwell just not very well22:29
marnoldi got it thanks22:35
icerootis there a bug on launchpad the last days not sending mails for bug-comments and so on?22:48
wgranticeroot: It is sending them.22:50
iceroothm as it seems its just "i dont send you mails, even if you put comments on the bugs, mark it as affected for you and so on"22:50
icerooti dont get why its not default to send mails if someone is commenting on a bug and marking it as affected22:51
wgranticeroot: You need to subscribe to the bug.22:51
wgrantYou'll see a link on the right to configure notifications.22:51
wgrantPeople get very annoyed when you send them mail that they didn't explicitly ask for :)22:51
icerootthis should be the default (imo)22:51
wgrantYeah, I would tend to agree.22:51
icerootif something is affecting me i WANT status updates via mail22:51
wgrantBut we have lots of reasonably uneducated users who don't :)22:52
icerootdo we have some personal settings for that?22:52
icerootso if i mark a bug as affected i will get mails automaticly?22:52
wgrantThere's not. You need to click on the link on the right.22:53
icerootwgrant: thank you for then info22:53
wgrantWe've tried several things to make this easier, but anything we do just results in the more clueless users subscribing to all of Ubuntu's bugs and then complaining they get lots of mail :/22:53
wgrantEven if it says "YOU WILL GET LOTS OF MAIL", they still do it :/22:54
icerooti have 89 bugs mehre, i have to check every bug if i get status updates by mail...22:54
icerootyes i know that i was adding a mailing-list to a bug22:54
iceroot10 people added "unsubscribe" on the bug...22:54
icerootbecause the mailinglist-mail told them to write a mail with unsubscribe :)22:55
icerootah good, most of the bugs i am the owner/creator and get all mails by default, so its just the "affected" and some other cases where i have to edit the bugmail-settings22:58
wgranticeroot: Yeah, you're automatically subscribed to bugs that you file.23:06
icerooti just need "send me mails for bugs i set a comment"23:06
icerootimo its useless when i comment a bug and i dont get info about another comment23:06
icerooti asked someone if he can test something, after 2 weeks i was luckily looking at that bug and saw that he posted the infos23:07
jonohey all23:14
jonoquick q about launchpadlib23:14
jonoI am trying to get a list of the number of bugs that a given user has filed23:15
jonoI think this works for a valid email address (e.g. jono@ubuntu.com) but an email address that isn't registered in LP it seems to give bad data23:15
jono >>> from launchpadlib.launchpad import Launchpad23:16
jono >>> l=Launchpad.login_anonymously('ubuntu-community accomplishments','production')23:16
jono>>> me=l.people.getByEmail(email='severedfifth@gmail.com')23:16
jono>>> ubuntu=l.projects['ubuntu']23:16
jono>>> bugs_reported = ubuntu.searchTasks(bug_reporter=me,status=['New', 'Incomplete', 'Invalid', 'Confirmed', 'Triaged','In Progress', 'Fix Committed', 'Fix Released', 'Opinion', "Won't Fix"])23:17
jono>>> len(bugs_reported)23:17
jonoresult is: 39216123:17
james_wjono, >>> print(me)23:17
jonothat email address is not registered in LP23:17
wgrantme is probably None23:17
jonome is None23:18
jonowhat am I doing wrong here?23:18
wgrantYou need to check that the user exists before you try to query using it.23:18
wgrantgetByEmail will return None of the user doesn't exist.23:18
jonohow do I check if the user exists?23:19
wgrantCheck if getByEmail returns None23:19
james_wonly do the second part "if me is not None:"23:19
jonomakes sense23:19
jonothanks, folks23:19

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