highvoltagehow do I find an app again if it isn't listed on https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/arb/ ?12:57
wendarhighvoltage: I have that problem too13:33
wendarat the moment there is no way13:34
wendarapparently BooruPy is a downloader for anime pr0n13:34
highvoltageseems like all I can do is paste https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps in my URL bar and then press down to check my browser history13:34
wendarI'm giving it a "not appropriate for general audiences".13:34
highvoltagesounds like the right response13:36
wendarhighvoltage: oh, dpm's wiki page has links to the proposals13:49
wendaras much as I hate the idea of manually maintaining a queue outside the queue, it does have advantages13:49
wendarI guess see how we do with simple email thread tracking13:50
wendaran email folder is easy enough to search for previous entries13:50
dpmnote that the wiki page was intended as a one-off, first-pass review to the queue as a helper (also https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-portal/+bug/915902)13:52
wendardpm: yeah, it's just tempting to maintain it, because it is helpful15:47
wendardpm: but, resisting the temptation for now :)15:47
dpmwendar, no worries, happy if it's to be helpful in whichever way :)15:48
wendarso, the SSHSearch Lens that's in the queue as "Pending QA", is that an update to the one that's published? or is it just the same one, and needs to be bumped to a manual "ARB Published" state?16:35
wendarsame question for the Utilities Lens and Ask Ubuntu Lens16:37
stgraberwendar: don't touch them!17:08
stgraberwendar: Pending QA == Published17:08
wendaryah, but can we clear them from the queue?17:08
stgraberwendar: we don't mark them as Published because of the Software Center bug17:08
stgraberwendar: if we mark them as anything but Pending QA, they'll either vanish or be moved to the "For purchase" section17:09
wendarlast I cchatted with achuni, he said we could set up a special "ARB Published" state17:09
wendarthat wouldn't bump it into visible status in the Commercial Queue17:09
wendarbut, would clear it out of our queue17:09
wendarwe want it out of our queue, right?17:10
wendardon't want to keep around all the past published apps?17:10
stgraberI kind of like to see them in the queue until the SRU has been published to 11.1017:10
stgraberotherwise we'll forget which need fixing once the bug is solved (we'll need to drop the manually added metadata)17:11
wendarcould we have them listed separately, then?17:11
wendaror, put them in an actual launchpad bug in the ARB queue?17:11
stgrabermaybe, though the software-center SRU was supposed to be done 3 weeks ago, it's maybe just easier to push the SRU out and be done with the bug?17:12
wendaryes, if it's that close17:12
stgraberwendar: I just poked mvo17:13
stgraberwendar: mvo says we should have the software-center SRU right after feature freeze19:05
wendarajmitch: good morning :)19:05
stgraberhmm, what just happened to pdf studio 7? (received an e-mail saying it's been published from arb)19:19
ajmitchwas it in the commercial queue?19:21
ajmitchsince I haven't seen an app of that name in the ARB queue yet19:22
stgraberwell, it went to our mailing-list, so it should have been one of ours, though it might have been a bug in MyApps ;)19:26
* stgraber checks the commercial queue19:26
ajmitchit wouldn't be the first bug :)19:26
stgraberindeed :)19:26
stgraberyeah, I see it as pending review in commercial ... so probably was some kind of glitch19:27
ajmitchare magazines like the full circle magazine being bumped over to the commercial queue?19:27
ajmitchI know they don't fall within our content guidelines, as they're solely content19:27
stgraberyeah, these I usually send back to commercial when nobody from that team beats me to it19:28
ajmitchah nice19:29
ajmitchI don't think regular ARB members have an option to change the queue, unless it's not obvious19:31
stgraberapparently the "send back to myapps" option is supposed to do it (if you see it)19:39
stgraberI usually just poke achuni on IRC :)19:39
* ajmitch can see a 'submit to myapps' button19:44
stgraberyeah, I think that's the one. I never confirmed that it indeed does what they say it does ;)19:45
stgraberand its name is just confusing...19:46
* ajmitch wonders if jono has heard any response on getting the source for myapps19:46
ajmitchI'm not holding my breath, but it doesn't really seem like a critical thing to keep proprietary19:47
jonoajmitch, talking with them now about it21:19
ajmitchthanks jono :)21:19
jonoajmitch, :-)21:20
jonoajmitch, which is the best email address to use for you?21:26
jonoI want to copy you into a mail21:27
jonoajmitch, found your email, np21:32
ajmitchsorry for irc lag, am at work :)21:37
ajmitchjono: thanks for starting that conversation, I'll follow it up with david22:04
jonothanks ajmitch22:05
wendarframingham calculator is ready for vote22:23
wendaris anyone working on harmonyseq?22:23
wendarthat's an old one, IIRC, just recently freshly submitted22:23
ajmitchwendar: yeah I've started on it again22:24
wendarajmitch: cool, will pick another one22:24
stgraberwendar: is it in the staging PPA already?22:25
stgraberwendar: (the calculator)22:25
wendarstgraber: yes22:25
wendarready for vote22:25
ajmitchI think it'd be useful to import these packages into a branch so we can share the ARB changes a bit easier22:25
ajmitchmostly because it's simpler to see the revisions :)22:25
wendarajmitch: I'm about to push my changes to a branch22:25
wendarbut, I'm not sure whether to use an app-review-board branch, or an allison branch22:26
wendarany opinions?22:26
* ajmitch was just going to use a +junk branch under ~ajmitch22:26
wendarapp-review-board would mean any members could edit it22:26
wendarbut, just for viewing, ~allison is fine22:26
wendar(and, anyone can always branch mine and push their own)22:27
ajmitchyeah, I was thinking of it just for reviewing, it's easy enough to push to ~app-review-board later22:27
ajmitchok, back later, another meeting at work... :)22:27
wendarlater :)22:27
wendarhow about nsnake, anyone working on that one?22:29
stgraberwendar: commented on the mailing list22:34
stgraberso far I made a +junk branch under ~stgraber for each package I touched but it'd probably be interesting to move them under ~app-review-board22:34
wendarstgraber: for some reason your first email about the icon didn't come through22:42
wendarstgraber: but your second email referring to the first email did22:42
wendarstgraber: maybe just server lag, give it a bit22:42
stgraberwendar: I received my first e-mail back from the mailing-list, so something seems to be wrong on your end22:48
wendarstgraber: got it now, just some weird lag22:48
wendarstgraber: on dh_gencontrol, does have to be a png, or is an svg fine? The package currently only includes an svg, though the developer submitted pngs to MyApps.22:49
stgraberwendar: you need a png22:50
wendarstgraber: does resolution matter? go for the highest?22:50
stgraberwendar: what I did for the others was include the .png from myapps (the 128x128) manually in the source package22:50
wendarstgraber: in the debian directory? (I've been trying to limit changes to debian/ or debian/patches22:51
stgraberit's the one displayed in the software-center, I don't know exactly what size it uses but it's pretty big, so go for the highest22:51
wendarnot really critical, I suppose, just inventing standards on the fly :)22:52
stgraberthe lenses were native packages, so I directly put it in there next to their .svg, I guess in your case as it's source format 3, you can put it in debian/arb-icon-blah.png or something like that22:52
stgraberit doesn't really matter as long as it's copied outside the build environment at build time22:53
stgraber(that's a part that wasn't necessarily clear in what I copy/pasted, the ../ in there it doesn't really matter puts it outside the build environment, right next to the generated binary packages)22:54

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