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bkerensadholbach: So one of the people we had in ideas/pending was apparently already interviewed08:58
bkerensaAchraf Fouwad08:58
dholbachah, great08:58
dholbachI can't remember his name though08:58
* bkerensa will try and locate08:58
bkerensadholbach: Ok I have added a note. I'm headed to bed but intend to be up before you publish... Hopefully? If you e-mail me the post I can publish to OMG... But I do have to be up early because UPS is coming and I think I have a box from Canonical09:02
dholbachoh wow09:03
dholbachyeah, I'll get to work on the Kubuntu article09:03
dholbachbkerensa, I'm done with the Kubuntu interview - if you could proof-read, that'd be nice12:42
dholbachbkerensa, c_smith: if you want to add anything, let me know - I think I'm done with the whole article *phew*13:13
dholbachtaking the dog for a walk now13:13
dholbachbkerensa, I'll go ahead and post now14:37
dholbachcan somebody help me embed the video into http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2012/02/09/ubuntu-12-04-development-update-13/?14:50
bkerensadholbach:  Ello14:58
dholbachposted :)14:59
bkerensadholbach: update on OMG post is lowercase compared to capital on all others... does that matter?15:02
bkerensadholbach: I was supposed to wake at 4am to help to finish :( my fiancee nuked my alarm with her hand :P15:03
bkerensaIts 7am now15:03
* dholbach hugs bkerensa15:03
dholbachdon't kill yourself :)15:03
dholbachwhat exactly is lower-case? I can't find it15:03
bkerensaIn the headline15:03
dholbachno, can't see it15:04
bkerensaif you look at the headline it is all uppercase except for update15:04
bkerensaHmm now I can't either15:04
dholbachahhh ok15:04
dholbachgot it15:05
dholbachon omgubuntu.co.uk they have a UPPERCASE css thing set15:05
dholbachI guess15:05
bkerensaits better for SEO15:05
bkerensadholbach: So I forwarded you some interviews but that was mostly so I didnt purge them15:06
dholbachthanks a bunch15:06
bkerensado you want me to import those into docs for next week15:06
dholbachyeah, why not15:06
* dholbach hugs bkerensa15:06
bkerensaare we able to do more then one or?15:06
dholbachyeah, we could do15:06
dholbachwe had two spotlights in at least one of the updates before15:07
bkerensaok good15:07
bkerensadholbach: I found a typo :)15:43
bkerensa"maintenance has been widely been discussed in the media"15:44
bkerensaremove one been15:44
dholbachbkerensa, you do OMG and I do fridge? :)15:47
dholbachah no, you probably can't because I posted it?15:47
dholbachI'll do it15:47
dholbachdone :)15:48
bkerensaYeah I dont have editor privileges just author15:49

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