blairchecking out the source of python-defaults from bzr doesn't seem to match the history in debian/changelog from apt-get source, i cannot see changes in bzr that correspond to the changelog modifications00:03
blairi did a "bzr branch http://alioth.debian.org/anonscm/bzr/pkg-python/python-defaults-debian co" and then a "bzr log -v"00:04
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CoreySeeing a weird issue.  Made a few changes, did a git merge from upstream, now the build process is throwing: aborting due to unexpected upstream changes, see /tmp/sa... The problem is that's in a pbuilder chroot which is destroyed before I can read the file.00:22
CoreyI've built all the files it's using for the build (the tarball, the dsc, etc) via script.00:23
CoreyWait, it may be an outdated pbuilder chroot.00:26
CoreyYeah, that didn't sort it.00:30
CoreyWhat does pbuilder see as "upstream" in this context?00:31
barrytumbleweed, jtaylor: oh well, we have our answer: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=65919602:09
ubottuDebian bug 659196 in python-sphinx "sphinx: Switch to dh_python2" [Wishlist,Open]02:09
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zookojtaylor: okay, I'm trying this recipe: http://codepad.org/HxE9Do4d05:26
zookoHm, I need to change the debian patches that no longer apply correctly.05:31
* zooko looks for the "fork me" button on https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/debian/sid/pycryptopp/sid05:33
* zooko runs "bzr branch lp:debian/pycryptopp"05:36
RAOFzooko: Yeah, Launchpad doesn't have a “fork me” button because bzr branches don't require the elaborate set up that git branches do.  ie: If you want to push a bzr branch somewhere, you ‘bzr push $SOMEWHERE’, and it works.05:42
zookoWhere would $SOMEWHERE be for the purpose of forking lp:debian/pycryptopp to ~zooko/debian/pycryptopp in order to offer new versions of the debian patcheas?05:45
zookoIdeally a bzr-builder recipe will be able to merge/pull/nest/use my resulting "~zooko/debian/pycryptopp" instead of or in addition to lp:debian/pycryptopp.05:45
RAOFbzr push lp:~zooko/$PROJECT/pycryptopp05:45
RAOF$PROJECT is probably pycryptopp in this case; it could also be +junk if you don't want it to show up anywhere.05:46
RAOFAnd the final component can be whatever you like.05:46
zookoIf I'm sending an email to submit@bugs.debian.org, is there an email address that I should have it be forwarded to in order to register it in the Ubuntu bug tracking system?06:49
micahgzooko: https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface06:55
zookomicahg: thanks!06:56
zooko(Unfortunately I already sent the email to debian.)06:56
zookoI should have waited longer.06:56
micahgzooko: probably better to do them separately as the control fields are different, but I assume you have a sent mail folder? :)06:57
zookoOh, I've already opened it through the web UI on launchpad.06:57
micahgthat works too :)06:57
zookoI was just curious if telling Debian to send mail to Ubuntu with a pseudo-header would... help.06:58
zookoHelp them link their databases to each other...06:58
micahgwell, you can link to debian in Launchpad and to Launchpad in Debian, the question is which is upstream in this case07:00
zookoWhy is that the question?07:05
zookoI mean, what does it matter?07:05
micahgoh, well, in launchpad it doesn't per se, but in Debian, the official "link" AIUI is for bugs forwarded upstream07:06
micahgyou can still include the LP bug # in the report though and some DDs will close the launchpad bug in their changelog as well07:06
zookoIs "link" one of the pseudo-headers I can put in debian bug mail?07:07
zookoI didn't see that, but I searched for "ubuntu", "launchpad", and "url", but not for "link". :-)07:07
micahgzooko: I think you actually want forwarded for the keyword07:08
micahgbut that should only be use if Debian's not upstream which is usually not the case for an Ubuntu bug07:08
micahgOTOH, if you're pointing to a bug in a project on launchpad like synaptic or some other thing maintained in Launchpad, it would be quite appropriate to use forwarded in Debian07:10
zookoAnybody want to help with bzr-builder?07:35
zookodpkg-source: error: can't build with source format '3.0 (quilt)': no orig.tar file found07:35
zooko 07:35
zookoFrom this recipe:07:35
zooko# bzr-builder format 0.4 deb-version {revno}+{revno:packaging}07:35
zookonest-part packaging lp:~zooko/pycryptopp/debian debian07:35
zooko 07:35
zookoOh well, I have to sleep. Feel free to use that recipe and fix it for me. :-) zooko@zooko.com07:35
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dholbachRainCT, happy birthday! :)08:51
* ajmitch really wants to upgrade his work desktop to precise08:53
dholbachajmitch, go go go08:54
ajmitchdholbach: but it's running lucid, and I sort of need it to work properly still :)08:55
dholbachajmitch, maybe you could toy around with the sandbox upgrader first then to see if at least the upgrade path would be alright08:56
ajmitchthough I've been impressed with how well precise has been kept usable, running on my laptop08:56
ajmitchdholbach: I've heard of the sandbox upgrader, but don't know anything about it08:57
dholbachask mvo08:57
dholbach"do-release-upgrade -s" maybe?08:58
* dholbach shrugs08:58
dholbachI never used it, but heard of it08:58
ajmitchdoes it do some overlayfs magic or something to test out an upgrade?08:58
dholbachaufs it says in --help08:59
ajmitchsame sort of thing I think09:00
ajmitchI might try it out, I've got a few packages installed on that desktop09:00
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Ghey, if a package is in the repos for Ocelot, if there is a [needs-packaging] bug open still, should that just be closed fix released?12:37
zookoHello, folks! I'm trying to configure autobuilds of nightly .deb's of a project, and currently it fails with dpkg-source: error: can't build with source format '3.0 (quilt)': no orig.tar file found12:37
zooko 12:37
zookoThe source is held in bzr, with a ./debian subdirectory, not in an .orig.tar file, but I don't know how to tell "bzr dailydeb" to tell bzr-builder to tell dpkg-buildpackage that.12:39
pabelangerany sponsors able to look at bug 928499?  I've attached a debdiff12:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 928499 in dahdi-linux (Ubuntu) "dahdi-linux fails to build under 3.2 kernel" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92849912:42
* zooko reads http://raphaelhertzog.com/2010/10/21/the-secret-plan-behind-the-3-0-quilt-debian-source-package-format/12:44
geserzooko: you might want to ask in #launchpad if nobody here can help you with recipes12:45
zookogeser: thanks!12:51
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Laneynigelb: dholbach: my attention was just brought (in #-release) to the fact that we are letting uninstallable packages slip through into release. Would you be interested in helping to organise / publicise a challenge to fix some of them?13:56
DavieyIf i know nigelb, he'll have them all fixed by the end of day - himelf.13:59
* Laney prepares the pro-plus infused Red Bull14:00
dholbachLaney, that'd be awesome - but I'm quite busy right now - maybe somebody can write a mail to u-devel with a list of those?14:34
Laneyit would be good if you could include it in the development weekly thingy after it's worked out14:35
dholbachwe are going to post the update RSN14:36
dholbachthe next would be next thursday14:36
Laneyyeah, i won't get around to it this week14:36
dholbachok, I'm very happy to mention it14:36
Laneywould be a good post-feature-freeze thing anyway14:36
Laneycool beans14:37
zookoHm, well I don't see what my problem is, so I think I'll put my recipe into launchpad and see if it works in the launchpad build environment even though it fails locally.14:46
zookoNo, because I don't know what the version number is going to come out to be...14:46
zookoSigh.  I guess I'll follow the instructions to use pbuilder to test my recipe...14:47
rigvedhi everyone. i am going through the quickly tutorial and found a few small errors. I am filing bugs for each of these.14:56
rigvedi am plaaning on organising a ubuntu global jam and it would be wornderful it i could use these simple bugs to showcase how launchpad etc. works.14:57
rigvedshould i write a comment saying this: Please do not fix this bug as I will use this bug as an example at a Ubuntu Global Jam"?14:58
rigvedshould i set the bug as Assigned To me?14:59
brendan0powersI'm interested in getting a package of mine into universe for 12.0415:29
brendan0powersBut I'd need some changes to the apparmor profiles for bind9, ntp, and dhcpd315:29
brendan0powersIs this the right place to ask questions about this?15:30
pabelangeradam_g: ping15:31
tumbleweedbrendan0powers: speak to the people who usually look after those packages15:36
brendan0powersOk, thanks15:37
tumbleweedhow invasive are the changes?15:37
brendan0powersI don't think they are too invasive15:37
brendan0powersThe profiles need to be extended to allow them to read some files in sambas private directory15:38
brendan0powersSpecific files15:38
tumbleweed#ubuntu-server maybe?15:38
brendan0powersI'll talk  to the package maintainers15:40
brendan0powersI assume that modifying the profiles during installation is not acceptable?15:41
tumbleweedcorrect. It'd also help if your application was already in the archives15:42
tumbleweedand FF is very very soon15:42
brendan0powersDoes the FF include universe?15:43
brendan0powersAh, I was under the impressions that universe froze later15:43
tumbleweed(although we do grant exceptions)15:43
brendan0powersWell, the apparmor changes are actually for samba4, not for my package15:44
brendan0powersI just set up and configure samba415:44
arandIs it possible to FFE something in advance? I'm in the process of getting sponsorship for a game in Debian, but it will likely not end up in testing before the FF, and I'd really like for it to be in precise...15:45
tumbleweedbrendan0powers: in that case, those are bugs in the apparmor profiles (IMHO)15:45
tumbleweed(assuming it's a sane configuration, which it sounds like)15:46
tumbleweedarand: if it's a leaf package, there shouldn't be any problem15:46
arandtumbleweed: Leaf in terms of dependencies?15:46
arandHmm, it's actually a leaf, and a leaf-branch in that regard, but as a whole they're a leaf, at least.15:48
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stefancthi. i am an upstream developer of a package that usually gets into universe by auto-syncing from debian. id like to know what is required to get upload rights to a package (mainly to be able to sync the package after debian import freeze but before ff)16:08
dholbachhey stefanct16:09
dholbachstefanct, the application process is explained here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/ApplicationProcess16:10
dholbachstefanct, basically you set up a wiki page (using the template) explaining your involvement, get a few comments from people you've worked with, send a mail to the developer membership board and attend a meeting16:10
stefanctdholbach: thanks!16:11
mitya57stefanct, see also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers#Per-package_Uploaders for more details16:11
mitya57and, obviously, you can request syncs via launchpad16:12
stefanctmitya57: have done that for 10.10 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashrom/+bug/81691816:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 816918 in flashrom (Ubuntu) "please sync flashrom 0.9.4+r1394-1 from debian unstable" [Wishlist,Fix released]16:16
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nigelbDaviey: Thanks for the confidence :P17:29
nigelbLaney: Atm, I'm out of town on work, so I don't have any available time to be able to commit to anything.17:29
blairapt-get showsrc python-defaults shows where the package is in debian, but where is it in ubuntu?  i'd like to get copy of the history to reverse merge the removal of python 2.617:40
blairok, found it "bzr branch lp:ubuntu/python-defaults"17:47
adam_gpabelanger: pong17:56
pabelangeradam_g: wanted to see if you had some time to checkout bug 928499, since you last uploaded it17:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 928499 in dahdi-linux (Ubuntu) "dahdi-linux fails to build under 3.2 kernel" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92849917:57
Davieypabelanger: Leave it with me.18:00
Davieypabelanger: drop debian-changes-1: ?18:01
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pabelangerDaviey: ya, not sure what happen there. debian-changes-1: can be removed18:48
Davieypabelanger: okay, if nobody gets to it before tomrrow - i'll sponsor it18:53
pabelangergreat, thanks18:53
Davieypabelanger: the patch can be dropped, or needs inserting somewhere else.18:53
pabelangerya, dropped.  I can upload a new debdiff fixing it18:54
Davieypabelanger: BTW, the DEP-3 patches do not seem to follow adherence.. but i might just need to look closer.18:54
pabelangerack'd, will update them too18:54
Davieypabelanger: great!18:56
pabelangerDaviey: fixed19:14
pabelangerthanks again19:14
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blaircan i run "debuild -S -sd" on my oneiric box but have it be for a PPA for precise?19:33
Ampelbeinblair: Yes.19:34
blairconfirming that the standard for numbering a package one is overriding in a PPA is to append "ppaN" to the ubuntu version number?19:39
Ampelbeinblair: There isn't a official standard, I like the -XubuntuY+ppa1 scheme19:40
blairok, so my ppa is for providing python 2.6 modules, so i could number it 2.7.2-9ubuntu2py26.1 instead of 2.7.2-9ubuntu2ppa119:42
blaircan one only have a single - in the version number, or could i have 2.7.2-9ubuntu2py26-1?19:44
micahgfor the Ubuntu revision, yes, for the upstream part, no19:47
* micahg would suggest +py26ppa1 or something19:47
micahgblair: BTW, you might want to checkout the backportpackage tool19:49
blairi like that name suggestion19:54
blairi'm taking the latest python-defaults, reverse merging the commit from bzr into it and uploading the new thing into github :)19:54
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