kopso here we are again with the tiny (10pt) fonts on the 1280x720 40" lcd . this time its K3b that is unreadable . any suggestions ? and no I can't read the fonts with a magnifying glass ....02:48
Sentynelkop: k3b is kde software and thus will obey kde settings02:50
Sentyneltry running kcmshell4 fonts02:50
koponly using K3b because the rest of the "home/office" is used to it and and once trained retraining is near impossible02:55
kopthis hasn't been the only time I've had to fight the default 10pt font02:55
kopthe console in synaptic is also blessed w/ unreadable fonts02:56
kopis this an lxde or lubuntu issue ?02:56
kopbtw I do understand the need for the default font size I just don't agree ;)02:57
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=== ThisCode is now known as JackyAlcine
zerothishow can i force all sound through my bluetooth headset?04:43
zerothisim using pulseaudio and oneiric05:10
Unit193Do you have paman, paprefs, and pavucontrol?05:11
Unit193Should have enough options in there to set it up I'd think...05:11
zerothispaman, paprefs, and pavucontrol dont show my bt05:18
blaine_does anyone know how to completely reset all of lxde's settings?05:21
blaine_I know in KDE I can just delete the .KDE folder... any such folder for lxde?05:21
bioterrorunder config05:21
bioterrorwas it .lubuntu ;)05:21
bioterroror was it .config/openbox ;)05:22
blaine_there is an openbox05:22
blaine_okay... and that file does autogenerate if I delete it... right? :-)05:23
blaine_awesome... my main issue is actually that I set the desktop right click menu to the openbox menu... and there does not seem to be a GUI method of setting that back... other than entering the desktop settings menu... which I can no longer get to...05:25
Unit193In terminal  pcmanfm --desktop-pref05:25
blaine_wow... that was amazingly easy... lol... Thanks!05:27
pAt__Unit139: will this be implemented in the gui in future lubuntu versions?05:50
Unit193139? Must not be looking for me...05:54
pAt__Ups. Yes its for you ;)05:54
Unit193What is "this"?05:56
pAt__What blaine asked05:57
Unit193Removing all your config isn't a normal operation05:57
pAt__Nah. Just setting back right click to standard menu rather than openboxmenu by using the gui instead of a terminal comand06:00
Unit193That terminal command opens a GUI....06:00
Unit193Might be a menu option too, but that's easier to tell them, and easier for me to remember06:01
pAt__Sure. But you have to know it. If there is a beginner, he will not find it. Why not including it in the gui?06:01
Unit193As I just said, there may be a menu option..............06:03
pAt__I did not find one when i started using lxde, i guess there isnt that option to check06:04
pAt__Got to go now ;) see you later06:05
marnoldanyone know how i might dissable the touchpad on my thinkpad08:11
pAt_marnold: look out for syndaemon08:23
pAt_marnold: syndaemon can do it, google for it08:35
JadedJacobWhen I set my resolution to 1024x768, after rebooting it always reverts back to the highest resolution my monitor supports, something crazy like 1600x120009:13
JadedJacobhow do i stop this from happening?09:13
JadedJacobI love lubuntu by the way.09:14
JadedJacobPentium 4 2.4ghz has never run as fast :)09:14
Unit193That's a bit odd, do you know if everything in your /home/user dir is owned by your user?09:22
JadedJacobUnit193 are you talking to me?09:35
Unit193Nobody else here, you were last to type. Yep :D09:36
JadedJacobi've only just connected haha09:36
JadedJacobI think i'm just going to reinstall09:37
JadedJacobit's a new install anyway, plus i'm putting in a new gfx card anyway09:37
JadedJacobGoing from built in with 8MB shared to a 64MB geforce 4 ti.09:37
Unit193If for some reason still there, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution09:37
JadedJacobUnit193 what hardware do you run on lubuntu?09:40
Unit193I wouldn't call it running, but....09:41
Unit193CPU~Single core Celeron (Mendocino) (-UP-) clocked at 498.389 Mhz Kernel~3.0.0-15-generic i686 Up~12 days Mem~151.4/495.4MB HDD~20.2GB(21.2% used) Procs~132 Client~Irssi 0.8.15 inxi~1.7.709:41
JadedJacobwhy wouldn't you call it running?09:41
Unit193That's two HDDs, one with old windows install, and crappy uptime.  Well, with that underpowered CPU, it's not snappy, but it's not bad (more of a joke.)09:42
JadedJacobI have a spare celeron 53309:43
JadedJacobI'm trying to decide which distro to install on it.09:43
JadedJacobLooking at TinyCoreLinux or Puppy linux(although puppy linux is getting pretty bloated now)09:43
JadedJacobwell not bloated, but the required hardware has gone up.09:44
JadedJacobI'm running a Pentium 4 2.4ghz @ 2.8, 1GB ram, 160GB HDD09:44
Unit193My list of small includes, slitaz, antix, lubuntu, debian netinst, ubuntu mini.iso, and others I can't think of at 5am09:44
Unit193Depending on what you need, Lubuntu isn't so bad on 500MHz09:45
JadedJacobTrue, i I got sick of running windows XP and having to use anti-virus software.09:45
JadedJacobSo I ditched it, such a huge improvement.09:45
JadedJacobLXDE is so snappy on this hardware.09:46
Unit193It should be, that's fairly decent09:47
Unit193Check your 533 if it supports PAE before installing anything on it09:47
Unit193grep pae /proc/cpuinfo  if you didn't know (from a live or something like that)09:48
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info09:51
Unit193non-PAE kernels are going to be removed from Ubuntu by defulat very soon, and repos not too long (my 500 supports PAE, but doesn't have that much ram)09:52
JadedJacobMy celeron 533 only has about 192MB RAM09:57
JadedJacobLOL, my cellphone has better specs than my celeron 533309:58
Unit193Yes, but it's the kernel that'll need your computer to support PAE, not the RAM.09:59
JadedJacobwhy is the kernel removing support for old hardware, I thought desktop linux distros were all about recycling old hardware :(10:00
Unit193Well, it's some oddball hardware that doesn't support it, and it's hard to maintain (so they say at least)10:01
JadedJacobmore lines of code :)10:02
JadedJacobAll people want computers for nowadays is Facebook, Flash player and Openoffice. (well the majority of home users)10:02
JadedJacobthanks for your help man10:17
marnoldwell i suppose we can always do ppas when non-pae is removed10:29
marnoldDebian still has a 486 optimized kernel10:29
marnoldso it shouldn't be too hard10:30
marnoldi miss my 486 :(10:30
Unit193Most won't need to10:36
marnoldi know10:36
marnoldI only just started using lxde because it's like gnome210:37
marnoldand Gentoo is about the only distro still supporting10:38
marnoldi've used gentoo, i like gentoo i just don't have time to maintain gentoo10:39
JadedJacobmarnold why don't you like gnome 3?10:40
Unit193Mmmmmm.... Mind if we continue in #lubuntu-offtopic ?10:40
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moxiocWhat are your thoughts on Lubuntu developed tools (like lxpanel, lxsession, lxterminal, etc.) adhering to security improvements suggested by this tool: http://www.trapkit.de/tools/checksec.html11:14
freerouteunder Supported Operating Systems12:32
freerouteis glibc in this case the same as libc?12:33
JustSighDudesIs there a way to rename the tabs in LXTerminal?12:36
freerouteJustSighDu... Ctrl+Shift+I ?12:50
njinHello, is pcmanfm using nautilus libraries?12:52
JadedJacobwhen paritioning, shall I use 'align to:' MiB or cylinder13:10
marnoldfreeroute, yes13:22
marnoldthe g is implyed libc stands on its own13:23
marnoldbecause we're all a bunch of lazy typists13:23
JadedJacobShall I use ext3 or ext4 as my '/' partition?13:28
kanliot_doesn't matter13:28
JadedJacobWhich version of grub comes with 11.10?13:28
JadedJacob1.99* ?13:29
marnoldJadedJacob, if you don't know go with ext413:34
marnoldi used to be a big ext4 hater13:35
marnoldbut they fixed the issues i had13:35
marnoldof course my /home is still reiserfs13:35
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jo-erlendthought I'd have a look at the current state of Precise for Lubuntu. Where can I get a recent image?13:40
JadedJacobthanks marnold13:45
JadedJacobwhat were the issues you had?13:45
JadedJacobalso what is the default login/password for the lubuntu live cd?13:45
marnoldshould be none13:46
JadedJacobi clicked logout, cause the installer froze13:46
marnolddon't do that13:47
JadedJacobit's 'ubuntu'13:47
JadedJacobno password13:47
JadedJacobhow else would i close the installer?13:47
marnoldyou don't13:48
marnoldyou wait 20 minutes13:48
JadedJacobthe installer froze, I couldn't click next or quit13:48
marnoldand if its still stuck you reboot the system13:48
JadedJacobit was on the first page.13:49
marnoldok then13:49
JadedJacobI'M TRYINg to restart, and it's at *unmounting temporary filesystems [ok] and it's just sitting there13:49
marnoldtry pushing enter13:49
marnoldthe disc should eject13:50
JadedJacobLOL, I'm so used to waiting for the message, 'press enter'13:50
JadedJacobIt's a flashdrive by the way, restarting now.13:50
marnolddid it work13:50
JadedJacobClicking on 'update this installer13:51
JadedJacob' probably didn't help.13:51
marnoldwell then that explains it13:51
JadedJacobfor some reason I can only get the live "disc" to boot using acpi=off13:51
marnoldthat also explains it13:52
JadedJacobacpi=off explains why it froze during install?13:52
marnoldit can't reboot on its own if13:52
marnoldacpi is off13:52
marnoldthats not why installer broke13:53
marnoldyou'll want the text based installer13:53
marnoldif you can't get live to boot13:54
marnoldeither something is wrong with the disc or your system13:54
marnoldkill two birds with one stone13:54
marnoldthe alt installer can work with any  oddball stuff that may be going on13:55
JadedJacobI've already started to copy13:57
JadedJacobIt's a horrible intel motherboard with a pentium 4 2.4ghz CPU13:59
JadedJacob512 RAM and a geforce 4 ti 420013:59
JadedJacobI'll try installing the driver from nvidia14:01
JadedJacobdisabling acpi=off and restarting14:02
JadedJacobGrabbing the alt installer14:07
JadedJacobI'm testing the RAM as well14:08
JadedJacobSomething is broken though14:08
JadedJacobMemtest86+ isn't displaying properly14:08
JadedJacobthere's black bards and overlapping text.14:08
freeroutedoes (h)top have a function which is similar to LXTask 0.1.4 "Show memory used by cache as free" ?14:44
freeroutebecause that is a preeety useful thing to know when working in live environments14:45
JadedJacobSeems my CPU was overheating.15:14
pcroquefreeroute: top shows VIRT and RES columns for the memory, and the command free -m shows a line '-/+ buffers/cache' that should do what you want.15:27
pcroquefreeroute: see www.linuxatemyram.com also.15:28
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draiochive had a recurrent prob with lubuntu 11.10, ive done 3  reinstalls in about 3 month for same reason, password and user no longer accecpted  for no apparent reason, seems to happen when i switch off at mains and not sys shoutdown anyone any suggestions pls16:16
freeroutepcroque: that website made me lol hard :D16:17
holsteindraioch: theres a recovery kernel... have you tried that?16:17
draiochhi holstein, hows it goin!, think i tried that will try again thx16:23
phillwdraioch: 2 possible causes. One is that / mounts as read-only as there is a file error. 2nd you mess up your ICEAuthority file permissions16:23
holsteindraioch: o/16:23
phillwdraioch: however, the best way to prevent smashing your file system is not to power off before shutting down.16:24
holsteindraioch: thats what i would try first... that is odd... i could try some testing with you though.. i have som boxes i could pull the power on ;)16:24
draiochi know thx phillw16:24
draiochits the 3rd time happening and i do a lot of mains swithoffs, cant think off any other reason thx holstein16:25
phillwre-mounting / as rw by using Alt-F2 should get that fior you (you can check if it is an error sate by issuing mount - if / is read only, then it is in a state of error.16:25
holsteindraioch: does is seem to be only lubuntu? ...do you have encryption setup?16:26
draiochthx phillw ill keep that in mind16:26
draiochme only use lubuntu on one pc, no encryption setup16:27
draiochmeantime is recovery kernel easiest option for now16:28
pcroquefreeroute: Yeah...it's pretty funny...but it helped me understand what was going on with memory on my system.16:33
pcroquefreeroute: BTW the command: watch free -m should give you an update every 2 seconds of your real free memory.16:34
JadedJacobgot the coffee on?16:41
Flazeryou know it16:42
JadedJacobHi Flazer, help me tweak lubuntu for performance.16:44
JadedJacobMan the boot time of lubuntu is amazing.16:54
JadedJacobFlazer I'm just trying to tweak flash playpack16:54
draiochwhen trying to repair kernel from rescue mode from 11.10 iso when option to pick as device for root file for pass restore or does it matter, ta... /dev/sda1 or 2 or 5 or no use root file sys17:05
draiochwhich option17:05
Flazersorry Jacob. was making bkfast. afk. as far as tweaking, I may not be your best man just yet. ;-)17:12
JadedJacobAll good17:13
JadedJacobI'll read the ubuntuforums17:13
JadedJacoband install a light weight browser to go along with tweaked lubuntu17:13
JadedJacobTurning off a few processes, like bluetooth17:13
Flazerthat's what I would suggest. you can even remove packages you don't use. that's a little more advanced tho. I use chromium as my browser, which seems to work well17:15
JadedJacobI want to be able to watch 480p content with out any dropped frames17:21
JadedJacobwell with out any stuttering.17:21
JadedJacobFirefox 9 seems too much of a resource hog for my aging pentium 4 2.4ghz17:21
Flazerso you're watching a video on say, YouTube, and you get stuttering? especially in fullscreen right?17:27
FlazerI did some digging, and it sounds more like a Flash isn't optimized for Linux issue rather than a Lubuntu issue. another guy had the same sort of thing happen in Ubuntu. let me see what his fix was17:28
Flazer"Another disappointment (although an expected one) is the performance of Flash under Linux. Under Windows XP, this machine shows almost no extra CPU usage when switching YouTube videos to full screen 480p. However, due to the sub-optimal performance of Flash on Linux, I couldn't even get smooth playback of 320p in full screen mode under Linux. In windowed mode, the performance was acceptable, and there is a partial work-around in the form17:29
Flazerof FlashVideoReplacer."17:29
Flazerthe fix is an addon for Firefox.17:30
JadedJacobCool, I'll install Firefox as well, so I can compare flash performance.17:31
JadedJacobNot even full screen video, just 360/480p youtube videos at their normal size.17:31
JadedJacobstutter and lag17:32
Flazergood idea. I had to run some terminal fommands to get chromium to add flash. by default it doesn't have it, probably to boost performance ;-)17:32
JadedJacobJust reinstalled Lubuntu + updates + nvidia drivers17:49
JadedJacobFlash playback is amazing now thanks to HTML517:49
Flazergood to hear. which browser17:50
FlazerI was going to tell you to wait for HTML 5, but thought that would sound to asinine haha17:50
JadedJacoblol spoke too soon, full screen flash made chromium crash17:51
* Flazer lets out a sigh17:51
Flazerwhat about Firefox?17:52
JadedJacobHow do I install firefox in lubuntu?17:54
phillwJadedJacob: go into Synaptic Package Mananger and type firefox in the search part.17:55
valdur55Where i can find this chat log?18:07
valdur55This channel log*18:07
pcroquevaldur55: irclogs.ubuntu.com18:13
JadedJacobFlazer: FlashVideoReplacer has been removed18:56
Flazerah, sorry18:57
valdur55I am having problem with xdg-open http:// and ubutnu-bug fails with this problem.18:58
wxlvaldur55: you STILL haven't replied to the email18:58
valdur55oh sorry.... alpha2 ... and dailly18:59
wxlagain, you still haven't replied to all the questions18:59
kanliot_xdg-open works on my pc19:00
valdur55xdg-open can't hadnle http://19:01
valdur55xdg-open http://lubuntu.net19:04
valdur55who can open this with lubuntu?19:04
valdur55wxl, Check your command.... xdg-open and ubuntu-bug doesn't exist19:09
wxlvaldur55: why don't you try installing them :D19:13
valdur55I mean.. package19:14
valdur55wxl, and why i need use sudo for apt-policy19:16
valdur55wxl, apt-cahe policy19:16
wxlbecause you need sudo for every apt command valdur5519:17
valdur55are you sure? apt-get source pakcage works nicely19:17
wxlyou're welcome to try it without19:18
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Sentynelapt-cache doesn't need sudo19:19
valdur55and apt-source , i depens on working dir19:19
valdur55install, update, clean, purge, autoremove is with sudo19:20
kanliot_xdg-open http://lubuntu.net works fine here19:20
valdur55oh.. just admin tasks.... i missed some commands19:20
Sentynelyou need root if you're making changes, basically; just reading the db is not a privileged operation19:21
valdur55kanliot_, what version?19:21
valdur55oh... but ubuntu-bug xdg-utils ?19:21
kanliot_how do i get that19:22
valdur55command: ubuntu-bug xdg-utils19:22
kanliot_2:~$ xdg-utils 1.10-rc1-2ubuntu619:23
kanliot_valdur did you get my email in the list about the scrollbars?19:24
kanliot_if you did if you could test that for me19:24
valdur55kanliot_, yea i got it... i need some free time to hack again with lubuntu dailly build :)19:26
kanliot_it's quick to test19:27
venik212I want to assign some function to the center button of a mouse-- how do I do that in Lubuntu?19:36
JadedJacobHas anyone managed to get flash to run smoothly?19:38
holsteinJadedJacob: i have flash running smoothly on most everything... not on one via chip though... and several otherers are choppy with certain driver/kernel configurations19:42
venik212anyone knows how to assign functions to mouse buttons in Lubuntu?19:45
kanliot_or that x config thing19:47
bioterrorprobably from lubuntu-rc.xml19:47
bioterrornever had urge to do that19:48
Flazergot a weird bug. when I first boot up. the "start" button and the power button have a white background. if I change the background of the power to something else and then back it fixes it. only started happening in the last week19:50
venik212Openbox allows very limited stuff regarding the mouse, AFAIK19:55
venik212I looked19:55
venik212yes-- I see that editing the lubuntu-rc.xml could do it.....  It would have been nice if the mouse & Keyboard app from the menu had some more features.. Oh well20:01
kanliot_flazer iif you can reproduce it then file a bug20:10
kanliot_most likely the dev wont be able to reproduce it20:10
kanliot_on his pc or hers20:10
Flazergotcha, will do, just was seeing if anyone else had come across it20:13
silverarrowI'm about to turn back to lubuntu20:26
Flazerwelcome back20:30
silverarrowI've been running puppy linux for a while, but I there are advantages to full install and stability20:31
wxlew puppy linux20:31
Flazerwhat kind of a system?20:32
silverarrowits' not ew lol20:37
silverarrowbut it is mainly frugal install, and cd/usb boot20:37
silverarrowit works, and it's really fast20:37
=== funkyHat_ is now known as funkyHat
wxlconceptually i like it, not actually20:38
Flazerright, would be good for netbooks or limited hard drive storage20:38
silverarrowlubuntu often boots better from full install20:38
Flazerbut you're looking to come back to lubuntu?20:38
silverarrowor faster20:38
silverarrowyes, I am20:39
silverarrowpuppy is great for those who compile and tweak stuff20:40
Flazeryeah, but you want a daily user distro, right?20:40
Flazerwe're here to help20:41
silverarrowI'm  about to burn 11.1020:42
JadedJacobhow can i close X server, so I can manually install nvidia drivers?20:48
SentynelJadedJacob: why are you manually installing nvidia drivers?20:51
Sentynelthat way lies pain20:51
JadedJacobi'm sick of flash video not playing smoothly in full screen20:51
wxlmy understanding is that was a flash problem20:51
* holstein has been sick of flash period for years...20:52
Sentynelbut why install them manually?20:52
SentynelI'm not convinced updated drivers will help with that, but there's no reason to manually install20:52
wxlholstein: why are you following me around irc? ;)20:52
* holstein high-fives wxl !20:52
SentynelJadedJacob: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates <- latest drivers packaged20:53
wxlJadedJacob: proof you're barking up the wrong tree https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+bug/34628920:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 346289 in flashplugin-nonfree (Ubuntu) "MASTER: Choppy Flash playback in full screen" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:53
wxlnote it's a bug in the flashplugin20:54
wxlwhich means it's a problem with adobe20:54
wxlyou're more likely to get an amendment to the consitution in the us than have them care a hoot about linux20:54
holsteini would try other browsers too JadedJacob ... chrome has its own flash AFAIK20:54
wxli will admit that my experience with free flash has not been great :(20:55
Sentynelalso, check for html5 modes on the video player you're using (youtube provides html5 on a lot of videos, for example)20:55
wxlhtml5 WILL work20:55
Sentynelyet another alternative is to use a content downloader of some sort, e.g. the firefox extension DownloadHelper, and watch the downloaded video with VLC or something similar20:56
JadedJacobholstein: You mean HTML5?20:56
Sentynelbit of a pest, but it'll run a lot better20:56
JadedJacobSentynel, using a downloader, defeats the whole purpose of streaming20:57
kanliot_actually flash runs pretty fast on my pc, even in 1920x20:57
SentynelJadedJacob: not really.. you can start watching while it's still downloading with any decent video player, for example20:58
holsteinJadedJacob: i mean flash... AFAIK, chrome, the actual chrome browser has its own flash20:58
holsteinyou can try it for troubleshooting purposes, since that *way* easier than juggling drivers20:58
JadedJacob*looks for his Windows XP install CD*20:59
JadedJacobI want to install drivers manually for learing purposes.21:02
Sentynelthen back everything up and make sure you have a spare computer available while you're doing it.21:03
Sentynelsudo stop lxdm from a tty should shut down x. in my experience there's a 50% chance of the driver install completely killing X, so have fun. and it'll break every time you update the kernel21:04
JadedJacobOverrideGPUValidation=true seems to have helped21:07
Sentyneler, I don't know what the switch does or what you fed it to but gpu validation is probably there for a reason.21:08
JadedJacobI'm up from 2 fps in full screen to 12-1921:08
Sentynelhrm, interesting21:08
Sentynelthere might be stability problems21:09
JadedJacobthe reason why i want to use a manual driver, is because it's an old card, and ubuntu is probably installing the latest version, released in 2011, i'm trying to install the driver released in 200721:11
Sentynelwhy do you imagine that would help?21:11
FlazerJacob, yeah i think it's like they're saying, flash...i'm on an EeePC with built in intel graphics and get the same problem21:12
Flazerit's not a driver issue, it's a flash issue :(21:12
wxl…and adobe doesn't care one bit about their linux userbase21:12
JadedJacobI'm trying to get blood out of a stone21:16
Flazerjust a bit21:19
JadedJacobRight, so down with adobe, what other non-apple player can I use?21:27
wxl!flash | JadedJacob21:27
ubottuJadedJacob: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash21:27
wxl!Gnash | JadedJacob21:28
ubottuJadedJacob: Gnash is an open-source Flash replacement. It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/21:28
JadedJacobI'm going to setup this system as a dual boot21:31
JadedJacobWindows XP for Flash, lubuntu for everything else21:31
JadedJacobi've installed the mozilla-plugin-gnash package, how can it it working in firefox21:40
phillwJadedJacob: the Lord works in mysterious ways... :)21:43
JadedJacobas in firefox is too recent?22:01
marnoldJadedJacob run dpkg -L mozilla-plugin-gnash22:30
marnoldif you want to know22:31
marnoldotherwise its magic22:31
=== LinoSP|away is now known as LinoSP
kanliotdoesn't lubuntu have a beep on errors?23:53
bioterrorexplain more23:53
kanliotlike control-g23:53
kanliotor when i do something stupid in an app23:54
kanliotyou get that beep23:54
kanliotit's in gnome23:54
bioterrorgood for gnome23:54
bioterrorno, lubuntu has no "sound theme's"23:54
kanlioti was typing control g i kinda miss it there23:55
kanlioti'm gonna see if theres an faq for turning it on23:56
phillwkanliot: not on our FAQ there is not.23:57
kanliotman i guess some people don't like the beep23:58
bioterroryou're right23:59
bioterrorfirst thing I do when I log into windows installation is to change sound theme to no theme. and when I get desktop computer, I unplug the PCSPEACKER -cable23:59

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