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FudgeAlanBell  themuso has some ideas about that also11:20
Fudgemuted sound 11:20
FudgeAlanBell  are you up and about :)12:26
AlanBellon a train now12:27
Fudgeoh awesome12:28
Fudgecan i pick your brain or are you bsuy looking at the women ;)12:28
AlanBellask away, I might not answer very quick thouhh12:54
Fudgethats ok im heading soon, i have been trying to find info on ubuntu, does the accessibility method control S, f5 at boot etc work on other ubuntu flavours like xubuntu kubuntu lubuntu edubuntu mythbuntu etc... Is there a particular package, gfxboot or something that contains it that I can look for in these other flavours?12:58
Fudgethanks for your future response mate, midnight here now, cheers13:00

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