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dpmgood morning all08:05
noodles775Hey there dpm08:06
dpmhey noodles775, good morning :)08:06
rigvedhi everyone. i am using 12.04 and quickly. i was following the quickly tutorial, but i have come across a problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834986/09:39
rigvedthe quickly tutorial says that i should provide only the start and the end iter for the TextView widget's TextBuffer.09:41
rigvedbut the error tells me otherwise. can anyone help regarding this?09:41
dpmhi rigved, which tutorial are you following?09:42
rigvedi typed the quickly tutorial on the cli09:44
dpmrigved, let me try to reproduce it to see if I can help09:45
rigveddpm: i was checking http://www.pygtk.org/docs/pygtk/class-gtktextbuffer.html#method-gtktextbuffer--get-text.09:46
rigvedthere is a third attribute: include_hidden_chars09:47
rigvedi just now included it in the function call and it worked.09:48
dpmrigved, ah, cool :)09:49
rigveddpm: so, it seems like the textbuffer api has changed, right? should i file a bug?09:50
dpmrigved, I think a bug to update the tutorial would be useful, yes. Which part in the quickly tutorial mentions these arguments?09:51
rigveddpm: Quickly 11.12 User Guide > Getting Started > Here's the code to get pull the text out of the TextView09:52
rigveddpm: it's the part where the note data is retrieved from the TextView's TextBuffer.09:53
rigveddpm: also, i just now noticed that there is a grammatical mistake here: "Here's the code to get pull the text out of the TextView" should be "Here's the code to get/pull the text out of the TextView" or something like that...09:54
rigveddpm: so, should i file a bug against quickly or is there a separate package for quickly tutorial?09:56
dpmrigved, thanks, yeah, a bug would be really helpful. Afaik there is only one quickly project, so if you fire up a terminal and run 'ubuntu-bug quickly', it should take you to the right project09:57
rigveddpm: ok. thanks!09:59
dpmno worries, thank you!09:59
rigvedbug 92941710:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 929417 in quickly "Quickly tutorial contains wrong gtk.TextBuffer.get_text function call" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92941710:15
rigvedbug 92942010:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 929420 in quickly "Quickly tutorial contains grammatical mistake" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92942010:16
dpmawesome, thanks rigved!10:17
rigveddpm: np10:22
arslanatajanovHello. Are there any Python devs here?19:26
jo-erlendarslanatajanov, yes, but I'm sure that's not really what you'd like to know. :)19:31
jo-erlendjust blurt out your question and see if someone answers. People aren't always looking at their screens. :)19:31
arslanatajanovThank you for your prompt reply....Yes, I seek advise...19:33
arslanatajanovI have just finished reading couple books about Python 2.x and 3.x...And I want to start "a little project"...19:34
arslanatajanovLet say I am still new to Python but can do something that is working :)19:35
jo-erlendin that case, it doesn't really matter which one you begin with. Python 3 is the way forwards, but it has less libraries to play with.19:37
jo-erlendthey aren't radically different. If you learn Python 2 first, then you might get a few bad habits, but other than that the languages are the same. You can start to use mostly Python 3 syntax in Python 2 as well.19:39
jo-erlendfor instance, don't get used to writing things like: print "Test". That won't be allowed in the future, so get used to writing print("Test"), etc.19:39
arslanatajanovSo back to my "project"... I am a Biomedical Science student and Computer Science student....And I have noticed that people who are studying with me experience difficulties in finding short and "highly understandable" definitions for various scientific words and phrases...And I thought if it would be possible to create a piece of software which contains a set of short definitions for a large number of scientific termin19:40
jo-erlendthere is a collection of those... But what is it called?19:42
jo-erlendoh, I misread. I don't know of anything exactly like that.19:44
jo-erlendarslanatajanov, I think that sounds like a cool project. How do you intend to deliver the application, via a browser or a native desktop experience?19:45
arslanatajanovVia native experience, (and If it is going to be successful I would like to add different features that will need internet connection, I've came up with a whole list of possible features, so its too long to write) :)19:48
arslanatajanovI also know C# and have experience in .NET....So i dont know, what to choose, if I choose C# then i'll need to stick to Windows for a long time...but I really like Ubuntu and want to make something on this platform19:49
jo-erlendYou can develop in C# in Ubuntu using Mono. Or you can use Vala, which is very similar to C# but very much faster and built for Gnome.19:51
arslanatajanovand I wish to use Python because it is more or less portable19:51
jo-erlendPython is a beautiful language.19:51
arslanatajanovYes ive heard of it...but I like Python :)19:51
arslanatajanovI would really appreciate if you will provide me with links to some resources with Python apps19:52
arslanatajanovI couldn't find any descent resources on the web by myself19:53
jo-erlendarslanatajanov, I would look at http://developer.ubuntu.com.19:57
jo-erlendhttp://docs.python.org/tutorial is nice.19:57
jo-erlendof course, there are plenty of apps in Ubuntu itself. Ubuntu One, for instance.19:58
arslanatajanovHmm..Ok Thank you...Hope I will get something descent in near future. :)19:58
arslanatajanovBut I really want to implement it..19:59
arslanatajanovOk...Thank you again...bye..19:59
jo-erlendthat's a good one for Python and GTK3 apps.20:00
arslanatajanovwow..that last link seems cool20:00
arslanatajanovI was looking for something like this20:01
jo-erlendQuickly is the first thing you should look at.20:01
jo-erlendit gets you up and running in minutes.20:01
arslanatajanovok...need to go...thanks...I've looked at it...and glade...and created couple simple programms20:01

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