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htorquehello everyone! i'd like to know whether the thunderbird toolbar will stay light or go back to dark for 12.04?08:43
thorwili wonder if long term, ubuntu/unity could become a bit like a smalltalk environment, in that you would have an explorable and modifiable-as-it-runs system.10:00
thorwilwith the look-and-feel implemented as policy on top of abstractions.10:01
thorwilallowing to adjust pretty much everything in a lean way, without exposing lots of preferences10:02
navaHi all11:48
navaI make a design for let users to choose want to have full screen with luncher or without it. where should i send it ?11:50
iainfarrellhey nava have a look on the Canonical Design blog11:53
iainfarrellpick someone from the team there and you can send it over :)11:53
navagive me address please11:53
iainfarrellnavahttp://design.canonical.com/theteam/ have a look here, maybe John Lea? :)12:32
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etneg_kenvandine: so any feedback?19:04

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