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EvilResistancei got the announcement about the IRCC meeting going to be today, but the Fridge calendar doesnt reflect that.  Is the IRCC meeting today?19:32
AlanBellhi EvilResistance19:33
EvilResistancehi AlanBell19:33
AlanBellyes, the meeting is today, and yes the fridge calendar is wrong19:33
EvilResistancethat's what i thought19:33
AlanBellworking on getting control of that19:33
EvilResistancestill going to be in #ubuntu-meeting?19:34
AlanBellin fact I could just add the new entry and get nhandler to delete the other one19:34
AlanBellyes, still in #ubuntu-meeting19:34
AlanBellin 25 minutes19:34
EvilResistancevery good.  thanks.19:34
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