rick-schwaiTest Mesage01:21
h00krick-schwai: hey there!01:23
h00krick-schwai: go ahead and type /join #ubuntu-us-wi01:24
tiagoscdi'm an ubuntu brazilian community council and like to request infos about our page hosting ubuntu-br.org... after the death of Andre Gondim we have no idea how it works because he was the responsable01:38
ubot2The Loco Council is cprofitt, czajkowski, greg-g, itnet7, SergioMeneses and xdatap1 - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com01:39
nigelbtiagoscd: Hi! If you stick around long enough, someone will be around to help you.02:20
nigelbIt seems everyone is either away or sleeping.02:20
nigelbAlternatively, you could send the loco council an email to get things moving02:21
mhall119tiagoscd: you can also email loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com02:21
tiagoscdnigelb, i opened a ticket at RT02:21
tiagoscdat morning I'll come back here :)02:22
tiagoscdtks mhall119 nigelb ;)02:22
nigelbOh, great. RT is a nice start.  If you give the loco council the RT number, they'll be able to help you.02:22
mhall119!z 'รจ02:23
ubot2Factoid "z '\xc3\xa8" not found02:23
tiagoscdnigelb great :)02:23
mhall119ibus fail02:26
paultagmhall119: homeslice from the design team never bothered to email me back03:37
nigelbohai paultag 03:44
paultagheyya nigelb 03:44
mhall119paultag: about lightdm?03:58
paultagmhall119: yeah03:58
mhall119is homeslice really his nick?03:59
paultagit's swilson or something03:59
mhall119paultag: ok, it's on my todo for tomorrow03:59
paultagmhall119: thanks champ04:00
* mhall119 is off to bed04:00
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paultagsomeone's going to hate me in the near future - I just ordered 1,000 stickers with a link to "never gana give you up"16:50
paultag(QR code)16:50
paultagand I'm going to sticker over advertisement QR codes16:50
mhall119paultag: that's despicable, I love it16:52
paultag>:D 16:53
paultagdholbach: oh jeez, now it's on facebook :)17:11
tiagoscdi'm an ubuntu brazilian community council and like to request SSH access to our page hosting ( ubuntu-br.org )20:23
tiagoscdi opened ticket #19283 but i didn't get an answer20:24
xdatap1tiagoscd, hi! let me check20:25
tiagoscdxdatap1, currently our pages (ubuntu-br.org) are so ugly, we need to change it20:26
tiagoscdalso i request help at canonical-sysadmin channel20:26
xdatap1tiagoscd, I can't see the ticket "No permission to view ticket ", can you?20:27
cjohnstontiagoscd: fwiw, RTs are prioritized when they are sent in20:27
cjohnstontiagoscd: so it is possible that yours is not high priority and it has been triaged down and will be gotten to later20:27
tiagoscdxdatap1, also i cannot see it at rt.ubuntu.com... i just received the ticket ID20:28
xdatap1tiagoscd, how old is that ticket?20:30
tiagoscdI sent it yesterday20:30
cjohnstontiagoscd: it could take a few weeks20:32
cjohnstonthe group that is responsible is the IS team for Canonical, so obviously some things get priority over others20:32
tiagoscdthe way is to wait20:32
tiagoscdanyway tks a lot :) cjohnston xdatap120:33
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