DarwinSurvivorkhoover: most routers (linksys) at least offer support for at least 1 ddns service, so check there first.12:13
DarwinSurvivorMost ddns services also provide their own update software, so check with them (dyndns is pretty good).12:13
khooveryes, but then it costs money most of the time. or at least, all of the ones my router supports cost money12:14
DarwinSurvivorthen try ddns, they offer 1 domain for free per account12:26
DarwinSurvivorsorry "dyndns"12:26
DarwinSurvivoroh, my bad, they don't offer that anymore (my account must have been grand-fathered)12:27
DarwinSurvivorno-ip.com is fairly popular though and still has their free entry-level service (which includes everything you would need)12:28
DarwinSurvivorthe paid ones are for e-mail hosting, etc12:28
BluesKajHi all13:35
BluesKajnvidia 7600gt on nvidia-current driver after the libc upgrade is running fine here15:55
BluesKajkubnuntu 12.04 , kde 4.815:55
BluesKajoops wrong chan15:56
BotenAnnai finally got dual boot to work but i wiped everything to do it21:47
BotenAnnain case anyone is curious21:47

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