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duga3list ubuntu-arm07:38
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AlexLeehello , does ubuntu11.10 for panda has no h264enc codec? i run the gst to encode h264 failed, who knows ?08:07
duga3can anybody help me with ARM NEON?08:20
duga3Good morning, can anybody help me with vector permutation using ARM NEON?08:29
ogra_TheMuso, hey, i meant the other paz00/alc patches ... i dotn know if all of them made it into the recent version we have10:24
janimoGrueMaster, I am looking at the two main FTBFS you brought up. thanks10:26
* ogra_ curses, seems my install is seriously scrwed :(11:42
* ogra_ curses mono11:48
janimoogra_, what does mono do in your install?11:49
ogra_fail the assembly install from the postinst11:49
janimobut what requires it, it's not in default install right?11:50
ogra_note that my system got upgraded from natty over oneiric to precise, i have a lot of shit installed that shouldnt be there11:50
* ogra_ is just trying to get rid of mono11:50
ogra_also i hacked the alternatives for nvidiy-tegra, that fails too11:51
* ogra_ tries to purge everything with -cil in the name, lets see if makes it any better11:54
ogra_silly mono crap .... and nobody to fix it :(11:56
xranbyogra_: the latest mono at least installed on my machine but its asserting all the time11:56
ogra_right, for me it seems to already breal when the assembly update happens11:57
ogra_luckily we dropped it from the images11:57
ogra_still thats a basd situation11:57
ogra_update-alternatives: error: alternative nvidia_drv can't be slave of arm-linux-gnueabi_egl_conf: it is a slave of gl_conf12:11
ogra_i really wonder how i broke that12:11
xranbyogra_: i fixed it on my machine by removing the slave of gl_conf12:12
ogra_in the nvidia-tegra package ?12:13
xranbyi think the bug are simply that the old nvidia-tegra package added the slave for gl_conf12:13
xranbyso the bug is in the state saved in update-alternatives12:13
ogra_well, thats bad, the new package should have a fix for it12:14
xranbyi think i ran   update-alternatives --remove gl_conf12:16
xranbybefore configuring the new package12:16
xranbyit will remove gl_conf and all associated slaves12:16
xranbyogra_: try ask someone who better understand this alternative system12:19
xranbyhow the transition from non-multiarch to multiarch are supposed to work12:19
ogra_well, i know enough about alterbnatives, i'm just to lazy to weed through all the postinst scripts :P12:19
xranbythe QA team will have a fun time hitting all these upgrade QA issues12:20
xranbywhen testing oneiric -> precise upgrades12:20
ogra_i dont think they test ac100 upgrades12:21
janimoogra_, the alternatives issue I saw as well, but was not sure if it is not caused by my broken manual alternatives renaming earlier12:34
janimomaybe preinst should have something to remove the early names indeed12:34
janimobut I do not understand alternatives well either12:35
ogra_yeah, something like that ... i fiddled with the alternatives as well, though12:35
ogra_i think the prob is that egl is already a slave of gl ... the driver wants to create a slave for a slave12:36
* ogra_ purges mesas egl stuff for a test12:37
ogra_hmm, intreasting, that removes gimp12:39
xranbywho would have guessed :)12:40
xranbyim surprised that gimp needs egl12:40
ogra_well, it also installs a ton of QT packages that seem to have been held back12:42
ogra_i wonder if we missed a transition here12:44
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NCommandercooloney: ok, I'm spinning a source package now with the change to changelog (guess I need to retag too :-/)13:33
NCommanderI'll dump my branch onto zinc once its done13:33
NCommandercooloney: also need to delete all non-revelant changelog entries13:34
cooloneyNCommander: yeah, please send me patch13:35
cooloneylet me update the git tree13:35
NCommandercooloney: great13:36
NCommandergive me a sec to continue smacking13:36
NCommanderFreaking changelog manager13:36
* NCommander headthunks13:37
ogra_we have a manager for that ?13:37
ogra_how much does he earn per month ?13:37
* NCommander hits ogra_ with a brick13:39
ogra_hey, one day i'll build a house... i already have a good collection of your bricks13:40
* NCommander his ogra_ with a rock13:41
* ogra_ reboots after that dist upgrade finally finished (that took half my workday, sigh)13:42
* ogra_ throws a mono stack at NCommander 13:42
* NCommander cuts it in half with his libO foo13:42
NCommandercooloney: http://paste.ubuntu.com/835214/ - plz apply13:47
* NCommander dumps linux-armadaxp into a PPA to testbuild properly13:47
cooloneyNCommander: meta will be ready soon. thx janimo13:51
NCommanderuploading to a ppa now to testbuild (not sure all the necessary changes to get the _all packages to build prpoerly made it in)13:52
NCommandergoing to go get some food, will return13:53
janimocooloney, you're welcome13:53
cooloneyjanimo: for testing build meta, what's kind of build target should i use?13:54
cooloneyfdr clean; fdr binary?13:54
janimohmm, I think I just used debuild -us -uc when testing13:54
janimoas it builds very fast - nothing to actually build but the metadatat under debian/13:55
janimowhat you say is equivalent I guess13:55
cooloneyjanimo: yeah, i got it13:55
cooloneyNCommander: i saw you patch, did you miss to change 3.0.0 to 3.0.17?14:03
NCommandercooloney: infinity gave a good reason not to include it14:08
cooloneyNCommander: i miss that reason, why?14:08
cooloneyNCommander: let me change back the meta package from 3.0.17 to 3.0.014:09
NCommandercooloney: because its a leftoer when we used 2.6.x, including the sub-minor just means the version number cahnges a LOT and is a pain14:09
cooloneyNCommander: looks like we have to stick to the tradition14:09
cooloneyNCommander: how about i fold your patch to my previous commit14:18
cooloneyNCommander: and i will push out this change again14:18
NCommandercooloney: that's fine. you'll probably get a few more patches as I'm not sure this will build onteh buildds (doing a PPA test build to check)14:18
cooloneyNCommander: great14:20
cooloneyNCommander: meta package is here, git://kernel.ubuntu.com/roc/linux-meta-armadaxp.git14:22
cooloneyNCommander: please help to review and upload.14:22
cooloneyor the gitweb http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=roc/linux-meta-armadaxp.git/.git;a=summary14:23
cooloneyNCommander: kernel git tree is also updated with your patch14:33
* cooloney gonna go to sleep14:33
cooloneygood night, folks14:33
NCommandercooloney: sleep well14:44
janimoogra_, are the armhf omap sgx drivers coming?14:50
ogra_janimo, at some point, yeah ... with dropping of el14:50
janimoNCommander, cooloney wonder why is linux-armadaxp building for i386 too14:51
ogra_TI will only support one14:51
NCommanderjanimo: arch-all voodoo, whichis why I wanted to do a test build to see if it actually will build properly.14:51
ogra_for the brave that want to run armada kernels on pentiums :)14:51
janimoogra_, are they waiting for something or next release will automatically be armhf?14:51
ogra_janimo, next will ... they dont have time and manpower, so we have to wait14:51
* ogra_ finally finds the time to test janimo's new kernel ...14:52
janimodo we wait with switching images over to armhf only until they arrive?14:52
ogra_though thats probably brave right before a meeting :)14:52
janimoogra_, heh, as long as you don't suspend it should not be an issue :)14:52
ogra_janimo, nope, we switch when we switch ... up to them to react then14:52
janimoah, they may not want to put any effort in it until it is 100% 12.04 is armhf primarily14:53
ogra_might be, we wont wait for them though14:53
* ogra_ installs 14:54
janimosure. what about nvidia/ac100? Not sure if they even promised armhf this cycle14:54
ogra_no idea14:54
ogra_likely not14:54
janimoI'd still switch to armhf by default on ac10014:55
ogra_same thing for omap3 ... ask rsalveti about that one14:55
janimook, in today's meeting probably14:55
ogra_yeah, me too i guess, though that means a cross grade or some such for me ... i dont want to lose all my data14:55
xranbynvidia have produced armhf drivers for meego in the past14:56
* ogra_ reboots into new kernel14:56
xranbydo we have any nvidia person to ask directly?14:56
* janimo wonders what kind of unbackupable/unrestorable heaps of data may ogra's ac100 hold that he cannot just wipe and reinstall armhf14:56
xranbyi doubt they will support it officially but they may create an armhf build for distribution with a specific distribution14:57
janimoxranby, well a binary dump as their current driver is would suffuce14:57
xranbyjanimo: i think it basically boils down to find someone who have access to nvdeveloper.nvidia.com and ask for a rebuild15:05
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xranbythe build will then be uploaded to NV online for use by a specific distribution15:05
xranbythis request can possibly be made by someone with influence in the oem team15:06
janimoxranby, yes, I know some of them work with nvidia occasionally15:06
xranbytry pull one of those strings, i think thats the only way to get a driver into armhf at this point15:08
janimoxranby, last I heard we needed a new armel rebuild for the new x11 abi. But I am not sure if that arrived or not15:09
ogra_janimo, that happened two uploads before you touched the package ;)15:10
xranbyjanimo: for armel nvidia was kind to at least include a v11 abi version next to the v10 abi version15:10
xranbyin the same upstream tarball15:10
xranbyso i think we have that allready :)15:11
* ogra_ is currently using it 15:11
janimowell I saw xabi6 through 11 in the upstream binaries but was not sure the last one was ok or needed a newer rebuild15:11
ogra_and given ui checked the changelog today i can say that it was switched at -0ubuntuX still15:11
ogra_it has issues with the 11 abi though15:11
ogra_i have a lot of composite messups on my screen15:12
janimoogra_, yes, I think that is what I remembered, it may not be 'the final abi11 rebuild'15:12
ogra_well, its still usable and i like that it saves so much ram15:12
ogra_so i'll keep it running, hoping the best from nvidia15:13
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pbuckleyno usb-creator for arm?18:48
GrueMasterapparently not.  Odd, considering it is just a python script (I think).18:50
GrueMasterProbably because it depends on i386/amd64 only packages (syslinux).18:55
infinityGrueMaster: Definitely because of that, in fact.19:26
pbuckleyGrueMaster: btw i tried applying those two patches that were posted on that analog sound -panda board bug and no love19:30
GrueMasterOk, good to know.  make sure you update the bug report.  Thanks.19:31
pbuckleyah you mean i need to create a launchpad account19:32
pbuckley(totally joking, ill update the bug)19:32
pbuckleycomment posted19:40
pbuckleyand a little more info added19:41
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GrueMasterbtw:  Do you have a Panda or a Panda ES?20:07
GrueMasterpbuckley: ^^^20:07
pbuckleyhave two of em on my desk right now20:08
pbuckleyone is my desktop, the other is my development target20:09
GrueMasterI think the alsaucm rules need to be changed for that system.20:09
pbuckleyany idea what too? my alsa foo is non-existant other then knowing where the config files exist20:10
GrueMasterI'm booting up to look.20:12
pbuckleycool thank you20:13
GrueMasterI think there may be a couple of places this needs fixing.  First, /lib/udev/rules.d/90-alsa-ucm.rules, then /usr/share/alsa/ucm.20:17
GrueMasterThe 90-alsa-ucm.rules is a simple fix.  Just run "sudo sed -i 's/Panda/Panda|PandaES/g' /lib/udev/90-alsa-ucm.rules".20:22
GrueMasterThe /usr/share/alsa/ucm part is a little more involved.  Need to copy the Panda directory to PandaES, then edit all the files inside to reflect PandaES instead of Panda.20:23
pbuckleyvi sweet20:25
pbuckleymy ears thank you.. trying it now20:25
GrueMasterI'll file a new bug on alsa-utils & libasound2, then go about getting them fixed.  Even if the kernel is still borked, they will need these fixes.20:31
infinityGrueMaster: Yay, I get to duplicate that code again? :)20:33
infinityGrueMaster: The alsa ucm bits.20:34
infinityI suppose we can just ship symlinks.20:35
infinityOh, no.  We can't,20:35
infinityCause the board ID is in the files.20:35
GrueMasterOh.  Nah, simple fix.  Already on it.20:35
infinityNow I remember why I copied it all.20:35
GrueMasterI got this one.  You can fix ksysguardd.  :P20:36
infinityOr, I can attend more meetings!20:36
pbuckleymeetings, huzzah!20:38
GrueMasterMeetings == snooze time.20:39
pbuckley$ alsaucm -c PandaES set _verb HiFi20:40
pbuckleyIm setting defaults20:40
pbuckleyALSA lib main.c:276:(execute_sequence) unable to execute cset 'name='HS Left Playback' 1'20:40
pbuckleyALSA lib main.c:1460:(set_verb_user) error: failed to initialize new use case: HiFi20:40
pbuckleyalsaucm: error failed to set _verb=HiFi: No such file or directory20:40
pbuckleyi probably foobar'd something20:40
pbuckleyfor file in *; do sudo sed -i 's/Panda/PandaES/g' $file; done20:43
pbuckleybasically just did that20:43
pbuckleyin the /usr/share/alsa/ucm/PandaES directory20:43
pbuckley(ill just wait for you to commit a fix)20:43
GrueMasterwip.  Any chance you can post your new shiney kernel (just the uImage) for me to test here?20:45
GrueMasterOtherwise I'll have to rebuild it.20:45
TheMusoogra_: afaik those other patches are for the kernel I think.20:48
pbuckleyyeh, where do you want it?20:50
pbuckleyi have the deb's too if you want20:50
GrueMasterSomeplace accessible.20:50
pbuckleyhrm that might tricky.. can you do dcc?20:50
GrueMasterI might.  Not sure if quassel-core can handle it.  Give it a whirl, worst case it blows up my rack of servers.  :P20:51
pbuckleyget it?20:52
GrueMasterTheMuso: I'm getting ready to patch alsa-libs & alsa-utils for PandaES.  Should I just push them into bzr branches or do you want me to push to alsa-project as well?20:52
pbuckley12:52 DCC SEND request sent to gruemaster:  linux-image-3.2.0-1405-omap4_3.2.0-1405.7+soundfix_armhf.deb20:53
GrueMasterpbuckley: I see the request.  Not sure how to handle it.  One sec.20:53
pbuckley /dcc accept?20:53
ogra_TheMuso, oh, ok, i just noticed that there were more patches in the list archive, if its all kernel it should be fine20:54
pbuckleyunfortunately the deb is 20MB which is a little to big for my email system.. lets see if i can sneak it on a web server20:55
TheMusoGrueMaster: Push them into a bzr branch for now. I was actually going to ask you guys about the ucm files for the ARM stuff, we currently carry that. DO you want it all to go upstream?20:55
GrueMasterpbuckley: No dice.  Quassel doesn't support it yet.  Give me a minute.20:55
TheMusoBTW how is armhf looking for precise, as in supportability etc?20:56
GrueMasterTheMuso: I think they should, yes.  I haven't updated my alsa git trees in ages, but it isn't a big deal.20:56
GrueMasterarmhf is rock solid (with a few cracks).20:56
pbuckleyive been having pretty good luck with armhf20:56
TheMusoOk, I know they are not upstream yet.20:56
TheMusoI presume such cracks are no big deal, i.e they are not major.20:57
GrueMasterpbuckley: Ok, send it to my other nick (GrueMaster-web).20:58
pbuckley12:59  gruemaster-web SEND: 0B of 19MB (0%) - 0.00kB/s - ETA (stalled) -20:59
pbuckleyhow big can attachments be on gmail?20:59
pbuckleylets see20:59
GrueMasterNot sure, but it should be smaller than the dirty jokes my mother sends.  Email away.21:00
pbuckley(address that is)21:00
GrueMastergruemaster@gmail.com (what else would I be :P)21:00
pbuckleymy internet here isn't the fastest.. give it like 10min21:01
GrueMasterNot like I have nothing else to do.  :P21:02
GrueMasterrsalveti: Linaro is already working on the alsa-ucm???  Good to know.21:05
pbuckleyit should be sent21:05
pbuckleylet me know if you need the headers deb too21:05
pbuckleyGrueMaster: receive the email ok?21:16
GrueMasteryes, installing now.  thx21:16
pbuckleyno no, thank you :)21:17
GrueMasterWOOT!  Sweet stereo analog on Panda ES is back.21:45
GrueMasterDosen't help that they change the control names for every release.21:46
pbuckleysweet, so that kernel worked?21:48
gandhijee_hello. could someone point me to a hardfp build of ubuntu?21:49
gandhijee_i am silly.21:49
GrueMasterBetween your kernel and me mucking with the ucm config files, yes.21:49
pbuckleynice! thats great news.. that just means im doing something stupid21:49
GrueMasterI'm going to pasebin the /usr/share/alsa/ucm/PandaES/hifi file for you.  Hang on.21:50
pbuckleythank you21:50
GrueMasterOops.  remove one 021:51
pbuckleygot it.. brb going to reboot with that kernel21:52
GrueMasterMake the ucm change first.  That way you only need one reboot.21:52
pbuckleyI HAVE SOUND!22:26
pbuckleythanks GrueMaster22:27
rsalvetiGrueMaster: the multimedia working group is trying to get it properly fixed22:30
rsalvetifor all the boards22:30
rsalvetiit's a working in progress atm, but tgall_foo is also trying to get it working at our images22:31
rsalvetiso then we can simply push a new change to precise22:31
rsalvetiand get it all working not one day before the release :-)22:31
Dr_Whoyes .. "work in progress" is important to keep in mind22:31
TheMusoFeature freeze is also important to keep in mind...22:32
TheMusoI'd prefer having any ucm configs in precise by FF.22:32
GrueMasterThe "Work in progress" part bothers me a bit.  This is a simple fix.  I have it working here out of tree (took 10 minutes).  I can easily push it to alsa-lib and alsa-utils and have it working in the next image (assuming the kernel update also lands soon).22:33
pbuckley(ive duplicated the success for what its worth)22:34
TheMusoGrueMaster: alsa-utils is currently being tested at least for x86 in ~ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa, so what would you prefer be done? Wait till they come out of testing and are uploaded to precise proper, or get them uploaded now, and merged back when the update to 1.0.25 of alsa-utils is done?22:35
GrueMasterTheMuso: The alsa-utils fix is just a fix for 90-alsa-ucm.rules (and I need to check to see if it even needs fixing).22:36
GrueMasterThe other part is alsa-lib which has the ucm config changes.22:36
GrueMasterI haven't checked, but I don't think they are upstream.22:37
Dr_WhoGrueMaster:  it is being developed upstream but you're right I don't believe it's captured in a current alsa release , wei_feng would know for sure22:39
* Dr_Who points to #linaro-multimedia tho i don't see feng at the mo22:39
GrueMasterDr_Who: I'm updating my alsa-project git trees now and not seeing anything.22:39
GrueMaster(not counting the drivers).22:39
Dr_WhoI'd recommend talking to Feng, he's the expert22:40
GrueMasterpbuckley: Looks like the fix is even easier than I thought.  No need to change /lib/udev/rules.d/90-alsa-ucm.rules.  Just a minor tweek to the ucm configs (sudo sed -i 's/HS/Headset' /usr/alsa/ucm/Panda/*) and it works.22:59
GrueMasterPlus your kernel patches.23:00
pbuckleynice.. hopefully that makes it easier to get into the mainline (right terminology? im new to this whole open source dev thing)23:02
GrueMasterTheMuso: looking at the ppa, alsa-libs isn't there.  No update for it?23:04
TheMusoGrueMaster: I accdidentally jumped the gun and its in precise already, may be reverting though as there may be issues with flash of all things... But not sure if the new libc may have had something to do with it or not. Still testing that out here.23:09
GrueMasterHeh.  I just blame flash.23:10
TheMusoI'd like to but...23:10
GrueMasteryea, I know...23:10
pbuckleycan we all just move to html5 already23:12
GrueMasterI thought the goal was to move to Silverlight?  :P23:14
infinityTheMuso: The flash/libc thing should be fixed in today's upload.23:15
pbuckleythat was even a joke inside of microsoft (at least the group i was in). (disclaimer, i didn't intentionally get a job there. They acquired a company I was working for)23:15
infinityTheMuso: It was related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eglibc/+bug/92971323:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 929713 in eglibc "audio unreliable with eglibc 2.15" [Critical,Fix released]23:16
infinitypbuckley: It would be a better joke if it wasn't widely deployed by Netflix. :/23:19
pbuckleyyeh i need to bug some of my buddies who went over there to find out the real reason they are using it23:19
pbuckleymy guess is microsoft gave them a pile of cash23:19
pbuckleyas per their sop23:20
infinityI can't get Hulu in Canada so don't know much about it.  Is it in the same boat, or did they go with saner tech?23:20
pbuckleyhulu is flash23:21
infinityWell, I'm not sure that's "saner", but... It's not Silverlight?23:21
pbuckleytrue.. and they do have a reasonable explanation why they haven't switched to html5. That is if you agree with the whole concept of intellectual property.23:22
infinityI don't really understand how Flash and Silverlight became video delivery media anyway.23:23
TheMusoinfinity: Ah ok thanks.23:23
pbuckleythey were better then the <embed> tags available at the time23:23
pbuckleyand they have support for drm23:23
GrueMasterI agree with the concept of IP.  I don't agree with the draconian DRM and absurdly high prices.23:23
infinityWe solved the streaming video thing more than a decade ago... And then, due to "if you have a hammer, everything looks like nails" web developers, we started using VECTOR-BASED ANIMATION ENGINES to stream video?23:23
infinitypbuckley: As someone who doesn't live in the US, DRM and I are usually not on good terms.23:24
GrueMasterinfinity: Hey, at least flash isn't doing pixel based rendering on Linux anymore.23:24
pbuckleyhave you tried the x-forward-for thing?23:25
pbuckleythat gets around alot of the drm right now23:25
infinityThere's absolutely nothing more frustrating than the dozens of links from FB/G+/Twitter/etc to news stories, TV clips, and such that "aren't available in my area".23:25
pbuckley(at least for geoip based drm)23:25
infinitypbuckley: Yeah, I could just proxy.  It's not worth the effort.23:25
pbuckleythe x-forward-for thing is just to prepend something like x-forward-for: <ip in the usa, like a ec2 instance>23:25
pbuckleyto the html header23:26
infinityAs in, pretend that I'm proxying for a US client?23:26
infinityAre there ffox plugins to spoof that with minimal fuss?23:26
pbuckleyi think so23:26
pbuckleyi had to do it a couple months ago when i was in mexico23:26
pbuckleylet me see if i can find it in my bookmarks23:26
infinityI might look into that.  An extra 40 bytes on every HTTP request doesn't sound too bad to get around some stupidity.23:27
infinityAnd I'll have to re-pack the xpi.23:28
infinityNot available for FF10, my ass.23:28
infinitypbuckley: But thanks. :)23:28
infinitypbuckley: I'll fiddle with the manifest later and give it a whirl.23:28
infinityIf this lets me watch Comedy Central clips, I'll be a happy camper.23:28
infinityEvery time someone links to a Daily Show clip, I get progressively more annoyed.23:28
* pbuckley links to a daily show clip23:29
* pbuckley hides23:29
infinityEspecially given the irony that, I suspect, Jon Stewart would be more than happy with everyone in the world watching it.23:29
GrueMasterinfinity: This may be your lucky day.  I can't reproduce the ksysguardd crash on today's build.23:42

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