^zenyhooubbyityeah my friend :)00:02
^zenyhooubbyitom sai ram satyanash :)00:02
^zenyhooubbyitgolden dreams00:06
_schism_Anyone have any expreiance with ksplice?01:59
Unit193Uptrack, some02:01
_schism_Unit193, does it really work without messing stuff up?02:02
Unit193It's still better to reboot and use the real thing, but I personally see this being better than not doing anything at all02:02
Unit193It hasn't reallly caused me problems02:03
_schism_ok have a machine thats sorta a server sorta just sitting there that is funky booting sometimes02:03
Unit193I use the cli part, and ignore the GUI section02:04
_schism_so i was looking at it.  whats the worse that can happen I have to reinstall?  :)  and I may want to put awesome or something light on it anyway02:04
Unit193Tiling, alrighty02:05
_schism_yeah havnt gotten that far into it yet.  I am still wrapping my head around what it does02:05
_schism_well tiling is ok but not a huge thing.  just like gnome 2.x and figgure if I am going to have to learn something else anyway02:05
_schism_I have used lxde before and its ok. but since I am not doing much with it figgured I could play with it a bit02:07
_schism_and most of it will probably be done vnc so light is nice02:08
Unit193Yeah, go right ahead02:08
_schism_if you reboot a system and you have auto login enabled can you log in vnc to select which desktop you can use then login from there?02:22
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cahsolo25hi all08:10
bobetanybody can help me how to setup raid 10 on ubuntu?09:37
bobethi anybody can help me set up raid 10 on ubuntu?09:40
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arno-freenodeHi all10:07
nothingspecialarno-freenode, wazup?10:08
arno-freenodeNothing much. Got an issue with my thunderbird icon in the launcher. I mark it to stay there but after the next bootup, it's gone. You guys know how to fix that?10:09
nothingspecialhmmm, not seeing that here. Is it just thunderbird youre getting this with?10:10
nothingspecialarno-freenode, You can view the launcher configuration by installing dconf-tools10:14
arno-freenodewill do that, thanks. yep it's just thunderbird's icon10:15
nothingspecialThen run dconf-editor and going desktop > unity > launcher.  Is thunderbird.desktop in the list?10:15
nothingspecialShould be a list of apps in the order they appear top to bottom on the launcher10:17
arno-freenodeAlright, I'll do another reboot, just to be sure!10:21
* nothingspecial wonders if it's fixed10:33
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deper29hey, i'm wondering how to ssh to my home computer if I'm not on my local network13:38
deper29is there anyone who can help me with that?13:38
geirhadeper29: Port forward port 22 on your router to port 22 on your machine running ssh13:39
deper29geirha, thanks :) I don't have to set up a webserver or something?13:40
geirhaNo, a webserver and ssh server are completely separate and do not depend on each other in any way13:41
geirhaOnce the port forwarding is set up, you can ssh to your machine by providing the external ip13:42
geirhaIf the external ip is dynamic, consider getting a dyndns account. Your router may support it. If it doesn't, you can run a dyndns client on your Ubuntu machine.13:43
deper29how do I know if my ip is dynamic?13:43
geirhaThat would be a question for your ISP :)13:43
geirhaIf you don't know, then it probably is dynamic13:44
deper29haha, I see13:44
geirhae.g. the ip will change every time you reconnect13:44
deper29no, it's always the same I believe13:44
geirhaIf you open http://www.whatsmyip.org/ from any computer on your local network, it should tell you the external ip13:45
deper29i'm in the router settings, not sure where port forwarding is. I have setup, wireless, security, access restriction, apps and gaming, admin, status and logoff13:45
deper29i'll check13:45
deper29should they all be different then?13:45
geirhaCheck out http://portforward.com/  It has step by step instructions on how to forward port for an insane ammount of router models13:46
deper29they are the same ip on two different machines13:46
geirhaThey should be the same13:47
deper29I have to pay for this?13:47
geirhaThe local ip addresses are not reachable from the outside world13:47
deper29my isp doesn't support port forwarding it seems :(13:50
geirhaNo, I guess they're just trying to make money selling software that simplifies port forwarding13:50
geirhaport forwarding has nothing to do with your isp13:50
sattu94Port Forwardgin is sometimes labeled as Virtual Servers.13:51
deper29I see13:51
deper29I have to contact them and have them make my router bridged13:52
sattu94I've heard ISPs block incoming port 80 for security issues for Home Plans..13:52
sattu94deper29: I don't think you need to do that either..13:52
sattu94deper29: just make your router forward incoming port 22 connections to your local ssh server. Probably labeled under Virtual Servers or Port Forwarding...13:53
deper29sattu94, could it be port range forwarding?13:55
deper29it says start to end, protocol, ip address13:55
deper29so just do 22 to 2213:56
deper29and would I use ifconfig to find my ipaddress and put that in there?13:56
geirhayes, or    ''ip -4 addr''13:57
deper29geirha, when I want to ssh now, which ip address am I using? my external, or the computer's?13:59
geirhathe external13:59
geirhathat's the ip your router has on the internet side.13:59
geirhaAnd when you connect to port 22 on your router, it will look up in the port forwarding table and send the packets to port 22 on your computer's ip14:00
deper29giving this a shot now :)14:01
geirhaAnd of course, if it doesn't find an entry for port 22 in the port forwarding table, it'll just drop the packets.14:02
deper29it works :)14:02
sattu94I was wondering, how is the internal servers reply relayed back to the outside computer ?14:02
deper29thanks a bunch, geirha :D14:03
geirhasattu94: Exactly how it does that, I don't know. #networking can probably answer that.14:04
sattu94Or maybe, the destination for the outgoing packets is the same as the actual address of the outside computer since that is how normal packets are sent..14:04
deper29is there anyway to make it so I don't have to type the ip address each time?14:05
deper29*any way14:05
sattu94aahh.. DynDNS or No-IP could help here..14:05
sattu94I think, DynDNS removed their free services ?14:06
geirhadeper29: Yes, also check if your router has dyndns support, because that will be the easiest way to get it working.14:06
geirhaI think they're still free, but they only allow one name now. They used to allow many, for free.14:06
sattu94I can't seem to find a page on their site allowing me to create a free dynamic updating host redirect.. My router has support for it.. but I am forced to use No-IP on my internal client.. fortunately noip2 auto updating client is in the repositories..14:07
geirhaYou just get the dynds pro free trial14:07
sattu94so there is no time limit ?14:08
deper29sattu94, just do the trial. no time limit14:08
deper29it says it lets you keep one host14:08
sattu94ohh.. COOL.. :D14:08
geirhaThere is a time-limit of 30 days14:08
geirhaSo if you disconnect from the internet a whole month, you lose the name14:08
sattu94ohh.. that way..14:09
geirhaBut as long as you're connected, it will live on.14:09
sattu94it's not likely to happen.. :)14:09
deper29"Note that only valid major credit cards can be used for Pro trials, not PayPal. If you decide not to continue with Pro, just cancel your Pro trial within the first 14 days and you will not be charged. You may keep one hostname free of charge for trying the Pro Trial."14:09
geirhaI use that myself14:09
deper29oh, I see14:09
sattu94you NEED a credit card ?14:09
geirhaHm. I've never been bothered by credit card from then. Then again, it's years since I registered an account there.14:10
sattu94because I don't have a bank account..14:11
geirhaPerhaps try a less crappy service, then.14:11
sattu94yea.. I'm already using No-IP.. :)14:11
sattu94Thanks Anyway.. :)14:12
deper29is no-ip free?14:12
geirhaAh I see, "No Longer Free" it says. I guess the ones that got it before that gets to keep it for free then14:12
sattu94no CC required..14:12
geirhadeper29: Sorry for the confusion :)14:13
deper29ah, gotcha :P14:13
sattu94But you always get the .<service_name>.org thing on all free dynamicIP services..14:15
deper29geirha, okay, so I have a dyndns account now :P14:16
geirhaLook through your router's web interface for something like "Dynamic DNS", and put in the username and password and stuff there14:17
geirhaNot all routers support it though14:17
deper29mine does14:17
geirhaGreat. :)14:17
deper29but the last thing it asks for is host name14:17
deper29where do I find that on dyndns?14:17
geirhaIt should've asked you what hostname you wanted when you registered14:18
deper29yeah, found out14:18
deper29couldn't remember the last part :P14:18
deper29so now to ssh, just ssh deper29@my.domain:22?14:19
geirhassh deper29@my.domain14:19
geirha22 is the default port, and you don't provide the port with :portnum14:20
deper29gotcha :)14:20
deper29works perfectly :D14:22
deper29so if i'm right, i can cancel my subscription to dyndns and it will let me keep my hostname?14:22
geirhaNo, I don't think so.14:23
deper29darn, so I have to pay then?14:23
geirhaI think it's just those who registered their dyndns accounts years ago that get to keep it still14:23
deper29I see14:24
geirhaI wasn't aware they had turned completely non-free; I expected them to have sent me an email about it if that was the case14:24
geirhaSo sattu94's suggestion for no-ip.com sounds like your best bet.14:25
deper29might have to give that a whirl14:25
deper29i always hear that I shouldn't use port 2214:25
deper29should I change that? or is that a big deal?14:26
sattu94I use 24..14:26
geirhaNot a big deal if your password is complex enough14:26
geirhaI use port 2214:26
sattu94I use KEYS.. :D14:26
bioterrorI use defaults, becouse I'm lazy to change when I login14:26
deper29with keys though, can't I not connect from something outside my network?14:27
geirhaYou could install the fail2ban package. It will temporarily ban ips if they do too many failed ssh connections14:27
bioterrorI have denyhosts14:27
deper29so I could use either of those, and use keys?14:28
geirhaso they'll get like maybe 6 attempts, then have to wait 24 hours to try 6 new attempts. At that rate, they'll "never" find your password.14:28
bioterror6 is too much14:28
sattu94Hmm.. Nice trick..14:28
bioterrorI have 3 and it wont get removed14:28
sattu94One can manually remove it right ?14:29
sattu94I've got to look into denyhosts..14:29
bioterrorit also syncs ip addresses from their database14:29
bioterrorI have ~70k ip addresses14:29
sattu94not good..14:31
sattu94it is.14:31
deper29once I ssh in, can I have access to a gui? or am I limited to command?14:31
deper29er, shell14:31
geirhajust a shell, but you could install something like freenx or x2go to log in graphically14:32
deper29ah, gotcha14:32
sattu94I've seen graphical applications through ssh.. using native X libraries.. but showing stuff from the other end..14:33
geirhaAye, that's X11forwarding.14:33
geirhassh -X username@hostname14:33
geirhaThen if you run a gui program on the remote, it will use your local X server14:34
geirhaBut it's fairly slow14:34
deper29bioterror, using denyhosts. is it the PURGE_DENY that I want to alter to set how long until someone can reattempt?14:35
sattu94geirha: Tried it, it's slow over the internet.. but fast for local stuff ^_^14:35
bioterrorit will remove then14:36
bioterrorI have never purge14:36
sattu94Bye.. :)14:36
geirhafreenx runs a gnome session (or kde or whatever session you choose) via ssh, but it adds some cashing and compression to make it feel faster.14:36
sattu94I could try all that once I get home..14:37
deper29bioterror, where do you set how long after too many failed attempts until they can retry?14:37
deper29in denyhosts.conf14:37
bioterrorread the config14:39
bioterrorwith thought14:40
bioterrorthere's explained the format14:40
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writerbellathis is new for me but i need help19:51
hobgoblinhi writerbella - ask your question and if someone can help they will jump in19:52
* bioterror goes to grab his cape and spandexes19:54
writerbellaI have downloaded ubunto (which i love!)  but it goes through the install and then after reboot im froze out19:54
bioterrorthanks plymouth :-)19:54
bioterrorhard to find out in which part it hangs and for what reason19:55
bioterrorwriterbella, what happens if you press "esc" key?19:55
writerbellaI really need it to install, i use it all the time for my writing and art19:56
bioterrorsounds really funny, that you can go to graphical installer and install it19:57
bioterrorbut when it's time for first reboot, nadda19:57
hobgoblinwriterbella: do you know what sort of graphics card you have?19:58
writerbellathis is stupid question, but where do i find it?  no i dont, new computer for me (used one though)19:59
writerbellai sometimes get an error message saying some temp folder on computer system is missing20:00
bioterrorsounds like broken installation20:00
bioterrorhave you tried to install it again?20:00
writerbellayes. i have uninstalled and reinstalled20:01
writerbellai even tried downloading and installing wubi, i was told it was the best20:02
bioterrorwubi is far from the best20:07
writerbelladang, is that the problem?20:08
bioterrordo you need Windows for something?-)20:08
urlin2uwriterbella, how about some info from a primary source the designer them selves.   http://howsoftwareisbuilt.com/2009/03/12/interview-with-agostino-russo-wubi-ubuntu/20:08
tenachHello! I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 and when i go to log in, Nautilus is the only thing that starts up. I get the Nautilus file menu bar at the top of my screen instead of Unity...20:09
writerbellathis stupid used computer has win xp installed on it.  ewwwww20:09
bioterrorwriterbella, install ubuntu over it20:09
bioterrorwriterbella, one operating system, one love20:10
urlin2u=bias bioterror20:10
writerbellahow do i do that???  sorry if stupid question.  my love is ubuntu20:10
bioterrorwriterbella, you download ubuntu cd image and you install it ;)20:10
bioterrorCD is mostly idiot proof20:11
writerbellasince my brain injury i forgot alot. lol.  i went to that site, not what?  lol20:12
writerbellasorry i misstyped, meant now what20:14
bioterrorwriterbella, you download ubuntu20:15
bioterrorand then you make CD or USB20:15
bioterrorI would make a CD20:15
writerbellait keeps taking me to wubi as the installer20:15
writerbellai will make one20:16
writerbellaokay, trying again right now20:18
writerbellaonce its downloaded, i burn it to disc right?20:35
urlin2uwriterbella, yeah burn as an image at slow speed.20:40
writerbellahow do i do that?20:48
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Bodsdawriterbella: you missed the /21:59
writerbellalol. thank you, this is new22:00
Unit193/nick writerladybella22:00
writerbellathank you22:02
writerbellai am seeing if it worked. :)22:09
writerbellait isnt working. how in the world do i get it to let me change my nick?22:12
=== writerbella is now known as writerladybella
Unit193You got it22:28
writerladybellai did, thank you.  :)22:28
Unit193Yep, now if you want to register it, see !nicksetup22:29
writerladybellawhere or how do i get to that?  sorry if stupid questions22:30
ubot2To setup your nick so that you can be given a cloak, please follow the instructions here: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup22:31
BudgetHopefully someone can help me with this.  I want to join the Bug Squad, but I'm having a hard time finding out what to do.  Could someone explain how I should go about it, ideally like I was a small, not terribly bright child.23:28
phillwBudget: have you had a read of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad ?23:38
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