cjohnstonjono: are we going to start doing the weekly loco call again?00:02
jonocjohnston, yeah, I would like to00:02
cjohnstonok... i just know we still had it on the schedule but hadnt had one in quite a while00:03
cjohnstonfwiw jono, daker is the new PM for LTP, and I am the PM for summit00:03
jonocjohnston, oh awesome00:04
bkerensathat would be interesting a weekly hangout for loco contacts on each continent00:08
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* nigelb waves02:14
mhall119bkerensa: +102:22
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bkerensamhall119: For hangouts?06:41
bkerensahello jono :D06:46
jonohey bkerensa06:47
bkerensajono do you by any chance know what kwaimuk, mulberry and humboldt  .canonical.com are?07:22
bkerensaMy system calls home to them quite a bit and another hostname or two07:22
Tm_Tbkerensa: ssssshhh, don't ruin our secret plan!07:31
dpmgood morning everyone08:05
jonobed for me08:40
jononight all!08:40
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dholbachnigelb, can we take http://daniel.holba.ch/review/ down?09:29
dpmdholbach, mhall119, I'm trying to help someone from the translations community who's working on a django project to allow translation of ubuntu-docs images. He's wondering whether the SECRET_KEY value is required at all in settings.py - looking at the LD code, it seems it isn't. Do you know anything about this value?09:33
dholbachdpm, it's set in local_settings.py09:47
dholbachso we don't have to share the actual value in the bzr branch09:47
dpmdholbach, ah, then that file is only stored in the server where the service is running, right?09:48
dholbachdpm, ^09:48
dpmdholbach, thanks, that answers the question. Yeah, I had read the docs, but they don't mention standard practice in keeping the values in a safe place out of VCS09:49
dpmdholbach, we've already mistakenly shared the value on bzr. Do you happen to know whether we can just generate a new one, hide it in local_settings.py and forget about it? Or can it only be generated at the start of a project?10:00
dpmyes to 'we can just generate a new one...'?10:01
* dpm hugs dholbach10:02
* dholbach hugs dpm back10:02
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mhall119dpm: as far as I know, the SECRET_KEY is really only used for generating session cookies14:28
dholbachwho has some pro tips to embed youtube videos into a wordpress post?14:50
dholbachfor some reason it does not show up14:50
dholbachit always gets removed again14:50
mhall119dholbach: did you paste it into the Visual editor or the HTML editor?14:52
dpmdholbach, you've probably already tried that, but I usually just add the url and it works on te post, although then they don't seem to show up when syndicated to the planet14:52
dholbachmhall119, I pasted the suggested embed stuff into the html view14:52
dholbachdpm, "add the url"?14:53
dpmyeah, just the youtube url14:53
dholbachdpm, add it where?14:53
dpmwait, let me see how I did it last time14:53
iBkerensadholbach: heading to office14:54
mhall119oh no, bkerensa has gone Apple14:54
bkerensamhall119:  There is no Ubuntu phone yet :P but I do want to get a droid... iphone is killing me14:59
dakerdholbach, like this : [youtube=http://youtube.com/w/?v=_dIya1aJJKA]15:02
dholbachdaker, in the end I just pasted the link to the video in there and removed all the surrounding <p> tags15:02
dholbachreally weird15:02
dholbachbut it worked15:02
mhall119dholbach: wordpress must do some magic handling for youtube urls15:07
bkerensamhall119: This is wordpress magic http://i.imgur.com/DE7t4.png15:08
jcastrodholbach: I didn't realized you had switched your hackergotchi to that picture15:36
jcastroit is excellent!15:36
* dholbach hugs jcastro15:36
dholbachI'd love to go back there again15:36
jcastro"Daniel of Morocco"15:38
dholbachthe desert particularly was just great15:39
dholbachI still have some jam made of dates here - we got it as a present - it's awesome15:40
dakerdholbach, at the night the temperature is 0° right now15:41
dholbachdaker, in Rabat/Salé?15:41
jo-erlenddaker, you're lucky :)15:41
dakerit snows at Dakhla15:41
dakerin Algeria too it snows on the desert15:42
jo-erlendin Oslo, 0deg sounds pretty nice. Time to hit the beach and catch some rays! :)15:42
dakerjo-erlend, 0° it's very very very very cold15:42
dholbachdaker, in the guide book it said something like "Morocco is a cold country with a hot sun."15:42
dholbachso that it gets cold at night surprised me at first, but after I read the sentence it made sense :)15:43
jcastrodeserts are alwats cold, people think deserts never get cold15:43
jo-erlenddaker, not when you're used to -15 to -20 :)15:43
jcastroI'm from Michigan and the coldest I've ever been in my life was in a desert in california15:43
jcastrojo-erlend: it's the change that gets you, not the absolute temperature15:44
jcastro100 in the day dropping to like 40 at night is brutal15:44
jo-erlendI really hope you're talking Fahrenheit now. :)15:44
jo-erlend100 deg celsius is never anything other than deadly :)15:44
jo-erlenddaker, was that 0deg fahrenheit?15:45
dholbachyeah, the night in the desert we had -4°C and around 30°C during the day - during the summer the differences are probably bigger :)15:45
dholbachjo-erlend, AFAIK there's just 3 countries using Fahrenheit - the USA, Belize and some other I forgot15:45
dakerjo-erlend, celsius15:46
jo-erlenddholbach, we've had days like that in Norway too. I think last winter, we went from 25+ to 25- in one day. Fairly extreme stuff. That wasn't the same place though, if I remember correctly.15:46
jo-erlendwe have -8C here now. That's kinda nice. :)15:46
jo-erlendduring the olympics on Lillehammer in 1994, we had -40C to -50C. That was seriously cold. A lot less humidity there than in Oslo, though, so even though it was only -20something in Oslo, it felt quite a bit colder.15:49
jcastroIt's 21C here in Florida!15:52
jcastrothough, rain 2 days in a row, I don't know what's up with that15:52
jo-erlendjcastro,  that's just about perfect! I prefer 19-20 though, but 21 is good :)15:52
jcastroI prefer any weather where I can wear shorts.15:53
jo-erlend10+ then? :)15:53
dholbachjo-erlend, I guess you can be lucky you live in the south of norway :)15:53
jo-erlenddholbach, usually. The weather is so strange these days. Last year, they had summer in Tromsø while we had winter in Oslo.15:54
dholbachI couldn't bear winter in the North of Norway15:54
dholbachdark all the time15:54
dholbachno, not for me15:54
snap-ljcastro: It's -1.1C here.15:55
jo-erlendI love the night sky, so I love dark nights.15:55
jcastrosnap-l: yeah but you have hockey15:55
snap-ljcastro: Yep. Can't do much skating in 21C15:55
jcastrothough the NHL app on my tablet live streams games, it's awesome15:55
mhall119jcastro: just wait until summer, it'll rain almost every day15:55
snap-ljcastro: We're never getting you back in MI are we? :)15:56
snap-ljcastro: Can't compete with Niko McBrain and 21C15:56
mhall119snap-l: shorts and sandals on Christmas morning?  Yeah, he's not going back15:56
snap-lmhall119: You can still wear shorts and sandals on Christmas morning15:57
mhall119I noticed in our team hangout yesterday that everyone was wearing a jacket except us Florida guys15:57
snap-lYou'll be finding part of your butt on the ground from frostbite when you walk to the carm though.15:58
dpmhey everyone, could you give me a hand promoting the 'top 10 apps' post? It's on all the @ubuntuappdev accounts (Twitter, FB, G+) and on reddit http://www.reddit.com/tb/phqf0 - if someone could help spreading the word/voting, that'd be awesome, thanks!16:07
dpmSame for http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3571072 I've been experimenting with hacker news16:12
bkerensadpm: stumbleupon16:12
dpmyeah, that's the next one. I was just getting fed up with creating all sorts of accounts :)16:12
jcastrobkerensa: man you're crazy, the web tweetdeck is awesome16:24
jcastrosnap-l: it's looking likely that I will probably end up back in MI, all depends on what Jill can find16:25
snap-ljcastro: figured that was the deciding factor16:25
jcastrobasically the only one, I can live anywhere I have good internet16:26
* snap-l starts cutting floridian cables. ;)16:26
snap-lusing the power of my attack squirrel army.16:27
dakerahah so bye bye €16:30
mhall119snap-l: Florida ISPs don't need your help16:40
mhall119they're pretty good at ruining connections all on their own16:40
snap-lEr, I mean "oh really?"16:41
snap-ldo go on?16:41
balloonsi think it's just the cable users who have issues :-)16:42
balloonsthe speed is slow for the cost in comparision to the rest of the world, but i've always had stability16:43
mhall119balloons: must not be on Brighthouse then16:43
* mhall119 forgets who the g-ville monopoly is16:43
balloonsno.. no matter where i live, everyone hates on the cable isp16:44
balloonswho is always an evil monopoly16:44
mhall119my Verizon FiOS experience actually made me to back to Brighthouse16:44
balloonsso i always take dsl, use my own equipment, and have linux handle the pptp connection, etc16:44
snap-lknock on router, I've been  happy with WOW!16:44
balloonsrock solid16:44
snap-lCould stand to have better than 8/1, but it works.16:45
balloonsi don't get 10 MBps down/up but i do get a good connection.. I think it's 6/2?16:45
balloonsi downloaded a ubuntu iso once in 2 seconds.. thanksgiving day on the internal network at UF when I worked there. I was one of maybe a dozen people for a REALLY big fast connection. I could pull a huge amount of data quickly16:46
balloonshonestly, the slow hard drive speeds may have started to be a factor :-p16:47
snap-lApparently WOW! now as 15/116:47
snap-lWish they'd lift the upload cap to 216:47
balloonsohh mhall119 for the record i think it's cox cable in gville?16:52
mhall119sounds familiar16:52
mhall119has anyone heard from jono today?16:53
balloonshmm.. no dice16:54
jonomhall119, sorry, going to be a few mins late17:02
jonocan we start in 10 mins or so?17:02
mhall119jono: sure17:03
jonothanks mhall11917:04
nigelbdholbach: yeah, go ahead.17:06
nigelbdholbach: (sorry, out of town and sort of sporadic this week and next)17:06
dholbachnigelb, ok17:07
jonomhall119, sorry, nearly done17:19
jonomhall119, lets chat when I am done with Rick18:26
mhall119jono: the only other thing I was going to bring up today was the loco team portal work I linked you to already18:27
jonomhall119, yeah, I would like to discuss that more18:29
jonoand review the upstream targets list18:29
czajkowskimhall119: jono if ye want a hand with the ltp shout18:31
jonoczajkowski, :)18:32
czajkowskimhall119: nice18:34
jonomhall119, does Skype work for you?19:00
jonoI am calling from my phone19:00
jonoSkype on my phoen19:00
jono-locodirhey hey19:03
cjohnstonhe's trying to clone himself19:03
mhall119jono: skype if fine, logged in now19:05
jono-locodirthanks mhall11919:05
jonolunch, brb19:30
jcastrojono: call in 10?20:20
jonojcastro, yup20:24
jonojust gonna make a coffee first20:24
jonojcastro, need to do Skype20:24
jonosound is broken here20:24
jcastrono worries20:25
jcastrothis is why I got a tablet, it's the only way to get reliable skype20:25
jonojcastro, are you online?20:32
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jonomhall119, can you mail me when the l.u.c stuff gets submitted to IS?21:20
jonojust so I know the ball is rolling21:20
mhall119jono: sure21:20
jonothanks mhall11921:20
jonoballoons, nice work on the Google form for the testing :-)21:35
jonoballoons, has Ken responded yet?21:35
balloons:-) yes. I felt silly for not doing it to star twith21:35
balloonshe's hoping to have things ready tomorrow.. if not, not week early21:35
jonoballoons, I would like us to schedule a quick call to sync up on a few things21:36
jonoprobably tomorrow21:36
balloonssure.. we need to chat about the proposal21:36
jonoI also want to discuss how we can identify which components in Ubuntu need testing more than others21:37
jonoe.g. pulseaudio ;-)21:37
balloonsrather actually, we are at the point we need to chat with those interested.21:37
jonoin the proposal?21:38
balloonsi only 2 11--12's EST tomorrow.. nothing else21:38
jonook cool21:38
balloonssorry weird wording.. we need to chat via voice all at once about the document21:38
jonolets do 10am Pac21:38
jonowe can do that next week I think21:38
jonoin the meantime can I ask you to think about how we can generate a list of the components in Ubuntu which we want to strongly recommend going into proposed first for testing before they land in the development branch21:39
jonoI believe that Kate Stewart might have done some work in this21:39
balloonshmm.. interesting. yes, I'm guessing there's some opinions on the matter21:40
balloonsanything x related :-)\21:40
jonoI think we want to make sure that the maintainers of those components know that you can help get more testers involved21:40
balloonscase in point.. today21:40
jonoI would like this to be a data-driven list...possible based on bugs, dependencies, and risk21:40
jonowe want to avoid things like today21:40
balloonsohh.. good idea21:40
jonohave a think and ask skaet to see if she can help21:40
balloonswill do. I'll generate a list, and take with skaet21:41
mhall119jono: I've updated some of the upstream targets, but I'm beginning to suspect that my current Unity might be having some issues, given the number of apps that aren't showing up in alt-tab or the launcher21:44
jonowell, skaet may already have a list21:44
jonoyou may want to brainstorm it with her21:44
jonomhall119, ahhh weird21:44
mhall119I don't have an nvidia card, so I'm going to dist-upgrade and reboot and try them all again to make sure21:45
mhall119jono: is there any overlap between this list and balloons' QA targets?21:46
jonomhall119, nope21:47
jonothis list is looking much more in shape21:47
jonothanks, mhall11921:47
jonoif you can finish it and then we can review on Mon21:48
jonoand make the magic happen21:48
mhall119hopefully some of those problems are just my Unit21:48
balloonsmhall119, don't worry.. it is ALWAYS just you21:49
balloonswe used to have a wonderful saying for tough mailing list questions.. works on my box.. ducks..21:49
* balloons is being silly21:49
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dakergenius http://fabfi.fablab.af23:20
dakerhas anyone see this http://youtu.be/MejbOFk7H6c ?23:29

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